Aquarius Omarosa Goes Off Rez, Past Life Echoes with Trump, & The Prime Directive of the Galactic Center

When she made her move into the public eye, Omarosa debuted on season one of “The Apprentice.” In the midst of good guy, real estate hustler, Troy from Boise, and the eventual winner, and first apprentice, Bill Rancic from Chicago, Omarosa stood out with her Ebony cover, high cheekbones, and what appeared at first to be an equally high degree of intelligence, forcefully articulating her ideas. But as the show progressed, Omarosa’s IQ began to dip further and further into a weird nether world where stupidity crossed over into crazy. Was her sharp articulation simply a facade for someone not actually all that bright or did she have some emotional quirk that kicked in and overrode any sort of brimming intelligence? She was fired by the Donald in week nine, but would gratuitously ride the rails of the celeb reality train for most of the decade, appearing on Celebrity Apprentice, All-Star Celebrity Apprentice, The Surreal Life and Celebrity Big Brother. An Aquarius (we’ll get to a lot more of that later) she’s made a life of living in public, well that and moving through husbands and fiancees at a Zsa Zsa Gabor like rate. Since 2000, she’s been married twice and Michael Clarke Duncan, the actor died on the watch as next up in Omarosa’s life.

Prior to 2015, she was a Democrat and in fact worked for Al Gore, while Gore was VP. “Gore’s former office administrator, Mary Margaret Overbey, has said Omarosa, “Was the worst hire we ever made.” She was later transferred to the Commerce Department via the White House personnel office. Cheryl Shavers, who then served as the department’s under secretary for technology administration, said that at the time, Omarosa was “unqualified and disruptive,” adding, “I had her removed.”” (Wikipedia). Remember, these were Democrats, the practitioners of tolerance and social justice.

I got some heat the other day on the video that Heather Eland and I did on the eclipse and the nodes. I was deconstructing the South Node in Aquarius, where I was revealing some of the darker sides of that sign. First off, astrology has an inherent duality wired into it. There’s going to be positives and negatives for all signs. That’s part of the code. Transcending duality is the name of the game, but in order to do it, one must be aware of the inherent polarity of the process.

Let’s start here. The Sun is in it’s detriment in Aquarius. I know that it might be a tough pill to swallow for Aquarians, but that’s a fact. It doesn’t make them any less interesting, compelling, cool, or culturally relevant, since their sign has shaped modern culture as we know it. It’s the sign of the New Age and predominates the realm of “isms.” From Fascism to Socialism, Aquarius is embedded in there, as groups, organizations and systems that manage mass consciousness. That’s Aquarius. It’s a sign that rebels against ideologies, yet desperately adapts and clings to them as they define the character and the nature of the individual passing through a particular phase. I find it ironic that the two most influential figures in Punk Rock, an Aquarian genre of music, were Johnny Rotten (Sex Pistols) and Joe Strummer (The Clash). They were astrological opposites; Rotten the anarchic Aquarian and Strummer, the Leo frontman who abandoned his squatter mates and roots, to become a rock star. In the alchemical equation, Aquarius needs Leo’s heart and Leo needs Aqua’s cool head. Leo is the captain, Aquarius, the team. Neither can function without the other.

From a more classical perspective, Leo is the King and Aquarius is the Fool. Aquarius is disruptive and in the right circumstances, keeps the King humble by pointing out his foibles. This is what we are dealing with, with Trump and Omarosa, but which one is the fool?

Trump’s chart is unique in that he is a Leo rising, with dominant Mars in Leo on the Asc. Yes, this is king-like-territory from the perspective of the ego/self, which the ascendant plays an important role in defining. But he also has a Sun/Uranus conjunction in Gemini, which gives him an Aquarian aura, so Trump is both the King and the Fool, which can be very confusing and an extremely difficult aspect to integrate into one being. With his ASC at the end of Leo, most of his first house is Virgo, which means his sixth house, is Aquarius. The sixth house by the way is the house of apprenticeships (also open enemies) and in Aquarius, the show was a perfect fit for Trump. Which leads us to Aquarius, Omarosa.


Well, well, well, well, lookie here. LOL. Where do I start? Let’s start with the Aquarian Sun in the 5th House. She’s all about disruption, even if she can’t see it, but she’s also all about the ego, since the fifth house is Leo’s domain. Omarosa sees herself royally no doubt, with her Sun there. Hmmm, that’s a Aquarius/Uranus/Leo molotov cocktail. I wonder who else has that going on in their chart? She also has Sun conjunct Jupiter in Aquarius, which amplifies EVERYTHING about her, positive and negative. It’s clear that she’s a BIG personality, but just because she’s convinced in some ways of her own divine right (again who does that sound like?) doesn’t make her right. In fact, the Jupiter effect on her natal Sun could conflate her identity to such an enormous proportion, that she could be completely out of touch with who or what she is.

Yesterday, on the Today Show, she sat down with Savannah Guthrie and completely dominated the interview, from start-to-finish. Who else does that remind you of? Here is what she said to Guthrie at one point; “Savannah, slow down… . I’ve got all the time you need. You don’t have to ask 10 questions in one second. It’s OK.” Then, two minutes later, she’s scolding Guthrie because the interview was supposed to be seven minutes and she gave Guthrie eleven. Consistency and being reasonable are not just weaknesses in Omarosa’s character, they are on the cusp of crazy, almost a manageable form of schizophrenia, that’s aided and abetted by a personality so large, it overshadows a troubling instability.

