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The 13th Moon

It’s official. Saturn and Mercury are waltzing backwards and the sky has been doused by a cadre of water sprites dispatched from Triton. Did you know that Triton has an atmosphere? Did you know that unlike the other 12 moons of Neptune, Triton has a retrograde orbit? So I guess it had to reverse itself right into the first paragraph. The thirteen moons of Neptune follow the mystical sequence of 12/13. 13 is the 12 disciples + 1 and a fitting equation since we’re talking about the planet which rules Pisces. Speaking of which . . .

In just three days, Pope Benedict will get the hell out of Vatican City as quickly and as anonymously as possible. Maybe they should rent Robert Blake to play his double for the day, while Ratzinger jumps ship out the side door, dressed as an Italian ice vendor. It’s generally a bad career move to vacate before one’s time is up. Just ask Saddam, The Shah, Gaddafi and Osho. It ain’t long before you’re down and rushed off to some obscure hospital somewhere, only to never to see the light of day again. I suppose they can keep him around if the lights go out, kinda like what they’re doing with Sharon, preserving his psychopathic genius for the time when they can upload his marvelous malevolence to the exonet.

But this is not about darkness or screeds of injustice wrapped in cynical jest, lancing you with symbols, piercing the membrane of awareness, while desperately trying to wrest you from the trance. This is about remembering who you are and where you came from. With Mercury, the messenger of the gods flying in reverse, winging along the path of the Fisher King, it’s all about re-collection.

The one piece I left out of my Aquarian series, the one I’m saving for the e-book, is when Uranus and Neptune were in Aquarius on the eleventh of September, in 2001. On that day, the Moon was in Gemini as was
Saturn, firmly representing the duality of the day.

Mars, in all of its’s martial fury was in Capricorn and Black Moon Lilith was at two degrees Pisces, cast out of the garden of the Christian Age, while Uranus and Neptune in the sign of the rebel found their home in the nadir of chart, blistering our consciousness and for a brief period of time, drawing the world closer together through tragedy, united against a shadowy cave dweller, hidden somewhere in the remote regions of Afghanistan. You’re either with us or against us.

It was a “clear break” from the past, which enabled the United States to adopt a pre-emptive strike mentality. While the Kennedy assassination altered the timeline, it was in need of some serious bolting down and on the morning of the 12th, the day after, a new world had been born out of the rubble of asbestos and human dust. It was a world that was about security and not freedom. It was a world that would spawn color revolutions fed by the ideology of an Aquarian professor from UMass (Gene Sharp), who would supply the tactics necessary to stage, “democratic coups.”

We have to go back before then on the current of memory, back to a time when our humanity and the principles we did our best to embody were sacred. Back to a time where our values reflected the order and the will of heaven. Before they split the atom and the collective soul, we were whole. I’m not talking a chicken-in-every-pot, and a car in every garage (though you can stop there too), but somewhere in the recesses of our hearts, where every cell has within it the library of our spiritual genesis, wrapped and twisted like a knotted tale, waiting to be untangled.

In there, we know exactly who we are and where we came from. We understand suffering and joy equally, wishing none of the former, and inviting plenty of the latter. We don’t need wetware or synoptical nodes to jack us in or plumb our depths. It’s all there. From the fall of Atlantis to the rise of Yeshua, the story of our beginning and our end is encoded in the matrices of our blood. But just in case you forgot, let’s take time to remember, together, exactly who we are at our most compassionate, wisest, warmest, funniest, fullest and divine best.

Last night at the Academy Awards, the women’s bathroom was backed up and overflowed–a surreal symbol of Mercury retrograde Pisces getting played out–the true feminine denied. In case you’re not getting it, the holy mother was saying that Babylon is full of shit and her maidens are emotionally incontinent.

Aquarian, Seth McFarlane continued on with his cute little war on sensibility.

Michelle Obama dropped in of course, reminding us, yet again, that the Obama’s are at the center of everything, everywhere, all the time.

But this isn’t about that. It’s about poetry, music, the stunning grandeur of the planet, the last remnants of food untainted by alien seed or synthetic skies.

It’s about feeling safe in the night, with a lover next to you, knowing that in your heart of hearts, you lived your day exceedingly well and that a divine flame fills you both with a faith beyond death and that there is no room for fear of shadows, liars, murderers and thieves. We can respect the danger, but the love and the fear cannot co-exist.

This is what I am hear to remind you of during this Mercury Retrograde in Pisces, your rightful and divine place amongst the cosmos with the creator.

It’s funny, whenever trends start to peek, I’ve almost always gone in the other direction. I’m not sure if this is yet another manifestation of Chiron in Aquarius retrograde and I’m just staking out some contrarian terrain, or I’m sensing the collapse of one system before it crumbles and falls, but for whatever reason, I’m more and more aware of the space that goes against the grain of our times. That’s not to say that I’m retreating into some luddite fantasy world, yearning for 1950 all over again, but there’s an emergent sense of values and internal order that cohere to a different dimension that I’m often occupying in the flotsam and jetsam of pop-culture and bizarre exo-politics.

I can’t tell you how many conversations I’ve had recently with people who are pretty tired and fed up with the dominant culture, ramming, ramming, and ramming at the gates of their sanity and sanctity. From false flags to fake boobs, they’ve had enough.

