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supermoon-01El Grande Luna

The Capricornian Super Moon has kicked in. Needless to say, you’ll be seeing plenty of pics of its swollen presence on FB, Instagram and Twitter. We live in an interesting and revolutionary time where our attention and the act of witnessing manifests in a global consciousness and awareness. The world wide web has emerged as a camera obscura for the collective soul. Every image of the Moon uploaded gives us a fractal view of our attention. Each image of Luna becomes a digital cell within the holographic projection. Events like a Super Moon or a World Cup championship match, also reveal this emerging single-eye of the human experience. BTW, tomorrow’s World Cup match between Argentina (4th Reich) vs Germany (3rd Reich) will take place under the Aquarian Moon, thus doubling the reach and scope of almost any event in modern history. On TV and the WWW, via social media channels and outlets, there will be more attention focused on this one event than more than any other in history. Without being explicit, it’s the closest we get as the world being held for a moment in time, as one.

As for this Super Moon, the first of three –in-row, it’s happening in the cardinal sign of Capricorn. Does proximity equal amplification? If the Moon is closer, do we feel it more? The general consensus is “yes.” Jim Berkland has made a career out of predicting quakes when a Super Moon occurs and it looks like Berkland’s theory about Earth movement and Super Moons is correct, since Japan just had another monster quake and Tsunami just off the shore of yes, Fukushima.

So if Super Moons can trigger quakes, then they can certainly serve as catalysts in our own lives. The Moon in Capricorn is in it’s detriment. Cool, detached and emotionally ambitious, this is a Moon that is wired for high-end survival. I just watched a video about a super-cooler called, “The Coolest” on FB. It’s got a battery, blender, light, blue-tooth speaker and smart compartments all built into it. It’s a super cooler that is still in the planning stages and the video is a fund raising tool. Coolers are Cancerian. The hold ice/water and are taken on family events (Cancer). But this cooler is the “coolest” and as it’s attached to Kickstarter, it gives it a super ambitious, Capricornian slant.

How will it affect you? Capricorn/Moon is invested in survival to some degree. It deals with emotions as transactions and achievements. It’s detached from the usual rules of engagement and as such, doesn’t conform to the Moon’s normal, sentimental standards. Under the Cap-Full-Moon, emotions are prioritized in a series of functional and hierarchical actions, because we’re dealing with Cardinal energy here.

If you want to eliminate the clingy, sentimental, emotional dross in your life, this swollen Moon will supply enough power so that you can suspend your sentimental side and detach. Anyone dealing with a partnership that isn’t working can jack into this Moon and use it to let go. Your disconnect does not make you a sociopath. Sometimes we have to do things that are not pretty or glossy to the world around us. Emotional choices are often unpopular. There is no good way to break up or say “good bye” but under this Moon, for both parties, the process is easier and in some cases inevitable.

If for some reason you or someone close to you is acting detached, you might consider it as being at the very least, a sign that things are cooling off or leading into a state of emotional, cryogenesis.

On the collective level, sometimes the Super Full Moon, can be very illuminating as it shines it’s luminescence on all things Capricornian. In the alternative press, well, underground alternative press, there’s a lot of , er juicy material around Michelle Obama being Michael Obama. It started last week when Joan Rivers blurted out that Obama is Gay and Michelle is a “Tranny.” A Super Moon ascending and trending towards her Sun at 26 Capricorn could be very, very revealing. Michelle has no birth time BTW. Very unusual for a public figure, but certainly in keeping with other birth mysteries within the White House. Here’s the Joan Rivers video, just in case you haven’t seen it yet.

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Looks totally believable to me!

Breaking down Mad Men has become a national past time of sorts as the show’s creator, Matt Weiner has shown a propensity to layer the show with symbols and esoterica, ranging from the Kaballa, to gnosticism and even the zodiac. The symbol for Weiner’s production company is “The Sun” card from the Rider-Waite deck.

Last week on Mad Men, as the closing credits rolled, Jimi Hendrixes, “If Six Was Nine” dominated the ear space. It serves as a signifier of time, alerting the viewer that the year is 1969. Astrologically, 69 is also the symbol of Cancer, which will have a much prominent role in this week’s episode, “The Monolith.”

Mad Men itself is an exercise in Cancerian retrospection as the show bathes in nostalgia, surfacing businesses and brands that have long gone by the wayside. As a Cancerian vehicle for time travel, it also celebrates an important era in America’s (Cancerian country) evolution and development and in some ways is a poetic eulogy for the country itself as we see our collective past unspooled through the eyes of Madison Avenue, two hour lunches, ubiquitous atmospheres of nicotine clouds and ad campaigns that made us buy into the American dream with a full-fledged-abandon; our birthright to consume and court leisure and luxury like lesser deities to do our bidding.

Don is back at the bottom, where he started from, having agreed to harsh guidelines for his return, such as no drinking in his office and no solo meetings with clients. Don is on such a short leash, he may as well be hanging by a rope. In some ways, he is. Gone is his spacious office with the staggering skyline view of Manhattan. That belongs to Lou Avery, a cardigan wearing, dullard of a demi-urge who courts mediocrity at every turn, but has no problems displaying his fangs whenever Don is within pissing range.

Lou is Salieri to Don’s Mozart and Lou knows it.

Don’s half brother, Adam (first man) hanged himself as a blood sacrifice in some ways to protect Don’s identity, since Adam knew him as Dick, the whore mother’s son. Don is literally and figuratively a bastard.

Lane Pryce, one of the partners, also hanged himself and Don played a role in his demise as well. Now Don is occupying Lane’s old office, the place where Lane killed himself and he has become the Scapegoat of Cooper Sterling. Everyone from Burt, to Joan, to Peggy, to Lou, to Jim Cutler are ready to blame something on Don or direct their scorn in his general direction. Don is the hanged man.

This recent episode, is easily this season’s best and might be one of Weiner’s better offerings over the past few seasons, for reasons that are both sly and highly entertaining.

