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  1. Viewed your 2016 info on Gaia TV. Wondering why (if Trump is a good guy and many, many people agree with a lot of what he has said) Rubio will be nominated instead of Trump.

  2. Hi Arlene,

    This is purely gut + some good old fashioned astrology. I don’t think the GOP wants Trump. He’s not their guy. He was a registered Democrat up to a few years back. Also, Trump is not a globalist. The GOP has aligned themselves with the corporate globalists. If there is a brokered convention, which I think there is a very good chance, they will do an end around with Rubio. Notice how Rubio has stayed out of the fray of the debate. He’s the perfect, party candidate. He’s young, Latino, charismatic and he’s to the left side of the right. Also, he has a grand, air trine in his chart; Sun/Gemini, Uranus/Libra, Mars&TN/Aquarius. He’s much more international and in alignment with a global governance with those aspects. Also, Mars is in Aquarius on election day, which bodes well for Rubio. But what we do know with Trump and his Sun/Uranus/TN conjunction, is that he’s capable of anything.

  3. Thanks for your response. You know much more about this than I ever will. It seems to me (based on past presidents) that Trump’s Gemini sun, Leo Ascendant and other positive aspects would help him overcome the GOP establishment. Like you, I think he is real and wants to help “make America Great Again.” He does have a lot of global negotiating experience in the business world. Based on astrology, would Trump or Rubio be best for the USA and its citizens. Thanks

  4. America loves it’s Leo and Gemini presidents and Trump as you have noted has connections with both signs. Personally, and I’ll likely get some heat here, Trump is better for the USA than Rubio. If you want to move towards a global governance, Rubio is that guy.

  5. Thanks again for your feedback. Trump does sometimes seem outlandish, but my gut feeling agrees that he would be better for the USA. It will be more interesting than usual to see how we as a nation vote.

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