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KMFDM_WWIIIDid we just avert WWIII?

One of the fascinating aspects of this last eclipse was the conjunction of the New Moon on the Vernal Equinox. This happens every 19 years. It’s called “The Metonic Cycle.” While this phenomenon occurs every 19 years, the Nodes begin their journey through the signs, which take almost the same time, 18.9 years. So the last time there was a New Moon on the Vernal Equinox, the Moon’s Nodes were in Libra/Aries, much like they are now. Dane Rudhyar has one of the best descriptions of how the Nodes operate in space;

“The Moon’s nodes are the two ends of the line of intersection of the plane of the orbit of the Moon around the earth and of the plane of the ecliptic, which is the plane on which the Sun seems to move around the zodiac throughout the year — that is, actually the orbit of the earth around the Sun. Two planes which do not coincide and are not parallel must intersect. The line of intersection of the solar and lunar planes is the Moon’s nodes’ axis — the Dragon’s Head and the Dragon’s Tail of traditional astrology.”

If we move backwards through time, to the Vernal Equinox, 1996, to see this phenomenon when it was last in affect. The North Node was at 13 Libra/South Node 13 Aries. This past Friday, the Nodes were at 10/10 respectively, reflecting the 18.9 year Nodal Cycle. The energy was in the final degree of Pisces as a run up to the shift in the solar degree of 0 Aries, which in wide opposition to both nodes was in activation mode.

There are four, interesting, Mundane events which marked the last cycle in 1996. On the day of the Vernal Equinox, New Moon, NN 13/Libra – SN 13/Aries and during the days that just followed, here is what occurred.

• March 20 – The British Government announces that Bovine spongiform encephalopathy has been likely transmitted to people. (Mad Cow Disease—attacks the brain (Aries).

• March 25 An 81-day-long standoff begins between antigovernment Freemen and federal officers in Jordan, Montana. (Freemen = Aries/Will Manifest, seeking equality, NN Libra)

• The 68th Academy Awards, hosted by Whoopi Goldberg, are held at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion in Los Angeles with Braveheart winning Best Picture. (Celebration of warrior/male energy/Aries) • March 26 – The International Monetary Fund approves a $10.2 billion loan to Russia for economic reform. (This was the genesis of Russia’s economic reform).

Rudhyar’s theory of the nodes is quite interesting. He liberates them from the positive/negative polarity that is usually associated with them. In the astrology of fate, the general rule of thumb is to move towards the North Node and away from the South Node as the South Node takes more energy and is in some ways a real drain/drag. I agree with this to some extent based on my own, very painful experiences of my South Node in Pisces, House Four. Family and home has been shot through with the psychic effluvia of Pisces emotional torrent. I’ve always felt more at home with my NN conjunct the MC, conjunct my Sun. It’s there, in the 10th House, where in some ways, I have managed to find an acceptable stand in for my family through my work, but that doesn’t mean that we can completely leave the South Node behind. There ALWAYS has to be some swipe at integration. It may not always be successful, but the Nodal Axis as it is called must be dealt with periodically, like maintenance.

Rudhyar sees the South Node as a point of excretion in the chart, which makes sense if the NN is the dragon’s head, then it would follow that the SN, would be in fact the point of excretion, taking the stuff consumed by the dragon’s head. In my perfect world, through the application of my identity with the MC, through service, I could receive the necessary nourishment, both on a personal and monetary level, to feed the swirling chaos of the IC/Fourth, where the foundation is out to sea, rather than sunken into Terra Firma. The Virgoan activity would then act in some ways like land fill, stabilizing the tidal flow of Piscean influence.

Did something like this happen on a much larger scale on or near the eclipse? The answer is likely yes and the event, if true, will blow your mind, both from a historical/global perspective and an astrological one. Read the rest of this entry »

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Christ_Consciousness__46661_zoomActivating the timeless code

And so it begins. On the day cursed by the Templars in honors of Jacques DeMolay’s arrest and subsequent death on Friday, October 13th, 1307, the final square between Uranus and Pluto initiates the last, major cycle of catalysis. Imagine the ward of planetary fields torqueing at angles of extreme disruption and potential, magnetic fields in dynamic collision, with Mars riding on tip of it all, whipping the celestial surge into a potent and dynamic field of transformation. This is where we are as we head into our own version of the Hadron collider, anticipating the Solar Eclipse, New Moon and Vernal Equinox all on one, burning day in the not-so-distant-future. Then, shortly, thereafter, a Blood Moon on Passover—are you ready for it? Even if you aren’t, well, it doesn’t matter. We’re all learning on the fly anyway in the post-history of the world that no one ever managed to tell you ended.

