Albert Pike

Star Of The Day — December 28th — Woodrow Wilson — Corporate Enabler, Debt Issuer, Agent Of Pluto In Capricorn, PT 7, Transpersonal Burden, The Birth Of Zionsim, Conflict Moving Through Time

The year that changed it all. After getting rocked by Pluto’s move into my second house over the past couple of days, I’ve had to re-group a little to get the blog moving again. This Pluto thing ain’t no joke–lemme tell you.. So returning to the scene of the crime, 1913, before and after, we’ve […]


The Rise Of Meta Psychology Part 2 — Social Progressive Programming, Obama As Secular Christ, Neptune In Aquarius/Neptune In Scorpio Dream Theater

Today is the day of days As Saturn moves into its final stages of its epic opposition against Uranus, the moon stands still, stationed between Capricorn and Aquarius. For those unfamiliar with the void of course moon, here is a brief description of it from astro.com: When the Moon makes its final aspect with another […]


The Rise Of Meta Psychology, Mass Religious Programming And The Abduction Of Christ, Under Neptune In Aquarius/Pluto In Sag

I’m here to chew gum and kick some ass and I’m all out of gum. I’ve been spending hours this weekend watching and ruminating on the alarming and fascinating BBS documentary, “The Century Of The Self.” It’s a four hour exploration on the role of modern psychology in the realms of politics and business. The […]