From Chiron in Pisces to Chiron in Aries, A Quiet Place Delivers

41819768001_5734677339001_5734630281001-vsA Quiet Place is a minimalist, tour-de-force film that offers up some profound astrological and meta portals for us to enter into.

Directed by and starring John Krasinski (Jim from the office) and his real life wife, British actress, Emily Blunt, A Quiet Place is a subtle masterpiece of story telling with hardly any dialog, echoing movies from the silent film era, and foreign cinema with subtitles. The viewer jumps right into a post-apocalyptic world, empty, devoid of sound. We see Krasinski’s little tribe as they take a dangerous day trip into what could be a small Midwest or New England town, foraging for what looks like antibiotics to administer to their ailing son (Noah Jupe).

They move lightly on bare feet, and don’t utter a single word. The family (The Abbotts) consists of Krasinski, Blunt, their hearing impaired daughter (Millicent Simmonds), the ill son (Jupe) and another boy, about four (Cade Woodward)–Blunt is showing the first signs of pregnancy.

There is a fatal gesture of goodwill by the sister to allow the youngest boy to keep a toy space shuttle. But the boy also walks off with the batteries for the shuttle.

As they walk out of the pharmacy, they pass by a bulletin board plastered with missing persons photos. Krasinski deftly uses non-verbal clues to move the story along and this is one of them as the viewer gets the sense that something terrible has happened and quite rapidly, we are introduced to the terrible.

As they approach a bridge, the youngest boy has inserted the batteries into the toy shuttle and hits the on switch. It lights up, makes a few blips and bleeps and then a blur races across the screen, as a horrified Krasinski rushes to grab his son, only to witness him become prey for an alien species that has descended upon Earth, devouring anything that makes a noise. Within the first ten minutes of the film, with no verbal dialog, we placed in the center of a haunted universe, one that contains a hidden beauty, hidden beneath the extra-terrestrial savagery, lurking, listening for any movement whatsoever.

Unlike The Road, with it’s bleak, dystopian view of the world, replete with cannibals, and the occasionally useable refuse of the world that was. A Quiet Place’s dystopian setting almost borders on magical. The family lives on a farm with grain silos and even rows of corn growing in the fields and while other mammals have suffered the same fate as humans, the rivers are abundant and flowing with fat trout. There’s even a scene where Krasinski and his oldest son duck under a waterfall, much like the same scene that Vigo Mortenson did with his son in The Road, but the roaring waterfall creates enough sound to drown out their voices where they can speak and even shout.

cyt2jcyp6ukkctvgewh4Their farm compound is lit by candles and the outside is network of lantern lights. At night, dinners begin with a circle of hands joined. In spite of the fact that they are being hunted by blind, super predators with enormous hearing capabilities and that any sound at any given moment would betray them, life with a lot less humans and distractions actually looks very livable and decidedly human. It is the human perspective that sets this movie apart from almost any other film in the last decade. However, if you are a Social Marxist or a reductive identitarian, A Quiet Place might make you a little uncomfortable.

First off, the family is, get ready for it, “White.” They’re silent, and can’t say a thing, lest the bloodthirsty aliens track them down and devour them. I suppose if you’re looking at this from a social deconstructionist perspective, you’ll hear a chorus of “mmmmmhmmmms” humming in the background.

Then there’s that pesky little detail that dad is a good guy, and that in fact he is actually there, a real dad. And not only that, but he’s also quietly (pun intended) a real hero. That’s not part of Hollywood’s new canon. A much more PC version would be a pregnant Blunt, with the kids, sans Krasinski, on her own to fend off the aliens, or perhaps joined forces with her macho gal pal from the farm down the road, ethnic gal pal scores bonus points. Nope, not A Quiet Place-—this is a traditional family trying to survive a horrible scourge that has been set upon them.


One of the things that’s clearly palpable is the chemistry between Blunt and Krasinski. They share their softness and emotional intimacy through looks and touch. There’s literally and figuratively no need for words between the two. Astrologically, Krasinski was born on October 20, 1979 and has a Libra Sun (27 degrees with a Balsamic Libra Moon 26 degrees). Whether it’s his character Jim from the Office or the fiercely responsible father in A Quiet Place, Krasinski has the ability to let things roll off his shoulders in a comical nonchalance or infinitesimal, kind-hearted patience. It’s a type of balsamic balancing that I think comes naturally to him. Krasinski has a unique ability to be memorable without drawing attention to himself, perhaps this is a function of a self-deprecating Balsamic Libra Moon.


