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Getting played on the global chessboard

Things move forward, then they move back, sometimes they change places, occupying one spot while the other occupies, well the other. Mercury and Venus are part of the dance. Venus retrograde in Capricorn has been a major force in having us re-visit pour emotional pattern inside of relationships. Capricorn and Saturn often represent some form of karmic agreement/debt. Capricorn is also Baphomet, so with Venus, retrograde in Capricorn, the devil must have his due. It went retrograde back on the 22nd of December, just as the Sun was entering Capricorn and while they were not even remotely in orb, the energy of Capricorn, the heavy hooves of the beast was going to be felt.

For some people, this backward motion represented a trip through time and in my case, a heavy duty, past-life review of all of my previous relationships, good or bad, rise or fall, the indiscriminate screen of emotional projection played out as I saw and felt through the eyes of others. It was both horrific and profound. The Venus retrograde in Cap also helped us understand our values or in some cases, the lack thereof inside of relationship.

One of the areas that I think this has been played out on the global stage is in Ukraine, where we have witnessed a patented, EU/IMF coup, through the back channels of oligarchic power and control. Ukraine on 3/3/14 isn’t that much unlike Libya, Egypt or Yemen. Want to see some cool astrological shit? Let’s go back in time and clock the various revolutions that I spoke of.

• The Yemeni Revolution: 1/27/11 to 2/27/11

• The first, Egyptian Revolution: 1/25/11 to 2/11/11

• The Libyan Revolution: 2/15/11 to 10/23/11

• The Ukrainian Revolution: 2/18/13 to 2/23/15

Notice a trend? All of those “revolutions” took place under the sign of Aquarius. Now we can note that in some way, they are all part of the “Arab Spring” and occurred in domino like fashion, so there is not as much chance for coincidence, but here we are again, with Ukraine and we see the hand of Aquarius, flashing across the screen. As an astrologer, this makes a great deal of sense and makes our job much easier frankly. However, maybe there’s something else taking place and astrology is being used as a propulsive cannon on which events, large scale, global events are launched.

Довн тхе Раббит Холе

Just in case you’re not up on your Serbian, the header for this section is, “Down The Rabbit Hole.” What I am going to attempt to show you and unravel is again, how Aquarius not only comes up as a theme, again and again, when we deal with revolution(s) but also the very strange bedfellows that sleep together under gilded covers, behind the veil.

Meet Srjda Popovic, born 2/1/73. Yes, that makes him an Aquarius. Popovic is the leader of the leaderless group known as Optor. I’ve written about Optor in the past. They were instrumental in the velvet revolutions. Optor was the group responsible for the over throw of Milosevic in Serbia. Popovic has some very interesting aspects. First off, he has a stellium in Aqua; Sun/Moon/Merc. The Sun/Merc conjunction is quite tight, with a 3 degree orb. He also has both Venus in . . . . Capricorn at 25 degrees and it conjuncts Jupiter in Capricorn, exact at 25 degrees. This aspect would give someone like Popovic entre into the realm of bankers, global strategists and oligarchs. We’re talking high level contacts, with high powered Venus in Capricorn, expanded by Jupiter.

Popovic now has other offshoot groups such as “Green Fist” “Ecotopia” and “CANVAS.” CANVAS played an enormous role in the Egyptian revolution. The leaders of the Egyptian uprising had been meeting with Popovic and CANVAS for three years prior to the 1/25/11 revolt. Maidhc Ó Cathail of The Salem-News did a bang up piece on Popovic and the junk bond dollars behind Otpor, The Albert Einstein Institute and other progressive action groups for global change. Here is what he says about the run up to revolution; “On February 9, Al Jazeera aired an episode in its People and Power series entitled “Egypt: Seeds of Change.” The programme offers a revealing behind the scenes look at a core group of activists from the April 6 Youth Movement who played a crucial role in Egypt’s nonviolent revolution.

“This is not a spontaneous uprising,” reporter Elizabeth Jones stressed. “The revolution has been in the making for three years.” The key to its success, we learn, was the instruction April 6 leaders received from veterans of groups like Otpor, the student movement that brought down Serbian president Slododan Milosevic.

Srdja Popovic, a leader of that revolution, we are told, “shared his firsthand experience with April 6.” Mohamed Adel, one of the April 6 leaders, describes his training in Serbia in the tactics of nonviolent resistance, including “how to organise and get people out on the streets.” He brought back videos and teaching aids to help train the other leaders, who are shown “directing the uprising from the start.”

One thing that we can determine from this juicy piece of reportage is that the spontaneous eruption of the human spirit didn’t really occur in the way it’s marketed in the media, but intense, strategic planning and hours and hours of training have gone into these “democratic” uprisings.

However, it’s clear that February and the spirit of Aquarius plays an enormous role in the roll out of these radical displays of democratic spirit.

Life imitates art and the blazing heroes of spontaneously combustible transformation, like Popovic have dark ties to shadowy figures.

Popovic has been linked to Stratfor, the intelligence gathering platform that essentially sells intel to corporations, private individuals and alphabet agencies when needed. Stratfor’s rise is synonymous in some ways to Popovic’s and Otpors. They hit the ground running in Kosovo in 1999 and began data gathering in that region, which has grown into a global operation, however, it’s organizational roots can be traced to the Balkans, where Popovic and Otpor emerged. There have also been deep ties to Otpor and the CIA. Most recently, Popovic’s comrade, Ivan Marovic was outed as having not just ties, but organizational input behind the “Occupy” movement in the states.

The CIA has long been in the business of coups, especially when working hand-in-glove with groups like the IMF and World Bank. They used to do it with a more personal touch, but with professionals like Popovic and Marovic, it’s easier to outsource. So who funds CANVAS and related groups? Again, Maidhc Ó Cathail breaks it down. First off, George Soros is almost always mentioned in conjunction with Otpor. By the way, have you ever noticed how much David Rockefeller looks like George Soros?

But besides Soros, there is another, key player in all of this on the money side and that is former Junk Bond pirate, Peter Ackerman. Here is what Maidhc Ó Cathail has to say about Ackerman’s past and how he amassed his fortune;

“CANVAS works closely with the International Center for Nonviolent Conflict (ICNC), with which it has shared a number of staff members—including Dr. Stephen Zunes, who has collaborated with CANVAS in training Egyptian activists. Founded in 2002, the ICNC is funded entirely by Peter Ackerman, its founding chair. Ackerman, who chaired the board of Freedom House from September 2005 until January 2009, also indirectly funds CANVAS.

Ackerman’s wealth derives mainly from his time at Drexel Burnham Lambert, the Wall Street investment bank that was forced into bankruptcy in February 1990 due to its involvement in illegal activities in the junk bond market. As special projects aide to junk bond king Michael Milken, Ackerman cleaned up. In 1988 alone, he took home a salary of $165 million for his critical role in financing Kohlberg Kravis Roberts’s $26 billion leveraged buyout of RJR Nabisco. But four months before Drexel collapsed into bankruptcy, Ackerman “beat a fortuitously timed retreat” to the International Institute for Strategic Studies in London. While the “king” was sentenced to 10 years for securities fraud, “the highest-paid of all of Michael R. Milken’s minions” emerged as “the big winner” with a fortune of approximately $500 million—prompting one of his former colleagues to complain: “Peter Ackerman is a real Teflon guy.”

Having successfully escaped “the stench of Drexel,” Ackerman completed what BusinessWeek called “an improbable transformation from junk-bond promoter back to scholar.” Prior to his financial exploits, he had written his doctoral thesis under the guidance of Gene Sharp, the Harvard academic whose theories of nonviolent struggle had inspired the velvet revolutionaries. In fact, while he was still working for Milken, Ackerman had been funding Sharp’s Albert Einstein Institution. According to the Wall Street Journal, “A large part of ICNC’s and Canvas’s theoretical arsenal is drawn from Mr. Sharp’s writings.”

I have written about Gene Sharp in the past and even fired up his astrological chart. Sharp, of course is an Aquarian. He is the dean of global revolutions.

So here we have ties to intelligence traders, the CIA, Junk Bond radicals, the man who brought down The Bank of England and the sign of Aquarius in the spirit of rebellion, the launch space of radical trajectory and of course Ukraine. Why do I think Otpor and CANVAS are behind the manipulated revolution in Ukraine? Well, February for starters and the cosmic fingerprints smeared all over it, just like the other “revolutions.” Also, the new Ukrainian PM, Arseniy Yatsenyuk was installed by Victoria Nuland just before she left her position as the Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs. Nuland’s husband is Robert Kagen, the chief architect behind PNAC, “The Project For A New American Century” which many believe to be the geo-political kerosene behind 911 and the new globofascism that has arisen since then. Nuland has since been replaced by Jen Psaki, who has specialized in communications and is essentially a female version of press secretary, Jay Carney.

