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Well I wasn’t too far off from my prognostications of yesterday’s match between USA (Cancer) and Belgium (Libra). Both sides literally and figuratively squared off. Both countries exist at an exact, ninety-degree angle, in the cardinal signs of Cancer (July 4th) and Libra (October 4th). The match was so intense that it went past regulation time, as the score was nil/nil as they say in futbolese.

I knew that Klinsmann would make subs that could/would change the course of the game.

His first sub move was inserting Chris Wondolowski, who nearly won it for the stars and stripes. His second sub, was Julian Green, the young Gemini, who found the back of the net in the overtime period, closing the gap to the final score, of 2-1, my predicted outcome, sadly with the results reversed. Perhaps this was a Mercury Retrograde within a Mercury Retrograde. But my analysis was good enough for my English agent to prompt me to do another World Cup post, this time on the controversial, Uruguayan player, Luis Suarez.

Suarez’s spectacular taletns on the pitch have only been matched by his voracious appetite for human body parts. It seems that his favorite apendages are the ear (salty sweet and chewable) and the shoulder (meatier and more than a mouthful). His Hannibal Lecter style of play has, shall we say, gotten under the skin of his opponents. What would make a man, in the heat of competition decide that a quick Slim Jim or the Brazilian equivalent just wouldn’t be enough?

In Mike Tyson’s case, he is a Cancer and Cancer’s have something of an oral fixation. It might have to do with breasts and mouths or something along those lines. Suarez is an Aquarius though, not a Cancer.

Without having his birth time, it’s hard to get a full assessment of the chart, so we have to look at particular planets and alignements.


If there is one aspect that could explain Suarez’ uncontrollable urge when it comes to chomping on his opponents, it could be this tight orb between mighty Mars in it’s own sign. Mars in Aries is the sign of the warrior, the soldier, the battler supreme. People that have Mars in Aries are blessed with an indomitable will. The challenge Suarez faces is that his True Node is conjunct his Mars in the same sign, closely, by a mere three degrees. This would confer the type of human who cannot control their urges at a primal level combined with an almost supernatural desire to win. Now, the TN is an aspect of the Moon, so we can see a hint of Cancer in here to some extent, via the Moon itself. His South Node is in Libra. Mr. Suarez does not play nice with other boys and girls.

Uranus in Aries has been hovering over his Mars and TN for the past year, so perhaps some of this bizarre behavior can be blamed on the planet of radical change and lightning fast influence. Such immense energy emitted from the transpersonal (Uranus) titan onto the very personal (True Node) and war like (mars) could have a startling, overwhelming and uncontrollable effect on the individual, and since Uranus also rules innovations, curing Mr. Suarez penchant for flesh in crunch time, it would seem that a suitable mouthpiece (Aries) could be developed, which would lock his jaws shut after a certain level of adrenaline was released. They could call the device, “The Suarez Canal” or something similar.

It should also be noted that Suarez is a member of the Pluto in Scorpio generation. They tend to have a fondness for the underworld at large, including zombies and vampires. The real challenge for the Uruguayan superstar is that he has a nasty, Pluto/Sun square. Pluto/Sun people, especially when the Sun is in Aquarius DO NOT like people in positions of authority telling them what to do and I would venture that the biting is more or less an act of rebellion at large. My son used to go to school with a girl that bit other children and perhaps Suarez has been getting his bite on for quite sometime, but just can’t get over the first few times when someone said, “no.” Instead of banning him, FIFA should go in the opposite direction and make him a spokesman for dental health and strong teeth. This would allow his inner child, biting back at the world to receive the love and acceptance it never got. Somewhere inside Luis Suarez is a little boy whose only defense against a big, bad world was a set of strong chompers.

There is also, one last, potentially contributing factor and that ‘s the hard, Saturn/Venus conjunction in Sag Exact. Seventeen degrees. Sag rules sport and is also related to the equine world., with Sag being half man, half horse. The horse is the instinctual nature while man, represents reason. Sag’s challenge is to manage both. Saturn in Sag is a major restraint. Sag wants to be free while Saturn wants rules, limits and laws. The two do not dance well together. One wants to twerk while the other favors a waltz. So Luis is naturally constrained here and with Venus in exactly the same sign/degree, he tends to work out his frustrations on other people, ie Venus/relationship. If he can’t be free, then no one else can either, so to speak. When Saturn moves into Sag next year, he could face some very stiff penalties if he doesn’t/can’t rein it in. However, he might fully harness and unleash his natural talents under Saturn’s return. Also, it might help him if he fell in love and married someone with a bit of a biting fetish (Venus) as life and relationships are all about context—aren’t they?

In any case, we haven’t heard the last of the hungry player from Uruguay as Uranus goes retrograde and hits his TN once more, finally moving forward to trine his Saturn/Venus conjunction. Liberation awaits him. Like all flesh eating professional athletes, he’s merely misunderstood. Nothing that a good woman and an endorsement deal with Crest couldn’t fix.

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Weird and getting weirder all the time.

Aries new moon, I get a text from Freeman Fly. “Hey Robert, are you around? We’re still here. Maybe we can run into you?” An hour I’m headed into the heart of Slackerville meeting up with Freeman and his real life muse/partner Jamie at an open invitation stop on the eternal Freeman tour. Freeman’s managed to stay almost anywhere in North America without setting foot in a hotel.