His wife, Emily Blunt was born on 2/23/83, with a 4 degree Pisces, Sun. Her Pluto in Libra at 29 degrees, conjuncts Krasinski’s Sun at 27 Libra, and his Moon at 26 Libra. Her Sun is eight degrees off his MC at 26 Aqua and just six degrees away from Krasinski’s South Node in Pisces in the 10th House. This is their first film together and it will be interesting to see how this plays in his life as clearly, the vulnerability theme with the South Node in Pisces comes rushing through the screen. Also, one has to wonder if this is a re-animation of another life between the two, where love through silence might have been less supernatural and maybe more political/religious?


Ok, here it comes, the big astro money shot. There is a scene in the film, where a pesky nail, and not just any nail plays a role as memorable as a cast member. A two-inch nail rises up on a step and you just know that that nail is going to be a game changer. Blunt, who by this time is getting ready to give birth to her baby, impales her sole directly on the nail while headed to the basement to give birth. The audience internalizes both her pain and her silent scream. Can you say Chiron in Pisces? Not just the wounded healer but the wounded heel in a Pisces nonetheless. Now I doubt very much that Krasinski has any working knowledge of astrology, but to have this scene, in this movie, at this point in the celestial procession is beyond synchronous. Then, without divulging much more, let’s just say Chiron in Aries makes it’s presence known and it has to do with girls and guns, which is interesting as Chiron in Aries has just moved into conjunction with her Venus, also in Aries at zero degrees.

This is a rare film that evokes a spectrum of emotions, from terror, to fear, to magic, to heroism, to commitment to family and love. There’s a reason why critics are raving about it and it’s crushing it at the box office. I hope Hollywood is listening as intently as the aliens, so that we can experience a wave of more films filled with similar emotional content.

Corey Feldman’s Disclosure, His Dark Past, Twin Symbolism aka The Two Coreys

la-et-mg-corey-feldman-20171030Solemnly, we approach the Winter Solstice, the darkest night of the year in the North, and this solstice carries along with it, the burden of Capricorn via Saturn. At no time in recent history has Saturn been in conjunction with the Sun on the Winter Solstice. This sets the table for the next three years, as the Lord of Time, Cronus, Saturn, eclipses the Sun at it’s weakest point. Saturn, the dark sun, the once blazing forge of the solar system, ringed off, bound and contained has at the very least equal prominence, at an esoteric level rivals it’s solar twin. Astrologically, the Sun and Saturn both represent the father in the chart. The Sun is the father when we’re young, Saturn is the father as we get older. The Winter Solstice signals not only the darkest night, but also Saturn’s arrival as the new lord of the next three years and quite possibly beyond. I cover all this and more, in a 3.5 hour webinar I did last weekend with You can purchase that webinar with a link listed below at the end of this post.

Saturn and the Sun play a key role in the ongoing drama of Corey Feldman and his allegations of being molested in Hollywood, most recently resurfacing during Mercury Retrograde on Dr. Oz (Gemini). Both play a role in Feldman’s quest to cast a light on a dark and shadowy place that is getting more exposure than it ever has in our society.

Who is Corey Feldman, what does his chart reveal (see below) and is he a totally innocent victim of the Babylon system, or are there other parts to Corey’s story that he’s not being up front and totally transparent. What about his relationship with the other Corey, Corey Haim? Was he in some way, either conscious or unconsciously complicit in Haim’s tragic end game? Let’s go down the rabbit hole. To keep this all in perspective, Feldman will be 47 next July. The boy who was a regular guest at Michael Jackson’s Never Land, one of The Lost Boys is approaching 50 and mid-life.

Corey Feldman is a Leo rising with Mercury in Leo on the ASC. He’s a classic example of the golden child with Leo ascendant, using his ability to talk, communicate, and entertain. Feldman wants the spotlight and the attention, but he’s also got the South Node on his ASC as well. Leo is ruled by the Sun and the Sun is the father when young, with the South Node on the ASC, there is affliction with the father as a child.

Mercury is in it’s fall in Leo and given to exaggeration and hyperbole, especially on the ASC. Given that he was primarily, a child star, this aspect actually works until the 3rd Saturn cycle at 21/22, because this is the most difficult phase for Leo rising, not just child actor, Leo rising Corey Feldman. Leo rising are by and large the golden child of the family. They “perform” for others and in Feldman’s case, he made a very good living out of it, but we see the father (Leo) in absentia.

