Star Of The Day — February 28th — Brian Jones — The Mystery Of Death Revealed?

jonesmontStone dead.

A little late in the day, but feel like this is worth posting for a number of reasons. As the final hours fade from the last day of February, we look at the life of Brian Jones, one of the founders of The Rolling Stones along with being one of the most popular musicians of the sixties.

Jones was born 0n 2/28 1942, in Cheltenham, UK. There is no definitive chart with ascendant for Jones, but based on his history, we know that he was born on a Saturday night. which would either make him a Libra or Virgo rising. Two writers from the same website debate one anothers rectification and while they do come to any sort of agreement, their back and forth is fairly entertaining.

Jones was a Pisces Sun with a Leo Moon. His Mercury was in Aquarius and the three lead planets in is chart connote elements of artistry, showmanship and keen intellect. His Moon and Mercury are in opposition and might have kept him from trusting either one for sustained periods of time. I believe this on/off mode made it difficult for him to see what was taking place within The Stones as Mick Jagger began to supplant Jones as the leader of the group by a number of different means, including bonding with Keith Richards, who had originally started The Stones with his childhood chum, Brian Jones. Keep in mind that Jagger is a Leo Sun and his Sun was conjunct Jones’ Moon. In this alignment, Jagger/Sun takes on the masculine role, while Jones/Moon, the feminine. Did Jones’ Leo Moon make him defer to the more dominant Sun of Jagger? Did his Moon not allow him to see Jagger’s subtle subterfuge and when he did moving to the other pole of the opposition in Mercury/Aquarius, taking a more objective stance, what caused him to slide back into the submissive, lunar position? Was Jones pining for some kind of approval from Jagger and his more dominant Leo Sun? To complicate matters even more in this highly complex battle of egos and need for approval, Jaggers Pluto in Leo, Jupiter in Leo and Mercury in Leo were also all conjunct Jones’ Leo Moon. Lastly and perhaps most importantly, Jagger’s Pluto in Leo at 6 degrees was conjunct Jones’ Chiron in Leo at 9 degrees. I believe that this conjunction was what made Jones so vulnerable to Jagger and Jagger, so obviously keyed into power and it’s attendant manifestations used this against Jones.

Recently, a new online pal (Beany Bird) from Twitter turned me onto Magi Astrology, which I am slowly learning about. One of the main differences between traditional Western astrology and Magi astrology is how they view Chiron. The traditional view of Chiron is that of “The Wounded Healer.” In Magi Astrology, it’s assigned to the task of defining and assigning our true love and soulmate. Much like how there are two views of The Mayan count (Arguelles/Jenkins) and how they might actually reinforce one another, like masculine/feminine. light/dark, etc, perhaps these two versions of Chiron are not mutually exclusive of one another and that through the wound and reparation of separation, we find the value and vibration of a true love. If this were the case then The Chrion/Pluto conjunction these two shared becomes even more complex and hints at homo-eroticism, shadow projection, un-requited love and even cruelty. Continue reading “Star Of The Day — February 28th — Brian Jones — The Mystery Of Death Revealed?”