We sit on a shaky deck with plastic chairs, the Sun is finally emerging from the dismal grey of the early morning, but it’s creating a painful glare. To my left, a twelve barrel chem-buster juts awkwardly into the sky. Freeman and Jamie are proudly displaying their first issue of “Weird Stuff.” It’s a periodical summation of Freeman’s writings, exposing dark Disney, Sandy Hook and more. It’s vintage Freeman, all DIY from cover-to-cover. It’s got a cheesy pulp feel to it, somewhere between EC Comics and Robert Crumb. It’s hip, clever, really smart and a testament to Freeman and Jamie’s fortitude. They crowd sourced it and the crowd will be very happy. Get it over at

A farmer from Houston, homesteading inherited land joins us and Chris, the host eventually hangs with us as well. He’s getting married this weekend and then moving to Florida to do his own brand of farming. It occurs to me that everyone here is doing things on their own, following the pulse of their vision (yes, even yours truly). This dovetails with my rap about the real Aquarian Age and how the one we’re living in is a simulacra, a shadowy substitute with rainbow pinstripes. The group mind crakes open almost instantly, we’re off and jamming on the procession of the equinoxes, to plasma anti-grav craft that bum rushed Freeman over Ogden, Utah, to Emily Parker being buried in Ogden, to Austin’s Owl Building, to Columbia (Freeman’s Favorite) to Crowley’s “Book Of The Law” and ‘The Gutenberg Bible” both at the Harry Ransome center, right down the road at UT. Freeman and i talk about personalized media networks as a manifestation of Uranus in Aries. It gets interesting, feels like we’re neural-networking the future, plotting the overthrow of cable TV. Then I remember the Moon is new and we’re fusing with it, sparking, connecting, synching through convergence. Go get a copy of Weird Stuff and support Freeman and Jamie’s three part trilogy of super strange attraction.


ve pretty much stopped watching college basketball, though I did tune into the NCAA finals and caught the end of the 2nd Half. Louisville is turning it on. Rick Pitino is stalking the sidelines like a cross between a vampire and Al Pacino with hair plugs. They look like they were done by the same guy that re-routed Joe Biden’s follicles.

The guy that catches my eye is Peyton Siva.

Siva found sports and he channeled his Scorpionic intensity onto the football field and basketball court. Keep in mind, he’s not big so he had to throw every molecule of his being into competing.

By thirteen he had taught himself how to drive and then searched the city looking for his father. He found him in a crack house, preparing to end his life. Young Siva talked him off the ledge and got his father into rehab. Doing his best to dodge gang life, he convinced his mother to open his home to friends so that they could stay over and avoid the pressures of gang life.

His Mercury at 1 degree Scorpio is conjunct his Sun at 0. But it’s his stellium of Capricorn; Moon/Saturn/Uranus/Pluto that gave him an unusual gift and burden of not just being an extremely responsible child, but even surrogate parent. Capricorn personas grow up fast, especially when the Moon is in play.

I don’t know much more about Peyton Siva, but what I do know is that if I were a on the court or looking for an abandoned family member, I’d want Siva on my side. He’s relentless, in all the best ways. I predict great things for Peyton Siva, no matter what he does with his life.


Powerful stellium including the last degrees of the New Moon in Aries, god of war. Sun, Venus, Mars, all conjunct. Red Light flashing on the horizon of the near future. When looking at the aspects of when North Korea was formally recognized on 9/9/48, Uranus was in Cancer at 0 degrees. The Sabian Symbol for 0/1 degree Cancer is; ON A SHIP THE SAILORS LOWER AN OLD FLAG AND RAISE A NEW ONE. This obviously refers to the changing of the flag/guard as North Korea separated itself from the South, a three-year-process (45-48), as Dane Rudhyar notes, it’s also a volatile energy as the degree represents the shift from Spring to Summer. So the underlying energy is transition. However, with Uranus, we’re dealing with all things Uranian, including Uranium, which includes of course nuclear weapons. Here is what Rudhyar has to say about the symbol; “KEYNOTE: A radical change of allegiance exteriorized in a symbolical act: a point of no return.

We have now reached a square (go-degree angle) to the beginning of the cyclic process. This is a moment of crisis, a sharp turning point.In the zodiacal cycle, at the summer solstice the northward motion of the sun (in “decimation”) stops; the sun rises and sets as far north of exact east and west as it can during the year-cycle. Its motion is now reversed. Slowly the sunset points move southward on the western horizon, and the length of the day decreases. In the lunation cycle (from New Moon to New Moon) this is the First Quarter phase. On the “ship” which symbolizes the ego-consciousness floating, as it were, on the sea of the vast Unconscious, the individualized will makes a basic decision. The dominant Yang force allows the Yin force to begin its six-month long rise to power. The “collective” will gradually overcomes the “individual,” and at the end the state will overpower the person. Now, however, the individual person enjoys his most glorious hour; he exults in his ability to make a “free decision”- i.e. to act as an individual who selects his life goal and his allegiance.

