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The Psychic Albatross

One of the challenges to more exposure is less time. I can remember, back in the day, with Uranus was arcing over my ascendant, just down the road from the petrol pits, I would spend hours at the typewriter, chasing the comet’s tail. It was my lifeline and the current I would plug into, to channel the chaos of the planet, the order of the stars. It’s a bit more difficult these days as I have been tending to and working with a number of clients. However, writing is and always has been the soul of what I do and when I stay away too long, my spirit atrophies in a particular fashion and I feel like an alien at times in my own life. Writing connects me back to my deeper strata and I feel human again.

So let’s crank it up.

Where do we start?

I have been purposefully avoiding Flight 370 for a number of reasons, most of which is that I still do not get a hot, psychic read on the entire affair. We have been goosed with phantom false flags for the past three years. From Aurora to Sandy Hook, to the Boston Marathon, the script reads like a B movie, replete with actors and extras, all from central casting from the Matrix Theater. And if they aren’t stand ins, then they are company hacks, like Ruslan Tsarni (formerly Tsarnaev) who lives on the CIA’s back forty in Bethesda, Maryland.

These sorts of things have always occurred, they were just, well, more hidden, covertly averted from the public’s gaze. Now it’s tattered and messy. The seams on the fabric of this so-called reality are showing more and more often.

These events not only grab our attention but are used to move the needle of public opinion by manufacturing concern, so much that in the case of Sandy Hook, over $27,000,000 has been raised. That’s a lot of concern and yet, when I check in to feel the pulse and heat of these events, I get nothing but void and empty space.

In the case of the Tsarnaev brothers, I do think that they were shot, killed and in the case of Dhozkar, incarcerated. They were the back-up plan, the fall guys for a false flag directed at angry-white-males that got blown up in real time.

So when Flight 370 ducked out of sight and into the 4th dimension, or Diego Garcia, or wherever it was supposed to go, again, I got nothing.



Then I held back, waiting for more intel, clues, symbols and signs to accrue. The first reason behind the disappearance behind the flight the “official” story had to do with two supposed hijackers from Iran that had stolen passports. When their horribly botched photoshop images came through, it literally had no legs to stand on and that one lasted about 48 hours. This was the terrorist angle.

Then there was the angry pilot, who had a hard on against the Malaysian government, prepped his escape on his home flight trainer, left his wife and kid , took a self incriminating selfie, and piloted flight 370 into the great beyond. This was the lone nut angle.

This lasted slightly longer than the Iranians with the same legs perps narrative.

On the alternative side there’s been talk of patents and Rothschild backed, corporate espionage and even though I love me some Rothschild scandal, this never seemed to fit for me. Why would someone who purportedly has roughly ¼ of the planet’s entire wealth sweat it out over a chip patent? It’s even more questionable since Rothschild sits on the board of Blackstone, which has a controlling interest in Freescale. And, in case of death, those patents pass the company anyway. This made very little sense.

Then there’s the military contractor brain drain personified by Phillip Wood, who stealthily managed to stick an Iphone up his ass and then take a blacked out selfie from his phone with the coordinates of Diego Garcia embedded in the selfie.

My issue with this scenario and the patent scenario in general, is that if a company was going to send their key employees out, why would they want to put them on the same plane? In corporate America, there are often rules in place that prohibit this kind of travel and how did the Rothschilds or the USA gov get the passenger list so quickly and then use their Skyhawk technology to airjack 370 and land it at an undisclosed location? And if that’s the case, then is this an ongoing operation where hundreds of thousands of flight lists are scanned and classified on a daily basis, just for possible scenarios such as Flight 370?

And why are people going out their way to convince all of us that Phillip Wood is very real? Maybe he is, but based on Aurora, Sandy Hook and Boston, where practically no one was real, wouldn’t it makes sense to establish the realness of Phillip Wood and others related to 370?

Okay, then there’s the scenario that the plane would be re-loaded and retrofitted to appear to look like another plane, stuff it with a nuke and fly it to Russia, China or Palo Alto, crash it and kick start WWIII and oh, by the way the Israelis have a mirror of that very same plane hidden in an airport in Tel Aviv.

None of these scenarios sounds all that plausible and quite frankly, it’s opened a sort of small pox version of conspiracy contagion. Even a seasoned decoder like myself is having a hard time believing any of it and trust me, I want to believe!

So let’s turn to astrology where perhaps we might have some clues.

One of the symbols that many people skipped over when looking at Sochi and the Olympics is a massive, statue of Neptune at the edge of The Black Sea. The Winter Olympics are for all intents and purposes a Neptunian event, since they take place on water—frozen water. Notice the fractal periphery of reality embedded in the image of a towering, frozen pyramid on the ocean

The Olympics as a whole are theaters of ritual and initiation, especially the opening and closing ceremonies. The whole Sochi debacle was one bad story after another; cold water, broken doors, stray dogs, lousy food, hacked computers, anti-gay vigilantes, kids with runny noses punching foreigners in the balls, waiters pissing in your bortsch. It was a travesty, a side-show circus more in line with a banana republic than a world power. Putin was a tyrant, but even worse, a con man who staged the Olympics just to fleece the world and make few million, Federal Reserve notes on the side. It seemed like every story was being cranked out by the SPLC, and their stringers, on an hourly basis.

Then, no sooner did the ice melt did OTPOR and Neocons jump on Ukraine. The negative PR for Putin and Russia was all a ploy to paint such an entirely negative picture that if and when they were gonna throw down in Kiev, that Putin had been painted out to be so vile and corrupt that the US and NATO would be doing the world a big favor by shutting him down.

