Aquarius Omarosa Goes Off Rez, Past Life Echoes with Trump, & The Prime Directive of the Galactic Center

When she made her move into the public eye, Omarosa debuted on season one of “The Apprentice.” In the midst of good guy, real estate hustler, Troy from Boise, and the eventual winner, and first apprentice, Bill Rancic from Chicago, Omarosa stood out with her Ebony cover, high cheekbones, and what appeared at first to be an equally high degree of intelligence, forcefully articulating her ideas. But as the show progressed, Omarosa’s IQ began to dip further and further into a weird nether world where stupidity crossed over into crazy. Was her sharp articulation simply a facade for someone not actually all that bright or did she have some emotional quirk that kicked in and overrode any sort of brimming intelligence? She was fired by the Donald in week nine, but would gratuitously ride the rails of the celeb reality train for most of the decade, appearing on Celebrity Apprentice, All-Star Celebrity Apprentice, The Surreal Life and Celebrity Big Brother. An Aquarius (we’ll get to a lot more of that later) she’s made a life of living in public, well that and moving through husbands and fiancees at a Zsa Zsa Gabor like rate. Since 2000, she’s been married twice and Michael Clarke Duncan, the actor died on the watch as next up in Omarosa’s life.

Prior to 2015, she was a Democrat and in fact worked for Al Gore, while Gore was VP. “Gore’s former office administrator, Mary Margaret Overbey, has said Omarosa, “Was the worst hire we ever made.” She was later transferred to the Commerce Department via the White House personnel office. Cheryl Shavers, who then served as the department’s under secretary for technology administration, said that at the time, Omarosa was “unqualified and disruptive,” adding, “I had her removed.”” (Wikipedia). Remember, these were Democrats, the practitioners of tolerance and social justice.

I got some heat the other day on the video that Heather Eland and I did on the eclipse and the nodes. I was deconstructing the South Node in Aquarius, where I was revealing some of the darker sides of that sign. First off, astrology has an inherent duality wired into it. There’s going to be positives and negatives for all signs. That’s part of the code. Transcending duality is the name of the game, but in order to do it, one must be aware of the inherent polarity of the process.

Let’s start here. The Sun is in it’s detriment in Aquarius. I know that it might be a tough pill to swallow for Aquarians, but that’s a fact. It doesn’t make them any less interesting, compelling, cool, or culturally relevant, since their sign has shaped modern culture as we know it. It’s the sign of the New Age and predominates the realm of “isms.” From Fascism to Socialism, Aquarius is embedded in there, as groups, organizations and systems that manage mass consciousness. That’s Aquarius. It’s a sign that rebels against ideologies, yet desperately adapts and clings to them as they define the character and the nature of the individual passing through a particular phase. I find it ironic that the two most influential figures in Punk Rock, an Aquarian genre of music, were Johnny Rotten (Sex Pistols) and Joe Strummer (The Clash). They were astrological opposites; Rotten the anarchic Aquarian and Strummer, the Leo frontman who abandoned his squatter mates and roots, to become a rock star. In the alchemical equation, Aquarius needs Leo’s heart and Leo needs Aqua’s cool head. Leo is the captain, Aquarius, the team. Neither can function without the other.

From a more classical perspective, Leo is the King and Aquarius is the Fool. Aquarius is disruptive and in the right circumstances, keeps the King humble by pointing out his foibles. This is what we are dealing with, with Trump and Omarosa, but which one is the fool?

Trump’s chart is unique in that he is a Leo rising, with dominant Mars in Leo on the Asc. Yes, this is king-like-territory from the perspective of the ego/self, which the ascendant plays an important role in defining. But he also has a Sun/Uranus conjunction in Gemini, which gives him an Aquarian aura, so Trump is both the King and the Fool, which can be very confusing and an extremely difficult aspect to integrate into one being. With his ASC at the end of Leo, most of his first house is Virgo, which means his sixth house, is Aquarius. The sixth house by the way is the house of apprenticeships (also open enemies) and in Aquarius, the show was a perfect fit for Trump. Which leads us to Aquarius, Omarosa.


Well, well, well, well, lookie here. LOL. Where do I start? Let’s start with the Aquarian Sun in the 5th House. She’s all about disruption, even if she can’t see it, but she’s also all about the ego, since the fifth house is Leo’s domain. Omarosa sees herself royally no doubt, with her Sun there. Hmmm, that’s a Aquarius/Uranus/Leo molotov cocktail. I wonder who else has that going on in their chart? She also has Sun conjunct Jupiter in Aquarius, which amplifies EVERYTHING about her, positive and negative. It’s clear that she’s a BIG personality, but just because she’s convinced in some ways of her own divine right (again who does that sound like?) doesn’t make her right. In fact, the Jupiter effect on her natal Sun could conflate her identity to such an enormous proportion, that she could be completely out of touch with who or what she is.

Yesterday, on the Today Show, she sat down with Savannah Guthrie and completely dominated the interview, from start-to-finish. Who else does that remind you of? Here is what she said to Guthrie at one point; “Savannah, slow down… . I’ve got all the time you need. You don’t have to ask 10 questions in one second. It’s OK.” Then, two minutes later, she’s scolding Guthrie because the interview was supposed to be seven minutes and she gave Guthrie eleven. Consistency and being reasonable are not just weaknesses in Omarosa’s character, they are on the cusp of crazy, almost a manageable form of schizophrenia, that’s aided and abetted by a personality so large, it overshadows a troubling instability.

I saw it when she first plopped onto the screen in the Apprentice. Omarosa has some of the worst traits imaginable; she’s completely unstable, but the force of her persona provides considerable cover. My next thought is; What the hell was Trump thinking when he let her into the White House? She had been kicked out of there in the 90’s for being incompetent and disruptive. Why couldn’t Trump see what could happen with her? His blindspot in this situation is outright troubling. Perhaps astrology can lend us some clues here, as Trump and Omarosa are in a flame war that borders on the bizarre.


With Libra Rising, Omarosa is blessed with the looks and deceptive charms of Venus on the ASC. I use the word, “deceptive” because the seventh house Aries is an indicator of dominance in close, personal, relationships. But check out Pluto on the ASC. It’s nearly exact her ASC in Libra. People with Pluto on the ASC can be extremely polarizing, unless aspects from Pluto make it more manageable. In her case, the square to Saturn in Gem, conjunct the South Node in Gem, creates even more polarization. If I were an executive, say of a company or the fucking White House, I wouldn’t let the mayor of crazytown anywhere near my organization. She’s a destroyer. Saturn is also the father in the chart and her father was murdered when she was seven. Pluto (death) square Saturn (father). What is she working out here?

Is she capable of loyalty? Maybe. Like her old friend, the Donald, she was also born on a Full Moon. Trump = Full Moon in Sag, Omarosa = Full Moon in Leo. Give her all kinds of respect, kudos, kiss her ass and maybe that Pluto sextile will kick in and she’ll stay with you through the tough times.

She’s childless. Would having a child have changed her life and activated that Pluto sextile to the Moon? Perhaps. But maybe, she’s already had a child or cannot conceive. Black Moon Lilith in Cap in her fourth house (home/maternity) suggests dark secrets around the mother and her own mother issues.

