Super Moon In Taurus, Illuminating The Dark Scorpio Sky

img_0698Super Moon 2016. It’s the second of third in the cycle, this one in Taurus, illuminating our Earth trip, up close and personal and what a strange, Earth trip it’s been.

I’ve been broadcasting but not writing much since the election. I’ve been incredibly busy on the reading front, which is good for me, and I think for the planet as well as we writhe from the slumber of history in this time of the latest, great awakening.

The Moon in Taurus is exalted and radiates a sense of Earthy sensuality, grounded feminine energy, and overall stability. It’s an interesting aspect to say the least in decidedly unstable times.

What I am about to share, I’ve spoken about on many occasions and that has to do with the two, major aspects that have dominated the past decade and that’s been the cosmic slam dance between Pluto in Cap and Uranus in Aries. All you have to know at a headline level is that Pluto was in Capricorn during the American revolution and Uranus in Aries, in the run up to WWII and the rise of the Third Reich. Wrap your head around that one.

So it’s all colliding, cascading, colluding. The revolutionary spirit is super charged and we’ve got Bolsheviks for dollars with matching signs in the streets. We’ve got the slumbering bear of the downwardly spiraling middle class, finally emerging from it’s almost foreclosed cave. In the South, old-timers claim we’re having a “colored revolution.” It’s all happening.

The rise of Trump has a lot to do with all of this and what’s mind blowing to me is that Soros and Saul’s fallen angels have not yet figured out, that the more venom, fury and outright hate they fling at Trump only makes him stronger and his case even more credible all the time.

The freeze and polarize method of dividing and conquering has worked far better than I think they ever thought it would. It’s one thing to focus on an event at a local level that screams bloody injustice like Amy Schumer on her period, and then use said event to shake down local police and pols for money and leverage, but it’s another to unleash it on a national level, with a new face/victim every six to seven weeks. 2015/16 was all about Brown and Gray and ultimately, white, black and blue. This was some daring, in your face shit. This was community organizing going pro. But Alinsky warned about staying with an action too long, because it will wear people out and lose it’s efficacy and energy.

Hired rage is about to jump the shark.

And now we have the “great man,” the one who outlasted, outblustered, outflanked and get this, outsmarted them all, while vanquishing (for now) the pruned face of evil.

Assange gave us a show like we’ve never seen before. It wasn’t just emails about the Clinton Foundation, Humaweiner, and Benghazi. No, we got the spirit cooking bonus menu, Podesta’s passion for pasta and pizza, child trafficking and ritual sacrifice. In short, if you’ve been following along at home, the entire cesspool, from funding and founding ISIS, to progressive dinners for Baal, it’s all there (well almost all of it). If America and the world was really paying attention, the phony outrage towards Arabs and 9/11 would whither in the blinding light of true revelation.

Mars is in Aquarius and it kicked in, right on time, the day after the election, 11/9 and of course the radicalized hot spots, such as Oakland, and now apparently Portland have been held hostage by Soros’ malcontents. They are not anarchists or radicals, they are communists, and communists are simply part of a larger, global operation run by the Rothschilds the Kabbalistic Sabbateans and the Jesuits. They’ve got their fingers in everything, including Trump, so asking Trump to go after Hillary, and Huma and Podesta and Obama and Jarrett et al., would ultimately lead us into the checkerboard floors of their mansions and the obsidian lairs of their inner sanctums and yet, if we do not go for the jugular now, exposed, it may not happen again in this way, if ever.

That doesn’t mean that we cannot continue the awakening process—we must. Just because someone not named Bush or Clinton isn’t sitting in the oval office, it doesn’t mean that all is well, just because the White House is “white again.” No, we cannot sit still, we cannot doze off, just half awake. The alarm has sounded, the Trumpence are blowing, and the externalization of the hierarchy is being exposed.

At the risk of sounding extreme and even fascistic, Hillary, Bill, Huma and even the fading regime, the radicals who had eight years of super power and elite status must be held accountable. George Bush and his cabal committed crimes against humanity again and again and again. They used Guantanamo for rendition and torture. They lied about WMD and yellow cake, and rods, all coming from Niger. They stood down on 9/11, because they had to witness their grand ritual unfold before their very eyes and Obama did nothing. Off to the ranches, the exotic bird hunts and lobbying they all went. Laughing at us all the way. What happened since 2008? On the surface, the evil escalated, with some new plot twists and exotic players.

