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She’s gonna blow . . .

Rounding into the weekend, the sexy, sultry, super-hooked-up and steaming New Moon in Taurus, we’ve got a few nagging details to remind us that we’ve got some reckoning on our plates. I’ll get to the good news, the everyone gets a trophy for playing news, but you’re gonna have to wade through the brackish and mutagenic waters of Chiron in Pisces first.

Two years ago, I spent a significant amount of time and energy on the Gulf Crisis. I was tag teaming with Michael Edward, who was waaaaaay out in front of what was happening down there. Michael’s hypothesis was nightmarish, approaching pure science fiction. He quickly came to the conclusion that the goal was the massive dumping of Corexit into the waters of the Gulf. He got into where it was developed, by whom and why. His findings were chilling. He realized that Corexit would not only kill the gulf, but cause horrific mutations in marine life and ultimately, humans. Michael proclaimed that the Gulf would become a laboratory vat for some gruesome experiment, which would lead to . . . zombification.

What he meant by this, is that Corexit would (and has) produced hideous and painful skin ulcerations and attack the central nervous system. Once the Gulf was decimated of most of its life, there is a plan in place to grow deadly black algae, which would be harvested as a fuel source. Welcome to the green economy. A few million pesky lives living below the Mason-Dixon line would be a noble sacrifice to science and unburdening us from our dependency of fossil fuels. It would just look like a George Romero film for the first few years.

It’s happening now. The ravages of Corexit are washing ashore, getting tangled up in fishing nets and crab traps. Crabs with three eyes, sardines with body-wide lesions, dolphins giving birth to deformed offspring; these are the frontline casualties of the Gulf. To this day, BP has not ceased in its assault and continues to dump and spray Corexit at a genocidal rate.

This is Chiron in Pisces. Our precious waters, fouled with transgenic spew, altering the basis fabric of our lives at the most fundamental, from krill to kill. And it happened two years ago today.

There’s a school of thought that these egregious and deliberate acts are symbolic of inner states that are deeply in denial and are externalized in the form of collective events. The scenario goes like this; We’re all bottled up and clogged, our emotional states (water) are coagulated and blocked. When it comes to feeling we are synthetically emoting, programmed to unleash judgment, contempt, faux-concern, hand-wringing and indignation. These are what passes for emotions these days.

What happened to the Gulf might be the environmental externalization of rage and if it wasn’t it most certainly should be, because that’s what people are sitting on and even Mt. Popocatepetl blowing won’t quite do the trick.

Women are pissed at republicans, blacks pissed at whites, 99% pissed at 1%, white men are pissed at people telling them how to feel (usually guilty). There’s a simmering anger, growing exponentially towards David’s tribe. Ted Nugent has a gun and Al Sharpton, a microphone.
That’s “theoretically” what the “Gulf” could be about–our unclaimed rage manifesting in its toxic dispersal and blistering marine life. But that was two years ago.

Rage is at another level altogether now. Which means, theoretically if we’re following the theorem; A (anger) squared–divided by (D) distraction–multiplied through (D2) denial to the power of six hundred and sixty six, what we have is ADD from Hell.

It has to find its way out somehow, someway. Theoretically. That brings us to this blessed New Moon, kissing and conjuncting the Sun on 4/20, forming a very earthy love triangle with Mars and Jupiter. Which brings us to the question; Can we catapult out of the labyrinth of Minos into the clear air of objective perception without having a collective breakdown and planetary purge so great that our ancient pathos turns to tears of God, cleansing every sentient and non-sentient agency on this plane of existence? In essence can we get to joy without the nasty little side trip to Hades?

My answer is “yes” well mostly yes and this New Moon leaves clues.

The Full Moon will manifest in Scorpio on May 6th and with it, will be the aggregate thought forms that we plant, right here, right now, this very day. So with that information in hand, I respectfully anoint you as a conscious agents of creation. Endowed with that title comes powers that are granted. You, on this day have the power to plant the most loving, divine and creative thought/feeling into the world that you possibly can. It can be a work of art, a meal, making love, running on the beach, writing a letter. Do it consciously today, with as much faith and brio that you can muster, knowing that the universe is strikingly efficient and will waste no time in recycling your efforts into something greater than you can ever imagine.

