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About Robert Phoenix

Astrologer, writer, broadcaster, social commentator, Robert Phoenix has been engaged in the esoteric arts and healing since the mid-eighties. From 1994 through 2000, Robert was a tele-psychic and tarot reader, being on the ground floor of the intuitive revolution, highlighted by the Uranus/Neptune conjunction from that period.

During that time he was trained by the late, psychic/medium, Karen Lundegard, who inspired Amy Tan’s, “Saving A Fish From Drowning.”

In 2008, Robert Phoenix.com which quickly became a cutting edge website using astrology to decode contemporary culture. Between my Robert Phoenix.com, You Tube, Spreaker and BlogTalk Radio over three million people have read, listened to and watched his content.

In 2013/14 he produced and appeared in twenty-five episodes of “The Eleventh House” on Gaia.Tv. To this day, they are some of the most viewed shows on the network.

He continues doing quarterly astrological reports with Regina Meredith on her “Open Minds” series. He’s also appeared as a guest on Greg Carlwood’s “Higher Side Chats,” “Ground Zero With Clyde Lewis” and “Off Planet Radio” with Randy Maugens and Emily Moyer. He currently broadcasts daily on Fifteen Minutes Ov Flame and youtube, chewing up and grinding down the gristle of the matrix. On Friday he interviews guests from the fringe worlds of esoterica, exo-politics, modern mythos and alt-research. On Sunday night, it’s all live astrology from 7PM to 9PM CDT.

He’s worked with thousands of people over the last ten years. His methodology of teaching and breaking down charts was in such demand, that he created his own teaching series, the sixteen-hour video course, “The Eleventh House Academy.”

In addition to all of the above, his forecasts have been uncannily accurate, actually forseeing the death of David Bowie, two days before it happened while getting out ahead of the curve on the Trump presidency (he called it) and public events like shootings, natural disasters and political blowback.

You can contact me at: rpm1122@zoho.com

Readers Comments (24)

  1. Robert,

    I highly enjoyed your article about Bill Maher Vs Bill Hicks. I was wondering where you found Bill Hick’s chart? or info at least? I cannot find his natal chart anywhere!?!? I love his comedy, so cynical and honest. Maher I don’t really know that well, he has his moments from what I remember, but I don’t pay much attention to his dialogues or programs.

    Thanks for the enjoyable article.
    If you want to add me on yahoo my id is: Euphoric_anomaly

    And just in case you were wondering… I’m Leo/Cancer Moon-Mars/Gemini Rising… a lot of my planets are in houses 1-7. I also have a stellium in leo encompassing Sun/Jupiter/Venus in the 4th house. My Mercury is also in Leo but in the 3rd house.

    Take Care

  2. Hey Eric,

    Thanks. I found a rectified chart buried online but mostly worked with an ephemeris. Maher’s chart is much more available. Sounds like you’re a person with a lot of different interests in your life based on your chart, but your main focus with Leo/Cancer and fourth house stellium is home and family life. I bet you had a good one growing up and are or will be modeling it in a very positive way.

    Thanks for stopping by.

    Bill Hicks was the man.

  3. Dear Robert,

    Scorpio moon tonight and I’m wearing my red shoes to try grounding, but the buzz is all along the spine and blasting out the crown.

    I was wondering, with Saturn stationing, and the last quarter moon in Aquarius conjuncting the mystic triumverate over the eve of the 16th/17th, whether the time is coming auspicious for a gathering in the void?


  4. Dear Super Dude,
    your reading was incredible. you knew me to the T. it was kind of frightening how much of my personality you were able to explain. My life makes so much more sense after listening to your reading. I recommend you to all the indigo i know. Rock on with your bad self.

  5. I came across your blog as I was searching for “pluto in capricorn.” You are the first I’ve seen to point out the connection of Pluto, Capricorn, and Baphomet.

    I am a Capricorn who has consistently encountered Baphomet in dreams, visions, and creative states for about thirteen years. The past several months have been rather intense, the most intense I’ve had for many years.

    I am fascinated to discover there may be an astrological connection. I’m going to track down the time that I was born and enlist you for a reading shortly.

  6. hi robert, just reading this, finding so interesting, you have virgo sun, as do i, scorpio rising, ( mine debatable as i have a 10:01 am birthtime) and a libra moon as well!
    i was born 9/7/56 10:01 am san diego , ca.

    this blog is a wonderful find… looking forward to diving in.

  7. Cool Shannon. Glad you’re digging the vibe. Discern, balance, penetrate–that’s our motto!

  8. so true!
    thanks !!!!

  9. greetings,

    you had me at your recent “Pluto in Cap” — dazzling.

    In the past month, i have had a few new astrology teachers meeting me on my path — it was about that time.

    you are the first astrologer i’ve met up with who is brave enough to link alternative theories of history & astrology —
    most skim around these issues.

    thanks very much for your important contribution.
    you give a lot of food for thought.

    Warm regards,
    libra sun & rising/sag moon.