I think it’s important to note, that we might be on the precipice of WWIII, either by circumstance or design, it doesn’t really matter. The Russians are threatening a massive sell off of Treasury Bonds if the USA and the EU decides to put sanctions on the former Soviet Union. If that is the case, then not just the US economy, but the world economy will go into a massive convulsion and we will be in a very similar place to what occurred in 1929 when the market crashed. I put together a chart for today, when the Russians announced that they would dump Treasury Bonds and Black Tuesday, October 29th, 1929. Notice where Uranus is in both charts–in Aries–nearly conjunct. Also, look at both Mercury and Venus in the 12th houses of both charts. I chose 6AM for both days as that is basically sunrise in NYC, the nerve center for capital in North and South America, In addition to the comparison with 1929 and the potential monetary crisis, we are also staring down the 100th anniversary of WWI when Gavilo Princip (A Serbian) shot and killed Archduke Ferdinand, which escalated into the first world war. So as Mars reverses, so do we as well, looking backwards into the psychic and cyclic waves of history, repeating and resonating through time.

Will we repeat the crash and burn cycle of the great depression along with the repeat of yet another world war? Well, as we approach the crosshairs of the great, cardinal cross on 4/20. According to Siri, the Gates of Hell are going to open on 7/27, but don’t sleep on 4/20. So in essence, what comes around goes around and comes around again. The revolutions swap their colors, but the revolutionaries rarely change their spots. It’s revolt for business as usual, gas and oil, (yes Ukraine has plenty of that) and the reanimation of cold war ghosts, because we can’t get enough of our daily dose of duality. In the meantime, do something good for your soul. Apologize to someone you have hurt and then go get some real, ice cream. Enjoy the simple pleasures while you can.

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The NightMare of DIA

Leaving Denver was very different yesterday. The Rocky Mountain dump that was just beginning when I left last Thursday night was melting and the Green Shuttle shot across the glistening toll road like a rivulet of grace, gliding towards DIA where of course the talk about the underground city and all things occult associated with DIA came up. We talked about the crazed blue horse that greets everyone upon their arrival, a true nightmare, eyes glowing in the high winter sun, crazed and apocalyptic.

The driver told us that when they hoisted the horse’s head upon the torso at his studio, it fell and struck the sculptor of the beast (Luis Jimenez) in the leg, severing his femoral artery, whereupon he bled to death. That was on June 13, 2006, when the Sun was at 21 Gemini and Pluto was at 25 Sag. So we have a Sun/Pluto opposition. Duality. Strangely enough, Sag is slightly dual as well, being half horse and half man and all. The Femoral Artery starts right at the lower part of the hips, upper thigh, where the sacral region descends downward into the lower torso, which is where our “lower” nature resides. So the head of the horse, symbolic of it’s thinking capacity severed it’s creator off from his instinctual, or animal self. Flipping the script with Gemini curiosity and deftness. The thighs/knees also rule Sag.

We then talked about the other creature on the east side of the airport, a large statue of Anubis, keeper of the dead, guardian of the underworld. I suppose if you were to have a deep, underground base, you might want to have Anubis presiding over it’s safety and security. Interestingly enough, you can’t get to the east side of DIA now, since they are building a massive hotel and and convention center at the mouth of it, just past the indigo night mare. So now the upper part of DIA is becoming more and more like a city itself, with each passing day.


Once I entered the belly of the beast that is DIA, I descended downward into the entrails of the TSA, where our identities are masticated, our personal belongings broken down and our bodies passed through the electromagnetic colon and we come out the other side, reassembling our various pieces of scattered matter back into form. Only this time it was much different for me.

I entered the line and there was a woman asking me to touch a small, blue screen. I did. And from there we were either shuttled into the left line or the right. I thought this was very odd. Why didn’t they just say go to the left or the right? Why did we have to swipe our digits across that touchscreen? Well, my best guess was that this was a way for people to get used to offering up their fingerprints for TSA as the next level of security measures are about to kick in, which always means more technology, more personnel to run them, more money for training, etc., etc.. It’s a cash calf at this point.

So the right side of the line was a little station where they were checking palms for explosive powder. Another fun little sideshow on your way to someplace else. For some reason, they weren’t that interested in reading my palms for their explosive potential. I got straight to the front, while those on the left were still snaking their way through TSA’s lower intestines. Not only did I get to the front, fast, I even went through the old school scanner without taking off my shoes, removing my computer or belt. It was like it was 1989 all over again. Once I slipped through, on the other side, people were getting the pat down and the feel up. Luggage was deconstructed and strewn upon grey, plastic tubs. it was like I was operating in a separate reality–not that I am complaining mind you.

When I got back one of the long time listeners to the show sent me a rather extraordinary email, which I am sharing with you in it’s entirety, right here. It was in response to last week’s show with Andrew Norton Webber. Andrew is a proponent of drinking nothing but distilled water, but also Orine, or what most of us call, “urine.” It was a slightly controversial show as some people couldn’t swallow the concept of drinking one’s own pee. But someone could and did. Here is what they wrote:

OK I was totally haunted by last week’s show. I mean it really got to me. So I read The Water of Life on Saturday and I was absolutely lit up by the info.

I’m a healthy person and haven’t had any significant health issues but every time I go to the doctor to address an issue, I’m given another prescription.  I was becoming slightly alarmed looking at the 4 pills I take every morning – allergy, heartburn and two different ones to manage menstrual/menopause symptoms. I didn’t want to be a lifelong pill popper for every symptom that came up – it just didn’t align. I’m in touch with my body enough to know I can ask for inner guidance for healing so your show was timely even though I spent most of my time listening with my mouth hanging open:)

Sat night after reading the book, I decided to start the next morning but to get an idea of the taste, I did a couple of drops under my tongue and rubbed some onto a tooth that I had been nursing with salt water rinses. The jolt I got was immediate. My mouth tingled and actually wanted more! The spot where my abscess was shrank within 10 minutes and the “buzz” I got kept me up for hours into the night. When I finally slept, I dreamt of drinking my water and pouring it over me from head to toe.

I got right up Sunday AM and drank my morning brew! I also saved some and have been using it on my skin. Robert, I’ve taken to this like I’ve been doing it for years! It’s the most natural thing I’ve ever experienced.

This morning, I did not take one pill. Normally, by 10a my heartburn is alerting me that I’m late and I’m going to be sorry if I don’t do something quick. Nothing – all good. My allergies – zero symptoms. I didn’t take a pill for my hot flashes last night and had a peaceful (read: dry) night. At work we had a lunch meeting today and since pasta with red sauce was on the menu, I went and drank another cup just for reinforcement and I sit here writing to you 2 hours later with no trace of heartburn.

I have talked to NO ONE about this. I don’t know anyone who can handle it. Of course now I recall old people saying things like “pee on it” when talking about bug bites and stings but I don’t recall anyone saying drink it:)

Four days of this and I’m all in and can say the changes have been immediate and well worth the initial discomfort of imbibing from your loins. I look forward to what develops as time goes on.

Once again, I write to thank you for what you do. This is a life changing decision. I mean I really feel like this changed the trajectory of my life.”

Needless to say, I was a little blown away, but it got me to think about Chiron in Pisces and Neptune in Pisces and perhaps the alchemical mystery behind all of this. If Chiron is the activator of shame and perhaps guilt, then perhaps this statement might shed a little light on this taboo subject. I was fascinated by the possibility that there could be some healing properties associated with redeeming one of the most irredeemable of our body functions. And with Virgo as the back end of Pisces, there might just be some real knowledge here, streaming forth into our consciousness.

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I’m going to be the guy that pisses in the marshmallow bonfire down by the seaside. Yes, I’m going to take a hard look at a the Russell Brand, brand. He of the mesmerizing, Charlie Manson gaze, the rapier wit and the “fuck you” fashion, almost always adorned with some form of vaguely religious accessorizing. Brand is hitting the big time. He’s a got a bloodline babe on his arm (Jemima Goldsmith) is guest editing “The New Statesman” and is calling for “Revolution.” People are swooning over his grinning broadsides against the establishment. He makes peroxide blonde CNN presenters wet their panties and old guard talking heads like Jeremy Paxman have to jump through his flaming hoops of puckish disregard. We’ll be looking at Brand’s chart and it’s loaded with celestial technology that is clearly the back end of Brand’s, red hot star turn and provided he can make it through the next few months, it will go from shining to blazing. But the question arises, that even if someone has the starry cred at their disposal, does that give them the license or the divine right to distribute their will if it serves an agenda? And even if that’s the case, could they be in the employ of those that clearly understand the power of the chart and key transits at pivotal times in history? In essence, could someone be guiding and exploiting those aspects towards their own end? And would someone like Brand, not only not give a shit, but also embrace it fully, with their own permission? Perhaps by the end of this piece, we’ll find out.


I remember the first time I saw Brand, it was on MTV. He was hosting an awards show and quite frankly, the only person I thought was as unfunny in a similar role, was Pauly Shore, the dopey, stoner son of Mitzi Shore who somehow managed to convince an entire generation, for just a few, short years, that he was hilarious. Well, you had to get to your 8th or 9th bong load for that level to kick in, because outside of the glazed eyes, Big Mac sauce drooling down your chin set, he wasn’t funny–at all. Brand was a close second.

But somehow, over time, just like how maybe David Koresh went from being a bumbling apprentice to Benjamin Roden, The Branch Davidian daddy, to a fire-breathing, chapter and verse quoting gospel machine, Brand got his chops and evolved into his current persona.

Films like “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” and “Get Me To The Greek” cemented his image in the mind’s eye as a rock star. His claims that he’s fucked nine-women-a-day casts an alpha programming spell over other men and don’t think that women don’t pay attention either.

