New Moon and Stellium in Capricorn, Plant Your Vision For The Next Three Years

1The hard winter sleet strafed my window this morning. Freezing droplets clung to the tree outside, the birds of spring long gone. The gun-metal-gray sky belonged to Saturn, not our Sun. Somewhere out in Arizona, where the generically white, Evergreen Air tankers spew trails of barium, aluminum, and iron oxide, laced with dessicated cocktails, swimming with nano arrays, they’ve got big plans—they want to dim the Sun because global warming is “getting out of hand.” Little do they know they know (or maybe they do) that the heat of the planet is generated from inside.

Ever wonder why the higher you climb the colder it gets?

The grand effect of the gray Sun is that the distant light, of other suns in our solar system, even from their remote orbits compete for the infiltration of our consciousness.

There is ancient lore that Saturn used to be our Sun, and that Jupiter is poised and ready to supplant it once it fades to black. Both Jupiter and Saturn have been penetrated by craft in symbolic fashion. Cassini entered the Lord of The Rings on September 15th, 2017. On September 15th, 1935, Germany adopts the Swastika as it’s new flag.

We’re two weeks into 2o18 and the biggest stellium in decades is upon us. Venus, the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Saturn and Pluto, all aligned in the sign of Capricorn. As I type the Moon is just pulling into station with the Sun. This is an incredibly powerful time over the next twenty-four-hours. Be thoroughly conscious and aware of not just your thoughts, but why you are here, your higher purpose, and where you are ELevated. This is a Cardinal Gate and what you are sourcing in your field is what you are charging as change, so you may as well set your sight on the apex of your experience.

If we are God’s hands in this world, then Capricorn bestows upon us duty, responsibility and commitment to channel works, both great and small, with the focused intention of the master builder.

Saturn in Capricorn has the potential of being quite demanding, but if you can put the work in, you’ll look back on these three years as not only being pivotal for you, but the planet as a whole. Find your inner peak and scale it.


The Goat Child–Deconstructing Capricorn–A New Myth Emerges

maxresdefaultFrom time-to-time, I publish other peoples work, especially if it is both good and timely. Just a few days before his Capricornian birthday, the New Zealand based artist, creator and friend, Murray Hill sent me this gem. Murray has been adamant and persuasive about a new myth surrounding Capricorn that liberates it from the Saturnian chains of judgment.


.The twelve astrological signs bring into human expression the planetary archetypes of our celestial home – the solar system that we are all indigenous to. They mark out the cyclic development of the fundamental psycho-cognitive structure of our beings. We Human Beings render these vast planetary, stellar and galactic emanations, bringing them into form within this three dimensional time and space. We draw these archetypes down into the now, the momentary, the spatial, thought, feeling and experience. We give them expression, and in this way we are artists of spirit working with a cosmic palette.

In Capricorn, spirit creates its densest physical incarnation. At its worst and darkest moment, we see unconscious Capricorn at the very nadir, as spirit is ground down under the inexorable turning of the karmic astrological wheel. This is the position on the wheel of deep and profound suffering, the thwarting of desire and the compromise of passion. Freedom of action and expression are bound and limited by worldly and collective rules of convention.

Capricorn is typically one of the more misunderstood and maligned astrological signs – often characterised and recognised by its well known challenging aspects; the hardness and brittleness of harshly “correct” judgement, the creation, occupation and maintenance of pseudo-habitats that are characterised by uncompromising hierarchical power structures. Mind, intellect, thought, theory, morality, ethics and law are made concrete. While tradition and craftsmanship are valued, experimentation, failure and levity are frowned upon.

Born into the granite bones of this physicality, the Goat finds its feet and begins the serious minded ascent of the world. In the metaphor of the mountain we find the corporate skyscraper, the church spire, school, hospital, business enterprise, law and the family. Pyramidal structures of organisation, power and control become the familiar terrain. The Goat is sure footed, steady, dependable, responsible, dutiful – to the point of being joyless. Awareness of social responsibility, and position within the social structure casts an arid shadow over the psyche – which finds itself ultimately alone, loveless, separate and isolated by both its chosen role and its innate proclivities. The ever pragmatic Goat cannot be distracted from its climb – a fall could at worst be fatal – perhaps a social death, or at best a needless frustration or setback.