  10. Dear Robert,
    Your article on the signs of the zodiac and what we need to do at this juncture in time really struck me. I read it this morning via seerseeker.yahoo group.
    Anyway I am a tarot artist and have been designing tarot cards for 25 years currently working on deck #4 and it uses the controversial real sky interpretations. I also focus on full moon signs rather than sun signs, my thing since deck #3 (MAAT Tarot) has been giving the month back to the moon. Anyway my point here in writing was that when I translated what you wrote about each sign and assigned it to my work on building a framework of symbols using precession. When I read it it was overwhelmingly accurate using my system.
    Astounding in fact. I would like permission to paraphrase your pronouncements with full credit to you and apply them to a real sky full moon signs class I am teaching this fall. I would add it as part of the practical application of knowing your full moon precessed sign. People need structure especially now.
    … I think this would be very helpful.
    Thanks for writing this inspirational piece.

  11. Hi Julie,

    No problem. Thanks for chiming in and asking. Would love to check out your art.

  12. truthteller
    i wish that i could
    hold you in my heart
    and be
    much more than just
    a dalliance or pixel on the screen

    could co-create new buildings
    bring new dreams to live
    cultivate new consciousness
    constantly surprise ourselves

    even if the fantasy is better
    i just know
    that we would shine fantastically
    in all our loved-full failings

    we would not fall into love
    we would stand tall through it.

  13. Mystic Vajrayana January 27, 2012 @ 12:46 pm

    Selah (beloved) Maestro Robert Phoenix!! Love what you’ve done with your domain and enjoy telling folks you’re my Intuitive Astrologer. May 2k12 be our year to take this old world by storm while being our authentic selves (24/7/365). No matter what stuff looks like, feels like, seems like in the moment, always remember and never forget that you remain “PRICELESS” within the Divine Scheme for you’re irrevocably indispensable and irreplaceable in the Cosmos … for sure. Love laced Light abounds for you and your Little Buddah!! (Smile)

  14. Thanks Queen V. Blessings multiplied back at you.

  15. andrew robertson February 15, 2012 @ 4:16 pm

    Great interview with Jay! This is the first time I have been to your site. Looks interesting.

  16. Robert,if I may, so much has been said/written about special timeline’s special people, here to populate the disaster of the Kali yuga How does one decipher those encounters we have at an early age that we in later life try to re assemble for some meaning.


  17. I think it’s a personal journey Dieter but it feels like synchronicity and faith play a large role in the cosmic pageant play of this corporeal theater.

  18. Ijust got done listening to Friday’s show on the 5th Oct. I don’t know if you have ever listened to Drake Kent’s show on blog talk’s Global Voice. He is trying to work out who is to blame for the incident in Libya, according to him the poor Ambassador was only in that country 2 hours before the embassy got raided. I think Drake could really use your help. I do love your shows and am glad your A’s are doing so well best wishes on that. I do worry more about my Packers tho, keep telling myself it’s only a game. By the way Drake’s show is on Wed. evenings and Sun. afternoons. It is a good group of people all on the same page for the same cause of our freedom. Thanks for reading my note. Love and light to you and yours.

  19. Hey Georgia,

    I will listen and see what’s in/out there with Drake. Thanks for listening here too.

  20. Sorry i missed youe live show today due to the time difference; pt vs ct. Will you be posting it on your website? I find your shows to be interesting. Thank you

  21. I ran into Robert at GaiamTv on his “11th House” show. It was awesome and I hope they bring him back for his own show again. His image and meaning making interpretations drew me in and perked my interest. Many months down the road I paid for the 1 hour reading of my chart, hoping to get the same wisdom in my reading. As hoped and as expected he did NOT fail. When, we arrived at our session via phone. He invited me to ask for what I want. My want was for him to frame it around trying to get my business started and what is in store for me spiritually.

    Robert’s breathe of knowledge in the astrological world and his research of worldly images, saying, axioms, puns, adeges, and truisms helped guide me to a place that I knew where to go, and what practical steps I could utilize to get where I’m going. there was even time to do a quick collaborative to integrate the interpretation of my chart into my work. the work that I so blissfully follow.

    Bless you Robert and thank you for doing your work!

    The Pauly Lama

  22. I have a very strong 11th house which equates to massive prosperity later in life, perhaps much later.
    I can’t do anything now, can’t help dharma, I’m young and I have nothing. Stars you know who I am and where I live and what I emote.

  23. I found Bill Hicks’ chart at the following link. He was born 12/16/61 at 1:18 AM in Valdosta, Georgia.

    I’m a huge fan of Hicks…have read several books about him.

    I saw your interview with Regina Meredith today (from June 2018) which led me to your website. Watched your video regarding Bourdain and his death. Fascinating stuff. Impressive. Have been a student of astrology since my 20’s…a lifelong study and interest of mine. Sun in Scorpio, Moon in Pisces, Libra ascendant. Saturn in Virgo in the 12th. Neptune in the 1st. Mercury in the 1st in Libra.
    Did you see the video interview Regina Meredith did with Belinda Womack who channels the archangels…she channeled that they recommend knowing one’s sidereal chart, that it is the chart most reflective of the real “inner you”. In my case, in my sidereal chart, I have a Libran sun, Aquarius Moon and Virgo ascendant. Libra sun certainly fits me. Any thoughts on this?

  24. Hi there. Nice that a chart exists for Hicks. I did that post a long time ago. I’m not big into channeling–used to be–not much anymore. There are people that dig sidereal, some like vedic, others, placidus. Placidus has been a very effective tool for me in terms of predictions. We’ve been feeding the galactic super-computer with placidus input for centuries. I’ll stick with it.

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