The year is 1969, it’s the same year that the Amazing Mets will stun the sporting world and capture the World Series. Of course, Don has pinned a Mets pennant to the wall, one that Lane had tacked up before him. The Mets were the underdog story of the 1960’s, that was until the New York Jets came along a few months later and did the same thing for New York and football when they stunned the heavily favored Colts. But we are getting way ahead of ourselves.

The Mets and Don were at that time, both losers, but if his narrative arc mirrors that of the Mets, by the end of this last season, Don, will be back on top.

He enters SCP and as the door of the elevator opens, he sees and notices the ominous looking, black elevator door opposite him. It’s a dead ringer for the Monolith that plays a central role in Stanley Kubrick’s 2001, A Space Odyssey, which had opened a year earlier, on 1/1/68.

This is just one, sly reference to not just 2001, but perhaps a nod to Jay Weidner’s work on Kubrick, The Shining and 2001, as we shall see.

The Monolith is also a reference to the IBM 360, a super computer that is brought in by Harry Crane. It serves as a sub-anchor to the 2001 theme as their version of Hal 4000, the super intelligent agent within the agency.

As Weiner often does, he’ll have a contrasting sub-plot snaking around the main theme. In this episode, it’s Roger Sterling’s daughter who has abandoned her husband and young child to live on a hippie commune in upstate New York, where they don’t even have electricity. The arrival of the IBM 360 is in direct opposition to Margaret’s retreat from both civilization and technology where she can live on a farm, pick fruit, smoke pot and screw. It’s not very far from Roger’s activities as of late. In a weird, art imitates life imitates art trip, Roger Sterling has been spending lots of time hanging out with his young GF who brings guys (and girls) home, where Roger can cut loose in an occasional orgy. It’s not that far off from another Sterling (Donald) who has had his own, Roger-esque issues as of late. But back to our story.

One third of 2001 takes place on the Moon and the Moon is like a member of the cast in this episode. As Roger spends the night at hippyville, he lays out under the stars with Margaret and she asks him about the Moon and putting a man on it.

Roger says, “We can put one on the roof.” Is this some sort of reference about the validity of the Moon landing in and of itself?

The journey to spring Margaret and return her to husband and son starts at SCP, where Roger’s secretary is chased down by Roger’s grandson, sporting red overalls and a blue shirt. I believe that this is a reference to The Shining, where Danny Torrance roamed the halls of The Stanley Hotel (note Kubrick’s first name and the same name as SCP’s art director) wearing blue overalls and a red shirt. Is Weiner hinting at Weidner’s research that The Shining is all show and tell and that the Moon landing never occurred?

Paintings, lights, furniture and sculpture all play a significant role in the underlying symbolism of Mad Men. Phallic symbolism plays a part in this episode as well. Here is Don in his office, throwing the one, modern convenience he has at his window; the typewriter. Just like the human, it too is an endangered species.

Notice Don’s lamp, which looks like a large, semi-erect cock, attached to a light. This is pure, uncut, illuminated symbolism. Is Weiner making a connection to the phallic worshipping cults and tribes of Central Asia and their new identity as bringers of the light, the illuminated ones?

In one scene, Roger is telling the partners at the SCP partners meeting that Don hasn’t clubbed anyone on the head yet like some gorilla. Again, this is a reference to 2001 and the first part of the epic trinity, where primal blood is shed in the shadow of the Monolith.

Don has a conversation with Lloyd, about not just the computer, but what it means. Lloyd is the head of the leasing company installing the computer. He calls the computer “a cosmic disturbance” and likens it to a god in the making. It’s here where we learn that it’s the IBM 360.

Of course, 360 is the number of degrees in the astrological wheel. It’s also a reference to the carousel, Don’s first, major campaign for Kodak and the slide projector. It’s what he is synonymous with. The carousel exists as a time machine, which can move backwards and forwards in time as light is projected through the color stained cells, which manifest as memories.

The carousel also turns up in 2001.

It is the famous wheel in the sky, the Moon orbiting Hilton. At the end of the episode, “On A Carousel” by The Hollies is the song that is matched with the closing credits.

Weiner is playing with other themes here as well, like the fall of man and the rise of the new man; The IBM 360 and AI. Staying with the 6 was 9 thread, Roger’s son-in-law, Brooks, was arrested while trying to spring his ex-wife from the hippy commune (hello Manson family and Megan as Sharon Tate). His bail was $180, exactly half of 360. 180 adds up to 9 as does 360. Flip one of the nines and you get 6 and 9. In the novel version of 2001, Hal 4000 was activated in 1996 or 96.

Here is Roger’s secretary eating an apple (taking a bite from the forbidden fruit and tree of knowledge. Don makes a reference to the apple as well, which serves as an analogy for the computer and the ripeness of it’s business potential, but also a nod to Apple, the company which would come to dominate personal computing in the next century.

There are always strange items floating in the background of Mad Men. Here is a Peter Max like painting, hanging in the background of Roger’s office. Notice the “Eye Of Horus” and the magus’s wand.

One of the other story lines from this episode is the courting of Burger Chef as a potential client. Again, we’re knee deep in Cancerian nostalgia as Weiner resurrects another lost and faded, American institution. At one point, Burger Chef was second only to McDonald’s when it came to burger franchises. Burger Chef, unlike McDonald’s flame broiled their burgers and allowed their diners to build them at a condiments bar.

With Jupiter, retrograde in Cancer, these road trips down memory lane are both poignant and a little unsettling as we realize that the innocence of those times is long past, a chapter forever closed in the rapidly mutating, story of America. In fact even Don himself is a ghost of a man from another time. He wears suits, ties and hats. He’s a hard drinking ladies man, with more than a dash of macho. Don can only exist in Weiner’s symbolic universe and the echoes from another time.

Drunk and macho Don lights into Lloyd from the computer leasing company, basically telling him that he knows who he is, inferring that Lloyd is the devil and has been doing this since “The dawn of time” which is another 2001 reference, referring to the ape section of Clarke’s trinity. Is Weiner also inferring that the Moon landing was nothing more than marketing and a sophisticated form of advertising while also being fully staged?