Break the inertia, dispel entropy and audaciously affirm that you did not descend onto this plane without purpose and meaning. You are human. Now go out and do something consciously and make believers out of the rest of us.

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Can quantum peace be yours?

The New Moon joins a veritable party in the sign of Libra (Sun/Merc/Venus/Saturn). The ability to hit the re-set button in relationships is very real, but Libra is a cardinal sign, so it will take some initiation. Someone has to make the first move. The beauty of this stellium is there is a unique ability to hear/feel the other person, with a fair amount of objectivity, but not so much that there’s a stratospheric detachment that keeps people in touch with their feelings. The biggest challenge to experiencing world peace is Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries, creating a T-Square of epic proportions. Is peace a quantum experience? Can we get to it without working through endless issues and grievances?

In the western tradition, peace is granted and blessed through a direct relationship with Jesus Christ. This is the quantum peace that is available through the Christian experience. There is no dogma, no ritual, just pure surrender. It can be argued that this is what Jesus (Sananda/Yeshua/Emmanuel) the historical figure espoused, that we can get to peace, but it would take a full and total surrender. This might be one of the greatest mysteries and perhaps misinterpretations of our time.

The core of Jesus’ teachings take place in the symbolic language of the parables. There are 37 in the canonical gospel and 13 outside of them, appearing in the Didache and letters of the Apostolic Fathers. Here we see the direct teachings at work in very indirect ways. While they are not on the same level as koans, there are a number of symbolic levels and interpretations that are inherent in the teachings. The most direct expression of this surrender or in this case, an actual transaction happens at the soul level in Matthew 13:44. Here a man finds a hidden treasure buried in a field and then sells everything he has to buy the field. It’s a metaphor of course for the kingdom of heaven, or in this case, what we might consider peace.

Again, the whole idea or concept is the idea that there can be a direct connection and once established, it can happen in a moment. Its not clear if the man that found the treasure did so immediately. It would seem that there had been some digging, some searching involved in the quest, which, if we’re all honest with ourselves, that’s what we’re all doing. However, when achieved this on one, level, becomes an expression of quantum peace.

When we look at other traditions, that moment is also demonstrated.

In the Buddhist tradition, peace it seems is related to the freeing of oneself from the state of samsara, which is the realm of suffering and illusion. This is a lifelong path on the quest for peace and the state of Bodhi, which is often described as “perfect sanity” or the “nature of the universe” revealed. Inherent in Buddhism is a type of cognition in the knowing and achieving of inner states, especially peace. There are serious levels of attainment, and yet the buddhist nature in and of itself would seek to disentangle itself from the idea of attainment. Here we see one of the paradoxical dynamics involved that sets up a yoga for the mind; Attainment without striving. The most immediate peace for the Buddha mind is the understanding that this world is nothing more than illusion. I know scores of people on the West Coast that make this their mantra. Its quite popular amongst the Goji Berry eaters of Marin County. But there too lies the great paradox. Go rob a bank (even though banks are robbing you) and see how much of the world is an illusion if you get caught. Get my drift?

So the Buddhist must be onto something else, a more refined version of illusion, like maybe that the sub-atomic nature of matter is really a prismatic projection of consensual thought or maybe that the world is run in ways that we don’t fully comprehend or understand. That maybe all governments are really just filled with figureheads doing the business of men in the shadows, always just outside the public purview, unless occasionally one of them should be sold out by one of their accomplices; think Bernie Maddoff and Jack Abramoff (somethings off) with those guys. Or perhaps they had the vision and the insight to travel into the future and could see a group of people hoarding technologies of light, far in advance of those around them, literally occupying distinctly different versions of the universe; one yoked to petrochemical drama and the metal ghosts of the 20th century, the other reenacting the golden age of Atlantis, skipping through time and space, nearly at will. Perhaps this is what they meant. But does any of this add to your quotient of peace on this New Moon?