It’s interesting to chart Brand over the years. His early photos reveal a soft, chubby faced, English lad who claims that he was sexually abused and like many of his Pluto in Libra mates, he suffered from the chaos and fracture of a divorce. Brand claims that his addiction (drugs) can be tied to this phase of his life. Brand’s father is pictured here, heading out of a pub with the late, Amy Winehouse. Ironically, he looks a lot like the guy on his right, Keith Hudson, who is Katy Perry’s father. Hudson is a sort of new-age, Christian preacher, who claims to be a chosen prophet for the end times. He also happens to be a Gemini, just like Brand.

One of the claims of hardcore Christians, is that Satanists and Masons use the Church as a sort of limited hang which gives them superficial legitimacy. As a result, Hudson has been accused by that community of being a false prophet.

Brand went to the famed Italia-Conti Academy of Theater Arts in London. People like Patsy Kensit, Gabriel Anwar, Sadie Frost, Tracey Ullman and Julliana Hough attended there as well. Hough is interesting because she was raised in Utah as a Mormon and not just her, but all of her brothers attended the academy. She left after a year, where according to her, she was “abused, mentally, physically, everything.” She starred in “Rock of Ages” with Brand and is set to star in an upcoming film, also with him called, “Diablo Cody.”

Brand’s physicality has morphed and evolved along with his persona. Here’s an early picture of him, circa 2006 and version 2.0. Some plastic surgeons have noted that Brand has undergone Rhinoplasty, which gives him a slightly bulging, quasi, Cro-Magnon Christ look, with a hint of Jim Morrison (shades only) and the buggy eyes of Charlie Manson. Do you know what’s funny about Charlie Manson? When he first gathered his family members from the human lost and found in Haight Ashbury, circa 1967, he told them that the key to really breaking free was to strip themselves of their conditioning, to go beyond their social programming and shatter the institutional chains that had held them back. Once they did, they could truly be themselves and unlike the rest of the squares, be free.

Forty-years-later, Manson’s rap would’ve gotten a book deal and a spot on Oprah’s couch. Brand, like Manson is calling for “revolution.” There’s even a Beatles connection (of course). Manson’s sonic bible was “The White Album” released on 11/22/68 (Five-year-Kennedy death anniversary). It’s loaded with all kinds of hooks and triggers and Manson took his cues from McCartney’s “Helter Skelter” and Lennon’s “Revolution 1″ and “Revolution 9.”

At the closing ceremonies of the occult olympics in London, Brand was dressed as Willy Wonka. This is a theme not uncommon to him, as he has also donned the garb of the child catcher from Chitty Chitty Bang-Bang, a book written Ian Fleming, yes, that Ian Fleming, who also happened to be one of L. Ron Hubbard’s pals. But I digress just slightly. Brand has a bit of the pied piper in him and he’s playing “Eve of Destruction” on his magic flute.

He sat atop a funky-yellow school bus (Magical Mystery Tour) and sang, “I Am The Walrus” (Lennon). And now Brand is channeling the ghost of Lennon with his situationist rants and screeds, holding a mirror up to the establishment in the same spirit of irreverence that Lennon did. This is not a coincidence and we’ll get into this later as we dissect his chart.

Brand met Katy Perry, first on the set of “Get Me To The Greek” and then again at the 2009 VMA’s, which he hosted. Perry and Joe Perry of Aerosmith performed “We Will Rock You.” The Perry/Perry pairing is yet another Gemini
hyper-meme. The track ends with Katy, not Joe falling at Brand’s feet. From there it was flesh time in Thailand, Paris and India, where Brand popped the question. There have been whispers that Brand was her handler. If you are not familiar with the term “handler” it’s used not just in spy circles, but also when MK Ultra is mentioned.

MK Ultra is a well known mind control program that was practiced by the CIA. It involved a number of methods to crack a person open and get them to do things that would be against their will. Jason Bourne is just one, popular example.

In the late-nineties, early two-thousands, there was a rush of material from women that claimed to have been tortured and repeatedly shown bits and pieces of “The Wizard Of Oz” or “Cinderella” or “Snow White.” Kathy O’Brien, Arizona Wilder and Svali shredded the veil over the topic with accounts that were as nauseating as they were wild. Through trauma and torture, they had their brains compartmentalized and in those personal voids, new personalities were programmed, triggered on demand by keywords with phrases from the fairytale that included their access codes. “The Stepford Wives” written by Ira Levin (Rosemary’s Baby) was a contemporary allegory for this type of programming.

Katy Perry’s name has been associated with the same type of programming confessed by Kathy O’Brien and the others. There is a video on youtube, which shows Brand and Perry on the red carpet and Brand flashes Shepard Fairey’s “Obey” image with a neat pentagram and Perry seems to go into some type of goofy trance.

Brand divorced Perry but wasted no time by dating Perry lookalike, Zooey Deschanel. Again, we have a Gemini theme in action, twins/split personality/duality/polarization. Last year he was with Alesandra Balasz, the stepdaughter of Chelsea “Handler.” Daddy Balasz belongs to the “Quill and Dagger,” Cornell’s equivalent to Skull and Bones. He’s also a massive influence peddler, rubbing shoulders with Madonna, Gaga, and other plugged in Gothamites.

Being that Brand has Uranus squaring Venus, relationships last about as long as the mating cycle of a mayfly. With Venus tied to, yoked to Saturn, we see again, the need, either unconscious or realized for relationship to provide some kind of cover, power. structure and form. Even though he has Saturn in Cancer (fall) Saturn still performs the function of escalation with it’s need to position itself towards the accumulation of form and power. His latest “relationship” with Jemima Goldsmith is yet another example of this in action, another cagey move up the ladder, emotionally ascending, one-step-at-a-time, up the social pyramid.

Jemima is the daughter of Sir Jimmy Goldsmith, a robber baron of the first order, who inherited a fortune from his father, Franck Adolphe Benedict Goldschmidt. Papa Franck was one of the founders of the “King David” hotel, which was bombed by Irgun and became the catalyst for the transfer of British mandate Palestine, to David Ben-Gurion and the Zionist congress, leading to the nation state of Israel.

Jemima is an editor for The New Statesman and fits into the Saturn/Venus upscaling model of trending upwards in relationship in Brand’s life/chart. She was hand-in-glove with Russell’s star turn as the editor of “The New Statesman.” With his editorial piece in place, Brand had bonafides across the board.

A poster on FB claimed that he is a Trojan Horse. The most popular scenatrio is that he has succeeded in slipping beyond the guardians of the establishment, but I would offer that it’s the other way around. I believe that it’s the alternative community that Brand has infiltrated and not vice versa. With his Sun/Merc in Gemini, Brand holds a mirror up to the world and with the Sun/Neptune opposition, the world sees what it wants or perhaps what Brand himself wants the world to see.


My friend, RA DA’COSMOPHYXIAN has clued me into the power of the rectification as it relates to to the birth chart. Now Ra and I might disagree on the frequency of rectification, but I agree, that in certain cases, even when the birth time is known, that it might behoove a closer look. Brand is said to have been born at midnight on 6/4/75. This is slightly suspect to me as rarely, in all the years I have been doing charts, I have seldom seen a birth exactly at the top of the hour. Not saying it can’t happen, it just doesn’t fly with any sort of frequency. In fact, in the hustle and bustle of birth, there can at times be a rounding off of the birth time. So there’s a possibility that Brand was born either just before or just after midnight, I’m getting 12:03 AM, which would put him at 27 Cap, ASC., I originally thought he was at 29 degrees, but that would have put his birth time out to around 12:08, thus pushing it closer to 12:10, which would have generally been the rounded off number. 27 degrees on the DSC also fits, because that’s where his tortured Venus resides. In astrology, we read for the next house if a planet is within five degrees of that house. So, technically, Brand’s Venus is in the 7th, however, from a purely symbolic perspective, It’s like Venus cannot make the journey home, to where it’s accidentally exalted.

So with Cap on the ASC and his first house mostly Aquarius we see both the establishment (Capricorn) and the dawn of a new day (Aquarius); the old guard and the new wave. Lurking in Brand’s 12th is mighty Pluto in Capricorn in transit. We are talking behind the scenes power. Pluto in Cap is the rise of corporatocracy, banking and Baphomet. Having a Pluto transit in the 12th is no bullshit as it makes the individual deal with temptation and power. There are forces behind the scene at work in Brand’s life. Do they serve his best interests and the greater good, or do they feed him and his dark, occult practices, spell-binding which the likes of Katy Perry and millions more struggle to awaken from?

Remember when Brand was singing John Lennon at the olympics? This is important to note. Brand forms an unholy trinity of sorts with two, other fiery iconoclasts of British shock and raw. I’m talking Lennon and John Lydon, aka Johnny Rotten. Together, Lennon/Lydon/Brand complete the grand air trine of Libra (Lennon), Aquarius (Lydon) and Gemini (Brand). With transiting Uranus on his natal Mars, he’s on fire. Jupiter conjunct Mars in the natal chart, especially in Aries gives the individual an abundant amount of will power. One of the things that people like about him is his ability to speak his mind without having much filter and because he’s bright, it sounds both funny, insightful and legit. Most people with no or little filter can shoot their mouth off and it can get them in trouble, Brand seems to have remedied this by having the lightning fast trine from Mercury to Uranus. He’s quick on the uptake. But Gemini also represents duality and duplicity. Is Brand really “down with the people” or as his history and associations suggest, might actually be moonlighting for the kabal as the pied piper of the revolution?

