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Ebola1c-SamsPurse_BrantlySamaritan’s Curse?

Ebola hemorrhagic fever is a contagious disease originating in Africa. The disease is caused in humans by four of the five shepherd’s crook-shaped viruses in the Ebolavirus genus. The virus causes fever and headache in early stages but can lead to hemorrhaging, liver failure and kidney failure. Ebola is fatal in 50 to 90 percent of the cases of those infected. Due to the high mortality rate, Ebola virus is labeled as a Category A bioweapon. This places Ebola in the category among diseases such as anthrax and the plague. Ebola shares with them, similar mortality rates, ease of transmission or dissemination, and the potential to cause panic and a major public health crisis.

For the past forty years, random, isolated, outbreaks of Ebola would infect between ten and one hundred people. Once a person develops symptoms, the time between onset and incapacitation is brief, which previously contributed to the containment of the disease. Standard infectious disease protocols in hospitals were thought to be enough to prevent health care workers from being infected. This outbreak is different. It’s the largest ever recorded. At the time of this writing, more than 700 people are dead in the three small West African states of Sierra Leone, Liberia, and Guinea. More than 1300 people are infected. The already inadequate healthcare and government systems in these nations are failing to contain the disease.

Dr. Kent Brantly, age 33, is an American missionary who contracted Ebola while fighting the disease in Liberia. After displaying symptoms of the disease, he has returned to the US for treatment. For the first time, on August 2, 2014, at 11:20AM EDT, infecting the body of a native American, Ebola arrived on American soil. If this events and surrounding circumstances can be distilled, they contain the essence of the planetary energies active at that moment.

Here is the chart for this event:


Jupiter is in the 10th house. The 10th house itself belongs to Capricorn, home of large corporations, doctors, and fame. Jupiter rules the religious world, the national religion, priests, banks, foreign countries, travel, and wealth. As these energies manifest, news headlines are giving public recognition to a missionary laboring in foreign fields, employed by a large religious corporation, Samaritan’s Purse. Money is flowing, the World Health Organization (WHO) has announced $100 million in funding for their plan to address the “persistent threat” of the virus. The day after Dr. Brantly arrived in the US, the World Bank committed $200 million in emergency loans for Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone.

Uranus, who rules unusual people and new acquaintances is in Aries, and in the 7th house, which is associated with Libra, the sign of relationships. Libra is also the ascendant. As Aries is involved, decisions are being made at the top, and issued as directives, without any discussion. Uranus in the 7th means relationships are forming that are sudden, unstable, and irritating to those involved. We begin to fear strangers. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is sending 50 staff to West Africa, to advise health officials on controlling the disease. In March, the NIH awarded a $28 million grant to create a collaboration between the fifteen institutions who are studying treatment and prevention of Ebola. Tense relationships among local physicians and outsiders are to be expected. Forced collaboration among institutions who are normally competitors for resources is unlikely to be pleasant.

Among the population in the US, outcry was expressed as a fear storm in social-media, as Donald Trump tweeted his displeasure at bringing infected Americans back to the US. Normal relationships become stilted, strained, broken or distant, as people cope with suddenly being thrown together in unlikely alliances and uncomfortable situations with strange new people. Normal relations are suspended. A US travel warning was issued on July 31, advising against “nonessential” travel to Liberia, Guinea, and Sierra Leone. Nigeria is screening all airport passengers. British Airways has cut off the regularly scheduled flights between Britain and Sierra Leone and Liberia. The United Arab Emirates official airline, no longer flies to Guinea, and two African airlines, Arik and Asky are not flying to Liberia or Sierra Leone at this time. Alternative news media are reporting that the US border is too permeable, and “leaked documents” state dozens of people from Ebola-infected nations have been caught illegally crossing into the US.

Even as headlines advise, “Ebola virus…Here’s why you don’t need to panic,” The world is frightened. Margaret Chan, director-general of the WHO stated, “If the situation continues to deteriorate, the consequences can be catastrophic in terms of lost lives but also severe socioeconomic disruption and a high risk of spread to other countries.”

With such strong influence of Aquarius, and it’s ruling planet, Uranus, there are bound to be some new experiments, as Uranus rules the laboratory. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) now has plans to launch the phase one clinical trial of the Ebola vaccine as early as Fall, 2014, and if Big Pharma agrees, production of the vaccine will ramp up, and the vaccine will be available in 2015 to at-risk health workers.