The distant, wary and deeply private Capricorn persona does not invite or welcome open examination of its inner aspects, truths and revelations. Outside scrutiny is resisted – further reinforcing its cryptic and occulted nature. The full weight and depth of the physical veil between worlds is actualised here, and the totality of the obscuring opacity is constellated within this psyche. The saturnine and laconic Goat takes a long view as others approach – trust and friendship is not forthcoming or given lightly. Loyalty once given will take the Capricorn right up to, and occasionally over the edge of the precipice. How many falls can the Goat sustain in one life time, and which of those falls were perhaps quietly chosen suicide attempts? The mountaineering Goat will have spent much time peering into the abyss of death – perceiving it as an ever present existential exit strategy.

Capricorn’s sense of concrete control is illusory, as the physical world is actually the altar upon which it ultimately finds itself being sacrificed. The estranged and judgmental parent that betrays, abandons and dismembers the Goat Child is Saturn. Here we find the wounded child, the victim, the scapegoat, the wound of the shaman – and ultimately the global and planetary wound. The judge and the victim aspects of the Toltec description of The Parasite/Predator are revealed in their awful totality. Few have eyes to witness the sacrifice and wounding of the planetary child and the Planetary Goddess herself.

The duality of the process of sacrificial lapidation, death by stoning, is implemented by both incremental degree and sudden totality. The Goat’s capacity to sustain the pain and shock of the gradual wearing down, and the instantaneous fracturing of its very being, is its greatest burden and its greatest gift. These gifts are transmuted into the polishing of the mirror of consciousness (the revelation of the seer) and the splitting apart of the despotic dividing walls of our awareness (the release from the self imposed and self policed prison). The divine splitting open is the portal found within the shaman’s wound. The shaman takes the most predatory and parasitically induced aspect of their own being and makes it Ally.

It is in this space of divine and sacred healing that we find the reverse Capricorn. This is the Goat that has submitted in its entirety to the world exactly as it is found. This is the moment of ultimate surrender, and the release of the parasitic entity that we call the self. These words are dedicated to the Capricorn nature that exists within us all collectively and individually, and the beautiful healing and transformational gift that is now revealed. We are all wounded children and we are all shamans in the making – accidental and intentional.

The reverse Capricorn becomes the initiate, the Artist of Spirit. They see that there are two pyramids; one physical, the other spiritual. They experience physicality as an expression of spirit, and they also experience themselves as spirit inhabiting that same physicality. Consciousness itself becomes the prima materia – the materiality of all that is. Beyond that there is The Mystery or for the Toltec, pure Intent – the life force that animates all that is, all that has been, all that will be, and all that will never be. Here we find the undifferentiated ground of infinite and unbounded potential.

The mindless and unconscious repetition of sacrificial ritual abuse that is so evident throughout all aspects of our world, is seen for what it is – the reproduction of the parasite/predator through trauma. This repeating pattern of ritualized trauma ensures that the wounded child that we all carry as a part of our beings, is never healed. We are a neotenous species that carries within it the homunculus of the wounded child – tragically this is not a place from which to grow whole, integrated or actualised adult Human Beings. The regressive infantilisation of our core strengths is embedded within our media and our society. Repressed, distorted and perverted sexuality has become a thing of nightmares rather than beautiful loving empowerment.

The ritualized re-enactment of trauma occurs on all levels of our collective planetary culture. The war and banking machines being the most obvious. Our individual experience of ourselves, others and the world is perceived through and obscured by this dark ritual veil. The lifting of the veil is the very definition of “apocalypse”. The dreadful and unbearable truth lies in plain sight right before us and always has. The depth and extent of our fall is now revealed for those who have the hearts, eyes and spirits for this work.

Saturn is central to the sacrifice of the divine Human Child. Saturn is central to the ritual re-enactment of the first wound. Saturn is central to the pyramidal, top down hierarchies and power structures that maintain the saturnian order. Saturn was the pre-eminent celestial figure of the old order prior to the planetary catastrophe that befell us, and which reconfigured both our planet and our very beings. At that moment of what could have and should have been our opening to the wider galactic garden, humanity was instead parasitized by an opportunistic non-physical entity.