No matter how its spun, we live in deeply chaotic times. Countries and now continents are on the brink of financial insolvency. It was revealed just days ago tar Israel has over fifty bunker busters that the U.S. recently sold to them, which means that they are likely to use them at some point to bust some bunkers, likely in Iran, which won’t fold like a bedouin tent at the first hint of a color revolt. How does one find and dwell in a state of peace while all of this is going down in a static field of cognitive dissonance?

For me, peace seems to be a moment-to-moment experience, gauging who I am and what I am doing by being as conscious as possible. Its incredibly liberating when the ego can let go and see where it clings and holds onto its tenuous position at times. Can we, as a planet click over into a quantum state of deep and abiding peace? Is the realization of that peace equal to the amount of love it takes to ground it?

Maybe its a flaw in my programming, but since I was a young child I knew that humanity was destined for great things and that we could achieve levels of oneness and brilliance in ways that other generations could never had imagined. I still hold this to be true. In the time of the New Moon in Libra, take one moment to be as a child and realize that you are in the arms of a great, loving force that supports the deepest and most profound aspects of your nature, truly bringing gifts that you were destined to share in this lifetime and add to the great mosaic of life. Then imagine yourself as a wise parent and do something to support that child and its gifts to your very last breath. I guarantee you, that if you do this, no matter what happens, you’ll be able to sleep at night and that might be the biggest barometer of peace there is. The rest? Its out of your hands.

If you manage to do this, without any teachers or outside intervention, this would qualify you as a “pratyekabuddha.” According to Buddhist lore, many pratyekabuddhas can emerge in an age at a single time. Perhaps this could give you some solace as well, knowing that there are millions out there just like you. Whether it’s God or others that confront the dark illusions of this realm, know that you are not alone.

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new-moon1If you could look past the chemtrails, this is what you would see.

The Moon is racing to catch up with The Sun, by the end of the day, it will. It’s newness will compliment the golden moments of the Sun’s respite in Taurus. Chiron has moved into Pisces at 0 degrees. This is ground zero for all things related to water. Yes, that includes the massive spill in The Gulf. The damage is nearly incomprehensible and while BP failed in their attempt to cap the spill with their puny dome, they’ve managed to do a pretty fair job in sealing off most of the hardcore press from the disaster zone. There is some deeply disturbing and compelling video taken by John Wathen, an environmentalist, who had a volunteer pilot fly 87 miles out to ocean where the sub-oceanic petrol volcano is spewing over 200,000 gallons-a-day. This will devastate the region for years, maybe decades to come. Methane is also leaking off the coast of Florida, forcing some folks there to actually evacuate. This is the equivalent of an environmental Hiroshima.

As the days, months and years go by, with Chiron in Pisces, the planet’s water will become it’s most valuable and precious resource. Who gets to tap into it and for how much will be one of the most controversial topics of the days to come. What is happening in The Gulf is just the beginning. Why do you think that the Bush family has bought over 98,000 acresGuarani Aquifer, the largest source of fresh water in the world. Water will equal and then surpass gold in value during the days to come.

The Moon is new in Taurus and if you haven’t gotten your plants into the ground, tomorrow is a very, very, good time. In the mundane world, it’s a great time to get a haircut or a pedicure as well. Things grow back nicely pruned during a Bull New Moon. Take some time and reflect on what is happening to our precious world, our source of life in the physical and the planetary embryo for hatching our consciousness to the stars. Take some time to feel her, honor her and try to have a few moments of silence for the people, land and species of The Gulf. Hold them and cradle them for just a moment in the hearth of your awareness. I’m not sure there is much more that we can do for now. Let’s look at some New Moon scopes for each sign.

It doesn’t get much more basic than what Tessa was saying on my radio show yesterday. I’m hungry and I want to eat something. A fresh fruit salad. This is the essence of the New Moon for you and it doesn’t get more basic than that. But the New Moon in Taurus is also about planting and sustainability. What you eat now what you satiate your hunger with will have a lasting impact on you. Want a better diet? Healthier and nutritious? It starts today. Eat your destiny, but make sure to choose as well as you chews. The temple gates of your body are wide open.

