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You are the electric microcosm.

New ideas are beginning to emerge about the true make-up of the universe. If you haven’t dipped into the “Electric Universe,” it might be time to get hip. In lay terms, the theory behind the electric universe is that planets, stars, comets, etc, are all floating in an electric soup of plasma. Everything is governed by charge with both positive and negative currents. One of the most shocking examples of the electric universe is the theory behind comets. As scientists have tracked comets, they’ve discovered that they don’t behave at all like we thought they did. Comets aren’t these interstellar renegades shooting through the universe, collecting dust, ice and other space crap. Just like the Sun is electric, so too apparently are the comets themselves as they are drawn to our Sun, via some sort of magnetic attraction and many of them wind up being discharged or dissipated by the Sun itself and apparently proximity has little to do with it. Near or far, the most direct or subtle discharge of an EMP from the Sun can untangle the very physical nature of the comets themselves.

Tesla was hip to the electric universe obviously. He knew from his studies of the aurora borealis and lightning that the Earth is being constantly bombarded by electricity. The amount of lightning strikes that hit the planet on a daily basis is ridiculous. Tesla worked it all out in the Rockies, where there are more strikes and static charge than just about anywhere else on the planet. Out of his revelations and epiphanies regarding the electric universe, he developed his legendary, free energy system that was stolen and buried by JP Morgan. Morgan’s Aries Sun, squared Tesla’s Cancerian Sun, which theoretically could produce enough friction and charge on its own to create a dynamic energy, but that was not to be the case over the long term.

With Uranus now in Aries, the electricity and energy that Tesla uncoiled, the very same energy that is the sheet lightning of creation in the cosmos, is gaining ground in our consciousness. We sing the body electric. We are the dipoles of creation, free energy systems unto our cells and selves, integrating the dynamics of charge, discharge, attraction and repellence. God is gas crackling with unconditional voltage.

In the Matrix, humans were used as batteries to power the nightmarish virtual world that they were jailed in. Where are you using your energy? Does it liberate you with less impedance in your life or is it creating a static field of inertia, where you re-create the same scenario over and over and over again?

Don’t think that the TPTW aren’t aware of this. Why do you think chemtrails, laced with aluminum coat our skies? Not only do they diffuse the clean energy of our Sun, based on the CME cycles, the energy is both increasing and intensifying. Chemtrails fill our bodies with conductive metals which become far more conducive to negative charge via cell towers, phones, TVs, etc. In essence a false and lesser version of the electric universe is being created by man.

Unless you have that special gene that allows you to shit, piss and sweat aluminum out faster than the rest of us, you’ll need a little help getting it out of your body.

Cilantro is one of the best sources for naturally chelating metals. Here’s a great recipe for Cilantro Pesto, from the tuned in and turned on, Gates 7.

Cilantro Chelation Pesto

4 cloves garlic
1/3 cup Brazil nuts (selenium)
1/3 cup sunflower seeds (cysteine)
1/3 cup pumpkin seeds (zinc, magnesium)
2 cups packed fresh cilantro (coriander, Chinese parsley) (vitamin A)
2/3 cup flaxseed oil
4 tablespoons lemon juice (vitamin C)
2 tsp dulse powder
Sea salt to taste

Process the cilantro and flaxseed oil in a blender until the coriander is chopped. Add the garlic, nuts and seeds, dulse and lemon juice and mix until the mixture is finely blended into a paste. Add a pinch to sea salt to taste and blend again. Store in dark glass jars if possible. It freezes well, so purchase cilantro in season and fill enough jars to last through the year.

Cilantro has been proven to chelate toxic metals from our bodies in a relatively short period of time. Combined with the benefits of the other ingredients, this recipe is a powerful tissue cleanser.

Two teaspoons of this pesto daily for three weeks is purportedly enough to increase the urinary excretion of mercury, lead, and aluminum, thus effectively removing these toxic metals from our bodies. We can consider doing this cleanse for three weeks at least once a year. The pesto is delicious on toast, baked potatoes, and pasta.

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synchSync this.

Synchronicity is bliss. If it is not bliss, then at least it is an amusing distraction/departure from the mundane law of linearity. But when it’s on, the acceleration of conscious awareness peaks at quantum levels. Let me give you a case in point:
Prior to yesterdays radio show, I kicked out a few Federal Reserve Notes to Willow, of Willow’s Web up in Canada. I love her blog. It’s feisty and whip smart. She knows her stars and pees all over New Age conventions. In essence, like what this blog attempts to do, she is taking back the power of the stars and recasting them without the yoke of all that Babylonian baggage and theosophical webbing. So I donated a little to her tip jar.

