Gettin’ Free With Freeman, Scorpio Peyton Siva’s Big Dance, North Korean Flashpoint, Spring Reading Special

Weird and getting weirder all the time.

Aries new moon, I get a text from Freeman Fly. “Hey Robert, are you around? We’re still here. Maybe we can run into you?” An hour I’m headed into the heart of Slackerville meeting up with Freeman and his real life muse/partner Jamie at an open invitation stop on the eternal Freeman tour. Freeman’s managed to stay almost anywhere in North America without setting foot in a hotel.

We sit on a shaky deck with plastic chairs, the Sun is finally emerging from the dismal grey of the early morning, but it’s creating a painful glare. To my left, a twelve barrel chem-buster juts awkwardly into the sky. Freeman and Jamie are proudly displaying their first issue of “Weird Stuff.” It’s a periodical summation of Freeman’s writings, exposing dark Disney, Sandy Hook and more. It’s vintage Freeman, all DIY from cover-to-cover. It’s got a cheesy pulp feel to it, somewhere between EC Comics and Robert Crumb. It’s hip, clever, really smart and a testament to Freeman and Jamie’s fortitude. They crowd sourced it and the crowd will be very happy. Get it over at

A farmer from Houston, homesteading inherited land joins us and Chris, the host eventually hangs with us as well. He’s getting married this weekend and then moving to Florida to do his own brand of farming. It occurs to me that everyone here is doing things on their own, following the pulse of their vision (yes, even yours truly). This dovetails with my rap about the real Aquarian Age and how the one we’re living in is a simulacra, a shadowy substitute with rainbow pinstripes. The group mind crakes open almost instantly, we’re off and jamming on the procession of the equinoxes, to plasma anti-grav craft that bum rushed Freeman over Ogden, Utah, to Emily Parker being buried in Ogden, to Austin’s Owl Building, to Columbia (Freeman’s Favorite) to Crowley’s “Book Of The Law” and ‘The Gutenberg Bible” both at the Harry Ransome center, right down the road at UT. Freeman and i talk about personalized media networks as a manifestation of Uranus in Aries. It gets interesting, feels like we’re neural-networking the future, plotting the overthrow of cable TV. Then I remember the Moon is new and we’re fusing with it, sparking, connecting, synching through convergence. Go get a copy of Weird Stuff and support Freeman and Jamie’s three part trilogy of super strange attraction.


ve pretty much stopped watching college basketball, though I did tune into the NCAA finals and caught the end of the 2nd Half. Louisville is turning it on. Rick Pitino is stalking the sidelines like a cross between a vampire and Al Pacino with hair plugs. They look like they were done by the same guy that re-routed Joe Biden’s follicles.

The guy that catches my eye is Peyton Siva.


Powerful stellium including the last degrees of the New Moon in Aries, god of war. Sun, Venus, Mars, all conjunct. Red Light flashing on the horizon of the near future. When looking at the aspects of when North Korea was formally recognized on 9/9/48, Uranus was in Cancer at 0 degrees. The Sabian Symbol for 0/1 degree Cancer is; ON A SHIP THE SAILORS LOWER AN OLD FLAG AND RAISE A NEW ONE. This obviously refers to the changing of the flag/guard as North Korea separated itself from the South, a three-year-process (45-48), as Dane Rudhyar notes, it’s also a volatile energy as the degree represents the shift from Spring to Summer. So the underlying energy is transition. However, with Uranus, we’re dealing with all things Uranian, including Uranium, which includes of course nuclear weapons. Here is what Rudhyar has to say about the symbol; “KEYNOTE: A radical change of allegiance exteriorized in a symbolical act: a point of no return.

We have now reached a square (go-degree angle) to the beginning of the cyclic process. This is a moment of crisis, a sharp turning point.In the zodiacal cycle, at the summer solstice the northward motion of the sun (in “decimation”) stops; the sun rises and sets as far north of exact east and west as it can during the year-cycle. Its motion is now reversed. Slowly the sunset points move southward on the western horizon, and the length of the day decreases. In the lunation cycle (from New Moon to New Moon) this is the First Quarter phase. On the “ship” which symbolizes the ego-consciousness floating, as it were, on the sea of the vast Unconscious, the individualized will makes a basic decision. The dominant Yang force allows the Yin force to begin its six-month long rise to power. The “collective” will gradually overcomes the “individual,” and at the end the state will overpower the person. Now, however, the individual person enjoys his most glorious hour; he exults in his ability to make a “free decision”- i.e. to act as an individual who selects his life goal and his allegiance.

My biggest concern around North Korea is that it’s all theater for something else, a convenient red herring swimming in the enormous shadow of China. NK has Mercury in Libra, so, theoretically, true diplomacy could have a salient effect. Ironically, Dennis Rodman (Taurus) recently surfaced in Pyongyang doing Soju shots with Kim Jong On. NK’s True Node happens to be in Taurus. The flashpoint is the upcoming Uranus/Pluto Square at 11 degrees in May. NK has Neptune in Libra at 11 degrees, completing a cardinal T-Square. Uranus in Aries is the Fire, Pluto in Capricorn the wick, Neptune provides the gas.

As we deal with the intensity Aries’ cardinality cover the skies in crimson, practice pulling in the opposite energy; Libra. Focus on diplomacy, tact, grace and saving face. Who needs the UN when we have you’n’me?

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The Holy Trinity Of The Sag Stellium And Four Astrologers On 12/21/12 And Beyond

Approaching the heart of the galactic center.

New Moon, Sag, and we must choose between holy optimism and the cross of cognitive dissonance, because things have never been better and worse. In the next 3,000 words and two other astrologers later, you’ll get some understanding as to why. I’ve asked Theo White and Molly Hall to share some text surrounding 12/21/12 and beyond. Yesterday, on my show, Navigating the Astrological Matrix, all of us convened for two hours and discussed the tenor of our times at a high level. If you have any interest in astrology and the things to come, you don’t want to miss out on this deeply informative roundtable. What makes it compelling is that it took place on 12/12/12 and the four of us roughly comprised a Cardinal Cross, William (Aries), Molly (Cancer), Theo (Capricorn) and myself (Virgo/Libra).

The skies are filled with positive energy, rippling through the Sun, Moon and Mercury. One of the most powerful attributes in Sag is the transmission of utter faith and the unshakable knowledge to know that one’s position is the correct one. Of course, these leads to a particular type of zealotry, which rears it’s ugly head, mainly in religion. The US ASC, which is Sag, based on the Sibley chart, which I use, is a perfect container for the type of religious freedom that has always been afforded to people moving here. In fact, the early Dutch were fleeing a land where religious freedoms were not only curtailed, but brutally punished.

