The Blue Light Special–Anti-Christian Sign Of The Times?


A lot of people have asked me about the “Blue Light Special” that flashed in Norway last week. You know, the mysterious blue spiral that was pawned off as a “russian missile.” I was hesitant to assign any meaning to this phenomenon initially. My instincts tell me to trust very little and do my best to look behind the scenes and often the scenes behind the scene of the scene. Theories started rolling in; Project Bluebeam, HAARP in Tromso (not far from the projection of the beam) and even CERN, but the more that I dig, the more that certain evidence and clues begin to emerge.


As I surfed the web, I began to move closer and closer the visage of Maitreya. In case you don’t know, Maitreya has been offered up as the “Coming Of The Christ” for decades now by Benjamin Creme. Creme, an artist, with reputed links to MI5/6 has been stumping for Maitreya for years. I first came across Creme back in the eighties when he was on “New Dimensions” radio on KPFA. In conspiratorial circles, Maitreya has been synonymous with The NWO and it’s presumptive, spiritual figurehead, Maitreya. When Bill Cooper was alive, he talked about how there had been active forms of discussion and negotiation as to who would be the spiritual leader of the new world order between Maitreya and the now deceased pope. Looks like through sheer longevity, Maitreya won out.

Benjamin Creme has been touting that a “blue light” would signal the arrival of “The Christ” for years ( To be clear about this point, Share Intl. first stated this publicly last year on 12/12/09 ) and now on their website, Share International, they are indeed making the link between the blue spiral and Maitreya. The event is like a new age version of the light of the Magi, presaging the arrival of hype, I mean hope. There is also very little coincidence that Obama, was also in Norway at the same time as the blue spiral entered into our consciousness. We have been inundated with the spiritual imagery of Obama since he splashed onto the scene. Will Smith, has called Obama, “a flashpoint in consciousness.” Now we have him accepting The Nobel, back lit by the blue light of Maitreya. Whether the spiral was generated by HAARP/Tromso in Norway, powered by a surge of CERN or not, we are beginning to make links around this event and first Obama and now Maitreya. We may not see another blue spiral, but I don’t think we’re done with this sort of phenomenon.

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