There’s no going back in a physical sense. There’s no Plymouth Rock or event horizon stretching out into the infinitude of the western sky. Those places are gone. There’s only a way through the swamps of confusion and the terrors of tyranny. Somewhere inside, there’s a faint beacon that can take you home, if you have the heart to listen and follow it without fail. Along the way, you might meet others with the very same destination and if you do, know you are truly blessed.

For every injustice, do something good when you can.

For every slight, rejoice for the opportunity to wrestle with compassion and forgiveness.

We have to be bigger than our current milieu, because that’s just the way we were wired and somehow forgot along the way.

I wonder what’s making me feel this way. Maybe its Mercury retrograde doing the prompting of my puritanical Moon, in all it’s fullness, cresting my MC, conjuncting my Sun. Or maybe it’s the Biblical winds, lashing out at the landscape at 50MPH, conjuring images of near Earth giants whipping the atmosphere into an apocalyptic frenzy. Whatever the case, it’s reminding me, to remind you about your deepest spiritual strata. I hope it worked.

Speaking of reminders, Wednesday, I’ll have psychic medium, Sharon Johns on Navigating The Astrological Matrix, an appropriate person to show up when we’re all awash in the Piscean swirl. That will be Wednesday, 3/28 at 12PM Central.

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Say hello to daddy.

I’ve been eyeballing “Prometheus” the latest sci-fi epic from the film director Ridley Scott–or at least the trailers. In the latest trailer, the lens opens up on a distant planet, where, theoretically, “we” originated from. At least that’s the early subtext based on explicit clues given in byte sized bits. Two, eager young archaeologists stumble upon a symbol that shows up in every significant, ancient culture on the planet. They put them together and voila! A map to the stars. Using their celestial cookie crumbs, the ship. “Prometheus” is launched to not only visit our planet of origination, but have tea with the gods that created us. And of course, that’s where everything goes to hell.

The opening shot of the latest trailer is an invocation of Neptune/Pisces. Look at the power, the force, the untamed nature of the off world water. Scott and company are summoning Piscean magic, drawing you in. Its fascinating that James Cameron, who is tied to the Alien series as the writer/director of the sequel to “Alien” (Aliens) was in the news recently, exploring the benthic zones of the Pacific Ocean. Cameron, powered by a high-tech, deep submersible sub was exploring the vaginal interface of earth and sea, where heat is life and life is pretty strange. Those azoic creatures were the inspiration behind Cameron’s evocation of Pandora. So we have a deep current of Pisces running though the alien channel.

The early returns of “Prometheus” besides the canny invocation of Pisces, is that the gods are coming back to Earth and they are pissed. This all dovetails with a plethora of the ancient alien script that is getting turned up in volume across all media platforms.

“Prometheus” is the latest meme in the model designed to not only convince us that we are indeed “star seed” but that the makers of our race are now amongst us. Its already out there and happening. That’s the sub plot of the Nephilim/Annunaki disclosure. That’s why there was such a heavy investment in “The Giants” and Madonna (Louise Ciccone) and the Super Bowl, blatantly occult, mind-fuck. Its to get you thinking not only about the possibility of this being the case, but when its revealed that they have never left and actually built the world around us, we will be asked to bow down before our makers.

Its a lie of course.

Now that’s not to say that we haven’t been seeded or visited. Doing a cross-cultural perusal of ancient civilizations and seeing how they sprung up, out of nowhere with advanced technologies, seemingly overnight, defies the casual, evolutionary arc of the ages. Those civilizations were injected with cultural steroids and no matter what some sources say, this was not the result of King Solomon’s nautical adventures amongst the dark skinned peoples of the ancient world. But I digress–back to the modern script.

Its also pretty clear that “Prometheus” is featuring another meme, one of some sort of alien/synthetic sentience that colonizes the human body. In essence, this alien breed is parasitic. It is the front screen projection of Morgellons and a host of other contagion we have yet to uncover. Bundle up a plethora of products that swaddle our water and food in plastic, and we are further altering our chromosomes and even sex type. The human species as we know it is rapidly becoming a quaint notion.

We’re mutating into something else and the early data is not encouraging. People are extruding bits of plastic shards, colored fibers, octagonal looking micro-chips and more from their skin.

This acceleration into synthetic humanity is also featured in another Scott film, the legendary “Blade Runner” where Rutger Hauer’s epic performance as the lead rebel of androids gone rogue, made him and his species seem even more alive and poetic than the so called “humans” personified by Harrison Ford.

Scott also whitewashed NATO’s major fuck up in Somalia and made war seem cool and heroic again in the massively decorated “Black Hawk Down” which might be the only film in history that featured two Scottish heroin addicts, magically transformed into Audie Murphys. Of course I’m referencing Ewan MacGregor and Ewen Bremner, who were shooting junk in “Trainspotting” before they were shooting muslims in “Black Hawk Down.” Film is a funny vehicle to get people thinking about things a little differently, if you move the players around, like toy soldiers, just a bit. Doncha think?

So here we have “Prometheus” getting ready to open, opening the floodgates of Pisces, pouring tales of cosmic superiority into our minds.