I saw it when she first plopped onto the screen in the Apprentice. Omarosa has some of the worst traits imaginable; she’s completely unstable, but the force of her persona provides considerable cover. My next thought is; What the hell was Trump thinking when he let her into the White House? She had been kicked out of there in the 90’s for being incompetent and disruptive. Why couldn’t Trump see what could happen with her? His blindspot in this situation is outright troubling. Perhaps astrology can lend us some clues here, as Trump and Omarosa are in a flame war that borders on the bizarre.


With Libra Rising, Omarosa is blessed with the looks and deceptive charms of Venus on the ASC. I use the word, “deceptive” because the seventh house Aries is an indicator of dominance in close, personal, relationships. But check out Pluto on the ASC. It’s nearly exact her ASC in Libra. People with Pluto on the ASC can be extremely polarizing, unless aspects from Pluto make it more manageable. In her case, the square to Saturn in Gem, conjunct the South Node in Gem, creates even more polarization. If I were an executive, say of a company or the fucking White House, I wouldn’t let the mayor of crazytown anywhere near my organization. She’s a destroyer. Saturn is also the father in the chart and her father was murdered when she was seven. Pluto (death) square Saturn (father). What is she working out here?

Is she capable of loyalty? Maybe. Like her old friend, the Donald, she was also born on a Full Moon. Trump = Full Moon in Sag, Omarosa = Full Moon in Leo. Give her all kinds of respect, kudos, kiss her ass and maybe that Pluto sextile will kick in and she’ll stay with you through the tough times.

She’s childless. Would having a child have changed her life and activated that Pluto sextile to the Moon? Perhaps. But maybe, she’s already had a child or cannot conceive. Black Moon Lilith in Cap in her fourth house (home/maternity) suggests dark secrets around the mother and her own mother issues.

Her BML is in Trump’s fifth house, ruled by Capricorn and Pluto has been on her BML for a couple of years now; Intensity, darkness and even death. Gemini, LaToya Jackson, accused Omarosa of murdering her fiancee, the aforementioned Michael Clarke Duncan while Jackson and Omarosa squared off on Celebrity Big Brother. Seems like O has issues with Gemini with her South Node there in the sign of the twins.


One of the analogies I have used for Sag, Tommy Robinson, the Zionist agitator who has gone after gang groomers in the UK, is that he’s got that Sag propensity for stepping in shit on the way to church and as he cleans his heel, finds a diamond ring embedded in the gooey funk. While I think Tommy is a Zio plant who is used like a pawn in a sophisticated game of misdirection, and while he actually threatened the legality of the rape trial he was knowingly covering it while on probation, he comes off as a political prisoner and a living example of free speech and free assembly rights being trample upon. At the end of the day, Robinson’s life will be better off in some way, joining the ranks of Mandela, Biko and Assange as political prisoners of conscience. That’s the Sag good fortune, until he steps into another pile of shit again.

Well, Omarosa’s True Node is conjunct the Galactic Center, so she has some sort of cosmic mandate to get to the truth, be authentic, etc., in the most pure of Sag terms and this is what’s confusing about her as she launches her next book; “Unhinged” which appears to be a tawdry tell all about her fifteen-year relationship with Trump, including the year she spent in the White House. She’s being scalded by critics, both on the left and right for her cut loose confessional. Remember, her TN is in the third house, Gemini’s home. Oddly enough, Trump and Omarosa’s nodes are opposites. Ironically, this is usually an aspect that’s good for partnership between a man and a woman, which he leads me to speculate a deep, past life connection with Trump and O and she’s getting some payback, no matter what it takes. Her Moon in Leo (4) is in his twelfth house, conjunct his Pluto in Leo (10). In the twelfth we delve into the realm of secrets and past incarnations. That’s a past life marriage aspect, children too, perhaps even aborted or missing children. With Saturn in Gemini (26) conjunct Trump’s Sun in Gemini (22), we have another past life marker. With her Saturn close to his Sun, she’s got a lesson to teach the Donald and this aspect is why he’s kept her around. Plain and simple, he owes her. If I were to speculate what the relationship was in a previous incarnation, I could see Trump as a plantation owner and he was in love with O, they had a child, and something happened to the child, perhaps the child might have even been aborted or taken away. In fact the whole plantation piece makes a great deal of sense, since Trump is always accused of being a racist. Even now, Omarosa is playing that trump card, when a few months back, she swore up and down that he wasn’t one.


One of the things that I have talked a great deal about is Trump’s Neptune/Mercury square and how it’s a classic aspect of a liar and someone who conflates the truth. In it’s best manifestation, it represents the ideal of Norman Vincent Peale and the power of positive thinking. Peale actually married Donald and Ivanka. At it’s worst, it’s outright deceit. Tump’s Mercury not only squares Neptune, but Jupiter as well, leads to hyper-exaggeration. From a cultural perspective Trump has railed against fake news and an artificial media that’s an appendage of the deep state and this fits into the Mercury/Neptune square, since Mercury is information and to some extent the media and Neptune of course is delusion. Trump’s deficit has been turned into a weapon against the press, which decidedly deserves it. The Mercury/Neptune square is also representative of leaks. We associate leaks with with water, and Neptune provides plenty of that. Well guess who else has that Mercury/Neptune square? Omarosa, the latest leaker with her recordings of Kelly and Trump. While she’s compelled to tell the truth with that TN at 27 Sag, she doesn’t do a very good job of it, which her Mercury in Pisces (Detriment) in the fifth house (Fall) squaring her Neptune in truth telling Sag. She’s a mess and clearly cannot be trusted by anyone and yet, buried in there somewhere, the dog poo of her confessional, there’s probably some golden nuggets that are both real and true, but the issue less about the message than the messenger, and one who is probably settling a deep score across lifetimes as trans Mars in Aqua emboldens her Sun while traversing across Trump’s house of open enemies. What’s the saying? Keep your friends close and your enemies closer?