It was here, in the US where “The Second Great Awakening” took place, between 1790 and 1820. In fact, the reformation which was started in Europe by the likes of Luther, Calvin and more importantly Jacob Aminius, a disciple of Theodore Beza, who was taught by Calvin, led to the charismatic movement that man could be “saved” through an ecstatic conversion, even though Christ had supposedly died for mans sins. This methodology gave rise to the charismatic tradition in the United States, which is now woven into the belief-matrix of the country as the fundamental default, for non-Catholic, Christians.

The Second Great Awakening gave rise to the revival movement, which exists to this very day. It spawned the likes of Joseph Smith, who attended revivals as a young man on the East Coast. In essence, The Second Great Awakening might be considered, in retrospect, the New Age of Christianity in America.

In 1790, Pluto was in Aquarius and the message was decidedly one of religious and personal freedom, liberating belief from the shackles of a systematic faith. By (subtly) re-inventing the process through which Christians could be saved again and again and again, Arminius and Calvin staged a religious coup of sorts, under the radical and transformational aspect of Pluto in Aquarius. This shows up in the US 3RD House of ideas and communication. What Americans prize more than any other thing, is to feel what they want without censure, even if it’s some far flung faith or ideology. This is amplified by the mutual reception of Mars in Gemini, giving the collective feeling one of almost radical consent. I mean where else would someone like Bill Ayers, who advocated the killing of people he deemed traitorous to the US, become a pillar of the new establishment?

This morning, I was on the phone with my friend Lawrence, a chemtrail watchdog in upstate New York. We were talking about how some people have a nearly violent aversion to waking up and we sourced how that for the most part, it’s people that are convinced that the country is on the right track, with the right leadership and the right programs in place to get us to a better day. That means the bulk of progressive America. But as we see, that bulk was really, only around 55%, if you can trust the data. That means that the country is split right in two, which is the goal by the way. Achieving some sort of harmony or unity, whether it’s on the right or the left is not really the endgame, well at least not right now. A divided house is a conquerable house and this is exactly what the father of social activism, Aquarian, Saul Alinsky knew, in fact, it was the pillar of his political strategy. Alinsky thought that if you could polarize people, then they could be moved. That programs and agendas could be inserted into the polarized and negative space. Little did Alinsky know, that this would be the very same strategy that scientists would use to insert radical genes into plants and thus create the genetically modified genome. By introducing a virus, the plant must split it’s attention to combat the virus and sustain it’s overall functions. In that split, the plant is polarized and thus distracted. That’s when the radical gene is inserted and the plant itself, doesn’t even really know. Its adopts it and adapts it under the white-gloved, sleight-of-hand. Now that’s not to say that it won;t have an impact 15 generations down the line, but in the immediate, the polarization allowed for a new program to be inserted.

As a nation, we have been socially engineered to operate in a bi-cameral chamber of belief. Perhaps, with Jupiter moving froward next year in Gemini, we might be able to recognize this to a greater extent, but I have my doubts.

So with the Sag ASC, the US became fertile ground for the charismatic tradition which has spawned a gazillion offshoots, some as wide ranging as Freemasonry and Scientology, to Islam and the arcane fusion of national identity and religious belief, Zionism.

By 1807, Neptune had moved into Sag and the revival movement was in full sway. In 1813, Uranus would kick into Sag as well, adding a radical fervor to the strange hybrids of faith to rise out of the collective soil of the new world. So as we the fires of Sag burn bright in the mid-winters night, know in your heart that faith is a real, spiritual commodity and how it’s shared is a personal choice. Can faith exist in an environment, where we must, periodically re-examine our beliefs? Or does our faith have to die and become re-born like the Phoenix when we discard outworn beliefs? I think we’re going to find out in the days to come.

In a post by sometime next week, I’ll get into 12/21/12 and beyond. But for now, let’s see how three, other astrologers view the upcoming portentous date and the year to follow.


“Let’s reconcile with our Creator and our Mother Earth, each one in our own way. For us the Maya will be with our Sacred Fire.” A message about 2012 ( from Maya Elder Wakatel Utiw, translated as “Wandering Wolf” and known also as Cirilo Perez Oxlaj

Wandering Wolf warns about great suffering ahead if the human species continues in the same way, saying “All this is due to the contamination.” He urges an end to the poisoning of the air, soil and water – the very foundation of life. He says, “This is the only way the human race, the animals and the ancient trees could survive and see the new Sun*.

Astrologer-mythologist John Lash uses this word – contamination – to describe what he calls the western narrative spell (of 2012). But he makes mention of a striking coincidence — that the Hindu world age known as the Kali Yuga is said to have started on 3102 BCE, with the death of Krishna. And how very close it is to the presumed start date of the Mayan calendar, 3114 BCE. Like Wandering Wolf, he sees a confrontation here, at the extended end of an age.

Lash does heavy lifting – he lifts up the overlay – of religion and recent history – for his readers to see that it actually is, an overlay. That’s the first step after all. In an article called Countdown to 2012, Reflections on Kali Yuga, the Maya Endtime, and the Western Narrative Spell, ( ) Lash writes, “The forces set in motion at the dawn of Kali Yuga are now playing out their final stage, the endgame of patriarchy, the global showdown for theocratic fascism. It may not all end abruptly in December, 2012. More like than not, it won´t die with such elegant brevity. But in the way we approach the designated moment, mindful of the historical trajectory that brings us to it, something crucial to ending the lethal spell of patriarchy could be achieved.”

This is one way the “end of the world” as we’ve known it, is real, as humanity chooses either life or death. It’s the end of the line for preposterous beliefs that place us outside the living Earth, but only in our minds. It’s a return to the source, Mother Earth, and knowing that we’re intimately a part of her living body.


And so, with all its contradictions, the 2012 phenomenon has opened for me and perhaps for others, yet another path of initiation. It has lengthened the timeline of my imagination and drawn me toward my own indigenous lineages, particularly the Celts. And the quest to know has led to unearthing lost legacies and civilizations, and the paradigm-busting reality of cycles of time. It has inspired dialogues about ways to live, and why we’re here, on a planet that’s clearly undergoing epic change.

The Earth itself shows signs of great cataclysm, mysterious underwater ruins and hugely altered terrain. Is the 2012 disaster meme stirring up ancient fears of epic destruction? And in encountering the cyclic reality of Earth, are the doors opening for us to reclaim our own indigenous, Earth-allied powers?

Sacred Fire

A parallel narrative to the cultural meme of 2012, one of ending and beginning, is the astrological one. The main aspect carrying us to 2015 is the waxing square of Uranus (evolutionary urges) and Pluto (seeds of deep transformation). Uranus is in the fighting fire sign of Aries, that shouts out “I Am!” And Pluto is in Capricorn, the earth sign of ancestral lines and legacies.