When I was back in Boulder last week, Jay Weidner surfaced a topic we had talked about before, briefly, that the world as we knew it did indeed change on 12/21/12, but not in the way that we could have foreseen. His premise (which I agree with) was the subtle, but pervasive awakening that is rippling through our collective awareness. People are getting wise. They are seeing the fracturing fractals of our pixilated reality. The world is on dial up and we’re fiber-optically connected into the grid of creation. There is a beauty and a danger to this potent epiphany, and that the world is an illusion and yet it is deadly real. We’re playing for keeps and yet we’re not. This is the sublime paradox of the liminal state. Read the rest of this entry »

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The_Silence_of_the_Lambs_wallpapers_45717Fa-fa-fa-fah-fa . . .

The unwritten law for movies throughout the years was that at the end of a film, the monster or the bad guy got his just desserts in the end. It didn’t matter if it was Frankenstein, Dracula, King Kong, HAL 2000, or The Predator, the monster was put back in the box. This was a classic element for dealing with our shadows and fears as they were exercised and exorcised on the silver screen. In a tradition that stretches back to the Greeks and the whole notion of catharsis within the human drama, projecting demons into our observational consciousness for a limited period of time, turning them loose, and then vanquishing them back into the collective unconscious has been a critical component to not only maintaining our psychic health, but also closing the portals of imagination and deep summoning.

The only film which I can remember breaking ranks with this when I was very young, was Don Siegel’s, “Invasion Of The Body Snatchers,” which to this day is still one of the most chilling films of all time. And whether it was Phillip Kaufman or Abel Ferrara’s version, the original, sans special effects and visceral gore is the one that made me look under my bed at night for a week after, to see if I had a bulging pod with my name on it. In that version, Kevin McCarthy is being gas lit, his sanity questioned, the alien replacements conspiring at every step of the way to make him appear crazed and irrational. McCarthy thinks he’s vanquished the alien invasion only to jump on a truck hauling a massive load of the pods to the nearest small town, unwittingly ready to receive their extraterrestrial doppelgangers’.

The monsters were not put back in the box.

IOTBS was supposed to be a classic sci-fi noir that was a narrative for the fear of communism. Blank faced alien doubles stood in for good, kind hearted and respectful Americans. That was the common analogy used for the film, but perhaps, Siegel was being quite literal and the movie was an example of hidden-in-plain-sight cinema. Maybe, just maybe, people were being replaced. But that movie, as good as it is, is not what this post is about. It’s about a movie where the monster was not put back in the box and all hell has been turned loose since then. Read the rest of this entry »

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534935913AP00018_The_57th_AIsis ascending

It’s been a strange 48 hours as Mercury is about to begin it’s cosmic role reversal. Think of it as one of those carnival rides that goes backwards and forwards, up little humps and rises, down again, with edgy banks in a classic loop. For the last three weeks, you’ve been hurtling backwards, trying to laugh while holding your cotton candy and root beer down and just when you hit that point of stasis, the bell rings and the calliope organ starts pumping out a different song and the whiplash kicks in. Now you’re moving forward again on the infinite loop, through space and time.

First it was the Super Bowl, and Katy Perry rising into eternity, the star of the new age, rising, rising into the Phoenix night sky. Then we moved onto the Grammies in the ritual season, which coincides with Clive Davis’ annual homage to himself. Just a few more revolutions before the breakneck reversal and the return to some semblance of linearity. Good luck.

On Saturday night, at around 9PM, I heard the incessant drone of a helicopter for hours. I know this sound. It’s like the bull roarer of an angry, lesser god. I used to hear it a lot in California, back in the dark days when I was going through my crazy, Chiron Return, but that’s another story. Let’s just say I placed that particular hum in the memory pool. It went on and on and on.

I went outside to track it and there it was, a dark shadow circumnavigating the night sky, as thick, white clouds poured in from the South. In the distance I could hear sirens wailing, the noisy commotion of crisis piercing the heavy, ambient hum. Something was off–something was wrong. I went back inside and climbed into the cocoon of night and fell asleep just after 1 AM. The still air was finally silent.

