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Suspect Dies BaltimoreWhat happens when you mix black and white? You get Gray.

In Baltimore, under the last degrees of Venus in Gemini, the poles of duality finally clash and the result is Gray, as in Freddie Gray. I can almost set my calendar to this social kindling, the bonfires of the ignorant and sleeping.

All hell broke loose on the 25th of April, Sun in early Taurus, fixed, stubborn and determined. Venus was in the second Decan, Libra, which is, the scales of justice. It’s now in the third Decan, Aquarius and the drama is getting played out on social media, the vox populi of the Aquarian Age. What’s quite revealing in that realm is that there are links between activists and all around professional shit disturbers that connect Ferguson and Baltimore.

These are hired guns, employed to fan the flames of social unrest higher and higher. Keep in mind that Fox News broke the story, and they have their own agenda, but it’s worth looking into. This shouldn’t surprise anyone as these the methods were devised by Saul Alinsky in “Rules For Radicals.” None of this is bringing us closer together and that my dear readers is the point. Read the rest of this entry »

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fishtomatoVirgo Rising, Pisces Sun. Welcome to the new America

Well, I suppose we had to have the dramatic Pluto/Uranus square step in before I did part two of this. Well, that and I had a big baseball weekend for my son, so here we are looking int the future of the USA. One of the things that really jumped out at me from this chart is that early on in Obama’s first term, he made the proclamation that America will lead from behind. There were a lot of ways to interpret this declaration. His critics suggested he was weak and that intention would lead America to be bullied by any number of forces or nation states throughout the world. His supporters applauded the sentiment, having tired of wars in Iraq, and Afghanistan.

The embarrassment of Abu Ghraib and the ongoing defilement of human rights at Guantonomo. Bush’s Texas styled global justice and the “spreading of democracy” had left many Americans weary, shame riddled and powerless in the face of Neocon, full spectrum dominance, who were high off the 911 ritual, flush with cash and armed with Patriot Act, which gave them permission, to preemptively dec;are war without approval, spy on potential victims and torture without reprisal. The mood of the country was dark, depressed and hollowed out. The financial crisis of 2008 wasn’t just a material bankruptcy, Americans had been left with little hope and their emotional and spiritual bank accounts were equally drained.

When Obama came in and intoned that we would lead from behind, it was in many ways a sigh of relief. Leading from the front didn’t look that good anymore. The Virgo Ascendant reflects not only that sentiment, but it’s actuality. The Sag ascendant of the original chart, which has expansion as it’s energetic expression, has given way to a more conservative and service oriented nation. With this ascendant, the USA should not be in the business of spreading anything, let alone democracy. The thrust here is to serve and come to the aid of others. Healing is also an aspect of this ASC.

One could make a case that the latest foray into West Africa to deal and heal with Ebola could very well reflect this ascendant, if the intention is to actually heal, versus using it as a pretext for other covert acts and means. This can be seen with Leo in the 12th House. While Virgo on the ASC appears to the world as helpful and ready to meet the needs of those around them, Leo in 12th can indicate a very different agenda. Leo here is most certainly the power behind the humble front. Think of modern nobility, who have abdicated their formal rule in favor of the nation state, while still exerting control from behind the scenes, posing as mere figureheads. With this chart, it’s also interesting to note that Obama’s supposed Sun sits in the 12th House, which means that not only is he fully seen, but his own identity is a mystery, shrouded in the vast oceanic space of rumor, intrigue, controversy and his nebulous origin. Read the rest of this entry »

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ferguson-riotsEnter Saturn in Sagittarius

Saturn in Scorpio moves steadily towards its final degrees. These are the critical degrees as planets, especially the transpersonal giants like Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto begin to shift into the next sign. The last degrees are volatile, explosive, catalytic and unstable. We are talking the 27th, 28th and 29th degrees, the latter also known as “The Anaretic Degree.”

On 3/11/11, The Daichi earthquake devastated the Fukushima nuclear power plant. Uranus was at 29 degrees in Pisces and Neptune at 28 Aquarius. Both aspects represent water (Pisces/Neptune) and uranium (Aquarius/Uranus). The volatility of those degrees was more than evident on that day. We’re talking cosmic wobble, matrix shifting, cultural and planetary tectonics.

Let’s go back to October, 2008, when “The Maverick” LOL, John McCain was theoretically running against Barack Obama. And just before the ballots were punched in November, the economy bottomed out. All of those nasty derivatives were like the China Syndrome, a full out meltdown to the core. Where was Pluto? 28 degrees. Critical. The degree shift can also herald the arrival of the new energy of the next sign. The meltdown was a harbinger of the titanic superstructures that would become Pluto in Capricorn.

On September 11th, 2012, radical Islamists raided the US embassy where four Americans were murdered, including Christopher Stevens. Saturn was at 27 degrees Libra. While the Benghazi affair was muted as much as possible, it did have a significant impact on Hilary Clinton, Scorpio, who left her Secretary of State position In February of 2013. Saturn was about to move into Scorpio.

During the final days of Saturn in Scorpio, Ferguson lays in charred and broken memories and dreams. Just as the energy of Saturn is not quite yet extinguished, neither are the flaming embers of what happened last week in Missouri and across the country. Read the rest of this entry »

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Cracking the avoid void

The Grand Cross has been more like a bomb sight of the human soul across the planet in the early going of 2014. If you haven’t felt it yet, don’t worry, you’ll get plenty of more action where that came from in April, from the 20th through the 23rd. It’s done it’s deconstructive magic on me. Transiting Pluto landed at ground zero in my chart, my Saturn at 11 degrees in the 2nd House. The Pluto/Saturn effect is stunning in it’s thorough annihilation of the unreal. Add transiting Mars onto my Moon, squaring the pope of nope down in the navel of the chart and the tectonic shift wasn’t so much a rumble, but an explosion, a volcanic convulsion. Then the dying began. That’s Saturn in the 12th rooting out the maya with a vengeance. Observing all of this through the eyes of an astrologer is very much akin to when the brain researcher, Jill Boalte-Taylor observed herself having a stroke.