The anguish of the square, in its cardinal (initiating) mode, is a driver to deal with a critical crossroads – a fight for survival as creative beings. It’s about soul retrieval, of the indigenous soul with all its open wounds. The restrictive overlay must be broken through, to experience the self-sourced lifeforce of Aries, a vital and brand new current running through. And in that vulnerable, but supercharged state, there’s an urgency to act on instinct, and go with original impulses that takes us into unknown territory.

The magic is in the individual first steps — these bold creative acts that are self-authorized. It’s an individual journey, that of the Fool. It’s one where despite overwhelming odds and a status quo that’s trying to put out the fire, we stay true to that emerging self. Each soul that dares is a protostar, reanimating the universe with life.

The Power to Choose

If we spiral our focus into the big day, December 21st, 2012, there’s a rare Yod, or “Hand of God.” There’s the old familiar (and relentlessly thorough!) churning of Pluto (in Capricorn), along with Saturn in Scorpio, Pluto’s own sign of deep psychic churning. These are in a mutually bolstering sextile to each other, and each forms a quincunx to Jupiter (in air sign Gemini).

In the turning over the toxic dirt and psyche of our age, there are treasures and hidden artifacts to be discovered. The Yod, also known as a “Finger of God,” it is pointing toward Jupiter, and the future. From the deep realizations about power and energy matrices that hold us in place, Jupiter inspires with a banquet of choice.

The quincunx is a hard-to-reconcile aspect, suggesting that it’s tough to leave the past behind. But a flash through the cracks shows us that what appears as solid, inevitable and “the way things have always been” is breaking down anyway. Jupiter is the matrix-buster. It’s a cosmic alert to get out from under the overlay, and breathe the fresh air.

The New Sun

Are you feeling a sense of being “on the verge?” Many I know feel unsettled, and this is mirrored by the instability of the Earth’s processes – weather, seismic activity, and the magnetosphere. Something is happening on a grand scale – the most hopeful myth is one of rebirth. But let’s pace ourselves, because this is a long labor.

Here now, and at every winter solstice, the New Sun is born out of its alignment with the galactic center. The Sun passing through the Milky Way is a powerful symbolic image, and the great river of stars would’ve been visible to the Maya and other ancient cultures. There’s a dark rift that’s the yoni portal, the starry belly and the pulsing heart of the galaxy.

In this pre-2012 era, the book I’ve turned to time and again is Dr. Christine Page’s 2012 and the Galactic Center, The Return of the Great Mother. She writes that the Maya foresaw the birth of their fifth world, as the Sun moved across the opening of the galactic center

This myth is about coming full circle, at the end of a great age, and getting right with creation. Dr. Page’s narrative mirrors what’s happening “as below,” with the re-emergence of the feminine, as a divine presence. After a long and terrible time of separation, it is a reconciliation, like the one Wandering Wolf calls for in his 2012 message.

As Winter Solstice nears, can we meet the moment with a pure heart? It’s about giving the feminine space and room to breathe, being receptive and following Jupiter’s lead that day, to trust in a higher order. Can we shake off the overlay of fear, cynicism, overstimulation and over-intellectualizing that crowds out the moment?

What messages will come through, as the Sun, Earth’s life-giving partner, aligns with the galactic center? Beyond the 2012 question, it’s an encounter with the center of creation, and its infinite possibilities. It’s a cosmic door thrown open, and a not-to-be-missed moment, in a greater age of awakening from spells, and finding our native power.

THEO WHITE (GlobalAstrology)

“The year 2008 entry of Pluto into the cardinal sign of Capricorn along with the ingress of Uranus into cardinal Aries in 2011 brought to a close a 42-year period that began in the year 1969 for a dying oligarchy and their children – the Baby Boomers.

That 42-year cycle had been defined by the inter-generational war between parents and children since the late 1960s. It was at that time that Uranus entered tropical Libra.

Uranus, in effect, has come ‘full circle’ as it is now ready to enter the opposite Sign to Libra and that is the Sign of Aries.

That 42-year history – 1969 to 2011 – was filled with the cultural, economic, geopolitical and social conflicts that were powerfully inherent and played out between the oligarchy born in the 1920s and 1930s, and their children of baby boomers, born in the 1940s and 1950s.

Ideology was the basis for this conflict.

It played out throughout the world in diverse ways, but always at odds with one another in black and white terms, with both generations choosing to ignore the many gray shades in between.

In the United States, a kind ‘compromise’ in this ideological war was struck in 1977 with the amnesty pardon of the Vietnam War deserters by then U.S. President Jimmy Carter.

The Baby Boomers returned to cultural life in the United States after 7.5 years of ‘dropping out’ – but the ideological war picked up again in the 1980s and then ended by the early 1990s when the boomers became the new establishment in that decade.

Uranus had transited six (6) signs over this 42-year period between 1969 to 2011 – spending seven years in each Sign – Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces.

The oligarchy is represented by the generation that has Uranus in Pisces and Pluto in Cancer. The oligarchy born during the 1920s and 1930s have been experiencing their Uranus Returns and transiting Pluto is opposing their natal positions. They are passing away.

The Baby Boomer generation has Uranus in Gemini and early Cancer with Pluto in the Sign of Leo. They are now at the end of their time as the establishment.

The failure to notice, or even accept, the passage of time and aging has led to the baby boomer generational ‘dysfunction’ becoming more or less ‘maladaptive’ – as it spread through world society during the boomers’ time as establishment.

This is why this generation has been acting out. They know they are losing clout by the mere progression of time – of world transits – and so they have freaked out.

That is the reason why they want to push things unnaturally, out of order, so as to feel as if they accomplished their plans – which is called a ‘new world order’

That ‘order’ has led to the economic crisis which began in 2007-08 and that by the end of 2012 has seen many nations on the verge of economic collapse with the social and geopolitical upheavals associated with it.

Pluto’s transit in Capricorn represents a kind of ‘globalist group’ – a cadre of cold-blooded, old and outworn oligarchy – that falsely believes they will live forever. It is a disease of a generation that is godless.

Those behind the scenes continue to behave in ways that clearly show that they do not want the future to develop naturally, as it should, but with the continued interference of globalists who believe that they can “create” the future.

It is the same old tired mantra of history:

“Everyone wants to rule the world.”

But in reality, no one ‘rules’ anything.

One cannot stop the Sun from rising, from culminating, or setting anymore than one can stop the planets from performing their functions, or to make the Earth cease revolving around the Sun.

The only ‘power’ globalists have had has been to cause turmoil, tensions, disruptions and destruction.

But what is really happening is a replay – of the past.

The actions of this dying oligarchy are that of desperation.

In reality, Pluto transit in tropical Capricorn is a planetary ‘Phoenix Bird’ that reveals the crumbling and burning to ashes the outworn political and ideological structures of the 20th century.

