Venus Goes Into Gemini — Learn More About Your Relationships

Voila_Capture329Venus has just entered curious Gemini and it’s a great time to learn more about the most important, one-on-one relationships in your life. Whether you’re in a LTR or just breaking the waves with someone new, comparing planets and signs between two lives and charts is not only informative, it’s essential. There are two types of charts/readings that are the most commonly used.


Synastry is when two charts are superimposed with one another. It allows us to understand how two individuals operate together inside of a relationship. It accounts for the expression of each person in the relationship, where the potential is, where the challenge is and how it can be worked out. By honoring both people and the interrelated points of connection, couples can see themselves and the relationship as a whole.


The difference between the Synastry method of looking at two people in relationship and the Mid-Point composite is like looking at the separate ingredients of soup, then tasting and taking in the whole soup. The Midpoint Composite chart takes the midpoints between each planet and the ascendant in two charts, and determines s a shared planet/sign/degree/house/ascendant for both people. What emerges is a composite of both people and charts creates an image of the couple as one entity. While the Synastry chart shows both people in their respective strengths and weaknesses, the Midpoint Composite chart unleashes the power as a couple– the couple as a whole entity.

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Strange Connections In The Duality Matrix With the Shooting of Steve Scalise on Trump’s Birthday

sobchakOn Donald Trump’s birthday, the mutant Gemini from the future, we witness two shootings, one on the east coast (DC) the other on the west coast (SF). By physical location itself, we see Gemini (east/west) in action. But of the two, clearly the DC shooting at a baseball field where congressmen were practicing for their annual Dems vs Repubs game has garnered the most attention and added to yet more polarization in the general public view.


This time we have the crazed, lone gunman version coming from the left vs the right.

James Hodgkinson, a dead ringer for the trigger happy Walter Sobchak (played by John Goodman) in the Big Lebowski opened fire on the GOP squad, hitting Rep Steve Scalise, two of his assistants and two DC police. Hodgkinson was terminated on the scene. Resembling Sobchak isn’t the only high strange associated with the shooter. He was sixty-six years and six months old. It’s also pretty amazing that there was such a clearly defined profile of who he was in the aftermath of the shooting, thanks to his ardent use of social media to clearly display his anger and frustration over the Trump election. We knew within hours that he was a Sanders supporter, having even volunteered for Sanders in Iowa. We know all about his business (mold testing) his love for the Southern Poverty Law Center, his abuse of his “foster children,” and his almost Travis Bickle like exodus from Illinois, to DC, where lived in his service van for month, while spending extensive time at the YMCA, doing nothing, except talking to key people who could later add to his post-Illinois profile.


Hodgkinson was born on 12/12/50 which of course would make him a Sag, where transiting Saturn was a vice grip on his Sun. In search of immutable truth is the hard path of the archer and in some ways, he represents the manifestation of frustration during this Saturn phase where ideology in collusion with personal morality are crushed like atoms in a particle accelerator (hello CERN) and you get a personality spin that is triggered for thermonuclear detonation.

The pressure cooker of truth without closure is the psychic wound of this Saturn retrograde phase. Let’s take a look at what’s been opened without any sort of resolution over the past year.

• Wikileaks dispatches from the DNC which unveiled the deep corruption of the Clinton Foundation which in part derailed an already flagging campaign by Hillary Clinton.

• The stark revelations of the DNC, from John Podesta’s email account, which pointed to collusion at executive levels to torpedo the rising, Bernie Sanders campaign.

• The Pizaagate bonus material which boomeranged on Alex Jones and “Alt-Press” in general.

• The ongoing and endless saga of From Russia with Love, the Putin/Trump affair.

• Numerous terror events in Europe that seem staged, fake and hollow.

• The Anthony Weiner laptop with supposedly all of the incriminating, Pedogate evidence on it.

• The supposed and unsolved death of Seth Rich.

And that’s just the tip of the ice berg.