Ten days later my molten soul is cooling. The funny thing is, is that I know I’m not alone. You see the intensity of this past Cardinal Cross was a massive karmic sweeper of the highest order. We are getting churned, turned and burned and the crazy thing is, is that it’s being done out of love. We are being tempered (thanks Ellis) and refined for our next stage of evolutionary development. Can you feel it? Can you sense the gnawing anxiety of the Earth as the planet keepers cook up plastic, burning snow on the streets of Atlanta because they have to now fake and approximate winter? Something really, really big is up and it’s literally shaking the hell out of us, electrifying us with the divine joules of awakening.

Uranus in Aries is the quickening–It’s the sheet-lightning catalyst of the spirit.

Pluto in Capricorn is a multi-phase current. It’s baphometric and reveals the devil inside of us all, while ordinating the nature of time itself. Five-days in the matrixed hell of one’s past is a burning eternity from moment-to-moment. That’s the power of Pluto in Capricorn. But it also has the power to re-build and re-form on the fiery bedrock of one’s life.

Mars in Libra is the scales of justice and they are fiery and swift. Anubis is in control of the scales and your soul better be feather light, because if it’s not, the underworld will be this world without the divine grace to literally vibrate you above the fray and density of the horror. All of our actions, thoughts and past deeds, good or bad are in the balance of the scales. If you haven’t gotten clean or right with your deity, I highly suggest you self-initiate on this one and get going, because the train is getting ready to leave the station.

Jupiter in Cancer, retrograde is like a tidal force, a deeply magnetic wave that takes us back to our roots, where we are lovingly shown the scars of our upbringing, where we were wounded so deeply, that the scar tissue of the spirit has become the emotional armor from which we live life behind. Jupiter in Cancer, retrograde also forces us to remember, somewhere inside ourselves about the sanctity of life and the sacred bloom of the child and it’s mother. The clinical removal of life on this planet will not be allowed to continue much longer. I can truly say that the source of all life and creation itself has had enough. Jupiter in Cancer retro will rain tears for those separated from their source, whether it’s in the womb or in the dislocation of the person from their soul.

You see, the Cardinal Square is catalyzing redemption, but before that can take place, our own Towers of Babel must fall.

2014, “The Year Of The Horse” is going to be one, helluva ride. Get ready for the cosmic shake out and the spiritual stampede of your very soul.

Meanwhile, our pharaoh in the District of Columbia, is resorting to triggering “Executive Orders” in the light of day to get what he wants now, especially as it relates to the headline grabbing, minimum wage. It’s a pure grandstand play, but the pharaoh is just sending out trial balloons of the most benevolent sort. Just wait until the EO’s get more gripping and more real than they were when he was passing them in secret, behind closed doors.

The whole idea is ridiculous. The economy and the country needs more jobs and job creation, not higher wages for lesser jobs. It’s a desperate act, by a desperate man who believes he is a demigod and his administration is just trying to buy enough time for Janet Yellen to take over at the FED and start running their latest ponzi scheme. Rates are going to go up and once they do, look out boys and girls, here comes the not-so-soft austerity measures. Americans are not going to like this. Last week, the DOW convulsed over having Bernanke’s zero-interest drip line cut off. It’s not going to be pretty and these are pretty desperate times. The pharaoh has come up with a great new government backed savings program called, “MyRA.” Yes, that’s right, “RA.” Is it just a cruel joke or is there something that they are telling us? That perhaps the pharaoh might be around longer than his eight years of service? Is he telling us to get used to our RA?

The pharaoh gave his “state of the union” address at 9:00PM, EST. The geometry of the chart itself is rather interesting. Keep in mind that the big news wasn’t just the rise of the minimum wage (for government contract employees only) it was “MyRA.” If you look casually at the chart, you’ll see a wide-orbed, grand water trine, with two, opposition t-squares. But if you look a little morel closely, you’ll see the rough schemata for a pyramid, trying to emerge. Also, look at the Sun in Aquarius, alone nearly unaspected in the sign of the rebel. The pharaoh’s own Sun is in Leo (Ra/Sun God) and here the Sun is in the house of Leo, accidentally exalted, standing alone in the heat of the lesser light. The sextile to Uranus gives the rebellious Sun an ally, exact at nine degrees. This is a fated degree for the pharaoh as it relates to the sabian symbols, you see 9/10 Aquarius has this tasty revelation associated with it;

A Man Who Had For A Time Become The Embodiment Of A Popular Ideal Is Made To Realize That As A Person He Is Not This Ideal

You see the divine and planetary manifestation of the Cardinal Cross is indiscriminate. It doesn’t care what your secret rank is or how nice your condo beneath the DIA is, or how many millions of seeds you’ve got stashed away. It’s a galactic mine sweeper of the soul and even pharaohs have to die before they die. It’s the most just and benevolent thing that love can do.

Over on BlogTalk Radio on Friday, the 31st, 12 NOON, CST, I’ll be looking at the money crisis, with two of my favorite money minds, Robert Bonomo and patrick the finance dude. Who needs Max Keiser and Gerald Celente? We’ll be taking a look at the big, big, picture from the astrology of the current trends, to what’s happening in foreign markets, especially Russia and how we can potentially reclaim our sovereign worth. You don’t want to miss it. Just CLICK HERE.