Subsequently, a predatory group of humans has presented an occulted version of the saturnian energies in a conflated and vertiginous ongoing ritual, that reactivates the spiritual, energetic and genetic imprint of this event. If you are reading this, you carry that imprint within you, as you are directly connected to the ancestral survivors of this planetary catastrophe. The black robed priests and the black suited bankers carry the saturnian ray, and work to extend its influence and globalizse its domination. The black ritual ensures that the New Human, The Child of the Sun, remains aborted or still born.

Waiting to be saved by a god, aliens or angels is an intrinsic aspect of the saturnian ray – disempowering and disconnecting us from our own divine and sacred beings. The self appointed gurus of the West are glorified cult leaders who monetise the saturnian saviour complex.

As Saturn returns to its astrological home in Capricorn, the archetype of the transformed, transmuted and transfigured Goat Child is activated within all of us. We are Artists of Spirit and we have within us everything that we require to create a New Human, a new world and a new age. We are the beautiful beings that we have been waiting for. We are our healers.

The Lunar Eclipse Takedown, The Fall Of Flynn & The Rise Of Jared Kushner (and his rectified chart)

161117201720-02-michael-flynn-1117-exlarge-169Monday, Presidents day will mark the first thirty days in the Trump presidency and they have been unlike any other thirty days we’ve ever witnessed.

The eclipse that just passed was on Donald Trump’s ascendant (Leo) where his Mars in Leo also resides. The simple, astrological math is that Mars is action, will, violence and war. Trump’s love of veterans and law enforcement can be seen with Mars on the ASC. This eclipse however brought darkness to that area of his chart with the resignation of Michael Flynn from his cabinet, a resignation that Trump accepted, amidst chatter and voices on the wind who thought he should have rejected it.

Eclipsing the energy of Mars, the shadowy Moon leads us to uneasy questions ranging from leaks inside the White House, to whether or not Flynn was set up, to if Trump has been castrated by the deep state. In the shadow of the Moon, there are no clear answers save the resignation of one man’s official relationship with the country he has served.

It’s difficult to track any astrological info on Flynn. He was born in December of 1958 and that’s all we really know. He’s likely a Sag going through his second Saturn return and Saturn brought the clampdown. Contacting the Russian envoy, Flynn discussed the lifting of sanctions with Russia. While he had some bizarre compulsion about going to war with Iran, he was clearly on the side of cooperation with the Russians. This is a direct conflict now with the US’s and Trump’s stated position that the Russians need to give Crimea back to the fascists in Ukraine. The Ukrainian revolution was conceived and funded by the Neocons in the USA, with Victoria Nuland leading the charge. Trump’s stance on Ukraine is a clear sign that the Neocons are now fully in charge of the Trump presidency and calling the shots, while the Neolibs are doing everything in their power, 24/7 to take down Trump. Michael Moore has been tweeting that Trump should be arrested and Hillary Clinton installed as the new president. What universe are we living in?

In earlier posts, I have made references to the Kennedy timeline and the recent events surrounding Trump confer this even more. Kennedy’s downfall was the collection of enemies and rivals that turned against him, these ranged from the mafia, to LBJ, to Israel and lastly, the CIA. It was all of the above which staged a coup on 11/22/63 and has been running the country ever since. Embedded in that coup of course was the Bush crime family, who have not been idle in the days after the election.

Trump ousted former CIA head John Brennan, not only an ally of Obama, but also a Muslim, having converted during his time in the Obama administration. It was Flynn, who opposed and ultimately won out over Obama over ISIS strategy, which basically was to stop helping ISIS in their effort to overthrow Assad and take Syria in a regime change.

Flynn was in the process of taking back intelligence and bringing it into the White House, instead of having the power solely rest with the directors of the deep state at the CIA, NSA, and entrenched pockets of the state department. This was similar to what Kennedy attempted to do. It cost Kennedy his life, Flynn his position and one of the few voices of independence inside the White House.