Trump is unlikely to hire an independent prosecutor and go after Hillary and even if he does, whose to say it will even be the real Hillary? If she used doubles or clones during the run up to the election, then why shouldn’t or couldn’t they use one for even more theatrical purpose?. It’s not going to happen, but it should.

In a perfect world, he starts with Hillary, Bill, Podesta and the rest, then sets his sights on Soros, who is about as close to an evil, James Bond-like figure you can get without burning down the House of Rothschild. It needs to happen and even more, Trump’s pivot needs to take another turn, a pivot to grand juries and live prosecution. While I would much prefer “going high” we need a very public reckoning. Fake contrition and a new gig on K Street won’t do.

This election wasn’t about conservatives versus liberal, or male chauvinist pig, versus queen bitch feminazi. It was about good versus evil and each side defined their version of it and supported their respective champion of it. Ironically, the fight hasn’t even begun yet. That’s up to me and you because the very same battle was taking place in all of us–but we are on the other side of something now. We’ve crossed a Rubicon of sorts and while Trump might make concessions and deals (what he does), we don’t have to.

Just as the Taurus Moon illuminates the dark Scorpionic night; the light of this world is now exposed for all to see. Once you see it, there’s no going back.

The Big Debate! Trump/Hillary/Event Mid-Point Composite & Live Stream on Youtube

astro_681gw_32_35_debate_hillary-7252-50839The first of the three-ring-circus debates is upon us. Mark Cuban will be front row, grinning it up for the cameras, every step of the way. I think Cuban’s done some mildly interesting things since he became stupendously rich. He started up Magnolia Pictures which has produced some pretty good films including “Citizen Four” the real-time doc on Snowden. He’s started the long running Shark Tank, where sharks aka rich entrepreneurs sink their teeth into lower level entrepreneurs, looking for some cash, guidance and a name to attach to their product. It’s ruthless consumerism with barely any protocols and a lot of fun to watch, but Cuban’s acquisition of his wealth is one of the truly stunning and mysterious. Cuban, a Leo BTW, Sun/Uranus conjunction, just like Donald Trump.

Cuban started when he and his buddies from University of Indiana wanted to listen to the Hoosiers basketball games. They set up a streaming service so that they could listen anywhere in the world. Unlike video, which was still at least six-seven years away, an audio stream of 64K was manageable.

Cuban acted swiftly, garnering contracts for a multitude of sports teams, and began to stream their games. This was before rights issues came in from MLB, the NFL, NBA, NHL and the NCAA. Cuban had for all intents and purposes a massive, pirate radio outfit, pumping out live streams, 24/7. Yahoo, oozing with cash and a deep need for content and brand separation purchased close to a billion dollars. Shortly thereafter, the leagues came in, got the rights to the broadcasts back and Yahoo was left with nothing. To this day, it was one of the greatest internet heists in history and Mark Cuban was right at the center of it.

I fired up a multi-composite chart for tomorrow night’s debate, using the chart for the debate, Hillary’s chart and Trump’s chart. The result? A chart that heavily favors Trump, with Leo Rising, where his Mars will be in the First House. His Sun/Uranus conjunction will be in the 10th, as it is in his natal chart. Hillary’s Sun will be in the Third House, below the horizon. In the Third (Gemini Rulership) she will be adaptable and more nimble, her natal Mercury will be in the Fourth House and her ideas will likely appeal to women there, that’s her base and we know that anyway. Trump’s Mars will be on display in the first and this is a country that is easily seduced by power, whether it’s ostentatious or mysteriously nuanced. Hillary’s Mars will be conjunct the ASC but coming from the 12th, more occluded, I’ll be talking more about this chart tonight, on my first attempt at streaming live on my youtube channel, The 11th House At 10PM CST. Please join me.