The next day, I found out that not very far from my house, Sawyer Flache, 27, father of two, was shooting streetlights out and the Austin PD called in the black chopper. An hour or so later, Sawyer Flache was dead. A bullet-to-the-head. The next day they are running the story over and over again, book ending it with news about Chris Kyle’s murder trial, which started yesterday. It was part of a strange, time loop, stitching the high strange together for our popular consumption. A moment of silence for Sawyer Flache, who left two, young girls behind, one year shy of his official Saturn Return. Sawyer Flache, tragically, ironically has become a member of the “27’s.” Who knows what drove you to snap, crackle and pop Sawyer Flache? Who knows if you will shadow that helicopter through the South Central, Texas night, like a ghost in space for night upon night to come. Here is your space Sawyer Flache, your moment of silence ((((((((((((((((((((((0))))))))))))))))))))).

The Grammies, like the Super Bowl, the Olympics and the VMAs are the portal through which sounds, symbols, sigils and spells are cast upon unwitting souls. And those of us, who are trying to track the trends of the holographic theater, keeping up with the script, clocking the players pay attention to these spectacles, new theater of the absurd. There was the Gemini magic act of Sir Faul McCartney and Kanye West. The Black/White theme is prevalent, an occult trigger, the reconciliation of opposites, the alchemy of flesh. They did it at the Super Bowl, going two ways, once with Lenny Kravitz (Gemini) male principle and Katy Perry and then Missy Elliot (Cancer) the feminine.

Faul and Kanye weren’t alone in participating in the sonic arcana.


Madonna was there, channeling the “Scarlett Woman” aka Jack Parsons “Whore of Babylon.” Later in the evening, Beck, a Scientologist would win best album, introduced by Prince (Gemini) looking a lot like Sai Baba. Beck was bum rushed by the aforementioned Gemini, Kanye West who now claims that the voices in his head told him to do it.

Scientology was founded by, L. Ron Hubbard, who was 1/3 of Jack Parson’s magical trio of the Babalon Working. And there Madonna was, dancing hand in horn with a legion of hard bodied demons, channeling the Cult of Minos, the minions of the minotaur. The song, the utterly forgettable, “Living For Love” is supposedly about Madonna’s broken heart, dumped by a matador. It’s a lot of bull. It was as Satanic as it gets. The love song she was singing was for the lord of the underworld himself, not some Spanish guy in a funny hat, super tight pants and a sequined cape.

If we go back to her massively occult, Super Bowl performance, Madonna was the personification of Isis. The Isis imagery was thick three years ago and lo and behold, who’s terrorizing the planet? Who is Obama ready to go to war against? Was it predictive programming? Or were they generating the psychic force to summon a demon army?

During Super Bowl Madonna was teamed up with CeeLo Green (Gemini) during the Super Bowl, but the light and sound were pure Lucifer. Her Grammy turn at XLVI. My breakdown of it was one of the most popular posts on my site. You can read more about it HERE.

In the Super Bowl that followed, Super Bowl XLVII, it was Beyonce’s turn and while they didn’t peddle the same level of esoteric, in-your-face, fag-haggery, if you watched very carefully, you could catch the same Bull symbolism strobing beneath Beyonce in sheet flashes of silver light. The Bull, is of course Taurus, but it is also symbolic of the Sirius/Orion cluster of stars, which is in the constellation of Taurus.


Sirius is a binary star, meaning that there are two stars that operate in union with one another, hence another level of the interpretation of the dualistic nature of these rites. It is a calling forth of the twin stars, Sirius A and B, as well as Castor and Pollux, the other celestial twins, representative of Gemini, which are located roughly on the other side of the Equatorial Plain from Sirius A and B.

All the way across, on the other side of the galaxy lies the Galactic Center. Terra is cradled between Sirius A and B and the GC.

Our own Sun is in a binary orbit with Sirius A and B, and right around July 4th, is conjunct Sirius A and B. does that date sound familiar? The United States was officially founded when in conjunction with Sirius.

It is generally acknowledged that the Freemasons call it “The Blazing Star.” What’s ironic is that it’s barely visible to the naked eye.

It was said that Isis descended from the heavens and gave birth to humanity and that she was the mother of all that is. The throne of Isis became the official seat of all royalty. What we are seeing in the Grammies is a passing of the torch of sorts. From Madonna (now whore) to Beyonce as Isis, mother of fertility, the mother of all life, the divine feminine as a portal to the origination of our creator gods. It doesn’t matter if Jay-Z is cheating on her ass. It doesn’t matter if she looks like she’s on Beta Blockers and cheap wine at a Knicks game. None of it matters to the personality called “Beyonce Knowles” because it’s what takes up residence inside of her during the ritual space that is purpose of it all.

For the duration of a song, a medley, a concert, a video, she can be Isis, incarnate. In fact, there are even rumors that she was never pregnant at all and that “Blue Ivy” isn’t even her child. So in some strange, and angular way, it was a virgin birth.