My biggest concern around North Korea is that it’s all theater for something else, a convenient red herring swimming in the enormous shadow of China. NK has Mercury in Libra, so, theoretically, true diplomacy could have a salient effect. Ironically, Dennis Rodman (Taurus) recently surfaced in Pyongyang doing Soju shots with Kim Jong On. NK’s True Node happens to be in Taurus. The flashpoint is the upcoming Uranus/Pluto Square at 11 degrees in May. NK has Neptune in Libra at 11 degrees, completing a cardinal T-Square. Uranus in Aries is the Fire, Pluto in Capricorn the wick, Neptune provides the gas.

As we deal with the intensity Aries’ cardinality cover the skies in crimson, practice pulling in the opposite energy; Libra. Focus on diplomacy, tact, grace and saving face. Who needs the UN when we have you’n’me?


I’m offering all first time clients a $66 special for a one hour astrological reading. You can reach me and ask more questions or book it at:

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George, the late-night-dragon slayer.

Its Mercury Retrograde and I can’t not help diving into the world of sports, where Mercury Retrograde is at its finest. First, we have the overtime game of the San Francisco Forty-Niners vs the St. Louis Rams. The Rams are a symbolic favorite of mine due to their obvious astrological symbology, but also due to the fact that Georgia Frontiere, the woman who inherited the team from her late husband, Dominic Frontiere was an astrology buff and likely moved the team out of L.A. with astrology guiding her re-location. In later years, she would become a born-again Christian and the Rams would win their first Super Bowl. They defeated the Titans, in of all places . . .”The Georgia Dome” when Jupiter was in? Aries! In 2002, the first post-911 Super Bowl, sadly, they became the sacrificial Rams, falling to the “Patriots” and thus starting the dominance of the Bob Kraft (Craft) owned Patriots era. While Mars was in Aries, possibly foreshadowing another Rams win, New England cam in with Aries coach, Bill Bellichik, who not only has an aries Sun, which was in a wide orb with Mars that day, but also Jupiter in Aries. The Patriots, through their coach, outrammed the Rams.

The Rams and The Patriots have an interesting history and sidebar by the way. The Patriots were owned by Victor Kiam, a razor baron who owned Schick. Kiam was drowning in debt and sold the team to St. Louis businessman, James Orthwein. The Patriots were terrible then and one of the least valuable teams in the league. Orthwein was going to move the Pats to St. Louis. He faced only one hurdle and that was the two-year-lease on Foxboro stadium, which was held by Robert Kraft. Kraft bought the stadium when it was literally in receivership for a mere $25,000,000. Chump change by today’s standards. But Kraft had leverage and he used it to gain full ownership of the Patriots. Orthwein offered Kraft $75,000,000 to get out of the lease and Kraft countered with $175, 000,000 to buy the Patriots outright. Orthwein jumped at the deal, since Kraft was going in way over the top of the team’s estimated value. In doing so, he opened the doors for the exodus of the Rams to St. Louis, thus setting up the sacrificial slaughter of the Rams at the hands of the Patriots.

So let’s return to last Sunday. There was a play that was reviewed during the Rams/Niners tilt and during the review, seventy-four seconds just disappeared. Gone. And they knew it had happened in so-called “real time” but didn’t add the time back into the game. This is highly unusual since officials routinely re-set game clocks for extended and undue stoppage–but not this time. Time simply disappeared. Those missing seconds would become something akin to the missing frames in the Zapruder film as the game would go into overtime and neither team would emerge victorious. A stalemate in a bizarre game that featured strange penalties and one of three concussions suffered that Sunday by three quarterbacks. This one would belong to Alex Smith (Taurus). The other two were Michael Vick (Aries) and Jay Cutler (Taurus) all first quadrant casualties.

In a symbolic node shift, Scorpio, Colin Kaepernick would replace Taurus Smith. Kaepernick has Uranus at 25 degrees Sag. Mars was at 25 degrees Sag on Sunday. The Uranian lightning bolt struck and Kaepernick was off the bench leading his team to an apparent victory, when David Akers would shank a forty-yard-FG. Sag Akers is in a pretty significant slump. Jupiter retro in his opposite sign of the twins has not been kind to last year’s special teams stud.

Another interesting MR moment occurred in hoops, when the Lakers fired coach, Mike Brown over the weekend. Pisces Brown was no fit for uber, 0 degree Virgo, Kobe Bryant. It set the stage for the return of Virgo Zen Master, Phil Jackson. Instead, at the 11th hour, it was announced that Taurus, Mike D’antoni would be the Lakers new coach. In the eyes of the fans and the press, the re-hiring of Jackson seemed like a mere formality. The reversal or retrograde decision shocked most people. In fact, it was so jarring that the normally stoic, though cagey Jackson struck out against the Lakers through his agent, Todd Mussburger, accusing the Lakers management of lying and going back on a tentative agreement at the last moment. He might be right. Jim Buss, Jerry’s son is in charge now and Jim Buss doesn’t like the Zen Master. He got over on Phil, which has prompted outright criticism from the likes of Magic Johnson, who accused Buss the younger of sabotaging the process and wrecking the franchise in the process. D’antoni promptly announced he wouldn’t be able to coach for at least a week due to recovery from knee surgery (another retrograde nugget).