Has any of the above resulted in arrests, court dates or jail time? The only casualty in all of this has been Michael Flynn. Hillary is still on the loose, hacking her way through commencement speeches across the country, blaming everyone other than herself for losing in the election.

Trump is still roaming the halls of the White House in his bathrobe at the wee hours of the morning, re-heating Burger King from earlier in the day. Putin still rules Russia and we still love Vodka. James Alefantis still serves creepy pizza. There’s been more upheaval and truth dredge over the past ten months than in almost any other time in recorded history and what has it resulted in? Almost nothing.

When we deal with Saturnine consciousness, we are dealing with the hyper-cube, the ebonite cage of compression, in what some might term, “Hell.” Hell is a domain where intolerable conditions don’t change. In 2016, we passed from purgatory into a (Hell realm, where the cage of Saturn, the dark cube has captured and cordoned off the truth. Saturn goes direct on August, the 26th, just five days after the great American eclipse. This has deep ramifications for the aftermath of the eclipse and revelations that could threaten not just the Trump administration but the current model of democracy as we know it. Things could blow sky high.

astro_2gw_114_shooting.61737.9341The shooting took place at 7:09AM and the chart for shooting leaves us with some interesting astrological forensics. Look at the 12th House, there’s Mars there, in a place that is historically associated with hidden enemies. The Sun and Mercury are in the 12th as well, both in Gemini, again, the occluded presence of duality, with Mercury squaring Neptune. The Mercury/Neptune square also shows up in Trump’s chart. When we see the square to Neptune, there can be lack of clarity, focus, and even confusion. The most egregious aspect is lies and outright deception. In the 6th House we see Saturn in Sag, which is where James Hodgkinson’s Sun in Sag would be as well. Typically, the 6th House is open enemies, versus the 12th (hidden). At the top of the chart, Pisces defines the MC, straddled by Chiron in the 10th and Neptune in 9th. Chiron in the 10th represents the public wound or sacrifice. I would be very surprised if Steve Scalise survives.

In my broadcast from today, I made a link between Steve Scalise and child trafficking, as Scalise, a catholic was on the warpath against pedophiles. If he was a wild card, a wild card that would blow the cover off of DC’s dirty relationship with kids, this might have been a lot more than just a lone nut working out his political angst in a fit of blind of progressive rage.

Mars in Gemini, The Astro McMaster Connection With Trump And MayDay Broadcast

170220150306-donald-trump-picks-h-r-mcmaster-new-national-security-adviser-sot-00000000-exlarge-169With Mercury Retrograde mercifully, nearly over (goes direct on Thursday), I wonder if the Trumpulum, aka the Trump pendulum, will swing back again in the other direction? Will the Neocons get the next maddening swing? I seriously doubt it as President Kushner and first lady Yael now seem to be thoroughly in control in the White House, with Kushner’s TN in Leo feasting off of Trump’s Pluto in Leo, behind the scenes in the 12th House.

What we do know is that Mars is now in Gemini at 7 degrees and it is going to conjunct Trump’s Uranus at 17 degrees in sixteen days and while it may not induce another series of tremor-like reversals, it could produce enough instability inside of Trump’s chart to make people feel even more edgy. Another aspect of Mars in Gemini is the Mars return of one H.R. McMaster, the National Security Advisor. This will happen by Saturday when Mars is at 10 degrees.

The Mars return is potent and instills a sense of confidence, surety and the expression of personal power. In Gemini, Mars is restless and at times unconsciously contrarian. Ironically, McMaster’s TN is at 8 degrees Leo, which also places it on Trump’s Pluto in Leo at 10 degrees in the 12th House. McMaster and the aforementioned Kushner are both jacked into the hidden power. One has to wonder if the two will compete or join forces in an occulted alliance. In addition to the Mars/Uranus conjunction, McMaster’s Uranus in Leo at 28 degrees rests right on Trump’s ASC and is conjunct his Mars. The two share a powerful, albeit erratic connection with power, will, chaos and the energy of disruptive change.