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Beverly Hills Copper

I’ve often wondered why Black History Month is in February and what it has to do with the sign of Aquarius? With the risk of sounding like conspiricist, I think it has to do with the Aquarian ideal/image of the au currant version of the black race. I spoke about this with SiStar MyRah on our Super Bowl Review. It’s a pretty compelling dialog apart from the symbolic breakdown of the game itself. In the last half-hour, we delved into a rarely discussed topic; racial mixing.

It began when I noted the percentage of commercials on television that had black males and or families depicted as the majority, a place at one point in time occupied by whites. I also noted that most of the males looked like some iteration of Barack Obama, light skinned and metro-sexualized. On some level, this makes commercial sense to me, since selling a product could have much more resonance if you modeled the model on the president, who has unmistakably, the biggest brand in the land. But SiStar MyRah took it one step further. She talked about this as being the acceptable model of being black. Look around at most black american stars, like Beyonce, Rhianna and Nicki Minnaj. They’re more golden than black, while equally, if not more talented artists like Fantasia Barrino, (Hey Missy Elliot where are you?) aren’t nearly as heavily promoted. SiStar MyRah called them, “hybrids.”

As I deftly do my best to discuss race without falling and getting fried by the third rail, my sense, is, is that lighter skinned, mixed-race-version is the physical manifestation of the blending of one race, one color, one collective variant of a golden species, which would ultimately break with social, racial and historical identities, and as a result, would be about the future and not the past. It would be more than just a symbolic element of a planet peopled by one color and vibration. It would be a physical incarnation of the Aquarian ideal, the melanized version of a racial alchemy, turning the lead of a number of races into the gold of one.

This, in some ways would reflect a form of completion, since, according to Blavatsky, the second root race, after the first (amoeba like beings) had golden skin. This of course would not align with Blavatsky’s overall vision of the root races, which sees the sixth and seventh root races as the Australo-American, a psychic race of beings from Australia, New Zealand and California. This vision of a golden race is something that has also been written about and seen by channelers and remote viewers as being the face of Terra in the future.

Now, on one level, albeit a fairly cynical one, it might be viewed as high-level eugenics practiced through intense social programming, which would highlight and promote mixing of all races, and through which new codes of behavior, new ethics and even a new religion could be installed, thus eliminating the God of the Piscean age. The implementation of the new world religion has already begun and it emerges from two, separate directions which both, promote an alternative version of the post-christian God.

From the left side of the coast, there’s the new age version of the universe, or cosmos, or source that uses texts like the Book of Urantia and Course of Miracles, laced with heavy doses of Theosophy, Hinduism, Buddhism and polyamoristic tantra. It’s The Lightworkers Union, Local 1111.

From the other side, there’s a much darker version co-mingling with it. This would be the re-birth of illuministic, ritual occult practice, which is really illuminati magic as fashion statement, cliched hand signs and a philosophy that encourages a watered-down version of “Do as thou wilt.” It comes down through the hip-hop pyramid and trickles all the way to Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber.

Together, these two variants combine, just as skin tones do, to form some sort of ideological fusion, a blended frequency spectrum of beliefs with the individual squarely at the center of it.

Of course, Barack Obama is the high priest, the pharaonic mediator between both worlds, welcoming the golden skinned goddesses, Beyonce and Alicia Keyes into the White House and rubbing elbows with J-Hovah, while he’s flashing his magic smile to the beaming acolytes of Marianne Williamson, Neal Donald Walsh, Deepak Chopra and Barbara Marx-Hubbard. Here, we have an ideological synthesis and mixing, a hybrid spirituality with a new high priest, himself a living agency of the planetary experiment in the manipulation of consciousness and race. With his Hawaiian legacy, he is the “rainbow bridge.”

I’ve also found it interesting that whenever Black History Month rolls around, it’s almost always the same cast of characters that are celebrated and feted. It’s no coincidence that Rosa Parks gets huge play. She’s also an Aquarian and she went to the Highander School in Tennessee, where she, along with Martin Luther King was trained in social justice and Marxist ideology. Her storming the front seat of the bus was no act of individual defiance. It was a staged and calculated act of social disobedience.

And while racism of any sort is repugnant, one of the things that segregation did foster, was the need for black owned businesses and economic drivers to develop in the dark shadow of Jim Crow laws.

James Brown is rarely celebrated during Black History month and yet the godfather of soul, was at one time the largest owner of black owned radio stations and even instituted his own stamp/value/rebate program with “Brown Stamps,” an offshoot of S&H Green Stamps and Blue Chip Stamps. Brown had a strong vision of economically empowering the Black community–that was until the government and the social programs of the Great Society became the de-facto parent of the inner cities. Combine that with the death of many, fine young black males during the Vietnam War and the flooding of opiates into the inner cities and, well, you know the rest of the story.

James Brown had survived a brutal car crash and lost a son along the way. While he was still the hardest working man in show business, he sold his radio stations and got out of the empowerment game.

Another, powerful figure that we don’t hear much about, in spite of his iconic status is Bob Marley, which is interesting, since Marley is the genetic inheritor of both Anglo and African DNA, an early adopter of the race of the golden light and an Aquarian to boot.

Marley’s one world, one love message is Aquarian to the core. He was rapidly becoming one of the most influential people on the planet regardless of skin color or occupation. But Marley was waking up and waking others along with him. His classic track, “Babylon System” talks about the planetary enslavement program that has been in place since the high-unholy-days of Babylon;

Babylon System
We refuse to be
What you wanted us to be;
We are what we are:
That’s the way (way) it’s going to be. you don’t know!
You can’t educate i
For no equal opportunity:
(talkin’ ’bout my freedom) talkin’ ’bout my freedom,
People freedom (freedom) and liberty!
Yeah, we’ve been trodding on the winepress much too long:
Rebel, rebel!
Yes, we’ve been trodding on the winepress much too long:
Rebel, rebel!

