Chiron in Pisces End of Days, Celebrating The Victim, Sunday Night Livestream, Webinar On Astrolada!

As the light fades from the astrological new year, the Sun slinks down into the nadir of my chart in Pisces. My work takes on a more lunar tone as the Moon rises on the MC, but in my own life, I want to retreat to the cave of my Fourth House and this year is no exception, but with a twist. I’m using the energy, and the pendulum of time to move. I’ve been in Austin since 2012, and it’s brought with it a kaleidoscope of memories, mostly good, some shot through a darkened lens, but always an output of my inner life, for better or worse. I’m not leaving the country, but headed deeper into it. I’ll be moving to a small town 75 miles west of Austin, Fredericksburg.

Fredericksburg was founded by a group of Germans back in the 1840’s called “The Free Thinkers.” They were an unusual bunch that were hybrid of collectivists, pacifists, and pioneers. Their relationship with the natives was exemplary and even though they were more philosophical than religious, but they didn’t reject religion outright and even held their masses in latin, which was not a language that the Germans were known for. Their efforts to start a free state in the Texas wilderness fell short when they ran out of money, and a little thing called “The Civil War” broke out. Soon after, Fredericksburg became part of the Lone Star state.

To this day, the same German families that settled there, are running the place.

Back in 1996, on my first journey to Austin, I drove through that charming little town and after being on the lonesome stretch of highway that dominates the body of the state, Fredericksburg looked like an emerald jewel, an old school European town, tucked away in time. As I passed through it, just on the other side of town, I came upon a tortoise in the middle of the highway, flipped over on his back. I pulled over and jogged out to the middle of the road, and stared down into to the most psychedelic head I had ever seen. I picked it up and took it to the other side of the highway, got back in my van and took off. Maybe, today, I’m the tortoise.

Last night we had a party over on youtube as I did the last livestream from Austin. We looked at the chart for the “March in March,” the chart of the moment, and the charts of Ron Jeremy, Nina Hartley, Johnny Knoxville and Jack Kerouac. You can click on the link above and watch the whole thing. Here’s the charts that we looked at below.




In two weeks, on March 24th, I’ll be doing a live webinar over on Astrolada. The last one on Saturn in Capricorn was a real success. I was on for close to three hours and I expect the same dynamic energy to be sparking on the 24th. You can sign up for the webinar RIGHT HERE. Okay, think that gets us up-to-speed. I’ll see you on the other side of the move.

A Brief Astrological Look Ahead To 2016

The mood is rancorous and the debate is decibel heavy, the cacophony of the new crusade fills the air. Neptune’s waters are rising, crashing against the expansion of Jupiter. We haven’t had this fever pitch since the mid-eighteen-hundreds and the Gold Rush, but this time it’s different, the rush is something you can’t turn off. It’s pedagogery pandering to the Vox Populi. It’s Sauron’s savage army rising up through un-holy abscesses of black crude.

The directors of the reality matrix flash grins, knowing they’ve cranked out yet another, epic blockbuster.

That’s the mood as the digital calendar silently executes its function in the last days of 2015.

What about 2016? What lies ahead of us?

The year starts off with Mercury and Jupiter retrograding. Mercury flirts ever-so-briefly with Aquarius before it goes retrograde on the 6th at 1 degree. Marching backwards, into Capricorn, we’re reminded that it’s really, Winter and while we want to get to the next station, the liberation of the collective ideal in Aquarius, we are reminded of January’s Saturnine restraint. We have two choices; we, emulate Cap/Saturn in our lives, and become the administrative force reflecting the power of the hierarchy or we endure.

Jupiter retreats as well. Christmas gifts go back. Gym memberships go up, as people want to return to bodily shapes they used to recognize.

Gluts tighten and so do wallets.

Mars moves into Scorpio on the 4th of January, hurtling into the fiery way aka “The Via Combusta.” In the USA chart this is group consciousness (11th House), which could manifest in militancy, protests and social justice—keep your eye on MLK’s birthday.