Lastly, we have the Miami Marlins fiasco, where junk franchise trader, Jeffery Loria decided to trade off a 1/4 of his team, their best players in fact save one, to the Toronto Blue Jays for a homophobic Cuban shortstop and players that might make a difference in five years. If Miami had any actual fans, they’d be livid. You see the good people of Miami contributed over $450,000, 000 to build their new, downtown stadium. Loria went out and got high priced talent and signed the hard drinking, voodoo practicing and outspoken Ozzie Guillen (Capricorn), to be their new manager. Shortly after being hired, Guillen professed his admiration and respect for Castro, a big no-no amongst the Cuban exiles living in Miami. Guillen has Moon and Jupiter in what seems to be a theme here today, Aries. Loris could and should have fired Guillen just days after his remarks were published, but he didn’t and fans stayed away from the Marlins last season. Loria was counting on the one community in Miami that loves and would support baseball, in fact to the tune of $450,000,000 and he wound up alienating them. Now, in a very retrogrady sort of way, he just gutted the team and its payroll. This isn’t anything new for Scorpio, Loria. In a tale similar to that of Bob Kraft’s, here is how Jeffery Loria got to Miami in the first place. Both excerpts from Wikipedia bold emphasis, mine;

“In 1989, Loria purchased the Oklahoma City 89ers, then a Triple-A affiliate of the Texas Rangers. The team won the American Association championship in 1992. Loria sold the team in 1993 and began looking to buy a Major League team. Loria lost out to Peter Angelos in his bid to purchase the Baltimore Orioles in 1994. On December 9, 1999, he bought a 24 percent stake in the Montreal Expos for $18 million CAD (approximately $12 million USD) and became the managing general partner. When a series of cash calls went unanswered, Loria ended up with 94 percent of the team. He headed an ownership group that included the city of Montreal and Stephen Bronfman, son of founding owner Charles Bronfman.

In 2002, as part of an orchestrated move with Bud Selig and then-Marlins owner John W. Henry, Loria sold the Expos to “Expos Baseball, LP,” a partnership of the other 29 major league clubs, for $120 million. In effect, the Expos were sold to the commissioner’s office. Henry then sold the Marlins to Loria for $158.5 million, including a $38.5 million no-interest loan from MLB. The deal was approved by the other owners before Loria and Henry even signed a contract, and paved the way for Henry to buy the Boston Red Sox.[5] Loria moved the Expos’ entire front office staff, on-field staff, office equipment and computer equipment to Florida.[6] MLB’s plans to contract the Expos and Minnesota Twins failed, though, as the Twins were compelled through legal action to fulfill the terms of their lease at the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome. Loria’s partners in the Expos ownership consortium filed a Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) lawsuit against Loria and Major League Baseball, but it eventually went to arbitration, with the arbitration panel finding in favor of Loria.[7] The Expos were ultimately transferred to Washington, D.C. as the Nationals. While the move was welcomed by baseball fans in Washington, it has led to many bitter feelings among Montreal – as well as Canadian – baseball fans. Many speculate that Loria’s original purpose was never to keep the Expos in Montreal.[8]

So, essentially, Loria bought the Expos for a paltry $12,000,000 US and turned it into a $43,000,000 profit with a $38,000,000, no interest loan. He then promptly won the World Series with a bevy of young talent, then sold that talent off to the highest bidders instead of keeping them around, a common practice in sports. Loria, was born with Mercury in Scorpio, retrograde 12 degrees. The solar eclipse was in a 7 degree orb of his Sun.

So, again, what does it all mean, save that a bunch of guys that worship the same god get to play by a different set of rules? Well, if you’ve ever read Cathy O’Brien’s disturbing and surreal, TRANCEformation Of America, you’ll remember that she says that sports aren’t just fixed, but fixed for a variety of reasons. One of the examples she mentions is how the Toronto Bluejays won two, world series in-a-row. She said that this was done to help pave the way for NAFTA. What team did Loria and the Marlins trade to? The Toronto Bluejays. They traded their very best players for peanuts and put the Bluejays into a position of being very competitive. If their first title run presaged NAFTA, then could the next Bluejays ascent be linked to the implementation of the NAU (North American Union)?Toronto is about due for a re-brith of sorts. It was incorporated ion 3/6/1834 when Pluto was in Aries at 11 degrees. Uranus is set to hit Aries at 11 degrees next year. Put your money on the Jays right now!


Speaking of money, is there anyone else that has ruled the late night airwaves with the midas touch in recent history more than George Noory? Since taking over for Gemini, Art bell, Coast-To-Coast has expanded into syndication gold. Its more than just an outpost of the unusual for insomniacs, truckers and aging x-filers, its become a portal into other worlds and strange dimensions of hypothesis, hyperbole and hyperdimensional chatter. George has forged a unique bon homme between him and his listeners which has resulted in a solid and trusted bond between them. Unlike Bell, who often appeared as the dark mage at the end of time, George is more the kindly wizard holding the space of civility and humility in the nexus of chaos. In short, he’s become a port in the storm for the anxious and stressed in the literal and figurative, darkest hours before the dawn.

Tomorrow, at 12 PM, Central, I’m thrilled to have George with me for an hour on The Friday Farcast. We’ll find out a lot more about the mind behind the mic, how he became America’s sage of late night talk radio and where he thinks all of this is headed.