Her BML is in Trump’s fifth house, ruled by Capricorn and Pluto has been on her BML for a couple of years now; Intensity, darkness and even death. Gemini, LaToya Jackson, accused Omarosa of murdering her fiancee, the aforementioned Michael Clarke Duncan while Jackson and Omarosa squared off on Celebrity Big Brother. Seems like O has issues with Gemini with her South Node there in the sign of the twins.


One of the analogies I have used for Sag, Tommy Robinson, the Zionist agitator who has gone after gang groomers in the UK, is that he’s got that Sag propensity for stepping in shit on the way to church and as he cleans his heel, finds a diamond ring embedded in the gooey funk. While I think Tommy is a Zio plant who is used like a pawn in a sophisticated game of misdirection, and while he actually threatened the legality of the rape trial he was knowingly covering it while on probation, he comes off as a political prisoner and a living example of free speech and free assembly rights being trample upon. At the end of the day, Robinson’s life will be better off in some way, joining the ranks of Mandela, Biko and Assange as political prisoners of conscience. That’s the Sag good fortune, until he steps into another pile of shit again.

Well, Omarosa’s True Node is conjunct the Galactic Center, so she has some sort of cosmic mandate to get to the truth, be authentic, etc., in the most pure of Sag terms and this is what’s confusing about her as she launches her next book; “Unhinged” which appears to be a tawdry tell all about her fifteen-year relationship with Trump, including the year she spent in the White House. She’s being scalded by critics, both on the left and right for her cut loose confessional. Remember, her TN is in the third house, Gemini’s home. Oddly enough, Trump and Omarosa’s nodes are opposites. Ironically, this is usually an aspect that’s good for partnership between a man and a woman, which he leads me to speculate a deep, past life connection with Trump and O and she’s getting some payback, no matter what it takes. Her Moon in Leo (4) is in his twelfth house, conjunct his Pluto in Leo (10). In the twelfth we delve into the realm of secrets and past incarnations. That’s a past life marriage aspect, children too, perhaps even aborted or missing children. With Saturn in Gemini (26) conjunct Trump’s Sun in Gemini (22), we have another past life marker. With her Saturn close to his Sun, she’s got a lesson to teach the Donald and this aspect is why he’s kept her around. Plain and simple, he owes her. If I were to speculate what the relationship was in a previous incarnation, I could see Trump as a plantation owner and he was in love with O, they had a child, and something happened to the child, perhaps the child might have even been aborted or taken away. In fact the whole plantation piece makes a great deal of sense, since Trump is always accused of being a racist. Even now, Omarosa is playing that trump card, when a few months back, she swore up and down that he wasn’t one.


One of the things that I have talked a great deal about is Trump’s Neptune/Mercury square and how it’s a classic aspect of a liar and someone who conflates the truth. In it’s best manifestation, it represents the ideal of Norman Vincent Peale and the power of positive thinking. Peale actually married Donald and Ivanka. At it’s worst, it’s outright deceit. Tump’s Mercury not only squares Neptune, but Jupiter as well, leads to hyper-exaggeration. From a cultural perspective Trump has railed against fake news and an artificial media that’s an appendage of the deep state and this fits into the Mercury/Neptune square, since Mercury is information and to some extent the media and Neptune of course is delusion. Trump’s deficit has been turned into a weapon against the press, which decidedly deserves it. The Mercury/Neptune square is also representative of leaks. We associate leaks with with water, and Neptune provides plenty of that. Well guess who else has that Mercury/Neptune square? Omarosa, the latest leaker with her recordings of Kelly and Trump. While she’s compelled to tell the truth with that TN at 27 Sag, she doesn’t do a very good job of it, which her Mercury in Pisces (Detriment) in the fifth house (Fall) squaring her Neptune in truth telling Sag. She’s a mess and clearly cannot be trusted by anyone and yet, buried in there somewhere, the dog poo of her confessional, there’s probably some golden nuggets that are both real and true, but the issue less about the message than the messenger, and one who is probably settling a deep score across lifetimes as trans Mars in Aqua emboldens her Sun while traversing across Trump’s house of open enemies. What’s the saying? Keep your friends close and your enemies closer?

Will the Left adopt Omarosa as a comrade in their fight against the president? If I were them, I’d be very careful about forming any sort of alliance with her. She’s about as trustworthy as a gypsy card reader at a county fair.

Sunday Night Livestream Charts: Isaac Kappy, Barack Obama and the Next Eclipse

Isaac Kappy leapt onto the screen of our minds like a flash of heat lightning. His periscope rant about Hollywood, Tom Hanks and Stephen Spielberg was laced with accusations about paedophelia, delivered in a manic, yet slightly cool, rapid fire staccato of a mind uncoiled, possessed by the spirit of truth. Kappy, a C- list actor was now assuming his best and perhaps most compromising role yet, the short term celebrity of the modern prophet seized by a revelation of the sordid world he’d been working in for over the last decade. In this regard, Kappy resembles Peter Finch’s character from the movie, Network, the mad prophet of primetime, “Howard Beale” whose famous line, “I’m mad as hell and I can’t take it anymore” was penned by the prescient, playwright, Paddy Chayefsky. Kappy’s hair, which seem like electrified tendrils floating in the air, also has the same almost animate quality that Finch’s/Beale’s hair had. In fact, Kappy’s entire persona seems like a hot wire, clipped and dangerously sparking anything in close proximity. This is a theme that gets played out in his chart as well. Who is Isaac Kappy? Is he part modern prophet, unmoored from Babylon’s heavy gravity, part naive fool stepping on the dragon’s tale, part useful dupe to the powers that were, happily ready to use and abuse him to muzzle free speech? All of the above? If we had his chart, what would it tell us?

Somewhere on FB, I had read that Kappy he said he is a triple Aquarius. His birth date is listed 2/17/77, which would put him right on the edge of the Dragon/Snake in the Chinese calendar. If we cast his chart at 6AM, he gets the designation of Aquarius rising, Sun/Moon in the first house, which would indeed make him triple Aqua.

But not only does he have Sun/Moon/ASC in the sign of the water bearer, he also has Mercury and Mars in Aqua too. Mars went retrograde over his Mercury at 9 degrees and no doubt, this triggered whatever he’s now experiencing, which is essentially the transformation of C- actor to human lightning rod of controversy and debate. Is he a shill? Is he a triggered target himself who is uncoiling his own programming? Or is he like Truman and Neo, awakening in the deepest throes of the matrix? Whatever or whoever he is, he’d better be very careful. especially since Mars is transiting through his 12th House.


It’s January, 1990 and it’s MLK’s birthday. I’m in Olympia, Washington, on the back end of an aborted marriage, waiting on tables, living an ordinary existence, but the winds of war are whipping up. Bush and the great alliance of the West have their sites set on Saddam Hussain and Iraq. They’ve used the tainted and false testimony of Nayirah al-Sabah in front of the Congressional Human Rights Foundation headed by Tom Lantos and John Porter. I’ve covered this before, as the baby/incubator story was used to sell the invasion of Iraq, children as emotional currency and it was a total fabrication, a public relations ploy on steroids driven by Hill & Knowlton, fueled by $12 million from a Kuwaiti human rights group, led by al-Sabah’s father.

I remember waking up that day, knowing that I would go to the capitol and protest against the inevitability of the invasion. I had never been to a protest before, but felt that if I didn’t make my voice heard that day, I would be complicit in what would happen next. What would happen next was that the top of my head would be blown up and shortly thereafter I was decoding, 1000 points of light and the New World Order. It would lead me very quickly into the realm of secret societies and bloodlines. Everything was a revelation and I was on fire 24/7.

