May Day, The Illuminati’s Birthday, Light A Candle And Be Illuminated!

Happy birthday Illuminati!

On the morning of May 1st, 1776, as the dawn of a new day broke across the upper Bavarian sky in Ingolstadt, a small coterie of men gathered together in a secret lodge not unlike those consecrated by the sons of Hiram Abiff. On this day a new order was being born; “The Order of Perfectibilists.” This new, secret order was founded by Adam Weishaupt, a Jesuit trained lawyer who had studied at the University of Ingolstadt, where he was a student of the works and philosophies of Christian Wolff, who was at that time a leading force in what we now know as the period of “Enlightenment” in the early 1700s. Unlike the Eastern flavored definition of enlightenment that we’ve become accustomed to in the West, where the seeker receives some form of Samadhi and spiritual transmission that reunites the individual with the godhead, the European version was based on the application of reason, logic and math to the everyday world. At its core, the European Enlightenment was a scientific movement that cleave men and women away from a faith based relationship with all institutions, but primarily the church.

Interestingly enough, both Wolff and Weishaupt were both Aquarians and this fits into the model of Aquarius as the radical and revolutionary of the zodiac. There’s many other examples of the Aquarian spirit as a mover and shaker in the revolutionary model, such as Saul Alinsky, but I’m saving those salient details for my book.

So Weishaupt studied under a heretic as Wolff was ousted again and again from university posts all across western europe. And while his heretical ways didn’t endear him to the religious mindset of his times, royalty and men of business loved Wolff and his “enlightened” ideas as they promoted the individual and his powers of reason to carve out a path that was free of not only religious doctrine, but also conscience and guilt.

The enlightenment was an early admonition of “Do As Thou Will.” Wolff not only died rich, but was prestigious having achieved the title of “Baron Of The Holy Roman Empire” on the basis of his academic work. Don’t think Weishaupt didn’t notice this.

So the Bavarian Illuminati was formed on this day 236 years ago (11) and wouldn’t you know it, but a group of so-called “anarchists” were planning to blow up a bridge in Ohio today. The plot was foiled by an undercover FBI agent who apparently had the whole thing, including the bomb itself under control.

Last year, Osama Bin Laden, was ahem, killed.

In 1945, Hitler also, ahem, died on May 1st.

Weishaupt would later be initiated into Freemasonry in 1777 at a lodge in Munich. Weishaupt would use his considerable powers of persuasion and cabalistic magic to not only foment a plot to overthrow the Bavarian government, but some say alter the fraternal DNA of Freemasonry itself. Giuseppi Mazinni and Albert Pike would further the re-engineering of Freemasonry into an illuminist craft, giving birth to the contemporary versions of the order today.

In the “Illuminatus Trilogy” Robert Anton Wilson, the great writer and philosopher king of high strangeness proposed (in fiction of course) that Weishaupt was caught but never killed and actually escaped to America, where he was the hidden hand behind the American revolution.

Looking at the chart that I cast for the birth of the Illuminati on 5/1/1776, at 7AM (since seven is the magic number), we can see some interesting aspects emerge.

The 11th House of fraternity and brotherhood, there’s Venus, Chiron, and Mercury, all in Aries, with Venus in a Yod with Saturn/Moon in Libra in the 5th House. Fairness, justice, balance and equality are opposed by the activation of will in relationships that are Aquarian in nature. Venus is in its fall in Aries and Chiron conjunct makes for something along the lines of “will envy.” Feel free to interpret that any way you wish.

What appears to be open and very Aquarian is in actuality hampered by the desire to impose ones will through the veneer of relationships and networks. A few degrees away, Mercury, also in Aries exemplifies will as a mental agency. It conjuncts Mars in Taurus and squares Pluto in Cap int he house of death and psyche (8th House). Mercury here is driven by secret motivation and its plans are enduring as Mars is not swift in Taurus, but methodical and lasting. Mars also squares Pluto and we’re talking heavy power struggles in the quest for sheer power itself.

While it all seems so righteous and free on the surface of the 11th House, the Sun in the 12th House denotes something different altogether.

In the 12th House, the identity of the group is cloaked and obscured, ts full personae and purpose hidden in the confines of mystery. Again, take note that its in Taurus at 11 degrees, the number of revelation, symbolizing the twin pillars of wisdom (Boaz and Jachin). It rinse Neptune in Virgo at 22 degrees (11/22).

Journeying further into the 12th House, we also see that rascally radical planet Uranus in Gemini (twins, janus, duplicity, duality). Uranus, Neptune form a trine Pluto, summoning the powers of the three outer planetary titans of time and culture.

