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1913_2.jpgThe year that changed it all.

After getting rocked by Pluto’s move into my second house over the past couple of days, I’ve had to re-group a little to get the blog moving again. This Pluto thing ain’t no joke–lemme tell you..

So returning to the scene of the crime, 1913, before and after, we’ve looked at Woodrow Wilson, Albert Pike, John D. Rockefeller, Meyer Amschel Rothschild and Jacob Schiff, specifically, as their charts have played out in what I would call the greatest coup of all time. We looked at Pike’s nefarious network of illuminated influence and the incredulous prophecy that he shared with Giuseppe Mazinni, founder of “The Illuminati 2.0″ and The Mafia, how it has eerily played out and that the conditions for WWIII are self-assembling before our very eyes. We then looked at each ones chart to determine if there were some commonalities, a through line to see if we could connect aspects with intent. While I never clearly stated it, I believe that the four following planet/saspects do indeed play into the “amoral” behavior exhibited by this rogues gallery. The preponderance of Capricorn and Aquarius in the charts, especially Sun, Moon and Venus for Capricorn and Mars for Aquarius means something.

Capricorn and Aquarius are transpersonal planets and what I mean by that is, that individuals with heavily aspected charts in these two signs tend to have “larger” concerns, and project their interests and activities outwards, towards the world at large, trough business, government, economics and the re-formation of society, the latter, particularly as it relates to Aquarius.


Just have a look at Dick Cheney’s chart. He has Sun in Aquarius, Venus in Capricorn and Mercury in Aquarius. Venus in Capricorn lends itself towards a cold and unfeeling character in relationships, using personal relationships for personal gain and Aquarius, though capable of great genius and great humanity, it can also be a sign that is driven towards some radical. ideological end, especially as we have seen in the chart of Saul Alinsky. I think Cheney (Virgo Rising) is the perfect, modern, exemplar of how these aspects play out in a negative fashion and are manifested in parlaying his personal contacts through, The CFR, Halliburton, Brown, Kellog and Root, into a spot in The White House, no-bid contracts and helping re-build the infrastructure of the country that he helped bomb back into the middle ages, all wrapped up in stars and stripes, coldly exploiting the grief and fear of the American public to invade Iraq and get the party started on the heels of 911. That’s not to say that there are not positive, progressive and inspired examples of these two planets/signs and my good friend Twilight would take me to task if I didn’t proclaim such. All I am trying to establish is, is that people with a chart that has a preponderance of transpersonal planets/signsplacments, from Sag to Pisces, 9th to 12th houses, are more inclined to deal with the issues of the world at large, and if they do not have other aspects to support a positive or generative perspective, I do feel that they are more than casually inclined to be susceptible towards a radical disposition, especially one that sees them as the agency of elite rule, and a law unto themselves.

I also noted that The Moon in Virgo also showed a fair amount in the small sample set. Having been raised by two parents, both of whom have Moon in Virgo, I can personally attest to the critical nature of such a placement. I could only begin to imagine how that would manifest in the personality that had a much larger stake in the game and how it would not just be their offspring that they could be overly critical of, but the world at large, seeing the masses as fallible fodder, imperfect and exploitable. Read the rest of this entry »

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pj.jpgHoly bloodlines Batman!
So we return to the life and many lives of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. I am currently watching The Good Shepherd again and like clockwork, clues, hints and prompts in relation to Jolie abound. Yesterday, we looked at her chart, Cancer Ascendant, Gemini Sun, Aries Moon.

Her Venus in Cancer right on her ascendant is her calling card to the world, conferring grace and beauty onto her persona in abundance and a packed 9th house filled with her stellium in Aries (Mars, Moon, Jupiter, Mc and Chiron) makes for a busy, baby making momma. There are other slightly salacious aspects that I left out, such as her Pluto in Libra in her third house, the sign of sex and taboo in the house of siblings. Hmmmmmm? But let’s leave tacky those tabloid details alone for now.