Mars is on a crash course with the USA 12th House, where it hits on the 7th of March the same time as the first solar eclipse (see below). That’s the house of hidden enemies and the meme of the extreme goes full throttle, squaring Neptune at the end of the month. Who do we believe?

Mars, Jupiter and Saturn all go or are retrograde in April–patience is very, very, thin.

Mars is a big part of the astrological story of 2016. It stays in Scorpio and Sag from January to September. Most of it takes place in the 12th/11th House of the USA chart. That’s serious unrest, and covert aggression. Sag is a sign that’s given to religious and philosophical extremism. Mars is action. It’s a clash of ideologies behind the veil.
In your personal life, it’s a back and forth between other peoples resources, sex and power, with the urge to be liberated and free.

What are you willing to let go of in order to catapult yourself into sovereign space?

Eclipses are always part of the story and 2016’s take place in March and September.

The Black Sun covers the Asian sub-continent on March 8th. Fifteen days later, a Penumbral eclipse of the Moon shrouds roughly the same area plus the USA and the western part of South America. Ironically, these are the TPP nations. Will something come up and eclipse the Globalists efforts to override local goods, produce and patents?

The Annular eclipse of the Sun happens on September 1st. The dark ring of solar fire drapes across Africa, in Virgo. Does this manifest as yet another health crisis? Fifteen days later another Penumbral Moon shadows Europe. Will issues of more economic austerity in the sign of Virgo surface?

Redemption comes in the form of the Jupiter/Pluto trine in June. If you work hard and smart from the jump in 2016, this is a cycle that will pay big dividends in your life. Also, look for victories against GMO’s around this time as the masses become more health conscious.

Jupiter then moves into Libra and suddenly relationships are back in and peace might just be given a chance.

Finally, we end on the Saturn/Uranus trine at years end. This leaves us with some promise (hopefully) as conservative (Saturn) and progressive (Uranus) elements are in more of a state of harmony. Could this be a surprise candidate that both sides find appealing and workable (Rubio)?

Whatever happens in 2016, the spirit of the Fire Monkey over lights it all. Lighten up and play, mock the dictators and priests who take themselves far-too-seriously and have a good laugh at the absurdity of control.

Surviving The Illusion Part 2, The Paris Chart As Timeline Template, The Man In The High Castle, Uranus In Aries Retro And Chiron The Cosmic Key Webinar

astro_w2gw_47_paris.78966.18990Target Paris.

Black Friday was more Gray than Obsidian, the color of the holiday soul for some. I take it as good sign since the numbers were down. Perhaps there’s a tidal shift in the currents brought on by the pragmatism of the True Node now in Virgo at 28 and Jupiter at 20 in the same sign. People know that all is not right in Oz and they are preparing for the fall of the Emerald City, however, that’s not entirely all of the people, apparently. Here comes the edgy, sort of politically incorrect part, right up front and early in the post. Continue reading “Surviving The Illusion Part 2, The Paris Chart As Timeline Template, The Man In The High Castle, Uranus In Aries Retro And Chiron The Cosmic Key Webinar”

Chiron In Pisces, The Heroes Journey And The Potential of AstroCoach

Chiron_and_Achilles_c1922-1925_John_Singer_Sargent_cropped_Humanity-HealingThe Achilles Heal

One of the services I offer is coaching. I use the individuals chart to get into their life, past, present and future. It allows them (and me) to go deeper into their process over a period of sessions, not just one reading. When clients are in transition or going through a challenging stretch they can get support and clear navigation. They can choose to use their sessions whenever they want. They don’t expire.

I’m re-printing a recent post from one of those clients who benefited from the process as we honed in on the deep wound of Chiron. By gently exposing it and bringing it to light, she was able to accept, heal and transform her life. She’s since gone onto become a spiritual leader in her community, teaching yoga, writing and broadcasting. She’s also become a mentor. I asked her if I could reprint her post and she agreed. Here it is. Continue reading “Chiron In Pisces, The Heroes Journey And The Potential of AstroCoach”

Mr. Popeularity Hits The USA, As Chiron In Pisces Returnees Face Their Own Faith

popehornThey must be UT fans..