Jupiter slyly and coyly emerges from the 12th in Gemini as well. Hidden just beneath the fold of the ascendant, its true intent, which is the dual nature masked in Gemini as an expansive force. Gemini is the most perverse sign of the cosmos and I say this lovingly as my 7th House is mostly Gemini. But, well, you get what I’m saying. Jupiter in Gemini celebrates the mind and all things rational. Its not about faith, but what can be proven with Jupiter in Gem.

Just remember, when you light a birthday candle on this or any other day, you might just be reenacting a minor ritual of illumination. Now isn’t that just the icing on the cake?

Equine Magic With Linda Kohanov, Spielberg’s War Horse, Happy Trails Sag

Equinenomics 101

As the last rays of the Sagittarian Sun dissolve and bleed into Capricorn, it seems timely to post last weeks interview with Linda Kohanov, founder of Eponaquest and author of “The Tao Of Equus” a groundbreaking work on the relationship between humans and horses. Along with the best selling “Tao” Linda has also authored “Riding Between Worlds” and “The Way Of The Horse.” Next fall, her fourth book on equine magic, “The Power Of The Herd” will be published across all formats.

I decided to reach out to Linda and have her on in the aftermath of Interior Secretary, Ken Salazar’s decision to lift the ban on killing horses in the wild and allowing slaughterhouses to once again, kill, butcher and pack horse meat for human and animal consumption. This was initiated under the sign of The Centaur. Linda’s concern is that it opens the gates to raising horses like cattle and destroys their literal and symbolic nature.

On 12/25, Stephen Spielberg releases, “War Horse.” It is based on the novel of the same name by Michael Morpungo, who heard the tales of soldiers from Devon who fought in WWI. In his research, Morpungo estimated that ten million horses died during the war, both in battle and slaughtered for their meat.

As Russia and the US swing their intercontinental ballistic flaming phalluses across the forbidden interzone of the missile shield, is “Warhorse” a symbolic precursor for something more ominous, such as Albert Pike’s lurid vision of a Third World War?

The horse (Sag) has taken us to the foot of the mountain. As the Capricorn Sun awaits us, its one foot in front of another as we ascend.

Here is Linda and I from last Friday’s Farcast.

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Star Of The Day — December 28th — Woodrow Wilson — Corporate Enabler, Debt Issuer, Agent Of Pluto In Capricorn, PT 9, Endgame In Sight, Miracle On The Hudson

usair.jpgEveryone gets out alive.

“We are at the parting of the ways. We have, not one or two or three, but many, established and formidable monopolies in the United States. We have, not one or two, but many, fields of endeavor into which it is difficult, if not impossible, for the independent man to enter. We have restricted credit, we have restricted opportunity, we have controlled development, and we have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled and dominated, governments in the civilized world — no longer a government by the opinion and the duress of small groups of dominant men.” — Woodrow Wilson

Alas boys and girls, all good things must come to an end and so it is with the final episode of “The 1913” series, which has seen us look a the charts of Woodrow Wilson, Jacob Schiff, John D. Rockefeller, Meyer Amschel Rothschild, Albert Pike, Theodore Herzl, Arthur Koestler and others who played a role in launching The Federal Reserve, Federal Taxation, the starting of WWI, the entry of The US into WWI. the formation of Zionism, The Balfour Agreement, The Nation State of Israel and the attendant, alternative ethnography. We looked at aspects for each of the main players to see if we could find any through lines and based what I determined, wherever there was a heavy concentration of trans-personal planets and or house affiliation, 9-12, there was a tendency to be less concerned about the individual and more motivated by the advancement of hierarchies, groups, organizations, affiliations, societies and even cabals. Under the rubric of progressive utopianism, socialism, new ageism, global governance, etc, the impact of transpersonal planets and aspects cannot be underestimated. Are these aspects then considered maelific? Not necessarily as astrology, stars, angles and charts are just one way of looking at people, patterns, typology, archetypes and personal expression and yet, they can serve as signifiers of potential and intent.

We are currently in a Pluto phase where the forces of transformation are taking hold of institutions that are Capricornian at their very core; banking, business, and government. While Pluto forced us to deal with religious extremism to a certain extent while it was in Sag, stirring up and uncovering layers of belief and dis-belief, many of it’s manifestations took place in the realm of the ideological. Now, Pluto enters into the very “real” arena of our lives–our ability to have a pipeline to livelihood and abundance.