Not long after that, Bill Copper came to town and I went to see him. Already ablaze, Cooper’s presentation, a strange amalgamation of Kennedy conspiracy, Moon junk, and tales of UFOs doused me in metaphoric kerosene. He had just published “Behold a Pale Horse” and was still working out his presentation and truth platform. But it was enough for me. In January and February of 1990, I was Isaac Kappy or at the very least, a version of him. Clearly, I’m not alone. Many people have spoken about how they have woken up and what that was like for them.

Waking up can be a terrifying, yet thoroughly liberating experience, unique cocktail of radical neuro-peptides that douses the brain. There’s a giddy, strange high that goes along with it that can often result in sleeplessness for a period after the light switch goes on. Here’s where Isaac is likely at, with a chart that is completely ungrounded.

A closer look reveals little Earth (Jupiter in Taurus) and little water (Uranus in Scorpio). The rest of his chart is combustible, air and fire. Clearly, he’s got some challenges with the Mercury/Mars square to Uranus, opposing Saturn, which also squares Uranus. Saturn is at the cusp of the 7th in this chart, and clearly Kappy had a close bond with Seth Green and his wife Clare, the duo that he seems to have played a Judas like role and outing them as part of the network. Saturn is the network in Leo (sign of the actor/performer) and Isaac The Fool is playing a high stakes game of Russian Roulette with the Babylon system, Saturn’s domain. The squares from Mercury/Mars to Uranus make him explosive and likely very unbalanced. Do I think he’s legit? Yes, in some ways, but he still feels off, like he’s waking up, and yet unmoored, and this is the chapel perilous, entering into the devil’s domain, where so called friends become handlers, and authority can be dispatched like agents of the matrix.

Based on his chart, what we are seeing is someone that’s waking up, and has been triggered by some significant transits, particularly the Mars retrograde over his natal Mercury, but will his Periscopic revelation be used to stifle free speech? Q Anon is now out of the bag. The MSM is reporting on it and of course conspiracy is the Nile that runs through the Q community and the press, the pundits and panderers of lesser gods will paint a broad stroke against a world that is waking up. The next eclipse could light the powder keg as the masses do everything in their power of awaken from their 2000 year slumber.

Isaac Kappy’s Chart


Back in 2013, I had a great run on Gaia TV. I’ll always be grateful for that period as I co-produced twenty-four-shows that used astrology as a point of departure to explore a number of topics, from the immigrant crisis, to Jack Parsons, to Barack Obama. The Obama chart was ultimately my swan song at Gaia, but after an initial period of feeling let down, I got back on my feet and kept moving froward. With a visible record of what I did, still streaming in the memory pool of the digital domain, I feel very fortunate that my work is still there and available.

I played with a number of different charts that might have had some connection to Obama’s; Frank Marshall Davis and Malcolm X were two that I spent the most time on. I also looked at the anti-christ chart from Feb, 1962 and brought that up for discussion as well. Five years after the fact, I looked at Obama’s chart last night and while I was diving into the deep meta at Gaia, the personal facts and the symbology that goes along with it are all there in the chart, not as some phantom deceiver, but as a flesh and blood human. His chart not as flashy in retrospect, in fact, it’s a lot more mundane. There’s the Neptune square to the Sun and Saturn, the mystery and illusion of identity and the fog of the missing father. Moon in Gemini in the 4th House, is the duality of birth and the birth place. The isolation of Saturn in the 12th gives him a level an alienation that he himself might not be fully aware of. I came to the conclusion, that I doubt that Obama really knows who he is and as a Projector in HD (Human Design) he’s really an amplifier of whatever the collective has in store for him and if the future gets rougher for “44” the amplification process could wind up getting very dark indeed.

Barack Obama’s Chart


Here we go again. The third and final eclipse in this latest and very important eclipse cycle. The first eclipse on the 12th of July felt quite Cancerian, and contained, embryonic to some degree. The last eclipse, on the 27th was like being thrust out of that womb, raw, naked and bleeding; exhausted. Now, what does this eclipse have in some for us? I would say that in some ways, our innocence is threatened, and the raw fragility in the child who is awakening, is at risk. Stay tuned.

8/11/18 Solar Eclipse Chart


The Complete Guide To The Parkland Shooting (As Of Now) & The Neptune/Mars Square

-1Nik Cruz was supposedly wearing a gas mask on Ash Wednesday (From the Denver Airport)

On Monday, the 12th of February, I was riffing on my show, Fifteen Minutes of Flame and talking about the state of things. The breakdown of the FBI and CIA, the plot against Trump, Obama, Hilary, et al, and I suggested that things were getting too close, that we were dredging up corruption and conspiracy at a fairly high level and then I openly wondered when we were going to have another false flag and psyop; Forty-eight-hours later, I would have my answer.

On Valentines Day, at 2:30PM, hearts were broken in Parkland, Florida as yet another, crazed, young lone gunmen, opened fire in a public school, killing 17 at Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school. Before I jump into the astrological forensics, I am going to go on record that people died at this shooting and the reason for this is some very thorough research, and on the ground connections with some people in the area. That said, this event is not without controversy and Nik Cruz, the alleged shooter fits the exact same profile as Adam Lanza and James Holmes and like Lanza and Sandy Hook, MSD is going to be closed and torn down.

Nik Cruz has all the earmarks of a mind controlled patsy, from the SSRI history, to the alienated loner who lost his adoptive mother, to of all things, the flu last November. Cruz was a ticking time bomb and even if he wasn’t the mass killer that he has admitted to, there’s no doubt that he checks all the boxes. So we have a killer, we have bodies, we have funerals scheduled, so it’s an open and shut case—right? Not really.florida-high-school-student-nikolas-cruz


In the hours after the shooting at what appears to look like dusk in Parkland, a Houston TV sports reporter covering the Astros training camp, managed to interview Alexa Midenik aka Baby Miednik on Twitter (open) and Instagram (Closed). The now controversial video of her claiming she was with Nik Cruz at the time of the shootings, at school, has been mirrored and scrubbed from youtube in an ongoing cat and mouse to keep the video alive. Why hasn’t the media tracked her down to follow up on her and her claims? Why has she shut down both her Instagram and Snapchat accounts? Why hasn’t she posted a single Tweet since July? This is a girl that prior to July was a serial tweeter. She practically lived on Twitter. She’s real. She’s the daughter of Ben and Kim Miednik of Parkland, with three brothers. But was the girl that was interviewed Alexa Miednik? She certainly looks like her, but Miednik also has a Facebook page where she says she is in her 20’s, from Pennsylvania and married. But when I drilled down, I found that she was a participant in a track and field event for Parkland in 2016, as a Junior.

Kids bullshit and maybe this is her exercise in BS, or maybe not. Herein lies the problem with Parkland and all events like Parkland moving forward. Trap doors, false leads, enough info/disinfo that makes any event, real or staged, controversial to discredit, dangerous if accusations of false flags are claimed when there are legitimate victims.

In addition to the social media accounts of Alexa Miednik, she was also connected to two, acting, modeling/talent agencies. This in and of itself is no crime, but raises eyebrows and suspicions since we’ve seen this act before, especially when it comes events like Sandy Hook, the Aurora shooting, Manchester, etc..