In the original “Alien” what we saw was unlike anything we had ever witnessed on the silver screen. It was an illuminist head job from start to finish. The ship, “The Nostromo” goes off course to explore a planet that might have some interesting properties on it. The ship’s captain, “Dallas” played by Tom Skerrit receives communication and data from the ship’s computer named, “Mother.” He accesses “Mother” in a soft, womb like setting. In the womb lies the egg and the egg will play a large role in Alien. The egg is the source of all life.

Edward Bernays did his best mind control with eggs. Back in the 50′s instant cake mixes were starting to get mass marketed but women were not buying them. They thought they were cheating and not living up to their feminine standards by simply pouring, adding water, stirring and baking. Sales for the new mixes were slow, so Betty Crocker hired Bernays to fix the problem.

After talking with a number of women, Bernays realized that they were being robbed of their feminine/domesticated purpose. So he advised Betty Crocker to add an egg to the recipe so that the women could A) Feel like they were actually making something and B) Were biologically connected to the symbol of the egg itself. So you see, the egg has an immense amount of power.

In “Alien” the womb/mother is synthetic. That is the first act of inverted meaning and reverse magic in the film. We’ll also see “Dallas” get offed early on. So much for the old Dallas “cowboy” saving the day motif.

Once they arrive on the planet where they discover the enormous “space jockey” (can you say Nephilim?) they are quickly introduced to row upon row of, you guessed it; eggs.

John Hurt’s character touches one and we all know what happens next; Enter face sucker! Now for the next act of inverted meaning and reverse magic, shortly after eating some food, Hurt begins to shake and shudder violently and then gives birth to the nasty little alien. Yes, here we have a man giving birth. Everything is reversed. The womb is synthetic. Mother is a computer. Men give birth. This type of confusion is intentional as it dislocates the psyche and allows programs and agendas to slip in. Its a technique as old as the bible and perfected by Shakespeare.

What happens next in “Alien” is mostly a haunted house flick in space with a little alien rape thrown in for good measure. The last man standing wasn’t even a man–its “Ripley” (believe it or not!) played by Sigourney Weaver. Here again, we’re seeing inverted meaning and reverse magic. Ripley has managed to not only stave off the alien, but also “Ash” a murderous cyborg that will stop at nothing to make sure the ship and the alien reaches Earth.

Ripley is the one that survives and saves the world. She is the futuristic, ass kicking G.I. Jane (also directed by Scott) in space.

At the time, Weaver’s character was lauded for her toughness and ability to transcend traditional gender roles. She became a feminist icon. Now, it seems more like early mind warping of familiar sex identities, which was a precursor for what was to come. Scott would do this again, with “Thelma (Thelema aka Will) and Louise (Luce)” and G.I. Jane with Demi Moore, who was raised in “Roswell” New Mexico. Interestingly, Scott also directed a short film called “Jonathan” which appeared in a film with other short films about children called, get this; “All The Invisible Children.” The production company of the film is “MK Film Productions.”

So getting back to the egg which hatched this trip down the celluloid rabbit hole, we’re just a few, short days away from “Egg Day.” The world’s largest fertility rite, performed over the world’s greatest death opera; Cue Strauss’s “Death and Transfiguration.” I always thought that someone would hit an absolute grand slam if they could make a chocolate Jesus, since it would one up the pagans by beating them at their own game, while making communion sweet and fun. Okay, communion isn’t supposed to be sweet and fun, use bittersweet chocolate, which might be even more appropriate anyway. However, I am certain that certain christian sects would demand that it be “white chocolate” instead.

Eoster, Easter, Esther, Astarte, Ashtar, Ash(tar) Wednesday and Esther Sunday. Lost in all of this is Sananda Emmanuel, Yeshua, the one that the astro-theologists want to murder and simply make a star or a man, depending on which lodge you want to hang in. In just a few short days, we celebrate the death and resurrection, the big selling point for all christians, where the hammer hits the nail so to speak.

I remember getting stranded one night out in the middle of “No Fucking Where,” New Mexico with a flat. I started walking down the road with my ruined tire and quickly got picked up by a father and son. He worked for the BLM and they hauled me about 15 miles down the road to a small town where he knew a guy that could open his gas station and sell me a legit tire. It was kind of a miracle.

On the way back to my van, he asked me what I did for a living and I decided it wouldn’t be good if I told him I was a tarot reader. So I told him I was a street artist.

Without pause, he launched into a sermon about Jesus and God and how God let his only son die as the ultimate act of love for mankind. I was saying to myself, what kind of father would do that? To me, that’s psychopathic and is frankly one of the reasons why we’re so screwed up. We’ve been led to believe that ritual sacrifice is not only appropriate, but noble, even divine.

Now according to Gerald Light, the guy that spilled the beans on the Eisnenhower meet and greet with the Greys, they dialed up a magical hologram that brought the crucifixion right into their midst. So if it went down like the Zetas not just said, but showed, then what really happened?

Many years ago, I had a revelation that during the crucifixion everything on the planet was imbued with a new energy. I saw it course through all things and give us the passport to higher vibrations and levels of being. All things were humming at a different rate from that moment forward and hundreds of atomic bombs could not change it, even if they could sucker punch holes through this dimension. The energy, the essence, the cosmic DNA is everywhere, if we could only steal ourselves from the endless distractions and terminal mind fucks.