Will the Left adopt Omarosa as a comrade in their fight against the president? If I were them, I’d be very careful about forming any sort of alliance with her. She’s about as trustworthy as a gypsy card reader at a county fair.

The Q ANON Chart, Alex Jones And The Russians, Part One

infowarsIt’s an odd scene. Alex Jones sits alone at the desk of the new Infowars studios, something he’s been teasing, bragging about and hyping for the past six months. It was part of Jones’ big push, going all in on being the “tip of the spear” for alt-media, positioning himself as the next version of Fox News for the great awakening. Jones had accrued some serious momentum by jumping on the Trump train on its full speed journey to the White House.

Everyone who has followed Jones for a while has witnessed drama after drama unfold, from Jones’ messy divorce, to growing accusations that he’s a Zionist plant with links the Israeli based intelligence outfit, Stratfor, based in Austin, not far from Infowars studios. In the past year, he’s been sued dozens of times, by people who claim that he defamed them. One of those suits was filed by Chobani’s CEO, Hamdi Ulukaya. Jones claimed that Chobani wasn’t just a company, but a network that was bringing in Muslim infidels under the cover of capitalism. Ulukaya wasted no time, hit the legal switch and Jones was settling out of court.

Bogged down by the chains of litigation, Jones has been devoting more of his time defending himself than tearing down Soros, Hillary, and the Globalists and now there are new allegations. Just as Jones and his freedom brigade are settling into their new digs, encamped as the new ministry of truth, Jones, in the aftermath of the Santa Fe, Texas shooting, sits alone, assuring his shrinking audience and Info Warriors that he is not a Russian spy, while also breaking that up to eight people, including Roger Stone have been picked up by the FBI for deep interrogation about their connection to Jones and ultimately his connection to Russia. It feels almost like he’s giving a eulogy for himself in real time. He mentions that Stone, whom Kelly Jones claims is Jones handler will be placed in a walking boot, ironically similar to the one worn by Hilary Clinton. Apparently, Stone is going to be placed on some form of house arrest.

Jones then goes on to say that he has no desire to kill himself, then points both barrels back at Robert Mueller and opens fire, accusing Mueller of being the mastermind of 9/11. Jones has been in the sunken place well before his Syria missile meltdown, but this was darker, more ominous than his Sandy Hook plea to the divorced parents of Noah Pozner, to drop their suit against him.

What’s really going on here? Is Jones about to be busted and outted as some Russian agent? Is Russia and collusion just a cover for some other unholy alliance? Or is Jones trying to reclaim the truth narrative in what appears to be a turf against Q Anon and the Q Army?


When Michael Flynn was forced to step down in the early days of the Trump admin, it signaled what would be a signature and in some ways, oft repeated moment. Flynn was caught lying to Mike Pence about a trip he had made to Russia before Trump had been sworn in. Crazy? Right? Politicians never lie!

Flynn had asked permission from Obama, then still the standing president if he could make a diplomatic journey to Russia on behalf of the incoming president. Obama gave Flynn a green light. What most people didn’t know, was that Flynn was going there for Jared Kushner to ask how the Russians were going to vote in the UN on an upcoming UN vote on Israel–was Flynn being set up by the Machiavellian Kushner? The piece that was being covered up wasn’t the connection between Fynn/Trump/Russia, it was the connection between Kushner and Israel, with Flynn playing message boy.

This bait and switch also seems to be in play in Jones’ latest drama, now accusing Mueller of being the point man of 9/11, when anyone who has spent a credible amount of time dissecting 9/11, ultimately comes to the conclusion that the forces behind 9/11 aren’t the ones that are doing time in Guantanamo and are the same ones that sent their message boy to Moscow.

The latest chapter in the Infowars, Wagnerian opera, involves a disincarnate prophet, that has gathered millions of devoted and zealous followers. From the trip codes of 8 Chan, Q Anon has issued biblical style prophecies in thunderous tones, and Jones was hit by one of Q’s flaming arrows of truth. On the heels of Jones being branded as a false prophet by Q, Russia Gate, with Jones now in the crosshairs has him right at the center of the storm. Is it all part of the plan for Jones to reclaim the truth narrative? In any case, we’re seeing Jones, Stone and Infowars in the indictment stage with Mueller and Jones has made the battle personal.


astro_2gw_qanon.2881.49997While Aquarian Jones has been running the gauntlet, taking fire from all sides, Q ANON, the new franchise for truth seems to be growing exponentially with each day. On my show on Friday, someone suggested that I do Q’s chart. Ask and ye shall receive.

Q Anon’s first words surfaced on 10/28/17 at 4:15 PM. Where they emanated from is anyone’s guess. Since Q has been focused on swamp draining, I chose the nations capitol.

Here’s the chart.

I’m not going to use this chart to prove or disprove the existence of Q, though some of it my come through naturally, but what I want to focus on is the cultural impact of the chart and the hidden mystery inherent in it.