The motivation behind the original intention of the previous post was the confounding news that Jolie is pregnant, yet again. I asked myself, with all of the hype surrounding global warming, carbon footprints, overpopulation, etc., one might think that The Jolie/Pitt clan would take a slightly more conservational approach to begating, especially since Jolie has toured the globe and seen the effects of overpopulation and poverty up close and personal. Perhaps the adopt one/have one philosophy has been co-opted by them to carry out some sort of macro-biological balance in the grand scheme of things, or perhaps, there is another intent behind their copious breeding.

In The Good Shepherd Jolie plays the long suffering wife of Edward Wilson (Matt Damon), a CIA lifer who graduated from Army intelligence to the first iteration of The CIA at the end of WW2. She meets Wilson (Damon) at a Skull and Bonesman retreat. Wilson (Damon) is Skull and Bones, as was his father. Jolie’s character, is the sister of Wilson’s Skull and Bones brother and she goes by the name of “Clover.”

Let’s stop the film right here for a second.

Not just anyone gets invited to Skull and Bones. It’s a highly selective group that is usually designated by bloodlines. Skull and Bones members include both GW Bush and John Kerry, who conveniently opposed one another during the 2004 election and when all hell broke loose in Ohio around the voter roles, and Diebold machines flipping votes like slot machines across the country, John Kerry conveniently stepped back in defeat, not challenging the veracity of the election results for a single moment. Without dissent, no debate about voting irregularity could take place. I suppose membership might have it’s privileges.

Here’s a brief bloodline rundown of the relationship between Bush and Kerry from “The Hubpages”;

“In 2004 George W. Bush ran as a “Republican” against “Democrat” John Forbes Kerry – his 16th cousin. These cousins, related to the same British and French monarchs, are also secret society brothers in the infamous Skull and Bones fraternity. John Kerry descends from King Henry II of England and Richard the Lionheart, leader of the third Christian crusade in 1189. He also has links to royalty in Albania, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Russia, Persia, and France, but still not enough royal genes to top George Bush.”

So Jolie’s character is born into a bloodline as was Damon’s character. Ironically, her nickname is “Clover” which is derived from the name, “Clovis,” who happens to be the son of Childeric, who was the son of Merovee. Merovee was said to have two fathers, one, a human, the other a sea beast, or “Bistea Neptunis” according to the historian, Priscus. Another name for the sea beast, was “The Quinotaur” or “Sea Bull” which is closely related to the “Sea Goat” or it’s modern version as “Capricorn.” Clovis united France under one faith, Christianity. He did this because his wife was a Roman Christian, but he also realized that a mono-theistic faith made it easier to rule and govern over people.


Jolie is related to The Hilary Rodham (Guyon) bloodline which comes from France, to Canada. Also related to Jolie are Madonna, Shania Twain, Alanis Morisette and Celine Dion. Clinton/Rodham is rumored to also be descended from The Kings of Navarre, but this has never been proven. Jolie’s baby daddy, Brad Pitt, is related to Barack Obama and Obama’s bloodline runs through William “The Lion King” of Scotland and Henry II. He and Pitt are also related to Cheney, Bush, Carter and Roosevelt. Bushes lineage can be traced back to Vlad The Impaler, Caesar and into the the dynasties of Egypt. So Brad Pitt, through his lineage, is related to the Merovingean bloodline. Together, he and Jolie form a blue-blooded-power couple.

As I’ve attempted to show in previous posts, the bloodline membership allows one wide access to a number of select organizations. The Rockefellers, one of thirteen blue bloodline families founded The Council On Foreign Relations, an organization that Jolie is now a member of. Before I go any further with Jolie’s bloodlines and groups, we need to take a look at Brad Pitt’s chart. Read the rest of this entry »

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Much has been written about Pluto’s move into Capricorn, by myself and thousands of other astrologers on the web. The energy of it’s titanic arrival is already pushing through the cellular membrane of the dominant paradigm via the melting economy. The cynically proverbial bait and switch is already in motion. Once Paulson got the money to Goldman Sachs, AIG, et al, the doors to buy up bad debt and are locked and sealed. The model that Paulson espoused to monetize the massive borrowing against our future has abruptly changed. Banks are hoarding cash instead of freeing it up for more loans and keeping the markets flowing. While the owners of crappy mortgages await for Obama to use the stroke of his golden quill to eliminate or at the very least alleviate their burdens, the rich just got a whole lot richer. With Bush being lamer than lame, Paulson seems to be running the show.