When Mercury moves forward in Aries, the god of war, will the grand magicians use this power to move forward aggressively? Will the green light be replaced by Martian red? In the days to come we’ll see if it’s going be more talk (Gemini) or action (Mars).


May Day has been historically linked with union, usually of the masculine/feminine variety, as the communal phallus is erected and danced around during the fires of Beltane, in pagan rites of fertility and seed. It was also used to display the latest is Soviet armature, their own version of the potent phallic parade. On today’s “Fifteen Minutes of Flame” I break down the historical events of May Day, from the birth of the Illuminati in Ingolstadt, Bavaria, to the sinking of the Lusitania, to the first Polio vaccination. It’s all here on 5/1 and today’s show.

The Trump Inauguration Chart, Uranus In Gemini Revisited, The Live Stream

astro_w2gw_47_innauguration.82757.10614We might be at the most pivotal moment in the last one hundred years, maybe since the inception of the original states, maybe ever. In the run up to the inauguration, the Obama administration was doing everything in their power to provoke a conflict with Russia.

Watching the ensuing cabinet confirmation hearings was and has been less of a vetting session than it was a process of legitimizing the call for war. At nearly every turn, each Trump nominee has been grilled on Russia and their stance regarding Russia, for not just a future gotcha moments (drilling it into the heads of millions of Americans watching), but for them to affirm that Russia poses an imminent and dangerous threat. This cycle of aggression towards Russia goes back to 2013/2014 when there seemed to be an outward push towards demonizing Putin and Russia, especially as it related to the 2014 Olympics in Sochi where the Russians were blamed for everything from shoddy accommodations, wild dogs, lack of hot water, lack of snow, lack good internet, etc.. The vilification and bad PR was on. Since then, the US has been full frontal towards the former Soviet Union.

When Saturn went into Sag, it went from bad mouthing and sanctions to engaging a Saturnian cycle the US/Russia has been tangoing with every time Saturn goes into Sag.

Saturn went into Sag on January 13th, 1956, on Friday the 13th. As Khrushchev began the De-Stalinization period, he went onto become the great bogeyman of the West, alternately proclaiming that he would bury the West and do so without firing a single-shot. Arms manufacturers everywhere raised their glasses to Nikita every holiday, toasting over bonus checks and a new round of government contracts, stocking the armory of the cold war. Russia was very good for business.

While the arms were amassed as a deterrent and a show of force, there was a plan in place to potentially use them in 1957, during the Saturn in Sag phase under something called, “Operation Dropshot” which was a plan to use ICBMs to take out the entirety of Russia.

In December 9th of 1958, with Saturn in Sag, the “John Birch Society” was founded by Robert Welch, the JBS went after commies, taking over where Joe McCarthy left off. An interesting aside to McCarthy and the Red Threat is that McCarthy’s legal council was Roy Cohn, who later advised both Fred and Donald Trump. Cohn also became a key member of the JBS.

Fidel Castro started his march on Havana in 1958, during the Saturn trek through Sag.

If we fast forward to Saturn in Sag, in 1985, we see the rise of Gorbachev to power, this is the transition phase of US/Sino relations. Eventually the wall will fall and the groundwork for it all was done with this Saturn/Sag cycle under Reagan.

In this current Sag/Saturn timeline we’ve seen the re-emergence of this geopolitical passion play, but this time with the two countries changing roles and the US becoming more Soviet like and the Russians becoming more like the good old USA. So to re-cap, here’s how the Saturn cycles went down:

1956-1959The rise of the “Red Threat” expansion of communism in the West.

1985-1988Transition phase from cold war opposition to détente and ultimately the end of the Soviet Union.

2015-2018The re-emergence of the Russian threat with the poles of the US and Russia flipped.

There’s enough historical evidence to make an astrological connection with every Saturn/Sag cycle since the late-fifties between the Eagle (US) and the Bear (Russia).