Those are the type of words that get peoples attention, in many ways. He’s not talking about Cristal or Courvosier, or Bentley. He’s addressing spiritual warfare in the most clear language there can be. And just in case you miss it in the first verse, Marley keeps it going in the second.

Babylon system is the vampire, yea! (vampire)
Suckin’ the children day by day, yeah!
Me say: de babylon system is the vampire, falling empire,
Suckin’ the blood of the sufferers, yea-ea-ea-ea-e-ah!
Building church and university, wo-o-ooh, yeah! -
Deceiving the people continually, yea-ea!
Me say them graduatin’ thieves and murderers;
Look out now: they suckin’ the blood of the sufferers (sufferers).

Marley would contract a treatable form of cancer, in the foot of all places, which is ruled by his own sign; Aquarius. Marley would get terrible advice on the treating of it. Dubmaster, certified wild-man and Wailers producer, Lee “Scratch” Perry would later accuse Island Records label head, Chris Blackwell of putting a curse on Marley so that he would die and that Blackwell could take the lion’s share of Marley’s royalties.

Marley was imperfect, but he was a giant and he bridged color, race, class and culture in a historical fashion. He was rapidly becoming the same type of prophet he often sang about. In some ways, the Aquarian vision itself, not the falsified version of a synthetic system of applied economic theory and symbolic enslavement, but a real one, arising out of the human heart in an organic fashion, is inherent in the sound and vision of Marley’s music.

Another, pivotal and important figure that is also rarely mentioned or discussed during Black History month is one, Fela Anikulapo Kuti. While Haile Sellasie courted the British Magistrate, the League of Nations and later the UN, Fela Kuti had a vision of Africa that had nothing to do with the globalist, hegemonic agenda. Kuti wanted his own Nigeria to be a model country, a strong state that could anchor the independence of African power and consciousness and be a model for a post-colonialist Africa that was seemingly being ruled by proxy through puppet dictators and presidents on the globalists dole. They were of course supplied with plenty of arms to fortify their often brutal rule of law.

Kuti favored a type of pan-Africanism that would join various states under one Africa. This vision was branded as a type of socialism, but there isn’t any historical or lyrical connection to Kuti and Marxism. His brand of socialism was a type of geo-political unity that supported African and not imperial interests.

Kuti formed his own community/colony called the “Kalakuta Republic,” which was based on polygamy and Yoruba. As a result, he was a modern-day-Solomon with twenty-seven-wives. By the way, if you haven’t noticed, this was about 180 degrees from the current dawning of the “golden age.”

Kuti was a continental separatist and that boys and girls is bad for business. He would survive a number of attacks on his life and eventually die of AIDS related symptoms. Like Marley before him, he would eschew western medicine for treatment.

But perhaps there’s more to this connection with Aquarius/February being Black History month.

Back in the late 90’s I had the great pleasure to meet Kodwo Eshun, a gifted writer with an infectious and lively spirit. I first saw Kodwo in the Iara Lee documentary on electronic music, “Modulations.” Eshun, along with Robert Moog stole the show. Eshun’s ability to articulate electronic music into prose resulted in something called, “Sonic Fiction” out of which sprang an incredibly important journey into the future frequencies of jazz, electronic and funk music. Eshun’s essays on Sun Ra, George Clinton, Jimi Hendrix, DJ Spooky, Wu Tang, Underground Resistance, Drexciya, Juan Atkins, Derrick May and other pioneers of a futuristic, afrocentrism in music was astounding and his prose was as dense and layered as a Funkadelic mind jam. Eshun’s work has contributed greatly to a school of music, image and text called, “Afrofuturism.”

For me, in many ways, this typifies not just the outside version of Black History month as a form of Aquarian expression, but the essence of the Aquarian spirit as a vibration that connects our ancient roots and rhythms across races, spaces and times, catapulting them into the future via the magic of wordsound, incantations that reverberate with a musical language all their own, creating an imaginary landscape that uses myth and narrative as a jump seat into hyper-dimensional possibility. This is the place where the imagination is divine and all beings can revel in the complexity and nuance of spirit, through all of its manifestations, without judgment, without prejudice and without the not-so-subtle commands to surrender ones autonomy and heritage in favor of some grand, social-experimental-gene wipe where diversity bleeds into one, macro-miasmic-monad and a myriad of cultural traditions and riches are lost in the mix. In modern recording, the compression of sound is the audio correlation, where the highs and lows are crunched into the broad middle of the track, so that the sound is loud and punchy, jumping out of the speakers, grabbing your attention, but sacrificing the essential nuances of the track.

Now it might just be, that when the Pleiadians finally land, they’ll be greeted by a bunch of people that look a lot like Amber Rose and Miles Austin and maybe they’ll have peace in their hearts and vastly open minds. if that’s the way this unfolds as a physical expression of oneness in the Aquarian Age, then so be it. But if I were the architects of this planetary re-shaping, I might be tad concerned, because they just might be breeding their own annihilation through a species that can channel love at such a high pitch, that any kind of anger, retribution and malice will not be able to co-exist in the same atmosphere. Perhaps these will truly be “Destiny’s Children” and if it ends the top down tyranny as a result, without hesitation, I say, bring it on.

Miller Lite “The Race.”

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Eclipsing reality

The smallest Full Moon in recent memory and for years to come made it’s appearance on the penumbral eclipse. In the Texas sky I could recognize Jupiter as a tiny twin just at 11 o’clock. Did you know that 11/11 was the day that Yassir Arafat died? Yes, that Yassir Arafat who was just exhumed in Ramallah on the eve of the eclipse. Did you know that Arafat was related to the prophet Mohammed? In essence, just before the eclipse, Arafat and the specter of Mohammed himself were resurrected. This utterly symbolic event was taking place on the same day that had two other resonant, and synchronistic events in history related to 11/27.