With Chiron in Aries in the 2nd House, I’d say that Brand’s well publicized appetite for the ladies can be seen here. Chiron in Aries in the second reeks of over compensation. Remember, Brand has a history of abuse and based on that Chiron, I’m betting that it’s not the hot babysitter that wanted to initiate him into the joy of sex. Aries = the male principle. Is his womanizing a frenzied effort to cover up and somehow reinforce some male part of himself that manifests as the chronic wound? I’m sure he would have some glib comment at the ready, but it’s just a notice in the chart.

Another notice is that Brand has no Earth in his chart, other than his CAP ASC. He isn’t grounded at all and is in someways, the embodiment of the magical puer.

Revolutions are not always in the best interests of the people. The Bolshevik Revolution was a bloody affair and the accounts of what took place are not for the faint of heart. Orthodox priests were boiled alive and their charges were forced to drink what was in essence, human soup. That’s just one, brutal scene from that incredibly macabre and chilling epoch in human history. Mother Russia was thrust into darkness, paranoia and poverty as a result.

The aristocrats of France, the one’s who had the greatest chance of dealing with the rise of the banking families like the Goldschmidts and the Rothschilds were wiped out under the hue and cry of liberte! Under the guise of change new models are slipped in, almost like a virus. I am not one for the status quo, but I am also not going to start marching behind the likes of Brand and his pal, Gemini, Daniel Pinchbeck, just because they’re cool, or funny, or outrageous, irreverent and took the right drugs. Just because one has gulped Ayahuasca, doesn’t mean their soul is clean.

But at the end of the day, Brand is a global warmer, a gun controller and yet another false prophet dealing in Tavistock in trade social schema and ideologies, just like the Fab Four and Lennon/McCarthy did in the 60′s.

Brand needs to be very careful as well in the months to come as transiting Pluto in the 12th will square his natal Mars, which will still be hot and firing with the energy of Uranus. That’s a potentially violent and deadly aspect. Is it more than just ironic that Brand resembles Che Guevara and Jesus? Will he be martyred for some greater cause? Because when we’re talking about revolution, one’s life is a small price to pay for the greater good!

If Brand makes it through the Pluto/Mars square, he’ll have Uranus conjuncting his Jupiter and the potential real, electrifying insight is there. He’ll also wind up revising much of what he believes in when Saturn moves into Sag and conjuncts his Neptune in the 10th in 2015. Perhaps then, at that point, he’ll realize that the most revolutionary thing he could do would be to cut his hair, get married, have a child and continue to shock people with an enlightened normalcy that would take real courage to literally and figuratively, recreate his brand.

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Happy birthday?

It’s been a while–I know. I have been extremely busy on the reading front–good busy. Tapping the void, getting clear, helping others get clear, feeling the semblance of healing atoms cohere across time and space gives this Virgo a sense of purpose. I’ve also been managing my son’s baseball team. It seems strange in some ways to be deeply invested in who brings the snack and when and when not to steal home, while the powers that be play “Battle Ship” off the coast of Syria. But it’s also extremely grounding and healing in it’s own right. Jupiter in Cancer prompts us to find connection to our past, to what made us feel connected, nurtured and loved. For me, it was sports and mainly baseball. The happiest moments of my life were practicing grounders until the Sun dropped into the Pacific, getting ready to play pick up games when the same summer Sun rose and of course being on the field itself. There was a sweet spot between 9-12 where my most fond memories reside. I continued to play up through high school, but everything changed. I couldn’t stand the meatheads I was playing with. I was tripping the light fantastic under the chemical transmissions of Hoffman while my teammates appeared to me as nothing more than cavemen. Alas, my heart was no longer in it.

But that’s where we are now, cycling, re-cycling to the sweet memories of our past in an increasingly chaotic and troubled time. One of the great quotes I ever ran into was; “Nostalgia is a memory from an age yet to come.” Jupiter in Cancer is our temporal locater in the time/space continuum.

One of the things that we were sold heavily on in the 60′s, 70′s and even 80′s was that the future was the place to be. I remember wandering around the 1964 World’s Fair as a child, being consumed by corporate super structures, getting my consciousness digested in their enzymatic exhibitions. Bell Telephone downloaded people talking on videophones into my brain. Kraft extolled the virtues of electronic food. GE revived the ghost of Lincoln and transferred it into animatronic form. We sat spell bound and listened to the wise words of our once great leader, now a robot. We splashed around in cars that could float on a temporary lake. And in the irony of all ironies, I watched a Brontosaurus hatch from a plastic mold, right before my very eyes, thanks to Sinclair Oil. It didn’t end there.

It was recently discovered that the CIA was one of the social drivers behind modernism. You know that art that everyone hated when it first came out? Rothko’s lumbering and ponderous blocks of dark gravity, Pollock’s kiddie splash art, Calder’s mobiles, you name it, seems like the alphabet agency had a deep and abiding interest in promoting futurism. Couple that with their intense interest in psychotropic drugs, and there seems to be some kind of hidden hand brushing us along the collective people mover into the next century. If and when there was any type of hue and cry that modern art was pointless, useless and lacked all talent, critics were quick to come to the aid of the artist, going on the offensive, practically insulting other critics or the “common man” that they didn’t have enough brain wattage to comprehend the meaning, behind the meaning of meaninglessness.

My pal Ken Warren and I have kicked this around a bit as it relates to the tyranny of the new school of criticism that came out of the University of Chicago, where the didactic model for interpretation became the work itself and not any kind of historical or cultural markers that contributed to the meaning of that work. In essence, they were instructing readers to dismiss any kind of touch points to the author’s experience. It was kind of like lock the author away in an archipelago of the mind, and simply decode the words on their own merit. This for me, was a type of literary schizophrenia and turned me away from the halls of academia. How could one not have any working knowledge of the life of Ezra Pound and expect to get anything meaningful out of “The Cantos”? That’s just one example.
You see, somewhere along the way, we got thoroughly convinced that anything better than here was better than this. Tomorrow would be brighter. Your meals would stay warmer longer. Your every, single, solitary need would be attended to much easier. Remember the Jetsons? Freedom from the slavish world of labor was the goal. Technology could liberate the common man and level the playing field for him, because if time is money then the rich have a lot more time on their hands. Technology could, in some ways, make us all rich, if not materially, at least chronographically. Not too mention relieving the burden of the modern housewife, which would make her happier, more playful and ready for sex, versus tired from doing all those nasty chores by her lonesome.

Technology, modernism, the future were the blue pills.

Now i am not a luddite or some paleo-regressive. No, I’m not Anthony Zerbe in Omega Man, but the world is about to twerk into darkness at light speed and I may get my wish in November when the lights go out. But even culturally, the level of symbolic displacement is getting to the point where most people just cannot handle more strangeness, more chaos, more oblivion of the world they once knew, so it becomes a war between the future and the past. We even see this played out in the realm of partisan politics. The “progressives” want to progressively move everyone into the future, whatever that future is. The conservatives want to cling to the present by not letting go of the past. It has nothing to do with communism versus conservatism. It’s the past vs the future. It’s Yahweh wedding the people to sacred law that stretches back into the galactic corridors of time, because hey, if it worked on Sirius, it should fly here. It’s Lucifer, all hot and bothered to get the real party started, destroying convention and the old rules. It’s about Libra 3, today’s Sabian Symbol (Thank you Lynda Hill) “A Dawn Of New Day.” That’s the conflict boys and girls.

Where it gets convoluted is a place like Syria, where Assad is accused of being a dictator, a tyrant and all that. Well wouldn’t you be with what poses for democracy these days? So Assad is holding onto the past. He’s a time criminal wedded to another era, meanwhile, the completely barbaric rebels, most of whom are criminals released from Saudi jails, Al-Qaeda and who knows what else are posing as Wahaabbists, whose ideology is straight out of the 15th century, replete with heads on stakes, devouring live organs, and all the greatest hits of Ibn Al-Hashim. So, ironically, they have been drafted from a past further back than Syria’s in order to march them at bayonet point into the future.We live in strange times.

Meanwhile, in Washington D.C., two-million chopper riders descend on the capital to commemorate the dead of 911 and the heroic first responders, while two-million Muslims are going to march there as well, sans rumbling steel between their legs. The Muslims got the permit. The bikers didn’t. Should be fun. All they need is two-million rabbis and we could really work this thing out with the Huns, versus the Khazars, versus the Moors. It’s the Beltway throw down. Love and Peace or else babies.

Speaking of time + 911

I recently shot my first video for Gaiam.Tv, here in Austin. It’s a thirty-minute romp through time, that looks at the astrological symbols of 911 and the potential birth of one of the most famous personages to ever touch the planet’s soil.

There has been some buzz that Jesus wasn’t born on 12/25 for quite a while. Most people understand that this was a ploy to get the pagans to buy into the return of the light from a more metaphorical perspective, just like how the cathedrals of europe were built on pagan ritual mounds. One belief system overlays itself upon another. In two-hundred-years, those churches will be massive data farms.

So if Jesus did exist (And I “believe” that he did) and he wasn’t born on 12/25, the greatest day of mammon worship, then what day? When? One theory is, is that he was born on . . .9/11. In the hyper-matrix, it makes reasonable sense. So, I cars a chart for 9/11/-3 or -2 Gregorian. Well, you might be surprised at what I found. I was.

