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alinsky.jpgThe Quantum Of Saulace.

I’ve been thinking a lot about cruelty lately, meditating on why we inflict such horrible acts upon one another and simply allow them to take place in the name of _____________. If we were presented with images of horror, extreme gut-wrenching, nauseating, mind-cracking horror, with the same frequency that we ingest commercial drivel on a 24/7 basis, would it be enough to move us from our complacent orbit of inertia around this plane of existence? Somehow, I doubt it. When those shocking pictures of Abu Ghraib were released, they were done so not to expose the indecent and criminal behavior that the spineless quislings performed in a classic case of mind control, they were released to gauge our response. How much could/would people tolerate? What would they do when confronted with such immoral and despicable imagery? Unfortunately, four years later, I think we know the answer.

What really sparked this exploration into the depths of creulty was diving into the world of Saul Alinsky in the last entry. Quite frankly, I was blown away by the thorough and rigorous strategem that he devised over the course of a lifetime and two, radical manifestos. Alinsky gives props to old Lou himself in the intro for Rules For Radicals;

“Lest we forget at least an over-the-shoulder acknowledgment to the very first radical: from all our legends, mythology, and history… the first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom — Lucifer.”

Alinsky’s tactics and techniques are completely amoral and as a result, he’ll resort to anything in order to bring about “change.” In Alinsky’s world, the means justify the ends;

“The end is what you want, the means is how you get it. Whenever we think about social change, the question of means and ends arises. The man of action views the issue of means and ends in pragmatic and strategic terms. He has no other problem; he thinks only of his actual resources and the possibilities of various choices of action. He asks of ends only whether they are achievable and worth the cost; of means, only whether they will work. … The real arena is corrupt and bloody.”


This type of ruthless pragmatism, was learned at the elbow of one of Alinsky’s mentors, Al Capone, whom he spent considerable time with after he graduated with a degree in criminology, a fairly new field at the time, dedicated to understanding the morals and methodologies of the criminal mind. Like Nietzche and Marx before him, Alinsky is pure Luciferian when it comes to the application of energy and will and he sets it loose in the political arena, unconstrained in it’s applications. Two of his greatest tactics are ridicule and taking advantage of man’s inability to live up to his own (read christian) moral doctrines. Pithy enjoinders from the heart and mind of Saul Alinsky include such gems as, “Last guys finish nice.” and “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.” Finally, lest we not forget this golden mean to an end, one of which GW Bush must have surely paid great attention to; “Yesterday’s immoral terrorist is today’s moral and dignified statesman of high standing — because he was successful. Yesterday’s moral statesman is sitting in front of a ‘war crimes tribunal’ today — because he lost.” Rules for Radicals whether it makes you vomit or break out your old Mao cap to wear to the office, must be recognized for it’s sheer audacity and penetrating look into how to disassemble modern man in all of his emotional and psychological contradictions and then re-organize him into units of action. It’s right up there with Machiavelli folks.

On an astrological level, who was Saul Alinsky and do the planets play any particular roles in how he set out to destabilize democracy using the very principles afforded by it? Read the rest of this entry »

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ozzie.jpgNot quite a return to but . . .
As we ramp up to Pluto’s return to and sixteen-year-hang in Capricorn, we’ve looked at a number of different ways that this can manifest in out culture. I’ve spent a fair amount of time chronicling it’s impact in the realm of finance, government and health care, touched briefly on it’s influence on the concept of community and how it might touch the personal planets of Barack Obama and others in power. But I have yet to dive into how it is going to drastically change our families and the concept of them

In 2004, a ground breaking joint study undertaken by Duke University and The University of Arizona took place. It was a broad and deep look into loneliness and isolation in society over the course of one generation (two decades). Here is an excerpt from the study, which comprises the core of the studies thesis:

“Have the core discussion networks of Americans changed in the past two decades? In 1985, the General Social Survey (GSS) collected the first nationally representative data on the confidants with whom Americans discuss important matters. In the 2004 GSS the authors replicated those questions to assess social change in core network structures. Discussion networks are smaller in 2004 than in 1985. The number of people saying there is no one with whom they discuss important matters nearly tripled. The mean network size decreases by about a third (one confidant), from 2.94 in 1985 to 2.08 in 2004. The modal respondent now reports having no confidant; the modal respondent in 1985 had three confidants. Both kin and non-kin confidants were lost in the past two decades, but the greater decrease of non-kin ties leads to more confidant networks centered on spouses and parents, with fewer contacts through voluntary associations and neighborhoods. Most people have densely interconnected confidants similar to them. Some changes reflect the changing demographics of the U.S. population. Educational heterogeneity of social ties has decreased, racial heterogeneity has increased. The data may overestimate the number of social isolates, but these shrinking networks reflect an important social change in America.”