The world is at a point of spiritual crisis. This cannot be denied. And when there is a crisis of any sort, there’s always more than willing to come along and help or so that is how it’s presented and as Rahm Emmanuel has publicly shared that you never want to let a god crisis go to waste—just ask the Red Cross and all those people that helped out in Haiti after that massive earthquake. Predators prey upon the vulnerable and the weak. It’s the law of the jungle and sometimes wolves really do dress up as sheep.

I have a student and today we worked on a chart, the pope’s chart and it tossed her into a chasm of existential proportion. She has Chiron in Pisces, an aspect that the late Boomers and early Gen-Xers share. Chiron represents a sub-generational crisis, and for this group born 1961 to 1969, their crisis is faith. They are reincarnated heretics, mystics and saints, many of whom were persecuted for their faith or mistaken for devils and witches, having paid a horrible price for their difference. Continue reading “Mr. Popeularity Hits The USA, As Chiron In Pisces Returnees Face Their Own Faith”

Isis, Mary, Jesus, Elvis, 9/9, The Next Supermoon In Pisces And The Zion King Cometh!

maryisis“I will not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet.” (Ghandi)

Well now that everyone’s minds are frozen and cleansed from the outside in, via buckets of ice and buckets of water, those muddy footprints of the other should, be theoretically washed out of the paths of our cerebral cortexes. But really, is this the case?

It’s no coincidence that the “Ice Bucket Challenge” happened with Mercury in Virgo. Mercury is the brain, our mental switchboard and locus of third domain control. In essence, those, icy floes, cascading, upon our shimmering crowns, is some ironic attempt to purify (Virgo) our minds (Mercury). In so doing, we invoke the other; Virgo meet Pisces. Chiron, the wounded healer in Pisces through the connection of ALS manifests as an illuminated ritual masquerading as a social craze.

Yes, many symbolic treasure hunters have found that the parent company, the one benefiting from the research money now going into ALS and swelling it’s stock price to gaudy proportions is named ISIS. Dig deeper and the company behind ISIS is Regulus. Regulus of course has just shifted into Virgo. The fixed star of kings and queens, which had been in Leo for a very long time. You see, fixed stars rarely change their assignations, since, well, they are fixed, so when they do, it’s a pretty big deal. However, since it was from Leo to Virgo, there’s a little less fanfare—that’s Virgo for you.

What does it mean? Well, holographically speaking, it’s a reflective fractal for this Regulus/ISIS/ALS/Bucket Challenge weirdness. In essence, we see it getting worked out in real time. However, let’s not gloss over the fact that we have essentially shifted from “The Elite” to “The Prolls” (That’s short for proletariat BTW). We’ve been seeing this brewing for a while. People are demanding a living wage, and at the very least, a much higher minimum wage. If I were the ruling class, I would start get a little nervous about this, even if they’ve got the teal or the indigo, or the carnelian revolutions waiting in the wings, to try to sucker people into their controlled opposition uprisings. First we had elections to give us the ritualized theater of having a voice and a hand in the process, now they’ve replaced them with the semi-annual revolt, shaped, molded and packaged to reinforce that change is always a distinct possibility, whether it’s in Zucotti Square or Cairo.

However, going one level deeper beneath the arch and cynical maneuvering of the masses, there’s more to this star shift that meets the eye.


The father of Human Design, the late Ra Uru Hu, said that we are moving from the consciousness of “The Manifestor”, to that of “The Projector” here on Earth. In essence, what he meant by that was, was that our reality would become less dependent on strong, willful figures, who could be tyrannical and dictatorial, but also possessed with iron wills, to carve out a reality against the back drop of wild nature, rough and tumble market places and the fury of the industrial age. Ra believed it was “The Manifestors,” a small 8% of the population, which built the Earth and now their time was up. It has shifted to “The Projectors,” which are about 22 % of the population, who have no energy of their own, but can feel and amplify a large channel of energy. Ra beleived that this is their time.