Donald Trump has his Moon (full) and South Node in Sag. Saturn, is right there, right now on both and it’s no coincidence that he would be drawn into this bizarre reanimation of US/Russian (often fake) aggression.

Speaking of Trump(ets).

aeonWhen he was sworn in at 12 Noon on the 20th, the tarot card that reflected that day was the 20th card in the major arcana; the Aeon or Judgement. The Aeon represents the end of one world and the beginning of another. Gabriel’s trumpet blows and a great revelation is at hand. The Sun was at 0 Aquarius, which is always portal for revolution and change. It was at high noon as it should be, Uranus in Aries was occulted in the 12th House, explosive, dangerous and hidden. Jupiterin peaceful Libra occupied the 6th. The 6th house in some ways represents the masses; It’s common folk, everyday people, mechanics, barbers, vets, meter maids, hair stylists, stenographers, waiters, you get the picture. They’re there in abundance with Jupiter. But for mass gathering, look at the 11th House, almost overflowing with Pisces; Neptune/Mars/Venus/Chiron. We’re talking hope, confusion, projection and mass emotion here, squaring Saturn in aforementioned Sag in the 8th; aka-hidden powers and authority. This is the template for the Trump presidency. Radical change at the top, explosive powers behind the scenes, more opportunities for the everyday people, the seething masses looking to crucify and burn or in turn become the same symbols of sacrifice and thus martyrdom. There’s deep banking and even religious interests operating in the shadows and a restriction of foreign involvement and intervention. Oligarchs occupy the zenith of power in the chart, but are at adds with the every day people and an emerging radicalization of the 21st century American on both the left and the right.


On my show, over the past few days, I’ve been looking back on the period between 1942-1949, which was when Uranus was in Gemini, which was conjunct the Sun in DJT’s chart. Looking back on that time, duality is everywhere and just getting ramped up. The US was fighting TWO wars. FDR was considering drafting a SECOND Bill of Rights. Communism and Fascism, TWO ideologies. There were race riots, yes, they had them back in those days. Even the atom for the Manhattan Project was split, thus leading to the A-Bomb. This period is the psychic and celestial bedrock of Trump’s mutable roots. In a little over two decades, when both Uranus and Pluto would be in the sign of Virgo, the mutable square would be a catalyst for immense, social disruption, disorder and change. With Saturn in transiting Sag, we revisit that time and the opposition to generational Uranus, and the curbing of limits, the summation of a period of great upheaval. We went through this the last time Saturn was in Sag during the Reagan presidency and a new conservatism, a spirit very different from the 60’s kicked in. Reagan was an Aquarius and Trump with his Sun/Uranus conjunction also channels the electricity of Aquarius, but in a decidedly more confrontational way. Here’s an interesting movie put out by the Dept. of War from 1947, that is symbolic of the sub-atomic split in culture under Uranus in Gemini.

To get more info on the chart of the inauguration, here’s my livestream from last Sunday night.

Trump’s Timeline Deviation, Gemini, 9/11–11/9 Inversion, The Great Awakening and Nodal Truth

trumpishThe time of the great awakening is upon us. It’s not going to happen five, ten or twenty years from now. It has nothing to do with the ascension, rapture or the singularity, all cousins of a collective form of deliverance from a communal Hell. It has everything to do with you and your willingness to remove the blinders from your vision and stand in the maelstrom of truth like you don’t have a care in the world.

We’ve reached the event horizon. The Internet is many things and has recently been dubbed “the internet of things.” It’s a consciousness accelerator and a honey trap, grabbing info about you with every keystroke and click, the ultimate limited hang. It is also in the process of being weaponized and used against the forces that are jamming the digital frequency of illusion, deep seated lies and deceptions that stretch back into dark days of Babylon and sacrifices to voracious gods of lesser powers, but always seductive in their marketing.