The ‘phoenix’ of our historical era could obtain new life, a new structural form, as it arises from the ashes of its outworn predecessor – the late 20th century.

What the burning of Pluto’s ‘phoenix’ in Capricorn gives rise to is truly what is at stake in the early 21st century.

The forces of global change – the Cardinal Crisis – are reflected by the outer planets. The main inclinations of these cardinal forces on our Earth come about by means of Uranus’ squares from Aries to Pluto in Capricorn during the Twenty-Tens that will culminate at the end of the year 2020 in a “Cardinal Climax.”

How that ‘climax’ ends – and the shape it shall take – will depend.

To read William Stickevers, graphic rich take on the topic, you can jump to his website,

And if this is just beginning to pique your interest, I highly recommend that you listen to our 12/12/12 Roundtable available below.

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Charting the immediate future.

Just a quick post bringing 12/12/12 into a bit of focus. We’ll be looking at 12/21/12 and beyond over at Navigating The Astrological Matrix with Theo White, William Stickevers and Molly Hall at 12 Noon, CST for 120 minutes, hence the title of the piece. This Cardinal Roundtable is going to be a pretty unique event as we meld the energies of Aries (William), Cancer (Molly), Libra (Me) and Capricorn (Theo) in a live setting.

The Horary chart for the 12/12/12/12/120 experience is, well, literally, off the charts. In the upper room of the 9th House is Venus, TN, Mercury and Moon, exploding into awareness and greater understanding of consciousness, all trining Uranus, locked into the lightning bolt of genius. Just over the border in the 10th, the Sun sits at 21 degrees, proud, philosophical and authentic, conjuncting the Moon, blending the masculine and the feminine in a perfect union of unshakeable faith. We’re getting ready to make breakthroughs in spite of all the darkness surrounding us in an unsettling narrative.

With Saturn in Scorpio in the 8th, we’re multi-tasking, descending into the psychic churn, mutually receiving a positive and sustainable future on the individual terms of the collective. And there, in the 12th, silently impressing on the ascendant is the holy and sacred font of pure, unconditional love, the return of the true Piscean dream, the conscious awareness of the one, without the dream of separation. Pretty cool for a radio show eh?

Well it’s a gateway for everyone, across the face of time, right here, right now, wherever you are.

Mercury Into Sag–Let The Carnival Of Revelations Begin!

Veni, Vedi, Vito

It’s moments like these, in the dead of night, that I wonder about my legacy and even more importantly my own, current state of affairs. Last night seems like last year. I was tucked into the corner of the Sheraton’s banquet room, transformed for one night into a citadel of faux heroes, with latex biceps and flesh hugging spandex. I’m the guy reading tarot cards for computer nerds dressed up as action figures, rewarded for their year’s past service. The booze is flowing like a river and karaoke breaks out with more and more frequency as inhibitions dissolve like sugar in the bloodstream.

I’m flipping cards and freestylin’ like Charlie Parker. The cards are the standards and I’m deconstructing their eight-note-song, according to their particular harmony or dissonance. Conducting challenge, tragedy, triumph and inertia, I summon the gods and gaze into their spirits.

It goes on for hours. Almost always, I am left with, “how did you know that”? Or, “The cards told you all that”?

After an hour or so, the line to sit gets longer. It’s always been this way. I remember one night in Tucson, on my 36th birthday, the Autumnal Equinox, on a warm, Saturday night–it was like something out of a Garica-Marquez novel. People were ten deep to hear their fortunes. Some wept. Others had mile-wide grins, beaming at their own reflection.

The next morning I went into the desert to commemorate my new year and to beat back the loneliness in the aftermath of that kind of night, where such intense, temporary intimacy is gripping and alive with a deep sense of service. It’s like jazz, deconstructing the code of the moment, running on the through lines of meaning, articulating the darkness, coaxing forth the light.

I once read something by Bird, something about his addiction to smack and how it was the replacement of the emptiness, the void that would inevitably creep back into his life after an evening of wild improvisation and deep listening in soulful reverie, swinging on the rhythms of Orishas, descending into the chordal vortex of bluesy invocations.

As the painted faces of court cards stared back at me, I felt less like Crowley and more like Trane.

But it’s in the aftermath that the darkness and the void return. What was once whole and full, naturally becomes empty. It’s the way of things. I’m grateful for the gift, but it’s a strange one by any standard, jazz or otherwise.

My son’s “other” family is reveling in their new found affluence under the decidedly less burdensome financial gravity of the Lone Star’s orbit and here I am telling people about their future, floating on the elliptic of the fringe, my central nervous system jacked into the grid of the planet. I couldn’t think of two, more disparate lives or ways to get by in the world.

The skies here in my old world reflect my inner atmosphere, the only difference being that the outer is decidedly more artificial than the inner. I shudder at the utter absurdity of it all, like how magically the baddest of the bad guys that led the bloody uprising in Benghazi just might have been caught pulling the same sort of shit in Egypt. We’re supposed to feel some sort of closure I suppose, but it feels more like Oceania fighting Asia or whoever we’re fighting this week. Bad guys have absurdly short shelf lives these days. How many years did we live with the scraggly and ever-changing-mug of Bin Laden?

Now, some unpronounceable, who had recently committed the unthinkable, gets removed under unbelievable circumstances. What are we supposed to feel? Who is it really for? Us? Them? Are we supposed to feel relieved that we got the Benghazi mastermind of the Embassy massacre?

The artificiality of it all trumps the Truman Show and life itself becomes a set within a set, set within, within a set. Nothing feels real.

NFL players die on a weekly basis now, apparently. Last week it was guns, this week, booze and cars. I wonder if Bob Costas will get on his soapbox this Sunday night and go from 5’7 to a soaring 6 feet and declare that, “If cars and alcohol were illegal, that Cowboys linebacker, Jerry Brown might still be alive.” He could, but it would royally piss off Ford, GM, Budweiser and Coors, sponsors of the NFL and Sunday night football. Oh well, don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

In England, jolly old England, which ain’t so jolly anymore, Jacintha Saldana supposedly took her life over a prank call, where she fell prey to two Australian DJ’s and their crappy accents, pretending to be Charles and the Queen. Saldana was anything but the suiciding type. She had two children and a loving husband. She was deeply devoted to her profession as a nurse. In 2009, they were named family of the day at the “Boom Christmas” party for the Mangalore, Christmas celebration. They were very close.

Alternative researchers are circling the event like hawks now, combing over the symbols and dates with steely vision. This is no secluded hotel room in Mexico. This is open air carnage at noon. A sharp, collective gaze is decidedly fixed on Buckingham palace.