The first thing that jumps out is the Piscean Ascendant. There’s a number of aspects here that make a lot of sense when looking at the Q phenomenon from this perspective. With Pisces on the AC, Q can be anything you want it to be. It can be an avatar, a savior, a collective voice that’s uttered every day with new drops. It can also be a scam, a con, a scheme and like any entity with Pisces on the AC, the mythos ranges from hero and godlike to scapegoat. Interesting that as we move away from the Piscean Age, Q is a Piscean voice, one that has sounded a clarion call of hope for many, but for others Q falls into the tar pit of false prophet, like Ben Fulford, The Nesara Crew, David Wilcock and to some extent, the aforementioned Jones. Pisces evokes inspiration and devotion, but it also sends the natives scurrying for hammer, nails and crowns of thorns. That’s how Pisces on the AC rolls. Second coming or the Anti-Christ.

Dropping down into the first house, Chiron is there too, clouding the picture even more, offering the potential of healing, but with Pisces there’s always a sacrifice of some sort. In this case it’s the nearly exact square with Saturn in Sag, which is really the lord of this chart. Saturn is demanding and in Sag, it feels like YWVH, casting down sacred law from the apex of the chart. The square to Chiron is interesting because there’s a challenge that’s connected to belief systems, the background program that’s always running with Sag. Saturn is hard though, Chiron in Pisces gets back into the sacrifice archetype, but who’s being sacrificed or what? Sag 24 is very close to the Galactic Center as well, and from an astrological perspective, let’s just say that it gives this Q phenomenon some extra punch. But the Chiron square challenges people suspend disbelief of who or what Q Anon is. If you want the benefits of the experience and get with the Saturnine program. The square also gets into the various of versions of Q Anon, 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 etc, since both Pisces and Sag are mutable. If they are, then why not the entity itself (at least that’s what the Qids will say).

Dropping down deeper into the first, we see Uranus in Aries in the final degrees. Here’s where it gets interesting. After seven years of Uranus shaking up the individual and the individuals of any number of groups getting woke or red pilled, or illuminated, an amalgam of individuals having a radical awakening, from the Q-tip, are being organized (Saturn). Saturn becomes the organizing principle for a startling initiation. Every revolution, whether it’s political or personal, needs an organizing principle in order to motivate people into a single purpose, a collective act. It’s clear, whether you think Q Anon is real, bullshit, a scam, a false messiah, whatever, it’s an organizing principle. It’s a religion, a political movement, and it’s growing. This is a function between Uranus and Saturn. Uranus is the revelation, Saturn is the order, structure and law.

Another interesting piece around the Q phenomenon, is that it has swept up a wide swath, people ranging from patriots, to Christians, to ex-New Agers, to mainstream moms, to symbolic decoders. That’s another effect of the Saturn/Uranus trine, bringing disparate and eclectic parts, back again into the unified whole and mainstream vector of Saturn. It’s this trine between Uranus/Saturn that I believe is the major force and social driver in the chart and the collective Q experience.


The Great American Eclipse A Final Rundown Of The Black Leo Sun

Black_SunLess than twenty-four hours till the “Great American Eclipse” and the tension is mounting, fueled by last weeks debacle in Charlottesville, the Left/ANTIFA/MSM are using it as much as they can to accelerate a process of national destabilization.

On my show, I’ve been talking about how this is the one-hundred-year anniversary of the Bolshevik revolution and that the Trump family are the new Romanovs.

Once the eradication of the Czar was in full swing, statuary came down. The Russians were notorious for this, even editing Stalin out of their propaganda films after he died. We’re witnessing the very same operation in action.

Meanwhile, 75,000 troops are gathering on the North Korean border as the US and SK will stage their annual war games on the eclipse. You can’t make this shit up.

The historical record reveals that August 21st has a violent and revolutionary resonance. From Nat Turner’s rebellion, to confederate soldiers storming a fort in Lawrence, Kansas, the day is laced with incendiary tales of revolution, assassinations and failed coups. Here’s a pretty good list of charged events on 8/21;

1331 – King Stefan Uroš III, after months of anarchy, surrenders to his son and rival Stefan Dušan, who succeeds as King of Serbia.

1415 – Henry the Navigator leads Portuguese forces to victory over the Marinids at the Battle of Ceuta.

1680 – Pueblo Indians capture Santa Fe from the Spanish during the Pueblo Revolt.

1770 – James Cook formally claims eastern Australia for Great Britain, naming it New South Wales.

1772 – King Gustav III completes his coup d’état by adopting a new Constitution, ending half a century of parliamentary rule in Sweden and installing himself as an enlightened despot.

1778 – American Revolutionary War: British forces begin besieging the French outpost at Pondichéry.

1791 – A Vodou ceremony, led by Dutty Boukman, turns into a violent slave rebellion, beginning the Haitian Revolution.

1808 – Battle of Vimeiro: British and Portuguese forces led by General Arthur Wellesley defeat French force under Major-General Jean-Andoche Junot near the village of Vimeiro, Portugal, the first Anglo-Portuguese victory of the Peninsular War.

1831 – Nat Turner leads black slaves and free blacks in a rebellion in Southampton County, Virginia, which will claim the lives of 55 to 65 whites.

1852 – Tlingit Indians destroy Fort Selkirk, Yukon Territory.

1863 – Lawrence, Kansas is destroyed by pro-Confederate guerrillas known as Quantrill’s Raiders.

1942 – World War II: The flag of Nazi Germany is installed atop the Mount Elbrus, the highest peak of the Caucasus mountain range.

