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gaudierSaturn and Pluto, cleaves and polishes

The power of the Pluto/Saturn square hasn’t kicked in quite yet as of this writing (11/15 9:48 PM PDT), but by Monday morning the energy should manifest itself on more of a collective level. Individually, I”m sure the weekend was intense for many people as Pluto demanded some form of control while Saturn commanded endurance and balance. Power struggles, power plays, fairness or lack thereof all got played out in my personal life.

My son entered his first jiu jitsu tourney and he was met with Plutonian force as his opponent threw him and executed a submission hold all in about 20 seconds. It was heartbreaking to see him get thrown by something he was not prepared for. The shock of the fall knocked his wind out and there was little he could do. His strength is his wrestling and he never got a chance to do it. Capricorn 1, Libra 0. Then a really strange thing happened when after his shocking defeat, they called his name to square off on another ring. We were mystified because he had just fought, but when they called his name the first time, they inverted his name calling his last name first. Then he was called to the second ring with his first name first. But then they didn’t recognize him as being who he was and disqualified him. So, in essence, he lost, twice, which was even more confusing for a kid not quite six. I guess with his Libra Moon, he had to achieve some sort of balance.

A strange symmetry.

Having to explain this to him on top of his loss, was really challenging for me and his mother. “Not fair!” ‘Not fair!” He kept repeating it through tears over and over like a mantra. Capricorn 2, Libra 0. So we called in the elders. We got his grandparents on the phone and their mature and soothing Saturnine qualities brought him slowly back into a state of balance. His little drama had just begun. Mine had started the night before.

Earlier in the day on Friday, I called my father who has not been well, in fact, he had been hospitalized for nearly ten days last month. I was hit with the news that he has been diagnosed with cancer of the liver. Out of the depths of my twelfth house, the sting of Scoprio’s stellium hit like a ton of bricks. I’m still processing this.

So it was that my son had his first bitter taste of defeat in life and my father came face-to-face with his own mortality. In some ways, I was witness to a terribly beautiful balance, a dark fusion of Pluto and Saturn’s square.

So that was my story for this intense weekend.

What was yours?

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Yankee Pitcher

Editors note. The player I wrote about in this piece, was Darrell Rasner, whose contract has since been sold by The Yankees to Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles of The Japanese League. Rasner now makes roughly $1.2 million a year and . . . they don’t heckle in Japan. This was originally posted last year, but thought I would re-post it today (even if it’s a little on the late side)

The other night (Actually June 10th, 2008) I was at The A’s game with my four-year-old son.  They were playing The Yankees and we were sitting on the first base, visiting side.  The row in front of us was occupied with people wearing black, so it was a foregone conclusion in my mind that they were Yankee fans, which filled nearly half the stadium.My son and I had brought a bicycle horn with us which we used as a rally horn.  Well it was slightly obnoxious and it worked pretty well as The A’s scored six runs in the fourth inning.  As is my custom at games, I heckle the opposing team and the severity of it depends on who I am with and how much alcohol I’ve consumed.  That night I had had just one beer and was with my young son, so it was the Disney version of insults and yet, I must have been pretty effective, because aftter I had loudly proclaimed that “the pitcher needed to return to the minors,” the guy sitting in front of me, turns and barks, “Enough is enough.  That’s my boy out there and you’ve ridden him pretty hard since the game started.  Just leave it alone.”

I was shocked.

The pitcher was his son!

He then punctuated his loyalty by telling me that he had had a fair amount to drink and was in no mood for my heckling.

I reached around and patted him on the chest and told him that, “If I had known it was your son, I would not have been so hard on him” and that, “I wished his son nothing but the best.”  Mercifully, he took an early shower, thanks in part to a terrible play at first by Jason (pornstache) Giambi which ignited The A’s six-run-rally (lots of horn blasts!!).

When it became clear that this was The A’s night, we packed up and left a little early ourselves.

Much to my surprise, I met the pitchers father on the BART platform.  He told me that “God brought me back so that he could apologize” and that, “He felt like and ass.”  We talked about his son’s career and how he got to pitch for The Yankees.  Again, I wished him and his son well.

Being a father, albeit at the opposite end of the child rearing spectrum, I could relate to this man.  If that were my boy struggling in front of 30,000 people and if the guy behind me was even good naturedly ribbing him, I’d probably say something as well.  In fact, I’d probably think a little less of this dad if I had known that the pitcher was his son and he had said nothing at all, because even if his anger was a little over-the-top, it was a meter for how much he loved his kid. He was still the little boy that he played catch with and probably taught to throw a curve and rode to get good grades, stay clean and all of the other tough things a parent must do in order to not only promote success but ensure a safe arrival to adulthood.  His was a primal response to a member of his tribe, a close bond united by blood and nearly half a lifetime. I respected his fierceness in the face of even mild heckling.  While it might have made his kid cringe a little to know what had transpired, he no doubt would have also been thankful that the one guy who stuck up for him in his moment of defeat, was the same guy that had stuck up for him for all of his life–his dad.

As Fathers Day arrives, a fake, Hallmark holiday that I usually try avoid like Bird Flu, it will have a different meaning for me this year as I remember the semi-soaked, fraternal bond between two dads who had brought both of their kids to a basball game.

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griffin_morris_hpHappy birthday to my son!

I have found on many occasions a connection between children and one or both parents with a shared Moon in their natal charts. In my case, both of my parents have Virgo Moons, yes, the were and still are quite critical and I am a Virgo Sun . . .barely. My son, who celebrates his 5th birthday today has his Moon in Libra at 13 degrees, just four degrees off of my natal Libra Moon at 17 degrees. We share many of the same attributes: a love of music, art and connecting with people. Even though he’s only five, his friends are vitally important to him. This also plays out in a very synergistic fashion when it comes to Robert Camp’s playing card system, as his card is “The Two Of Spades” also known as “The Friendship Card” reflecting his intense need to share and bond with others. Interestingly enough, my card is “The Two Of Clubs” or “The Conversation Card” and his mother’s card is “The Ace Of Spades” or “The Magi Card.” Add them up; Two of Clubs + Ace of Spade = Two of Spades. My wife and I share one another’s karma card in Camp’s system as well.

Also feeding into the overall theme of relating in my son’s life is his “Two Cauac”, or “Two Thunder” in the Arguelles Mayan count. Twos in his cosmology “polarize” in order to relate, but their action is always about defining and redefining self through and against others.

His Pisces Sun sits in my fourth house, while it lands in my wife’s seventh house–talk about past life karma! I think I’ll deftly avoid the oedipal connection on the “son” in his mother’s seventh house.

Not everyone has these sorts of intertwining connections between their parents, but more often than not, they do and a quick gaze at a chart can find where the connections lie.

Yesterday, I looked at the upside of Pluto in Capricorn. Tomorrow I’ll deconstruct Jupiter/Neptune in Aquarius, beaming some light onto the shadow of those two aspects. Globalists and New World Orderlies, be forewarned that it won’t be all warm and fuzzy.

Happy Sunday!

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