Who was Corey Feldman’s father?

strangelovesBob Feldman grew up in New York in the fifties and sixties when rock and roll and pop music were exploding. The Brill Building in New York was home to songwriters like Carol King, Neil Diamond, Doc Pomus, and others. Penning tunes and getting on the publishers role was a way to make a living, and if you could score a hit, was like finding a gold nugget in the murk of the mid-twentieth century.

Bob Feldman, Richard Gottehrer, and Jerry Goldstein emerged out of the goofy beatnik era as “The Strangeloves” a trio that pretended to be from Australia. Here is Wikipedia’s description of the group.

“According to the press releases and publicity material issued about the group, The Strangeloves were three brothers named Giles, Miles, and Niles Strange who were raised on an Australian sheep farm. The brothers’ fictional backstory involved getting rich with the invention of a new form of sheep crossbreeding (the long-haired “Gottehrer” sheep allegedly registered with the Feldman-Goldstein Company of Australia) which allowed them the time and financial freedom to form a band. The story did not exactly capture the public’s imagination, but The Strangeloves’ singles still performed respectably well, especially in the United States.”

The trio were responsible for three, infamously catchy songs; “I Want Candy,” ‘My Boyfriend’s Back,” and “Hang On Sloopy.” Here’s where it gets weird with the elder Feldman. His bio says that he died in Saint Paul, Minnesota on January 11, 2006. When looking for his bio, I stumbled across another Bob Feldman who was the president of Red House Records, a singer/songwriter label who also died on the same date, but this Bob Feldman was born in 1949 and is clearly a different guy who died on the same day. Or did he? Other than being a member in the Strangeloves, we know nothing about the elder Feldman.

Corey’s Sun is in the 12th House, here we see the mystery of the father, the father occluded and hidden away.

Dave McGowan changed how we view the world and pop music with his seminal series on the Laurel Canyon music scene, exposing the dark underbelly of death, and satanic ritual in the LA music scene, between 1965 and 1971. The TLC is where heroes and icons die, and the magic of the 60’s, was hijacked and co-opted by the military industrial complex, alphabet agencies and more. Corey Feldman grew up in the shadows of the Laurel Canyon.

This is just the tip of the iceberg with the mystery of Corey Feldman.

mimifeldmanHis older sister, Mindy was a Mouseketeer, in the reincarnation of the Mouseketeers on Disney, the LA version, pre-Orlando, Brittney, Christina and Justin version. Here she is pictured with the rainbow hued compass rose. Corey Feldman comes from a showbiz family that has connections to the music industry and Disney. Not only that, but he was one of Michael Jackson’s closest pals, and Jackson was a victim of the same serial abuse that Feldman has been talking about, but on a whole different scale.

Returning to his ascendant, the other side of the there/not there father dilemma of the south node, he has Mars in Aqua, conjunct his TN on the DSC. At the age of fifteen, Feldman rejected his family outright and declared emancipation from them. He did this around the same time as the first Saturn opposition where the separation from the father and culture begins.

It was also around that time that Feldman had spoken with the Santa Barbara police, fingering actor, “John Grissom” as one of his abusers. Feldman recently came onto the previously mentioned Dr. Oz Show. In a classic Mercury/Sag retrograde example, the truth from the past rises to return to the present.

During the emancipation period, Feldman claimed he said he was worth over $1,000,000, but when the court ordered his financial records, he was found to have roughly $40,000.

During the Saturn opposition, he rejected the father (south node Leo) and moved to rebellion and theoretically, personal liberation. The ironic piece is this is; Although Feldman has the deep-seated need to be independent, especially with brash Mars in Aqua, he cannot do it alone, since the TN on the DSC demands engagement with the other. But Mars is too independent here, unless of course the partner is equally radical.

His second wife, Susie Sprague certainly qualified as they started their foundational work together. They were vegans together. And they saw themselves as a power couple in the vein of John and Yoko Lennon, even posing like John and Yoko for PETA.

Feldman staged his revolution at the age of fifteen, during the second Saturn cycle (the opposition), but when it came out that he had grossly overstated his net worth, another astrological fact emerged from his chart. Corey Feldman can bend the truth and reality. That’s not to say that Corey is lying about his abuse—I believe this to be true—but might be lying about other pieces that he’s conveniently leaving out.

twocoreys In order to better understand this, we need to fast forward to “The Two Corey’s” where he’s re-united with child star, Corey Haim in an A&E produced reality show.