As we move outward from the Cardinal Cross and it’s intense, interpersonal fury, Mad Men, Kubrick, the Moon, are like Cancer’s distant signals, beaming back to us through time, giving us one, last gulp of what was and hoping that it will last us through the wasteland of what might be.

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Cancerian proportion maneyefests

Cancer is the most nostalgic sign. It is the soothing carrier wave that calls us home. It’s no coincidence that it rises at the time of the Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s a seasonal reminder of where we came from. In the summer of our minds the Sun was more golden than today, days longer, cares less burdened and the dream of youth would go on forever. In most of our minds at least, it’s a sentimental journey into a type of innocence that is deeply Cancerian, deeply Summer.

On FB I asked people what their best memories were of Summer when they were young. It was fairly universal; bike riding, catching some form of reptile or bug, the cool ocean, the creek, the woods, good times.

Those days are over for most of us and in many ways, long gone. It’s not as if we exaggerate the changes, like generations often do saying it was better or harder when they were young and in the case of my generation, it was. There was never a sense that the world is a dangerous place. We didn’t do playmates. We usually walked over to another kid’s house, knocked on the door and see if they wanted to play.

We didn’t have to wear helmets when we biked.

We weren’t basted with sun screen.

AM radio was worth at least 1-2 hours of entertainment.

Parents weren’t challenged by an existential dread that accompanies that trip today. We’ve been so bombarded by what could or might happen that it seems like our kids have missed out on the breezy rules of those times. Was it the first wave of young faces plastered on the backs of milk cartons that upped the ante on fear and concern? From a Bernaysian perspective, there couldn’t have been a better meme to spike us all with a mornings dose of anxiety. Think about it. You’re going to the refrigerator to get the most feminine of all essences, even if it did come from a cow–yes milk sourced from the teat of life no matter what species. It connects you back to your most innocent and primordial state; coffee, tea, or Fruit Loops. And there, just as we subliminally re-connected, we’re hit with a photo of some child who might not be drinking milk or maybe in some other place, far from the one that they use to.

Was it a well meant method of keeping these faces in front of us or was it a way for us to drink in the fear. Was this the beginning of the end of the innocence?

My good friend Lawrence Hultberg just told me about Catherine Austin Fitts’ “Popsicle Index.” Here’s Fitt’s explanation of the “PI”; “The Popsicle Index is the % of people who believe a child can leave their home, go to the nearest place to buy a popsicle or snack, and come home alone safely. For example, if you feel that 50% of your neighbors believe a child in your neighborhood would be safe, then your Popsicle Index is 50%. The Popsicle Index is based on gut level feelings of the people who have intimate knowledge of a place, rather than facts and figures.

The purpose of the Popsicle Index is to inspire continuos conversation and learning in every neighborhood and village on earth about what it means to feel safe and secure where you live and work, to be physically free to wander and roam without concern and to identify and shift the people and things that contribute or drain that feeling.”

I’d say the global PI at this time is pretty low

But Jupiter in Cancer summons our memories from a different time, memories of a less complicated world. Imagine the NSA scandal happening in 1973? Nixon wouldn’t have just been impeached, he would have done time in San Quentin. And now, our president vacations in Africa where his popularity is not in question. When things are hard at home, ya gotta hit the road.

Jupiter in Cancer has the power to retrieve memory in such a way that it can change and transform the social landscape. The last time it was in Cancer was in 2001, hitting on July 13th, a Friday, just mere months before 911. The power of this exalted influence was hijacked and we were given, no, force-fed a type of patriotism that rose in response to 911. We ate freedom fries instead of French Fries and were now forced to stand for “God Bless America” at every 7th inning, at every baseball game across the country. Bush, a Cancer was the folksy symbol for this faux-sentimentality.

This is how powerful Jupiter in Cancer is. The arch-mages casting charts on checkered floors in the courts of the royal bloodlines know this, especially as it sits in opposition of Pluto in Capricorn, the corporarcratic behemoth that was given an unholy birth in October of 2008, when the banking crisis hit this country like a green plague. It spawned “Too big too fail” whereas Jupiter in Cancer is popsicles for all.

From the jump, the energy itself was co-opted as quickly as could be the SCOTUS as they wasted no time in voting down DOMA. Now it could be seen as a different type of family that was defined on that day with the Moon in Aquarius, but the actual legal ground on which DOMA was repealed is shaky at best. It had nothing to do with constitutionality of DOMA, but was ruled that there was a moral animus against homosexual couples. Where is the basis of the legal writ? There is none. The ruling itself is a byproduct of subjective morality and that morality was determined by five people for the rest of us. The slippery slope here is that the court can use this type of “moral animus” for just about anything.

This happened with Mercury stationary, just about to go retrograde. They squeezed it in.

So from the jump, we were already dealing with an impacting aspect surrounding Jupiter in Cancer, but this is not the nostalgia of Cancer–that has yet to be played out. Thirteen years ago, we were shocked and traumatized by 911 and the Project For The New American Century was installed quickly in the aftermath of of collective bewilderment. And in the ensuing years, people are waking up and wising up, however, there’s a downside to our wakefulness and that’s a type of vigilance that’s a lot like waiting for the next show to drop. It’s like the kid that was beaten by a parent and tip toes around, wondering when the next lashing will occur. We’re awakening and it’s coming at a price.

However, we’re more in a place than we were in 2001 to appreciate the simple things like community, a shared meal over an open flame on a warm Summer day, a cold beer, a popsicle. It sounds trite and perhaps a tad-too-sentimental, but it’s only when we open ourselves to positive memories of caring, sharing and trusting can we escort them into this domain again, because the greatest weapon we have against the tyranny of the machine is kindness and looking after one another. That is the essence of Jupiter in Cancer. It expands into our conscious awareness and allows us to seefeel through the eyeheart of another. As a result, we can make amends for our past errors and address the grievances we have or are held against us.

