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Sunday Night Livestream, Mars Retrograde, David Wilcock’s Identity Crisis, Courtney Love’s Chart, & The Cobain Death Chart

The Sunday night Livestream for 7/8/18 features a breakdown of Mars Retrograde, David Wilcock’s chart and his Neptunian crisis, Courtney Love’s chart, the Love/Cobain synastry chart and the Cobain death chart. Plus, there’s the high strange of the scalding water incident. The charts for the show are listed below. David Wilcock’s Chart Courtney Love’s Chart […]


Anthony Bourdain–Wicker Man?

Anthony Bourdain made a fatal error–he let Asia Argento into his life. But this isn’t anything new to Bourdain. He’s been courting fatal errors for years in relationships. This entry will look at all of that and more through the charts of Bourdain, Argento, their synastry and the death chart for Anthony Bourdain. It all […]