Keep in mind that the Christmas buying season, the one, last bastion for many retailers in the waning years of Bushco is nearly upon us and there is no chance whatsoever that people will spend the way that they have in years past, which means that we’ll see a record number of businesses fall by the wayside and with it scores of jobs.

Pluto will be conjunct The Sun on 21st of December, on the heels of The Winter Solstice and I have no doubt that we will feel the celestial reverberations of this aspect. There will be a clear signal Pluto has arrived.

So all of this prognosticating and pontificating is all well and good, but what can YOU do to not only survive but thrive in the weeks, months and years to come?

If we know anything about this monumental aspect, it’s that it is ultimately about tenacity, survival and endurance. It will cause us to shed layers of useless weight, both literally and figuratively. It’s is ultimately about “lightening up” so that our subtle bodies can vibrate at higher levels and be open to information and inspiration that will provide us with the clues and instructions for our collective awakening, thus, at it’s core, Pluto in Capricorn’s ultimate mission is the complete and total transformation of physical reality. You’ll have a choice (believe it or not) as to how you want that to look by how you shape it with you own thoughts, will and actions, because if you don’t, someone else will gladly do it for you. So here are ten “thrival” (thrive + survival) tips for essential living during the Pluto in Capricorn initiation.

I) Form community and neighborhood arcs.
That could include everything from storing seeds, water and other essential supplies for lean times ahead. This will help you to get to know your neighbors better and build alliances of trust and goodwill, as well as hedging your bets against possible shortages.

II) Buy in bulk.
This goes back to the community arc concept. By banding together and buying larger lots of goods, your costs will reduce and yet again, it will be an opportunity to grow closer to others, which will be essential at this time.

III) Shed the heavy weight NOW.
Don’t wait for Pluto to act upon you, blend with the energy. Sell, donate, recycle things in your life that no longer serve you and could serve someone else–this includes emotions, relationships, thoughts, concepts, beliefs and feelings, if outmoded and non-essential.

IV) Invest in your heath.
This is critical and vital. Look into highly rated air purifiers, water purifiers, a decent supply of supplements, including powerful anti-oxidants like acai, pomegranate, blueberry and green foods. Try to get organic whenever you can. This is where buying in bulk and the community arc can come in very handy, thus keeping rising costs down again.

V) Re-connect with simple joys and pleasures
Reclaim the innocence of child-like wonder. This is a sacred gift you can give to yourself.

VI) Explore the concept of longevity.
The energy behind Pluto in Capricorn is ripe for looking into not just living well into your silver years, but perhaps even far beyond them. Look into the teachings of The Breatharians principles of immortality by authors like Leonard Orr. This energy can unveil secrets of timelessness.

VII) Learn a tradable skill.
Many of us can’t even turn a wrench anymore, especially since our cars are nearly completely computerized and the auto, the old lab for home mechanics is essentially software on wheels, which needs to be tended to by trained techs. find one thing you can learn in a relatively short time that can bring you value if you need to offer your services in lieu of payment or simply want to do an exchange of time and effort with another that would benefit both parties.

VIII) Turn off your television.
This has always been a good thing, but now, more than ever, it will serve as an amplifier of fear and anxiety. Now that the broadcast signal will be purely digital, it means two things: the first being that the broadcast spectrum will be unified and that frequencies can be isolated and concentrated and not dispersed across a wide range. To use an agricultural analogy, they’ve managed to herd us into one, unified field, where, on a sub-sonic level, we will all be recipients of whatever is being sent through broadcast frequency. It’s also freed up the other spectrum, which curiously enough is being dedicated to white noise. Hmmmm?

IX) Learn about orgone.
Wilhelm Reich stumbled onto orgone when he was freeing himself from the clutches of Anna Freud and the emotionally repressive Freudians. Reich figured out that the reason most of humanity was unhappy was because they were fundamentally blocked on an energetic level, due to trauma, abuse etc. By freeing up these blocks, orgone (life force) could move more freely through the individual and thus allow greater access to creativity, joy and self-expression. Orgone will help deal with ELF’s, EMF’s and other negative, fear based frequencies, while allowing you to stay more centered in unsettling times.