This is it. We are at ground zero for cracking open. Donald Trump has everything and nothing to do with it, and we’ll look at Trump and some startling timeline parallels to tip you off that something really big is up. First off, let’s revisit Trump’s chart again to get a handle on this.


The most striking thing about his chart, besides the royal and even wrathful aspect of Mars in Leo on the Asc, is the mutable mash-up, not just of his Sun/Uranus conjunction in Gemini, along with the True Node, also in the same sign, but his Moon in Sag and South Node in Sag as well, also mutable. Mutable equals changeable and Trump traffics in mutability. He went from builder, to reality TV star, to president. Doesn’t get more mutable than that. Money problems? Not a big deal. Three bankruptcies, all part of the game, all mutable. But let’s focus on those Nodes and the Moon in Sag, which is starting to get hit by transiting Saturn in Sag. Saturn will hit his South Node/Saturn by the end of the month. Look for the international community to start to get into a pissing match with Trump and more blowback as a result. But it goes deeper and there is more.

When we approach the nodes in our chart and in life, the most important thing to understand and embody is that the TN/NN is the pole star for this life. If we align ourselves with the potential of the TN/NN, we are in an organic relationship with our destiny, cultivating it with intention and conscious awareness. The South Node is where we’ve come from, past lives are indicated here and there’s no use tilling over that tract again.

South Node in Sag represents a past life spent in study, philosophy, law, pontification, the big questions, and always in Sag’s playbook, truth. Sag wants to get to it, ultimately, sometimes after a few drinks, a few puffs and whatever else it takes to get there. That’s not Trump’s trip in this lifetime, so please disabuse yourself of the notion that he will blow the lid off of anything, whether it’s 9/11, Pizzagate or the transgressions of Hillary or Obama. He won’t go there. Trump knows who did 9/11. He knows where the bodies are buried. He knows all about Pizzagate and the scandalous network it encompasses. Trump knows, but don’t expect him to get to it. Not going to happen, because he’s fully engaged with his TN/NN and the Sun/Uranus conjunction in GEMINI.

The TN in Gemini is all about duality, multiplicity, polarity, novelty, minutiae, data, info, and chatter. Twitter, although an Aquarian technology, is decidedly Gemini, 140 characters or less is the message of the mutable culture, bereft of the Sag wisdom and long dissertations. Even the rush to remove a dangerous or controversial or career wrecking tweet speaks to the mechanics of mutability; Here it is and there it was. Needless to say, Trump used Twitter to power his election and continues to bang it, wielding it like a baseball bat against his political and corporate foes.

He’s also running parallel narratives around things like 9/11, reinforcing the Saudi line, dancing Arabs, etc., when anyone who knows anything about 9/11 knows it was the Neocons, Israel and the CIA who ran the whole thing. The Saudis played a role, but really just as a front, a cover for the entire operation. And as one of my commenters on YouTube is quick to mention, the House of Saud originates from Israel and actually has Jewish roots, but that’s another blog. What I’m trying to get at here is that Trump is no truther and the faster you get that, the better off you’ll be. What he is, is a disrupter, an agent of chaos, but a different kind of chaos, not the Alinsky kind of chaos, which can be disturbance just for the sake of it. Trump’s chaos, via the Sun/Uranus conjunction is archetypal, not manufactured.

Back in the 80’s, Trump owned a professional football franchise, the New Jersey Generals in the USFL (the United States Football League). There is a great documentary on the league called, “Small Potatoes” in which Trump plays a very central role. The Generals had two, Heisman Trophy winners on the roster; Herschel Walker and Doug Flutie. They were one of the USFL’s success stories, and Trump quickly used his charisma and muscle to convince the other owners that playing in the spring was small potatoes and playing on Sundays in the fall was where it was at.