As he ushered in the age of Pisces, the keys could be found in parables, but the real action was in the living testament that we could access the same source code he did, if we could only love and never abandon the truth. Everything else was piled on by middlemen, con artists and obfuscaters.

Bathing in the waters of redemption and higher knowledge does not take a towering intellect or the ability to interpret symbols and cast them upon the world. It simply takes an open heart and a discerning mind; “Be wise like serpents.”

Let’s bring this all full circle, with Dead Can Dance’s, “The Serpent And The Egg” and “The Host Of The Seraphim.” Have a blessed Libra Moon and rebirth of your own sacred and holy awareness as an infinite being, humble in the majesty and mystery of all creation.

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Its time to come to the party.

I ran into an old, very wise friend last week, my rat buddy, Bodhi. Bodhi spends about three-hours-a-day in deep meditation. I had just come from a NMT session to treat a hellacious, upper respiratory nightmare. NMT is a fascinating healing modality that grew out of another method called, “Bioset.” Its close to vibrational or energetic medicine. Essentially, the NMT practitioner uses a combination of radionics and muscle testing to quickly determine the energetic causes of a particular condition. What they discover are these things they call “pathways.” They then go about re-setting and clearing the pathways. My practitioner also uses acupuncture and “The Beamer” a small pad that resembles a heating pad, but instead of emitting heat, it stimulates healing in specific areas. Its big in Europe, getting bigger here.

Anyway, one of the pathways that showed up for me, was “grief.” I was told to read a series of keywords while being cleared. It was powerful. I could see my life over the past two years evoked in the words. A sense of mourning and loss; the death of my father, the end of my marriage, the news that my son would have a step-father.

For years, I simply buried feelings by layering experiences on top of them, convincing myself that they were important, valid and essential to my ongoing actualization. But when I stopped drinking in July, something started cracking. The dam wall of denial was giving way. After I read those words, it broke, halfway between my practitioners office and Whole Foods.

I got it together, went into Whole Foods and that’s where I ran into Bodhi. I’ve known him since 1996. I remember him though from 1988 when I went to a channeling at Bel Marin Keys.

Back in 1996, we were working on something that had to do with raves in England, altered states, you get my drift. It didn’t pan out (Thank God) but I had one of the most powerful and synchronistic experiences with him of all time.

We were waiting around in my van for “the man” as in the Lou Reed sang, “Waiting For My Man.” We were parked behind the mega-health food store, Rainbow Market and Bodhi was asking me about Mercury Retrograde. It was MR in Gemini at that time. He wanted to know how it could manifest. I began to pontificate about travel, especially local travel, people getting frustrated, hurried, distracted, getting into accidents, etc. And right on cue, we witnessed a small, japanese car, take on a bread truck trying to load into Rainbow. Cue screeching tires, cure burning rubber smell, cue smashing glass, cue slamming of metal; Action!!! I turned, looked at Bodhi and said, “Just like that.”

Lesson over, we started the van and left.

I have always had this potently synched up connection with him. Our orbits are infrequent, but when they cross, something snaps, crackles and pops. We talked for a little bit and very quickly got into the male/female dynamic. He immediately zeroed in on the target; Men’s biggest issue is grief. For women, its anger. We then kicked around how long women in general will be angry and whether its an energy that they have overused and overplayed. Anger, like anything can be addictive. I wondered about how at some point, whether anger has become institutionalized for women and morphed into a right, a badge of honor to be whipped out and up. Scan any contemporary ad and you’ll see the modern woman sticking it to their bumbling and clueless mate. Madison Avenue can feel your wrath. Oh yes they can.

I began to think about this in the context of awakening. I circled around the invisible barbed wire fences of separation. I looked at the social structures of divide and conquer, the fragmentation of nearly every aspect of our interrelated web of life on the plane of the 3rd dimension and how easily we are led around by our noses due to the reenactment of socialized trauma, again and again and again, like a hellish loop tape; “Samsara Gone Wild!” How could we ever break through this highly manipulated and insidious matrix of control? I kept returning to the male/female dynamic and how wounded, ragged and weary it is. I saw how this very basic configuration (yet subtly dynamic and complex) is the gateway to our mystery and a deeply integrative node that we must repair if we as a culture are to be free and unassailable to the signals of distress, disease and disassociation beamed into our hearts and minds from the moment we breath.

The synthetic solution appears to be the manipulated unisex, transgenic, transgendered, transhuman. Can you say, “Singularity?” But its almost too easy. Its the alchemical marriage taking place down at Dr. Frankenstein’s cottage on the lake. Its like there is a simultaneous signal of throwing in the towel, that this “old” thing just isn’t working anymore and a truly aggressive, even angry, bordering on nihilistic urge to destroy all familiar touch points in our hearts and souls. Last week, I was on Twitter and I saw a young woman, a very popular young woman I might add, throw down the following tweet; “Love is for whores.” We have now entered the Orwellian realm of emoting.