This morning, it was announced that Microsoft is laying off 5,000 people. Last week, Circuit City announced that it was closing over 500 stores and as the young year progresses, we will hear more and stories about closures and layoffs. Here in California, the state that has one of the largest incomes in the world, we are going bankrupt. The domino effect is in full effect. Out of the economic rubble and disorder, solutions will be proffered and these solutions are not the result of some nimble brain storming, though it might appear that way, they have been moving along on a conveyor since 1913 and beyond, at a measured, yet calculated pace.

Transpersonal vs. Personal. The good of the many vs the will of the individual. These will be the concordant themes of the days, weeks and months ahead. But are we doomed to a pre-ordained set of outcomes that for all intents and purposes appear to be socially engineered, gamed if you will? My answer is “no.”

Just recently, we were witness to the miraculous landing of a US Air jet in The Hudson River, where everyone made it out alive, due to the calm, clear and informed choices of the pilot, Chelsey Sullenberger to avert the disaster. For me, this is a profound meta-event that needs to be recognized, an event that is so imbued with meaning that I would almost be derelict if I did not ponder it’s relevance.

First off, it’s pretty straightforward; US AIR. The plane symbolic of the country US (A) IR (I Are) is “we.” In essence, we are going down, it’s going to be a disaster and yet it isn’t. It was a miracle performed by a conscious and alert pilot. That plane is US or us. The pilot is you–the “I Are.”

One of the little known subtexts to this story was that many of the passengers were bank employees, mostly from B of A as they were heading to Charlotte and in fact, one of them was even a fraud inspector. There were stories of fires breaking out on the plane before impact and I am more than just a little wary of the birds into engine tale. But again, if the plane is filled with bank employees, from a symbolic level (and we are going through a banking crisis) and the plane they are on is about to crash, but because of the act of one man, the disaster is diverted. Rife with metaphors, isn’t it?

Ironically, Sullenberger’s chart is chocked full of trans-peronal planetary influence. His Sun is in Aquarius at two degrees. On January 15, 2009, the day of the crash, Jupiter was in an exact conjunction with his Sun! Talk about timely aspecting and the power of Aquarius! Sullenberger also seems to have quite a sympathetic relationship with water, with his Moon in Cancer, Mars in Pisces, Jupiter In Pisces and Uranus in Cancer, Uranus and Jupiter are in a strong trine in those two water signs, which favors quick thinking and processing information rapidly and, it probably helps as the crisis took place over water, a conduit of miraculous possibility. Now here is where it gets good. Sully’s Uranus in Cancer at six degrees, is just one degree off of The US Jupiter in Cancer at five degrees. Here we have a magical confluence, a synchronistic mesh that makes one ponder the elements of strange attraction in action, the wiring of destiny itself.

I think that this is a major metaphoric and symbolic event that needs to be recognized on many, many levels. It’s also a very positive manifestation of the transpersonal in action.

As we say good bye to 1913 and say hello to 2009, the plane might be going down, but safe passage and deliverance is available to those that are conscious, fearless and calm. The power of awareness is your life preserver.

Star Of The Day — December 28th — Woodrow Wilson — Corporate Enabler, Debt Issuer, Agent Of Pluto In Capricorn, PT 7, Transpersonal Burden, The Birth Of Zionsim, Conflict Moving Through Time

1913_2.jpgThe year that changed it all.

After getting rocked by Pluto’s move into my second house over the past couple of days, I’ve had to re-group a little to get the blog moving again. This Pluto thing ain’t no joke–lemme tell you..

So returning to the scene of the crime, 1913, before and after, we’ve looked at Woodrow Wilson, Albert Pike, John D. Rockefeller, Meyer Amschel Rothschild and Jacob Schiff, specifically, as their charts have played out in what I would call the greatest coup of all time. We looked at Pike’s nefarious network of illuminated influence and the incredulous prophecy that he shared with Giuseppe Mazinni, founder of “The Illuminati 2.0” and The Mafia, how it has eerily played out and that the conditions for WWIII are self-assembling before our very eyes. We then looked at each ones chart to determine if there were some commonalities, a through line to see if we could connect aspects with intent. While I never clearly stated it, I believe that the four following planet/saspects do indeed play into the “amoral” behavior exhibited by this rogues gallery. The preponderance of Capricorn and Aquarius in the charts, especially Sun, Moon and Venus for Capricorn and Mars for Aquarius means something.