In the second hour, I’ll have another George, this time it’s Giorgio A. Tsoukalous, aka “The Hair” and star of “Ancient Aliens” the immensely popular series on the History Channel. We’ll talk about the series, its success, his background, ancient aliens and his upcoming cosmic convergence event in New Orleans on 12/21/12. You don’t want to miss this episode, either live or on the podcast.

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No more time to dilly dali.

In the outer reaches of the solar system, Pluto and Uranus slide into place at exactly a 90 degree angle. The Uranus/Pluto square has arrived. Here in California, summer came and went in two short days. The shift into fall was heralded by the arrival of massive lenticular clouds, shrouding the conveyance of motherships in the sky. The winds roared, the temperatures dropped and yet the light remained late into the day. The meteorological cognitive dissonance was surreal. Meanwhile, wild fires in Colorado and New Mexico still rage and the heat there is off the charts. They’re having summer in hell. Its like we’re living in multiple worlds, various planes of existence. Its always been this way, but there has been a general broadband of a collective narrative that was more or less coherent. That’s changing now. Things are breaking apart, a fragmenting of what we call reality is taking place. Now some of this is obviously manipulated at some level. The fires in the rockies have been started on purpose (as most fires are).

The Uranus/Pluto square is going to manifest on many levels, including a very real possibility for WW3 in Syria, but what I am experiencing early on is this sense that reality as it relates to time, the one, theoretically shared experience we all have that transcends religious belief, is ending. Now time does exist differently in different places. The most obvious example being that I have my radio show in California at 10AM during the week, but someone in Holland will be listening nine hours later. We’re living in different time zones, but after a few adjustments, we’re living in agreement. Well that’s changing.

Uranus or Ouranus was the father of the sky or the universe and his mate was Gaia, the Earth itself. Together, they created the progeny of titans. Here, in the act of birth, time begins in the physical creation of this dimensional manifestation. Without birth or manifestation into physical being, time does not exist. Even the birth, life and death of stars as ancient and seemingly fixed as they are do not occur without our recognition. Out of time, all things are eternal (which is where we are headed).

Uranus or Ouranus (sky) in concert with Gaia (earth) creates the template of the physical domain aka time. Ouranos is also called “Aion Ouranus.” Aion or Aeon is the alpha and omega. It is the beginning and end of time. Out of the belly of Gaia emerges the titans, the mythological offspring of their elemental copulation. One of their children is “Cronos” which manifests as the birth of time. Cronos is envious of eternity (Ouranos) and wants to assert his will over Gaia, To do this, he will have to castrate his father with a scythe and thus lay waste to eternity, so that he can super-impose his consciousness over Gaia and usher in his domain, which is the rule of time.

In this square, we see two manifestations of this passion play once again dueling away. Ouranos of course is Uranus and in the sign of Aries, it is all about now, now and more now. The urgency of the moment is gripping. Every event on the world stage seems to influence the holographic display with more and more intensity. Chaos theory is rushing like a torrent through our collective awareness. Everything is wired together, whether its the global economy or the birth of Snooki’s baby. Six degrees of separation has melted down to three in the past two years. Social networking has become an accelerant to the social heat index. So it’s no wonder that Jerry Sandusky and Anders Breivik have been on trial simultaneously. Both men committed gross crimes against children (rape and murder). Here we see the greek themes played out again in the slaughter and violation of innocence. I’m not even taking into account the forces behind these two men, which is another post altogether. I’m simply making a mythological correspondence.

We also have Pluto in Capricorn in the mix as well. Capricorn is Cronos. Capricorn is time and gravity. We all bitch about Saturn and why? Because Saturn locks us into the pressure of gravity. We know our theoretical limitations through Saturnine institutions like the state or the corporation. They define our earthly existence through codes like SSN’s, drivers license numbers, etc. We are told what we can or cannot do by the manifestation of their institutions like planning or zoning departments. Just try to put something in your front yard, like a vegetable garden, which it is not zoned for and you’ll see what happens. Their agents of time will come a knockin’.

When Pluto in Cap first broke, I talked about the transformation of time quite a bit and in the last four years I’ve witnessed it over and over again. In sports, there is a cycle where teams bring up players, especially in baseball and they allow them to play for a while and get their game together. Baseball uses agricultural language from the early 20th century to describe this process. The minor leagues in baseball are called “farm leagues” and players that are not quite ripe get to mature on the farm team before they are harvested by the big leagues. There’s generally been more of a sense of patience with this this process, which is more closely aligned with organic or natural time, but recently I’ve seen players judged not just game by game, but at bat by at bat. Soon it will be reduced to pitch by pitch. That’s where its all headed–into the moment.

The square represents a conflict in time itself. Uranus in Aries is NOW and Pluto in Cap wants to dominate through time, because time itself is running out, ending.

My good friend Ellis Taylor has talked about this frequently in his brilliant thesis regarding time and 2012, especially as it relates to the upcoming Olympics. Ellis sees not just the Olympics, but events leading up to the Olympics as part of a mega-spell, woven together, to entrap us in time, but not just from our current perspective. He sees the manipulation of time as sort of medieval techno-fascist-serfdom matrix of reality with no access to spiritual planes of existence. Thus, in essence, the Olympics are a sort of time-lock, leading of course up to 12/21/12.