The controversial, Dallas Goldbug, aka Ed Chiarini, burst onto the scene shortly after the Gabby Giffords shooting and his work on facial biometrics and forensics hit a bulls eye, linking players in the Gifford shooting with a local video/casting/production company. This process would lead him into the Greenberg and Strong families where he would reveal surprising matches of what we would now call crisis actors. But Chiarini’s matches got stranger and stranger, with more and more reaches. He claimed Robbie Parker was Tony Hawk. Eventually, his matches were derided and he was even cast aside as a gate keeper, so that he would be pointed to when the crisis actor option is activated. But the world is high strange and getting stranger all the time.astro_2gw_parkland_shooting.77234.48633


When I talked about this event on my show on Friday, I said that this was going to be a pivot event for gun control, and while I did not reference the Dunblane massacre in Scotland, it was the event which kicked in stricter, tighter, gun control laws in the UK. Seventeen students and faculty “died” in Dunblane and it was seventeen in Parkland. It was 8008 days and 1144 weeks between the two events.

What’s striking about this chart is the Cancer ascendant at eight degrees. The USA Jupiter and Sun at 4 and 13 degrees sandwich the ASC of the Parkland event. This is getting into the wheelhouse of the entire country on an emotional level—it’s striking a deep chord. But one of the challenges with Cancer is the cardinality of the emotional response. It’s quick to act, especially when it comes to protecting the brood.

The chart is a classic bowl chart starting with Jupiter in Scorpio in the 5th House and ending with Uranus in Aries in the 10th House. The 5th House is of course pastimes, passions, hobbies and of course, children. Jupiter expands and Scorpio of course is the sign of death. Bang.


There are a number of striking aspects about this chart, but perhaps the True Node in Leo, in the 2nd House is the fingerprint for this event. The 2nd House is primary. It represents values, core and material values. It is the root chakra of the chart and here we see the TN in Leo, which of course represents children. With Cancer on the ASC, and the TN in Leo in the 2nd with Jupiter in the 5th, impact of this event won’t dissipate any time soon.


If Cancer is on the AC, it usually follows that Aries would be on the MC, but that’s not the case here with late Pisces (26 degrees) on the roof of the chart, with Chiron also in Pisces at 26 degrees as well. This is the wound for all the world to see, Ash Wednesday in its Piscean personification. Of course Pisces honors and glorifies victims, because that’s the nature of the sign. Since Chiron went into Pisces seven years ago on 2/9/11, we’ve witnessed the rise of the “strong” movement, which is essentially claiming a position of strength and solidarity out of tragedy. This type of communal empathy mirrors the Holocaust effect, which mirrors the crucifixion, but with significantly more numbers. Through Chiron in Pisces, we’re trying to come to terms with the wounds of these events, but we’re also dealing with the essentially illusory state of Pisces as well. In essence, what’s real and not? How do we tap into real empathy, particularly if we’ve been commiserating over suffering that may not even exist? And how do we deal with the fatigue of these events, again, real or not? At some point, the relentless theater of suffering, the endless parade of Adam Lanza’s, James Holmes’s, Nik Cruzes, etc., are like a jackhammer pounding our hearts and minds again and again and again. Taking the cynical approach is the most immediate bromide to deal with the incessant discomfort. Denounce it all as fake and cut off any emotional cord. It’s the easy way out. It’s survival. And we’ve gotten to the point where there are so many holes in these events that it’s easy to do so and it’s tearing our country apart.

Pisces on the MC adds to the illusory nature of Parkland. What or who are we to believe? They’ve been running drills non-stop at Parkland for weeks. They had a live shooter drill and a fire drill. The drills are videotaped and any footage from any one drill can be used and inserted into a real or live event and most people wouldn’t know. The kids had already had a fire drill earlier in the day. They didn’t know what was happening. That’s Pisces, that’s confusion and illusion.

If we want to talk about violence, we have to unpack Mars. In this chart, Mars is conjunct Antares, it’s celestial counterpart as Antares is the fixed version of Mars with a little Jupiter thrown in for stellar fusion. That’s a double barrel double down. But low and behold, what do we see? Mars and Neptune (Pisces) in square and what have I been preaching about Neptune squares for years now? When Neptune is in conflict with a sign nothing is as it seems, and the inherent energy of the planet squaring Neptune is both compromised and drained off.

If we’re clearly taking this chart at face value, the Mars effect, the guns, the violence, the death, cannot be viewed in a straightforward fashion. Things are not what they seem. Neptune takes advantage of both sympathy and tragedy as a carrier for victimhood. Neptune is great for moving agendas along the tide of popular opinion. Again, I am not saying that no one died here, but maybe the real deception is who did it and why? Another interesting little side note that your intrepid researcher uncovered is that Alexa “Baby” Miednik is a Pisces, born on March 4th, which puts her Sun conjunct Neptune. Talk about an identity crisis. LOL. We don’t know if she’s real or not, a teen in Parkland, or married in Pennsylvania. We can’t tell if her interview is legit or faked, student or crisis actor. That’s Neptune boys and girls and it’s leading us through a mirror maze, a labyrinth of possibility and deception.19225250_10154418746716012_1469230344647164048_n


One of the concepts I brought to the attention of the public through this blog and my shows at GaiaTv is the notion of the dark, Aquarian age, which is a mind lock manifestation of group think, group speech and group consciousness; A dumbing down of the general populace where the median IQ and overall level of awareness is dictated by conformity. In this version of the Aquarian Age, there are trade offs. You can have a bizarre hair style, tats, and some arbitrary designation of gender, but these are merely superficial manifestations of individuality that signed off on and approved of, but beneath the shallow layers of epidermal layering, everyone’s really the same, talking the same, following the same artists, the same teams, even if said teams appear different. To diverge from the pattern that’s settling in, is to stand out, to be different and when you do, guess what? You’re excluded from the group. You are a loner, and outsider and as such, from this point forward you’ll be duly noted, observed and followed. In essence, profiled. Nik Cruz and what ever messed up mind control that was going through that hacked head of his got into, well he’s the new poster boy for “different.” And God forbid, you don’t want to be compared to a school killer.


Parkland Sheriff, and Chabad member, Scott Israel has chimed in on where he thinks this should be headed;

“People are going to be rightfully so concerned about their rights, as am I, but what about the rights of these students?” the sheriff said. “What about the rights of young kids who go to schools with book bags and pencils? Don’t they have the right to be protected by the United States government to the best of our ability?”

There were three action items that I said would come out of this shooting and Israel’s statement reflects one of them and that’s the detainment of US citizens who are believed to be a threat or a danger to others based on political and or religious beliefs, fueled by a very public and outspoken nature. We’re one major event away from another version of the Patriot Act that will allow for the pre-emptive removal of citizens deemed volatile or potentially dangerous aka “Pre-Crime.”

The second action item to come out of this will be TSA styled scanners at every school across the country. We had the Vegas shooting (hotels and leisure), the Texas and South Carolina church shootings (houses of faith), Parkland (schools), and Pulse (night clubs), the Lafayette shooting (movie theater). The next event will likely happen at either A) a mall or B) a restaurant. Then there will be ubiquitous coverage of scanners in public places. Here is what liberal Twitter is chirping about it.Screen Shot 2018-02-18 at 1.59.16 PM


So who do you think this event was staged for, and trust me, it was staged. I am not saying people weren’t injured or died, because again, I’ve cruised Twitter accounts of a number of kids from Parkland and their grief is real. But who really was the culprit?