Speaking of fixed, Saturn in Scorpio is a revelatory portal and this Mercury retrograde, now gone direct has unleashed an absolute laser beam into the soul of the Vox Populi. As it gets ready to move into Sag, prepare yourself for the carnival of revelations. Stay focused, stay present and get ready to witness what you cannot or will not believe. Don’t avert your gaze, don’t crawl back into the comfort of that rotting shell. Medusa will not turn you to stone this time around. The mirrors of the soul will shield you from the serpentine horror.

We need this moment to break the spell, to see the world as it really is, the illusion cracking and fading, pixilating and crashing down around us. Only when we can do this, will we be truly free. Drop your feel good warm and fuzzies, your permissive, false sense of freedom and justice for all and look, look at it.

About four years ago, I stumbled like many onto Dave McGowan’s magnum opus work, “The TLC”. That’s short for “The Laurel Canyon” for those of you that don’t know it. In it McGowan deconstructs the sixties, the Summer of Love culture, and essentially reveals it to be a grand, military industrial exercise, performed like an acid-laced talent show, by kids from military families and faded blue-blood dynasties.

One of the core players of the scene was Vito Paulekas. Paulekas was a sculptor, who used to give sculpting lessons to socialites (code for fucking) at the foot of the Laurel Canyon, in his studio. Paulekas was the leader of a group of free lovin’ fully expressive free spirits in a big, sprawling house in the canyon that would be the crucible for the 60’s as we know them.

Paulekas and his band of merry mavericks called themselves, “freaks.” When early Sunset Strip bands like The Birds would play at The Whiskey, Paulekas and his crew would be bussed in like ACORN members and start doing really strange, free-form dances, which of course, they called, “freaking.”

His little extended family had charming names, like, “Strawberry Giggle Glow” and “Starshine Happy Love.” Style points were obviously not rewarded. Well Vito got into a little trouble when his young son mysteriously wound up dead right around the time he was supposed to be part of Kenneth Anger’s movie, “Lucifer Rising,” Future Manson Family member, Bobby Beausoleil would wind up taking the little boy’s place in the film. Things got a little hot around the canyon as a result and Vito had to leave town.

The reason I’m bringing all this up, is because I was on FB the other night, cruising through the pages of friends of friends. I still have some Marin County, compassionately communicating, ecstatically dancing, raw foodies in there.

I tripped through the second and third degrees of separation and wound up in SoCal, skimming through a poly amorous network, where I saw names like, “Shiva Love Juice” and “Coconut Divine Deva” and it dawned on me that Paulekas’ family of freaks had cracked through to the mainstream, that it had mutated into this strange collective hybrid of raw food, yoga, esoteric piracy, arrested development, toxic narcissim and rampant horniness with no commitments.

This, is when I fully realized that some people are in the Marianas Trench of conscious awareness, masquerading as enlightenment.

There was a time, not too-long-ago, that I might have entertained the notion of a poly-life. I have Venus sextile Uranus and my 11th House is a Libran gang-bang with Neptune in Scorpio on the bottom, with Venus also trining my Mars in the 8th, but now, I simply see the irony of it all, projected onto the world’s plasmatic screen, broadcasting the weird visions of twisted seekers looking for something, anything, that will liberate them with the least amount of work possible.

So, it’s in these empty moments, after contact with the numinous, that the dark light seeps in.

I’ll watch football tomorrow and try to have some mundane marker, some reminder of a normalcy that never really existed. I’ll watch for Russell Wilson, the Seahawks Sag phenom, born 11/29/88, his Sun in trine with transiting Uranus. I ‘ll watch for Colin Kapernick as Saturn moves closer and closer to his Sun/Pluto conjunction. It will give me a Hemingwayesque moment or two for a few hours and then I’ll retreat back to a world where Syria as we know it is on the edge of extinction and WW3 could be just around the corner as a result.

Yours truly, “Heart Chakra Vanilla Wolf.”

The Death Of God, Dual Murder In Jupiter Gemini And Oh No Another Sports Post (Sort Of)

A meta-ritual profile.

I saw an exchange by two people on FB the other day that was curious to say the least and just a little alarming at the same time. It was between a woman born in the Middle-East and a muslim from Egypt, who was questioning her, baiting her about the purity of her blood and whether she was Arab or English. This mini-inquisition was leading her down the path of sin versus salvation, although the semitic version, versus the ecumenical one. And I thought that zealot Christians had cornered the market on judgment.

This is what happens when the Sun slides into Sag and begins it’s approach towards the galactic center. We question our origins and whether our truth and blood has poured down from the purest star and not the extract of a monkey by some alien god looking for cheap, non-union labor. Sag wants truth and the ultimate answer; The Word. It’s like when Moses stepped out of time on Mount Sinai and was struck by the thunderclap of Yahweh, eternal truths were etched upon the membrane of his soul and he had to write it all down and consecrate it for the wildly fornicating, 24 hour-party-people down below.

Moses represents canonical law, which is Sagittarius and with it comes judgment. Ain’t no way around it. Once you speak it or write it, the moral ramifications are part of the deal; a no-money back warranty, that never expires.

Blood is in the air. Can you feel it? It could be the blood of a royal with a beast in the belly or maybe it’s the blood of Michael Lee Hill, roiling with superhuman levels of CK that would kill most people. Then there’s the arrogance of one factions blood being bluer or truer than others. I’ve heard Farrakhan rail against white blood, rabbis rail against the genetically inferior goyim, who solely exist for their entertainment purposes and eventual slavery. Then there’s the eugenically crazed, Merovingian cult and their rabid inbreeding, with the occasional foray to the other side of the tracks, just to make sure that their strain doesn’t become mutant-idiot-hemophiliacs. Blood is in the air.

Recently, a doctor claims to have sequenced Bigfoot DNA. If this is actually true, it will have major consequences and it will likely be determined that the “white” race is descended from this stinking beast. That will be the next cultural/genetic marker. Well, I have a little secret for all the blood freaks, even the ones like Nick Duplessis, who claims to have an enzyme in his blood to rapidly process aluminum and heavy metals in chemtrails, it doesn’t matter what your blood is, because our desiccated skies are oozing with bioengineered strains of blood, filled with mutant viruses and nano arrays, a cocktail of swarm, the distillation of the hive mind. We are all being genetically modified, some more than others, but the unholy contagion is touching us all.

Apparently I am a Sun Monkey or some other simian offspring based on my blood. I have no grand tale to tell. I am not the incarnation of Edgar Cayce, nor have I had espresso with the head of the nephilim, in fact, my father’s father was a seldom sober, borderline personality and his father, an itinerant drifter that moved from oil field town to oil field town, finding shelter at nights in boarding houses or under bridges. Both inflicted by the generational virus of violence and abuse. Nothing glorious bout my blood, or my past, and I’m supposedly descended from bigfoot. I don’t care. I could give a shit really.