Flynn was one of Trump’s truly mots trustworthy aides, and one of the few people that managed to survive Jared Kushner’s purge of Trump’s original cabinet choices (more on Kushner later). He is a master of game theory, a seasoned vet that understands the labyrinthine political and tribal structure of the Middle East and now he’s gone and in his wake, the left smells blood in the water.

Like clockwork, they will go after Trump’s foot soldiers, one-by-by-one, denigrating them, humiliating them, harassing them and even suing them if needed. Next on their hit list is Kelly Anne Conway. Conway, the feisty Aquarian (1/20) has defended Trump like a blonde pit bull. The media and the left is doing everything in their power to discredit her. Steve Bannon is right behind her. The color revolution (Purple) is very much on.

kushnerSitting right next to Trump is his son-in-law, Jared Kushner. Kushner might be the most powerful millennial on the planet. Without his birth time, it’s difficult to cast a chart for him, but if I had to guess his ascendant, it would be Gemini (see below for rectified chart). Kushner is a Capricorn Sun and his softer, metrosexual vibe doesn’t match up with Cap’s often earthy and craggy physicality. He has the sort of youthful puckish look that Gemini rising sports and most importantly, the first house is where Trump’s Sun, Uranus and TN reside. Gemini is the sign of duality and as such has connections with the world of spy craft. There are rumors that Kushner doubles as an agent for the Mossad, has connections with Chabad Lubavitcher, a very powerful, orthodox sect inside Judaism that is deeply devoted to the Jewish people, culture and the sustenance of Israel as a nation state. In 2006, Chabad became more or less allied with Zionism in a statement that bridged the political gulf between the two. Kushner has donated over $300,000 to Chabad.. While it appears on the surface to be a spiritually based charity/community center, Chabad Lubavitcher is much more than that, its an organized that network of deep influencers and perhaps even darker ministrations. Brian Davis’s piece on CL at Henry sheds some light on this shadowy organization.

If we put Gemini on Kushner’s ASC, that puts Taurus in his 12th House, where his father, Charles Kushner’s Sun in Taurus would reside. Kushner the senior was arrested, tried and convicted on a number of charges ranging from income tax evasion to tampering with witnesses, to bribing political figures. He spent two years between a Fed prison camp and a halfway house under surveillance. That would place natal Chiron in Kushner’s 12th where the shame of Chiron secretly resides. His father’s Sun in the 12th would surely fit Kushner’s chart in that institutional regard.

While Ivanka Trump is a Scorpio, she has both the Moon and Venus in Sag, which would place it in Jared Kushner’s 7th House of relationship. This would fit the profile of the partner for a Gemini rising.
With Gemini on the ASC, it puts Kushner’s Sun and Mercury into the 8th house, where he assumes a power behind the scenes role in the Trump admin. His Moon in placid Pisces in the 10th house symbolizes the fluid and mysterious role he plays and is portrayed, outwardly to the world. Who is he? What does he do? Etc.. With Mars in the 9th, we see strong, ideological ties to other countries and governments.

How does this play out in Donald Trump’s chart?

With Kushner’s TN in Leo at 10 degrees, it sits in the deep zone of trump’s 12th house EXACTLY on Trump’s Pluto in Leo also at 10 degrees. Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, I would submit to you, that the real president of the U.S. is likely Jared Kushner. If indeed this is even remotely the case, then I seriously doubt that Donald Trump will be impeached, because the removal of Trump would also likely mean the removal of Kushner and too many powerful and rich people have too much invested in Kushner’s eyes and ears. The most likely scenario is that Trump will continue to get more and more diluted until this looks like for all intents and purposes another Necoon driven White House, not too unlike that of the Bushes, especially Bush II. If that doesn’t occur and the media’s dogs aren’t called off, then we will likely have a bloody revolution on our hands.

Back to Kushner and his chart. Transiting Pluto is getting very close to his natal Sun in Capricorn at 20 degrees. This could mean an intense infusion of power and control, or it could wipe him out as such in the nature of Pluto. In late January, it was revealed that George Soros has real estate holdings with Jared and his brother Jordan in a company called, Cadre, in which Soros invested over $200,000. While it might shock most people that are hung up on concepts like loyalty, fairness, and scruples, it comes as little surprise to those of us that have seen the world through those special sunglasses. George Soros, Jewish, sold his own people out during the war. There are no allegiances when it comes to money, capital and partnership.