Niklaus Cruz just looks the part, with his slightly gargoyle-lish face, crooked mouth, empty eyes, his life whatever life was left in him was likely siphoned out after his mother died. Remember, this is a generation that wants to fit in. They are NOT like the Millenials. The Millenials are an odd mix of non-conformity and group mind and not everyone inside the Millenial bracket is the same. I’ve run across truly unique individuals that want to carve out there own niche, to mavericks that brazenly oppose group think, but my experience is that they are mostly outliers, in a generation that’s been kneaded and shaped by Social-Marxist theory and an utter contempt for the establishment. The kids from Parkland are younger, part of the Pluto in Sag generation and I will go on the record that this is a likely approximation of their 911; Because each generation must be socially traumatized in order for the programming to kick in. You don’t want to be like Nik Cruz or even get close to being perceived to be like Nik Cruz and in the future, it could even get you taken out of class or picked up off the street. That’s where Cruzes brother is now—in detainment.

So we have mandatory scanners and pre-emptive detainment. Anything else? Yes, mandatory psych testing. You know that’s coming. And mandatory medication wouldn’t be far behind that. Parse it all out there’s a booming new economy based on fear that’s ready to rock and roll with hundreds of thousands of scanners, more DHS hires for all of the new profiling, facilities to house and hold detainees, staff for supervision, computers and programs for classification and organizing, new drugs, potentially hundreds of thousands of new recipients for the meds.

Follow the money. But the absolutely worst part of it all is the constant clubbing to the head of the people of Earth, not just Americans, who seem to be at the wrong end of a demoralizing extortion racket. Whether it’s the never ending war on terror and the latest creation of the Deep State under some new initials or the little terrors at home, it doesn’t appear that it’s going to stop unless all of the criterion that I’ve mentioned above and more are met. The real crime is that we’re being robbed of true joy, and the pursuit of happiness, peace of mind. We’re being psychologically mugged constantly and the only relief on the horizon is if we give up our so called freedoms, but if you think this petty tyranny is bad, just wait till the gloves are off.


There’s a weird duality meme/magic being exercised here. If you look at the symbol of the Winter Olympics, it’s the sign of Gemini. It is supposed to represent “Heaven and Earth.” There have already been a Kim and a Trump impersonator at the Olympics in the spirit of doubles and double duality. Nik is associated with the devil, or “Nick” and Cruz is the “cross.” The Devil’s Cross or the double cross is another variant. He was immediately branded a white supremacist (Neptune/Mars square) and it was later debunked but not without seeping into the minds and hearts of traumatized (not again) Americans. Ironically, there’s a Nick Cruz, the author the book, “The Cross and The Switchblade” which has to do with his conversion from being a gang member to a Christian. Here we have another play on words as a switchblade can nick or cut someone–ore doubles, more duality. The theme of more than one shooter, not just from Alexa Miednik but others leaked out early on.

It will be 47 days from the Ash Valentines shooting to April Fools/Easter, when Mars will conjunct Saturn in Capricorn 8 degrees. The last time Mars was conjunct Saturn in Capricorn was on 3/1/90. On that day US Secret Service raided Steve Jackson Games here in Austin. If Steve Jackson’s name sounds familiar, you might recognize him as the creator of the Illuminati Card Game.

Forty Seven is an interesting number and has the distinction of being aligned with the year, 1947, which was the year the CIA was created and the crash at Roswell occurred. There are a number of other syncs with 47 such as the number of miracles Jesus performed in the bible. The next two months could shape history as we know it.

Super Bowl LII, The Founders Ritual, New Age Tom Brady & The Eclipse Effect

originalLet’s get this right out in the open, right at the beginning of this piece. The NFL as are most professional sports are fixed. Now there are varying levels and degrees of complicity between the professional leagues, teams and players and rarely is a Super Bowl played without some form of controversy. The last blowout took place when the Seahawks played the Broncos in New York at the conclusion of the 2013 season. The Broncos were favored by three, and the over/under was forty-eight. Not only did the Seahawks cover, but the two teams scores totaled fifty-one points and hit the over. Since that game, controversy has dogged the Superb Owl.

The following season saw the Seahawks return to face off against the Patriots, where it looked like the Seahawks were going to dominate from start-to-finish, but as is the Patriot way, the stuck around, came back and looked like they were poised to win yet another Super Bowl, when the Seahawks were driving for the game winning score with less than a minute to play. The Patriots were on the ropes and Seattle had one of the most dominant players in the league, Marshawn Lynch, AKA “The Beast.”


Lynch had one of his best seasons as a pro, scoring seventeen touchdowns. Logic dictated that when they got the ball down to the goal line, it would be Lynch, Lynch, and more Lynch, but after one carry that wasn’t successful, Seattle instead decided to tap a little known WR named Ricardo Lockette to catch a quick slant route for a TD. As usual, the Pats seemed imminently prepared for the play (more about this later) and an equally unknown player for the Patriots, Malcolm Butler jumped the route, exploding into Lockette like a sidewinder missile, while managing to intercept Russell Wilson’s goal line pass.

While Seattle’s Richard Sherman displayed initial shock at the play (of course the cameras were right on him), apparently, after the game, Wilson and Sherman were seen congratulating one another, and when they noticed that they might have been seen (by a Seahawks player according to Jay Weidner) they returned to their mock sadness.

Now the conspiracy might have been from an image perspective.


Dave Zirin (Cap Sun, Moon/Venus/Jupiter in Aquarius) is the Tolstoy of sports journalism. I’d love to see Zirin play pick-up hoops, because I seriously doubt he could ever dribble to his right. If there’s a Social-Marxist angle to a sports piece, Zirin’s all in.

Zirin’s take on the conspiracy of the 2014 Super Bowl is that the Seahawks and the league wanted Russell Wilson to score the winning TD and subsequently become the Super Bowl, MVP.

Wilson is a Sag, and is one of the most articulate and squeaky clean players in the league. Lynch is on the other end of the spectrum. Had Lynch won the game he would have been the games most valuable player. The Oakland native is pure street, with an uncut attitude and unapologetic stance for it. Zirin is convinced that the conspiracy has to do with presenting a fresh face for the league, versus the type of player white America secretly fears and sponsors won’t know what to do with.

The Super Bowl takes place in February, which places it in the sign of Aquarius. This wasn’t always the case. Up until 1981, the Super Bowl was always played in January (Capricorn) until the Raiders and the Eagles played Super Bowl XV on 1/25, the first Aquarian Super Bowl. It’s been played under the sign of the water barer ever since.

After the bizarre ending of the Pats/Seahawks, the following season we had Peyton Manning retiring, playing his last game as a pro and the Denver Bronco against the Carolina Panthers. Manning had linguine noodle for an arm at this stage of his career and it was the Denver defense that would seemingly carry the day over a listless Panther team, led by a seemingly disinterested Cam Newton. I watched that game trying to figure out what was going on with Newton. He had all the appearances of someone that had been drugged.


This brings us to last season’s Super Bowl between the Patriots/Falcons where Tom Brady led the Patriots in an amazing comeback with the growing ranks of fans believing that the games are fixed. I commented on the game in detail last year. I felt like there was a Vegas/Network fix in this one, with the refs helping the Patriots get back in the game which they ultimately won. I don’t believe it was a fix in a classic sense.