I chose 6:44 PM, Jerusalem for the place and time. I did it because I rectified the chart for a specific reason. I set it to have the ASC at 0 degrees Aries. Why? Because Sananda/Emmanuel was here to master the concept of will. So it makes sense. It also is the direst degree for the Western Zodiac, so that’s a plus as well. But then I looked at every cardinal point on the cross and they were all at 0, which gave the chart the exoskeleton of the cross, a symbol that plays a much larger role in the life of the man, later on.


At the time of birth, Saturn was in Taurus, in the second house. This indicates very humble beginnings and could either turn the person into a blatant materialist or a material renunciate, Values and a deep sense of roundedness are present here. Someone that can also be willful and more than a bit stubborn. But look at the inherent power as Saturn trines Mars in Capricorn and the Sun/Pluto in Virgo. This trine has the ability to move mountains. And with Mars in Capricorn in the 10th, near the MC, conjunct Altair (more about that later), Mars become a force in the world, but it, Altair and the MC are in conflict with the Aries ASC. I see this manifest in the battle between the will and that of the spiritual and economic hierarchy of the day; the pharisaic merchant class. Mars in the 10th suggests to me that JC would go to war against them. Indeed, people at that time wanted to turn him into a warrior, a rebel who would overthrow the ruling elite and the political system of his time, especially after he cast the merchants out of the temple. When he turned his back to their requests, they lost faith in their projection of him as their messiah. But this conflict, this square would result in his death. Mars at the mid-heaven would also suggest the hand of Rome in his life as well. as Rome was ruled by Mars.

Altair is the fixed star that represents warriors, aggression and violence. It shares a quality similar to Antares, but Antares has more to do with other people’s aggression, where as Altair is more connected to the energy and violence of the individual. Here, right on the MC, it indicates the mark of a spiritual warrior. At 6:44Pm, it would likely be visible in the early, night sky. As the night would progress, it would still be quite bright, dropping into the 9th and then 8th houses. Could the three Magi have navigated by the light of Altair? It is the 12th brightest star in the night sky. It is also known as the “Eagle Star” in the constellation Delphinus.

The the Māori people called Altair Poutu-te-rangi or the “pillar of heaven”. It has also been associated as an ill omen of reptiles. In the TV series, Stargate Atlantis, Altair itself, is a star gate One of my favorite astrologers and fixed star expert, Rob Tillet texted this to me about Altair; ” It brings sudden but ephemeral fortune, associated with impulsiveness and courage, but can be associated with accidents. It rules astrology and writing. It gives great imagination, strong passions, an indomitable will, a dominating character, with clairvoyance and a penetrating mind”.


As we shift focus from the MC to the 5th, we see Leo in it’s own house, and there is Jupiter in Leo, conjunct Regulus, exactly. This is alignment represents king and king or king of kings, in the house of Leo, the house of kings. Jupiter in Leo as well as Pluto in Virgo and Neptune in Scorpio play very prominent roles, close to 2,000 years later. Jupiter and Regulus together denote a being with a huge heart. Someone blessed with both great humanity and also great responsibility. Hint, hint. It also portends blessing through the birth of a child.

Moving up to the 6th House, we see a massive stellium in Virgo, the sign of service, dharma, health and healing. Let’s just say that there’s a great deal of emphasis of the life in this part of the chart. The greatest kings are those that are the greatest servants this house is bursting with at the edges with service. Mercury,Venus, Sun and Pluto. The Sun/Pluto conjunction are really interesting here. The themes of these two, conjoined in the 6th point towards great, healing and recuperative powers. Mars comes in like a super charged, power booster from the 10th, adding energy, cardinal energy. Saturn coming from the 2nd brings in an aspect of time and eternity. Transformation, life and death play a large role here as well as the 8th House.


Uranus in Pisces in the 12th opposes both the Sun and Pluto. Uranus in the 12th is catalytic and symbolic of the age of Pisces itself, in an electro-static medium, crackling in it’s briny embryosis. Here, the individual might be one that hears voices or is prompted to take actions based on some kind of act of extreme faith. Uranus in Pisces in the 12th, the house of the soul is the wild card. The challenge and the goal is to make it work. Aligning it opposed the Sun and Pluto, it becomes like a fiber optic link, stretching across the space of the chart, transmitting the light of the soul into profoundly transformational service into the 6th, injection the Solar principle with a unique mission or calling. This opposition will likely play a role, much later on in the x of the mystic triangle. Death is strange and sudden.


The 8th House is home to Neptune in Scorpio at 11 degrees, Antares in Scorpio at 11 degrees, and the GS at 29 Scorpio. Together, they all add up to 33. Neptune’s relationship to Saturn, in opposition is similar in some ways to the Uranus/Sun-Pluto opposition. This could be pure magic when it comes to manifestation and faith or pure hell when it comes to doubt. With faith activated, Neptune in Scorpio magnetizes, attracts and binds intention to the will through the application of the willingness to suspend disbelief. Some might call it magical thinking. It also indicates someone that might have had experience with hallucinogenic drugs. Through the activation of internal coherence, something profound and alchemical occurs, grounding the miraculous into the here and now with the earthiest manifestation of Saturn there can be. Magic and faith become grounded in deep, in fact, into the very Earth itself. But there is also danger lurking here. Antares as mentioned is violence and bloodlust. Conjunct Neptune in Scorpio, it can be seen as a type of betrayal, one that results in a potentially violent end. Remember Neptune in Scorpio, just like I asked you to remember Pluto in Virgo, and Jupiter in Taurus. Uranus/Pluto-Sun/Neptune/Saturn all form the angles of opposition in the mystic rectangle. Saturn (Satan/Karma/Time/Discipline/Wisdom), Neptune (Godhead/Madness/Delusion), Uranus (Genius/Revolutionary/Electric), Sun (Core/Purpose/Essence/The Father) and Pluto (Death/Magnetism/Transformation/Underworld) all dance in formation in this chart.


Perhaps the seed, the beacon of this chart can be seen in the 11th House, where the North Node resides in Aquarius. This was the life purpose of the individual. To create a community, bond and share his essence with others, like say, maybe disciples? All twelve of them, like the 12 signs of the zodiac. The goal was to have the experience of fellowship with with other outsiders and perhaps have that goal realized as a model for the future, to live in a world where knowledge, wisdom and love were exchanged freely amongst a community of equals, yet unique in their own individual right. While the impetus and action are derived from the maverick spark of Uranus in the 12th, it’s the 11th where it is all shared. The seed of the true age of Aquarius. Lastly we see the fixed star, Sirius in the 4th House. While it could have a very earthly representation, perhaps it is more of a reminder of where the individual came from, the place that he called home.


Let’s fast forward into what we call time. It’s 9/11/67. The Summer of Love is just winding down, but the scent of something special is in the air. Spirit is alive and magic is afoot. There’s an explosion of creativity, sex, imagination and possibility. The old rules are being re-written before our very eyes and yet there’s also a sense of madness in the ethers too. A violent war rages in Vietnam while a growing, civil unrest swells and begins to divide the country and the world. The Doors release their first album and defy Ed Sullivan on national TV. Detroit, Newark and D.C. have race riots. Pink Floyd release “Piper At The Gates Of Dawn” on August 6th and on August 7th, Jocelyn Bell and Anthony Hewish discover the first Pulsar, an entirely new and novel type of light. Elvis marries Priscilla and The Beatles release, perhaps their most occult and densely coded album, “The Magical Mystery Tour.” The term, “Black Hole” is used for the first time. Charles Manson is released from prison in march, of 1967, where he lands in The Haight. Jim Jones moves to Ukiah, in 1967, in order to escape nuclear annihilation.

The Summer of Love was one of he most pivotal times in our recent history. And if we look at the planets, three really stand out; Jupiter, Pluto and Neptune. Why? They are all in the same signs they on the 9/11/-3 chart. Jupiter was in Leo, Pluto was in Virgo, Neptune was in Scorpio. These three planets in the chart of Yeshua/Sananda/Emmanuel emerge during the Summer of Love. Not only that, but Uranus, which was in Pisces is no longer opposite opposite Pluto, but on it’s side . . .conjunct. The mission which started in the 12th House, waiting on the radical will of God, was no complete, connected, unified and at one with Pluto. Many people born during the Uranus/Pluto conjunction have an unusual interest in the healing arts and even display profound talents when it comes to moving energy and understanding the mechanics of spirality.

So it’s my contention that the Summer of Love was aligned to be the second coming, on a deeply energetic/spiritual level. This was the time that was supposed to turn the planet on instantaneously, regardless of belief system. However, something went awry, some went amiss. If you go back to my timeline theories, things get hijacked and reality switches tracks on 11/22/63 via the death of Kennedy and the insert of the false Aquarian Age in 1963. We can even see the beginnings of dark anti-messiahs in Manson and Jones make significant moves in 1967, establishing a deadly beachhead on the shores of the weak and needy. In the case of Manson, he even had his own set of disciples, the nine members of the Manson Family. Was there a concerted push to re-route the planet’s spiritual circuitry in 1967 by covert means? Has there been a conscious effort to use the energy of the 9/11/-3 chart for the rise of anti-consciousness or even in more lay terms, “The Antichrist’?