The square challenges all of that. How can we plan for our futures when theoretically they may not exist, this evidenced by the fact that social security may not be around for post boomers. This throws us directly into the present and a live for today mentality, which has both positive and negative manifestations. But when we get into the scenario of different or fractal times, we also encounter different or fractal realities, where varying models of consciousness can be existing in parallel spaces. Its ALWAYS been this way, but now, we are becoming more and more aware of it. How do we reconcile these states when sometimes they even cross family lines?

Just after Barack Obama had been elected and Pluto had moved into Capricorn, my life profoundly changed. I was separated from and then divorced my wife (Aries). Our worlds were moving in vastly different directions. I had just really started this site and was picking up serious momentum as Saturn was about to enter my 10th House. She was having Saturn transit in her 12th (Leo). During that period she stared down her alcoholism and unattended grief for the loss of her mother, which occurred just prior to her Saturn return. When Saturn moves through the 12th, there is an inner journey that is so intense and personal that really nothing much else matters on the surface of things. Saturn in the 12th is a quest towards timelessness, triggering an eternal yearning to know and understand God. She found this through AA and the “higher power” and for better or worse, she delineated her life into AA and pre-AA segments. I was in the pre-part and ultimately consigned to the fires of transformation. On a soul level, I understand this. The personality however has had as we shall say, a more complex experience regarding it.

From an egoic perspective, I suppose I would have had less of a challenge if I had been recognized by her on some fundamental level, like; “I honor and get what you do, but it’s not compatible with my life and its taken me a while to get clear on this and many other aspects of my life in general.” I didn’t get that and it had been a real point of contention for me. This post and what I am leading up to is an attempt to heal and move on from that perspective.

After I left, Saturn had moved into her first house. We all know that Saturn forces change in whatever sector its in. In her first house of Virgo, it is health, identity and esteem. She had put on a significant amount of weight while she was pregnant and gained more in the aftermath of having our son. With natal Saturn directly on her natal Moon in Gemini, she’s given to bouts of depression. Depression can be overcome by the stimulation and production of endorphins, which are created through exercise. She decided to work with a trainer with the intention of entering a triathlon. She did and along the way, she lost 175 pounds and found a major tool in combating her depression, which has made her a better person and a better mom.

Now, she’s focused on participating in Ironman Kona. Its an elite event on the triathlon circuit, the big kahuna of triathlons and they only let a few outsiders in every year. People have to apply and share their story, then get voted on by the public based on the poignancy of their tale. Well she’s made a video of hers and its moved her into the final round of voting. She’s asked me to do a piece on her so that she can get her message out and live her dream. Let’s just say I’ve been a bit conflicted about this. My eternal self wants to do the “right thing” while personality wants to do something just a tad bit different. But here we are, karmically linked, maybe in ways I cannot even begin to perceive and perhaps my bending like a bamboo in the wind is the key to unlocking this energetic stalemate. So please, have a look at her video, take in her story (its actually pretty compelling) and vote for her to live her dream. Here’s the link; Heather’s video.

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Finding God at 200 MPH

Its late. I’m restless. Today, the early hours of the 22nd lie dormant in darkness. I tried sleeping, lying on my back, trying to cool down the cells. According to the underground observatories, we’re supposed to hit the gravity trough in just a few, short hours. The gravity trough is the celestial speed bump that is being carved out by the Sun and its mysterious twin star, a binary brown dwarf with its own entourage of misfit worlds, flailing about in erratic orbits. Maybe it’s Niburu?

Sometimes when events are looming, major events I’m wound up and a little edgy. When 911 happened I couldn’t sleep a wink the night before. I fought with my girlfriend at the time. We went to sleep angry. When we awoke, the world had changed. I’ll never forget the words I spoke to her, “We’re fucked.” I don’t think she truly understood what I meant at that time.

I’m watching a film on Aryton Senna. Senna would have turned 52 yesterday if he were still alive. He was born on 3/21/60 in Sao Paolo.

Senna was born into privilege, but he never squandered nor abused it. In fact he was driven to use his wealth and his privilege as much as he was driven to be the fastest, formula one driver in the world and fast Senna was. What else would you expect from a man with a Sun at 0 degrees Aries and Mars in Aquarius in the first House? But while he lived his life on the edge on the track, there was a very different side to Senna. He was a mystic.

He had a deep faith in God and in fact claimed to experience God while approaching speeds of 200 mph. Senna had Venus (six degrees) and Mercury (12 degrees) conjunct in Pisces, trining Neptune in Scorpio (ten degrees) which hugged his mid-heaven. Interestingly enough, he was at his best when the track was slick with rain. While other drivers drove more cautiously, Senna had an intuitive understanding when it came to navigating his formula one car through the spray. But there was also a lonely and haunted side to him as well. Saturn and Moon conjunct (Capricorn) in the 12th hints at a man that was very hard to know, revealing himself to only the closest people in his life.

He was incredibly philanthropic, donating millions of dollars to the poor children of Brazil. His Jupiter in the 11th gave him a deeply broad and humanitarian spirit. Trining Pluto (two degree orb) he had the power to make things happen. Rich, successful, daring, devout, smart and deeply loved in Brazil, Aryton Senna was poised to transcend racing and become something far greater–a true force for good.