Pluto is in the 4th house in Capricorn, opposing Venus in the 10th house, the house of Capricorn. This is potentially, the most malevolent set of aspects in the chart. it speaks of concealed activities that have bearing upon life and death, and don’t respect the rules or customs of polite society. Ponderous burdens placed upon people by corporations. Dark elements that roam at night, organized criminals (Big Pharma).

The bat, a creature of the night, is a very Plutonian symbol. The bat is thought to be the natural “reservoir” of the Ebola disease. The fruit bat is where the virus is present when unobserved or hidden, when there is no outbreak among humans. Bats are thought to be immune. Bats transmitting a disease to humans? It sounds like a novel in the vampire genre. Indeed, Pluto rules vampires too, and the people dying from Ebola look like they might be starring in a role in such a drama, as blood hemorrhages from every orifice.

The 4th house is associated with Cancer, that rules the homeland. It’s here at home where Pluto’s hidden activity is taking place. While everything appears civil, with Venus up in the 10th, in the public eye, secret organizations form closer relationships with government and Pluto is forcing us to transform our home through death and rebirth.

Monkeys are also carriers of the disease, but, like humans, suffer a high mortality rate. In areas of the world where Ebola outbreaks have happened, people commonly consume primates, even butchering carcasses found dead. Bats are caught fresh and made into a spicy stew. Ebola can also infect dogs and pigs. Pigs may suffer symptoms, but dogs may remain asymptomatic. With Pluto in the 4th house, even our domesticated animals can be participants in fostering the danger.

Pluto also rules secrets and all that is hidden. Until August 4th, 2014, treatment for Ebola only consisted of supportive therapy, such as oral rehydration and intravenous fluids, and other treatments to suppress or ameliorate symptoms. Both of the missionaries who were infected were given a highly experimental drug called Zmapp, referred to by the media a “mystery serum,” or a “secret serum,” that had previously only been tested on monkeys. This was so unusual that even the WHO spokesman, Gregory Hartl, stated that medical professionals, “cannot start using untested drugs in the middle of an outbreak, for various reasons.”

The process of creating this serum involves producing antibodies to Ebola by exposing mice to portions of the virus. The antibodies produced by the mice were harvested and used to treat the missionaries. An alternate procedure includes the antibodies being placed into tobacco plant cells, via bacteria. The plant creates antibodies that are then extracted, purified, and administered to the patient intravenously.

Of course, there is criticism of the method. The primary problem being that the process of changing these genes into human cells is not yet perfect. A chain is made among a deadly virus, mice, bacteria, tobacco, and humans. At several stages, the procedures can go awry, with unpredictable consequences.

Pluto is strong in this chart, with Mars and Saturn, in the 2nd house, in Scorpio, which is ruled by Pluto. The second house, associated with Taurus, has concerns about the physical body, and accumulation of resources. This speaks of Mars’ aggressive battles for funding, aggressive disease, and Saturn’s slow progress. Sierra Leone has deployed troops to impose quarantine. Families there have forcibly removed patients from hospitals. It has taken months for these steps to be taken. Here, martial law will be quickly imposed when an ill person emerges from the general population.

Venus is in Cancer in the 10th house. This speaks of the doctor’s public return to beloved home. Venus also governs women’s issues. Interesting that estrogen receptor drugs appear to be a viable pathway in the treatment of Ebola. Over 90 percent of mice treated with such drugs survived infection and treatment.

Mercury in this chart has only negative aspects. Solutions don’t come through rational means here. Much confusion among public officials, random tweets from celebrities, and public misinformation cloud any logical consideration of issues at hand. Measures are impulsive, spur-of-the moment, and stop-gap.

Amazingly, Neptune appears to have only positive aspects in the chart. Neptune, in Pisces, the sign it rules, in the 5th house, the house of Leo. Neptune has positive aspects to Mars, Saturn, and Pluto. All of these forces could possibly work in concert with one another, as they each make their aspect to Neptune. With Neptune’s placement in Leo, it also provides hope for the children who will face this crisis. Neptune rules large institutions, where the self is dissolved through the process of mortification, where experiences can be summarized in the common threads woven through the collective unconscious, such as, “We are all human.” To prevent this arrival of Ebola from being the harbinger of doom for America, Neptune brings a simple solution: Direct our strength, our systems, our struggle toward being fully human. We need only to recognize the humanity in others, in any form the other appears: In the midst of their suffering, or beneath their disguise. We will all be served if each one serves himself last.