One of my major concerns right now is the Zimmernan trial taking place in Florida. Between Paula Deen’s massive deconstruction with race as the ICBM that scored a direct hit to reputation and Jamie Foxx sporting his Trayvon Martin at the BET awards, I’m concerned that the racial fires are being stoked and that if Zimmerman walks, America might be in peril even though that Zimmerman isn’t Caucasian. He’s actually mixed. His mother is Afro-Peruvian, with black ancestry according to Wikipedia. Let’s hope that the waters of Jupiter in Cancer will wash away any moral animus in the wake of this case, no matter what happens. Our immediate future might depend upon it. By the way, Martin is Martian, which of course is derivation of Mars, the God of War.

So what’s it going to be like for all signs over the next twelve months with Jupiter in Cancer? Read on and discover your destiny:


Quite simply Aries, plant yourself wherever you are. Your meanderings and restless heart need solid ground no matter what’s taking place in your life. If the soil is hard, work it. Break it down and build it up. There’s no guarantee that the next stop will be any better. The sooner you start, the faster your process will take place. By the time Jupiter moves into the more amenable sign of Leo, you’ll be ready to claim the royal bounty as a result of your willingness to face yourself by staying where you are.


Expand your ability to think and communicate. If you ever wanted to learn a second or a third language, this would be a very good time. This Jupiter is oh-so mutually receptive to you. It loosens up your hard pack clay and you are supple, pliable and even moist. For those of you that are entrepreneurially inclined, starting your own business could be a good thing. Just make sure it includes flowers, scents and delicious things to eat. If you do, success is almost guaranteed.


It’s an astrological cliche that when Jupiter swings into the second house that ones providence rises in proportion to it’s snug position. So Gems and Gem rising, rest assured that the struggle to survive gets a twelve-month-reprieve and its not anything you’ll do, but what you’ve already done. Just make sure you finish the big ticket items and then sit back and watch the blessings roll in like the tide.


You’ve been waiting for this season for the last four years. Your Hejira has come to end of sorts. The hard cardinal angles are still going to bear down upon you, but you have a significant shield that makes life just a little easier, a little more trustworthy than it has been in recent memory. Dare I say that you’ll even be lucky? Luck is not some mystical force for the most part. It’s a type of mental/spiritual/emotional concordance that when achieved, allows for miracle and magic to manifest. Luck at it’s highest form is grace and you’ve got it. Stay humble and expand into what you do best. Love.


A spiritual home is just as important as a physical domain and for the next twelve months you’re in search of yours. It could lead you to Katmandu or The Alley Kat Bar & Grill, it doesn’t matter where, what does matter is how you feel when you are there or anywhere for that matter. Reality will be an inside out affair for you, so honor it and allow your inner life to bless you with a feeling of coming home, again and again and again.


Everyone needs a community and you are about to find yours. While you are not the consummate loner, your number is nine, the number of the hermit in the major arcana, so you do have your hermetic tendencies, which is not the same as being a loner. You’re okay with yourself and doing the things you like. Loners make choices to be separate and that’s another discussion altogether. That said, you are about to be met by others that are like minded and hearted and guess what? You’re prickly Virgo ass is gonna have some fun with your new found friends and if you’re paying attention, you’ll start something interesting with them, like a co-op, a farm or a film company that specializes in documentaries.


This cardinal magic hits you where you need it most–in your chosen profession–but not in a way that you think. You might think that this might mean a new job, a promotion, maybe even a new career. Well, those are all possible, but not the immediate payoff here. This aspect is about going deeply into what you do. Libra has a bit a of a bad rap as being an auteur, versus an artist and not knowing the difference between the two. You can bridge that gap by dropping down into your art/work and channeling as much empathy as possible. In so doing, your airy ideas are filled with thunderstorms and clouds of joy alike. Allow yourself to be touched and give your all, in all you do.


Activating your higher purpose has everything to do with your being able to transform the intensity of your life experience into something resembling faith. I look at someone like AAron Hernandez, the Patriots TE with the troubled past who is in jail awaiting a murder trial. Sometimes I wonder if the likes of Hernandez are here to channel the darkest parts of our nature, taking on our collective psychopathology like deadly empaths with brutal karma. I wonder this because he’s a Scorpio and somehow couldn’t transform the suffering of when he lost his father as a teen into some greater realization and higher ground. But that’s what you’re all about for the next 12 months. Don’t worry, you’re not going to want to kill anyone and it’s going to be easier than you think. You’re out of the darkness. Round up to the next, most positive emotion and oh, get away if you can. You need a really good vacation.


Jim Morrison was credited with being rock’s first shaman, though I think that’s being a tad generous. Shamans actually care about the life of the tribe and yet while there’s no doubt that the Lizard King could descend into raging fugue states, often with the help of powerful psychedelics and alcohol, I never got the sense he gave a shit about anyone other than Jim. Think of yourself as Morrison but without the heavy trips. Your plunge into the nether regions of the psyche will do you well. Regard it as an amazing journey into a psycho-spiritual realm, where you are renewed by sacral forces that bring with them sublime knowledge and an overwhelming sense of well being. But here’s the catch–unlike Morrison you have to care. If you don’t the sleeping dragon will not be kind to you–trust me.


Everyone’s heart has to melt sometime and guess what? This time is yours. Yes, your polar ice caps are gonna, drip, drip, drip away. That means the waters rise and with it, your emotional state as well. When that happens, people will sit up and take notice. You’ll be accessible and even approachable. Guess what that means? People get to see your softer side, you know, the one that’s actually interested in others. If you don’t play with this energy, well, you’ll miss out on a lot of meaningful emotions and maybe, just maybe true love. The other option? Well, you could remain steadfast in your in your serious profile, but you’d miss 12 months that could take 12 years off your life with the right person. Sounds like a good tradeoff to me.


I’m hard on Aquarius sometimes as I’ve seen not much good coming out of the manufactured revolutionary cycles and personalities that history has given us, like the Bolshevik Revolution, Saul Alinsky and The Beatles, but I refuse to give up on you since I have Chiron in Aquarius. I have to embrace my own revolutionary wound. Here’s something that might help us both; Radical Service. Ponder that one for a moment, because that’s your mission. Find ways to use your brilliance on behalf of others, not an ideal, but a real purpose. Bring some much needed compassion and you’ll dazzle the world with a new brand of care, an ideology that is love in action.