Capricorn and Aquarius are transpersonal planets and what I mean by that is, that individuals with heavily aspected charts in these two signs tend to have “larger” concerns, and project their interests and activities outwards, towards the world at large, trough business, government, economics and the re-formation of society, the latter, particularly as it relates to Aquarius.


Just have a look at Dick Cheney’s chart. He has Sun in Aquarius, Venus in Capricorn and Mercury in Aquarius. Venus in Capricorn lends itself towards a cold and unfeeling character in relationships, using personal relationships for personal gain and Aquarius, though capable of great genius and great humanity, it can also be a sign that is driven towards some radical. ideological end, especially as we have seen in the chart of Saul Alinsky. I think Cheney (Virgo Rising) is the perfect, modern, exemplar of how these aspects play out in a negative fashion and are manifested in parlaying his personal contacts through, The CFR, Halliburton, Brown, Kellog and Root, into a spot in The White House, no-bid contracts and helping re-build the infrastructure of the country that he helped bomb back into the middle ages, all wrapped up in stars and stripes, coldly exploiting the grief and fear of the American public to invade Iraq and get the party started on the heels of 911. That’s not to say that there are not positive, progressive and inspired examples of these two planets/signs and my good friend Twilight would take me to task if I didn’t proclaim such. All I am trying to establish is, is that people with a chart that has a preponderance of transpersonal planets/signsplacments, from Sag to Pisces, 9th to 12th houses, are more inclined to deal with the issues of the world at large, and if they do not have other aspects to support a positive or generative perspective, I do feel that they are more than casually inclined to be susceptible towards a radical disposition, especially one that sees them as the agency of elite rule, and a law unto themselves.

I also noted that The Moon in Virgo also showed a fair amount in the small sample set. Having been raised by two parents, both of whom have Moon in Virgo, I can personally attest to the critical nature of such a placement. I could only begin to imagine how that would manifest in the personality that had a much larger stake in the game and how it would not just be their offspring that they could be overly critical of, but the world at large, seeing the masses as fallible fodder, imperfect and exploitable. Continue reading “Star Of The Day — December 28th — Woodrow Wilson — Corporate Enabler, Debt Issuer, Agent Of Pluto In Capricorn, PT 7, Transpersonal Burden, The Birth Of Zionsim, Conflict Moving Through Time”

Star Of The Day — December 28th — Woodrow Wilson — Corporate Enabler, Debt Issuer, Agent Of Pluto In Capricorn, PT 6, Charting The Subterfuge


In my attempt to continue to burrow through the rabbit hole and get to the other side, I decided to employ a visual aid. As you can see, I have made a chart of sorts. Let me break it down just a bit and try to keep this as brief as possible, since my pal, “The Delevangelist” has told me my pieces are too long. I’ll work on that in 2009.

So, here we have a who’s who of the conspiracy set. From Rothschild and Albert Pike, to Theodore Herzl and Karl Marx. From The Illuminati and Free-Masonry, to Zionism and Socialism, with some good old American banking and industrialism, along with some German military thrown in for good measure. I wante to see if there were astrological themes that connected these rather controversial figures, and I believe that there are. Let’s have a quick look at them via bullet points.

• Albert Pike and Woodrow Wilson have eerily similar charts.
Herzl and Marx have eerily similar charts.

• Look at the preponderance of Capricorn and Aquarius in the personal planets of a number of these fine fellows.

• Critical of humanity? How about a large dose of Moon in Virgo?

• Dominating personality? How about JP Morgan and his fiery, Aries/Leo connection?

• Jupiter dominated by Aries and Libra.

• Mars in Aquarius, highly featured here as well.

So here are my quick summations of the colective energy of these charts. The trans-personal planets and signs, Sag, Cap, Aquarius (and to some extent Pisces) are very dominant, espcially Cap and Aquarius. These energies in their negative expression transform and shift society in ways that are deeply impersonal and embody the radical and virtues of those signs, favoring organizations, principles, governments, banking and coporations over the individual. Notice that outside of Rockefeller, very little Cancerian energy, Sun and personal planets are highlighted, which makes Rockefefeller somewhat of an anamoly. One of the things that is known about the family is that when he passed away and divided up his fortune amongst his children, they were much more “invested” in using the money to effect public policy and insert their will into the mainstream, while their father laid the foundation for foundations during his lifetime. Did Rockefellers heavy Cancerian chart pre-dispose him more towards charity?

Notice the lack of Virgo in the Sun signs. Notice the lack of Leo as well. Perhaps Virgo is too focused on service to mount much of an assault on the traditonal values of soveriegnty and religion and Leo might just care about it’s charges too much as well.