Kimberly Kidd comes from a long line of spiritual servants and ecclesiastical traditions and is adding astrology to her universal ministry, symbolized by her North Node in Aquarius.

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supermoon-01El Grande Luna

The Capricornian Super Moon has kicked in. Needless to say, you’ll be seeing plenty of pics of its swollen presence on FB, Instagram and Twitter. We live in an interesting and revolutionary time where our attention and the act of witnessing manifests in a global consciousness and awareness. The world wide web has emerged as a camera obscura for the collective soul. Every image of the Moon uploaded gives us a fractal view of our attention. Each image of Luna becomes a digital cell within the holographic projection. Events like a Super Moon or a World Cup championship match, also reveal this emerging single-eye of the human experience. BTW, tomorrow’s World Cup match between Argentina (4th Reich) vs Germany (3rd Reich) will take place under the Aquarian Moon, thus doubling the reach and scope of almost any event in modern history. On TV and the WWW, via social media channels and outlets, there will be more attention focused on this one event than more than any other in history. Without being explicit, it’s the closest we get as the world being held for a moment in time, as one.

As for this Super Moon, the first of three –in-row, it’s happening in the cardinal sign of Capricorn. Does proximity equal amplification? If the Moon is closer, do we feel it more? The general consensus is “yes.” Jim Berkland has made a career out of predicting quakes when a Super Moon occurs and it looks like Berkland’s theory about Earth movement and Super Moons is correct, since Japan just had another monster quake and Tsunami just off the shore of yes, Fukushima.

So if Super Moons can trigger quakes, then they can certainly serve as catalysts in our own lives. The Moon in Capricorn is in it’s detriment. Cool, detached and emotionally ambitious, this is a Moon that is wired for high-end survival. I just watched a video about a super-cooler called, “The Coolest” on FB. It’s got a battery, blender, light, blue-tooth speaker and smart compartments all built into it. It’s a super cooler that is still in the planning stages and the video is a fund raising tool. Coolers are Cancerian. The hold ice/water and are taken on family events (Cancer). But this cooler is the “coolest” and as it’s attached to Kickstarter, it gives it a super ambitious, Capricornian slant.

How will it affect you? Capricorn/Moon is invested in survival to some degree. It deals with emotions as transactions and achievements. It’s detached from the usual rules of engagement and as such, doesn’t conform to the Moon’s normal, sentimental standards. Under the Cap-Full-Moon, emotions are prioritized in a series of functional and hierarchical actions, because we’re dealing with Cardinal energy here.

If you want to eliminate the clingy, sentimental, emotional dross in your life, this swollen Moon will supply enough power so that you can suspend your sentimental side and detach. Anyone dealing with a partnership that isn’t working can jack into this Moon and use it to let go. Your disconnect does not make you a sociopath. Sometimes we have to do things that are not pretty or glossy to the world around us. Emotional choices are often unpopular. There is no good way to break up or say “good bye” but under this Moon, for both parties, the process is easier and in some cases inevitable.

If for some reason you or someone close to you is acting detached, you might consider it as being at the very least, a sign that things are cooling off or leading into a state of emotional, cryogenesis.

On the collective level, sometimes the Super Full Moon, can be very illuminating as it shines it’s luminescence on all things Capricornian. In the alternative press, well, underground alternative press, there’s a lot of , er juicy material around Michelle Obama being Michael Obama. It started last week when Joan Rivers blurted out that Obama is Gay and Michelle is a “Tranny.” A Super Moon ascending and trending towards her Sun at 26 Capricorn could be very, very revealing. Michelle has no birth time BTW. Very unusual for a public figure, but certainly in keeping with other birth mysteries within the White House. Here’s the Joan Rivers video, just in case you haven’t seen it yet.

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Shedding the rings of Saturn.

LeBron James is one of the more fascinating people to follow in the world of sports and while his athletic prowess no doubt contributes to it, there’s also something about James that sets him apart from other uber stars like Jordan, Magic, Kobe and Dr. J when he’s compared to them. But it’s not just the too and fro, the tug and pull on his legacy by the ghosts of the NBA’s past and present, but it’s the aura of expectation that’s doggedly followed him since he was plastered on the cover of Sports Illustrated as a high school player. It was as if we were being groomed for the coming of the messiah and indeed, when he joined the ranks of professionally paid men, as opposed to professionally paid boys, he was dubbed, “King James” by the media but he has been treated unlike his namesake many times over his career.