September 11th, 2001. I’ve written a great deal about this and I want to touch into it a bit now. On that fateful day, the same day that supposedly belongs to the birth of Jesus, the dark, magical ritual that was a planetary game changer slammed into our psyches like an violent avalanche, not only inducing collective trauma, but also anchoring a deep spike in the timeline variant that began on 11/22/63. Jupiter in Cancer is all about the things listed at the top of this article and what happened on the heels of 9/11 was also a hijacking of our intention. Americans rallied around the flag and condemned “French Fries” because the French wouldn’t throw down with two, planned wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. We’ve been singing “God Bless America” at every baseball game ever since. The synthetic insert of a faux patriotism was complete. I’m not going to go into great detail regarding this, but note that the “Freedom Tower” now “The One World Trade Tower” opens next year, 2014. Sixteen (2014 2+14 = 16) is the number of “The Tower” in the major arcana. It will be the erection of the celebration of Babylon, reanimating Babel itself. This, all on the back of the cosmic template of 9/11/-3


So here we are today, Muslims and bikers converge upon D.C. Obama desperately peddles intervention in Syria to a public weary of war. Americans are drained. They’ve reached over saturation. The energy that declared that “you’re either with us or against us” has waned to the point where the more that Obama makes his case for war, the more people oppose him. It’s the opposite effect and yes, Jupiter is in Cancer once again, but this time, people are pushing back. They are actually tapping into the essence of the aspect. Eyes are turned towards home and the problems that exist here. People name drop Detroit as a city that needs our attention, not Damascus. The masses are in a very different mood, sourcing the authenticity of Jupiter in Cancer, in essence, bringing it home.

Today is also the birthday of one, Bashar al-Assad. Yes, Syria’s main man has his birthday today. Damascus is at the 33rd degree, today’s date 9+11= 20 + 13 = 33. Damascus is linked to the Damask Rose, the rose is the symbol of both Venus and Isis, but also Christ, as the red rose is the blood of the martyred Jesus. The Spear of Longinus was a thorn in his side. But while Hollywood’s elite remain silent in the face of WWIII and the world commemorates the loss of life and innocence, 12 years ago, people seem to be migrating back to what matters simply due to the fact that they’ve had too much. This is the turning.

Through the clatter and the din, the white noise of collapsing empire, people can still manage to hear the still, small voice of peace whispered from the mouth of a babe, over 2,000 years ago in the eternal dream.

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The 13th Moon

It’s official. Saturn and Mercury are waltzing backwards and the sky has been doused by a cadre of water sprites dispatched from Triton. Did you know that Triton has an atmosphere? Did you know that unlike the other 12 moons of Neptune, Triton has a retrograde orbit? So I guess it had to reverse itself right into the first paragraph. The thirteen moons of Neptune follow the mystical sequence of 12/13. 13 is the 12 disciples + 1 and a fitting equation since we’re talking about the planet which rules Pisces. Speaking of which . . .

In just three days, Pope Benedict will get the hell out of Vatican City as quickly and as anonymously as possible. Maybe they should rent Robert Blake to play his double for the day, while Ratzinger jumps ship out the side door, dressed as an Italian ice vendor. It’s generally a bad career move to vacate before one’s time is up. Just ask Saddam, The Shah, Gaddafi and Osho. It ain’t long before you’re down and rushed off to some obscure hospital somewhere, only to never to see the light of day again. I suppose they can keep him around if the lights go out, kinda like what they’re doing with Sharon, preserving his psychopathic genius for the time when they can upload his marvelous malevolence to the exonet.

But this is not about darkness or screeds of injustice wrapped in cynical jest, lancing you with symbols, piercing the membrane of awareness, while desperately trying to wrest you from the trance. This is about remembering who you are and where you came from. With Mercury, the messenger of the gods flying in reverse, winging along the path of the Fisher King, it’s all about re-collection.

The one piece I left out of my Aquarian series, the one I’m saving for the e-book, is when Uranus and Neptune were in Aquarius on the eleventh of September, in 2001. On that day, the Moon was in Gemini as was
Saturn, firmly representing the duality of the day.

Mars, in all of its’s martial fury was in Capricorn and Black Moon Lilith was at two degrees Pisces, cast out of the garden of the Christian Age, while Uranus and Neptune in the sign of the rebel found their home in the nadir of chart, blistering our consciousness and for a brief period of time, drawing the world closer together through tragedy, united against a shadowy cave dweller, hidden somewhere in the remote regions of Afghanistan. You’re either with us or against us.

It was a “clear break” from the past, which enabled the United States to adopt a pre-emptive strike mentality. While the Kennedy assassination altered the timeline, it was in need of some serious bolting down and on the morning of the 12th, the day after, a new world had been born out of the rubble of asbestos and human dust. It was a world that was about security and not freedom. It was a world that would spawn color revolutions fed by the ideology of an Aquarian professor from UMass (Gene Sharp), who would supply the tactics necessary to stage, “democratic coups.”

We have to go back before then on the current of memory, back to a time when our humanity and the principles we did our best to embody were sacred. Back to a time where our values reflected the order and the will of heaven. Before they split the atom and the collective soul, we were whole. I’m not talking a chicken-in-every-pot, and a car in every garage (though you can stop there too), but somewhere in the recesses of our hearts, where every cell has within it the library of our spiritual genesis, wrapped and twisted like a knotted tale, waiting to be untangled.

In there, we know exactly who we are and where we came from. We understand suffering and joy equally, wishing none of the former, and inviting plenty of the latter. We don’t need wetware or synoptical nodes to jack us in or plumb our depths. It’s all there. From the fall of Atlantis to the rise of Yeshua, the story of our beginning and our end is encoded in the matrices of our blood. But just in case you forgot, let’s take time to remember, together, exactly who we are at our most compassionate, wisest, warmest, funniest, fullest and divine best.

Last night at the Academy Awards, the women’s bathroom was backed up and overflowed–a surreal symbol of Mercury retrograde Pisces getting played out–the true feminine denied. In case you’re not getting it, the holy mother was saying that Babylon is full of shit and her maidens are emotionally incontinent.

Aquarian, Seth McFarlane continued on with his cute little war on sensibility.

Michelle Obama dropped in of course, reminding us, yet again, that the Obama’s are at the center of everything, everywhere, all the time.

But this isn’t about that. It’s about poetry, music, the stunning grandeur of the planet, the last remnants of food untainted by alien seed or synthetic skies.

It’s about feeling safe in the night, with a lover next to you, knowing that in your heart of hearts, you lived your day exceedingly well and that a divine flame fills you both with a faith beyond death and that there is no room for fear of shadows, liars, murderers and thieves. We can respect the danger, but the love and the fear cannot co-exist.

This is what I am hear to remind you of during this Mercury Retrograde in Pisces, your rightful and divine place amongst the cosmos with the creator.

It’s funny, whenever trends start to peek, I’ve almost always gone in the other direction. I’m not sure if this is yet another manifestation of Chiron in Aquarius retrograde and I’m just staking out some contrarian terrain, or I’m sensing the collapse of one system before it crumbles and falls, but for whatever reason, I’m more and more aware of the space that goes against the grain of our times. That’s not to say that I’m retreating into some luddite fantasy world, yearning for 1950 all over again, but there’s an emergent sense of values and internal order that cohere to a different dimension that I’m often occupying in the flotsam and jetsam of pop-culture and bizarre exo-politics.

I can’t tell you how many conversations I’ve had recently with people who are pretty tired and fed up with the dominant culture, ramming, ramming, and ramming at the gates of their sanity and sanctity. From false flags to fake boobs, they’ve had enough.

There’s no going back in a physical sense. There’s no Plymouth Rock or event horizon stretching out into the infinitude of the western sky. Those places are gone. There’s only a way through the swamps of confusion and the terrors of tyranny. Somewhere inside, there’s a faint beacon that can take you home, if you have the heart to listen and follow it without fail. Along the way, you might meet others with the very same destination and if you do, know you are truly blessed.

For every injustice, do something good when you can.

For every slight, rejoice for the opportunity to wrestle with compassion and forgiveness.

We have to be bigger than our current milieu, because that’s just the way we were wired and somehow forgot along the way.

I wonder what’s making me feel this way. Maybe its Mercury retrograde doing the prompting of my puritanical Moon, in all it’s fullness, cresting my MC, conjuncting my Sun. Or maybe it’s the Biblical winds, lashing out at the landscape at 50MPH, conjuring images of near Earth giants whipping the atmosphere into an apocalyptic frenzy. Whatever the case, it’s reminding me, to remind you about your deepest spiritual strata. I hope it worked.

Speaking of reminders, Wednesday, I’ll have psychic medium, Sharon Johns on Navigating The Astrological Matrix, an appropriate person to show up when we’re all awash in the Piscean swirl. That will be Wednesday, 3/28 at 12PM Central.

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Beverly Hills Copper

I’ve often wondered why Black History Month is in February and what it has to do with the sign of Aquarius? With the risk of sounding like conspiricist, I think it has to do with the Aquarian ideal/image of the au currant version of the black race. I spoke about this with SiStar MyRah on our Super Bowl Review. It’s a pretty compelling dialog apart from the symbolic breakdown of the game itself. In the last half-hour, we delved into a rarely discussed topic; racial mixing.