During my show, I had a really great caller, a fellow by the name of Lorin Kee. I think he had heard the interview with Jay and myself and called in. Like so many other Americans, Lorin is getting ready to stare down urn-employment and wanted to know what I saw with him, especially with Saturn in his 2nd House about ready to return to Virgo. We chatted a bit on the air and I offered to do a more detailed look at his chart off the air. He sent me not only his info, but his grand idea.

Lorin is into gardening–big time. It’s his dream to be able to help people with brown thumbs have their own, sustainable, organic gardens. He wants to help them from seed to fruit and he doesn’t want to get paid. What he’s looking to do is build his business on a trade/gift/barter economy model. This is exactly what I was talking about during the show and I even used a seed metaphor for allowing the perfect pattern within each of us to take root and flower.

When I saw Lorin’s chart his fourth house was chock full of Sag planets, a veritable stellium of goodwill, fair trade and philosophical application of ideas in and around the home. At the top of his chart. just past his mid-heaven, bountiful Jupiter in Taurus sprouts upwards, cracking through the topsoil of his chart and into the world at large. Jupiter in Taurus reaps the benefits of the Earth and the Earth reaps the benefits in kind. It’s an organic reciprocity that is thoroughly bio-dynamic.

As Saturn cruises through Lorin’s second house, it’s important and incumbent upon him to use all of his available resources, resources that might not include money or at the very least, his own. So what Lorin has done is entered his idea in “The Pepsi Challenge.” Pespi has offered to fund a great idea to the tune of $50,000 for someone to start their own business. Lorin’s idea was one of 400 accepted. Now, the voting commences.

After I gave Lorin a few insights into his chart, lo and behold, what shows up in my PayPal tip jar? A little token of appreciation from Lorin, roughly the same amount that I had passed onto Willow earlier in the day. Again, in the dynamic and whirling innerverse of synchronicity, we were all involved in the gift/barter/trade model, thus bearing out Lorin’s philosophy, even at a humble and small serious of exchanges.

What Lorin Kee is proposing to do is the inverse of what Murray-Hill see previous post is doing. One version is literally grass roots and organic, while the other is synthetic and completely top down. If you want to give Lorin and his idea a little love, do something incredibly empowering, go to his site and vote for his idea. It’s truly worthwhile and pass it along to others. Let’s support and empower a truly positive and sustainable idea, born out of the heart and mind of one individual.


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cogfishSwim in the light.

Recently, Kassandra brought to my attention that ten states are opting for sovereignty and rejecting The Obama stimulus package. I truly believe that this is the dynamic that is aligning itself in the opposition of Pluto in Capricorn versus the The US stellium of planets in Cancer, particularly the US Venus in Cancer at 3 degrees in direct opposition of Pluto In Capricorn, currently at 2 degrees. This opposition in relationship, both literally and figuratively is an ideological schism that represents states right versus federal mandates as The Fed fuses with business (see Citibank purchase) while assuming the new mantel of the coporatocarcy. It’s not something that is reported far and wide in the mainstream media and yet it is a dynamic that is at the forefront of local consciousness.

In another, related, Pluto in Capricorn aspect Stanford Investments is just he latest investment fund/ponzi scheme to float to the surface like some specious waste product. Unlike The Madoff Fund, which touched a high number of film, TV and real estate moguls, Stanford reached into the realm of professional sports as baseball players like Johnny Damon, Carlos Pena and Scott Eyre had their life savings connected to Stanford and, as a result, have had their accounts frozen. Eyre, a pitcher with The Phillies has only $13 to his name.

The underbelly of Pluto in Capricorn keeps getting it’s green and greasy entrails exposed in the cold light of examination.

it will be interesting to see if Allen Stanford will also get to stay at home with a boot and a bullet-proof-vest ala Bernie Madoff. Do white color crimes carry the same leniency across the socio-economic scale as down and dirty blur collar theft, or should and will they both be judged and prosecuted with same level of conviction held by the current administration? It’s going to be interesting to watch The Obama administration mete out justice for offenders rich and poor, of variant faiths and entrenched relationships in networks that could incriminate far more than just the guy at the top of the pyramid.