On 11/27/511, King Clovis, the man whose seed would fuel one of Europe’s most famous bloodlines, the Merovingians, through his grandson, Merovech, died. Keep this in mind, because it is through Clovis that in many ways, religion and culture would take root in Europe, but not for the beatific inspiration that Clovis claimed. Clovis was a pagan, and a sharp one. He had conquered nearly all of what we call France and he knew that if he wanted even greater property, influence and wealth, he would have to convert to Christianity, especially if he wanted to marry Clotilde, the Burgundian princess. So he did and in so doing he changed the course of history and destiny of Europe.

Clovis became a Roman-Catholic, which recognized the Father/Son/Holy Ghost as part of one, unified expression of God.

In contrast to the Roman-Catholics, The Goths and Visigoths practiced a different form of Christianity altogether; “Arian Christianity,” Arian Christianity separated Christ out of the trinity as a distinct being and sub-ordinate to the father, There was no Holy Ghost. This was a threat to the religious concordance e and hierarchy of the pope’s rising influence and power. While not quite in the same heretical ballpark of Manichaeism, the church did not think highly of the alternate cosmology, which could displace not only it’s military and economic power, but threaten the ecclesiastical structure of the church itself, removing the pope from the throne of spiritual king and representative of God on Earth. The Goths and Visigoths were also threats to Clovis himself, and he knew that if he had to gigot them (which he did) that he would need Rome’s blessing and gold.

Obviously, Rome would not recognize the Germanic version of faith. So they were more than ready to support Clovis with his conquests to conquer the tribal heretics. This again, would be prove to be a major tipping point in the religious formation of Western Europe.

On the very same day, in the year of 1095, Pope Urban II declared the first crusade at the Council of Clermont. Think there might have been some underlying meaning as to the specific day of Arafat’s exhumation as the Lunar Eclipse in the sign of Gemini was rising?

Gemini is one of my favorite signs, because it resonates on so many different levels. it’s a key symbol in hermetic alchemy and as such is favored by the magicians of Enochian magic, creators and sustainers of the demi-urges of this world and most of their mega-ritual spell binding. I’ve referenced this before. From JFK, to the Two Pauls, to GHW Bush, we see the thread of Gemini running through the tapestry of illusion and the constant trick of the mind, where reality becomes a sleight-of-hand experience. Massive events like the fall of “The Twin Towers” reinforce the illusion of separateness from the divine creator, while binding us to the god of this world.

When you observe the symbol of Gemini, it’s perfect for this task. It’s two as one, but not really one. The two are capped by Earth and Heaven. They are contained in a simulacra of the universe, a matrix if you will. Adam and Eve were symbolic of Gemini and every twin of every creation myth are as well. Abel and Cain, the progeny of Adam and Eve are the incarnations of light and dark and so the split of the world begins, and we become bound by the rules of a world that self-perpetuates them either by will or by proxy. We have become locked into the dualistic dream, which threatens to become a nightmare.


While we are spellbound by the symbolic illusions of this false-dualism and bound in some ways by it’s rules, a group of scientists in Switzerland are definitely playing by a different set of rules. if we can believe the press that comes out of CERN, again, on the heels of the eclipse, they discovered some novel particles that they hadn’t yet discover, something they named, “Gluon.” The name itself is kind of hilarious. It reminds me of a late night commercial for a product to mend broken fingernails. I guess that’s why they’re scientists and not poets. Anyway, slamming particles together at different angles produced a new substance, never before seen. The underlying message of course is that they have found the “glue” of creation, hence, “Gluon.”

Science is ruled by the air signs, especially Gemini and Aquarius. Madame Curie had Jupiter in Aquarius in her first house and it squared just about every planet in her chart. Think she was on a mission?

Gemini wouldn’t mind witnessing the destruction of the world, as long as it could take notes. When i think of this, I flash on Tyler Durden and Norton/Pitt in “Fight Club” in true Gemini fashion, planning for and witnessing the destruction of civilization through the obliteration of it’s financial records, through the collapse of a building storing them all. Hmmmmmm? Okay, back to CERN.

Have you ever looked at the symbols surrounding CERN? Most people know of this one. Yes, it’s the classic 666 symbol, with the Pisces Vesica. But how about this one? What do you notice about this symbol? it’s the actual layout of CERN. What do you see? It’s a “wheel within a wheel.” Now I have heard that this particular piece from Ezekiel refers to everything from a UFO (Van Dahniken) to the zodiacal wheel. Perhaps, like “Cloud-Atlas” we are operating in multiple levels of time and reality, each one influencing the other, or being influenced again and again to maintain the protocols of control in this domain.

So the question, is do they really know what the hell they are doing over at CERN? Doesn’t sound like they expected these “Gluons” to show up in the way that they did. Now if you’re an eternal optimist and invest your full faith and credit in the gods of science, you’ll believe that something good, perhaps even great can come out of all of this. But there’s that other mind-set that wonders if the next ritualized slamming of particles might not yield a different result and punch a black hole through this world and the wheel within a wheel shifts from Ezekiel to Isaiah, which is almost like Bible within the Bible and provides it’s own version of revelations, replete with 66 chapters. Thus, The Book Of Isaiah is noted as the canonical, wheel within a wheel. But I digress just a bit.

While we continued to feast upon the last fibers of roasted tryptophan, the high priests of science were busy messing around with time and space. However, what’s interesting, is that if the notion of God as omnipresent and omniscient deity is true, and that everything is an unfoldment of the divine plan and will, that even the pocket-protectors of CERN, cannot escape their destiny, even if they try to rustle the God particle and control the flow of events, history and the third dimension. That must piss them off just a bit, even if they have murdered God in some obscure and drunken ritual back in their college days.

