The Goat’s Tail — Murray Hill Dives Into The Symbolism Of The Goatfish–Ancient Capricorn

This is the second installment of Murray Hill’s three-part-series on Capricorn with some new wrinkles in it’s ancient tale. The Capricorn astrological archetype carries within it an inherent duality that is given visual expression in the symbol of the Goat-Fish. It is commonly referred to as a “fish tailed goat” or just “the goat” – […]


America’s Ebola Chart, Pluto Unleashes The Covert Plague, De-Population And The Sick Economy

SPECIAL CONTRIBUTION BY KIMBERLY KIDD Samaritan’s Curse? Ebola hemorrhagic fever is a contagious disease originating in Africa. The disease is caused in humans by four of the five shepherd’s crook-shaped viruses in the Ebolavirus genus. The virus causes fever and headache in early stages but can lead to hemorrhaging, liver failure and kidney failure. Ebola […]