1963 – Xá Lợi Pagoda raids: The Army of the Republic of Vietnam Special Forces loyal to Ngô Đình Nhu, brother of President Ngo Dinh Diem, vandalizes Buddhist pagodas across the country, arresting thousands and leaving an estimated hundreds dead.

1968 – Nicolae Ceaușescu, leader of Communist Romania, publicly condemns the Soviet led Warsaw Pact invasion of Czechoslovakia, encouraging the Romanian population to arm itself against possible Soviet reprisals.

1971 – A bomb exploded in the Liberal Party campaign rally in Plaza Miranda, Manila, Philippines with several anti-Marcos political candidates injured.

1991 – Coup attempt against Mikhail Gorbachev collapses.

It’s also the birthday of the late Joe Strummer of The Clash, the most political and successful (though thoroughly hypocritical) of the punk rock era bands.

The stage is set for a day filled with supernatural expectations, high anxiety, and spectacle tourism, while the safety has been switched off and the cosmic trigger is primed.


Researcher, Peter Moon was a vanguard in the realm of alternative research. His work on Montauk, Crowley, The Philadelphia Experiment, time travel, and synchronicity was ground breaking arriving well ahead of youtube and a plethora of crypto-researchers. One of the subjects that Moon delved into was the Cult of The Black Sun and it’s relation to the Thule Society, Hyperborea, Agartha and the Middle Earth. According to members of Thule, there exists within the center of the Earth, a black sun that warms the inner spheres of the planet. This black sun produces an energy called, “Vril” that is compared to chi, ki, ojas, orgone, astral light, etc.. By channeling vril, or the energy of the black sun, men (and women) could achieve great feats.

According to Moon, in his book, “The Black Sun,” “A half billion years ago, the Aryans (known as the Elohim or Elder Race) began to colonize our solar system as Aldebaran’s became uninhabitable. Marduk, existing in what is today the asteroid belt , was the first to be colonized, then Mars. When they came to Earth, these Aryans were known as the Sumerians.”

The descendants of Aldebaran supposedly colonized the northern areas of Europe: Iceland, Ireland, Scotland, Scandinavia, Spain, Portugal and Basque Spain. These are the Celts, who also sport more RH Negative blood than any other group.

Sir Edward Bulwer Lytton wrote about Thule in “The Coming Race” which was read enthusiastically by Helena Blavatsky who penned, “Isis Unveiled” which became the blueprint for theosophical thought and the New Age 1.0.

Another interesting historical figure, magus, Satanist, founder of the Klan and key illuminatus, Alexander Pike, the one, confederate general whose statue will never be removed had this to say in a discussion of the 28th degree of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry – called Knight of the Sun or Prince Adept; “There is in nature one most potent force, by means whereof a single man, who could possess himself of it, and should know how to direct it, could revolutionize and change the face of the world.” Tomorrow, the Black Sun will be at 28 degrees Leo.

The Sabian Symbols are incredibly useful in understanding the potency of individual astrological degrees, but they are far from being the only system that has symbolic import and gravitas. Elias Lonsdale, a guest on my show in the past is a modern bard of symbolic degrees and their interpretation. From his ground breaking book, “The Inner Degrees” Lonsdale has this to say about the 29th degree, the degree we would read for 28 Leo;

Consecration to a higher power. The giving-over of the personal will–the marvel of root change. Coming to the end of your own path, and it is just the beginning of the greater way. The heart must open. The infinite must be born inside. The destiny-necessity is there–so much karmic backlog. So many ways to be right and to be wrong. The realization in the very midst that there is nobody listening to the old tale and everybody is awaiting somebody else to come through. A profound and utter doorway into a great unknown. What has been is finished. What shall be is so very different. And what is now is a question and a prayer and a destiny that must find its redemption.”

Lonsdale’s description for the 29th degree is a powerful cipher for the seething energies fulminating in the hours leading up to the Great American Eclipse.

The Great American Eclipse And The Fascist Coup

Last weekend when I was on Sanibel Island, I was watching TCM, Turner Classic Movies for those of you who aren’t familiar with the acronym. When I had cable, I used to watch it frequently and as I did, I would notice a pattern, where certain movies would appear with a particular theme and then events would occur in the collective. Perhaps this falls under the realm of synchronicity, but perhaps there’s something else going on with TCM. I’ll give you an example.

About two years ago, I noticed that on one, Saturday night, there were movies that featured black culture and an overall theme of hostility towards whites/colonialists, etc.. The film that stood out was “Zulu Dawn” starring Burt Lancaster (more about him later) amongst others. The basic narrative was a small group of British soldiers in South Africa, being assaulted by wave after wave of Zulu tribesmen. If you suffer from white guilt, I highly recommend “Zulu. Dawn.” In the days that followed, Black Lives Matter kicked into high gear and the season of sacrifice was on. I found this sync to be thoroughly interesting. Coincidence? Maybe. Maybe not.

Ted Turner is one of the most powerful men in the world. He’s one of the largest landowners in the USA and of course launched CNN. He’s the largest private contributor to the UN, having donated close to one billion dollars. It’s rumored that he was creator/benefactor of the Georgia Guidestones. Born-again Christian, Jane Fonda divorced him, likely after finding out about Turner’s Luciferic connections.

Looking at TMC through this prism, it’s totally under the realm of possibility that Turner could use his outlets for predictive programming.