Mars is in Virgo (retrograde). Venus in Pisces. Here we have an opposition that can provide us with some real fuel to explore, transform and heal this deeply distorted and bloody gap between the sexes. Mars in Virgo plays the role of the male principle here, even though Virgo is female/Earth. Venus in Pisces is pure feminine–an ocean of compassion and forgiveness. Mars in Virgo retro invites introspection, going back, going within, going to places that hurt. Men have a unique opportunity to explore their grief during this cycle. Where were you betrayed? Left behind? What did you give up in order to be loved, then allowed to have sex and thus feel accepted? How did you morph, mutate and twist into some knotted up creature that doesn’t even resemble who you are in your soul, just to become relevant on a planet run by psychopaths?

I feel like I am, after 50 years, really just understanding and unraveling my relationship with women thanks to Saturn on my Venus in Libra. Its dovetailed with my time spent with my mother, in the aftermath of my fathers death. Its been a very sobering experience to say the least, coming to a very clear understanding that I am not the type of progeny she would have dialed up from a Sears catalog. But its been incredibly meaningful as well.

With Venus in Pisces, women have a unique opportunity to forgive, especially as it opposes demanding and borderline anal Mars in Virgo. We’re in a time where no healing act should ever be deemed insignificant. Don’t underestimate your ability to impact the big picture by really resolving and cleansing your own heart.

We stand at the apex of history, where monolithic social forces seek to rip, uproot and crumble our tenuous connections with each other, nature and spirit. The most basic and fundamental strategy to defend against such tyranny is to mend the most basic, important and profound relationship we have; between man and woman. Grieve and forgive.

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“Halo”, my name is Newt and I’ll take you to the Moon.

How about that wild Pisces/Chiron conjunction the other day? Talk about lunacy. Newt Gingrich vowed to have a full-time lunar base by the end of his SECOND term. Whoa Newty. Aren’t we getting a little ahead of ourselves here? You need to win that first fake election this go round. Now I know that occasionally you know things other people don’t like the development of “Homeland Security” well in advance of 911, but a base on the Moon? Oh wait, since you already knew about DHS, well maybe, just maybe you might already know something about the Moon, like perhaps that bases are already there. Maybe it was those bourbons you threw back with Dick Hoagland, one bleary night in Buckhead. Or maybe, you’ve already been there. In any case, I thought it was quite fitting that we’d get the wackiest campaign promise I’ve heard in my lifetime on the Pisces Moon/Chiron conjunction.

If you haven’t noticed, Newt’s win has magically catapulted him back into the race and now all I see are pictures of Newt vs. Obama. Last time I checked, they had a few more primaries to go, even if they continued to bake the results, let’s go through those motions. The Onion did a great send up of faked elections back in 2008. If it weren’t so real, I would have laughed a lot more.

One troubling aspect of this upcoming election is that a foreign company, the Barcelona based, SCYTL is now in charge through Not surprising, they sent the results from South Carolina to SCTYL, who in turn spit the results out, anointing Commander Moon Base the winner. People are getting all hot and bothered that some “foreign” company is counting our votes. They wonder why can’t we have a trusted American company like say Diebold count the votes. Right.

Mars is retrograde in Virgo a prime energy for a re-count or at the very least a deep expose of the system at large. Maybe this is I’m moved to write about it as Mars is now conjunct my Sun. Speaking of which . . .

The other day on my show, I had a caller on the line, a regular and she told me that her blood pressure was through the roof–very unlike her. She doesn’t smoke or drink. Why would she have high blood pressure? I’ll give you two words; “heavy metal.” The skies have been filled with obscene amounts of aluminum, barium, iron oxide, manganese and other unsavory elements. All of these will push your blood pressure right through the roof, even if you exercise and eat well. We’ve had at the very least 15 years of weather modification going down. Just think about that for a moment. Monsanto hasn’t missed a beat. They’ve patented seeds that are a-l-u-m-i-n-u-m resistant. Maybe they’ve been hanging out with the prophet “Newt” and his people.

Mars in Virgo retrograde, while not overly sexy is a very good time to check in with your body. How is it? Are you doing all the things you need in order to stay healthy? Mars in Virgo MR, should be motivating you to get your blood checked, especially the metal count. I have a good friend in NYC who has been showing up with levels of metals that are through the roof. She had all of her mercury fillings removed and has been down in the trenches with heavy chelation. She seems to be turning a corner now, but the most curious piece is that her husband did not show the same stratospheric levels. So the question becomes, do metals bind easier to particular blood types, genetic carriers or even particular Haplogroups?

The effects of high blood pressure are devastating. Some of the deadly side effects include; stroke, kidney scarring, kidney failure and kidney aneurysms. Heart failure, enlarged heart and dementia can all be traced to HBP. The good news is, is that you don’t have to spend huge amounts of money on OTC drugs to get your blood pressure under control. One of the first things that you must do is get a metals count. There are services out there that will examine your hair follicles for roughly $100 and supply you with your metal count.

If you happen to have HBP, here are a few things that might be able to help you.

An Australian study recently found “Black Tea” to have BP lowering qualities. Now its not epic, like they’ve just stumbled across interferon, but put together with a few other remedies, you can begin to take more control via diet.

Another natural fighter against HBP is the wonder vitamin, Vitamin D. It promotes vascular health, while minting cleaner arteries.

Coconut water is yet another ally. In a recent study, 71% of the people that consumed coconut water saw their blood pressure lower.