The show’s premise is that Haim and Feldman are re-united lives with Feldman and his wife Susie (Sprague). Haim eventually moves into his own digs.

Susie’s past doesn’t include a white picket fence—not even close. She lived in various locales, such as Hawaii and Spain with her father, Sean Sprague, who would eventually be murdered, thus reuniting Susie to with her mother in Encino, California. In a contentious scene near the end of the series, Haim calls her mother a “crack head,” likely due to the fact that these are all severely damaged people with pasts like shattered mirrors, broken families and cracked lives.

During the show, which lasted two seasons, Susie Feldman emerges as a cold, and manipulative persona in the triangulated relationship between the three of them. She comes off as more of an unintentional handler, than a wife.

As the show unfolds, Haim takes it into a very dark place, speaking openly about his molestation in Hollywood, even pointing the finger at Feldman, accusing him of being a real time witness to it all. Remember, Haim is trying to kick drugs on the show and they are “theoretically” trying to help him.

Corey Haim was born on the day after the Winter Solstice, 12/23/71. Outside of his Capricorn Sun, he has no Earth and is completely ungrounded in a heavily Pisces/Sag influenced chart. He’s got Mars in Pisces opposing Pluto, locked in on an obsessive cycle, dealing with power and control. That opposition rears its ugly head where It all gets really strange near the end of the series. During their therapy session with Kitt Conti (therapist of the stars) Corey Feldman suggests that a couple of their Hollywood peers come over to “relate” their experiences with Corey Haim. Haim is vehemently opposed to the idea and wants no part of it. The distillation between the two couldn’t be clearer. Haim comes across as soulful and heartfelt, while Feldman is condescending, manipulative and creepy.

Haim drops in on Feldman and Susie, along with Todd Bridges and Pauly Shore are all there for a
pop-up intervention
, because they think that Haim has abused prescription Ativan on the set of “Lost Boys 2.” It comes off more like a gang-stalking session than an ad hoc Hollywood style intervention. How did the producers of the series think this was a good idea?

Feldman’s got some real Neptunian challenges. We peaked at the Neptune/Mercury square that more than bends the truth. He also has a Neptune/Mars square that can also hyperfictionalize and is a classic gateway to addiction. Neptune opposes Saturn creating even more of a mystery around the father. Corey Haim also shares the Saturn/Neptune opposition. But why did Feldman choose to leave home at fifteen? Perhaps there was a lot more going on in the Feldman household that we know very little about.

Back In Corey Feldman’s chart we see both Jupiter/Neptune conjunct, but out of sign. Jupiter is in Scorpio, so Feldman is reanimating his 4th House with transiting Jupiter conjuncting his IC, and the expansion of his past emerges, and he’s solicited funds for a documentary he is putting together. That’s Jupiter (resources) and Neptune (film). Jupiter expanding the Scorpionic recesses of his home life, will re-emerge. The Two Corey’s began shooting on December 4th, 2006, which means that contracts were signed and pre-production took place at least six months prior to the start of filming. Jupiter would have been in Scorpio, transiting Feldman’s 4th House, where it is now, as he once again mines his past, this time getting money to shoot a film about his experience with abuse.

When that conjunction of Jupiter/Neptune is really examined, it’s the tap-root for all of Feldman’s crisis/issues, the squares to Mercury and Mars, and the opposition to Saturn. While I would not dismiss any of Corey’s revelations of abuse, the bigger question here is; What happened at home? Was his deeply entrenched in the music biz father not only aware of what was taking place, but was there perhaps something more going on? Did Corey Feldman emancipate at fifteen because he wanted to get away from the Scorpionic nest of his home life and early upbringing? Were there sacrifices and deals made that are commonplace in Babylon west?

If he is going to do a real, hardcore documentary on his abuse, I’m not sure if he can leave his home and his personal history out of it this time without being able to portray the entire picture. Will we get the real story about Feldman and his occluded past, or will we get the scraps?

There’s much more to Feldman than his emergent narrative suggests. Who he associated with, and even deals that he might have to go back on in order to bring his version of the truth and reality to light would have to be a part of project, for Feldman and the rest of the world to get the full story.

In typical Hollywood fashion, the cult of copyism, Lifetime has announced that it is doing a biopic on the “Two Coreys” where the cinematic wipe of their lives can take place, whitewashing the other celluloid version that the two of them actually lived through. Also, notice the timing of the announcement, taking place on a Mercury retrograde, so we’re looking back on their lives. Here’s a still from the trailer, which shows the two actors posing as the Coreys, flashing the “Il diavolo” and what sure looks like a Freemasonic grip.