What I saw on Sanibel, last Saturday was a film I had never seen before; “Seven Days in May.” The movie is about a military coup of the US, where a hawkish general, played by Burt Lancaster sees the president (Frederick March) as weak and unable to stand up to the Soviet Union. Sound familiar? Lancaster would also have a similar role in “Twilight’s Last Gleaming” where he plays a rogue Air Force officer that overtakes a missile silo with nine nuclear missiles and demands the president fork over $10,000,000.00 and release documents about the true nature the US’s involvement in Vietnam.

As I watched “Seven Days in May” I began to think about the possibility of a military coup in the USA and have come to the conclusion that we are now beginning to witness this.rts19wlk


In the run up to the GAE on the 21st, some very interesting developments have occurred in the White House. Trump, in an attempt to stop the leaks and perhaps have a more bold voice in the White House supporting him, hired Anthony Scaramucci (Capricorn) to become the Director of Communications in the White House. When that happened, Reince Priebus, sensing his termination resigned, leaving a void in that position. Da Mooch went onto to due an interview with the New York Post and began carpet bombing the White House with F Bombs. The profanity laced undressing of White House staff, would eventually lead to termination by General John Kelly (Taurus), the man who replaced Priebus. This is critical, because Trump is now being hemmed in by three generals; Kelly, Mattis and McMaster. Kelly is now directing who and what can communicate(d) with Donald Trump. McMaster (Leo) who appears to be a globalist has taken control. He’s delivered the new talking points about Islam. Islam/Muslim/Radical are not to be mentioned together. McMaster has also allowed Susan Rice to keep her security clearance, this after she had been busted for essentially putting in the order for wiretapping Trump Tower. It was also rumored that Steve Bannon (Sag) and McMaster had a fierce clash that had to be broken up by General Mattis (Virgo). Are we seeing a military styled coup taking place in the White House? Are the three generals aligning with Mike Pence (Gemini), a neocon war hawk, that will submit and commit to the MIC and Israel for further wars in Syria and Iran?

TGAE takes place at 28 Leo. We’ve noted that it will fall on Trump’s ascendant and Mars. MARS IS THE MILITARY. I’ve also noted that It will hit Mike Pence’s Pluto, which is also conjunct Trump’s AS and, here’s the astro-kicker, it will hit McMaster’s Uranus in Leo, also on Trump’s ascendant. If I were Trump, the first thing I would do would be to remove both Pence and McMaster. He could move Jeff Sessions into the VP slot and bring in a new attorney general. Of course, he won’t do this, but he should. With the eclipse hitting major planets/aspects in Trump’s chart and in the chart of key White House players, we can see the eclipse wreaking havoc on those charts. If Trump is wise, he’ll plan his own, internal, counter-coup to the soft coup now taking place and use the revolutionary energy of the eclipse to replace the order that’s been aiming to replace him. The clock is ticking.

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The Esoteric Roots of July 4th, Sirius the Guiding Star of America, Baphomet as Uncle Sam & The Great American Eclipse

washingtonI was born into believing in America. I can’t quite quantify this, because we never spoke of how great the United States was around our small kitchen table, in our two-bedroom apartment on Santa Ynez in San Bruno. My mother never attended DAR meetings (though she is one). My grandparents never spoke of the good old days, because quite frankly, they weren’t. So I can’t really geo-locate this sense of connection I had to this country from the age of six, on.

I lived just south of the Summer of Love in 1967, when we were drenched in good vibrations and the programmed rise of the counter culture was everywhere, from the inverted rune, Algiz, which became the symbol of peace (surrender and death, reversed), to the incessant soundtrack of the soft revolution, and psychedelic groovey. While the Monkees peddled this version of the world on Saturday mornings, at night, we were bombarded by images of the Vietnam War, reporters imbedded within shelling distance of the front lines. It was a grim juxtaposition of the absurd. But somehow, I identified with America through a state of osmosis like grafting and transference.

In the 1980’s, The infamous KGB defector, Yuri Bezmenov broke the silence on Russia’s tactics to overthrow the west with the key pillar of it all being “demoralization.”

This demoralization process accelerated during the 1970’s as I came of age. Nixon succumbed to Watergate, illegal recordings and lying about them. Watergate and Nixon’s obsession with his enemies seems like a grade school offence based on what’s occurred, post-9/11. But it was deeply demoralizing to a thirteen-year-old to witness the fall of a president.

In Munich, during the summer of 1972, the American Olympic team would suffer defeats like no other Olympics that preceded it. In the heart of where the Bavarian Illuminati was founded in 1776. The men’s basketball team lost under bizarre circumstances to the Russian men’s team, where the officiating was so corrupt, that the US men never accepted their silver medal. It was the first time that Russia had ever accumulated more gold medals than the US. Russia’s proxy, East Germany finished third that year, behind the efforts of their women’s swim team that were juiced on anabolic steroids to the point where they could pass for men.

This went on and on throughout the 70’s, culminating with the abduction of the hostages in Tehran, highlighting Jimmy Carter’s ineptitude and ultimately impotence in dealing with a situation that was a trap for him, contributed to his demise and loss to Reagan. Reagan was going to make America great again, but for me, it was too late. I was gone, done. It wasn’t this world anymore for me, but the one that lay just beyond the senses that was my quest, my holy grail. America/The US or any other government was irrelevant to me. The universe, the esoteric secrets of the Great Central Sun, was my new country, a place where no outside forces could sully my sacred space.

Looking back on that time, which was vitally important to me, I can see that I had abandoned this world and perhaps even more importantly, this country, in favor of something greater, if intangible, which could never be taken from me. Years later, I return to the notion of what it is to be an American, which is becoming increasingly more difficult to define and discern, with each passing day. The same sort of demoralization that occurred during the 70’s has not abated and perhaps has even accelerated. Just look around at the fractious state we live in.