We come to the dreamer, the lover, the martyr, the paranoid, the saint. Yes, that’s you. What if I told you that you were going to get all that you want and more over the next twelve months, however, there would be one, simple caveat and that is that you would have to be unabashedly you. Yep. That’s right. No more hiding out or trying to fit in. Can’t get the prize wearing a disguise. Your triple-hot fudge-happiness-sunday cannot be savored unless you are willing to take the risk of the rest of the world seeing just how marvelous, kooky, spooky, weird sweet you are. If you do that, I promise that the next year will exceed even your wildest expectations.

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Isis emerges on the Cancer Moon

My friend, Ellis C. Taylor just added this bit about Madonna and the dates surrounding her performance. Keep this in mind as you read through the rest of the post. Ellis; “Here’s a little info you’ll find interesting if you are studying the MegaSpell: The Super Bowl (cauldron) rite took place on 5th February; as Robert says this was 173 days prior to the London Olympics. The High Priestess in attendance was Madonna, who had celebrated her 53rd (8) birthday 173 days previously, on 16th August 2011. Three years previous to this, on the same date in 2008, the venue ‘Lucas Oil Stadium’ was opened. Lucas means light, of course.”

Sometimes I just can’t help myself. I see some tasty ritual theater and I start to salivate just a little more. Sweat starts to seep through my palms. My blood pressure rises ever-so-slightly. I begin to immediately scan for symbols and clues.

The hunt is on!

Sunday’s Super Bore was no different. I just had to do a post on the game, easily the most disconnected and meaningless scrimmage of any importance I’ve seen between two teams at this level. This game will be remembered more for the pass Wes Welker didn’t catch than almost any other nondescript moment. Mario Manningham had a nice reception. Chase Blackburn, a guy who had been teaching just a few weeks ago had a key, late interception, but other than that, little else.

Football has changed so much since I was a kid. Gone are the days of the dominant running back. Players like OJ, Barry Sanders, Walter Payton and Tony Dorsett could carry teams on their shoulders. Running backs are becoming more and more faceless with every season. But that’s a different topic. This game felt unusually hollow. Empty. Devoid of what Bruce Lee called, “emotional content.” I’ve been watching Super Bowls since I was 10 and even when the games were crap, there was always a sense of some, underlying connectivity that collective events can occasionally drive; that’s the dangerous beauty of sport.

Think about it for moment. What other events, save elections are people all sharing their attention simultaneously? What’s interesting about the phenomenon is that its driven by a signal everyone receives, then that signal gets split into two, polarized currents. One group views the event positively, the other, negatively. It starts out in a unifying filed, then quickly bi-furcates everyone’s attention. During an event like the Super Bowl, in our own, disconnected way, we are one even though we segment off into respective and dual POV’s.


I still cannot quite put my finger on it, but the events leading up to the game bordered on the supernatural. All season long, the Green Bay Packers, last year’s winner were steamrolling their opponents. They had one mis-step late in the season, an inexplicable loss to the Kansas City Chiefs, but other than that, they were the Brahmins of the NFL. With their league best record, they had a week off and home field advantage. But something strange and tragic happened.

Just days before their big tilt against the Giants at Lambeau Field, a Packers assistant coach, Joe Philbin had a son go missing, The son, Michael was 21 and had been out in the woods near Oshkosh, with friends. But the timing of the events is more than a little curious.

It was reported that Michael had last spoke with someone at 2:15 AM on Sunday morning via phone and exhibited no signs of distress. Then he was reported as missing at 8:15 PM, Sunday. But it was also reported that a security guard from a nearby business had called in that someone had fallen through the ice of the Fox River at 2:38 AM on Sunday. Am I the only one that finds this more than a little weird? Young Philbin calls someone at 2:15 AM from his cell phone, then thirty-three minutes later, a security guard calls the fall in. Where the hell was the security guard and why did they wait until Monday to find Michael Philbin’s body?

Philbin’s death took a toll on the Packers. They were not at all prepared to play against the Giants. Michael Philbin had been around the team since he was 12. Green Bay played like they were in a trance. What’s really weird, was that his father spent the week after the Giants game interviewing for the head coaching position of the Miami Dolphins, a job that he got.

So let’s back this up. Joe Philbin’s son mysteriously dies at the tender young age of 21 and a week later, his father is selling himself to Dolphins owner, Stephen Ross. Maybe he was escaping his grief. I could see that. But I find so many aspects about this death to be utterly bizarre and some of which just don’t add up. Another oddity is that Michael Philbin had been convicted of two counts of sexual assault, which amounted to him basically having sex with two girls that had passed out from too much booze–so there’s another surreal layer to all of this.

The Giants stomped the Packers and traveled to San Francisco to take on the surging 49ers.


Its a very dark Sunday. The worst storm of the season has settled in the Bay Area. I get disturbing feelings ahead of the game. I’m a damned good remote viewer when it comes to sports. This year I picked 181 winners during the season. I had been zoned into the psychic DNA of the Niners in a big way. I was locked in. But something odd, really odd had occurred. Green Bay was supposed to win and play The Niners, but the death of Michael Philbin changed all that. It altered destiny and it tweaked the timeline. I knew it all week. I kept scanning the game and got nothing, except a creeping feeling that the Giants would win.

The Niners fought hard and really roughed up Eli Manning. But then some strange (there’s that word again) and inexplicable things happened to them. There was one play that could have been a fumble–a game changing fumble–late in the fourth quarter. But “after” the Niners recovered, the whistle blew. Instead of 1st and 10 at the NY 21, the Giants would punt the ball and take away the Niners last, best chance of winning.

In addition to the spotty call, SF’s defensive backs were flying all over the field. Twice, Eli Manning would throw balls into the air for interceptions and twice the Niner DBs would violently collide. Cornerback Tarrell Brown would have to leave the game on one of those hits from his teammate, Dashon Goldson. A few plays later, Manning picked on his replacement for six points and the decisive touchdown.