I was speaking the other day with my good friends, Sussan Deyhim and Richard Horowitz as we plan out a multi-media event to take place in September in San Francisco at one of the great churches in the city. Sussan played me some clips of blues songs that she was working on specifically “I’m Gonna Beat My Woman” by Robert Johnson. Always the consumate artist Sussan brings her rich and mysterious phrasings to the fore and turns the song on it’s head from a womans perspective, replete with fat beats and sensuous grooves. Anyway, I was speaking with them and they were commenting on what a strange time this is as the economy continues to melt away, jobs lost, fear mounting and yet, they are feeling positive and aware of the cognitive dissonance of this state of being. They’re not positive because they have some sort of nest egg, but because of the underlying vibration of Jupiter in Aquarius, which speaks to the possibility of creating new networks, inspiring novelty, creative connectivity and a deeper flow than the fear channel can distribute. The recent exercise of “Gathering In The Void” confirmed this for me as people that dropped in, participated and shared their experience affirms for me, that the power of something as simple as investing some time and connectivity can begin to form more complex patterns of thoughts, feelings and perceptions. I’m going to see if I can do something with some of the imagery that people shared so that I can make it more or concrete form.

Floating at the periphery of change in the season of the fish, have a blessed Friday.

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silversurferPlug into the possibility.

I was talking with my pal Chris over at Kosmic and I was trying to translate the concept of the “Currency Of Light” and he struggled slightly and thought it might be instructive to provide some examples to understand what I was talking about. So I thought about and what I came up with was a series of events that took place in my life in 1995, just as Pluto was touching my ascendant.

I was managing an apartment building in East Oakland and it had been an incredibly enlightening, yet more than occasionally sad experience. I was a witness to certain version of Black American life close up. It was the WIC, AFDC, single-mother version. I saw many, many things in that neighborhood that made me a much better person in many ways, but as I mentioned it was rarely easy. Two of the things that I had to do was evict people and manage their public behavior so that others in the building could live a mostly normal life. There was a series of events that took place over a three-week-stretch that for me was the uplink to the source that would eventually plug me into “The Currency Of Light.”

There was a young couple that lived in one of the bottom units. The guy that lived there smoked meth and was always drawing lots of trouble to himself and his quite lovely, yet unfortunate girlfriend. They covered their rent, but he was a REAL problem. So one day, I said to myself, “What if they had a small fire in their kitchen, no one gets hurt, minimal damage and it let’s us move them out?” Well, just a few days later, it happened and sure enough, they were on their way out.

Then, there was another woman on the same floor, whose sister would park her “hooptie” in the back, where only residents could park. I had asked her repeatedly to move the car and i always got the same answer which was “ok” and the car would remain. So as I passed her car, I actually thought about slashing her tire to teach her a lesson, but didn’t. I returned in the morning to find her tire slashed. She never parked in the back again.

Then, there was the big moment.

I had been working on one of the units and was shutting down for the night. The apartment below me was partying and loudly carrying on. I wasn’t into it. Not coincidentally, they were getting evicted. So I walked downstairs, asked them to turn their music down and they shined me on. I thought about going into the basement to shut their power off, but thought better. Then I said to myself, “What if there was a little power outage in the hood and they ended their party as a result?” Well, just a few minutes later, you guessed it–out went the lights and the party broke up. I was feeling a little weirded out at this point. I tuned into Art Bell on my battery powered radio and found out that there had been a major black out/power surge all over the Western US. Then I found out that the source of the blackout was . . . “Oakland.” I managed to call into Bell and told him my story. He said; “Well there you go ladies and gentleman, it’s all the man in Oakland’s fault.”

I began to look at how reality was conforming to my thoughts and realized that in each situation, I never asked for anyone to get hurt. Some might call all of this high strangeness just weird coincidences and yet, I knew that this was directly linked to my consciousness and was illustrating to me how we can have far more control over our environment than we had ever imagined, if we re-imagined ourselves and our capabilities.

Well I eventually experienced the backlash of this power when I decided to make it personal. I was clearly shown that I could not cross that line without consequences.

To me, this is one manifestation of “The Currency Of Light,” to be able to practice holistic and non-threatening magic. What if hundreds, thousands of us were able to tap into that powerful vortex? What could we do if our will and intentions were aligned in the highest and most loving way? What kind of magic could we wield? How quickly would we be able to re-imagine what’s possible? This is one aspect of what I am talking about when I mention “The Currency Of Light.” By tapping into the deep, cosmic reservoir of possibility and sharing it amongst ourselves, trading in the diversity of what each of us has to offer one another in relationship with the quantum universe, we interact with the quantum reality and accrue interest through the continued participation in this realm, especially in conjunction with others. That is the psycho-electrical throughput for “The Currency Of Light.”