The Patriots were getting blown out and the league hates blowouts. They’re terrible for business. Fans tune out. Sponsors who have paid hundreds of millions to have their commercials seen, get pissed, because millions of drunk Americans are either screwing or screaming at each other by that point.

While the Falcons were busy dismantling the Pats, near the end of the first half, New England was the recipient of three, straight defensive holding calls against the Falcons, advancing them deep into Falcon territory. Instead of scoring a TD, the Falcons D stiffened and New England had to settle for a field goal.

Halftime seems to be very good for Bill Bellichik and Tom Brady. Whether they’re able to rapidly patch a leaky raft with a much tighter game plan, or they get the word from league that the game flow is going to be different, the Patriots are a team of two halves.

Two weeks ago in Foxboro, the Jacksonville Jaguars were doing the same thing to the Pats that the Falcons did nearly a year earlier and the Pats staging another, remarkable comeback. There were some oddities that occurred in that game. Jacksonville had been gashing the Pats with screens to third string running back, Corey Grant had quickly amassed 59 yards on just three catches, averaging 19.6 yards per catch, but after that initial flush of success, Grant didn’t see another pass for the rest of the game.

After the game, the refs were seen actually congratulating the Patriots on their win. This is not at all common.

Speaking of the referees . . .
The key to controlling any game is to make sure that the refs are all on the same page. How can this be assured?


seahawkspackers2One of the ways is to get refs and umps from the same talent pool, or at the very least, the head of the officiating crew and perhaps most importantly, the back judge, who can make the call on pass interference, the one play that can change the direction of a game on a dime. Where would said refs and umps come from? First off, very few of them are full time employees of the NFL. They are lawyers, accountants, business owners, etc.. I’d wager that more than just a few are members of other organizations like the Shriners, Freemasons, Rosicrucians, Rotarians, etc.. Want to keep a secret? They are perennial secret keepers. Clad in black and white stripes, they are guardians of duality, a key aspect in the alchemical game of opposition. Getting info on the refs isn’t easy. They are not allowed to speak to the media at any point. A site that dives into the Masonic conspiracy of sports is


So here we go, just hours before kick off in frigid, Minnesota where the Patriots (again) will face off against the Philadelphia, Eagles. This is the American Revolution Bowl. The revolution essentially started with a false flag in Boston Bay and ended with the signing of the Declaration in Philadelphia. Both cities have deep, esoteric roots and heavy Masonic influence.

Numerologically, there are some interesting numbers in play. II is 99, which is 66 reversed. Brady is going for Super Bowl win number 6 which would tie him with Michael Jordan, who has 6 NBA finals wins (again 66). Brady and Jordan are opposite signs (Leo and Aquarius) Brady and Eagles QB, Nick Foles are also opposites, again, Leo and Aquarius. There are 6 months between the signs of Leo and Aquarius. Another Leo/Aquarius synthesis occurred today when it was revealed that Kylie Jenner (Leo) gave birth to an Aquarius girl named, “Travis” on 2/1, which is 12 backwards. Brady’s number is 12 which is 6+6.

When the two signs are combined we get an image of the Gryphon, the half lion, half eagle, mythological beast. The Gryphon is the alchemical symbol of Christos (as above/the eagle, so below/the lion). Buttressing Foles in the sign of Aquarius is his coach, Doug Pederson, also a water bearer. Justin Timberlake takes center stage at half time, is also an Aquarius.


The last eclipse of the Moon, on Tuesday night, took place right on Tom Brady’s Sun, at 11 Leo. In the days running up to the Super Bowl, just prior to the Eclipse, Brady’s daughter was called a “piss ant” by Alex Reimer, a sports host on WEEI. This is incredibly uncharacteristic behavior from Boston media, where Brady has achieved near god-like status. Brady’s young daughter was shown to be a bit of a camera hog in his latest venture, “Tom Versus Time” a Facebook documentary about Brady’s quest to play pro football until the age of 50–TVT is directed by Gotham Chopra, Deepak’s son.


BN-RX137_GAY013_P_20170131195742The inclusion of Chopra into Brady’s inner circle isn’t surprising given the influence of Alex Guerrero, Brady’s mind/body/spirit guru. Brady now quotes Don Miguel Ruiz when talking about himself in relation to others peoples expectations. Tom Brady has gone full blown New Age. But the controversy around his children has continued in the wake of the Eclipse, which of course was in Leo, which rules children.

In a recent episode of TVT on FB, Brady is getting worked on and his son John, walks in asks about checking his fantasy football team, and Brady says he can but he has to give him something. Young John kisses Brady on the mouth while Brady is face up on the massage table. Apparently the kiss wasn’t good enough and Brady asks him if he can do better and they lock in on an extended, mouth-to-mouth kiss. It’s a moment that’s fairly uncomfortable if you’re not in the business of kissing your kids on the lips, for extended periods. Interestingly Brady’s son, is born on 8/22, so that means that the great solar eclipse of last summer was on his Sun, while this lunar eclipse was on Brady’s Sun. Something unusual and strange is in the air.

Today, the transiting TN is almost on Brady’s Sun. At kick off, the Moon will be almost on Brady’s ASC and conjuncting his on TN in Libra at 17 degrees. These are portents that under any other set of circumstances would be incredibly auspicious and they are, but the two eclipses suggest that there is also darkness in the air. If the Pats win, I would not be surprised if this Brady’s last Super Bowl, not because he will retire, but with TN in Leo near his Sun, this represents a personal peak. By this time next year, the transiting TN will be on Brady’s MC, but opposing Pluto in his 4th. He “might” squeeze another Super Bowl out, but if it happens, it would signal the end of Brady’s NFL career.


One of the themes to watch out for in this game is a possible injury to Brady as transiting Mars in Sag is squaring trans Neptune in Pisces, while trans Neptune is squaring Brady’s natal Mars in Gemini, which is in an opposition with trans Mars in Sag, which is getting ready to conjunct Brady’s natal Neptune in Sag. That’s a lot of Mars/Mars/Neptune action. Neptune squares drain Mars of its energy and potency. Mars is the ruler of Aries and here we have the head. Could Brady be felled by a concussion? My best guess is that as the game goes on, trans Mars will be in Brady’s 3rd House. If there’s an injury, this would be to the chest or sternum, but also keep in mind that Sag rules the knees.


What about Nick Foles? Foles is a full on Millenial and the opposite of Brady, not just astrologically, but spiritually. While Tom Brady is inspired by the likes of Chopra and Ruiz, Nick Foles is an ardent Christian. After every interview, he thanks God. Foles is also going through his Saturn return and Saturn has crossed over his natal Uranus, which actually bodes well for Foles. That’s an aspect that feels like he’ll have more mastery over the moment.

I was recently on Clyde Lewis’ Ground Zero the other night and I predicted an Eagles win with Nick Foles as the MVP. The other day I woke and really felt the Patriots, but I’ll stick with my original prediction because it’s already out there. The wild card in all of this is the two eclipses, which will either bring with it fame or infamy.

The Brady/Kickoff chart.


