The Everything Reading

It’s been three weeks since I’ve offered “The Everything Reading” and the results have been off the chart (so to speak). It’s a two-hour summation of the birth chart, the draconic chart, your numbers, tarot symbols and more. The connection between the Life (Natal chart) and the Soul (Draconic chart) is worth the price of […]


Revisiting 9/11, The Saturn Sag/Gemini Opposition, Crucial Dates And Trump As 9/11 Gatekeeper

“Zeitgeist” is a term used to define and explain the spirit of the times. “Geist” is an interesting word, as it can mean roughly three different things; mind, spirit and ghost–each one of them having very different yet related applications. “Zeit” = time. “Zeitgesit” is the “time mind,” “time spirit” or “time ghost.” 9/11 as […]


Mercury Retrograde Special

In the spirit of going backwards, I’m re-ducing the cost on the 11th House Academy, my sixteen-hour-course for the next seven days. You’ll get the course + a chart at a 33% discount, which is $198. If you’ve ever wanted to learn astrology, and not just get up and running, but actually interpreting charts for […]


Stranger Things, Midnight Special, Pisces, The El, Freemasonry, Gnostic Compliments, Part One

Netflix has another, runaway hit on its hands. The MK Ultra, supernatural thriller. set in the 1980’s, “Stranger Things” has taken the alt-research community by storm with plenty of deconstruction get down. From hidden-in-plain-sight, to predictive programming, it’s a treasure trove for crypto-codebreakers. I did a brief breakdown on it on my show on Sunday […]

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