From the red hues of Satan (Madonna) to the silver luxe of Lucifer (Beyonce) we see the infernal energies of ancient deities, absent fathers, and naughty uncles linked as one, reformatted power over this world. And it was also a passing of the torch as Madonna is a Leo and Beyonce, a Virgo. Regulus, the fixed star of kings and queens has recently gone from Leo to Virgo–a very rare occurrence for a fixed star. It is also a celestial/terrestrial passing of the torch. These are just a few of the secrets of the Grammies and the ritual relationship between Madonna and Beyonce.

Meanwhile, the Brown/Houston family agonizes over whether to pull the plug on brain dead Bobbi Kristina Brown. It is three years today that Whitney died. The macabre symmetry is almost too much to comment on.

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Katy_BobbiFailure to launch?
It was Groundhog Day, just the other day and it took on a new meaning, a perverse twist in it’s cruel tale of six-more-weeks of Winter as Punxatawny Phil noticed his shadow. That’s the gift for noticing one’s shadow. The universe is like that at times and yet it’s honest and true. Just because you can see and identify your shadow, it doesn’t herald the arrival of your own, personal Spring. No, you have to slog through the ice and razor sharp wind to the face just a little longer. Ya gotta pay your shadow dues.

But this Groundhog Day has the dark and surreal spin of the rinse and repeat cycle that is becoming all-too-familiar with the likes meta-events, like the Olympics and the Super Bowl. As my previous post noted, Bobbi Krisitna Brown lies near the borderlands of consciousness, her breath mechanically moved, coma, medically induced, found face down in her tub, early last Saturday morning.

Bobbi is in the Bardo of dreaming life, caught between the slipstream of this world and the next. I have visions of her looking down at her semi-lifeless form, now as close to free as it gets, yet still tethered by the silver cord. In that space of time, she’s living out eternity as a ghost in her past. She’s an interstitial satellite whose consciousness is everywhere, including right here, right now. Could she have also been an angel on Super Bowl Sunday? Read the rest of this entry »

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bobbi-kristina-600With husband Nick Gordon as Jack Parsons “Lady In Red.”

I was going to write my annual, pre-Super Bowl post, get into the various aspects and signs of significant players and coaches to determine who the winner might be. After last night’s troubling news surrounding Bobbi Brown, Whitney Houston’s daughter, I am less inclined, nor do I really care about the sporting significance of the game itself. Sag Russell Wilson is on the cusp of American mythology. I haven’t seen a player with for all intents and purposes with as much supernatural ability since the likes of Joe Montana. Embedded in his name are some very intriguing elements.

Russ = Red. Red is the color of Mars and Wilson is part Native-American (maternal side) and of course there are shades of “Redskin” in all of it’s political incorrectness. Ell = Light, but it is also Saturn. Russell is the God of War and the God of Time. His last name is Wilson. Wil = Will (again a manifestation of Mars) and son, which is “The Son” aka “The Son of God” and is also “The Sun.”

Ironically, I just watched “Sunday In New York” two nights ago on TCM, starring Jane Fonda, Cliff Robertson, Rod Taylor and Robert Culp. Fonda (Sag) tries to seduce a stranger, Rod Taylor during a brief visit to New York, while spending time with her pilot brother, Robertson. Her boyfriend and soon-to-be fiance, Robert Culp (Leo) enters the fray. His name? Russell Wilson. Oddly enough, Wilson as aforementioned is a Sag, Tome Brady, a Leo.

Wilson has some serious ancestral magic in his corner. Based on that alone, I like the Seahawks in this one. 33-27.

But that is not what this post is about. Early, Saturday morning in ROSWELL, Georgia, Whitney Houston’s only daughter, Bobbi Brown was found unconscious in a tub. She is now in a medically induced in an Atlanta, hospital. Deaths in and around the Super Bowl, aka “Superb Owl” are becoming more and more common place. Last year on the eve of the Super Bowl 48, Phillip Seymour Hoffman was found dead due to a heroin overdose, which initiated us into the the “Year Of The Horse” and all of the Neptunian/Horse symbolism of 2014. Katy Perry (Scorpio) caps it all off with her halftime appearance, which will no doubt feature her illuminist hit, “Dark Horse.” She’ll be joined by Lenny Kravitz (Gemini) in a real time duality ritual of light/dark, male/femaie.

Bobbi Brown is a Pisces. Here again we encounter the Neptune/Trident symbolism and the tub is transformed into a watery coffin (Pisces). It mirrors not only her mother’s death, but also her brush with death in a tub, just after Whitney (Leo) was likely ritually sacrificed before Clive Davis’ lifetime achievement award.

