The New Moon, Revolutions, Iran, Chaos Theory, Bombing The Lunar Surface

mooni_bomberBomb Iran? Why stop there? NASA has bigger plans.

The Cancer new Moon, conjunct my natal Mars at 0 degrees Cancer had me fidgety, edgy and nervous all day yesterday. I couldn’t fall asleep till past 3am. All I wanted to do was crawl back into my shell, but I seemed to have the left said shell elsewhere. But as Steely Dan once wisely and presciently penned;

“Any major dude with half a heart would tell you my friend, any modern world that falls apart comes together again, when the devil is at your door, in the morning light it won’t be there no more, any major dude will tell you.”

There’s something to chaos theory. You know, like when a lobsterman passes gas in Maine, there’s a coup in Honduras, that sort of thing. It’s the theory that seemingly unrelated and random events are tied to other events that erupt and occur around the planet. Let’s take what’s happening in Iran for instance. This is no mere dust up, some contentious turf war between various sects that rises from tim-to-time. Nope, this is full on chaos, or so it seems on the surface. Nothing is as it appears to be in the nights where the moon casts no shadow. While The US media, including revolutionary technologies such as Facebook, Twitter and Google were up to their eyeballs in the story, portraying, hyping, enabling, are we seeing the full picture? Continue reading “The New Moon, Revolutions, Iran, Chaos Theory, Bombing The Lunar Surface”