X) Be as easy and gentle on yourself and others as you can.
The old yardsticks for measuring success and happiness will quickly become irrelevant. As such, many people will go through a critical process of self-judgement, one that has no redeeming value whatsoever. The game has changed and developing new measurements for self-worth are essential. It will also be crucial for people to not react when consensus reality goes sideways. Prepare now and the shocks won’t be as traumatic. Forgive others if they choose to cling to fear based models or if they cannot willingly embrace the concept of “communal autonomy and the authentic self.”

I’m sure that there will be many other suggestions that other folks have. Please feel free to share them here and use this space as a public exchange of ideas and support.

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cannon1.jpgToday is the day of days

As Saturn moves into its final stages of its epic opposition against Uranus, the moon stands still, stationed between Capricorn and Aquarius. For those unfamiliar with the void of course moon, here is a brief description of it from

When the Moon makes its final aspect with another planet before it enters the next zodiac sign, a phase which we call “Moon void of course” begins. The aspects used for the calculation of the void of course Moon are conjunction, opposition, square, trine and sextile. Aspects to the Moon’s Nodes, Lilith and Chiron are ignored. This phase ends with the ingress of the Moon into the next zodiac sign.

Some astrologers assume that the time of void of course Moon is best used for taking a rest, relaxing, meditating, turning inward, or simply for enjoying oneself. In any case, this is not a good time for important decisions or actions which require a positive outcome. The American astrologer Donna Cunningham, for example, advises to use this time for undemanding routine work like housekeeping or organising your desk. She even goes as far as to say that this time can be used for issues which you would prefer to remain unresolved.

I think its critical to anchor a positive and affirmative stance within ones self, however, unless you are channeling the archetype of the fool at all costs, I wouldn’t advocate a pollyanna attitude. That said, there are reports of riot police armed and ready to roll, should we experience the negativity of the void of course moon and the unbearable tension between Satun in Virgo (conservative and careful) vs. Uranus in Pisces (radical dispersal) should they manifest in voting improprieties, glitches, or foul play in general. The overall is mood is strained, an uneasy mix of utter ebullience and bottled-up, fist-clenching-rage, stuffed and buried after two, stolen, elections and close to 200 years of racial tension. Should the system beak down or fail us yet again, the opposition of two, major planets could polarize the populace in ways that will have not just immediate, but deep, and long ranging consequences for the entire world.

If you have any spiritual faith, invoke the highest degree of peace and sacred balance to be with you and others throughout the day.

In the last post, we looked at how modern psychology has played a tremendous role in shaping public opinion, from the marketplace to the voting polls, understanding the american psyche has been mission critical for those that wish to sell, govern and rule. We looked at how Reagan and his team framed his candidacy to appeal to “self-actualized” boomers as well as his conservative base and how the “Inner Directeds” were a key faction that swung the election Reagan’s way. We also touched briefly on how Bill Clinton and Tony Blair both took similar approaches to reaching into the minds the masses and getting elected. But we mostly looked at how GWB worked in concert with fundamentalist christian leadership to source a language and begin a meta-dialog that spoke directly to millions of rapturous, dispensationalists across the country.


He liberally used phrases from The Bible, which were also heard throughout the mega-churces and the cable networks around the country.

Phrases like, “works of wonder” were command codes, post-hypnotic suggestions that were linked up to feelings of connectedness and heightened, peak, emotiinal experiences experienced in numerous congregations. Bush and company not only formed and moved a voter base, which had grown in disenchantment (remember this piece) during the eight years of the socially liberal Clinton era, but bulit upon what was sparked by Newt Gingrich and his “Contract For A New America” during Clinton’s first term. They had inflamed a spark into a holy fire that would rage with intensity once Bush and his team began to fuel it with language and imagery that moved the far, christian right deeper into the political arena than ever before. But these weren’t your garden variety conservatives–these were rabid troops-cheering hard for the apocalypse. Bushco, in conjunction with large numbers of christian zionists moved not only to help determine the outcome of the election, but the obedience preached on Sunday came in very handy when all of the voter irregularities arose in 2000 and 2004. They did nothing.