Projectors are the interpreters of the human story. They read energy and create the context for humanities experience, both individually and collectively. As a whole, we are moving towards this paradigm through our collective awareness of various systems, such as astrology. It’s a set up of course.

Manifestors are very much like their archetypal expression of kings and queens. In fact, the strategy of The Manifestor is to announce what they are going to do. This is the psychic equivalent to a royal proclamation. If they don’t announce what they are going to do, the world around them is shocked. Conversely, The Projector must, “wait for the invitation.” Yes, like the lowly servant of the court, they must wait to be invited to an event, a relationship, or a job. This is very much like our good, humble, Virgo, who patiently works away, while waiting for the invitation to the grand ball. Ra might have been tracking Regulus as it relates to the rise of The Projector and a planet of channels who can share our collective narratives with the rest of us via energy based systems. Yes, I am a Projector.



Isis shares an astral affinity with Virgo. She is akin to the Virgin Goddess, arising in the invocation of the other, which is Pisces/Jesus and the Piscean Age itself. Regulus’ arrival in Virgo is the announcement that the age of Isis is commencing. In essence, Isis is being unveiled and as a result, she/it is reclaiming the virginal status that has been the domain of Mary for the last 2,000 years. She is the mother of the New Age.

While John baptized Jesus, down by the river, the converts of Isis (Ice Us) are being ushered in, not by their soles, but by their freezing crowns. Staying with this dualistic theme, the asteroid, Isis, was discovered on May 23rd, 1856, making Isis a Gemini asteroid, representing at least two, variant levels of reality. Neptune was in Pisces then, at 20 degrees, which would make transiting Chiron, conjunct Isis’ natal Neptune. It’s also no coincidence that Pluto was in Taurus at that time (4 degrees) and we can see Taurus as a crown, a symbol of fertility on the head of Isis.

Gemini itself is a model of the DNA, think two strands, intertwined and wrapped around one another, entangled and twisted into a chain-like code, now being unlocked at a quantum rate by epigenetic researchers like Isis and Regulus. In fact, there is even a computational genomic, data-mining tool called, “GEMINI short for “GENetic MINIing.”

Meanwhile, across the planet, Muslim terrorists are leaving a trail of blood (DNA) and fear in their wake. This is of course is; ISIS or ISIL, using the latest and greatest tanks, RPGs, video equipment, SATNAV, you name it. They aren’t your typical, raging, ragtag, rag-heads as they would say just outside of the PC confines of Austin. No way bubba, they have state of the art weaponry and communications. Who pays for this stuff? Where do they get the money for it? Who sells it to them?


Word on conspiracy street of course is that the same guys that funded Al Qaeda are juicing ISIS and need a bigger, badder, bogeyman in the world to instill fear, paranoia and despair. They (ISIS) are also really great for creating more rules, drafting more laws, tapping more security, and offering up less freedom along the way. Keep your eyes affixed to Saturn and it’s future date with Sagittarius at years end. The whole freedom versus security debate will be ablaze, which means that there will have to be some kind of event to trigger the heat.

ISIS has been saying that they are going after America and that 9/11 (Twins/Gemini) will be their day of retribution. Here in Texas, murmurs rise up from the border, like snakes writhing across the arid scrub, slowly winding their way towards the electric circus of the civilized world. The rumor is that ISIS supposedly crossed the border during the last wave of humanity that swept upon the banks of the Rio Grande. Who patrols the borders? Why ICE of course!

So anyway, during the month of Virgo, the rise of Isis is commensurate with the unofficial level of threat. You didn’t ask, but there it is. We have to get out in front of these sorts of things, because at best, it makes me a little prophetic, and it worst, if, I was awfully wrong but everyone is still safe and intact, I can take heart in knowing that by adding my own level of exposure, we have altered the timeline. It’s a little something I learned from Clif High.

So what about the rest of the month? What else does September hold in store?