. Jared Kushner is not only the most powerful millennial on the planet, he might be the most powerful person sitting inside the oval office.


Disturbance On Saturn, Influencing The Planets, 11th House Academy

saturnRecently, Saturn was observed to show an anomaly with one of its rings as a NASA photo captures a break in the outer portion of the ring. Ufologists have been wetting their pants over the prospect that it’s a saucer breaking free from the bands of a gravitational field surrounding Saturn. But I see it from a slightly different perspective.

Saturn, from an astrological perspective represents hierarchies, governments, the world at large. It is the Lord of Karma, reality, four-squared. During this time of year grads don the black Saturn cube. The moving of the tassel from one side to the other is a form of consent that you now belong to Saturn and the black-squared ways of the world. It also signifies leaving the 9th House of the higher mind and university for the 10th House. Time to don cloven hooves and work like a goat to get to the top of the mountain, and eat just about anything along the way to get there. Oh, the joys of the Saturnine existence.

But this break in the ring, is an interesting thing, isn’t it? When we look at Great Britain breaking free from the EU, it’s a divinely synced event, as the infinite order of the circular band of contained consciousness is disrupted. The EU is the ultimate expression of Saturn masquerading as some kind of feel good, Aquarian bubble party. That’s the trick and the trap of the dark Aquarian Age. It all looks and sounds good on the surface and once you’re in, the door bolts behind you and there’s no escape, and all of the utopian-crack-smoking and the instant euphoria fades to a foggy grey.

BREXIT is the burst in Saturn’s ringed dominance and this represents a breakthrough for us and those that follow the art and science of astrology. Here’s the lesson. Are you ready for it? Inasmuch as the planets have an effect on us, we too have an effect on them. Our desire and intention to break loose from the bondage of this world, the mind-forg’d-manacles is growing exponentially._85061950_ap_graduate

I am an unapologetic voice of dissent. I stopped believing in the so-called modern world years ago. I’ve resisted being cultivated and constructed into a human battery for the Borg mind and do my best to muster sympathy for the youth who are mutating before our very eyes.

On a recent tour of the Rocky Mountains and the deserts of the Southwest, I’ve been witnessing the vanishing of form as sexes bleed into one another, displaying a disturbingly grey anatomy. Ironically, in a society that champion’s diversity, this trend is anything but that, it’s a collective exhortation of sameness that’s masquerading as uniqueness.

Perhaps it’s Neptune’s spell, the rising tide that brings all things back to the ocean of consciousness, where it’s all one despite the packaging. Or perhaps this is the greatest trick of the mind ever played, buying into a faux individualism, which is supported by an aggressive group mind-set. I’m not young. I’m into my second half-century so I have no idea how I would respond to today’s bizarro world. Maybe I’d be exactly the same as they are. I mean I was a punk-rocker at 16, a budding situationist who saw life as a projection screen and every day a movie, but I didn’t stay there and I never stayed anywhere for long, because I had no interest in being part of a club.

By the time I was twenty-one, I was heading into the fourth world music of Eno and his pals and the arctic ambience of the ECM artists. Even now, I have the restlessness and urge to evolve the form and message of awakening. It was very close to this time of year, 2008 when my blog took off like a bottle rocket and it’s gone through a number of iterations and changes, but ultimately it’s been a process of awakening (for myself and others) using the stars to guide us across the black sea of night.

To this end, we are putting the finishing touches on “The 11th House Academy.” This is a 16+ hour course with lectures, labs and PDF’s to get you into using astrology as a personal sextant, for your life and the life of others. For everyone that’s pre-ordered, you’ll be getting your course by the end of the day, tomorrow. For everyone else, it will be fully locked and loaded, ready to go.

On Friday’s FARcast, I looked at BREXIT and related topics like the TTIP. Here’s the recording from good old BlogTalk.

America’s Ebola Chart, Pluto Unleashes The Covert Plague, De-Population And The Sick Economy


Ebola1c-SamsPurse_BrantlySamaritan’s Curse?