The Harvest Lunar Eclipse In Pisces, Navigating The Shadowy Fringes Of Reality, Contacting The Numinous

total-lunar-eclipse-june-2011-namibia-reserve-tucker-1The melancholic waves of this lunar eclipse, “The Harvest Moon” are crashing on the shore of my consciousness. In the sign of Pisces at 23 degrees, the shadow of the moon reveals the inner shadow of our spiritual lives, the dark and hidden crevices where we feed our fear and starve our faith. Ever critical Virgo dominates the day, forcing us to examine the cracks and fissures in our lives. What’s real? Our imperfections? Our denial, that shields us from the constant scrutiny? Or our ability to contact the divine spirit within us and forgive us for both? Perhaps all three are equally true and therein lies the mystery and transmission for this particular eclipse, the emotional twin flame for the last, solar eclipse in Virgo, which took place on September 1st.

This cycle has been a rough one for me as Mercury went retrograde at 29 degrees on My Sun, one day after the eclipse. As some of you may know, I narrowly escaped a tragic car accident on Friday the 2nd. I’m looking forward to the end of this cycle, while going deeper to understand the meaning behind these cosmic cycles in my life and others.

This eclipse cycle started back in March, on the 8th, directly on my Son’s, Sun and as I mentioned had a stop along the way Mercury on my Sun, retrograde. It’s felt very personal in many ways and has highlighted my struggles as a single parent having to abide by the laws of Caesar, stated and laid out by the state of Texas. It’s a dynamic that’s also tweaked my South Node, in Pisces. Meanwhile, I have the work and it’s ever present. So in the spirit of gratefulness, I want to thank all of you that support my work, which is our work, awakening from the dream, arising from the trance, and forgiving ourselves for the slumber and delay, holding space for others to do the same.

On a collective front, we are dealing with details and shadows versus illusion. On 9/11, Hillary stumbles and falls, is dragged into her ambulance van, perhaps even in handcuffs and shackles. Then, she miraculously re-appears outside of Chelsea’s apartment, looking fit, albeit different, sans security, greeting a little girl.

After that, she goes dark, silent, rumors and whispers abound; The elections will be suspended, Biden is going to run, no it’s Michelle, maybe both. Then, miraculously, she rises like the Phoenix, recovered from pneumonia, riffing on the value of stepping back and taking stock of the race while still in the race. She looks younger and more invigorated, but there’s some issues here, and quite frankly, she appears to be a different woman.

On close inspection, the ears on the two Hillary’s do not match. One (the original) has a semi-detached lobe, while the new and improved version of Hillary, has an attached lobe.

Musicians, actors and politicians have had body doubles for years. It was said that there were at least four versions of each Beatle, lending to the Paul is dead myth/meme and lore theory.

There were at least two Bushes (the dopey one and the mean one) and who knows how many Obamas there are. I’m just going down the double road. I haven’t even dipped into the possibility of clones. There was a story during the 2008 election cycle that Hillary was spotted in two places at once in New York.

So as the eclipsed Moon rises, casting it’s spell and illusion upon the world, then revealing it’s shadow of doubt, in the darkest hours a light emerges and pierces the veil of the new dawn.

My prescription is to go light on alcohol, drugs and self-abuse. Be gentle and kind to yourself and others. This Moon favors going within and seeking the divine light, creator spirit within you. Remember, this is the Harvest Moon, so you get to reap the emotional and spiritual fruits of the past nine months. Hopefully, for you, they’ll be more sweet than bitter.

I’ll leave you with Dane Rudhyar’s interpretation of the 23rd degree of Pisces, which initiates the eclipse.


KEYNOTE: The ability to give of one’s own vital energy to substantiate one’s conscious ideals or unconscious desires.
The person who believes he or she has a mission or mandate, or any special gift that can be of value to his community, must substantiate this belief. He has to produce results. Sometimes this involves difficulties and special conditions or circumstances; it always demands to some extent the gift of some power of value which is deeply one’s own. The thought of sacrifice was suggested by the “white lamb” in the first symbol of this five-old series. Something precious involved in a deeply personal experience has to be surrendered, offered to others. The medium’s psychic substance provides the materials made visible in the phenomena, if the latter are genuine. After the séance, the medium is usually exhausted. The performer gives of his very life to the performance.
This refers to the third stage in the seventy-first five-fold process. The display of psychic power that the symbol depicts can be interpreted positively or negatively according to the motives that induced the “medium” to give the seance. In its most constructive aspect it suggests the Keyword: SUBSTANTIATION. The shadowy aspect of the process is “deception.