As we zoom out for September, we’ll see four, significant planetary shifts with three, of the inner planets all making moves, Mercury, twice. On Wednesday, Mercury moves from critical Virgo, to diplomatic Libra; The scalpels are replaced by quill pens. Libra loves esthetics. The need to arrive at a mental balance lasts up through the 28th, when Mercury slides into Scorpio and everyone is looking for deeper motives and the clues to the big picture. Venus goes from warm and fuzzy Leo, into cool and detached, but slightly neurotic Virgo. Relationships get put under the microscope. Fortunately, Mercury in Libra does come with some consciousness, kindness and politeness, so at least we can be civil and kind while we tear each other apart (just kidding). Venus moves into Libra on the very last day of the month, adding some ballast and balance to the intense, Scorpio energies kicking in.

On the 14th, thankfully, Mars exits Scorpio and the energy of the collective will shifts towards freedom and expansion. You’ll be hearing plenty of, “I’ve had a enough of this shit” coming from all corners of society. Can’t we all just get along while we figure out who is making our lives hell? Maybe Venus in Libra will help on that front. While the outer planers still continue to atom smash our consensus reality, the inner planets offer up a break, a change in the program and it’s for the better. Even that nasty Venus in Virgo can be helpful in the right context. September is a month of powerful, positive if at times clinical change. Accept it. Embrace it. Get clear. Get clean and play nice.



In just eight, short days, we’ll be standing beneath the last Super Moon of 2014, lined up to rise on 9/9, which of course for occult number junkies is 6/6 inverted. In Zechariah 9:9 the coming of the Zion King is announced; “Rejoice greatly, O daughter of Zion; shout, O daughter of Jerusalem: behold, thy King cometh unto thee: he is just, and having salvation; lowly, and riding upon an ass, and upon a colt the foal of an ass..” It’s one of the most important verses of the New Testament as it announces Jesus’ arrival in Jerusalem. 9/9 is the gateway of the Zion King. It is his arrival and on this day, the Moon will be in Pisces, the sign of the Age of Jesus, in the month of Isis. Zion + Isis = ZionIsis or Dionysus.

One of my first shows over at Gaiam was on the 9/11 birthdate of Yeshua. If you haven’t seen it, check it out. I also have a detailed post, here.


I On September 9th, the year 9, aka 999, Arminius created an alliance of Germanic tribes which held off the Romans and while Arminius would later be assassinated by his own people, the battle of Teutoburg Forest is considered the turning point for the Germanic people and the Romans quest to wipe them out, which would signal the eventual descent of Rome itself.

On 9/9, 1776, the Continental Congress names the new union of sovereign states, “The United States.” In 1791, on 9/9, the nation’s capitol is named after Washington. In 1850, California becomes the 31st state. In 1956, Elvis (The King Of Rock And Roll) appears on the Ed Sullivan and in 1993, The PLO recognizes Israel. Elvis BTW was not in CBS’ New York studios for the Ed Sullivan show, nor was Ed Sullivan the host that night. Sullivan had been in a car wreck and was hospitalized. Charles Laughton was the host in New York, while Elvis was in Los Angeles, where of course it’s always just north of 33 degrees. So it appears that 9/9 is loaded with symbolic and temporal potency.

The Super Moon will peak at 17 degrees Pisces and will be conjunct Chiron and along with it, a sense that this can’t be happening is also in the air. Our reality is strained, credulity is questioned and people’s mouths will be a gape. The Moon is a source of illumination. In the pale, night sky, our shadows are more distinct against the last Full Moon of the Summer months. Due to the opposition of Virgo, we are shown the parts of our psyches that crave an immersion into wholeness and oneness, the great dissolve into an essence that we can trust and will enfold us, the great escape from this increasingly hellish domain. Nothing wrong with a little desire to rejoin the godhead and skip this next chapter of Western Decline, but we might see some overzealous acts to get out of Babylon before the last train. Chiron adds a layer of desperation, even some fear. It should be a very interesting Super Moon indeed.