The Strange Death of Michael Hutchence Part One–The Fatal Attraction of Paula Yates–The Mars Opposition

1508142407317As I tunneled down the rabbit hole, eight days ago, looking at the birth date of Michael Hutchence (1/22/60) and the strange case of his death (and life). As always, when the research starts, the mining process begins. At this point, I could probably write a small book on the death of Hutchence, Paula Yates, Bob Geldof and the death of Yates and Geldof’s daughter, Peaches. We’re talking Laurel Canyon, UK style. Instead, I”l break this down into a series, starting with Hutchence and the obsessive romance with Yates. That’s where it all starts


During the 1980’s, when dance rock stormed clubs the world over, Australia’s INXS garnered a large chunk of the market share, but while remixes of “Original Sin” and other slabs of white funk from the INXS catalog shook butts the world over, they also sold out stadiums and concert halls. INXS was huge. They were a crossover act that was the equal of the Cure, Depeche Mode, Talking Heads, and REM. A lot of it had to do with their front man, Michael Hutchence (Aquarius). Hutchence was the epitome of rock swagger. He was uncoiled and dangerous, casting a Dionysian like figure onto the scrim of the world.  Comparisons with the Lizard King were apt, but Hutchence is a more Byronic figure on a quest for spiritual and physical love. He somehow managed to channel the requisite debauchery that being a rock god demanded, while “mostly” keeping his ego in check, this would dramatically change however.

He dated glamor girls. Supermodel Helena Christensen was his main squeeze before he was utterly seduced by Paula Yates. But a tragic event happened in August of 1992, while in Copenhagen, hanging out with Christensen, Hutchence got into an altercation with a taxi driver, who punched him. The singer fell and cracked his cranium on the pavement. The resultant fall robbed him of his sense of taste and smell.   A dedicated sensualist, this drove him to the brink of madness. During the month of August, in 1992, Saturn was in Aquarius in his first house, which rules not only the entire physiognomy but more importantly in this instance, the head. He also dated (turned out) a young Kylie Minogue and even semi-admitted to having a tryst with Nastassia Kinski at the age of twelve, while living in Hong Kong (Kinski was thirteen at the time). Hutchence had it all; fame, fortune, a great band, sex appeal to burn and then it all came tumbling down and at a breathtaking rate of maximum entropy and extreme, human drama.


One of the things that’s striking about his chart is that all of his planets are above (technically below) the horizon.  There are ZERO planets in any of the houses from two through the seventh. This might qualify as one of the most ungrounded charts I’ve ever seen.

His Mars/Saturn conjunction in the 12th House is noteworthy. While it seems like Hutchence actually had a strong relationship with his father, Mars/Saturn has reared it’s ugly head in charts I’ve worked on with various clients. Mars/Saturn can be the brutal father, one consigned to violence, and usually passed down through the Saturnian or patrilineal line. In the 12th House, the effects of course are hidden. If Michael enjoyed a good relationship with his dad as is the generally held view, then how does Mars/Saturn manifest?

When we attempt to decode Mars/Saturn in this chart, it’s important to remember that Capricorn, the sign repped by both planets is INSTITUTIONAL. Michael Hutchence might have had a supportive father by all accounts, but the hierarchical institutions represented by this conjunction, may not have been all that kind. The lords of Saturn, from the boardrooms, to the crown are lodge members of Capricorn. Mars in the 12th has always been a harbinger of hidden enemies. Evolutionary astrology has taken a bit of the edge off of that fatalistic definition, but there are reasons why certain aspects have a rather fixed perspective. Like a stereotype, there is usually some truth embedded in it. Did Hutchence conjure up the martial forces of his own demise, which can also be a function of this aspect and deep location? Or, were they ciphers, hidden and tucked away, buried like clues in the sarcophagi of his 12th House? When looking at the synsatry chart of Hutchence/Yates, it’s notbale that Paula’s Saturn sits on Michael’s Mars and her own Mars, in Cancer is opposed his, in the 6th House, which unlike the 12th, is supposed to represent open enmity and not-so-hidden enemies. Paula was Michael’s firestarter in more ways than one.

As the fates would conspire, Hutchence met the spunky and punky TV presenter Paula Yates in 1985, when Yates was co-host of “The Tube” with former Squeeze piano player, Jools Holland. While the interview is less than two minutes, Yates spends the majority of her time staring at Hutchence’s package.

The interview is painfully ironic in the light of the #Metoo movement. If Yates had been a man, making obvious boob references, it would likely kill the old geezers career at this point, but in a an ironic, post-modern, Camille Paglia sort of way, Yates embraces her desire–she is a liberated woman. No matter what the social circuitry is, the chemistry is clear.

From that point forward, Yates would become obsessed with Hutchence and travel around the world, attending INXS shows whenever she could.

Yates (Taurus) was already married to Boomtown Rats singer, Bob Geldof (Libra). She would eventually leave Geldof after having three girls with him, Pixie, Fifi and the late Peaches Geldof. There are rumors that Pixie is actually Hutchence’s daughter. This would not be a huge surprise, since Yates herself had lived the majority of her life believing that she was the daughter of BBC TV presenter, Jess Yates, when in reality, she was the offspring of Yates’ TV rival, Hughie Green. Green essentially ruined Jess Yates’s career. According to Wikipedia; “Green grew frustrated by Yorkshire Television’s failure to remove programme producer Jess Yates when he requested this to be done and so leaked to Botham the stories of Yates’ affair with the young actress Anita Kay, whose story, published in the News of the World, destroyed Yates’ career.”Looking at the profile of Hughie Green, he clearly has elements that raises eyebrows and questions. Green was a pilot during WWII and after. He flew for the RAF, and maybe for some other not-so-savory-groups. Pilots play a larger role in moving people and paraphernalia around the globe, see Barry Seal and Stephen Paddock. Green was also the leader of a children’s singing group at the age of 14. He also attended Arnold House school, which was also attended by David de Rothschild and other elites.  Green has all the earmarks of a spook, who might also might have been a chicken hawk on the side.

Screen Shot 2018-01-25 at 8.29.29 AM

The feud between Jess Yates and Hughie Green would add to the undermining of Paula Yates as the paternal revelations would take place after the death of Hutchence.  Some believe that Sir Bob Geldof, with his direct connections to the crown instigated Yates’ downfall in public, thus de-legitimizing Yates’ role as a fit mother in public.  Let’s be clear, Paula was on shaky ground after the death of Hutchence, so pushing her over the ledge wasn’t that difficult, but Geldof has consistently displayed the warmth of a salamander throughout the whole affair, even denying HUtchence’s mothers dying wish to see her grand daughter.

This kind of subterfuge would not only rear it’s head in the life of Paula Yates, but metastasize to the point where the Green/Yates scandal would look like a garden variety tryst exploited during an era of stifling morality and damning judgment.

paulaPaula Yates’ chart is a complex as she is. In this chaotic splash chart, we can see that she is a force to be reckoned with. Her grand earth trine (Saturn/Pluto/Sun) is emblematic of an indomitable personality able to endure great hardship. With Sag on the ascendant, she did not want to be fenced in. But one can also see some of the traits exhibited in “real life” reflected in her chart. Yates’ Sun in Taurus is opposite her Neptune in Scorpio. The Sun (and Saturn) are the father in the chart with the Sun having prominence when the child is younger. The Neptune opposition adds confusion with paternity, a theme that would emerge for Yates years later with Hutchence and the rumor of Pixie actually being his daughter instead of Geldof’s. We will never know.  Paternity tests from dead men don’t happen often.