And then there’s Kyle Williams.

Forced into action due to an injury to Ted Ginn, Williams is a WR/Kick returner. During the game, he had two, key fumbles. One on a kickoff return, the other on a punt return, that would change the tide of the game and lead to the winning field goal. Kyle Williams had become the Niners scapegoat.

Just hours earlier, the Baltimore Ravens, coached by John Harbaugh, brother of Niners coach Jim Harbaugh, had his own bizarre moments. Playing against the New England Patriots in Foxboro (Fox River?) they were on the verge of winning when Lee Evans had a pass stripped out of his hands in the end zone with time running out of the game. Now normally, a play like that is and can be reviewed. But for whatever reason, the officials declined. Then it got really surreal. It was 3rd down, but the New England scoreboard said 4th down. The Ravens were confused and their kicker, who has a routine for each down, did the wrong routine and shanked the kick. Now they could have called timeout, but they didn’t. It was bizarre. It was like something had gripped them in the claw of a collective spell. I’ve never seen anything quite like it before. Billy Cundiff missed the kick and the Pats were on their way to Super Bowl XLVI. Both teams advanced in rather unusual, bordering on supernatural fashion.

There was something hollow about every aspect of the game. Reality felt, well, really off. A flat, nearly two-dimensional game fueled by empty commercials lacking any true wit or originality (lots of predictive programming though). I’ll get to those later, but now that I’ve set the stage for you, let’s get to the real purpose of the Super Bowl; The halftime ritual with Madonna.


The Super Bowl took place in the sign of Aquarius. Water bearer, sign of the New Age. Super Bowl Sunday was 173 days (11) from the start of the London, Olympics. Monday, a day after the Super Bowl marked the 60th anniversary of the Queen of England’s ascent to the throne (thanks Sarsen). The Super Bowl is the augur, the message bringer for the rites of the Sun King (Leo) in the year of jubilee. Madonna (whoever she is at this point) is also a Leo.

She hit the stage being pulled by a column of Roman soldiers, encased in what looks like giant palm fronds. She is brought to center stage where she emerges in a pool of golden light. This is the solar, male principle. The trumpets of judgment and tribulation herald her arrival.

Notice the figure playing the lyre. The lyre is the instrument used by Orpheus to seduce the gods of the underworld. It is symbolic of Aries, The Ram, due to its ram-like-shape. Ironically, the NFL just announced that the St. Louis “Rams” will play in London for one game each year (where they will be the home team) for the next three seasons.

Where else do we see the ram’s horns? In the crown of Isis. Interestingly enough, the lyre is also the alpha (upright) and the omega (upturned). It symbolizes beginning and end. When reversed, it becomes a symbol of Leo (think lion’s mane).

Once Madonna is revealed, bathed in the golden light of the Sun, she is of course wearing the crown of Isis.

On her throne, you can see just to the right of her, the symbol for the rune Dagez. It is generally associated with “breakthrough” but is literally a symbol of breaking light, or breaking dawn. Rapid illumination. It is announcing “The Dawn Of A New Day” and the arrival the “New Age.” Also take a quick note of the obligatory leopard print at the bottom of the throne and the two pillars (rods) on either side of her.

From there, Madonna breaks into “Vogue” a devotional anthem to gay clubbing and dancing. This is intentional. Everything about Madonna’s career has been about subversion. “Like a Virgin” isn’t about a girl’s first love. It’s about her first large cock. “Like A Prayer” has graphic innuendo about oral sex; “I’m down on my knees, I wanna take you there/In the midnight hour I can feel your power/Just like a prayer you know I’ll take you there.” We’ll revisit this song a little later.

So Madonna heralds the New Age with homoerotic beats beamed into millions of households (Moby thought this was really cool BTW). At one point, a single eye emerges on the stage in front of her.

It is the “Eye Of Horus” and not the last time we will pay tribute to it.

After she does the Trocadero Two step with Black Orpheus, she kicks into “Music” a rather innocuous club hit that did more for Sasha Baron Cohen’s career than hers. We get B-Boys in track suits, more lyre imagery and a surprisingly awkward Madonna (she claimed to be recovering from a pulled hammy), nearly falling off the stage.

Club goons and the oddly related LMFAO take the stage, sporting a mishmash of imagery, including zebra stripes and animal prints. They do a little shuffle with Madonna and then get into a weird leg dance with her that again, looks strangely awkward. Madonna was known for her dancing and frankly, its not coming through. Now we get to the real meat of the medley.

LMFAO leave and Madonna is joined by a squad of dancing cheerleaders with tiny Isis headbands, chanting her name. The colors have shifted to black and red. Red symbolizing blood, bloodlines, and menstrual flow. Madonna’s symbol is revealed.

It basically consists of two pyramids that form a “M” for Madonna, with a circle and a “X” in the circle. The two pyramids look like legs that are spread and you know, X marks the spot! You can also find the Freemasonic compass and square in the symbol, along with what appears to be a black widow (which is code for ” a widow’s son” aka Hiram Abiff). If you look in there, you’ll also see a deranged rabbit, yet another symbol of fertility and you guessed it; guardian of the rabbit hole.

“Give Me All Your Love” is like a football cheer, reminiscent of “Mickey” by Toni Basil, who might have been Madonna before Madonna. Anyway. Its a paean to utter narcism, asking everyone to give their love to Madonna. However there are some curious references in the song, like Madonna stating that, “She’s a different kind of girl.” We’ll explore this later.

Quickly she is joined by the multiple personality known as Nickki Minaj and the confused Tamil freedom fighter known as MIA, married to one of the scions of Zion, Benjamin Bronfman (nee Brewer). Nickki channels a fifth century demi-urge, while MIA gives America and the world, the middle finger.

At one point, the digital imagery shifts and becomes a grid of pyramids and diamonds forming an electronic being, a schematic for the new, virtual human. Man as robot. Also, if you take the inverted triangle that is the head (Kether) and superimposed it with the two, interpenetrated triangles at the bottom (Malkuth), you would get a Star of David.