Can we all just climb in bed with you for the next 24 hours? You are the most delicious food in the garden. You are ripe, right now. Voluptuous and vital, there is an earthy magnetism that emanates from you and we are irresistibly drawn into the warm current of your of your deep center. How does it feel to be the source of life for a few days? Just run with it. Sooth, soothsay, seduce and supplicate. You can do it all and still have plenty left over. We venerate you. We exalt you. We crown thee King and Queen May. Just don’t get too used to it. In two days your personal festival is over and it’s back to chopping wood, carrying water. But for now, for now, just roll with it baby.

If you ever wanted to have moment where you wanted to start over, or at the very least, take a few steps backwards and take a new crack at your path, tomorrow could be that day you have been waiting for. it won’t come easy per se, but it promises to be lasting and fairly profound if you have the correct intention. I’m talking the power of prayer in a moment of deep silence. You can still the restless crashing of your mental waves for a few hours over the next few days and the beautiful void allows you to enter into the inner temple with great humility and deep appreciation. It’s there, waiting for you and all you have to do is ask without any desire to be heard or gratified and you will have the most solid and honest relationship with your inner self that you’ve had in quite sometime. That, in and of itself will start the reset button in motion. The rest isn’t up to you.

While I would never advocate that you ditch you shell, I would say that maybe you should trade it in for a more streamlined model. You need to get out and mingle with the masses. That big old shell you’re carrying around just won’t do. You can adorn it and make it pretty, but we’re talking Spring here and you need to ditch a few layers of that carapace. It’s time. You’ve been behind closed doors for too long. Too much virtual and not a enough physical is not good for you. You’re the symbol of circulation and flow. Get out there and go to lunch or desert and indulge in the organic experience of renewable relationships. Over the next few days, you are no crusty crab.

With Mars still circulating in your sign, you’re on top of the world, feeling it. After months of retrograde torture and diminution of will, you’re filling back up and setting more grounded and worthy career goals. The next 24 hours allows you to have a solid presence in your work world and even during this disastrous time in our economy, you can still make money and believe it or not, the New Moon says you can make even more. The key is to not overestimate your worth at the expense of others. Know what your value is and naturally accept it. Don’t question or hyper-inflate it. Just feel it, know it, be it.

In a past life, you were an agronomist-sage, where you set your sextant against a sky of seed, flowering and fruiting into the future. For you, there was little difference between the tides of heaven and earth. You plotted the seasons as if sailing waves of wheat or corn. As below, so above. That kind of wisdom is yours for the asking and the reaping, especially if you can translate that from crops to harvest of skills, talent and worth. You have planted the seed long ago, but on this New Moon, you have the ability to translate the organic telemetry of growing into a more practical stratagem of wisdom that rains from above. When asked about a great idea or a concept, the native elder replied; “But does it grow corn”? That’s your question for the deeply grounded insight that you are about to bear.

You often get lulled into the idea that you can have this marvelous, wonderful, sensate experience between your ears. You have become so facile at approximating value and assigning beauty to experience, that it is like some sublime equation in your minds eye. This makes you heaven’s voyeur. Not today or the next though. You are down in it. You are smelling he chaf and the leather, the sweat and the pleasure, the grind of creation. It’s overwhelming and yet, you desire to be completely liberated from the aesthetic play-by-play in your head. Let it go and surrender to the world around you, in all of it’s glorious and deeply ironic physicality. Like the urbane visitor in Lawrence’s, “The Blind Man,” the natural world is seeking to take your senses by siege. Wave the white flag.

