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  1. Robert how do I access your radio blog and call in?

  2. Hi Robert

    I like your website. I would like to find out how to access your radio blog and chat room.

  3. Hey Robert,

    I haven’t seen a new podcast post this week, I hope you are well.
    You had mentioned in your last podcast some skepticism regarding Alex Jones taking time off of his show during the leak of J a d e H e l m 1 5 info.
    Can you elaborate more on your stance regarding him vs. his information. It seems that you and I see eye to eye on govt cover-ups and the reality of the US (Inc), so I’m curiously to hear what you think of the “poster child” (Alex Jones) of the “Liberty movement”.

    In medicine,

    Kevin Koontz

  4. Hi Kevin,

    I think Alex is a gatekeeper.

  5. I want to say thanks to Robert for the on-air reading today! You gave me some good info & some of it confirmed my instincts & inner musings. I am so eager to learn more about my chart & have really wanted to invest in a proper reading for a while now. I feel like more detailed & comprehensive knowledge of these alignments, movements, & aspects can help me to better understand my life experiences & hopefully solidify some recent improvements, & move closer to living out my highest potential. I am curious to know more about how my mars is/was lacking aspects & what that may signify. Anyways, you have my gratitude for sharing this knowledge & your perspective & I just wanted to say that I hope to be able to have a proper reading sometime, & thanks for today’s reading & words of encouragement. & I really admire your show & website & the service you provide.

  6. You betcha Amy. Thank you.

  7. A knight without armor in savage land

  8. Hi,
    How do I call in and get a mini reading on the radio show?

  9. Well you can listen to the show on Sunday night and call in, or you can get a full blown reading by scheduling one through this website. 🙂

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