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Deconstructing The Weinstein Chart, Pisces As Sacrifice, And The Masculine Crisis Pt One

harvey-weinstein-changing-culture-29f8f14e-d266-48b1-9643-1fd931b985bcFirst, Hurricane Harvey hit Houston, then Hurricane Harvey Weinstein hit Hollywood. In typical, dualistic, Gemini fashion, the cyclonic forces of both mirrored one another, if not in actual physical destruction, the social wreckage in the wake of the Weinstein take might even rival what’s happened in Houston. Let’s quickly take a look at the two events and perhaps get a glimpse of the programs running underneath them.

While Hurricane Harvey is in the rear view mirror of the news cycle, much of Houston is still reeling. Neighborhoods destroyed, may never come back and if they do, they won’t likely resemble what they once were or who lived there. Think New Orleans, Katrina, the modern day mother of disaster capitalism.

But what we saw with Harvey was the emergence of heroes, something the American landscape had banished to the 1990’s when Bruce Willis kept saving his wife over and over again in a series of testosterone fueled sequels in the Die Hard series. Those days are long gone.

But during the deluge of Harvey, we saw men carrying people in water waist deep. We witnessed the Cajun Navy, with men (and women) from the hated South, whose historical markers were being eradicated in a different kind of storm. J.J. Watt, the larger-than-life player from The Houston Texans came to the rescue and raised over $33 million for the people of Houston. We saw unity, humanity, and a community of first responders step up and do what humans do. They took care of one another. But the images of Watt, his fellow Texan teammates and other anonymous men delivering in the clutch aren’t part of the modern mythos surrounding men. That’s a problem, because the general narrative that’s being driven is that men suck, white men suck the most. What we saw with men of all races coming to the aid of others in Houston was a quaint, if brief reminder of how men actually used to be, maybe goddess forbid, actually

Fast forward, the other Harvey slams into our consciousness with nearly the same force as the hurricane that hit Houston.

Harvey Weinstein is a Pisces, born 3/21/52 in Flushing, New York, he is a 29 degree Pisces, yes, the last degree of the zodiac, the most anoretic of the anoretic degrees. The jump to the next sign, bypassing the final lessons of Pisces, which are ultimately about dispersion, is compelling. Weinstein is a being driven by the expression of will, with Mercury and Jupiter in Aries, both in a fairly tight trine with Pluto in Leo. Clearly, this is a guy that tells people/women what he wants and according to the sordid track record, got it a lot. Throw in Mars in Scorpio, a noted aspect of sex and power and Weinstein was a three-hundred-pound rhino of libido. The square from Mars to Pluto (Scorpio/Leo) is ruthless. The reason why no one came out against Weinstein, is because people were likely terrified of him and he provided a “power exchange” that served both parties. On even a cursory view of Weinstein’s photo galleries, you can find a number of his accusers draped all over his Baron Harkonnen girth.

When looking at Weinstein’s chart, no matter how many power points he has, (Mars in Scorpio, Mercury in Aries, Jupiter in Aries, the Mars/Pluto square) he is first and last, a Pisces, and not just any Pisces, the final degree of the zodiac. Pisces above all other signs carries within it the archetype of the scapegoat, the sacrifice. It was Jesus/Yeshua, who opened the spiritual floodgates of the Piscean age as a scapegoat for his people as a failed messiah who did not lead a revolution against the Pharisees and their military proxies, the Romans. It was through his sacrifice of not just the flesh, but of the spirit that the Piscean age was born.

https-blueprint-api-production.s3.amazonaws.comuploadscardimage618848063bb476-7e7a-445e-b305-7ad784ef5ff3Born at 29 degrees Pisces, this lesson, the lesson of the scapegoat and sacrifice is his destiny. Weinstein comes out of a community of Jewish power brokers, image shapers and economic high priests of fractional lending. One of his industry and cultural peers, Arnon Milchan has openly boasted that not only was he a high-powered producer like Weinstein, but also an arms dealer for Israel. This is a community whose power and influence are virtually unmatched and rarely criticized or investigated for obvious reasons. In essence, there is hardly any oversight into their activities which go largely unchecked, from finance, to government, to entertainment and technology.

So how is it that a man with Weinstein’s power and influence, emboldened and enabled by an industry of his peers that indulge in similar, and perhaps even worse behavior, is quartered and flayed in a communal frenzy, almost as if on cue.