Last night, I encountered three couples, with three vastly different styles of relating at my local watering hole. To my left, there was a man with a weathered and leathered visage, a face that had stared far too long into the salty spray. He sat between me and is beloved like a barrier reef, rebuffing with taciturn rejoinders my attempt at small talk. Not directly, but with clear, stay back code. On his other side, his wife looked on with the gaze of a woman stranded on a desert island, longing for deliverance. On my right, a couple set to get married in two weeks, close and ready for the exchange of their vows. And yet, there were times that the man, sitting next to me, reached out like a life line to her, not in some extension of connection, but more like a grasp at reassurance. Behind me, Shannon Doherty’s double interrogated the waitress for long, awkward moments about the menu, while her man sat by, fidgeting, uncomfortable, but clearly aware of this ritual. These are just a few of the earthly imperfections you face as you choose to renew, in your typical scorpion fashion, the meaning of your love.

When I think of archetypal Sag’s, one of the faces that flashes across the screen of my mind is Gregg Allman. There wasn’t a more deeply troubled and chemically dependent figure in rock during The 70′s and 80′s. Troubled by the untimely death of his brother Duane just after playing with Eric Clapton, during Clapton’s most devilish and decadent phase, he battled cocaine addiction and Cher’s (Taurus) diva static. By all accounts, he should be dead. But, he is not and neither are you. That said, it would behoove you to take some extra effort to extend that lifespan of yours. Clean up your kitchen and cleanse your system.

Often times, we assign a value of being this stony demi-urge amongst the zodiac. While it’s occasionally true, you are also of this Earth and such, you are just as innocent and lighthearted as the rest of us, though even you have conformed to the myth of your own sign. Beneath the surface of serious intent, you are really just a kid looking to score some pink popcorn and a ride on the tilt-o-whirl on a warm, Summer night, with the stars blinking directly back at your dizzy gaze. It’s not so different now, even though the emanation of your destiny looms large. Take some time and allow the simplicity of the moment melt into your established and well rehearsed decorum. You deserve a break from your responsibility.

I only have a few words to say for you. Even eagles have nests. Find yours, wherever it is and honor it.

One of the great ironies of being a profound dreamer is that you don’t always have power over such an incredible gift. Sometimes you are the dream, sometimes it is you. Grounding that gift is not something they teach in grad school and even if you did have some semblance of influence over that world, it would be impossible for you to maintain draconian control over such a fluid state. It would ultimately chase you to substances that would help you flow and fell more compatible with that realm. However, matching the frequency is not the same as creating something new out the realm of a dream. Now, you have the capacity to ground your sleeping and waking vision in a very concrete fashion. Believe in it without fail. Make it happen.

In honor of The Gulf, it’s people and habitat.

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alchemicalmoonThe Sacred Union

Five planets in Pisces, four of which conjunct throughout the day. “The Ides Of March” should be more like “The Tides Of March” with all of this watery influence. Peak spiritual experience is in order for the day. Compassion fills our cups–the holy grail of our day-to-day emotional redemption. Find one person or event in your life that has been difficult to forgive. Address that grievance inside yourself in any way that you can and simply let it go, let it return to the source of all life. There is profound spiritual energy available at this time and the veil between us and the cosmic pulse of life is very thin. Here’s some quick scopes for each signs and strategies to forgive and let go. Happy birthday Mom.

Prepare your bedroom like a shrine tonight. Add lots of flowers in many small vases or vessels. Bring as much water into your space as possible. You are building the proscenium for your temple of dreams. Set your intention to forgive and be forgiven. Let God do the rest.

Get out, mingle in the void of the moon. Mix and open to the magic of reflection. You will have numerous opportunities to experience your feelings amidst reflections of personae from the past. Bless each one with the benediction of kindness no matter how forbidding they once appeared to be. There are no shadows tonight.

Want to hit the re-set dial on your career? There is no time like the present. Anything you do today in order to take some course of action to get closer to the ideal expression of your innate, evolutionary pattern, the more you will bring that into being. Make a collage of your gifts and talents, support someone else’s creative dream by donating time or money and let your higher self take of the rest.

The imagery of “The Upper Room” should be first and foremost in your heart and mind today. Contact with the numinous awaits you if you can prepare the right conditions for it to occur. Meditation, silence, deep retreat into the natural world all set the stage for “higher” wisdom to pour into your life.