Where are we as a country? And more importantly, where are we headed? Over the course of the next couple of paragraphs, we’ll look at the US chart, always Sibly, and glimpse into where all of this is going. I’ll also look at the chart for 8/21, the Great American Eclipse and how it will play out in the chart of Donald J. Trump.

astro_2gw_118_united_states.11143.53252As I’ve been going over the US chart over the past few days, what really jumped out at me is Neptune in Virgo on the MC or mid-heaven. I talked about this aspect on my radio show the other day and how it has become a beacon of hope and a gateway to hypocrisy, the unobtainable standard by which we are all judged to some degree or another. Virgo is synonymous with purity and perfection, and Neptune, the ruler of it’s opposite sign, Pisces, brings promise and hope but also deception. Let’s use a fairly current example of this and take the Clinton Foundation and their quest to bring health and healing (Virgo) to a place like Haiti after the quake and what do they drop into there, but none other than stealing kids, organs and money. While the Clinton Foundation almost operates as a NGO, it’s roots are clearly American, where it’s non-profit status is held. There are countless more examples from the Red Cross ripping off Thailand after a flood, to any number of efforts to “spread democracy.” These are all under the illusory efforts of Neptune in Virgo.

Closer to home, it reflects both the false morality of being upright and good standing, the moral virtue born out of the Victorian era, infused with Calvinist doctrinaire and the Virgoan work ethic that would lead one not just straight to the mid-heaven, but heaven itself.

All of that is being challenged by Saturn’s transit through Sag, as Saturn cleaves away at illusion in the service of some greater truth and while it’s fascinating to see the media finally taking a long deserved hit, are we merely salivating over the lowest hanging fruit, cheering on every mis-step by Jeff Zucker, Jeff Bezos and Arthur Sulzberger? Opposite the US Mars in Gemini, which is a cypher for the trivial and short attention spans, Saturn should be challenging all of our assumptions in this area. Taking down CNN isn’t enough. Catching Mika in a gotcha moment isn’t enough. Even from the perspective of the left, finding yet another chink in Trump’s armor merely distracts us from other, more pressing issues and perhaps even deeper realizations of what’s going on around the planet and how it impacts us.

Recently, I’ve been re-engaging in Agenda 21/2030 as the social creep under our very eyes, being rolled out as we scratch and claw each other. The US IC, opposite the MC is in Pisces, and while the IC and the 4th House have to do with emotional structures in our lives, those structures are the ones that we have lived in and currently occupy. While Neptune in Pisces is currently at 14 degrees and a long ways off of 25 Pisces, it’s a foreboding aspect to some degree and yet has kernels of hope in it as well. Are the planned megacities going to be our green prisons, providing us with universal living wages, job shares and craft beverages with little effort in attainment? Or will it augur a time when there are people living and bonding together outside of the mainstream in order to inhabit their ideal communities based on religious/spiritual impulses, or simply represent the need to exist outside of a system? We’ll find out more about this as it relates to the US in the years to come, but unless we can re-affix our gaze to something more eternal and less ephemeral, we’ll simply bounce like pinballs between the bumpers and gates of attention.


The country itself was founded on a series of false flags. The Indians in Boston harbor weren’t Indians. Sam Adams and his crew put on the war paint and dumped the tea into the bay. The Boston Massacre was another false flag used to rally the colonists who were on the fence with this whole idea of revolution. As many of my readers know, most of the founding fathers were Freemasons, and the US was built on the ideal of the New Atlantis, being acolytes of Francis Bacon. But it was this fraternal network given over to some eternal ideal, a pax utopia, that was the spiritual intent. Now there some who believe that Adam Weishaupt, who was on the run from Bavarian authorities managed to escape to the United States and as an agent of the Rothschilds, managed to infiltrate the congressional congress and re-shape Freemasonry with Kabbalistic magic. But what was really going on at the time?

General George Cornwallis, the English commander who surrendered to Washington’s army, has this rather obscure, yet prescient quote; “Your churches will be used to teach the Jew’s religion and in less than two hundred years, the whole nation will be working for divine world government. That government that they believe to be divine will be the British Empire. All religions will be permeated with Judaism without even being noticed by the masses, and they will all be under the invisible all-seeing eye of the Grand Architect of Freemasonry.” —-General George Cornwallis 1781

Taking a step back, Cornwallis’s tout seems potently prophetic.

Was the US created to become the centerpiece of a world government? Again, we can look at Neptune on the MC, which governs the affairs of the world on the mid-heaven and one could make a case that it does represent flux and mutability at the highest point in the chart, but the 10th House is dominated by the presence of Saturn in Libra. Neptune/Saturn are part of a larger process, where Neptune dissolves and melts under the heat of scrutiny and the impossible moral compact, and Saturn is anything but fluid, in Libra. It’s exalted and it’s overall energy/intent lies in the codification of fairness, balance, and justice for all. Theoretically, it is supposed to be the safeguard against things like corporate dominance and the far reach of the government into our lives and while it’s certainly not perfect, without Saturn in this position, along with the various checks and balances, I doubt the republic could have lasted 100 years, let alone 200, but with the squares to Mercury/Sun/Jupiter/Venus, it’s weathered and faded over time. During the cardinal squares between 2009/2013, it took a beating as personal rights and privacy were traded in for more, so-called security.