Something interesting happened in age six of the NBA finals against the San Antonio Spurs. First, let me just get this out of the way; ALL SPORTS ARE FIXED. There, I said it. And I love sports. In my heart of hearts, I know that my beloved A’s will never win the world series again in my lifetime unless MLB deems it necessary that they even arrive there in the first place. Last year, they stormed their way from eight games under .500 to beat Texas on the final day of the season capping what was one of baseball’s most unlikely runs in recent memory. ESPN and most of the East Coast media did everything in their power to ignore the A’s considerable achievements. Keep in mind that ESPN is owned by Disney, the company that’s responsible for creating alternate realities for you from the day you are born.

The A’s wound up drawing the Tigers who were sporting the eventual triple crown winner and MVP in Miguel Cabrera along with a handsome fastballer named Justin Verlander who could get it up to 100+ on the radar gun, then snuggle up to swimsuit goddess Kate Upton after the game. Whoever thought Detroit could be glamorous?

In game one of their playoff series, Verlander was on the mound against the A’s in Commerica Field in Detroit. While he was in good form, the generous and movable strike zone made him even better. It was as if home plate ump, Jim Reynolds was trying to lock in a wobbly star gate behind home plate. This made an already elite pitcher nearly invincible. Verlander was getting strike calls a good foot off the plate and a team that is noted for working the count and walking to get men on base were taken out of their game. They swung at horrible pitches and let good ones drop in for strikes. Their heads were as messed up as Lindsay Loahan’s after a nitrous oxide and Patron binge with Andy Dick at the Chateau Marmont.

They lost that game and wound up losing to the Tigers 3 games to 2, with the final one in Oakland, where you know who and the incredibly expanding strike zone was pitching.

Once MLB had the Yankees and Tigers playing for the right to go to the World Series, they were playing with house money. On the Detroit side, they had stars. On the Yankee side, they had legacy and the largest fan base in the country. Ideally, I think MLB would have loved to have seen the Cardinals get in again, but the Giants and their strange magic foiled their plans. But it didn’t matter. They could sell Cabrera, Verlander and Prince Fielder no matter who the Tigers played.

I got off the beaten path here a bit and I promise I will get to astrology and LeBron, but I had to exorcise some demons here.

You see, game six of the NBA finals was fixed. I am not Spurs fan. In fact, I have mostly given up on pro basketball for this very reason. I remember when it really hit home. I think it was 2006 and the Lakers were playing the Suns in the playoffs. The Suns were on fire. Steve Nash and Amare were on fire. They were the better team, but i was noticing how the laker players were able to beat up on the Suns with very few fouls called against them. Meanwhile, if the Suns wanted to play the game the same way the Lakers did, they would be penalized to the max. In fact, I had never seen more phantom calls go against one team in a series. Let’s be perfectly clear; David Stern wanted to, needed to have the Lakers in the finals since it would elevate the star status of a young Kobe Bryant, while also ensuring that the country’s largest media market would be tuned in for every game along the way.

Kobe’s rise would mean more jersey sales and more money for the league as a result. Who in their right mind would want to buy a Kurt Thomas jersey?

Stern can run his sports mafia with the owners any way he wants. It’s their business. But please, don’t try to con us into believing that fair play and balanced officiating are the league’s golden rules. They are not. The league is manipulated for a nubbier of reasons, but most of which are purely monetary.

So it didn’t surprise me one bit when San Antonio lost in such a heart breaking fashion. They had the Lawrence O’Brien trophy at court side, ready to present it to the Spurs when The Heat made their “miraculous” comeback contributing to San Antonio’s epic collapse.

During the fourth quarter, our poster boy, LeBron James, yes him, took off his iconic headband and took the game over while doing so. It was a powerfully symbolic gesture that might have longterm repercussions for James’ life and career.

James is a Capricorn, born 12/30/84, however his time of birth is unusually hard to find. Most charts have him as an Aries rising which is often the default for setting a chart without the birth time. It’s an interesting sidelight because there are people who think that LeBron is much older than his birth certificate suggests. Some people think that he was actually around twenty when he graduated from high school. Certainly as a Capricorn, he would show both physical and emotional maturity at an early age. We know he’s a Capricorn but what else can we determine from his chart as we get into some rectification and how does it relate to the LeBron saga of the 2013 playoffs?