He was no saint on the track though. His aggressive style earned him enemies, especially with his long time rival, Alain Proust, who nearly came to blows with Senna on a number of occasions, while even on the same team. He also did not shirk from luxury or beautiful women, He dated Pele’s ex-girlfriend, the Brazilian teen-porn-star turned children’s TV host, Xuxa. Somehow, as the world raced around him, he always kept his center. On the track would tempt fate, often, powered by an audacious Sun/Jupiter square. Not only was he obsessed with winning, he wanted to bury the competition. His desire to win prompted him to leave team McLaren, to race for Williams motor sport, who had created a car with significant advantage. The Williams/Renault car was driven by his former team mate, Alain Proust.

The Williams/Renault cars had been equipped the year before Senna joined the team with a special, computerized suspension, which hugged the track. He wanted to win, so he raced for the best car. The problem was, was that by the time he joined Williams/Renault, they had banned the computerized suspension and breaking, Thus when Senna got to finally race in their car, the car less safe since the more conventional suspension and breaking were not nearly as good as the other cars in formula one. This troubled him. He was also physically uncomfortable in the Williams/Renault car as well. In other words, it really wasn’t a good fit, all the way around.

The amazing part of the movie “Senna” is that we see Roland Ratzenberger talk, just hours before he dies. Sadly we see the same thing happen to Senna, at the San Marino grand prix.

The San Marino race took place on 5/1/94. Beltane. Walgispurnacht. It is the time of the gathering of the witches, rituals and sacrifices.

Aryton Senna died that day. The accident itself was freak (perhaps). He lost control on a turn, not a hard turn, an easy and progressive turn. It appears that the steering column snapped in two and Senna could not control the car at all. Was the steering column tampered with? Was his death in some ways a supernatural occurrence? He did not suffer a broken bone in his body. A piece of the suspension shattered his helmet and caused severe head trauma. Senna, 0 degrees Aries suffered a death that would be extremely indicative of his early degree sign in the ram.

To this day, the cause of the cars breakdown is still unsolved.

There has not been a death in formula one racing since Senna..

1994 was a turbulent year. NAFTA was passed, The Bosnian/Serbian war was full on. Baruch Goldstein killed 29 muslims in the West Bank and was summarily beaten to death once he ran out of bullets. OJ killed Nicole and Ron Goldman, setting off what would be the sounding of the first horn of the apocalypse as Simpson captured the attention of the nation as he drove at a snails pace on the LA freeways in a white bronco (Behold A Pale Horse). And then there’s Senna.

I highly recommend taking an hour out of your life to watch this documentary on this remarkable individual.

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Hot moon rising.

Each passing Full Moon burns a greater light onto our lives than ever before, especially when its in a Cardinal sign (Such as this Aries Moon), as we are in the deep Cardinal cycle, initiated by the positions of Pluto and Uranus, grinding together in the dark corners of the solar system, tempestuous, showering sparks like fallen angels, igniting the dead wood of our consciousness, setting our souls ablaze.

Its not always a graceful process, but perhaps the universe is a model that is more efficient than we know. If large numbers of souls had all agreed light up simultaneously, then we would need extreme conditions in order to produce the desired effect; either gracefully harmonious merging or deeply discordant disconnection, only those qualities could awaken masses from their slumber. Apparently, in a parallel universe, another timeline is having the most blissed-out and ecstatic coming together. On this plane however, in this vector of linearity, we’re grappling with the latter. Obviously.

There are dark waves emanating from Washington as the portrait of Barack Obama behind-the-scenes, is growing ever more gray. He seems to be retreating, recoiling from the rigors of three years gone bad. He surrounds himself with Valerie Jarrett and David Ploufe. His most important player, attorney general, Eric Holder is getting scalded by Darrell Issa on “Fast and Furious” which is rapidly escalating into what could be Obama’s Watergate. Meanwhile, perhaps reflexively, Holder is going after medical marijuana dispensaries in California. The Aries Moon puts the heat on. Libra wants fairness and accountability. The Aries Full Moon seeks to impel the personal immediacy of emoting “I AM.” We’re trying to find our authentic expression in opposition to the Libra Sun, which demands equanimity. Early tomorrow, we’ll briefly have a Saturn, Full Moon opposition, which will really turn things up a few degrees. Watch out for stubborn behaviors and attitudes. High blood pressure and being head strong, head aches and and strained vision all come with the territory of the Aries Full Moon, in opposition to the Sun and Saturn.

The other day, I had a moment that was likely a precursor to the Full Moon. I had, just for a moment a glimpse into the Matrix itself. Everything was my creation. Everything. From the people in my life, to the events of the very world around me, mundane and macro. It was brief, odd and both disturbing and liberatingly illuminating. Because on the back end of it, I realized that none of you existed on some very abstract level. Perhaps I didn’t even exist either, and yet there was the one to witness it all, The I Am, which is at the very core of Aries, the distilled and primal unification of consciousness, pure will, pure expression, pure thought, which isn’t even thought at all, but rather integrated being and doing.