Ebola hemorrhagic fever is a contagious disease originating in Africa. The disease is caused in humans by four of the five shepherd’s crook-shaped viruses in the Ebolavirus genus. The virus causes fever and headache in early stages but can lead to hemorrhaging, liver failure and kidney failure. Ebola is fatal in 50 to 90 percent of the cases of those infected. Due to the high mortality rate, Ebola virus is labeled as a Category A bioweapon. This places Ebola in the category among diseases such as anthrax and the plague. Ebola shares with them, similar mortality rates, ease of transmission or dissemination, and the potential to cause panic and a major public health crisis.

For the past forty years, random, isolated, outbreaks of Ebola would infect between ten and one hundred people. Once a person develops symptoms, the time between onset and incapacitation is brief, which previously contributed to the containment of the disease. Standard infectious disease protocols in hospitals were thought to be enough to prevent health care workers from being infected. This outbreak is different. It’s the largest ever recorded. At the time of this writing, more than 700 people are dead in the three small West African states of Sierra Leone, Liberia, and Guinea. More than 1300 people are infected. The already inadequate healthcare and government systems in these nations are failing to contain the disease.

Dr. Kent Brantly, age 33, is an American missionary who contracted Ebola while fighting the disease in Liberia. After displaying symptoms of the disease, he has returned to the US for treatment. For the first time, on August 2, 2014, at 11:20AM EDT, infecting the body of a native American, Ebola arrived on American soil. If this events and surrounding circumstances can be distilled, they contain the essence of the planetary energies active at that moment.

Here is the chart for this event:


Jupiter is in the 10th house. The 10th house itself belongs to Capricorn, home of large corporations, doctors, and fame. Jupiter rules the religious world, the national religion, priests, banks, foreign countries, travel, and wealth. As these energies manifest, news headlines are giving public recognition to a missionary laboring in foreign fields, employed by a large religious corporation, Samaritan’s Purse. Money is flowing, the World Health Organization (WHO) has announced $100 million in funding for their plan to address the “persistent threat” of the virus. The day after Dr. Brantly arrived in the US, the World Bank committed $200 million in emergency loans for Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone.

Uranus, who rules unusual people and new acquaintances is in Aries, and in the 7th house, which is associated with Libra, the sign of relationships. Libra is also the ascendant. As Aries is involved, decisions are being made at the top, and issued as directives, without any discussion. Uranus in the 7th means relationships are forming that are sudden, unstable, and irritating to those involved. We begin to fear strangers. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is sending 50 staff to West Africa, to advise health officials on controlling the disease. In March, the NIH awarded a $28 million grant to create a collaboration between the fifteen institutions who are studying treatment and prevention of Ebola. Tense relationships among local physicians and outsiders are to be expected. Forced collaboration among institutions who are normally competitors for resources is unlikely to be pleasant.

Among the population in the US, outcry was expressed as a fear storm in social-media, as Donald Trump tweeted his displeasure at bringing infected Americans back to the US. Normal relationships become stilted, strained, broken or distant, as people cope with suddenly being thrown together in unlikely alliances and uncomfortable situations with strange new people. Normal relations are suspended. A US travel warning was issued on July 31, advising against “nonessential” travel to Liberia, Guinea, and Sierra Leone. Nigeria is screening all airport passengers. British Airways has cut off the regularly scheduled flights between Britain and Sierra Leone and Liberia. The United Arab Emirates official airline, no longer flies to Guinea, and two African airlines, Arik and Asky are not flying to Liberia or Sierra Leone at this time. Alternative news media are reporting that the US border is too permeable, and “leaked documents” state dozens of people from Ebola-infected nations have been caught illegally crossing into the US.

Even as headlines advise, “Ebola virus…Here’s why you don’t need to panic,” The world is frightened. Margaret Chan, director-general of the WHO stated, “If the situation continues to deteriorate, the consequences can be catastrophic in terms of lost lives but also severe socioeconomic disruption and a high risk of spread to other countries.”

With such strong influence of Aquarius, and it’s ruling planet, Uranus, there are bound to be some new experiments, as Uranus rules the laboratory. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) now has plans to launch the phase one clinical trial of the Ebola vaccine as early as Fall, 2014, and if Big Pharma agrees, production of the vaccine will ramp up, and the vaccine will be available in 2015 to at-risk health workers.