I decided to set his TN on the ASC just like Nostradamus would have and look at his chat from that perspective, but when I started playing around with the late Taurus ASC which would put his TN spot on it, I stopped at 0 Taurus for a number of reasons. The first being that his strength is often compared to that of a bull. It also places his TN at the end of the 1st, but allows him to actualize his identity through the TN and the first house. Taurus is also associated with $$$ and King James has plenty of it.

One of the things that we can use as a marker is the placement of his Moon, which is in the 12th House, in Aries. James was rocked by a bit of scandal a few years back as his Cavalier team mate, the crazy Delonte West was rumored to be having an affair with James’ mother. The Moon in the 12th is scandalous and West’s Leo Sun show’s up in James’ fourth house or the house of the mother.

Friends like Maverick Carter and Rich Paul have played a large role in his life, going all the way back to high school. James has Venus and Mars in the 11th house of friends. Carter set up “The Announcement” where James sat one-on-one with Jim Gray for 30 minutes to tell the world that he was not going to play for the Cavaliers and instead, “take his talents to South Beach.” This was an egregious error on the part of both James and Carter, but with Mars in Pisces in the 11th, better judgment with friends is often sacrificed and LeBron became a sacrificial goat with aggressive Mars in the sign of the ultimate sacrificer. Remember, the 11th House rules media.

We can see his long term commitment to his childhood sweetheart, Savannah Brinson in the 7th House of relationships, where he has Saturn in Scorpio. Yes, he is going through his Saturn Return and this is significant. He’ll either marry Brinson in the off-season or they will likely split.

Jove, the god of good fortune resides in his 10th House of Fame and Career. It’s in Capricorn, so we can see him playing for a very long time. His Cap Sun is in the 9th and also nicely poised for athletic achievement. And while he never went to college, he is smart and even philosophical. When asked about his performance or lack thereof in clutch situations, James responded to his critics that they would get up the next day and return to their trivial lives (I’m paraphrasing here) and he would go back to being LeBron James and being really okay with that. it was as brazen as it can get with a pro athlete, who has a complex love/hate relationship with fans. They love and need them for the power transference and yet cannot stand them and even resent them at times. James came as close to any athlete in recent memory in admitting it as such.

All of this makes for some substantiation in this version of the rectified chart. But let’s get to the really good stuff.

In the fourth quarter of game six, James discarded his customary head band. He’s conscious of his receding hairline and the headband hides it somewhat. But keep in mind that he’s also a capricorn and ruled by Saturn. The headband on the chrome dome is symbolic of the ring of Saturn and James unyoked himself from it. In doing so, he led the Heat on a furious comeback, with lots of help from weird Joey Crawford. There was something defiant and out of character in that moment for James.

It’s been rumored for a while that he’s part of the quote-un-quote Illuminati’s stable of pro athletes. His pyramid mudras and Baphomet gestures don’t do much to dispel those rumors and yet, he hasn’t had that soul compromising moment that all the other great ones have had. Michael Jordan was told to retire early by David Stern due to his wild and dangerous gambling addiction. The Jordan had to deal with the strange death of his father James that had all the earmarkings of an ugly payback.

Kobe had his rape charges in Colorado

Magic had to deal with not just HIV, but unseemly rumors about multiple bi-sexual relationships, including one with Lakers owner, Jerry Buss.

James hasn’t had to deal with these extremely compromising life situations . . .yet. He’s ridden the waves of his natural talent while flirting with the heat of the dark side, acting the role of the villain gone south, rather than staying on to be the local hero. But somehow, I can’t undo the thought that James broke with his handlers two nights ago. That the casting off of the headband was more than just some totemic adjustment. Perhaps in the dark and dank world of David Stern’s Babylonian sports court, LeBron just might have broken ranks. We’ll see how it unfolds tonight as we approach the Supermoon in James’ own sign; Capricorn over the weekend.

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Its the cool Cap moon

The Capricorn full moon is upon us. In the natal chart, its one of the most mis-understood placements of the moon. People with Capricorn moon in their chart have incarnated to take on and learn about responsibility. Quite often they’re taxed with a parent that projects their lack of success or their own patterning of fear of failure onto their children. In many cases love becomes a material exchange between the parent and the child. If the child excels and succeeds, the parent will respond with love. This is not uncommon in the parent/child relationship, but with the Cap moon, it becomes the standard operating system. Unconditional love has a price to pay.