Fast forward to 2008 and let’s take a quick look at the social disconnect and barely-bridled-rage that has been boiling ever since. Just like the conservative christian community reviled Bill Clinton, thanks to his assault on Waco and other abuses of power, the progressive, social justice, left-leaning electorate has been waiting for the one that will remind them that they are “the ones that we have been waiting for.” That person of course is Barack Obama. Read the rest of this entry »

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jesus_rambo.jpgI’m here to chew gum and kick some ass and I’m all out of gum.

I’ve been spending hours this weekend watching and ruminating on the alarming and fascinating BBS documentary, “The Century Of The Self.” It’s a four hour exploration on the role of modern psychology in the realms of politics and business. The individual that casts the longest shadow over the course of the four-hour-epic is Edward Bernays (Scorpio). We briefly touched upon Bernays and his relationship with his uncle, Sigmund Freud (Taurus) in the previous post. Bernays was the first person to employ his uncles work in the “service” of marketing and big business, and was eventually ushered into the chambers of the ruling elite to help them understand the sub-conscious motivations of the masses and in turn govern over them by appealing to their desires, or heightening their fears.

The documentary chronicles one of Bernays’ greatest achievements, which was staging a coup in Guatemala to remove The President of Guatemala, General Arbenz, who was threatening to reclaim the country’s resources, especially it’s cash crop, which at that time was bananas. This made United Fruit, the largest grower and exporter of bananas very uncomfortable. The thought of Guatemala nationalizing fruit production and exportation at their expense was none-too-appealing. So they hired Bernays, who knew both through focus groups and the climate of the times that the greatest threat to the average US citizen at the time was Communism. The cold war was on and the red threat was ubiquitous. Bernays knew that if he could convince enough people that The Russians were going to turn Guatemala into a communist state, that just hundreds of miles from The US, the red threat would be a red reality. So he flew a group of journalists to Guatemala and fed them pure propaganda regarding Arbenz. He showed them Marxist art that he ascribed to the Arbenz regime, when in fact, it was created by artists hired by Bernays. He staged a large protest against Arbenz, using United Fruit workers, paying them to carry anti-communist, Arbenz signs, shout slogans, etc. By the time the journalists left Guatemala, they were convinced that The Latin Stalin was living right next door.

This couldn’t be further from the truth as Arbenz was a socialist democrat, but the wheels and then the presses were in motion. Out came the stories that painted Arbenz in a decidedly red light. There was enough fabricated furor that money was raised by congress and the senate to fund an insurgent force to oust Arbenz, which of course happened. United Fruit got its way and Bernays drafted a blueprint which is still employed to this day, often to perfection.

Eventually the film looks at how politics embraces Bernays’ approach, but only as it evolves through the likes of Wilhelm Reich, Fritz Perls, Abraham Maslow and Werner Erhard. These pivotal thinkers and therapists pioneered a different model of self-actualization, which was based on freeing and liberating the self from its fears, criticisms, guilt and pain. Unlike the Freudians who sought to tame, corral and restrain the primal urges that swirl beneath the surface of the psyche, and thought that by doing so, they could create socially responsible citizens willing to conform to democracy, The Post-Freudians saw a different type of self that could emerge, be more independent and self-governing, “individuated” as Jung would describe the typology.


But the problem was, was that these self-actualized types hatched out of incubators like Esalen, were not driven to purchase and consume in the same ways that people in the forties and the fifties did. As a result, they had to employ a new strategy to get inside their heads and employing intensive testing and research through Stanford Research Institute they found that these type-less-types actually could be identified and marketed to. In an odd twist of fate it was these self-actualized types, known as “The Inner Directeds” were pivotal in getting Reagan elected. Reagan went far beyond his conservative base and used language that connected to their sense of individuality. It was their buying into Reagans promise of limited government that inspired ex-radicals like Jerry Rubin to crossover to the dark side. The Reagan camp knew this and tailored their campaign to reach out to them.

The Clinton administration also employed deep psychology to get elected during his first term and then reached out to Dick Morris to take further advantage of knowing the dreams and aspirations of the public and acting upon them to get elected for a second term. The Tony Blair camp grafted exactly the same strategies that they had studied and learned from Dick Morris’ team in 1996 to get Blair and a “New Labour” elected. Read the rest of this entry »

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