The Great American Eclipse A Final Rundown Of The Black Leo Sun

Less than twenty-four hours till the “Great American Eclipse” and the tension is mounting, fueled by last weeks debacle in Charlottesville, the Left/ANTIFA/MSM are using it as much as they can to accelerate a process of national destabilization. On my show, I’ve been talking about how this is the one-hundred-year anniversary of the Bolshevik revolution […]


The Great American Eclipse And The Fascist Coup

Last weekend when I was on Sanibel Island, I was watching TCM, Turner Classic Movies for those of you who aren’t familiar with the acronym. When I had cable, I used to watch it frequently and as I did, I would notice a pattern, where certain movies would appear with a particular theme and then […]


Black Hole Sun, The Great American Eclipse, The Death of Chester Bennington & The Specter of John Podesta

The infernal furies of dark planetary ritualization have been unleashed. Chester Bennington’s (theoretical) suicide on Chris Cornell’s birthday is a black mirror, the unholy release of life force, augmented through the amplification of tragedy. This is not just the sadness left behind for their respective families, but for millions of people tied into their spirits […]

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