Saying there  was a high degree of attraction between Yates and Hutchence, with their Sun/Moon opposition in Taurus/Scorpio respectively, would be a gross understatement. Add in the fact that Yates also had Moon in Scorpio and we’re having a discussion about a fatal attraction, not just chemistry. Not only did they have Sun/Moon opposition, but they also had opposing Mars’ with hers at 7 Cancer and his at 5 Capricorn. For those of you taking notes and looking to apply some of this to relationships, opposing Mars’ make it very difficult to put energy in motion and act as one as a couple. To complicate this even more, Hutchence has his Jupiter/Venus, conjunct in Sag at 23 degrees in Yates’ first house. Yates was a globetrotter with the Sag ascendant, and his Jupiter/Venus, became her personal compass, leading her around the world to connect with Hutchence and INXS in various locales.

I’ve added the above to establish not just a legitimacy between the two, but also laying the foundation to an almost compulsive style of sex/love.

Here’s the Hutchence/Yates chart. (Next Up, the Huthence/Geldof deadly feud).


Jason Aldean’s Nodal Crisis, Stephen Paddock’s Birth Time & Chart, Aries, Aquarius Reign

VIVA2The ghost of Stephen Paddock materializes in Atlantic City, flanked by Asian dolls at his elbows, the women match his dating profile. Like Elvis, a fixture in Vegas during his life and after his death, Paddock seems destined to haunt casinos, taunting digital sleuths. Much like Eliot Rodger who seemed to pop up almost immediately after the travesty of Santa Barbara.

Piscean Jason Aldean flows from Vegas to Rockefeller Plaza, opening for SNL, abducting the spirit of the late Tom Petty, staring straight into the camera, telling us all, “that he won’t back down.” Once he did that, he appropriated Petty’s song, and grabbed in a way that bordered on the banal. Who won’t we back down from? Mental illness? A phantasm patsy? Some middle-aged white guy that simply had enough?

SNL is a progressive incubator and the likes of Aldean rarely show up at 30 Rock, their brand Americana more suited CMT, than NBC, but this is the crossover moment, the moment that The Left seduces the Lite Right, the millennial edge that’s open to being swayed by tragedy, abdicating their so-called birth right of God, guns and country.

Aldean’s the pied piper, moving them, left of center. While he didn’t come right out and denounce the second amendment, that’s the re-frame that’s taking place.

Aldean has Chiron in Aries at 28 degrees and on the night of the shooting, transiting Uranus in Aries, was conjunct Aldean’s Chiron/South Node/Venus. This is the nature of Uranus. It happens suddenly, swiftly, like machine gun fire sprayed against the night sky, assassins cloaked in the guise of security, literally wearing the apparel of false flags.

Chiron is ruled by the god of conformity and duty (Saturn) and radical disruption (Uranus). The event in Las Vegas, primed to be a precursor of the coming revolution of masculine energy as Chiron shifts into Aries on 4/19 of 2018, marking Chiron’s return to the sign of the Ram, where it was last seen in 1969, making it’s annual seven-year-stay. Even before we can begin to determine what this new, male energy is, it’s being hijacked in a psychological operation, jumping the timeline, guiding the collective emotional signal.

Aldean, with his True Node at the end of Libra (26 degrees) will have Jupiter exactly conjuncting it in the next few days. Uranus of course will be occupying not just his South Node, but also the aforementioned Chrion in Aries. This a complex aspect taking place in Aldean’s life. Is he supposed to instantaneously become a bridge, the social equivalent of Libra’s scales, a symbol of balance between the left and the right? Or, is he being played by an anti-gun agenda with Uranus and Chiron, exploiting the weakness and vulnerability of his South Node? Already there is backlash coming at Aldean as he was supposed to open for Dana White’s MMA event(Aries/warriors) and White is pissed that Aldean ditched his commitment to open for SNL instead. In White’s own words, “He needs to stay out of Vegas.”

Aldean has Mercury in Aquarius at 27 degrees (also Mars in Aquarius at 14 degrees and Venus in Aries at 20 degrees), which was conjunct both transiting Moon in Aquarius, and the MC for the Vegas shooting. Its no coincidence that it was Aldean’s voice (Mercury) that was heard under the bap, bap, bap of machine gun fire, or at least a sonic facsimile, because, quite frankly, the gun shots raining down upon the concert aka the “Killing Field” likely weren’t the only ones, if they originated there at all. We’re talking boots on the ground. We’re talking “friendly fire.”

astro_24gw_stephen_paddock_2017108.58973.19503Images and symbols of Mars/Uranus/Aries/Aquarius predominate the night of 10/1/17, especially as it relates to the chart of Stephen Paddock.

I recently came in possession of Stephen Paddock’s birth time. Born at 11:05 AM, in Clinton, Iowa, on April 9th, 1953, Paddock is an Aries, but now, with the time of birth, we also know that he’s a Cancer rising, with Sun/Venus in Aries in the 10th House. This aligns with the Aries/Aquarius symbols/energy throughout the charts of the moment and key players in the unfurling of this false flag.


Besides the obvious connection to Aries, guns, violence, the odd conjunction between Jason Aldean’s Venus at 20 Aries in conjunction with Paddock’s Sun at 19 Aries, are the two Yod’s that bisect Paddock’s chart like slices of enigma. A Yod is made up of two inconjuncts that are connected by a sextile. The inconjunct is a 150 degree aspect where two planets/planetoids/aspects are separated by 150 degrees and a two-degree orb max. The opposing planets/signs have nothing to do with one another. In this case, it’s Mercury in Pisces inconjunct with Pluto and Saturn/Neptune. The broken line of the inconjunct indicates the fuzzy path that’s laid out between the two points. Mercury here is also in the 9th House, which is travel. Mercury is the messenger of the gods and in the 9th House it gives us some clues about Paddock’s supposed activities as a pilot involved in any number of illicit and illegal sorties. One of Paddock’s pals was Geary Danley of Fayetteville, Arkansas. There have been hints that Danley and Paddock were connected to the Air CIA flights that originated in Mena, Arkansas. While this is still in the realm of speculation, it’s also part of the inconjunct between Mercury in the 9th (foreign travel) and Neptune/Saturn which is the fuzzy interface connecting that odd conjunction of authority/worldly structure (Saturn) and nebulousness/drugs (Neptune). The other side of the inconjunct is Pluto, which is intensity and the underworld. Mercury is both the focal point of one Yod while Neptune/Saturn the focal point of the other Yod.

Transiting Chiron in Pisces has been hovering over Paddock’s natal Mercury, which as we’ve seen before in Jason Aldean’s chart, is an aspect of vulnerability. Pisces is the Alpha and Omega of the chart, the sacred and profane. Over the past few months, it’s been triggering Paddock’s Yod. Did he become unstable? Or did he himself drop down some type of rabbit hole, as just another company construct and cut out popping up in Atlantic City? Running guns and drugs via his two private planes, one of which is registered in Virginia (CIA country), traveling to the Middle East on cruise ships with Marilou Danley, supposedly converting Islam?

Paddock is an enigma, a regular Joe who just played video poker down at the local bar. He and his gal got lattes at Starbucks. But he was also worth over $5 million with two planes and multiple properties. Understanding Stephen Paddock and what took place in Las Vegas can’t be solely accomplished by logical deduction. The inconjunct requires us to take leaps. We haven’t even dove into Rapiscan, Sheldon Adelson and Michael Chertoff, all of which is an after effect of what’s gone down in Vegas.