Sex and spirit were cleaved in two by the early church “fathers.” Mary was left out of the trinity, usurped by the holy ghost, a phantasmic apparition for pagan consumption. She needs to assume her rightful place in the triune of spirit. Mary and Mary got left on shore because of the power inherent in woman. Psychologically, the thought of endless waves of orgasmic ecstasy and divine birth were just too much to handle. With Mars gone direct, it’s time for you to rediscover the whole and holiness of the divine feminine as it relates to deep, sexual intimacy.

While Leo is plunging into the archetypal depths of sacred sexuality, you are courting your soul mate. Like all signs today and tomorrow, it’s not necessarily what you do, but how you do it. Don’t take anything personally (a life lesson for you) and let the tides of connection move you magically, magnificently and majestically to your divine reflection.

Dharma and purpose are first and foremost for you over the next 24 hours. You need a spiritual renewal in your sense of purpose. You do this by discovering different depths and layers of your current occupation or if you are in transition like so many Americans at this point, allow your secret gifts to rise to the surface. Indulge in the perfect scenario for your most potent expression talent. Forgive yourself immediately if you don’t feel like you are doing your life’s work. Today, let life’s work do you.

You and Leo should hook up. Seriously. The same energy is running through both of your signs but moving in slightly different paths. For you, it’s about allowing your fantasies to rise to the surface in all of their gothic and romantic excess. Get in touch with the deep and poetic wellspring that you can be renewed through love and any past hurt that made you feel like Edward Scissorhands can be exorcised simply by opening your heart.

If Aries is turning their sleep chamber into a temple of dreams, you should be doing the same with your own house this evening. The possibility of visitation and communion with the other side is highlighted for you. Find and arrange pictures of someone you love that has passed and place them around the house. Find some of their favorite foods, play a few of their favorite songs and invite them to sit for a while, especially if there was any unfinished business.

I spent the weekend with my Capricorn uncle, whom I had not seen in years. He spent the majority of it sobbing over his childhood that was stolen from him. The energy of this Moonday is exquisitely aligned for you to forgive any and everyone that made you grow up much faster than you would have liked to. Your siblings, if you have them hold keys to memories that would unlock the cages of your torment. Seek them out and commune with them.

Give it away. Let it go. I’m talking material stuff. Things. Definition of self as manifested through your accumulated fetishes and power objects. Donate or dump them. Get them out of your space if you want to welcome in something new that is far more reflective of your ever changing nature. If you feel like you have compromised your integrity by your attachment to these things, forgive yourself and welcome in cool new expressions of renewable energy on many levels.

You are the poster child for forgiveness today. We look to you as our super-heroine who is no longer able to swim against the tide, but must really surrender and go with the flow. The act of letting the currents of change take you to wherever they need is a blessing that you cannot see at this point. The only thing that will hinder complete and total rebirth is your clinging to anything from your past. Let it all go.

Just for kicks and entertainment purposes only, here is Duran Duran with their semi-fascistic, fetishistic video, “New Moon On Monday.” Enjoy.

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moonfullThe chief agenda is transformation

The powers of perception and deception are coming on strong. With the Sun, Mercury and Venus, all in Scorpio, with the Moon to follow on Saturday, the emphasis is on seeing deeply through the scrim of illusions, where shadows play upon the opaque nature of man. This weekend has all of the cosmic force behind it to get to the bottom of things, whether it’s relationships, pseudo-pandemics, or any other drama or trauma that bursts upon the flat panel of your mind. Go deeper, trust your instincts, especially on the new moon, the new, marvelously magnetic Scorpio Moon, dark and receptive, like an ebony portal to the rest of the solar system. Meditate, don’t medicate or sleep on this auspicious stellium. Let the lunar waves guide you to the true magnetic north of your soul. Gaze deeply into the eyes of another, mirror gaze, get next to an ocean or a lake. Become the stillness. Become the tide.