Just days ago, Idina Menzel stated that Whitney is her inspiration for signing this year’s national anthem, since Whitney was the wart siren in 1991, as the US had just invaded Iraq and MLK’s birthday. Menzel is a Gemini (duality) with a Leo Sun.

This is Super Bowl 49, which breaks down to “13” and is the death card in the major arcana.

The symbol of Atlanta, where Bobbi Brown is in a medically induced coma, is “The Phoenix” and of course this Super Bowl is being played in Phoenix, Arizona. Both cities are at the 33rd degrees parallel.

Add into all of this one of the largest displays of stealth, force, security and power ever assembled at any Super Bowl and we have a potential, major event on our hands.

Let me repeat, Bobbi Brown is a Pisces. Her middle name is “Kristina” which is the feminine version of “Christ.”

All of the Piscean/Neptunian symbolism of the past year is symbolic of the death of “The Age of Pisces” which must be sacrificed to usher in “The Age Of Aquarius.” And what is today? 2/1. The first day of February, the official month of Aquarius. If Bobbi passes, that means that the only person left in the Bobby/Bobbi/Whitney story will be Bobby. Guess what sign he is? Aquarius.

I talked about this at length in my episodes detailing the life and death of Jack Parsons, and “The Babylon Working” at Gaiam.Tv last year. I’ll report more back after the game.

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elemental-truthThe Fifth Element

There’s some serious shit going down in the truth movement. I’m going to add a post by Linda Lake, which details much more of what I’m talking about. It’s important and it’s as serious as the ongoing awakening process. Inside the matrix, we find that there are multiple levels, layers and even meanings. Just when you think you’ve hit the El Dorado of truth, finding the smoking gun that fires the magic bullet, you realize that it’s not the complete picture, not the ultimate sets you free moment most of us our looking for.

Keep in mind that the people that manage this paradigm have massive resources at their disposal. They have enough computing power to create their own reality in Sim Life and they have enough storage space that it reaches beyond the cloud, all the way to heaven. They have modeled, run and tweaked thousands of scenarios for managing people and herding them into their new paradigm. This includes creating a false reality that resembles the dreamworld we are all pining for on some level.

It’s where we get pied pipers like Russell Brand (psychedelic/hipster christ/anti-hero), David Wilcock (esoteric truther/precocious peter pan) and some might even include David Icke into that mix as well. The people that control this domain have thought all of this through many, many times over and they have contingency models and plans in place that cover almost every possible scenario. Perhaps they have traveled to both the past and the future as well, altering “reality” without us being aware of the subtle permutations of our own existence.

With Mercury Retrograde, we get to look back, review and test our assumptions about the nature of where the world is headed, the good guys and the bad guys, the white hats and black hats.

In my teaching of astrology, I look very deeply at the cycle of the houses, both from a personal and a cultural perspective. It is fairly clear that we are on the cusp of the 11th House or the official Age of Aquarius. In fact, I’d say that we are at roughly 28-29 degrees Capricorn, from the view of the global lens. The Sabian Symbol for this degree cycle that really stands out is this one; “A Secret Meeting Of Men Responsible For Executive Decisions In World Affairs.” It’s clear that the old world of fiat banking and fractional reserve lending is close to over.

Greece is likely leaving the EU, and there isn’t a whole lot of sturm and drang about it. Merkel has basically said, “Auf Wieder Sein.”. In the US, they are talking about negative interest rates. That’s a sobering thought as they wring out every last phony shekel from the great pyramid scheme.

But just because that paradigm is wobbling, as Babel’s tower rocks with scandal and structural rot, the game goes on. Seven billion souls hum and generate with divine energy and celestial light.

They have to be moved into another structure, a new pen, the next paradigm and that is the 11th House. It’s out of necessity, not altruistic aims, though I am sure they tell themselves at night before they go to sleep; “It’s all for the best–they can’t manage themselves–we have been tasked with the enormous responsibility of managing these helpless hordes.” It’s the great justification of the ages.

So what does it all mean for you and me as Mercury dances backwards in Aquarius? It means that we have to re-think our assumptions of what the Age of Aquarius is and who is behind the curtain and more importantly perhaps, what we want and how can we create in our day-to-day lives? That’s the most important piece. Question authority. Kill your heroes. Slay your gods. Love one another. Keep the eternal flame burning in spite of the conditions around you.

Here is a contribution by my good friend and fellow traveler, Linda Lake who is connecting the dots in her own, meaningful way and profound way. Read the rest of this entry »

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