You see, what some people forget, is that Sananda Emanuel came to this planet to subvert all of this, and set the frequency in accord with the highest expression of the galactic tone of unconditional love and direct access to higher consciousness, an act he had performed on other planets, in other times, past, present and future. That frequency is humming and thrumming through all things organic, through every microbe, grain of sand, root and branch, bug and berry. He had to. Carbon, the basis of all things on this planet has six electrons, six protons and six neutrons. And who created the world in seven days?

People have lost sight of this key element. It was a radical re-set, and an act of pure subversion, undercutting the arcane technologies of the pharisees. It was pure and total liberation.

What’s been happening over the past thirteen years via the chemtrail program is that there has been an avid and active strategy to convert the planet into something different, something alien. Consider it a program override of sorts. This, in conjunction with genetically modified organisms is an overt act of turning the earth into completely immersive, synthetic experience. Part of this is to fulfill some insane objective to create the new human as a symbol of the Aquarian age, albeit the dark and anti-Aquarian version. The other part is to subvert the GOD (Galactic Overseer Director) frequency, in all, through all things. Erase the blood of the sepulcher and you erase the bio-magnetic bond that would be Jacob’s Ladder, stepping us “all” up to “all” twelve dimensions of consciousness, “all” twelve strands of undifferentiated DNA, no matter what your blood type or celestial origin. Eliminate the indigenous tribes who embody that very same frequency without the stain of civilization in them and wipe out the whales and dolphins too and what we have his full blown planetcide, a planet that was changed not by dogma or rhetoric, but by the conscious implementation of pure love into it’s grid.

That’s where we are and I’m just a space monkey wrapped in an Earth suit telling this tale for the hundredth time.

Some people wanted me to do something with the Jovan Belcher shooting in Kansas City. I did a bit on the show on Monday and in case you missed it, I’ll break some of it down here.

Jovan Belcher was a linebacker for the Kansas City Chiefs, a guy that extracted every ounce of talent from a 6’2, 228 pound frame. Belcher had 62 tackles in 2010. That’s not bad for an undersized linebacker and special teams player. He went to Maine, where he was a finalist for the Butkus award, an award given to the best college linebacker in the country. So, Belcher has a past. This is important to note. He killed his girlfriend, Kassandra Perkins in front of his mother, then went to the Chiefs facilities, thanked his coach, Romeo Crennel, then shot himself in front of Crennel and supposedly Scott Pioli, the G.M. The always controversial Dallas Goldbug claims that Belcher is Will Smith. I’m not buying it. Now Goldbug’s other claim, that this will be used to take more guns away, I do agree with. The bodies were still warm, when the politicizing hit the airwaves.

On Sunday night, live from Dallas, where JFK was murdered, Bob Costas quoted Jason Whitlock’s piece, and I am paraphrasing here, that if Belcher didn’t have a gun, that he and Perkins would still be alive. That’s complete horse shit. Do you want to know why?

When I lived in Oakland back in the crackin’ nineties, I managed an apartment building and one of my sometime tenants, went off on his wife and beat her so bad, that she jumped out the window, four-stories down, onto concrete. You see, where there’s an evil will, there’s a way. One might say that a handgun might have been more humane in that case. She wound up being a semi-vegetable, unable to care for her children, reduced to a half person, due to his demonic rage.

So Costas’ clear, boundary stepping line aside, and Goldbug’s reaching assertions aside, what went down there?

Well it’s interesting to note, that just a week before, the powerball winner was in Missouri, where he used the numbers of the KC Royals outfielders to claim the top prize (think most, really big lotteries are fixed BTW). So we have the Royals entering into the mix. Who are the Royals? Why the elite of course and we’re back into the bloodline conversation again. Slideshows like this one pop up on the internet, chronicling what it’s like to grow up as a royal.

The Kansas City Royals were founded by Ewing Kauffman, a salesman, who started crushing oyster shells in his home and selling them as calcium supplements. Kauffman would eventually found a chemical juggernaut that would be acquired by Merrill-Dow, creators of Thalidomide, the famous baby mutating drug of the sixities.

The Chiefs were founded by the son of an oil baron, Lamar Hunt. They were originally in Dallas where they were known as the “Texans.” Hunt moved the team when the Cowboys came to town. Hunt announced the move on May 22nd, 1963, six months prior to when JFK would be killed on November 22nd.

Hunt’s son, Clark now runs the Chiefs, mostly in absentia, allowing Scott Piolii to manage the team. Last year, Piolli was involved in a bizarre feud with then coach, Todd Haley. Haley accused Piolli of wiretapping him, having his phone bugged and all around creepy, psychopathic behavior. Piolli is Bill Belelchik’s son-in-law, so that might have something to do with it.

But what’s interesting about the Belcher/Perkins death suicide, aside form the fact that it is a blatant push for more and more gun control are some of the aspects involved.

First, we start with the name “Jovan” which is a derivation of Jovian or Jove or Jehovah. Jove is Jupiter. Jupiter is where God dwells, as evidenced by 2001 and Arthur C. Clarke’s psychedelic odyssey to heaven. Jove/Jupiter is good/God. Saturn is where Satan dwells, and is theoretically hell, so we have God/Satan dynamic in play. Jovan’s death is a ritualized murder of God (symbolically). But it gets even stranger.

Belcher had met Perkins through the wife of another Chiefs player, Jamaal Charles. Charles is known by his initials throughout the league; ” J.C.” Charles was born just two days after Christmas, 12/27.

But this is not the first type of incident like this in Kansas City. Former Chiefs running back, Larry Johnson was arrested at least four times on various assault charges on women. He was the first client of Damon Dash and Jay-Z’s in the sports world, and became known for flashing the symbolic, “Eye of Horus” after scoring a touchdown. Synchronistically, it happens to be Jay-Z’s birthday today. His nickname? “J-Hovah.”

The Belcher/Perkins deaths took place at 8:00AM on December First. The first of December happens to be a very interesting day in history. The 1st of any month is the day of the magician. That is the day where the power of will is accentuated through the male principle, the wand of creation. It is a day potent with the energy to consecrate change. Looking back through history on 12/1, we not only see historic events, but life altering, paradigm shifting and shattering moments that changed the course of history. Let’s look at a few;

• In 1640, the Iberian Union is abolished and Spain and Portugal become separate states. This would signal the end of the Hapsburg reign in Iberia.

• 1834 – Slavery is abolished in the Cape Colony in accordance with the Slavery Abolition Act 1833. This paving the way to the end of slavery in the U.S.

• 1862 – In his State of the Union Address President Abraham Lincoln reaffirms the necessity of ending slavery as ordered ten weeks earlier in the Emancipation Proclamation.

• 1865 – Shaw University, the first historically black university in the southern United States, is founded in Raleigh, North Carolina.

•1913 – The Ford Motor Company introduces the first moving assembly line. This would initiate the arrival of machine consciousness and kick the industrial age into gear.