Quickly the scene shifts and a drum corps with a slightly militaristic beat takes the stage. In the center is Madonna’s symbol encircled by a garland, reminiscent of the UN’s garland and two, five-pointed stars. She’s joined by Ceelo and they launch into “Open Your Heart” which quickly segues into “Like A Prayer” with both Madonna and Ceelo donning robes of the high priest and priestess. Here is where the imagery gets very interesting.

At 9:49, you can see what looks like a black sun forming in the background. This is the denouement. The black sun becomes a giant eye–an all seeing eye. This eye imagery will return at 11:00 minutes into the performance, this time projected onto the front of the stage.

Notice how the choir, Ceelo and Madonna are all donned in black, not white. This is a black mass. Behind them a golden pyramid is erected by shafts of light.

Here we see the “all-seeing-eye” in the foreground with another eye in background. Then the eye becomes a pyramid in the silvery blue of the Moon/Isis.

Then it shifts to gold again (Sun/Horus) and you can see in the background that the pyramid is upside down, denoting the watery aspect of the feminine expression (pyramid reversed) with the eye of Horus in the center, with shafts of light illuminating outward and downward below, the entire planet splayed across the front of the stage.

Madonna then disappears in a column of silver blue light as “World Peace” is plastered on the stage, then dissolves into digital shadows.

She arrives bathed in the golden light of a new day dawning and exits in the nocturnal light of Luna. Its important to note that the Moon had been in the last degrees of Cancer, squaring Libra in Saturn throughout the entire Super Bowl. The blending of light and color is of course an alchemical exercise in the reconciliation of opposites and the alchemical marriage through the act of invocation.

So what does it all mean?

Well, first of all, some of us are wondering if Madonna is even Madonna anymore. She sure as hell didn’t dance like Madonna. I also remember Madonna being a lot less leggy, more squat and dynamic. Then there’s that curious lyric from her new song; “Don’t play those stupid games cause I’m a different kind of girl.” What is this in reference to? Is she literally a different girl? Keep in mind that this was all lip-synched. I’m not clear if we’re in Faul McCartney territory just yet, but there is enough latitude for this to be at the very least, considered.

The ritual itself was a hyper-kinetic download into millions of zombified, guac-stuffed bodies and fermented brains. Its meant to go off at the symbolic level of the psyche, where symbols, not language assemble thought and entrain us to remember that we are the slaves of pharaohs and viziers who hold the “true knowledge.” Lastly, its a virtual temple, a symbolic portal to the grand mega ritual, that will be happening in London, where the Sun King, (William) will be initiated from “Horus the Younger” (Heru-pa-khered) to “Horus the Elder” (Heru-ur).

William is now in the Falklands on a mission. “Falklands” can be essentially translated into, “Land of the Falcons” or “Falcon Lands.” And what is the symbol of Horus? Prince William is getting his falcon wings, while Isis invokes his arrival, 173 days away.

But the thing that has really struck me is how common this symbolism is now. As Michael Hoffman has stated previously in his “revelation of the method” we are being initiated into this symbolic realm, purposefully, full on now. Its one thing to be aware of the symbols–its an entirely different matter to see them as part of a process of subtle initiation. There’s noticing and then there’s the noticing of the noticing.

In the end, Madonna’s super bowl ritual was a pedestrian and dull hammer to the brain. No matter how esoteric, it was as flat as everything else associated with the game. Maybe I’ll take a swipe at the commercials tomorrow.

Here’s a bonus pic. This is a rorschach of an image that I grabbed from the vogue sequence and enlarged. Would love to know what you see in it.

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Capricorn Harbaugh climbs to the top

Don’t have a ton of time to launch an epic post, but I do want to pen a few thoughts before another day passes by. The first being that I want to give thanks to everyone who has supported me and my various sites throughout the year. I could not do what I do without the forest for this tree. Hell, I’ll even throw in some thanks for the maggots and the worms, since they’re gnawing away at the detritus of our culture. Also, big ups to the ever-widening gyre of accumulated awareness that gains greater traction and depth with each breath we take. Our souls are velcro to the universe of love.

Yesterday was Jim Harbaugh’s birthday. We call him “Hardballs” over on the Niner forum. The first year coach with a stellium in Capricorn; Sun/Merc/Venus/Mars, I’m getting a ringside seat of witnessing the grit and determination of getting the job done and climbing, step-by-step to the top.

Harbaugh took over a moribund team which had not had a winning season in over 7 years. The previous coaches were foolish, arrogant and overmatched–not ready for the rigors of the NFL. Harbaugh came in with absolute conviction and faith. Also, like a good Cap, he surrounded himself with excellent coaches. The result is that the Niners are 11-3 and in the playoffs for the first time in 8 years. He’s not the friendliest or diplomatic of coaches (leave that to his brother John, his exact cardinal square in Libra). Harbaugh can be gruff and suffers no fools, especially if they have press written across their chest. But like the great generals of history, his players have a fierce loyalty for him and he for them.

One of the things that I love about Harbaugh is that he doesn’t throw anyone under the bus. His players, even ones that suck are never tried in the court of public opinion. Its like he’s already at the top of the mountain, reaching out and raising up. Can he be an arrogant prick? Just ask his closest rival, Seahawks coach, Pete Carroll, who Harbaugh plays today. They’re almost mirrors of one another. Carroll is a Taurus and they are both really entrenched in a tribal culture. If we want to witness a positive manifestation of Capricorn, Jim Harbaugh gets my vote. And now for the antipode.


If you want something to put a little smile on your face for the holidays, have a look at this video. Its an excerpt from the Santa Cruz city council’s hearing on PG&E, Smart Meters and replacing them with analog meters. If you’re not hip to the smart meter trip, get there fast. California is on the frontlines of it. I’ve had Joshua Hart of Stop Smart Meters.Org on my show twice and his tireless advocacy to keep smart meters out of our homes seems to be gaining some traction.

In this video, you’ll see PG&E’s certified android repeating over and over again that there are “safety” issues with replacing smart meters with the old analog ones, that worked just fine before. Two families were experiencing health issues with their smart meters and replaced them. PG&E shut their power down and would not restore it until the PUC ruled on replacing them. That could take 60-90 days. The Santa Cruz City Council filleted the PG&E bot.