From an astrological perspective, his 29th degree of Pisces demands that he go through a process of transformation that even with all of his power, assets and tribal protection, cannot secure him or wall him off from the hand of God If Weinstein were a Christian, he would see this as an opportunity for repentance and healing. He could complete his assignment on this planet and shed the rotting flesh of this world, for a new body of light. This is the final test of the 29th degree. Here is the Sabian Symbol for 29 Pisces (note we read 29 Pisces since his Sun is 29:02 Pisces).


KEYNOTE: The analytical power of the mind necessary for the formulation of life processes in their many aspects.
Cycles of existence begin in unity and end in what I have called “multi-unity.” At the stage of consummation the many individual differences are totaled; they constitute a sum. Within that sum — a unified total — the inevitability of the future process of differentiation is implied, because every cycle leaves a mass of waste products slowly returning to the unconscious state of chemical matter, of “humus.” What the symbol tells us is that unity will always break again into multiplicity. The “prism” is always there. There is no absolute unity; if anything could be called “absolute” it is the relationship between the One and the Many.
This fourth stage symbol of the concluding five-fold sequence of phases points to the fundamental type of operation in all modes of existence. The most beautiful and seemingly everlasting experience of unity will in time be superseded by the need to attend to a multiplicity of details. Existence implies DIFFERENTIATION.

So one can see here that the 29th degree is symbolic of dispersion, that the personality is disseminated through a process of spiritual diffusion. In essence, Weinstein has to surrender his personality up for a greater process in not only surviving this period, but to be able experience this as a triumphal moment of the spirit over the flesh.

The trigger for all of this was likely transiting Chiron in Pisces on his Sun. While not exact, Chiron’s influence on his Sun is close enough to trigger the healing crisis of the chart and the individual. All of the Piscean drama associated with this influence, much of which we’ve already covered comes along with the package; betrayal, sacrifice, scapegoating, and redemption. Chiron crises force us to deal with either adapting towards more structure (Saturn), or rejecting the constricting structures of the personality in favor of a radical departure from one’s already appointed course in life.

In Weinstein’s case, he’s used and abused Saturnian power throughout his life, but he’s done it with the radical expression of his emotions. You can see this in his Moon in Capricorn opposes his natal Uranus in Cancer. Moon/Uranus oppositions offer an erratic pulse of emotions that is highly unconventional and plays by it’s own rules. So how does Weinstein reconcile his Chirotic crisis?

surrender-1280x640In order for Weinstein to navigate this, he must surrender both his relationship to Saturn and Uranus. He can accomplish this by radically renouncing his relationship with Saturn (power) and apply more discipline with his emotions and seek redemption, not gratification. Will he do it? It’s doubtful, as he’s hired lawyers to sue his own company and even his brother. But are there other layers at work here.

Why would Weinstein’s community of ultra-rich power brokers offer him up as a communal sacrifice? Don’t you think that Weinstein has the goods on many of them as well? I think that there’s layers and depths of depravity that are hidden and that this level of “abuse” is a smoke screen for what lies beneath, which is a satanic network that far exceeds any butt pats, salacious whispers, or grotesqueries of Weinstein jacking off in front of his, ahem, clients. No, there’s a deeper chamber horrors that’s being occluded by the parade of the angry and incensed and it’s not just Weinstein, but even fossils like G.H.W. Bush who are being accused of untoward behavior. Bush, in particular is an interesting case, admitting to a lesser crime, is covering up much deeper and disturbing behavior as recalled by Kathy O’Brien in “The TRANCEformation of America” where she describes Bush as a vicious, speedballing psychopath, who subjected O’Brien and her young daughter to bouts of extreme terror and trauma as human prey in a most dangerous game, where they were hunted down by Bush and his pal, Dick Cheney. This seems to be the model that’s also operating in Weinstein affair, exposing the lesser crime in lieu of the greater sin. I talk about this as the “revelation of the method.”

The fallout from the Weinstein affair has been instant and pervasive, but not necessarily in the way that we might want it to, if we have some investment in the truth. We’re not talking about the aiding and abetting of Weinstein by others in the Hollywood tribe. We’re not talking about child molestation, trafficking and abuse. We’re not talking about occult disclosure. We’re not talking about the power exchange between the actresses who submitted (in most cases willingly) which enabled Weinstein to continue his creepy and sociopathic actions. We’re talking about Adam Sandler and how he has to apologize for touching another actresses knee. It’s virulent sexism on anabolic steroids. Throw in Stephen Paddock and his “supposed” rampage in Vegas and the dominant message is that men are vile, evil, and pathological.