Gemini, would find all of this highly amusing. Libra would try to understand why. Aquarius would turn it into a Google app and try to control humanity through a 5G network. Speaking of which . . . .


As many of you know, I have left the intersection of Atlantis and Mu for a plains existence. Here in Austin, they are touting a new app for your phone and it’s called, “Isis.” Gotta like that name. She’s been everywhere lately, from Madonna, to breast bearing Army mamas. Isis is fertility and abundance and now you can have her right in your phone and she can pay for everything. Everything! Isis is a digital wallet and it’s a joint venture created and promoted by Verizon, ATT&T and T-Mobile. Yep. Think that’s gonna fail? When do competitors pool effort and resources? When they have to. But Isis is more than a digital wallet, it will allow you to order your drinks at Starbucks ahead of time and breeze past the line, pick up your steaming hot goodness, magically swipe your phone, pay and float past the cash fumbling masses.

You’ll be able to shop and walk right out of the store without having to deal with those slow and nasty checkers. Just breeze in and out like you own the place.

Get the picture?

As we stare down at the fiscal cliff, there’s Isis down there at the bottom, smiling warmly, sending out the telepathic message; go ahead baby, jump, come to mama, mama will catch you, take you home and make things right. Come to mama. Come.

Speaking of mamas. . .


Most dirt-digging, alternative-researchers have come across the naughty photos on the net that have been attributed to Stanley Ann Dunham and her romps with noted sex freak, Frank Marshall Davis, aka “Uncle Frank” the man who some people insist is Obama’s true father. Well they are interesting, but I will let the reader decide for themselves as I will not render judgement unto the president’s mother. You can find them on the internets. However, I will look at her birth chart as today, the 333rd day of the year is her birthday. So what can we infer from her chart?

Well, based on her chart, the true identity and life force of Dunham are not the ones revealed as her official life story and narrative. We can see this clearly in the 12th HOUSE. Her Sun, Merc and Mars are all hidden just slightly behind he veil of the ascendant, though they are quite close, especially the Sun and Mercury. In traditional astrology, we would read them as being part of the first house, since they are within five degrees of the cusp and with almost any other house, I would be in agreement with this. However the 12th HOUSE is a different beast altogether. It’s oceanic and deep, it’s more than just the collective unconscious, it’s cosmic soup, the undifferentiated source of creation. Hell, it might even be the Gluon factory. So even though her Sun is near the ASC. the image reminds me of the Sun rising out of the ocean on the eastern horizon, partially submerged in it’s alchemical birth into day. It’s an illusion of course, but as symbol, we cannot see the Sun in it’s entirety and this would include Dunham herself. She is partially hidden by the curtain of the 12th. Mercury is there as well, even further back, obscured slightly by the Sun. So her voice and her ability to communicate is hidden. This actually fits with some descriptions of her and her connection with people like Tim Geithner’s dad, the World Bank, Indonesia, Lolo Soetero and the coup in Indonesia, which takes us to her 1st HOUSE, where we can see her Venus, plain as day in Sag. This is a total fit with her dalliances with men from other countries, cultures and even political stripes. With Venus there, she would come to identity herself through her relationship with them. That is where she would seek out her identity,

I’m fascinated by her Mars in Scorpio, hence the name, Ann Randy. Mars in Scorpio is perhaps the most sexual sign/aspect in the Zodiac. I have been around people that have Mars in Scorpio and they exude sex at a primal level that results in my estimation as a hyperactive pheromonal broadcast. People can sniff Mars in Scorpio at a distance. I was hanging with a friend of mine one night. He has Mars in Scorpio. We were bar-hopping in North North beach and right out of the blue, a random woman walked up to him and planted a kiss right on his lips. That my friend’s is Mars in Scorpio.

So there it is, hidden, hanging out in her 12th House, secretly horny, getting down behind the scenes. But it also has to do with power, power behead the veil. Squaring the Leo Moon in the 9th House. Leo. Hmmmm.

Now I am not a birthed, because there have been presidents born in this country who have been as traitorous as any foreign born president could be, so I think it would be irrelevant where Obama was born, unless you wanted to use it as a means to remove him form office, not just for violating the Articles Of The Constitution, but perjury. Now that said, if I wanted to make an astrological case that Obama was born elsewhere, it would be his mother’s chart, where the Leo Moon (child, in this case, her Leo, Sun) representing birth and children, is in the house of foreign lands and distant cultures, where by the way her TN is as well. It’s good to know that Stanley Ann Dunham worked that node.

Another fascinating aspect of her chart is that old friend, Gemini.

In her 6th/7th houses, She has Uranus and Saturn conjunct. So here we go again, the forces of duality churning and burning. Saturn in the 7th in Gemini is a consecration of sorts, since it is accidentally exalted in there. It generally means long-standing relationships, but is Gemini it struggles with commitment, especially yoked to uber-kinky Uranus in Gemini. Uranus and Saturn are strange bedfellows. One wants to explode in an election storm, the other wants to compress the atmosphere and condense the gravity of self. Making this even more difficult to manage is the opposition of these two planets, with the Sun/Merc/Venus on the ASC. It’s such a drastic opposition, that it could suggest a type of schizophrenia, resulting in a dual personality or even multiple selves. It will be interesting to see what comes up around Ann Dunham when Jupiter retro hits the mid-point between Saturn and Uranus at 6 degrees in January.

Jumping up to her 8th HOUSE, there’s Pluto and Jupiter, two giants, representing power, and expansion, again, hidden, behind the scenes are hanging out. Trining her stellium on the ASC, these are he real generators of her chart, driving her purpose from deep within the waters of the 8th HOUSE.