• 1941 – Pacific War: Emperor Hirohito of Japan gave the final approval to initiate war against the United States. This would in turn facilitate the development of the “Hell Bomb” and open an interdimensional portal, accessed by the Greys, which would lead to Roswell and the secret Eisnehowe pact.

• The New York Daily News reports the news of Christine Jorgenson, the first notable case of sexual reassignment surgery. She would usher in the age of the transhumanist and the cult of synthetic being.

• American Civil Rights Movement: In Montgomery, Alabama, seamstress Rosa Parks refuses to give up her bus seat to a white man and is arrested for violating the city’s racial segregation laws, an incident which leads to the Montgomery Bus Boycott. Trained and educated at the Highlander School in Tennessee, by the American socialists, Myles Horton and Don West, Parks was no doubt well informed about the power of the number one (May Day) on her defiant bus ride through the streets of Mobile.

• 1981 – The AIDS virus is officially recognized. Yep. That’s right.

• Channel Tunnel sections started from the United Kingdom and France meet 40 metres beneath the seabed.

• 2009 – The Treaty of Lisbon, which amends the Treaty on European Union and the Treaty establishing the European Community, which together comprise the constitutional basis of European Union, comes into effect. This is the formal birth of the E.U.

I will put 12/1 up against almost any other day in history for radical, social change, through planned acts of will. In addition to all of the above, a number of countries either gained independence or formed unions on the first, including, Iceland and Papua New Guinea. The Kingdom of Yugoslavia is formed between the Serbs, Croats, and Slovenes. Transylvania and Romania merge.

And now we have the Belcher double shooting and Bob Costas pimping for gun control on Sunday night football.

Looking at the Sabian Symbol for the 1st, we go to Sag 10 and a rather interesting one at that; here is the Rudhyar definition.


KEYNOTE: Society’s efforts at dramatizing the greatness of what it offers to the ambitious person.

Civilization as a process demands the goading of individuals to spend their vital energies in the pursuit of achievements which, while fulfilling the individual’s ambition and greed, nevertheless generate various forms of what we call “progress.” This sequence of symbols mainly refers to the drive for advancement along “human, all too human” paths of growth.

This is the last symbol of the fiftieth five-fold sequence. We see in it how socio-cultural forces operate by dramatization and propaganda. The result is all too often a process of FORCED GROWTH.

He nods his head.

The chart of the day is an interesting one and sice we have the exact time, we see intriguing elements emerge.

Notice the 12th House Sun, hidden, obscured, squaring Neptune on the cusp of the third, opposing Jupiter retrograde in Gemini. This is a duplicitous placement for the Sun, the sole/sol purpose of the chart and the moment which we cannot see. The square to Neptune questions motive. The opposition to erratic Jupiter in Gemini (remember, this was a dual death), backwards even, is not a clear transmission as the truth of Sag is manifested in it’s twisted opposite.

Then there’s the killer T-Square of Pluto/Mars/Moon/Uranus manifesting in violence and desecration. The Moon in Cancer at 11 degrees is conjunct the U.S. Sun in Cancer at 13 degrees. This is a radical assault on the emotional traditions of the country, ones based on nurturing lives, aspirations and dreams. Belcher supposedly killed Perkins in front of his mother (Cancer/Moon) and while this square seems to assault our senses and sensitivities, the mutual reception of Pluto/Mars with the Scorpio stellium in the 11th, the house of media points in a very different direction. The 11th House also represents NGOs like, well the United Nations. Here, Pluto/Mars are actually supporting the hegemony and the power of the 11th through the media and likely will, for lack of a better term, trigger a global response, while the Cancer Moon/US Sun will bear the brunt of fallout.

Bob Costas by the way is my antipode, born March 22nd. I looked at his bio and some of his pictures through the years. The first thing that jumps out at me, is how little he has aged. He’s nearly sixty and the guy works almost non-stop, leaping from football, to late night, to radio. It’s a schedule that would kill some people and rapidly age others. And yet, Costas is like a replicant, never changing, rarely at a loss for words, even they are over-the-line, and every hair in perfect place.

So what’s it all about? Well, we have one part meta-ritual, one part psyop, one part-psychic driver, one part surreal spectacle of society. Is it tragic? In a word, yes, but the truly sad double shooting only hints at the real pathos through the abduction of our spirits and the wanton manipulation of our minds.

Pluto In Scorpio Arrives In The Flesh–Calling Kaepernick–Polarizing The Opposition

Pluto in Scorpio is here to play quarterback and don’t give a f*ck.

As we are now fully engaged in Sag, with Mercury gone direct, entering the portal of the second decanate, we begin to focus our attention and align our assemblage point around the concept of “truth.” A major theme in the theater of the vox populi has been the revelation of truths or half-truths, or seedy confessionals from weak generals, double agents, horny Lebanese socialites and kiddie porn, smut peddlers. Their lives, lies and accusations, seeping out of the seamy cracks of their psyches, Saturn in Scorpio fully pressing down and applying maximum psychic pressure. If I were a God, I would co-create in these type of conditions to flesh everyone out, see where they truly and how they respond to the ultimate pressure, especially if I was going to start a new world. There would be no stone un-turned, no soul un-examined, no species, human, draconian, or otherwise that would be immune to the bell chamber of gravity’s inquisition. All known, all seen, all revealed, it would be easy to see who could hang or not in the after-party-forever-lounge of non-dual bliss, where thoughts manifest like sweet fruits or poisonous toadstools, beyond the speed of light.

God/Ess is smoking out the phonies, hypocrites and most convincing psychopaths with a ruthless efficiency and the means by which it’s happening can be fairly amusing.

Two weeks ago, I wrote about Colin Kaepernick, the new quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers and how he replaced Alex Smith when Mars at 25 degrees, Sag, was conjunct his natal Uranus in Sag at 25. A few weeks earlier, I had predicted that Alex Smith would get hurt in November, Kaepernick would start and Smith would never regain his starting job. It’s exactly how it has panned out.

After two weeks, Kaepernick has shown the world his omnidimensional quarterbacking skills, but more than anything else, he’s show that he could rise to the occasion under extreme pressure, like a Monday night football game against the vaunted Bears and a road game against the red-hot Saints, in their crib, the ear-bleeding Superdome, blasting opposing teams with the severe white noise of Who Dat? nation. Kaepernick stepped up and while not as brilliant as the week before, he was more than good enough under the glare and heat of the national press and 60,000 screaming Saints fans.