For me, the possibility to link up on these subtle networks which allows the currency to flow freely and manifest in form is here and now with Jupiter in Aquarius. We can begin this collective practice by noticing it in ourselves, in our lives, in action in the world around us and empowering it’s presence. Twilight brought up the transit of Uranus into Aries and to me, that phase is the radical activation of will. It is the on switch for those that haven’t quite plugged in yet.

I’ll have more concrete examples in the not-too-distant future.

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currencyTap into the current. . .

It’s time to bury your 19th century notion of money right now–if you don’t you may not survive what’s on the horizon. The current economic maelstrom is self-assembling, almost at the speed of light. We’re talking zeros and ones, abstractions of value that you and I must have to strive to comprehend in order to level the playing field so that we may not only survive, but prosper beyond out wildest dreams in the weeks, months and years to come. With Jupiter in Aquarius, especially as it moves closer and closer towards Neptune in Aquarius, we are rapidly approaching a “currency of light.” In order to understand this concept, it’s critical that we travel backwards in time, back to 1997 when the floodgates of cash opened wide to fuel the bubble and beyond.

The Silicon Rush And Bubble No. 1

A few weeks back, I was reading a post over at Catherine Austin Fitts‘ site and she was detailing the evolution of the current economic crisis and when it really began in earnest. Based on her research and findings, she found that huge sums of money were transferred out of The US in 1997. We’re talking trillions, much of it headed towards China. As a result of the lack of available assets tethered to the US economy, The Clinton Administration in conjunction with The Fed initiated the bubble cycle starting with the boom. The Fed lowered interest rates on money so that venture capitalists could access cheap money and fund a flurry of start-ups, some of which were viable business models, others just a pipe dream hatched in dorm rooms that looked sexy to investors (hello MP3,com). But the real money wasn’t being made by the VC’s or the start-ups themselves, many of whom were doomed from day one, but it was the brokerage firms and banking houses like, Shearson Lehman, Goldman Sachs, etc, who set up the IPO’s for all of the sundry start-ups. They did all the legal work, filed papers with The SEC, set up the links between NASADQ and the company they made public, framed the stockholders agreements, etc. For all of their work, they were paid cash fees as well as stock in each start up, at founders levels, so for instance, they were getting pre-IPO shares at pennies on the share and when the stock went public, they were not constrained by any rules regarding sale of the the stock. Unlike most employees who had to wait over a year to begin to vest a portion of their options, the brokerage firms could sell as soon as a stock went public and if you can reach back that far, there were stocks opening upwards of $100 share. Now imagine having 25,000 shares at pennies a share. Just do the math. And there were literally hundreds of start-ups in the valley and just a few brokerage firms bringing them public. This signaled the first massive transference of wealth. As I mentioned before, most of the start-ups were doomed from day one. Here’s why.

The Death Of The Start-Ups

While the brokerage houses made fast cash, getting in early and getting out quick with little restraints on their economic responsibilities, the dot,coms were under a totally different set of rules and parameters. Most dot.coms were under strict orders to spend their seed money, often in the first year or lose it. This stringent rule was antithetical to the basic rules of running a business, especially businesses that needed time and capital to flourish in a very young marketplace, ie e-commerce. Most business models were half-baked and rushed to market in order to get funding, some were ahead of their times, others were not allowed to develop due to market restraints and restrictions, such as the digital music business, which was my background and others were just for lack of a better term, a masturbatory exercise in buying $500 chairs, flat screen TV’s and fully catered lunches. Businesses like that, in a young market would need capital to get them through the challenging and steep part of their developmental curve to get to profitability, and yet they were given very clear mandates to spend the cash. Those types of conditions were not conducive to growing a business, but they were very favorable for doing other things, which we will look at very shortly.

While The Valley was gorging on cash, micro-brew Friday beer bashes, launch parties fueled by DJ’s getting obscene amounts to spin records and launching some good and some not so very good ideas into the marketplace, people were enticed to drop lots of dollars into the doomed start-ups. Fluffed up by the prospect of getting obscene returns on their investments, investors, newer money investors who couldn’t afford to get in on a blue chip stock saw visions of El Dorado all over NASDAQ. But when millions crammed into the building, Alan Greenspan cut off the flow of cheap money as interest rates rose week after week. This effectively killed secondary and third rounds of funding that businesses needed in order to survive and get to the next level. Once the building was packed, it was set on fire. In April of 2000, the bottom dropped out of the market and the fall was far deeper than most people realize. In fact, the crash of 2000 was even worse than the crash of 28. The only thing that softened the blow was the next bubble . . . the housing bubble. If the housing bubble didn’t come along, the crash could have been close to what we’re experiencing today. Read the rest of this entry »

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