Lastly, we have Neptune in her 10th and while motivations can be inspired, like wanting to help the world and serve and be an agent of compassion, things can get a little wonky and the motivations can get diluted and deluded, thus subverting the original intent and getting trapped at times in a hall of mirrors.

So what have we concluded? Can we determine that Ann Dunham isn’t who she appeared to be? Does Mars in Scorpio in the 12th denote hanky panicky with communist sex poets? And if it all does, what does matter and mean?


Yesterday, on Navigating The Astrological Matrix, I had the great pleasure of interviewing don Miguel Ruiz, author of “The Four Agreements” which I consider one of the best spiritual works of our time. The interview happened quite suddenly. We cleared it on Tuesday night and it went live on Wednesday, just as Mercury was going direct. For me, personally the interview was astonishing on a number of levels. First off, he shared with us, first hand, details of his heart failure, his coma and his subsequent heart transplant. A true shamanic journey of life, death, re-birth and the resurrection with a new heart. He spoke of his experience in the void and the beauty of all creation from a multi-dimensional perspective and how life and truth are mutually exclusive entities, which reinforced his perspective that we are not our stories and that none of this exists. We explored the paradox of being an the nihilistic conclusion that one can arrive at and what to do. if you are not your story and life has no real meaning, then what? In true Gemini fashion, you’ll have to listen to the interview to find out and you can do that below. You can also find out more about don Miguel Ruiz’s upcoming event, “Awakening The Giant” at Teothiuacan from the 17th to the 21st of December, 12/21/12 at the Temple of The Sun and Moon with don Miguel, HERE. Now how cool would that be?

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Saturn in Scorpio brings redemption.

Mercury rises like Orpheus through the labyrinth of the 12th House. The path out of hell stretches across the desert on highway 10. Eyes straight ahead, affixed on the horizon, the mournful cries of the past fade into whispers on the wind. The ride stretches through scrub brush and tumbleweeds, across the vast existential plain of the American southwest where thoughts fade into the immensity of the landscape. Somewhere below the surface, alien voices unlock in clicks and whirs, sharing an uneasy truce between them and their mammalian counterparts, risking knowledge for sanity in their quest to fulfill science’s greatest task; to elevate man to godlike status.

And so it goes, the highway uncoiling like a snake against the vastness of West Texas. The air temperature drops and the winds ram into us, headfirst, sucking out 5 MPH. And then, for what seems like half the country behind us, we land.

Its been nearly a month since I posted anything. Its not for want of content or ideas, but when Mercury took that descent, down into my 12th, I could feel the energies surging and churning beneath the surface–molten thoughts and mercurial states–unformed but fluid–in abeyance. In addition to the cyclical re-coding, the move loomed like a Sphinx across the shadowy realms of my sub-conscious. Its been seven years since I left the south of California for the north and the cycle has come to a close. Moving halfway across the country has taken much of my inner and outer focus. This is a nine year and September was a nine month. The circus was leaving town. Along the way I missed (sort of) the shift of Saturn from Libra to Scorpio.

It got me thinking about Saturn a great deal and how its role is to act as a vacuum chamber in our lives, compressing the elements of the sign it its in, along with the house location. There’s more to Saturn obviously, but it this is its most fundamental purpose. Saturn is gravity (I guess that makes Jupiter levity, but I digress).

It didn’t take Saturn in Scorp long to rear its scaly head, did it? Young April Jones went missing in Wales and the suspect was one, Mark Bridger. Notice the tattoo on Bridger’s chest. This was a clear sign, just days into the planetary shift that Scorpio had arrived.

I had been talking about these times for months now. It started with the arrest and subsequent trial of Jerry Sandusky. Sandusky BTW was sentenced the day Saturn went into Scorpio. These were going to be days of dark revelations starting with sordid, child sex scandals. No sooner did the virtual ink dry on Sandusky did the name Jimmy Saville (sav-ill as my english friends have instructed me on the pronunciation) begin to break headlines across the Atlantic. The late Saville was the British version of Alan Freed and Dick Clark rolled into one. He was knighted as one of England’s great presenters and rock and roll impresarios. Well Jimmy had a taste for boys and girls. A big taste. A mega meal taste it appears as one-by-one, his accusers have come forward. But the rot don’t stop there. Oh no. It was just announced today, that Gary Glitter, a pal of Saville’s has just been arrested. It could be the first of many.

The British authorities have dubbed their investigation into Saville, “Operation Yew Tree.” Its an interesting name. The Yew Tree is also known as the “Yggdrasil” The rune “Eihwaz” is associated with the Yew/Yggdrasil. It was the tree upon which Odin was suspended. The Yew tree has been considered poisonous for many years and thus has taken on the visage of death. it is symbolic with the underworld and as such, Odin is suspended from the tree in a hanged man, nordic, imitation of Christ.

As he is suspended and meets his fate, at the very roots of the Yew, an Eagle descended to the top of its branches. The eagle is the sign of wisdom, one half of Scorpio’s codex magica.

At this point, Odin is given the secret of the runes, which become the foundation of the northern language through the runic alphabet. All the runes aka the “elder Futhark” are hidden with the Yew tree itself. So the Yew is the keeper of secrets.

For Odin, his suspension upon the Yew is the dark night of the soul, which leads to resurrection and redemption. Another, very Scorpionic characteristic.

So we can see that the universe is speaking quite clearly to us, through symbolic, if not intentional language.

Saturn in Scorpio is the compression of forces that need to rise to the surface and rise they shall.

When we look back to the last time Saturn was in Scorpio, we can see some very unsettling yet trend worthy events to take note of.