Here we see Cancer (home) pushing back on the borg-like consciousness of smart metering and corporate steamrolling. No one ever asked us if we wanted the smart meters. No real health tests had ever been carried out to determine the short and long term effects of them. This video at the very least, shows that humans are still alive and well on the eve of 2012.

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Pluto in Capricorn; City of eternal night.

The Moon and Venus were just in Capricorn. Venus slowly approaching Pluto. It’s time for us to review where we are with this titanic, monolithic, baphomertic, Plutonian beast now three-years deep into our social DNA . Ironically, I started this blog during the late degrees of Sagittarius, right around 28 degrees, just three degrees off my natal Jupiter and on the cusp of my 2nd House. However, it would be in the early degrees of Pluto in Cap where it would really take off. So in many ways, this blog is intrinsically linked to the goat from the underworld.

Pluto in Cap has been an intense journey into the bowels of my 2nd house. Its dredged up fears about survival and isolation. Early on in Pluto in Cap, I had a lover whose father played pro-football and molested her as a child, the most inviolate aspect of Pluto rising to the surface.

It’s no coincidence that we’re seeing it raise its grotesque countenance amidst the so-called charity of “Second Mile.” Oh yeah, that shit is Pluto in Capricorn. A so called benevolent foundation, right and respectable, giving kids from broken families a chance in life, with a fatherly figure like Jerry Sandusky giving them “hands on” guidance in life. Pluto is the expose of the most unthinkable; Violating young boys, fatherless and desperately looking for direction, acceptance and love.

2nd House is values, the root chakra, the most basic and fundamental issues in the life of the individual. Its where the shadow (Pluto) seeks to interpenetrate the most intimate confines of the soul as it manifests on the material plane. It is also where Pluto lives in the US chart at 28 degrees. Jerry Sandusky, born January 24th, 1944 his Venus is in Capricorn at 9 degrees. Yup. Squaring the progressed U.S. Moon in Libra at 6 degrees, currently conjuncting transiting Pluto. Even though its a ways out this country is going through its Pluto return and we’re starting to get ungodly glimpses at the seamy underbelly of it; sex, corruption and power. Sandusky is a skeleton key to a closet so dark we tremble at the disparity between the world we thought was safe and the one that truly exists. That’s the way it is boys and girls. No escaping it now.

(Editors note. Bernie Fine of Syracuse has just stepped down for being accused by three young men for sexually violating them. Fine is a Capricorn 0 degrees)

The serpents are being exposed to the light. Don’t turn away or we might miss our chance to make it right. You see, enlightenment doesn’t come cheap these days, those well worn affirmations are of little use. Its all about power now. Do you want to take it back or not? You have a choice. This isn’t the time for turning your other butt cheek. There are people playing a high stakes game of no limit hold’em with your future and your children’s future, and you’re not even aware that you’re at the table or if you are, you might have a shitty hand. You’ve gotta play it anyway. Look, if you want to be here now, you’ve gotta commit to the process from your core. Read the rest of this entry »

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Where did it go?

The space is quiet. More still than other Sundays. Outside my window I can intermittently hear the leaves on my Avocado tree rustle up against the thick and burly trunk of the massive Redwood that stands so near it. These two are strange soul mates, so different in leaf type and purpose. The Redwood dwarfs it more and more with each passing year, blotting out more Sun in the process. If I owned this place, out of love, I would shear off a few branches of the mighty Redwood for that Avocado tree. Beyond them, the steady sound of the freeway is like a wind tunnel in the distance, producing airy octaves of steel rippling off the atmosphere. At this distance, it’s almost meditative.

The post I dropped on Friday is already having deep resonance for me. I woke up and the first thought I had was, “Where did the time go”? I flashed back on being eight-years-old and playing catch with my neighbor and it truly seemed just like yesterday. And then I realized that I have lived in this place now for two years, listening to the steady waltz of time through these trees.

It’s been two years since I left my home and the seed pod of my family behind. I cannot believe that much time has elapsed. It also seems like just yesterday when I hurtled down that concrete wind tunnel to a new life of sorts, more of a half life actually in the Bardo of separation. This is the power of the Cancer Moon in it’s final degrees, squaring off against a herd of ram; Mercury, Venus, Mars and Jupiter, all in Aries.

Squares create friction and spark, like flint on rock or steel. Provided with enough kindling (experience), burning embers begin to glow. With the Cardinal squares we have to be careful because if we’re not, we’re dealing with emotional bonfires that can quickly get out of control.

While The Cancer Moon provides the emphasis for deeper reflection and remembrance of what we call the past, that Cardinal energy is urging you to get going, get moving, asking you where you are in the priority of your own existence. Have you achieved your goals? Are goals even important? Are you at a point where you can be truly at peace with your life’s choices and decisions? How much “time” do you theoretically have left and what do you plan on doing with it? Is your life a sprawling picaresque woven together by seemingly random plot lines without an ending in sight or is it a tight novella, where you are carving out the main character and narrative with exquisite, yet very efficient detail? Questions like these emerge. In the background that Taurus Sun wants to make it all “real” and definable so that we can understand that our existence has a purpose.

Lives don’t turn out how we thought they would. Sometimes they are far better than we ever would have imagined. Other times we are crushed by the gravity of our choices, even if our programming has overridden the logic of what we “should” have done.

There is a stillness today, even as those martial planets are pressing in from all sides. I urge you to take advantage of the subtle void and know that it is never too late to choose how you want to live your life in accordance with your soul, for this is where we are the most happy and fulfilled. The Gods of steady and humble authentic expression are on your side. Love all that has been and all that is yet to be and the world will disappear into wholly new dimension of awareness, purpose and greater love.

Big shout outs to these sweet mothers: Aqua, Janet 11, Lemurian Love, EA, Lizet, KG (mother of an invisible brood) my own mother as well and any others I have neglected to mention. This day and everyday is yours. Gauisus Matris Dies.

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