If we follow the round of the wheel, it is endless, infinite, cycles upon cycles, thought upon thought, ultimately culminating in Pisces and house twelve, which for many people is an end point, a re-connection with the cosmic chain of being in an ocean of oneness; pure consciousness and yet, the circle keeps uncoiling, and yet, there is no circle. But the stage after Pisces, if we’re giving our attention to it, is full and complete integration. That’s not some robotic and mindless version of action and will. We’re not talking “Real Steel” here. Its more like Bruce Lee’s “Tao” without the hyper-systemization. That’s ultimately what this Aries Full Moon is reflective of, in the face of Libra’s weights and measures. It is action/thought/emotion/being/doing all in One as One.

Here is John Cage’s “4:33″ which in some measure is a commentary on natural scale vs A 440, which is a different topic altogether. Listen and you’ll see/hear the connection between “4:33″ and the Aries Full Moon.

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Rest easy . . .

The cosmic irony of Gil Scott-Heron’s passing isn’t lost on me. Gil Scott was one of America’s true geniuses. He was as soulful as Marvin Gaye but flirted with more radical edges. Gil Scott was an April Fool, born 4/1/49. He was a true April Fool, because he saw the world clearly, sometimes too clearly and while he sang about injustice and inequality, one never really got the sense that he was ever truly bitter or cynical. For a deeply penetrating social critic, Gil Scott sang a helluva lot about brotherhood and love. He also sang sweetly about women on tunes like “Precious Time” and children (his own) on, “Your Daddy Loves You.” He was a true romantic underneath the smoldering rage and informed indignity, which made his more polemic tracks even more potent. Make no mistake, Gil Scott-Heron sang from his heart.

This past year, I exerted some effort to get him on my radio show. An old friend in the music biz had helped put out his last record and I reached out to see if we could make it happen, but I never got a reply. Must have been the website.

Gil Scott had descended into drug use over the years and it wasn’t pretty, things like this can happen when an open heart and equally open mind isn’t sufficiently buttressed from the horrors of this world. But he had made a comeback, a serious comeback on my friends label with, “I’m New Here” his first real record in years. It would be his final words in sound. Critically acclaimed, he at least went out with honors.

I could get into how Uranus was conjunct his Moon and Saturn conjunct his natal Neptune, both getting pulled on by the planet of death, Pluto in Capricorn. The astro-equations might add up to his demise or what we like to call it in certain circles “a change of state,” but I’d rather focus on his natal Sun in Aries and the events of the day that seem ever more timely in the wake of his passing. Let’s look at them.


The song that is and always will be associated with Gil Scott is of course, “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised.” He was waaaay ahead of the temporal curve on this one, even if he was more ironically on point, versus tacitly correct. He was basically saying that television was such a commercial and corporate driven entity, that they would never dare to show true images of dissent, however, I think that Scott-Heron actually believed that the revolution would take place. It didn’t. Blame it on alternate timelines or the co-optation of the sixties generation; Jerry Rubin on Wall Street, The Clintons in the White House. . . .

Like most prophets, he was right before his time, even if he was slightly off in his prophecies. But it won’t be the radical pose that Scott-Heron occasionally struck which I reflect on this day, it’s his love of his fellow man, his terrific sense of humor, his social conscience, his keen song craft and his ability to sing the blues more intelligently than anyone else I’ve ever heard.


As Uranus settles ever more deeply into Aries, a sense of palpable tension rises. All across Europe, from Italy, Spain and Greece, to Ireland and even England, people are reacting to what’s been politely termed “austerity measures” enforced by the IMF, who lay down the terms and conditions for debt repayment. We recently witnessed the seamy fall of Dominique Strauss-Khan, in some sort of weird honeytrap that might have been a manifestation of his distended desire and unclaimed guilt and/or it could have been a set up. In any case, the woman rumored to replace him, Christine Lagarde would be even harsher on countries like Greece in terms of austerity according to the EU Observer. Seems like Strauss-Khan was confused. Apparently he was supposed to be more of a prick instead of using more of his prick. Guess he didn’t get the memo about the hammer of Thor coming down on defaulting economies. Well, Spain sure as hell did.

Protests have erupted in Spain due to planned “austerity measures” and of course, people have done what they have done for time immemorial when these sorts of things have happened, they went outside and made some noise, and in Spain’s case, relatively quiet noise. These were peaceful demonstrations, but the police missed the morning briefing (or maybe they didn’t). Looking like dark stormtroopers in shock-proof-exoskeletons, they were not shy about using force. This wasn’t the conflicted Egyptian police and army that struggled to take up arms against their brethren, no, these automatons in Spain were the living incarnates of Robocop, stripped of their emotions, loyalty, sense of culture and connection. They were in short, heartless android thugs. What? You didn’t see this on the news? How could they not show it? Uh-huh. Remember what Gil Scott said? “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised.” But with Uranus in Aries and the intensity of the upcoming eclipse on July 1st, the protests will be too big and too loud to ignore. We are staring down a revolutionary Summer. I am not rooting for this, however I believe that the chance we will see even more widespread global unrest is about even money in Vegas right now. We have economies going full tilt and debtors going full metal jacket. Something has to give.

On a day when the sweetest poet of rage ascended to a brand new sense of freedom, a brand new sense of time, he leaves behind hoards of sleepers awakening to the greatest con of them all; The plunder of the Earth and the protection of that plunder at all costs, in the name of the select few who got there first or if they didn’t, managed to buy off or evict those that did.

Vintage Scott-Heron from the 1970s. “The Bottle.”

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