Stranger Things and Midnight Special, Part 3, The Bizarre Connection With Nobel Prize Winner, Daniel Gajdusek

danielAs I scanned the credits of Stranger Things over the course of the series, a name popped up that triggered something very familiar in me. Karl Gadjusek, the executive producer of Stranger Things is the son of one of my English professors in college, the late “Robin Gadjusek.” Robin was one of the preeminent Hemingway scholars in the country. I sat with him five-days-a-week, soaking up the ins and the outs of the Apollonian vs the Dionysian mythos of Hemingway. The class was so intense and Gajdusek’s knowledge transfer so thoroughly rigorous that at some point in that semester, while I was sleeping, Hemingway appeared to me in a dream and initiated me into astral travel. I would later find out that Hemingway suffered from insomnia due to the fact that he left his body while he was wounded in the Spanish Civil war, doing duty for the Red Cross. The event terrified him for the rest of his life.

Karl no doubt got his writing chops and more from his father, but it’s not Robin who is the Gajdusek that is the strange influencer of Stranger Things, it is Karl’s uncle, Daniel Gajdusek.

Daniel Gajdusek, born 9/9/23, Virgo Sun. Moon in Leo, Mercury in Libra. His chart is marked by four planets in Virgo; (Sun) Venus, Mars and the TN. Since we’re exploring Pisces as a theme through this series, it makes sense that Pisces would play a role in the chart as well. Uranus was in Pisces at 15 degrees, in exact opposition with his Sun at 15 degrees and Venus at 14, TN at 11. That means that Uranus was also conjunct his South Node in Pisces at 11. Needless to say, Daniel Gajdusek was a strange man, but how strange and how does he fit into the darker web of Stranger Things?

Gajdusek was a trained physician and researcher. He started at the University of Rochester where he studied physics, biology and mathematics. He obtained his MD from Harvard, then did his post-doc work at Columbia, Cal Tech, and Harvard. Gajdusek was drafted into the Army where he served as a virologist at Walter Reed. After he left the military, Gajdusek began his Noble prize winning work with the Fore tribe of New Guinea.

The Fore were dying of a disease called, “Kuru.” A funerary cult, the Fore were said to have eaten the brains of the deceased as part of a tribal ritual. This caused a series of rampant and generational deaths amongst them. It was here that Gajdusek discovered prions, an inorganic life form that has also been linked to Kreuzfeldt-Jacobs syndrome aka Mad Cow disease.

Gajdusek’s methods were unique to say the least, fitting for someone that would have Uranus/Sun opposition. He blended the brains of the deceased Fore, drilled a hole in the heads of local research monkeys and poured the gelatinous remains directly into the Monkey’s brains, where the symptoms of Kuru would appear much quicker than the generational wasting. For his um, unique methods of research and subsequent discovery, he was awarded the Nobel prize in 1976. If the discovery of prions and his methodology weren’t unusual enough, Gajdusek’s legacy has an even more bizarre twist of fate, one that relates to a theme inside of Stranger Things.


While he was curing the Fore of Kuru, he was also learning their language and customs. Gaining their trust, he brought over fifty children, mostly boys from New Guinea to the USA. Crossing the ocean (Neptune/Pisces) he transferred them to their own version of “The Upside Down” from essentially a Paleolithic culture to a modern and sanitized world. While his intentions surely appeared humanitarian at the time, as the young men approached adulthood, they confessed that Gajdusek had molested them. There were seven in all that confessed. Four of them said the sex was untroubling while three were shamed by it. On the surface it would appear that he would disgraced, Gajdusek however was quite the opposite, making a philosophical case for his morals, which accepted both pedophaelia and incest as normal forms of expression. He plea bargained, did one year in prison in the USA then went to Europe for supervised detention, where died in Norway at the age of 85, still researching.

The film, The Genius and the Boys a documentary about Gajdusek and the case debuted on the BBC on June 1, 2009.

There’s a surreal reflection of Gadjusek’s bizarre odyssey, and Stranger Things. A scientist that has unusual methodologies ala Brenner that also harbors secrets with children taken from their homes, changed and altered in some way, for some that was traumatic. Whether or not this was a theme woven in Stanger Things by his nephew, Karl and the Duffer Brothers, isn’t explicitly clear and yet the synchronistic undercurrent that connects both worlds, real and cinematic is startling and twisted. Part four of this series will connect Stranger Things with Midnight Special in a gnostic macrocosm of Piscean proportion.