Lastly, beets have been known to beat back HBP for many years now. Juicing organic beets and adding a little purified water to the mix can stretch out your beet supply and provide you with yet another tool to lower HBP naturally.

Somewhere along the way, you might also want to explore chelation. There are a number of methods that are used to strip the body of heavy metals.

To find out more about chelation, go HERE.

Rounding off our little journey into Mars/Virgo Retrograde, I’ll be joined by Dr. Janettte Sherman, who was part of an editorial team that wrote a stunning work about Chernobyl, titled; “Chernobyl Consequences of the Catastrophe for People and Nature.” She’s also the author of “Life’s Delicate Balance Causes and Prevention of Breast Cancer.” She’ll be joined by research partner, Joe Mangano. Recently, the two released a controversial peer reviewed paper that chronicled 14,000 child deaths this past year, they claim, due to Fukushima. Its called, “AN UNEXPECTED MORTALITY INCREASE IN THE UNITED STATES FOLLOWS ARRIVAL OF THE RADIOACTIVE PLUME FROM FUKUSHIMA: IS THERE A CORRELATION?”.

The two of them will be on FAR FRIDAY, tomorrow at 10:10 PST.

Also, for more deep background on Fukushima, please read Prof. Michel Chossudovsky’s latest, chilling piece on Fukushima over at Global Research.

Have you had your minimum daily requirements of Mars in Virgo retrograde opposing Venus in Pisces yet? Well open your mouth dammit, pinch your nose and swallow. Its bitter but essential. Just do it!

Here’s a little salacious Nazi Moon Base video distraction for entertainment purposes only.

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A titanic mess.

Well it didn’t take long for 2012 to run aground and beach itself on our consciousness. The Costa Concordia rang in the new year, the year of the 100th anniversary of the Titanic, on Friday the 13th nonetheless. 2012 is here. How many of you have looked at the pictures of that ship and have had an experience of utter befuddlement, as in WTF? It has that kind of visceral response. This is no mere day cruiser, but an honest to goodness cruise ship. The largest in Italy.

I hate cruise ships.

The one and only cruise I was ever on was called, “The Booze Cruise.” It departed out of Long Beach and took its sweet ass time plowing through the familiar waters of the Pacific, to arrive at the coastal village of Ensenada. It was my honeymoon cruise. I will never forget how people gorged on shitty prime rib and lobster, having two and three helpings, only because they could. It was a drunken ship of fools and there was the specter of foul play overshadowing our return journey home.

A young woman had gone missing and it was serious enough to warrant about half-a-dozen announcements imploring people to report this young woman’s whereabouts. Apparently this is fairly common on cruise ships. Women/people go missing at sea.

Getting off the ship was like a circle of Dante’s hell off the coast of California. “Disembarking” as they call it consists of getting out of your room early and being herded into the ships mezzanine with everyone else, grimly, anxiously waiting to get the hell off. The bathrooms are limited, so you’re stuck with about four hours of non-stop gastric group trauma and the unrelenting release of bad food that was cleverly disguised as something remotely edible, just day and hours before.

But I digress.

The Costa Concordia (Costal Union) ran aground just off the coast of Tuscany, near the island of “Giglio” at 9:42PM, local time.

At the time, Uranus in Aries (Radical Disruption) was opposing Mars in Virgo (Service/Attention To Detail). The two energies do not mesh well together, particularly since Mars was on the ascendent, conjuncting the Moon at that time, Uranus in the 7th.

The story as we’re hearing it now is that the ship’s head waiter, Antonello Tievolli (Mars in Virgo) was from Giglio, where his sister (The Moon in Virgo) lives. Tievolli apparently told the ship’s captain, Francesco Schettino (Uranus in Aries) that his sister would be on land. Schettino thought it would be really cool if they could get close enough to have a kodak moment. What they got was Fellini in Hell. But don’t you think its a little odd that despite it being totally dark, Schettino thought that brother and sister would actually have a meaningful moment?

Something’s not right here.

So theoretically, we have the forces of opposition in play Brother/Sister, Mars/Moon and the Captain, Uranus. But the real diamond bullet to the third eye is the True Node, the destiny of the Costa Concordia at the time of its crash was at 13 degrees Sagittarius, right at the bottom of the chart in the IC. Its destiny in that moment, on that day was to sink to the bottom. Sag of course is travel and adventure.

Orcus was discovered on 2/17/04. It was discovered by the same group of astronomer that also discovered Sedna and Quaoar. Orcus has an orbit that is similar to Pluto’s and its 248 year tour around the Sun.

Being that its related to Pluto from an orbital perspective, it has been classified as another manifestation of the underworld, since Orcus, like Pluto was a deity of the underworld to the Romans. Orcus was named on 11/22/04. 11/22 or 33 is significant for all of you illuminist scorekeepers at home.

The shadowy dimension of Orcus has yet to be plumbed in some ways. I mean how much more underworld can you get than Pluto? Deeper, darker descent into regions of Hell beyond Hell? Maybe Pluto has become like the Bhutan of the Zodiac, where all the celebs go to not be noticed without the hassle of sneaking into Tibet. You want real darkness? Now there’s Orcus.