Trump’s only equal in the league from an ownership standpoint was John Bassett, who owned the Tampa Bay Bandits. Bassett thought the league’s best chance for success was the spring and played the role of Trump’s counterpoint. Trump respected Bassett and didn’t take the popular owner on directly. Fate would intervene and John Bassett would develop an inoperable brain tumor. Within one year after his diagnosis, Bassett died and the USFL was now Trump’s plaything. He led of group of owners into litigation against the NFL, claiming anti-trust violations against the league, trying to force the league’s hand and admit USFL teams into their fold and play on Sunday. Here is where Trump made his crucial error from an astrological perspective.

The USFL was a rival league; it played in the spring/summer, the NFL in the Fall/Winter. It was the perfect Gemini foil for the already established league. In fact, David Dixon, the founder of the USFL was born on June 4th, making him squarely a Gemini. Once Trump forced the litigation (Sag/Law/South Node) he was moving in the wrong direction and so was the league. The USFL won the lawsuit and jurors did indeed find that the NFL had a monopoly, but also saw that the USFL was it’s own worst enemy by suspending play and crying poor. They thought it was a cynical and manipulative tactic and even though the USFL won their suit, they were awarded $1 by the jury (along with legal fees covered by the NFL). The league was done, over. Trump’s South Node and his pride betrayed him and while he would recover his losses, other owners would not and a few were ruined by the Donald’s roll of the dice.

A side note to all of this is that Trump and the USFL’s lead council was Roy Cohn, who infamously advised Joe McCarthy during the investigation into inappropriate activities.

I shared the above story as an illustration as to how the TN/SN axis works and when you climb down the rabbit hole of the South Node, not a lot of good comes of it. Stay to the TN/NN and reality will more or less tend to itself. But there is something else going on with Trump, something curious and it has to do with timelines.


I’ve written about this and even presented it on Gaia. When JFK was president, we were headed in specific direction, which included de-linking from the FED, using a new silver backed, dollar currency, not a Federal Reserve note. He was going to get us out of Nam, and maybe even pull the lid back on UFOs. Mary Pinchot-Meyer, the wife of CIA head, Cord Meyer, was switching him on. The CIA was ramping up for MK Ultra and was cooking up pure grade LSD and using Tim Leary to distribute it and the ideas surrounding it. Meyer had access to it, likely through Leary himself and the psychedelic awakening of JFK was on.

It’s important to note that JFK was a Gemini. So was Marilyn Monroe. Remember this small factoid.

Kennedy was killed on 11/22/63. The Moon was in Aquarius as was Saturn. Remember this factoid as well.

George H.W. Bush was the CIA field op in Dallas and was there, on the ground. Bush of course is also a Gemini. So we are dialoging with duality again. 11 and 22 are twin numbers. 33 (also a twin number) is the number of “The Sovereign Grand Inspector General” in Freemasonry. The top of the visible pyramid.

Once Kennedy dies, the 60’s kick in, LBJ rubber stamps the “War on Poverty” and the “Great Society.” To some degree, this is the socialist version of the Patriot Act, ready to roll out under the shocked and numbed psyche of Americans, reeling and traumatized by Kennedy’s death. It’s the welfare state, Nam, acid, rock and roll, Altamont, Women’s Lib, Manson, Chicago, Kent State, destabilization, ushering in the dark Aquarian Age, with the Moon and Saturn in Aquarius as the astrological markers. This timeline gets reinforced with the arrival of Bush in the White House under Ronald Reagan (Here we get Aquarius (Reagan) and Gemini (Bush) together).

Then Gemini Bush officially assumes the mantle of power and the first utterances of the New World Order falls upon our ears on 9/11/91 and it would be his son, that would watch over the Rubicon on 9/11. That’s two Georges (again, twinning, Gemini). It was LBJ, a Virgo that signed off on the “War on Poverty” which was a putsch towards a deeper acceptance and administration of socialism and the rise of the welfare state, which brought with it the Cloward-Piven strategy. G.W. Bush oversaw “The Patriot Act” which was another override of the constitution; initiated in the month of Virgo.