The Capricorn moon is usually seen as the mother, classically, it is the archetypal stage mom. However in the latter part of the 20th Century, with changing sex roles, it can also be the stay-at-home father, and this would raise a very different specter of the Cap moon.

Sometimes though, the Cap moon in the natal chart is simply a function of ones economic lot in life as well. One example would be being born into a family that has little resources, where both parents work, so the child with the Capricorn moon is forced into some form of contribution to the family early on. If they are one of the older children in a family with multiple kids, they’ll be the surrogate mom (or dad). Often Cap moon people work early in their lives and have paper routes, do baby sitting or keep the books for the family business. In many cases, the Cap moon individual has a truncated childhood. While their friends are out and about, splashing in puddles and exploring their worlds with the exuberance of innocence, the Cap moon child is practicing the violin, being shuttled back and forth to some practice or recital or changing a dirty diaper. How does this affect the Cap moon adult?

In the adult life of the Cap moon individual, feelings are often remote and there is an unspoken accounting for all emotional transactions. If there aren’t other aspects in the chart that can soften the Cap moon and allow for the individual to develop a sense of empathy and compassion, it can be more than just cool, it can be cruel and calculating, since the individual has become entrained with the notion of emotional reward based on some form of emotional achievement. As a result, there can be a sense of developing relationships based solely for their ability to move the individual with the Cap moon forward, both professionally and socially. The Cap moon individual creates a social hierarchy of who they will “invest” their time and energy with. Deep down though, these people want to be loved and liberated from their need to achieve to receive.

The plus side of the Cap moon manifests in the middle and later passages of the individuals life. If they’ve followed their moon, they’re usually in pretty good place financially by their forties and fifties, which means they are more inclined to retire early and begin to catch up on the childhood they lost. Slowly, they begin to shed layers of their conditioning and emotional armor. While life has beaten down many of their contemporaries, the individual with the Cap moon is just getting started. They discover the wonder of life and since Cap is an earth sign, they are very attuned to nature and find deep emotional resonance in the wild, alone or with others. Beneath the cool facade, Cap moon people are passionate and
earthy lovers. Once the ice melts, they can revel in the senses and enjoy long and extended sessions of love making. Its not uncommon for Cap moon people to marry older people in their youth and find younger lovers in their silver years.

Capricorn is also very connected to shamanic mystery traditions and if the person with the Cap moon has any interest in indigenous wisdom and healing, they would be willing students and given their penchant for preparation, fine teachers and translators of these traditions. The one thing that the Cap moon parent must watch out for is repeating the cycle of conditional love with their children. If they can wait a bit until they have achieved something of note for themselves, they can be very good parents that can provide for their children without sacrificing feeling.

People with Saturn either conjuncting or squaring the Moon can often exhibit the same challenges/transformations of the individual with the Cap moon.

As a collective, emotional resonator of this Cap moon, people are likely taking stock of their emotional and physical reserves. There’s a sense of lucidity in the air and not taking things for granted. Opposing the nurturing Sun in Cancer, we have the reverse of the alchemical marriage as the solar agency of will is in the feminine expression of Cancer, while the emotional component of the Moon is in the most masculine of the earth signs, Cap.

The inner dialog would include a lengthy conversation of how prepared are you to take care of those that you love, in almost any social condition? There would also be a look at how much the individual itself has to successfully navigate the latter years of their lives. Getting work done now is highlighted so that people can relax a bit and enjoy the 4th of July mid-week celebration.

On a meta-level, we’re staring down the dynamic of the US and the creeping corporate consciousness of US INC., versus the nostalgic image of America as a place where lives and dreams are nurtured and families indulge in the unquestioned hope of legacy. That’s not a given anymore. The nation as a whole is likely meditating on a future that looks a lot more like 1984 than 1954.

Take advantage of this Moon and take stock of your life, count your blessings and give thanks. Saddle up and learn how to extract water from a cactus, the wagon train is heading westward into the deep of unknown psychic territories.

On a bit of a side note, the Hadron Super Collider at CERN has apparently found the God particle. Well, the good news is, is that it might silence all those atheist scientists that have denied the existence of God. The bad news is, is that they now think they are God. In many ways, its a very Capricornian experience by using science and the apex of technological achievement in an attempt to name and harness the mystery of creation. God help us with that one.