This, all in advance of Chiron in Aries, where men will be at their most vulnerable, with the great potential to re-define masculinity. This almost feels like a pre-emptive strike as men begin to wake up from their slumbering consciousness of the past forty-five-years.

Tomorrow, we’ll look at the chart of Corey Feldman, and try to determine if he’s the skeleton key to Hollywood’s pedophilia network or compromised operative that acts as a gatekeeper in conflict as we continue to explore the dynamics of masculinity in transformation as Chiron approaches Aries.

Blade Runner 2049, The Chart Of The Cinematic World Savior, & Of Course Gemini

One of the great things about astrology is the ability to use a chart for a myriad of purposes. When I did my shows over at Gaia, a lot of people were really switched on by how I used astrology, breaking down everything from 9/11, to the birth of Jesus, to Jack Parsons and The Babalon Working, to the refugee crisis. Astrology, when used creatively opens up a dimension of connections. Can astrology give us an insight into a fictional character and perhaps an overall view of the work that character is being portrayed in?

Blade Runner 2049 made it’s global debut on 10/3/17 and it’s US splashdown on 10/6/17. From an astrological perspective, the 10/3 date has the Moon in Pisces conjunct Neptune in Pisces, which is great for a film, especially a futuristic, moody-noir piece like Blade Runner 2049. While not quite full, the Moon is waxing, gaining momentum. In the US, it would debut on the Full Moon in Aries, the late, Harvest Moon. The opening on the 6th would be drowned in the ricochet cacophony of Las Vegas.

Stylistically, the sequel to Blade Runner is on equal footing with the original, as Ridley Scott’s cutting edge direction and effects would create the cinematic palette for cyber-culture emerging out of Silicon Valley, in the 1980’s and 1990’s. Blade Runner was iconic and an important film on many levels, a film that other science fiction films would be held up against and judged accordingly.

Denis Villeneuve (Scicario and The Arrival) proves to be Scott’s equal on the directorial front casting the world in 2049 as dystopian and nightmarish as it gets.

One of the themes that BR 2049 really builds on from the original is that we don’t know who the humans and cyborgs are. And when we do encounter a cyborg, like Rutger Hauer’s character, he’s even more human than the supposed humans. The sequel takes that idea even further. We know from the jump that Ryan Gosling’s (Scorpio) character is a Blade Runner and that means he’s a cyborg. He’s a man, er robot of few words. Gosling has this down pat and can emote intensity with a minimum of words as he had previously displayed in movies like, “Ride.” This is the distillation of the Scorpionic character.

Gosling gets embroiled in a serious case, where he has discovered that a Tyrell replicant, Rachel as played by Sean Young (another Scorpio) had miraculously given birth. This was impossible, and was considered “a miracle” by Sapper Morton, another Tyrell replicant played by the massive Dave Bautista. An android giving birth has the same resonance as Mary and the virgin birth and this becomes the core of the film. I’m issuing a spoiler alert, because in order for me to really dive into this, I’ll need to uncover all the aspects of this film.

As Gosling focuses his search on finding the special child, the offspring the android mama, we find out more about him. He has a holographic girl friend (Joi), ably and warmly played by Ana de Armas. She exhibits more human traits than human women, which in this film is hard to identify as gender isn’t mixed and morphed, but human and synthetic biology are. Blade Runner 2049 is a Trans-humanist wet dream. We emotionally identify with an android and are touched by his relationship with a hologram. This creates a sympathetic response between the audience and essentially AI. This falls in line with other pieces of predictive programming in the film. Biometric scanning is everywhere. Ninian Wallace, the world savior and creator of a new version of replicants is a digitally modified human, jacking into a mainframe by inserting a chip into his neck. bowieiconA little BR 2049 trivia; Leto’s character was supposed to be played by David Bowie, but Bowie left the scene before production began.