While you’re dropping down into spiritual erogenous zones, don’t drift away or fall asleep. Stay present and aware of what’s taking place in the macro, practice the presence of two minds, equally aware and awake of inner and outer realities. Mastering this form of awareness is a type of bi-location of consciousness, being in two places at once, grounding the polarity of emergent realities simultaneously. You can do it. Look for clues, see signs, read tea leaves like they’re the headlines of your newly appointed mission, but don’t fall asleep, because those self-same energies are being worked by other agencies as you read these words. Breakdown and breakthrough are the key words for this weekend and this new moon.

In addition to the stinging stellium and moonless skies, Saturn squares Pluto on Sunday, it’s hardest angle. The Sabian Symbols for both planets/signs are interesting to say the least. I use Dane Rudhyar’s interpretations, so they may not match up with Wheeler’s or my pal Lynda Hill’s. For Rudhyar, Libra 1 initiates the cycle of collectivization, underscored by the power of Libra 1, which is “Transfiguration.” The Sabian Symbol for Libra 1 is:


Rudhyar believes Libra 1 to be a potent degree of intuitive consciousness, but not limited to the individual. He sees the energy shifting from the individual to the formation of groups, collectives and the archetypal energies surrounding Libra 1 are “Forms.” Interestingly enough, he assigns the cycle of Scorpio as “Powers” which brings us back to the opening paragraph, around the power and depth of Scorpio and it’s planetary formation this weekend. Forms and powers. Groups. Collectivity. Connectivity. Clusters. Tribes. Empowerment. The symbol of the butterfly itself is of course a record of it’s beauty, a symbol of it’s transformation, the secret patterns on it’s wings with messages for those with eyes that can see. The dart “fixes” the perfection of the butterfly and thus makes an archetype of the butterfly itself. Rudhyar of course also sees the butterfly as Jesus impaled on the cross, where the rays of transfiguration complete the transformation from “The Son of Man” to “The Son Of God.” We’re talking potent symbology and energy. Do not underestimate the power of this weekend to really blow some doors off the hinges of your psyche, especially as it relates to Capricorn 1.


When I think of Capricorn 1, I think of the movie from the seventies with the same title, with James Brolin, OJ Simpson and Sam Waterson as astronauts that take part in faked a Mars landing and are then hunted down by TPTB when they decide to flip the script. It’s one of those semi-cheesy seventies films that flirts with conspiracy, then flaunts it in our face. But this Capricorn 1 is much different. Rudhyar talks about the sheer power of this degree and it’s bold claim to title, to that of “chief” which apparently has the same Latin root as “capital” and also “head.” He is somewhat neutral on the effects of the degree, concerning himself more with the power than it’s actual application. In Rudyhar’s eyes, this degree is clearly a test of being able to handle the power . . . or not. As it squares off against Libra 1 and Saturn, the concentrated focus of collectivity an the powers of Scorpio, will it create a natural friction? What if the groups do not like what the chief has done? can there be thousands of chiefs? I find it interesting that Barack Obama was essentially meeting with a group Native leaders at the Tribal Nations Conference and actually called out a “Dr. Joe Medicine Crow” under Capricorn 1. Was this a symbolic act by Obama, asserting himself as “The New Chief?” John Bell Hood, the man whom Fort Hood is named after, cut his military teeth as an “Indian Fighter” shooting it out with Comanche’s at “The Devils River” in Texas, where his left hand was pierced by an arrow.

So let’s say your asking yourself, “How will this new moon effect me and my sign?” Well let’s find out:

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ggFrom Dante to The Georgia Guidestones.

In our last episode of who started “The Black Plague” we came upon the most interesting fact that in 1339, the year when “The Plague” rampaged through Crimea and it officially became a European issue, Pisces was in Uranus at 23 degrees. In our time, Pisces is in Uranus at 25 degrees, just two degrees off of the September, 1339 date. And what are we dealing with again? The specter of yet another plague in Swine Flu, perhaps the first of many. Today, marks not only the new moon in Virgo, but along with The Sun and Saturn (opposing Uranus) Virgo encourages us to look more closely about the effect and impact of Virgo on this current cycle and what it looked like during the inception of the plague.

