Clocking Carl Johan Calleman — Q & A Podcast–His Take On The Mayan Calendar

Carl-Johan-CallemanCarl Johan Calleman takes time out to talk about time.

I spoke with timekeeper, Carl Johan Calleman a few months back. I was interested in Calleman because he came out and deconstructed the Arguelles version of the calendar aka “The Dreamspell” in fairly illuminating terms. So I reached out and wanted to learn more. Going in mostly cold, I found Calleman to be bright, engaging and mild mannered. We spoke about using the calendar as a tool for predicting trends and events in real time, something that neither Arguelles nor John Major Jenkins traffic in. Calleman noticed that when he used the Mayan calendar to chart the history of his native Sweden, he found that he could actually see Sweden’s historical cycles rise and fall against the back drop of the calendar. He decided to apply it to what’s happening now, in this country and his results were very surprising.

Above you can see how November plays a huge role in the down cycle of the calendar. It dovetails with some of the info that the Web Bots guys, Cliff High and George Ure have also come up with for
October through the rest of 2009. Interestingly enough, the super-mega-blockbuster, 2012, will make it’s debut.

Calleman breaks with both Arguelles and Major-Jenkins on the end date, which he sees as 10/28/2011, aka 13 Ahau. Fasten your belts and listen to the insights and observations of Carl Johan Calleman.


Diving Into The Maya Of The Mayan Calendar

thetimelords1Meet the modern Timelords

This was published today at The Eaminer.

I was texting on Facebook with a good friend the other night who had just finished communicating with Daniel Pinchbeck. Apparently Pinchbeck is not down with Carl Johan Calleman, who has openly questioned both Jose Arguelles’ intention and count of The Mayan Calendar on a fairly new article on his site. According to Calleman, (I am paraphrasing here) Arguelles’ is driven by the creation of his own mythology, where he places both himself and his partner Lloydine in significant, western, numerological positions, with Arguelles starting his own count, different from both Calleman and the other most prominent timelord, John Major Jenkins by inserting 11 and 22 into key positions on the calendar for themselves. Here is what Calleman has to say:

“Hence, I have earlier suggested that the Dreamspell “Mayan” calendar in fact is designed so as to give the birthdays of José and Lloydine exactly the “master numbers” 11 and 22 in the tzolkin ( Large numbers of people, mostly under the illusion that they are using the true Mayan calendar, have then in fact unknowingly given their energy to the “masters” who designed it. Moreover, the kin numbers of everyone using this calendar are then defined by their relationships to the “masters” on whose kin numbers it was based. This scheme seems optimal for creating a cult of its inventors, something that the energies of the true cosmic Mayan calendar would never have allowed. I see no reason to doubt that such a scheme is the origin of their calendar since neither José nor Lloydine have cared to provide an alternative explanation and naturally it would be the easiest thing in the world to do so. It is possible that only José knows how the Dreamspell tzolkin actually was designed, but also the new biography (by Stephanie South) ignores the topic of why a new “Mayan” calendar was invented as a replacement for its true cosmic form.”

Calleman also goes onto make a reference to Arguelles and the number, 33; To read more go toThe Examiner.