Pluto is in the 4th house in Capricorn, opposing Venus in the 10th house, the house of Capricorn. This is potentially, the most malevolent set of aspects in the chart. it speaks of concealed activities that have bearing upon life and death, and don’t respect the rules or customs of polite society. Ponderous burdens placed upon people by corporations. Dark elements that roam at night, organized criminals (Big Pharma).

The bat, a creature of the night, is a very Plutonian symbol. The bat is thought to be the natural “reservoir” of the Ebola disease. The fruit bat is where the virus is present when unobserved or hidden, when there is no outbreak among humans. Bats are thought to be immune. Bats transmitting a disease to humans? It sounds like a novel in the vampire genre. Indeed, Pluto rules vampires too, and the people dying from Ebola look like they might be starring in a role in such a drama, as blood hemorrhages from every orifice.

The 4th house is associated with Cancer, that rules the homeland. It’s here at home where Pluto’s hidden activity is taking place. While everything appears civil, with Venus up in the 10th, in the public eye, secret organizations form closer relationships with government and Pluto is forcing us to transform our home through death and rebirth.

Monkeys are also carriers of the disease, but, like humans, suffer a high mortality rate. In areas of the world where Ebola outbreaks have happened, people commonly consume primates, even butchering carcasses found dead. Bats are caught fresh and made into a spicy stew. Ebola can also infect dogs and pigs. Pigs may suffer symptoms, but dogs may remain asymptomatic. With Pluto in the 4th house, even our domesticated animals can be participants in fostering the danger.

Pluto also rules secrets and all that is hidden. Until August 4th, 2014, treatment for Ebola only consisted of supportive therapy, such as oral rehydration and intravenous fluids, and other treatments to suppress or ameliorate symptoms. Both of the missionaries who were infected were given a highly experimental drug called Zmapp, referred to by the media a “mystery serum,” or a “secret serum,” that had previously only been tested on monkeys. This was so unusual that even the WHO spokesman, Gregory Hartl, stated that medical professionals, “cannot start using untested drugs in the middle of an outbreak, for various reasons.”

The process of creating this serum involves producing antibodies to Ebola by exposing mice to portions of the virus. The antibodies produced by the mice were harvested and used to treat the missionaries. An alternate procedure includes the antibodies being placed into tobacco plant cells, via bacteria. The plant creates antibodies that are then extracted, purified, and administered to the patient intravenously.

Of course, there is criticism of the method. The primary problem being that the process of changing these genes into human cells is not yet perfect. A chain is made among a deadly virus, mice, bacteria, tobacco, and humans. At several stages, the procedures can go awry, with unpredictable consequences.

Pluto is strong in this chart, with Mars and Saturn, in the 2nd house, in Scorpio, which is ruled by Pluto. The second house, associated with Taurus, has concerns about the physical body, and accumulation of resources. This speaks of Mars’ aggressive battles for funding, aggressive disease, and Saturn’s slow progress. Sierra Leone has deployed troops to impose quarantine. Families there have forcibly removed patients from hospitals. It has taken months for these steps to be taken. Here, martial law will be quickly imposed when an ill person emerges from the general population.

Venus is in Cancer in the 10th house. This speaks of the doctor’s public return to beloved home. Venus also governs women’s issues. Interesting that estrogen receptor drugs appear to be a viable pathway in the treatment of Ebola. Over 90 percent of mice treated with such drugs survived infection and treatment.

Mercury in this chart has only negative aspects. Solutions don’t come through rational means here. Much confusion among public officials, random tweets from celebrities, and public misinformation cloud any logical consideration of issues at hand. Measures are impulsive, spur-of-the moment, and stop-gap.

Amazingly, Neptune appears to have only positive aspects in the chart. Neptune, in Pisces, the sign it rules, in the 5th house, the house of Leo. Neptune has positive aspects to Mars, Saturn, and Pluto. All of these forces could possibly work in concert with one another, as they each make their aspect to Neptune. With Neptune’s placement in Leo, it also provides hope for the children who will face this crisis. Neptune rules large institutions, where the self is dissolved through the process of mortification, where experiences can be summarized in the common threads woven through the collective unconscious, such as, “We are all human.” To prevent this arrival of Ebola from being the harbinger of doom for America, Neptune brings a simple solution: Direct our strength, our systems, our struggle toward being fully human. We need only to recognize the humanity in others, in any form the other appears: In the midst of their suffering, or beneath their disguise. We will all be served if each one serves himself last.