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Capricorn Harbaugh climbs to the top

Don’t have a ton of time to launch an epic post, but I do want to pen a few thoughts before another day passes by. The first being that I want to give thanks to everyone who has supported me and my various sites throughout the year. I could not do what I do without the forest for this tree. Hell, I’ll even throw in some thanks for the maggots and the worms, since they’re gnawing away at the detritus of our culture. Also, big ups to the ever-widening gyre of accumulated awareness that gains greater traction and depth with each breath we take. Our souls are velcro to the universe of love.

Yesterday was Jim Harbaugh’s birthday. We call him “Hardballs” over on the Niner forum. The first year coach with a stellium in Capricorn; Sun/Merc/Venus/Mars, I’m getting a ringside seat of witnessing the grit and determination of getting the job done and climbing, step-by-step to the top.

Harbaugh took over a moribund team which had not had a winning season in over 7 years. The previous coaches were foolish, arrogant and overmatched–not ready for the rigors of the NFL. Harbaugh came in with absolute conviction and faith. Also, like a good Cap, he surrounded himself with excellent coaches. The result is that the Niners are 11-3 and in the playoffs for the first time in 8 years. He’s not the friendliest or diplomatic of coaches (leave that to his brother John, his exact cardinal square in Libra). Harbaugh can be gruff and suffers no fools, especially if they have press written across their chest. But like the great generals of history, his players have a fierce loyalty for him and he for them.

One of the things that I love about Harbaugh is that he doesn’t throw anyone under the bus. His players, even ones that suck are never tried in the court of public opinion. Its like he’s already at the top of the mountain, reaching out and raising up. Can he be an arrogant prick? Just ask his closest rival, Seahawks coach, Pete Carroll, who Harbaugh plays today. They’re almost mirrors of one another. Carroll is a Taurus and they are both really entrenched in a tribal culture. If we want to witness a positive manifestation of Capricorn, Jim Harbaugh gets my vote. And now for the antipode.


If you want something to put a little smile on your face for the holidays, have a look at this video. Its an excerpt from the Santa Cruz city council’s hearing on PG&E, Smart Meters and replacing them with analog meters. If you’re not hip to the smart meter trip, get there fast. California is on the frontlines of it. I’ve had Joshua Hart of Stop Smart Meters.Org on my show twice and his tireless advocacy to keep smart meters out of our homes seems to be gaining some traction.

In this video, you’ll see PG&E’s certified android repeating over and over again that there are “safety” issues with replacing smart meters with the old analog ones, that worked just fine before. Two families were experiencing health issues with their smart meters and replaced them. PG&E shut their power down and would not restore it until the PUC ruled on replacing them. That could take 60-90 days. The Santa Cruz City Council filleted the PG&E bot.

Here we see Cancer (home) pushing back on the borg-like consciousness of smart metering and corporate steamrolling. No one ever asked us if we wanted the smart meters. No real health tests had ever been carried out to determine the short and long term effects of them. This video at the very least, shows that humans are still alive and well on the eve of 2012.

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Pluto in Capricorn; City of eternal night.

The Moon and Venus were just in Capricorn. Venus slowly approaching Pluto. It’s time for us to review where we are with this titanic, monolithic, baphomertic, Plutonian beast now three-years deep into our social DNA . Ironically, I started this blog during the late degrees of Sagittarius, right around 28 degrees, just three degrees off my natal Jupiter and on the cusp of my 2nd House. However, it would be in the early degrees of Pluto in Cap where it would really take off. So in many ways, this blog is intrinsically linked to the goat from the underworld.

Pluto in Cap has been an intense journey into the bowels of my 2nd house. Its dredged up fears about survival and isolation. Early on in Pluto in Cap, I had a lover whose father played pro-football and molested her as a child, the most inviolate aspect of Pluto rising to the surface.

It’s no coincidence that we’re seeing it raise its grotesque countenance amidst the so-called charity of “Second Mile.” Oh yeah, that shit is Pluto in Capricorn. A so called benevolent foundation, right and respectable, giving kids from broken families a chance in life, with a fatherly figure like Jerry Sandusky giving them “hands on” guidance in life. Pluto is the expose of the most unthinkable; Violating young boys, fatherless and desperately looking for direction, acceptance and love.

