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Congratulations, you’ve decided that you want to get an astrological reading. Maybe it’s your first, maybe you’re a returning client, but one thing is certain; You’re in the right place. If it’s your first time and you haven’t been to my bio page, let me tell you a bit about myself.

I’ve been working intensely with people and their charts for the past eight years. Since 2008, I’ve done well over a thousand readings for people from all around the globe. I practice Western, Placidus, Mundane astrology, and bring a background of intuitive and psychic training into the reading process as well. I studied with the late, psychic-medium, Karen Lundegard.

I focus primarily on transits in the natal chart, looking at how planets in transit can provide the individual with both opportunities and challenges. By understanding both, and being informed, the reading and consultation becomes a process of navigation and the chart is the map of your life.

In the Mayan Dreamspell, I am 13 Caban, Red Cosmic Earth, which is considered the highest degree of navigation and clue tracking in the Tzolkin.

What are the types of readings that are available and that you should consider? Here’s a helpful list.

• The Birth Chart Reading: If you have zero or little understanding about your natal chart, this reading is highly recommended as it will give you the breadth, depth and understanding of your natal chart in full.

• The Birth + Transit Reading: This is recommended if you have some understanding of your chart, but are really more interested in what’s coming up. Transit readings are especially appropriate for times when you are in transition; between jobs, relationships, lives.

• The Relationship Reading: To understand the deeper dynamics of you and another person, the relationship reading is essential. I combine two types of charts; Synastry and Midpoint Composite to assess compatibility, intimacy and purpose for two people.

• The Progress Report: This is recommended for people over the age of forty, when the progressed chart begins to become more dominant. The progressed chart offers the individual a look into their progress on the path of their life.

All readings listed above are $155 and last a minimum of one hour.

Below, you’ll see a drop down menu with the various readings available.

Upon purchasing your reading, please email me your DOB/Time/Place and I will return your correspondence in 24 hours. All purchases are final unless an agreement is reached between us.

I look forward to working with you.



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  1. Hello do you have customer service number that I can call Please notify me. Thank you

  2. 512-573-9167. I have tried emailing you three times and all three times have bounced back.

  3. speaking of symbolism, here are some more dates:
    Norway attack July 22, 2011
    Woolwich attack May 22, 2013
    Brussels attack March 22, 2016
    Munich attack July 22, 2016
    London attack March 22, 2017
    Manchester attack May 22, 2017

  4. Howdy,

    My daughter will be opening an acupuncture/oriental medicine practice up in July or early August. Do you think you could help pick the best date? She has already signed a lease. Her birthday is 9/22/88.

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