In essence, despite the fact that we are more connected than ever before through layer upon layer of social networking, it seems as though that as a whole, we are also lonelier than ever before and we wonder why we have lost so much meaning in and the value of life around us? It seems as though the net worth of human life has declined in proportion to our isolation. By losing touch with our fellow humans, we lose touch with out humanity and it is replaced by any number of artificial stimuli and synthetic responses, devoid of real feeling. At the center of this loss is the unit and concept of the family. Read the rest of this entry »

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The Melting EconomyAs the economy began to melt under the heat of The Indian Summer, some of my more sensitive friends emailed me to look at their charts, to see if their current projects on would be safe or negatively impacted by Pluto’s move into Capricorn. In lay terms, they were getting freaked out. I’ve held off on any personal analysis because we are in the midst of a giant socio-economic tidal wave that’s about to smash into us. Giving a personal astrological analysis in the midst of this coming storm is like someone asking me, “What kind of swimsuit should I wear and should I go SPF 30 or 50?” as a tsunami is about crash. We may not have time for such luxuries. The best message I can give anyone right now it to get out of the way.

We are now in the throes of deep, transpersonal energies, especially when Pluto locks horns with Capricorn at the end of November. Using another water metaphor, we’re about to shoot the most hellacious, white-knuckling rapids you’ve ever stared down and you’re doing it in an inner tube.

This is it, the collective test is on and it gets activated today, the 24th, as Mercury goes retrograde in Libra. Lets have a look at Mercury Retrogade.

For the uninformed, Mercury actually appears to move backwards in the sky, three times a year. This motion is called, “retrograde.” It always cycles through the four elements and their respresentative signs. This year its air and this time it’s Libra. You’re not supposed to sign deals/contracts during Mercury retrograde. That means hold off on big purchases. Read the rest of this entry »

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Hilary and BarackThe only person more quiet than Barack Obama in the aftermath of The Palin nomination has been Joe Biden. Well, let me clarify that. Biden did share that he thought that, “Hilary is more qualified to be vice president than he is.”

What are we to conclude from this?

Earlier in this series, we looked at the aspects of Joe Biden and Sarah Palin, especially as it relates to the upcoming debate. What stood out about Biden’s chart is that two of his key planets, Venus and The Sun, are both conjunct in Scorpio, in his twelfth house. I stated that the Joe Biden that the world sees is not the Joe Biden that he stares back at in the mirror each day. There’s a lot about Joe Biden that we are not privvy to. Venus just over his Sun at 28 degrees in the 12th house indicates that Biden traffics in secret relationships and clandestine affairs. If someone wanted the consumate backroom deal maker, this aspect would obviously strengthen those skills. However, if they wanted full disclosure and transparency, Biden would prove to less than forthcoming in any circle other than his most intimate. So the question is, what is this man doing right now? Is he making moves and brokering deals at this point to slide out of the VP position? Is this “The October Surprise” that many people are talking about? Are the dems getting ready to replace Biden with Hilary to apply counterforce to the Palin nomination and re-claim some of the lost female voters that they are obviuosly seeing moving to the right now?

It’s no wonder that Biden has high praise for Hilary. In Hilary’s chart, Mercury in Scorpio is at 21 degrees, in an exact conjunction with Biden’s own Mercury at the same degree! These two communicate. . . a lot. They also see the world from very similar perspectives. It could even be said that with this conjunction, they are of one mind. Scorpio is all about power, it’s acquistion and application. Mercury in Scorpio conveys a penetrating mind that is always seeking to understand the motivation of others, using that info towards it’s own advantage. It’s the sign/alingment of secrets. Could these two already be in discussion about Biden stepping down? With such a dramatic swing taking place, if it’s not out in the open in the Obama camp with these two, we can almost be assured that Biden and Hilary have already gone down this path. They are already, more than likely in agreement base on their conjunction, they simply have to come to an accord on the conditions–the term has been set.

Looking ahead in October, Mercury goes retrograde on the 24th of September. With a Scorpio ascendant, Clinton has Libra on her twelfth house cusp, the house of . . . you guessed it . . . secrets.

Mark this day on your calendar; October 9th.

On October 9th, Mercury will move backwards onto an exact conjunction with Hilary’s natal Neptune in Libra in her 11th house. Even though this would be post Biden/Palin debate, it could very well signal Hilary’s replacing Biden on the ticket. What would it mean for Obama, because if this takes place, it will not be is decision. He and his handlers, David’s Plouffe and Axelrod, along with Howard Dean wll have made the call. It would be a monumental risk, and certainly viewed as a last ditch attempt to re-energize and reclaim the alpha status in the upcoming election. Obama would not easily do this, with his Leo Sun, he’s proud and wants to be center stage–this would not sit well with his royal, Leo, temperment. However, as we have seen in The Hopewell chart, Obama has Neptune in Scorpio on his ascendant and all is not what it seems either with him as well. But whether it’s a Scorpio Biden or Scorpio Hilary, Obama seems destined to share this ticket with consumate deal makers, leathery survivors of the beltway jungle. October may hold a surprise for the rest of us, but for Barack, Hilary and Joe, the surprise might already be a Scorpionic secret that they are just putting the final touches to.

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