Smith stood on the sidelines, helmet on, ready to go in, eager and yet visibly forlorn when Kaepermnick delivered. You see, Kaepernick thrives on these situations. He’s a Scorpio Sun, 8 degrees, with his natal Pluto at 9 degrees, conjunct his Sun. Colin Kaeperinick is like dark star, consuming pressure and fear and transforming them into life force and performance. With Jupiter in Aries, trining his natal Uranus in Sag, he’s also a take-no-prisoners-warrior. Quiet, self-effacing and deeply religious, Kaepernick has an inner assassin lurking behind his Scorpionic persona.

This all came about when I noticed how Saturn was getting closer and closer to his Sun. I knew that he was destined for greatness, and soon, I also took note of the NN in Scorpio and the SN in Taurus, also favoring his rapid ascent. On the other hand, Smith would not be the recipient of such good fortune, not like last year when his career was resurrected by new coach, Jim Harbaugh and a hearty Juoiter transit in Taurus, his own sign. Smith rose like Lazarus from the grave of broken toy soldier quarterbacks.

This year is a different story however.

Smith is going through his Saturn return in Scorpio, yes, Kaeprnick’s sign, the guy that has taken his job. It’s a clear example of seeing one’s opposition reflected back at them on multiple levels. What is Smith’s lesson? Well, first of all, he’ll have to deal with a whole bunch of hidden complexes and unexamined emotional states–that’s the nature of scorpio–then he’ll have to integrate his opposite or other into his psyche. In essence, he’ll have to address qualities like ruthlessness, ambition and drive in ways that are messy, especially for someone like Smith, who has endured 7 seasons of abuse and bad coaching from the likes of Mike Nolan, who bullied and degraded Smith’s toughness in public, to Mike Singletary, who saddled Smith with the Scatman Carothers of offensive coordinators in Jimmy Raye.

After one shoulder surgery, two head coaches and five offensive coordinators later, Smith was still left standing. He had outlasted them all and his Taurean toughness and stubbornness paid off. Capricorn Jim Harbaugh became his “John The Baptist,” singing his praises and touting Smith as the key to the 49ers success, In just over a year, Harbaugh would go from John to Judas and bench Smith for Kaepernick, not because Smith was playing poorly. In fact, just before the thunder of the Rams rained down on Smith’s head and forced him out of the game, resulting in a concussion, Smith was one week off of one of the most accurate games in NFL history as a passer. Everything about the situation flew in the face of all convention. Harbaugh, an early Capricorn, 12/23/63, had transiting Mars in Cap knocking on his Sun. The uber-ambitious goat knew in his heart of quarterbacking hearts that what he had seen in Kaepernick in just two games, was better than almost all of Smith’s entire body of work.

Being a Capricorn, Harbaugh wasn’t just planning for the Saints, he was planning for the Falcons, Giants and Packers in December. Harbaugh’s playing chess on the Enterprise with Spock while the media is playing checkers with their emotions. He’s also walking the razor’s edge of psychopathology and the ruthless pursuit of right action. He has also stumbled a bit and pushed a lot of buttons along the way, This just isn’t done in pro football. Players don’t lose their jobs to injuries! Harbaugh is re-writing those rules and pissing some people off. Apparently, this is nothing new for the man that often talks in almost Knights Templaring terms, this from his recent press conference on naming Kaepernick starter; “We worry about everything, but we fear nothing, we fear no man.” Pattonesque soundbites are common from Harbaugh.

The mutual reception between Capricorn and Scorpio is getting played out between the lives and fortunes of Harbaugh and Kaepernick. My sense is, is that these two men have fought together of fields blood and glory, from other lives, other times, When Kaepernick was coming out of college, it was Harbaugh that sought him out, made sure that the Niners traded up to get him. He was Jim’s guy and drafted about 1-2 rounds higher as a result. IIt was time to go to war again. If this paradigm, doesn’t shut down fully in less than a month, or if we’re not over the fiscal cliff by then, then this duo will go down in the annals of football infamy, like Walsh and Montana, Bellichik and Brady, Lombardi and Starr, but unlike those other duos, they won’t just win games, they’ll take no prisoners, or as Harbaugh said last year, “We give no quarter and we ask for none.”

The NFL isn’t fully prepared for what they are about to witness.

But it’s not just the NFL, even journalists are having their buttons pushed. Kaepernick of course is the Pluto in Scorpio generation and his body is covered in tattoos. However, Kaepernick’s tats are all scripture. He’s like some sort of character from the Old Testament wearing the words of the prophets on his cut and ripped parchment of flesh. Now check this our, a reporter by the name of David Whitley, a guy who writes for The Sporting News, just broke an article dissing Kaepernick for his tats, essentially saying that it’s okay for NBA guys like LeBron (ahem black) to have those nasty tats, that all those guys in prison have, but not a quarterback in he NFl, no sire Jim. Here is what Whitley has to say;

“San Francisco’s Colin Kaepernick is going to be a big-time NFL quarterback. That must make the guys in San Quentin happy.

Approximately 98.7 percent of the inmates at California’s state prison have tattoos. I don’t know that as fact, but I’ve watched enough “Lockup” to know it’s close to accurate.

I’m also pretty sure less than 1.3 percent of NFL quarterbacks have tattoos. There’s a reason for that.

NFL quarterback is the ultimate position of influence and responsibility. He is the CEO of a high-profile organization, and you don’t want your CEO to look like he just got paroled.

Now along comes Kaepernick. Since taking over for Alex Smith two games ago, he has convinced everybody in the Bay area that he’s the second coming of Steve Young.

Smith is coming back from a concussion, ushering in the attendant QB controversy. But he is looking like Wally Pipp and Kaepernick is Lou Gehrig. All I can do is look in the mirror and sigh.

Forgive me, but I suffer from tattoo-ism. I sport no ink, and I don’t want any. I know that attitude qualifies me for an AARP card, and I’ve tried to get with it.

I realize tattoos are ways to pay homage to your religion, children and motorcycle gang. I’m cool with LeBron James looking like an Etch A Sketch.”

I normally stay away from accusations of racism in most instances, simply because prejudice is inborn and we all have to some degree and we need to cut each other a little slack, especially in a climate that constantly race baits from all angles to abduct our attention, but I have to say that Whitley is showing his true stripes here and they aren’t pretty, This goes back to the very beginning of this post.

Scorpio can polarize and Kaepernick, with his Sun/Pluto conjunction is doing just that.

Speaking of polarization, on last week’s show, I got into Israel’s chart and saw similar movements with the NN and SN, along with Saturn and made some predictions based on them that Israel would have to change, due to the fact that Saturn was transiting it’s First House in Scorpio and the SN would be going over it’s Sun in Taurus in the 7th. Unfortunately, I had a potential sponsor listen in on the show and they deemed it offensive on some level and I haven’t heard back from them. Well guess, what? The UN just recognized Palestine as a state, conforming to my trends that Israel’s identity would be challenged through these transits. Oh well, that’s the way these things go sometimes, just ask Alex Smith.