Blade Runner 2049 plays the role of predictively programming the not-so-distant future, with biometrics, AI, synthetic/human interface and a very dark version of Agenda 2030, dystopian cities are always dark and grey, and work seems to evolve around some level of semi-organized vice. The underlying theme is that most of humanity has checked out and is off world, but there is hope! There is a savior. Here is where we get into spoilers, so if you don’t want this to interfere with watching the movie, stop right here, but if you do, read on. Continue reading “Blade Runner 2049, The Chart Of The Cinematic World Savior, & Of Course Gemini”

Stranger Things and Midnight Special, Part 3, The Bizarre Connection With Nobel Prize Winner, Daniel Gajdusek

danielAs I scanned the credits of Stranger Things over the course of the series, a name popped up that triggered something very familiar in me. Karl Gadjusek, the executive producer of Stranger Things is the son of one of my English professors in college, the late “Robin Gadjusek.” Robin was one of the preeminent Hemingway scholars in the country. I sat with him five-days-a-week, soaking up the ins and the outs of the Apollonian vs the Dionysian mythos of Hemingway. The class was so intense and Gajdusek’s knowledge transfer so thoroughly rigorous that at some point in that semester, while I was sleeping, Hemingway appeared to me in a dream and initiated me into astral travel. I would later find out that Hemingway suffered from insomnia due to the fact that he left his body while he was wounded in the Spanish Civil war, doing duty for the Red Cross. The event terrified him for the rest of his life.

Karl no doubt got his writing chops and more from his father, but it’s not Robin who is the Gajdusek that is the strange influencer of Stranger Things, it is Karl’s uncle, Daniel Gajdusek.

Daniel Gajdusek, born 9/9/23, Virgo Sun. Moon in Leo, Mercury in Libra. His chart is marked by four planets in Virgo; (Sun) Venus, Mars and the TN. Since we’re exploring Pisces as a theme through this series, it makes sense that Pisces would play a role in the chart as well. Uranus was in Pisces at 15 degrees, in exact opposition with his Sun at 15 degrees and Venus at 14, TN at 11. That means that Uranus was also conjunct his South Node in Pisces at 11. Needless to say, Daniel Gajdusek was a strange man, but how strange and how does he fit into the darker web of Stranger Things?

Gajdusek was a trained physician and researcher. He started at the University of Rochester where he studied physics, biology and mathematics. He obtained his MD from Harvard, then did his post-doc work at Columbia, Cal Tech, and Harvard. Gajdusek was drafted into the Army where he served as a virologist at Walter Reed. After he left the military, Gajdusek began his Noble prize winning work with the Fore tribe of New Guinea.

The Fore were dying of a disease called, “Kuru.” A funerary cult, the Fore were said to have eaten the brains of the deceased as part of a tribal ritual. This caused a series of rampant and generational deaths amongst them. It was here that Gajdusek discovered prions, an inorganic life form that has also been linked to Kreuzfeldt-Jacobs syndrome aka Mad Cow disease.

Gajdusek’s methods were unique to say the least, fitting for someone that would have Uranus/Sun opposition. He blended the brains of the deceased Fore, drilled a hole in the heads of local research monkeys and poured the gelatinous remains directly into the Monkey’s brains, where the symptoms of Kuru would appear much quicker than the generational wasting. For his um, unique methods of research and subsequent discovery, he was awarded the Nobel prize in 1976. If the discovery of prions and his methodology weren’t unusual enough, Gajdusek’s legacy has an even more bizarre twist of fate, one that relates to a theme inside of Stranger Things.


While he was curing the Fore of Kuru, he was also learning their language and customs. Gaining their trust, he brought over fifty children, mostly boys from New Guinea to the USA. Crossing the ocean (Neptune/Pisces) he transferred them to their own version of “The Upside Down” from essentially a Paleolithic culture to a modern and sanitized world. While his intentions surely appeared humanitarian at the time, as the young men approached adulthood, they confessed that Gajdusek had molested them. There were seven in all that confessed. Four of them said the sex was untroubling while three were shamed by it. On the surface it would appear that he would disgraced, Gajdusek however was quite the opposite, making a philosophical case for his morals, which accepted both pedophaelia and incest as normal forms of expression. He plea bargained, did one year in prison in the USA then went to Europe for supervised detention, where died in Norway at the age of 85, still researching.

The film, The Genius and the Boys a documentary about Gajdusek and the case debuted on the BBC on June 1, 2009.

There’s a surreal reflection of Gadjusek’s bizarre odyssey, and Stranger Things. A scientist that has unusual methodologies ala Brenner that also harbors secrets with children taken from their homes, changed and altered in some way, for some that was traumatic. Whether or not this was a theme woven in Stanger Things by his nephew, Karl and the Duffer Brothers, isn’t explicitly clear and yet the synchronistic undercurrent that connects both worlds, real and cinematic is startling and twisted. Part four of this series will connect Stranger Things with Midnight Special in a gnostic macrocosm of Piscean proportion.