In the chart for the Costa Concordia, Orcus is in Virgo at 3 degrees, hiding out in the Azoic Zones of the 12th House. Its there, opposing Chiron and Neptune in Pisces in the 6th House of service and work. Down, deeper, and deeper into the cold dark waters of the mediterranean.

There seems to be some rumblings of profit motive involved here as well, like sinking the ship for insurance purposes. I mean let’s face it, there isn’t a whole lot of money to float around for continual cruise line voyages and the ship ports in Italy, which has just been hit with brutal austerity measures. Likely, there’s less government money available to bail out a sinking industry like cruise liners.

So the insurance motive doesn’t sink to the bottom of possibility.

When we look at the chart, we can see Jupiter in a wide opposition with Saturn. Jupiter in House 8, Scorpio, water, death, other peoples money and resources, dark motives, hidden agendas, drink and drugs. In the other corner/quadrant of the chart, there’s Saturn in House 2. Saturn in the second is challenging. It adds something beyond gravitas when it comes to resources. Its more like the gravitational force of Saturn itself being pressed down upon finances and resources. Saturn in the second house is AUSTERE. It conjures images of monks and mendicants and its very important to keep these images in mind as we progress.

So here we have Jupiter in Taurus (largesse) hiding out in House 8, opposing Saturn in the sign of balance, anchored in House 2. Yes, the insurance aspect makes some sense when it comes to these things. Just ask Larry Silverstein.

But perhaps there’s more.

Put on your deep sea diving gear, we’re going down.

First off, there were a large number of Russians on the ship. Have you been following what’s going on with Russia? Russia and Syria?

Let’s look at the name of the ship itself; “The Costa Concordia.” What does it mean?

Well there’s a lot of buzz on the Net right now that the Rothschild’s coat of arms is “Concordia.” That’s only partially correct. It also has “Industria” and “Integras” in its crest. Concordia essentially means, “harmony” and “union.” 72.5% of Rothschild Continuation Holdings is controlled by the Dutch-registered Concordia BV. Concordia is wholly controlled by the English and French Rothschilds.

The antonyms of concord are; conflict, discord and dissension. When the ship runs aground on the “costa” or coast, it becomes an antonym, it thus represents discord and what we have heard from how Schettino and the crew, handled the crash, we can certainly factor dissension into the mix.

But just as the Twin Towers collapsed and made Larry Silverstein a whole lot of cash, it also signified the violent end of dualism in the occult sense, where there was once, two, there is now one soon to be in its place.

While the connection between the Rothschild’s and Concordia was interesting, let’s not stop there.

One of the interesting synches that I uncovered was that there is a place in Italy called, get this; “Concordia Sagittaria.” Where was the True Node in the chart at the time of the disaster? In Sagittarius, at the very bottom of the chart, at 13 degrees, on the Friday the 13th.

Another strange synche, manifests in the game, Final Fantasy, Concordia is a place that is dominated by a Queen Mother.

“The Kingdom of Concordia (コンコルディア王国, Konkorudia Ōkoku?) is a nation that holds the Sōryū Crystal in Final Fantasy Type-0, with its capital being Mahamayuri The Concordian people use the crystal to communicate with dragons and monsters, and use them for daily life and to strengthen their military.

Top posts in the Concordia government, save for the Concordian King, are held by women; Andoria serves as the queen and is the only one who can communicate with the Queen Dragon, the physical representation of the crystal. There are five Orders of elite knights who protect Sōryū Peristylium. One of them is known as the Akatoki under Celestia with Yuzuki among its members.”(Source)

And yet, there’s more!

This coat of arms belongs to one of Montreal’s centers of higher, “Concordia University” a Jesuit school. Like all of the Jesuit universities, they were founded by the holy command of Ignatius of Loyola, the thirteenth and youngest son of a Spanish family. They’ve had two coat of arms since they were originally known as “Sir George Williams College.” Sir George was the founder of the YMCA and the board of governors approved the original coat of arms based on Williams’ own on, December thirteenth 1937. Here is what the original coat of arms portrayed;

“Gules, a dove, wings elevated or, encircled around the breast with an olive branch proper, a chief or, thereon an open book or on a triangle gules between two roses of the field, barbed and seeded of the third. The book represents education, the triangle was symbolic of the YMCA concern with the whole personality – body, mind, and spirit. The rose is the heraldic symbol of the seventh son.” (Source)

In 1974, George Williams College changed their name to “Concordia” and with it, a new coat of arms. This one decidedly more different than the first. Again, the board of governors approved the new crest on the thirteenth, this time on February, 1975.

Here is where an interesting element and one that I think is key to the meta-cognition of this event comes into play.

“In 1974, with the approval of the Board of Governors, Professor David McKeen of the SGW English Department began negotiations with the College of Arms about the armorial bearings of the new university. The armorial bearings were designed by Professor McKeen to reflect the founding institutions, and included both the “Sun in his splendour,” long recognized in heraldry as a mark of Jesuit institutions, and the YMCA triangle, the whole intended to embody the spirit of Concordia.” (Source).