9/11 happened when the Moon and Saturn were in Gemini (Twins/Twin Tower). Mayor Rudy Giuliani, a Gemini was mayor of New York. Larry Silverstein, also a Gemini had recently come into possession of the WTC complex including building 7. Gemini and duality show up again and again as some kind of alchemical driver that is constantly splitting the atom of our reality. September 11th, 2001, was many things; black occult ritual, human sacrifice, high tech magickal operation, the marked death of the 20th Century, the consecration of the New Luciferic Century, and the rise of the One World Trade Center, which opened on 5/29 (Gemini). Gemini is opposite Sag, and in Sag, we have the Galactic Center, expelling neutrinos throughout the galaxy, a novelty engine, the mind of God. Gemini plays on the other side, disturbing, tricking, and hacking the cosmic order. We are in the middle.

Trump is of course a Gemini and here is where it gets strange around him. Based on recent events, it appears that Trump’s election has to do with something connected to the divergent Kennedy timeline, in fact, Trump was elected on 11/9, the inverse of 9/11.

First off, we know that He’s a Twin like JFK, and there are some striking JFK analogies and beyond. On his march to the White House, Trump knocked off a Bush (Jeb—Aquarian) and uncovered a link between Rafael Cruz (Ted’s dad) and Lee Harvey Oswald, with pictures of the two in New Orleans just weeks before the assassination. So we have the sons of two fathers that were linked directly/indirectly to the JFK event. Then, just days after he’s elected, Fidel Castro dies. Fidel was one of JFK’s nemeses and the phantom spirit that haunted post-Kennedy America, was laid to rest. In another strange, timeline twist, the Japanese investment fund, Softbank pledged $50 billion in US investment, this on the eve of Pearl Harbor Day.

Is Donald Trump veering us off into the pre-Kennedy death version of America? Are we moving back to that timeline, that was hacked 0n 11/22/63? Is Trump some kind of time lord or is he simply acting out the script set before him by the Sanhedrin of the 21st Century re-animating the nostalgia for an age yet to come? Only time or it’s reasonable facsimile will tell. Related links:



A Sort Of Non Astrological Post In The Post World, Gemini Pamela Geller Strikes Again, And A Chaos Theory

subway-ads-jihadGuess who funded the Mohammed cartoon contest?

Boulder 7AM. I’ve just finished two plates of spongiform matter that resembles eggs. The bacon looks like it’s been skinned directly off the backs of unsuspecting pigs. I try to cover the mass consumption in thick gravy, sans biscuit. It’s so generic and bland, but it’s free and I’m waiting for the time where my driver picks me up and takes me to Gaiam, where I’ll be hanging with Regina Meredith for two hours on her show, talking about astrological trends for the Summer and Fall. Then it’s onto my new show, seven, fifteen-minute, astro-hacks where you can pick up on little tricks to give you pithy and insightful astrological tips.

The weather is pure dystopian haze. It’s the same death dew that settled for months in Austin. It adds a deadening pall over the seasonal deceleration in one of America’s favorite, college towns.

I’m no longer staying at The Boulderado, the grande dame of Boulder’s hotels. I’m over at the Best Western, hoofing it to chrome vats of chicken and pig.

Yesterday, I ambled over to the local hipster coffee brew for a legit espresso and while the counter intelligence was cheery, the coffee concentrated, creamy and rich, the overall vibe inside was all monochrome and dense. Everyone was jacked in to connections with other people jacked into their connection in some other gray space. The whole thing felt like the show was over and we were all just living in the after, after party, avoiding eye contact, furtively checking in on our digital selves. Do our digital selves ever check in on us?

Even though the orb is wide-ish, we are still under the spell of the Saturn/Sag, Neptune/Pisces square. The damp of the dark ages is the atmospheric setting for our times. Who is who and what is what? Continue reading “A Sort Of Non Astrological Post In The Post World, Gemini Pamela Geller Strikes Again, And A Chaos Theory”