America’s Ebola Chart, Pluto Unleashes The Covert Plague, De-Population And The Sick Economy

SPECIAL CONTRIBUTION BY KIMBERLY KIDD Samaritan’s Curse? Ebola hemorrhagic fever is a contagious disease originating in Africa. The disease is caused in humans by four of the five shepherd’s crook-shaped viruses in the Ebolavirus genus. The virus causes fever and headache in early stages but can lead to hemorrhaging, liver failure and kidney failure. Ebola […]


Sag(e) Tips For This Holiday Season

Now that’s the spirit! So the holidays are here and I am going to give you your holiday survival guide based on the planets in transit. This applies to ALL signs. First off, from here until the 22nd, the Sun is in Sag. That means rollicking good times for everyone. Good cheer, toasting, etc. Everyone […]


Farewell Captain

Ride, Captain, ride. Looking Up The clouds, like a herd of mute behemoths Dancing to an invisibly intructed rhythm, Burnish the horizon’s azure sombrero With images of determined impermanence, Leaving readers of the sky who Look for more than signs of weather, An atlas only of the imagination. (The Capt.) One of my favorite Fleetwood […], cheapest propecia online, brand name cialis