2nd House is values, the root chakra, the most basic and fundamental issues in the life of the individual. Its where the shadow (Pluto) seeks to interpenetrate the most intimate confines of the soul as it manifests on the material plane. It is also where Pluto lives in the US chart at 28 degrees. Jerry Sandusky, born January 24th, 1944 his Venus is in Capricorn at 9 degrees. Yup. Squaring the progressed U.S. Moon in Libra at 6 degrees, currently conjuncting transiting Pluto. Even though its a ways out this country is going through its Pluto return and we’re starting to get ungodly glimpses at the seamy underbelly of it; sex, corruption and power. Sandusky is a skeleton key to a closet so dark we tremble at the disparity between the world we thought was safe and the one that truly exists. That’s the way it is boys and girls. No escaping it now.

(Editors note. Bernie Fine of Syracuse has just stepped down for being accused by three young men for sexually violating them. Fine is a Capricorn 0 degrees)

The serpents are being exposed to the light. Don’t turn away or we might miss our chance to make it right. You see, enlightenment doesn’t come cheap these days, those well worn affirmations are of little use. Its all about power now. Do you want to take it back or not? You have a choice. This isn’t the time for turning your other butt cheek. There are people playing a high stakes game of no limit hold’em with your future and your children’s future, and you’re not even aware that you’re at the table or if you are, you might have a shitty hand. You’ve gotta play it anyway. Look, if you want to be here now, you’ve gotta commit to the process from your core. Read the rest of this entry »

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DrunkensantaNow that’s the spirit!

So the holidays are here and I am going to give you your holiday survival guide based on the planets in transit. This applies to ALL signs. First off, from here until the 22nd, the Sun is in Sag. That means rollicking good times for everyone. Good cheer, toasting, etc. Everyone gets at least one free pass to do something really stupid, especially if it is powered by your favorite grog or mead. Honorary Sag, Todd Rundgren once said, “Anything worth doing, is worth over doing.” Now, of course, you cannot drive, because during this economic climate (and I will get to that later) local communities are hard up for cash, so catching even the most barely tipsy tippler is money in their bank. Walk or taxi when you go out and raise your glass to the spirit of the centaur. Remember, you get one pass to do something you might regret a little now, but at the end of your life, trust me, it won’t make that big of a deal and what the hell; Coronal Mass Ejection, Niburu, Disclosure, Cyberwars. Party like it’s 1999. You just never know. That leads me to the next holiday tip.

Don’t be cheap. No one likes a cheap date or a cheap skate. Dig down and leave a little extra on the tip tray. If you see a ragged bag man or woman, drop them a fiver instead of a one. There for the grace of God go you and I. It’s the holidays. Share your blessings, no matter how humble they are. This is the lesson of The Sun in Sag. Giving and living on faith.

Now, Sag is not the only energy in play. Mercury and Mars are both in Capricorn. This is great news for people that are looking to find ways to show their appreciation for others in a much more shall we say, frugal sense. If you’re buying gifts, go with cash. There are big time bargains out there. That’s the trend. Most people are eschewing credit cards, much to the chagrin of Chase, et al. Capricorn is also very, very resourceful. Look to barter. If you can exchange a skill for another skill or good, say, jams for a massage, or car repair for a gym membership, go for it. Capricorn supports that kind of creative exchange and it is more in the spirit of the season anyway. Don’t be afraid to barter–it builds community and really conveys the spirit of giving.

Then there’s Venus. Good old Venus. Try holding some mistletoe over the second chakra, unless of course you’re Al Gore’s massage therapist. Yes it’s a season to be nice, but also naughty as well (see the first paragraph). Don’t worry, cool headed Saturn in Libra is always there on the side, to put things back into balance. You can mess around or mess up and it all gets weighed up and parsed out. Everyone gets at least one pass.

Cresting with the peak of the season is the wild, full-lunar-eclipse, that will be visible in the eastern part of the skies in the US. This will happen on the 21st and will add a ton of confusion, especially if you’re traveling, throw in a little Merc retrograde in Capricorn and I would urge extra caution. It’s generally considered a bad time to travel during a full, lunar eclipse, so if you can get out of dodge before or after, I’d highly recommend it. Look for massive TSA hassles. If you work retail, God help you. Retail will experience a record number of returns this year.

So in a nutshell, here’s what you need to do to get through:

1) Lose yourself at least once.

2) Make sure you do not drive.

3) Look for bargains and barter.

4) Mistletoe low.

5) Chill under the eclipse.

And remember, be generous. Everyone hates a cheapskate.

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