Saturn just snuck into Scorpio at the end of 1982. In fact, on 11/30, Michael jackson released Thriller at 0 degrees Saturn in Scorpio. The record would go on to become the largest selling record of all time, driven by the title track which featured a famous video that’s a journey to the underworld, where zombies shimmy and break, shuck and jive while Vincent Price summons the undead. Its also interesting to note that Jackson would also undergo his own legal challenges regarding man-boy love. The Pepsi commercial where his hair would catch on fire would be a turning point for Jackson, both physically and psychologically. Its rumored that his burnt hair would never re-grow fully to its natural luster and length, due to the fact that his father, Joe had had him castrated at the age of 10, which is why Michael would never be able to have facial hair or “real” hair as an adult.

Thriller itself is a particularly interesting cultural phenomenon as it relates to Saturn in Scorpio. It would be the first track by a “black” artist to appear on MTV and provide a shot of melanin into the mostly white programming of funny hair bands like Kajagoogoo and A Flock Of Seagulls. So in its own way, It manifested darkness, both literally and symbolically onto the cable systems across America.

Michael was poised to become the new Elvis as a result in reverse. Elvis made black music white and Michael, by employing the likes of Eddie Van Halen would make white music black.

In many ways, Thriller with all of its trauma based programming, both inherent in the song and in Michael’s own life would become the invocation of the next twenty-nine-year Saturn cycle, which culminated with Saturn’s end in Libra and beginning in Scorpio. Ironic that a figure like Jackson, who was haunted by abuse from many different angles would set the cycle off with the most successful piece of commercial art of all time.

Its also ironic that the zombies which boogie through the video would also be resurrected during this phase as well as the HALO Corporation is holding zombie defense drills in San Diego as i type.

In 2012, just as we saw the dark seeds of Saturn in Scorpio getting sewn over the Summer when the Sandusky case came to light, we can see something fairly similar in 1982. In September, on the 5th, an Iowa paperboy known as Johnny Gosch was kidnapped. Gosch would later make headlines in the underground press as the younger alter-ego for “Jeff Gannon.” Gannon you might remember was the bald-headed-fetish for on GW Bush, getting all kinds of overnight access and backstage passes at the oval office. Gannon also ran an escort service for men that were interested in hanging out with para-military love interest types. And, he got to lob softball questions to his presidential bro when the heat got a little too hot in the rose garden. I’m truly amazed by how asleep the so-called Christians were to all of this when their man was sitting in the executive suite–well, not really.

So Mercury has pierced my ascendent and I hope it leads to more posts. I’ve been fairly active on the radio front up till last week and I’ll be going live on the radio front again next week from my new location. Speaking of Christians . . . .I was stranded with a truck full of my past when I asked a new neighbor if he knew of anyone hat could help me. Almost immediately he bounced out of his house with his friend. His name was “Boris” and he’s originally from Mexico. I wondered if his parents had some sort of Trotskyeseque cum Diego Rivera thing going on? Anyway, he and Joe, his buddy agreed to help me empty the whole damn thing, even if it cut into their bible study. These were two, Christian men. I’ve always been down with the concept of charity and good will, which was conspicuously absent in other, more closely related circles. It always blows me away by how random strangers can outstrip ones own kin at times, but that’s another post altogether.

Yesterday, I circumnavigated the asphalt byways via city transit where I met Lucius, a dark skinned man in an athletic suit that was black and silver, with a bifurcated 6 on his back, hustling food from local churches. I’m surrounded by primitive Baptists and reformed Catholics as the dark revelations unfold.


While many uneasy questions keep getting asked in the aftermath of the Benghazi affair, mother nature, end times turbulence and a few, well placed atmospheric amplification systems have summoned superstorm Sandy from the froth of the Caribbean, to the shores of the American northeast, where millions have gone without power, roads shut down and schools canceled. While Manhattan was under water, more serious issues are surfacing. Oyster Creek, a nuclear power plant in New Jersey has had their power supply disrupted and they are now on alert. Without power, there’s a level of danger that can reach Fukushima like proportions. Just six more inches of flooding can stop Oyster Creeks from cooling. This is potentially disastrous. There are 25 nuke plants in Sandy’s path of destruction. The waters rose to a greater height in the Tauran Full Moon, opposite the Scorpionic Sun. Sun, Saturn and True Node all in Scorpio, with Neptune and Chiron in Pisces. That’s a lot of water.

Casting a chart for 12 Noon New York time on the 29th yields some interesting results. Pluto in Cap is directly on the ASC. Pluto of course rules Scorpio. Pluto is plutonium. On this chart, it’s part of an intense Cardinal T-Square with Venus and Uranus. As we’ve seen so far, the testy square between Uranus and Pluto does not make for cozy bed fellowing. Its explosive, chaotic and culturally disruptive. While I don’t think that they would go so far as to fire up HAARP just to make the Benghazi thing go away, we can certainly see that Venus in Libra in the 9th (diplomacy abroad) is being severely tested by what’s happening locally (Uranus/Third) and the emerging demi-urge from the recesses of the collective imagination with Pluto on the ASC. Using a bit of astro-cartography, both Saturn and the Moon cut right through New York. Here we see the effluvial deluge in motion through Scorpio. Water is emotion and excess of water is the release of denial through emotion, even if this storm was amped, what we’re seeing is the breaking of some emotional barrier and what’s leftover will be even more interesting than the initial impact of its force. In the aftermath, people will weep or sigh. The psychic air needs some very deep cleansing. Atmospheric catharsis is fine as long as people don’t have to go through some form of nuclear meltdown as well. In which case, there is simply more stress upon stress, weighing down the overburdened backs of the modern American. We don’t need another Fukushima or Katrina to cower before the false gods of this world–old Yahweh still exacting his ancient and primeval obedience and scorn upon the masses.

Its good to be back.


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