Kimberly Kidd comes from a long line of spiritual servants and ecclesiastical traditions and is adding astrology to her universal ministry, symbolized by her North Node in Aquarius.

Cap Super Moon Gets Down To Business And Cap Michelle Obama Gets Illuminated

supermoon-01El Grande Luna

The Capricornian Super Moon has kicked in. Needless to say, you’ll be seeing plenty of pics of its swollen presence on FB, Instagram and Twitter. We live in an interesting and revolutionary time where our attention and the act of witnessing manifests in a global consciousness and awareness. The world wide web has emerged as a camera obscura for the collective soul. Every image of the Moon uploaded gives us a fractal view of our attention. Each image of Luna becomes a digital cell within the holographic projection. Events like a Super Moon or a World Cup championship match, also reveal this emerging single-eye of the human experience. BTW, tomorrow’s World Cup match between Argentina (4th Reich) vs Germany (3rd Reich) will take place under the Aquarian Moon, thus doubling the reach and scope of almost any event in modern history. On TV and the WWW, via social media channels and outlets, there will be more attention focused on this one event than more than any other in history. Without being explicit, it’s the closest we get as the world being held for a moment in time, as one.

As for this Super Moon, the first of three –in-row, it’s happening in the cardinal sign of Capricorn. Does proximity equal amplification? If the Moon is closer, do we feel it more? The general consensus is “yes.” Jim Berkland has made a career out of predicting quakes when a Super Moon occurs and it looks like Berkland’s theory about Earth movement and Super Moons is correct, since Japan just had another monster quake and Tsunami just off the shore of yes, Fukushima.

So if Super Moons can trigger quakes, then they can certainly serve as catalysts in our own lives. The Moon in Capricorn is in it’s detriment. Cool, detached and emotionally ambitious, this is a Moon that is wired for high-end survival. I just watched a video about a super-cooler called, “The Coolest” on FB. It’s got a battery, blender, light, blue-tooth speaker and smart compartments all built into it. It’s a super cooler that is still in the planning stages and the video is a fund raising tool. Coolers are Cancerian. The hold ice/water and are taken on family events (Cancer). But this cooler is the “coolest” and as it’s attached to Kickstarter, it gives it a super ambitious, Capricornian slant.

How will it affect you? Capricorn/Moon is invested in survival to some degree. It deals with emotions as transactions and achievements. It’s detached from the usual rules of engagement and as such, doesn’t conform to the Moon’s normal, sentimental standards. Under the Cap-Full-Moon, emotions are prioritized in a series of functional and hierarchical actions, because we’re dealing with Cardinal energy here.

If you want to eliminate the clingy, sentimental, emotional dross in your life, this swollen Moon will supply enough power so that you can suspend your sentimental side and detach. Anyone dealing with a partnership that isn’t working can jack into this Moon and use it to let go. Your disconnect does not make you a sociopath. Sometimes we have to do things that are not pretty or glossy to the world around us. Emotional choices are often unpopular. There is no good way to break up or say “good bye” but under this Moon, for both parties, the process is easier and in some cases inevitable.

If for some reason you or someone close to you is acting detached, you might consider it as being at the very least, a sign that things are cooling off or leading into a state of emotional, cryogenesis.

On the collective level, sometimes the Super Full Moon, can be very illuminating as it shines it’s luminescence on all things Capricornian. In the alternative press, well, underground alternative press, there’s a lot of , er juicy material around Michelle Obama being Michael Obama. It started last week when Joan Rivers blurted out that Obama is Gay and Michelle is a “Tranny.” A Super Moon ascending and trending towards her Sun at 26 Capricorn could be very, very revealing. Michelle has no birth time BTW. Very unusual for a public figure, but certainly in keeping with other birth mysteries within the White House. Here’s the Joan Rivers video, just in case you haven’t seen it yet.