As I type, transiting Jupiter conjuncts natal US Saturn. Technically speaking, this should be a time of reward, as Jupiter expands the normally restrictive bands of Saturn, unlocking and releasing the potential stored up for the last twelve years, Jupiter’s cycle. In a perfect world, this would be justice for all, a renewed sense of checks and balances and an armistice for the extreme tension that’s been building since last summer, when Trump and Clinton spit bile and venom at each other in a way we’ve never seen before. This Jupiter transit would begin to right some wrongs, bring those that need to answer the call of justice before the rest of us, but unless something out of the blue occurs, like John Podesta getting caught with a six-year-old in a parked car by the Washington monument, it doesn’t appear that we’ll be served justice for all, marinated and grilled.

Jupiter then takes on its secondary, function which is to swell and expand, whatever planet it conjuncts. So in essence, instead of dispatching justice, it expands the lack thereof, makes us more aware of the disparity.

Jupiter in Libra has not lived up to it’s potential for art, peace and improved relations between the sexes. If anything, it’s blown up perceived inequality and clashes between the left and the right, Antifa vs the AltRight, curbing hate speech vs free speech. That’s been the arc of the astro-narrative so far. The reconciliation of opposites has not been a part of the script. Will it change once it passes it’s mid-point and the US Saturn in Libra? I don’t see world peace on the horizon at any time soon, let alone in the next in the next four months before Jupiter leaves Libra and moves into Scorpio.


tracing board tarotThe first week of July usually signifies the beginning of the Dog Days aka the Heliacal rising of Sirius, the Dog Star. Here, the US chart at the time of the of the signing (again, based on the Sibly chart) we can see that the US is connected to Sirius at 11 degrees Cancer, in conjunction of the US Sun in Cancer at 13 degrees. Sirius plays a significant role in Freemasonic cosmology. From, here’s the official description of one of Sirius’s attributes. Also known as the “Blazing Star” it relates directly to the creator;
“The Creator: The Freemasons on the Continent of Europe, speaking of the symbol, say: “It is no matter whether the figure of which the Masonic Blazing Star forms the center be a square, triangle, or circle, it still represents the sacred name of God, as an universal spirit who enlivens our hearts, who purifies our reason, who increases our knowledge, and who makes us wiser and better men.”
Since roughly half of the founding father’s were Masons, the conjunction of the Sun with the “Blazing Star” would be of utmost importance to the setting of the chart for the country as it would be linked not just to Sirius, but through it’s cosmological relationship, to Freemasonry itself.

While it hasn’t been completely proven, Sirius has been linked to our very own solar system and the binary twin of our own Sun, not just the cosmic twin of Sirius A. Now we’re in the discussion of duality, Gemini, twins and the creation myths associated with them, including the Dogon and their creator God, Nommo, from Sirius B.

In ancient Egypt, the Nile would flood during the Heliacal rising of Sirius, usually around August 15th and a veritable oasis would rise out of the dessert. As a result, both Sirius A and B were depicted as worlds that were aqueous and filled with vegetation. In a dessert land, the imagery of such worlds would be a manifestation of heaven. Over time, it became associated as an actual location for heaven itself. At 11 degrees Cancer it overlooks the Cancerian Sun, by two degrees, like an angel of sorts. As a result, America’s independence is also a celebration of the arrival of Sirius.


maxresdefaultOn the other side of Cancer, we have Capricorn, the goat. Baphomet is the goat god that is a dark manifestation of Capricorn, and beyond it’s astrological meaning, Baphomet is also a chief deity in Freemasonry, unearthed by the Templars in the Temple of Solomon, which became associated with their rise to power and subsequent fall. The occulting of America wouldn’t be complete without finding a persona for Baphomet to incarnate as “Uncle Sam.” Now Uncle Sam was supposedly modeled after Samuel Wilson, a craggy meat packer that delivered meat to the revolutionary army.

Uncle Sam made his official appearance in 1917, and was illustrated by James Montgomery Flagg. Uncle Sam was created as call to serve in WWI. Flagg had also illustrated Columbia, employed as another archetype in service of propaganda, and while Flagg is not listed as a Freemason, his art is on display in a Scottish rites exhibition. He is also mentioned in a Freemasonic publication, The American Tyler-keystone. Flagg was an extremely successful illustrator during his time and painted sitting portraits for Mark Twain and Jack Dempsey, both of whom were Freemasons. While Flagg was not a Mason, he was clearly connected to the order during his life.


I’ll be writing more about this as we approach August 21st, the day of the “Great American Eclipse.” The last time there was a total solar eclipse in the US was on 2/26/79 as it passed through the Pacific Northwest. While nothing dramatic happened directly to the country during that time, a little over a month later, the Shah of Iran was deposed and the Ayatollah would be inserted as the religious figurehead of Iran. The Iranian hostage crisis would ensue and Jimmy Carter would lose control of the presidency a year later in the election against Ronald Reagan.

This year, the eclipse will move across the entire country and not just a slice. The most dramatic aspect of the eclipse is that it will conjunct Donald Trump’s ascendant. This represents a dramatic impact on his chart and quite possibly the nation itself. We can postulate any number of possibilities, from impeachment, to death, to war being lead by Trump. If I had to take an informed guess, I would say “heart attack.” We’ll uncover more in the days ahead.

As we celebrate our independence from the crown, it’s pretty clear that the job itself isn’t finished, and that ultimately we’re still engaged in the act of establishing our freedoms, which have been in deep erosion during the slumber of our complacency.