In September, 1339, Jupiter, not Saturn was in Virgo and it had just entered the planet of possibility and expansion. When we look at these cycles from a cultural perspective, as we’ll see from Saturn later on, it’s important to see how they are cast against the backdrop of the times. In 1339 at the peak of the “High Middle Ages” craft guilds, charters, communes, monetary systems, were all on the rise. Society in the west was in a deeply formative stage and the energy and possibility of a new world emerging from the darkness of “The Early Middle Ages” was a distinct reality. Read the rest of this entry »

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totalsolareclipseReady or not, here it comes.

The buzz is in the air. There seems to be a great deal of transformational velocity accruing and accumulating with the onset of the new moon and the centuries most potent solar eclipse.

The Moon is completely new in Cancer, just a day before the solar eclipse, almost ready to phase shift into Leo, peaking at 30 degrees Cancer. The lunar magnetism has reached it’s full potency, it’s zenith, it’s full pull upon psyches and inner landscapes.

In the Arguelles count of The Mayan calendar, this day falls under 12 Cauac, the second to last day of the Mayan calendar, which falls neatly on the day of the solar eclipse. Both days are incredibly auspicious. The 21st is a day of cleansing, activation, catalyzing and clearing. Here is the code according to Arguelles for 12 Cauac:

Blue Crystal Storm
I Dedicate in order to Catalyse

Universalizing Energy

I seal the Matrix of Self-generation

With the Crystal tone of Cooperation

I am guided by the power of Magic

This new noon will dissolve obdurate inner order, calcified by entropy and habit. Here’s a little new age wisdom for you; “Go with the flow.” Surrender and let the wisdom of silence guide you into greater pathways of psychic navigation. Open to channels of direct experience, Trust what you know and you ‘ll be fine.

This can be a powerful incentive to unlearn and get into the simplicity of relating to self and others. The Sabian Symbol of this new moon is, “Daughter Of The American Revolution” (of which my mother is one). This is actually a fairly conservative symbol as it relates to tradition and ancestry–the preservation of culture through the feminine principle. The culture in question is ours. While these symbols are applicable across any number of cultures, countries, and traditions, this one speaks to a more potently American vision. There is a preservation of values that is consistent with this symbol, one of law and order even though those that preserve those values, were at one time revolutionaries themselves. While this applies to daughter of the american revolution, this can also be seen as daughters of more recent cultural revolutions.

Energy, cooperation, deep flow, tradition, sacred laws, ancestry, magic, catalyzation, all set the stage for the most powerful eclipse of the 21st century, which will be in total eclipse mode for a scant 6:22 seconds. It will be visible in southeast asia, particularly in China. This last fact cannot be underestimated. The chinese are by and large, incredibly superstitious. They place a large emphasis on the role of ancestors and familial remembrance. Ghosts and spirits have power in the realm of their spiritual imagination. This eclipse will be seen as omen-nous in China. They have been perhaps the most eclipse conscious society on the planet, having recorded 596 solar eclipses from the Han to the Yuan dynasties, The earliest remnant of a solar eclipse recorded in China was unearthed at Yin ruins, dated at 1200 BC.

Eclipses carry weight in China.

This year they will carry out a broad number of experiments to determine it’s effects on everything from animals in a zoo, who will be lined up to be observed and seen what sort of impact the eclipse will have on them. In the past eclipses in China have precipitated earthquakes and other dramatic events.

It’s symbolic of “the great eating” as a dragon feasts on the moon. Make no mistake, this is an auspicious moment for China and yet, both the new moon and the eclipse itself, at 29 degrees are in Cancer, the predominant sign of The US. But both heavenly bodies are near the end of their degrees. This suggests some form of energetic pull, from one pole in the west, to another in the east, where the eclipse will be in full force. Ironically, The Sabian Symbol for 29 degrees Cancer is “A Greek Muse Weighing Newborn Twins On A Golden Scale.” Are the twins The US and China? What is being weighed out and measured in full? Read the rest of this entry »

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