It began when I noted the percentage of commercials on television that had black males and or families depicted as the majority, a place at one point in time occupied by whites. I also noted that most of the males looked like some iteration of Barack Obama, light skinned and metro-sexualized. On some level, this makes commercial sense to me, since selling a product could have much more resonance if you modeled the model on the president, who has unmistakably, the biggest brand in the land. But SiStar MyRah took it one step further. She talked about this as being the acceptable model of being black. Look around at most black american stars, like Beyonce, Rhianna and Nicki Minnaj. They’re more golden than black, while equally, if not more talented artists like Fantasia Barrino, (Hey Missy Elliot where are you?) aren’t nearly as heavily promoted. SiStar MyRah called them, “hybrids.”

As I deftly do my best to discuss race without falling and getting fried by the third rail, my sense, is, is that lighter skinned, mixed-race-version is the physical manifestation of the blending of one race, one color, one collective variant of a golden species, which would ultimately break with social, racial and historical identities, and as a result, would be about the future and not the past. It would be more than just a symbolic element of a planet peopled by one color and vibration. It would be a physical incarnation of the Aquarian ideal, the melanized version of a racial alchemy, turning the lead of a number of races into the gold of one.

This, in some ways would reflect a form of completion, since, according to Blavatsky, the second root race, after the first (amoeba like beings) had golden skin. This of course would not align with Blavatsky’s overall vision of the root races, which sees the sixth and seventh root races as the Australo-American, a psychic race of beings from Australia, New Zealand and California. This vision of a golden race is something that has also been written about and seen by channelers and remote viewers as being the face of Terra in the future.

Now, on one level, albeit a fairly cynical one, it might be viewed as high-level eugenics practiced through intense social programming, which would highlight and promote mixing of all races, and through which new codes of behavior, new ethics and even a new religion could be installed, thus eliminating the God of the Piscean age. The implementation of the new world religion has already begun and it emerges from two, separate directions which both, promote an alternative version of the post-christian God.

From the left side of the coast, there’s the new age version of the universe, or cosmos, or source that uses texts like the Book of Urantia and Course of Miracles, laced with heavy doses of Theosophy, Hinduism, Buddhism and polyamoristic tantra. It’s The Lightworkers Union, Local 1111.

From the other side, there’s a much darker version co-mingling with it. This would be the re-birth of illuministic, ritual occult practice, which is really illuminati magic as fashion statement, cliched hand signs and a philosophy that encourages a watered-down version of “Do as thou wilt.” It comes down through the hip-hop pyramid and trickles all the way to Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber.

Together, these two variants combine, just as skin tones do, to form some sort of ideological fusion, a blended frequency spectrum of beliefs with the individual squarely at the center of it.

Of course, Barack Obama is the high priest, the pharaonic mediator between both worlds, welcoming the golden skinned goddesses, Beyonce and Alicia Keyes into the White House and rubbing elbows with J-Hovah, while he’s flashing his magic smile to the beaming acolytes of Marianne Williamson, Neal Donald Walsh, Deepak Chopra and Barbara Marx-Hubbard. Here, we have an ideological synthesis and mixing, a hybrid spirituality with a new high priest, himself a living agency of the planetary experiment in the manipulation of consciousness and race. With his Hawaiian legacy, he is the “rainbow bridge.”

I’ve also found it interesting that whenever Black History Month rolls around, it’s almost always the same cast of characters that are celebrated and feted. It’s no coincidence that Rosa Parks gets huge play. She’s also an Aquarian and she went to the Highander School in Tennessee, where she, along with Martin Luther King was trained in social justice and Marxist ideology. Her storming the front seat of the bus was no act of individual defiance. It was a staged and calculated act of social disobedience.

And while racism of any sort is repugnant, one of the things that segregation did foster, was the need for black owned businesses and economic drivers to develop in the dark shadow of Jim Crow laws.

James Brown is rarely celebrated during Black History month and yet the godfather of soul, was at one time the largest owner of black owned radio stations and even instituted his own stamp/value/rebate program with “Brown Stamps,” an offshoot of S&H Green Stamps and Blue Chip Stamps. Brown had a strong vision of economically empowering the Black community–that was until the government and the social programs of the Great Society became the de-facto parent of the inner cities. Combine that with the death of many, fine young black males during the Vietnam War and the flooding of opiates into the inner cities and, well, you know the rest of the story.

James Brown had survived a brutal car crash and lost a son along the way. While he was still the hardest working man in show business, he sold his radio stations and got out of the empowerment game.

Another, powerful figure that we don’t hear much about, in spite of his iconic status is Bob Marley, which is interesting, since Marley is the genetic inheritor of both Anglo and African DNA, an early adopter of the race of the golden light and an Aquarian to boot.

Marley’s one world, one love message is Aquarian to the core. He was rapidly becoming one of the most influential people on the planet regardless of skin color or occupation. But Marley was waking up and waking others along with him. His classic track, “Babylon System” talks about the planetary enslavement program that has been in place since the high-unholy-days of Babylon;

Babylon System
We refuse to be
What you wanted us to be;
We are what we are:
That’s the way (way) it’s going to be. you don’t know!
You can’t educate i
For no equal opportunity:
(talkin’ ’bout my freedom) talkin’ ’bout my freedom,
People freedom (freedom) and liberty!
Yeah, we’ve been trodding on the winepress much too long:
Rebel, rebel!
Yes, we’ve been trodding on the winepress much too long:
Rebel, rebel!

Those are the type of words that get peoples attention, in many ways. He’s not talking about Cristal or Courvosier, or Bentley. He’s addressing spiritual warfare in the most clear language there can be. And just in case you miss it in the first verse, Marley keeps it going in the second.

Babylon system is the vampire, yea! (vampire)
Suckin’ the children day by day, yeah!
Me say: de babylon system is the vampire, falling empire,
Suckin’ the blood of the sufferers, yea-ea-ea-ea-e-ah!
Building church and university, wo-o-ooh, yeah! -
Deceiving the people continually, yea-ea!
Me say them graduatin’ thieves and murderers;
Look out now: they suckin’ the blood of the sufferers (sufferers).

Marley would contract a treatable form of cancer, in the foot of all places, which is ruled by his own sign; Aquarius. Marley would get terrible advice on the treating of it. Dubmaster, certified wild-man and Wailers producer, Lee “Scratch” Perry would later accuse Island Records label head, Chris Blackwell of putting a curse on Marley so that he would die and that Blackwell could take the lion’s share of Marley’s royalties.

Marley was imperfect, but he was a giant and he bridged color, race, class and culture in a historical fashion. He was rapidly becoming the same type of prophet he often sang about. In some ways, the Aquarian vision itself, not the falsified version of a synthetic system of applied economic theory and symbolic enslavement, but a real one, arising out of the human heart in an organic fashion, is inherent in the sound and vision of Marley’s music.

Another, pivotal and important figure that is also rarely mentioned or discussed during Black History month is one, Fela Anikulapo Kuti. While Haile Sellasie courted the British Magistrate, the League of Nations and later the UN, Fela Kuti had a vision of Africa that had nothing to do with the globalist, hegemonic agenda. Kuti wanted his own Nigeria to be a model country, a strong state that could anchor the independence of African power and consciousness and be a model for a post-colonialist Africa that was seemingly being ruled by proxy through puppet dictators and presidents on the globalists dole. They were of course supplied with plenty of arms to fortify their often brutal rule of law.

Kuti favored a type of pan-Africanism that would join various states under one Africa. This vision was branded as a type of socialism, but there isn’t any historical or lyrical connection to Kuti and Marxism. His brand of socialism was a type of geo-political unity that supported African and not imperial interests.

Kuti formed his own community/colony called the “Kalakuta Republic,” which was based on polygamy and Yoruba. As a result, he was a modern-day-Solomon with twenty-seven-wives. By the way, if you haven’t noticed, this was about 180 degrees from the current dawning of the “golden age.”

Kuti was a continental separatist and that boys and girls is bad for business. He would survive a number of attacks on his life and eventually die of AIDS related symptoms. Like Marley before him, he would eschew western medicine for treatment.

But perhaps there’s more to this connection with Aquarius/February being Black History month.

Back in the late 90′s I had the great pleasure to meet Kodwo Eshun, a gifted writer with an infectious and lively spirit. I first saw Kodwo in the Iara Lee documentary on electronic music, “Modulations.” Eshun, along with Robert Moog stole the show. Eshun’s ability to articulate electronic music into prose resulted in something called, “Sonic Fiction” out of which sprang an incredibly important journey into the future frequencies of jazz, electronic and funk music. Eshun’s essays on Sun Ra, George Clinton, Jimi Hendrix, DJ Spooky, Wu Tang, Underground Resistance, Drexciya, Juan Atkins, Derrick May and other pioneers of a futuristic, afrocentrism in music was astounding and his prose was as dense and layered as a Funkadelic mind jam. Eshun’s work has contributed greatly to a school of music, image and text called, “Afrofuturism.”