I haven’t talked much about Bismark, but apparently he was a friend of Pike’s and also a high ranking Mason, and collaborated with getting Germany into WWI. It seems like if you did a composite of everyones chart, you might get Bismark’s.

While it is not a trans-personal planet, we can see how Aries is definitely in the mix as it relates to the expression of will and the dynamism of the self in action.

I can go on more, but I’ll save it for my next post and open this up to others that might want to contribute as well.

Star Of The Day — December 28th — Woodrow Wilson — Corporate Enabler, Debt Issuer, Agent Of Pluto In Capricorn, PT 5, Albert Pike Conjunct Wilson’s Sun, Prophecy For Three World Wars

another-albert-pike.jpgIs this Pike’s peak?

Can someone toss me a line down this rabbit hole? Oh there it is! But wait, it’s coming from the other side! Oh well. Here we go.

In the last edition of this series, we looked at Meyer Amschel Rothschild, his chart and how it impacts todays events through time. So in order to wrap this up, let’s go back to that pivotal year, 1913. How did WWI start and what was the motivating factor behind it?

In the realm of conspiracy, the name Albert Pike is synonymous with that of the devil. Pike was one of the pivotal figures in Freemasonry, the founder of The Scottish Blue Rights Lodge in North America and the father of The KKK. Take a wild guess as to what Albert Pike’s sun sign was? Cue the theme from Jeopardy. . . . tick, tock, tick, tock. Alex Trebek; “Yes, contestant number two.” Contestant number two, “Alex, what is Capricorn?” Alex Trebek; “Congratulations, contestant number two!”

Pike’s notorious resume, besides being the founder of The KKK saw him as a general in the confederate army (though not very good), spoke 16 languages, was a lawyer by trade, poet, philosopher, etc. He was very active in the global network of Freemasonry and Illuminated activities.

One of Pike’s contemporaries was Giusseppe Mazinni, a political revolutionary, thirty-third-degree Mason and the founder of The Mafia. Pike was said to be an avowed satanist, and supposedly wore a bracelet that kept him in contact with satan at all times. He knew Mazinni through his Masonic network and Mazinni was contemplating the resurrection of The Illuminati, which had been formally disbanded on the heels of the Bavarian governments crackdown on Adam Weishaupt, the key figure behind The Illuminati 1.0. Mazinni approached Pike to help him re-build The Illuminati and be the North American head. Their idea would be to recruit from the highest ranks of Freemasonry to stock their new order, with the goal of establishing a one world government. In order to do so, they would need a tract, a treatise that would provide them with their blueprint. To that end Pike penned, Morals and Dogma of the ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite Freemasonry In a letter to Pike, this is how Mazinni framed the guidelines for “Morals” and how they were to be an intrinsic part of their new and evolving, strategy;

“We must allow all the federations to continue just as they are, with their systems, their central authorities and their diverse modes of correspondence between high grades of the same rite, organized as they are at the present, but we must create a super rite, which will remain unknown, to which we will call those Masons of high degree whom we shall select. With regard to our brothers in Masonry, these men must be pledges to the strictest secrecy. Through this supreme rite, we will govern all Freemasonry which will become the one international center, the more powerful because its direction will be unknown.”

We’re going to look at Pike’s chart momentarily, but the critical piece here is a letter that supposedly passed between Pike and Mazzini. In the infamous letter, which ranks right up there with The Protocols Of Zion and the Silent Weapons For A Quiet War document with controversial “evidence” regarding the legitimacy of the documents. But in the spirit of true examination, especially in the light of this series. let’s have a look at the contents of the letter. But before we do so, the letter in question has never actually been found, but the contents of it were transferred from a Cardinal Caro Y Rodriguez, of Santiago, Chile, to William Guy Carr, a former Canadian Navel intelligence officer, who penned the book, Satan, Prince Of The World where the letter is prominently featured.

In the letter, Pike claims that he has had a vision, a vision of how to achieve a one world government through the implementation of three world wars. Before we go any further, it’s also important to note that Otto Bismarck, the leader of Germany pre-WWI, was a high ranking Mason and a member of Pike and Mazzini’s inner circle. Ok, now for the letter–here are the three pertinent extracts regarding the sequence of the three world wars: Continue reading “Star Of The Day — December 28th — Woodrow Wilson — Corporate Enabler, Debt Issuer, Agent Of Pluto In Capricorn, PT 5, Albert Pike Conjunct Wilson’s Sun, Prophecy For Three World Wars”