Both the Sun at the top of the crest and the one located between the solar plexus/heart have open books, which represent knowledge, wisdom, reason and they both sit atop an inverted pyramid. In the inverted position, the pyramid becomes a water pyramid and represents the feminine. As it sits at the heart of the Sun, here we have the masculine and feminine, or the alchemical marriage in the hermetic tradition. It is replicated also in the crown, so it is mirrored or doubled. We must take note of the presence of the Jesuit influence here. Concordia was mirroring Montreal’s own relationship with the notion of “concord” or “concord.” The motto of Montreal is, “Concordia Salus.”

Salus is the Roman Goddess of health. So in essence, she is the archetypal/hermetic presence ruling over Montreal. A Roman deity.

That’s not the only link to Italy through Montreal. Montreal was the first place staked out by the notorious Cosa Nostra, in particular the “Cuntera-Caruana” clan of Sicily. “The Italian press baptized the clan as ‘The Rothschilds of the Mafia’ or ‘the bankers of Cosa Nostra’.” This according to Wikipedia;

“In the 1920s the village of Siculiana counted 8,000 inhabitants, now less than 5,000. In the 1950s many inhabitants emigrated for work and opportunities. Many moved to Germany and Belgium or crossed the ocean to go to the United States, Canada, Venezuela or Brazil. Among them was Alfonso Gagliano, who in Canada became a cabinet minister in the government of Jean Chrétien. Among the migrants were mafiosi as well. Montreal is the first base outside Sicily for the Cuntrera-Caruana clan. Canadian immigration-records show Pasquale and Liborio Cuntrera arrived in 1951 and acquired Canadian nationality in 1957. They moved up and down between Sicily and Montreal setting up base at both sides of the Atlantic.” (Source).

While we’ve determined the meaning of concordia or concord, we haven’t really fleshed out the etymology of “costa.” On the surface, it means, “coast.” But it also has another meaning. Costa is short for “Constantine.” Constantine was the first Roman Emperor to accept and embrace Christianity along with Licinius, issuing the “Edict Of Milan” in 313, which proclaimed tolerance of all religions throughout the empire. In many ways, the Piscean Age begins with Constantine, a Pisces (2/27/272 or 11/11).

Constantine is also the name of the character played by Keanu Reeves, a character who dies and goes to the underworld to fight demons and. In essence, Constantine goes to hell.

In addition to Constantine, we also have the ships captain, the frenetic Francesco Schettino (Frances or Francis/St. Francis of Assisi) and his deckside squeeze, Dominica Cermotan (Dominican order).

Constantine, the bearer of the age of Pisces, Franciscans and Dominicans, all run aground, crashed upon the shore of tiny fishing village. Symbolically, what we’re looking at is the end of religion, the shipwrecking of faith.

This is a significant event at the outset of 2012, the 100th year anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic. That event becomes an epoch this year, a significant cycle in and of itself. An occult century within a linear century. Many have speculated that the sinking of the titanic was not some randomly tragic event due to shoddy workmanship, but rather a staged spectacle that ushered in the dread of 1913 (22), where we witnessed the start of WWI, the creation of federal income tax and of course, the Federal Reserve.

Does the grounding of the Concordia portend the death of the Euro and the start of a new, global monetary system? Will it be joined by yet another world war to accompany the destruction of one age and the birth of another?

Rumors are swirling that the crew heard explosions and that is why they were in such a hurry to leave.

Was the Concordia sabotaged? If so, who would do it and why?

Was it a case of insurance fraud? Is it part mega-ritual, part meta-meme for the end of the Piscean Age and religion? Or is it to remind us of the terror that lies ahead in 2012. Remember this heart tugging scene of the ocean liner in the movie 2012? This folks is a nice little exercise in “predictive programming.”

One final interesting side note, the sister ship of the Costa Concordia, Costa Deliziosa destroyed 150 ft of Norway’s Bergen Skoltegrunnskaien pier, May 22, 2011. Yes, that’s right, 11/22 or 33. Add in May (5) and you get 38 or 11.

Join me at 10AM PST, 1/20 on The Friday Farcast, I’ll be discussing this topic more at length and I’ll be joined in the second hour by Jay Weidner. We’ll hear what Jay has to say about 2012, Ron Paul and More.

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Let it rain.

Sunday, the Moon moves into Pisces, rising to fullness on Sunday night. Neptune in Aquarius is opposed Mercury on the critical anaretic degree. We need water in Texas to offset the scorching heat of the fires and epic drought, not too mention Rick Perry’s hot air. I decided to post this track that I did about two years ago. Its a sonic paen to water, rain and a psychedelic journey into the rainforest. This is for Texas and all people needing spiritual and emotional relief in times of drought on all levels. Thanks to Daft Ada for the inspiration.

Nagual Telemetry by dominmatrix

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The dual duel

My kid is into Beyblades. Astrology plays a large role in the Beyblade mythology. I ran across this the other day when we went to the store with the ancient Sun symbol with man in the center. I thought it was pretty funny in some ways, but then as Mercury retrograde continues to stir the pot, I was watching a doc called The Panama Deception, about the invasion of Panama by GHWB to grab his old pal Noriega, who got far too big for his britches. Anyway, one of the tactics the U.S. used was implementing something called “Project Pisces” which entailed freezing Panamanian assets as a prelude to Noriega’s forceful ouster. There’s a woman who shows up in the film named “Sabina Virgo” who is a political activist. You can’t make this shit up. Must be the run up to Virgo. Mercury is rising.

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