For me, in many ways, this typifies not just the outside version of Black History month as a form of Aquarian expression, but the essence of the Aquarian spirit as a vibration that connects our ancient roots and rhythms across races, spaces and times, catapulting them into the future via the magic of wordsound, incantations that reverberate with a musical language all their own, creating an imaginary landscape that uses myth and narrative as a jump seat into hyper-dimensional possibility. This is the place where the imagination is divine and all beings can revel in the complexity and nuance of spirit, through all of its manifestations, without judgment, without prejudice and without the not-so-subtle commands to surrender ones autonomy and heritage in favor of some grand, social-experimental-gene wipe where diversity bleeds into one, macro-miasmic-monad and a myriad of cultural traditions and riches are lost in the mix. In modern recording, the compression of sound is the audio correlation, where the highs and lows are crunched into the broad middle of the track, so that the sound is loud and punchy, jumping out of the speakers, grabbing your attention, but sacrificing the essential nuances of the track.

Now it might just be, that when the Pleiadians finally land, they’ll be greeted by a bunch of people that look a lot like Amber Rose and Miles Austin and maybe they’ll have peace in their hearts and vastly open minds. if that’s the way this unfolds as a physical expression of oneness in the Aquarian Age, then so be it. But if I were the architects of this planetary re-shaping, I might be tad concerned, because they just might be breeding their own annihilation through a species that can channel love at such a high pitch, that any kind of anger, retribution and malice will not be able to co-exist in the same atmosphere. Perhaps these will truly be “Destiny’s Children” and if it ends the top down tyranny as a result, without hesitation, I say, bring it on.

Miller Lite “The Race.”

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Rising in the flames of Camelot.

“A reformation means that masses of our people have reached the point of disillusionment with past ways and values. They don’t know what will work but they do know that the prevailing system is self-defeating, frustrating, and hopeless. They won’t act for change, but won’t strongly oppose those who do. The time is then ripe for revolution.” (Saul Alinsky)

Does, the above quote, sound familiar? Does it sound like perhaps the current milieu in which most people are deeply polarized or standing around with their palms up in the air, staring back at one another in utter disbelief? To quote one Talking Head, “Well, how did I get here”?

As the social fires of the Sixties blazed, and the very real fires of the inner cities burned down the likes of Detroit and Watts, a revolution was underway and it wasn’t being led by Clever, Ayers, Rubin, Hoffman or Dorn. It was taking place from within The White House itself.

With John F. Kennedy and the threat of a sovereign America, no longer in the oval office, Lyndon Baines Johnson aka LBJ set about to change the course of America with the most ambitious undertaking since the New Deal. Johnson would create “The Great Society” which was the second, massive ramp up of social services in the USA of the 20th Century.

It began in earnest in 1964, while the public was still reeling from the senseless death of their president, their King Arthur, the heir to Camelot. In the despondent fog of the collective trance, a new program was quickly being inserted. At this time Saturn was still in Aquarius and out of it, groups and agencies like VISTA the NEA, Job Corps, etc., were born out of the Great Society, mostly based on a dictum/mandate called; “The War On Poverty.” It also led to something that had never happened before in the history of the USA; The federal government’s incursion into public education via, “The Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965.” With it’s passage, it meant that the federal government would have a seat at the table and a say in shaping the hearts and minds of the youth of America.

LBJ was anything but an Aquarian with a stellium in Virgo, but he did have Chiron in Aquarius, as did the aforementioned, Saul Alinsky, which gave them the impetus and propensity to fight for the underdogs and have nots.

There are a number of things that came out of the Great Society that have been worthy contributions to the betterment of Americans lives, like Medicare, but it was a pandora’s box that opened the floodgates to a type of radicalism that mirrored the rebelliousness of the Aquarian ideal of revolution at any cost, by any means necessary.


While Johnson addressed poverty in the formulation of “The Great Society” opening the portal to the welfare state, two professors from The Columbia University of Social Work were not satisfied with the bones that were thrown the poor, which is how they viewed the welfare system at the time, a payoff of sorts, hush money for an interminable condition. Their names were Richard Cloward and Frances Fox-Piven. Their goal? To use strategies inspired by Aquarian radical, Saul Alinsky, and test the inherent flaws of the system against itself, since Alinsky had presciently determined that no system or person could live up to it’s own moral code or belief. Put enough pressure on either and both would crack or collapse under the inherent flaw of all things being imperfect. However, the provocateur knows this and exploits it angles and through indirect means.

Cloward and Piven had decided to work this theory. They first aired it publically in the May, 1966 edition of The Nation in an essay titled, “The Weight of the Poor: A Strategy to End Poverty.”

Cloward and Piven recruited a militant activist from New York’s lower east side named “George Wiley.” Although Wiley was a Pisces (2/26/31) with his Mercury in Aquarius and Moon in Gemini, he had the tools to implement a divide and conquer strategy while being inspired/led by his need to channel his revolutionary thoughts. His chart is an interesting exposition in the dynamics of opposition. Wiley had Venus and Saturn, conjunct in Capricorn (21/19), which opposed his Mars and Pluto in Cancer (28/18). Wiley was driven by extreme opposites and used the system (Capricorn) to fund and organize his need to nurture on a social level (Cancer).

Wiley was no shrinking violet. He and Cloward-Piven targeted liberal, New York Mayor, John Lindsay. Lindsay was a Republican only by name. But it was enough. His term as mayor was marked by a series of strikes that debilitated New York. The strikes were strategic and Cloward-Piven, along with Wiley, followed suit. Wiley demanded that people in New York, not only get the welfare due to them, but more. Wiley and his charges threatened violence in the streets if their demands weren’t met.

They were.

Once the model was established in New York, Wiley and his group, “The National Welfare Rights Organization (NWRO), which started in 1967, would have 22,500, dues paying families by 1969. In the September, 27th, 1970 edition of the New York Times, here is what the Times said about Wiley and the NWRO and Wiley’s tactics;

There have been sit-ins in legislative chambers, including a United States Senate committee hearing, mass demonstrations of several thousand welfare recipients, school boycotts, picket lines, mounted police, tear gas, arrests – and, on occasion, rock-throwing, smashed glass doors, overturned desks, scattered papers and ripped-out phones.”

Wiley’s methods, were radically successful. Sol Stern from “The City Journal” wrote the following;

From 1965 to 1974, the number of single-parent households on welfare soared from 4.3 million to 10.8 million, despite mostly flush economic times. By the early 1970s, one person was on the welfare rolls in New York City for every two working in the city’s private economy.

It floored New City’s budget and economy. In 1975, the city of New York declared bankruptcy. The state nearly followed it into insolvency.

Cloward-Piven’s model worked. And they weren’t done.

The next thing they went after were voter rolls.

Three separate groups, two founded by Cloawrd-Piven acolytes, ACORN and Project Vote along with Cloward-Piven’s own, Human SERVE, worked towards the re-vamping of voting regulations, which led to Clinton’s passage of the “Motor-Voter” bill, which both the left and the right have used to flood the precints with dead wood, multiple voters, illegal voters, etc. It created a flaw in the system, which has been evidently exploited in the last three general elections for the POTUS.

Richard Cloward was born on 12/25/26 and had Jupiter in Aquarius at 24 degrees, just two degrees off of Wiley’s Mercury, which made the two a formidable 1-2 punch, with Wiley carrying out the Aquarian strategy handed down by Cloward in his quest to expand the Aquarian revolution into the realms of communistic principles like the abolishment of all private income, for one, universal salary for all. This, was their goal.

Like Wiley, he too had Venus in Capricorn and Pluto in Cancer.

Though I can’t get an exact time, Frances Fox-Piven was a Libra with Moon either in late Aquarius or early Capricorn. In any case, her Moon would set her up as a sympathetic emotional node in the triumvirate of the main progenitors of their break the system strategy.

All of this was born out of Luciferian/Aquarian Alinsky’s playbook.

This insurgency was the same type of tactics that drove the Russian peasants into the hands of the Bolsheviks and all of it was born out of that critical Uranus in Aquarius cycle, which begat the Russian Revolution.

Just an aside, The French Revolution, which lasted nearly ten years, was officially kicked off with the storming of the Bastille on 7/11/1789. Where Pluto was in what sign? Aquarius of course, at 18 degrees, just two degrees off of where Uranus was, when the Russian revolution began.

So the question then becomes; Are cycles and movements manifestations of collective thought and programs downloaded from the event matrix, or are they driven, even consciously at times by forces aware of their esoteric application?

And what is this version of the Age of Aquarius anyway? Is it a revolt against God? Is it a grand agit-prop handed down through the mind of a burning deity that champions the have-nots, the downtrodden sub-species fallen from the grace of the supreme overlord who supposedly turned his back on them when they stepped outside the circle of trust, in a garden long ago?

Is this the only version of the age of Aquarius, some watered-down new age model of socialism with rainbow unicorns and free marriage for all species regardless of sex?

“Change” is an Aquarian axiom that’s been franchised by power brokers who employ it as a strategy for eliminating the competition and securing their power base. You know that the heads of the politburo never had to settle for cold potato soup or winters in Siberia–fresh meat and refuge on the Black Sea in the cold of January for them!

Ultimately, is this version of the Aquarian age an age where everyone is leveled and equal rights are substituted for freedom and tolerance for real compassion?

And what are we forced, either through direct confrontation and law making, or through subtle coercion via social engineering to endure?

Is gay marriage enough to slake the Aquarian thirst for equality or will the next phase become sex rights for children and adults that wish to partake with them?

Where does it end or will it end at all? And is there a positive expression for the Aquarian Age?

Stay tuned as we begin to move out of the shadow of The Aquarian Age.

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