Decoding The Summer Cinematrix With Darren Williams


Each summer, Hollywood delivers it Blockbusters usually in the action/sci-fi genre.Typical, format of these films are a diverse random group coming together as a team to defeat a controlling force with evil sinister intentions.

Many look towards the 1977 classic ‘Star Wars’ as being the initial if accidental Summer Blockbuster that all others attempt to follow in terms of cutting-edge expensive graphics leading to a even greater profit in Tickets purchased at the Cinema connected with Merchandise.

Like many things in Pop Culture, things are based in collective opinion rather than fact.
The actual first genuine Hollywood Film to attain Summer Blockbuster status was ‘Jaws’ in 1975 directed by Steven Spielberg. What made ‘Jaws’ so unique was people went repeatedly, taking those to the Cinema to be converted. This behaviour had never been witnessed to that extent before in western developed world cultural history. Eventually leading to George Lucas, Spielberg’s friend in 1985 becoming a billionaire.

The 38th summer since ‘Jaws’ has produced the evolution of the Hollywood Summer Blockbuster… Continue reading “Decoding The Summer Cinematrix With Darren Williams”

Avatar As False Ascension? Pluto In Cap Meets Uranus In Aries And The Revolt Of The Robots

snow-pilesComing to a city near you?

Two days ago the top searches on Yahoo! were 911 attacks and cloning. Is something in the air? If a butterfly flaps it’s wings in China and there’s a storm in Africa, what happens when small pecks of random thoughts enter the noosphere, circulating like digital neurons around a collective, virtual soultron, accumulating mass faster and faster as The Hadron Collider spins, bending the space/time curve while HAARP is carving crystalline divots in the sky just prior to the lurching of plates and the slumber of dragons interrupted? How does all of this affect our thoughts as we send them out into the teletype of the void? We cannot predict. This blog has readers the world over and it’s not the only one. We are transmitting and consuming information at light speed, at a rate that even the hardiest mainframes in Geneva cannot keep up with. Ultimately, we are the virus in the program, not the other way around, though it seems like it at times.

Illusion reigned supreme in Hollyweird, Neptune’s children under his watery Sun, second Sun, Venus and Uranus, nuzzling in their warm proximity to the gilled god were feted and celebrated. But did it really matter? Did anyone really care? My doppelganger won for best actor. I’m happy for the dude. Sandra Bullock proved that she has more staying power and box office clout than Nicole Kidman and Julia Roberts combined. But what about the big ticket items? “The Hurt Locker” and “Avatar” ? Ironically the films were directed by an ex-husband and wife and they were about a make-believe war on a distant planet, and a make-believe war in a distant country. Illusion reigned supreme.

Some months back, I started to muck around the fibril goo of trans-humanism, getting all sloppy in Uranian vats of Piscean possibility and pleomorphic fetishes. Remember, Capricorn was once a Sea-Goat, a hybrid from another space and time. The archer is half-man/half-horse, Chiron his kindly brethren. The zodiac is sprinkled with transgenic modeling. Are the twins really twins or did they emerge from neighboring test tubes on a continent now submerged? Is history about to repeat itself? Is Rahm Emmanuel part ferret?

I remember one time when I was landing my bodysuit, ever so gently after a group experience on some mighty medicine and one of my fellow travelers was stuck between worlds, caught in the net of his own ego. What’s a pro-active shaman (not me) supposed to do? Why hit him with a spike full of Ketamine because he can’t get off the fence of course! I watched him devolve into a proto-human, howling for his caged soul to be released, not as 20th century man, but something more primal and hurt from lifetimes of pretending to live by rules that were contrary to it’s nature. There’s way, way more to our DNA than we know or might even imagine.punch-card-riter

“Nonymous,” one of my favorite readers hails from Italy, so he might know a little bit about fascism. He chimed in with a comment that the last time Uranus was in Aries, it gave rise to The Third Reich, which of course was where Eugenics really took hold in the modern world. Huxley must have been stiff for weeks on end when he found out about IBM’s punch card technology, employed to begin mapping the racial genome of Europe. That handy little piece of technology, as primitive as it now seems was the operating system of Eugenics, which now goes by a new name, “Trans-humanism.” I suppose you could thrown “Trans-genics” into the mix as well. And guess what we have coming around as Uranus slides into Aries? The national census again typing, branching and grouping. Categorizing our status. Is it really necessary?

When I ask if it’s really necessary, I’m not decrying it’s implementation, nor am I advocating that you burn it in some faux revolutionary fuck you. But let’s be real for a nano-second. You have a computer, you have cable TV, you have a cell phone, you have discount cards to any number of stores. You have credit and debit cards. You might even have a fast tracker on your car to speed you through toll lanes. Gotta GPS? Now I ask you, with all of those open access ports and all the loopholes in The Patriot Act, with Facebook tracking your every post, Yahoo selling your emails to The DOD, Verizon and other cell phone providers offering key codes to back doors, do we really need a census? Isn’t there enough of us out there already? Just a thought. Continue reading “Avatar As False Ascension? Pluto In Cap Meets Uranus In Aries And The Revolt Of The Robots”