This is the Neptunian fog of deception employed in the effort to discredit and dehumanize any selected foe or opposition, all the while trumpeting the enlightened position and humanity of the accusers. It’s an old, old story.

Neptune stands guard over the ocean in Sochi, trident in hand, stony and silent. He is the guiding spirit and symbol of what was and is going to unfold. It’s also interesting to note that the trident is part of the Ukrainian coat of arms. Hmmmmmm.

Across the ocean, in the same place where there was once two towers, a massive, 1,776 foot obelisk masquerading as a skyscraper is using twin tridents as part of it’s memorial to the buildings that once stood there. The tridents were support columns from the Twin Towers. Across the water, in New Jersey, two more tridents stand erect like antenna, a way station of memory and illusion.

A few months back, Maseratti launched a dark, apocalyptic, commercial that foretells of a coming event. Notice the opening image. It’s a large and cresting wave.The commercial is for a car they are launching in the USA called, “The Ghibli” which is a hot, dust bearing desert wind, from North Africa. They are the equivalent of the Santa Ana winds in Southern California, also known as “Devil Winds.” Maserati’s logo is a trident if you didn’t catch it in the commercial video.

“Ghilbli” is also the name of the film studio of Miyazaki, which has produced a number of magical manga films for children. One of Miyazaki’s most successful films was “Ponyo” which is a story about a fish girl that wants to become a human girl. The backdrop of the story takes place amongst falling satellites and a wobbling moon. The gravitational field of the planet is off and the world is succumbing to rising tides swallowing up the land and only Ponyo’s intervention as a human girl can save the planet.

Now we have the disappearance of Flight 370 at sea. Have a peak at the logo for Malaysian Airlines.

Guess what movie opened last week?

What is the theme here? Rising tides and the antediluvian creation tale of a sinful world, cleansed and purified by them.

What breaks just two days from now? It’s the next generation of Occupy and the artificially, inseminated color revolution. This one is called, “Planet Spring” and is fronted by the Pied Piper of the New World Order, Russell (Hey I’ve kicked drugs—Neptune) Brand. Neptune is the planet of messiahs, gurus and teachers—good and bad.

Who supposedly funded Occupy? Why it was “The Tides Foundation” of course.

The invocation of Neptune exists on a number of levels. The trident is the undersea version of the pitchfork. So there is something slightly demonic when it comes to old Neptune. This demonic undercurrent was transferred to the Marvel Comics super hero, Sub Mariner, who wields a trident and with his pointy ears carries that devilish charisma befitting a prince from Atlantis.

I managed to uncover and interesting issue from the Sub Mariner back catalog, circa Silver Age; “Come The Cataclysm” Guess what? It’s issue number 33.

Nothing is as it seems. People are actors and actors are just people. Crisis is commonplace and the world is peeling away. The reality construct is dissolving into Neptunian mist and ether.

With Chiron and Neptune, both in Pisces, we are looking at profound levels of deception and illusion, but also the conscious return to what we call “God.”

It is in this zone that a particular hexagram of the I Ching takes on a powerful resonance; Dangerous Depths. Here is the definition of hexagram 29, water above and water below.

“Exposure to danger brings good fortune to those who move beyond it. Like boaters passing through white-water rapids, those faced with serious challenges must remain alert. They must take all available precautions and, above all, must keep going forward so as to remove themselves from harm’s way. Once the danger has passed, good fortune awaits.

The positive side of danger is that it offers an excellent chance to cleanse the senses and strengthen the spirit. Surviving danger brings with it tremendous reinvigoration, and sharpens the eye and mind for future challenges.

It is reckless to court danger, but critical to inner development not to shrink from it either. Those who respond to danger most effectively are those who are able to establish an inner bubble of calm in the midst of the action. A calm center keeps one rooted in the moment, alert and focused. Courage at such times springs from focused attention, from a willingness to penetrate the moment of danger to its very core, so as to shape it and transform it.”

Of course much of this can be metaphorical in that we are all on the precipice of rising tides and emotional overwhelm in these times, but there can also be a literal meaning here, especially when we factor in the Cardinal Cross, of which you will have to wait until tomorrow.

Flight 370 (where have we seen these before?), no matter what the “real” story or “real” cause is, is an immersion into deception, depth, illusion and spectacle. This is what “I believe” is the true meaning behind it—that and a portent of massive Earth changes due to the rising social and coastal tides.

When confronted with dangerous depths, it’s time to become a deep diver.

Speaking of Neptune my latest show over at Gaiam TV plunges into the great Neptunian crisis of the planet, from Fracking, to The Gulf Oil Spill, to Fukushima, to the aerosol spraying of Chemtrails, it all gets covered. You can sign up for a free, ten-day-trial at Gaiam, just by clicking THIS LINK.

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Hell And Heavensbee.

I have been thinking more and more about the after life as of late. We tend to pooh pooh the whole notion of soul and where it goes when those 28 grams depart into the etheric planes.

I’ve been thinking about this as it surrounds my own death process, both metaphoric and as real as real can be here. Pluto has been on my Saturn at 11 degrees in my 2nd House. This it’s second, shadowy pass over the lord of the rings. Meanwhile, Saturn itself has been mining the depths of my 12th House in Scorpio, so you can see why I am spending more time not just thinking about the afterlife, but even the quality of our relationship with our souls. I can tell you this from my notes; The post-modern world encourages a complete disregard for the subtle marriage of body and soul. Sometimes it’s so painfully surface clear, like when Jay-Z or any other members of the game flash their cash and get their Baphomet on. It’s better to run this town than think about the consequences of one’s actions for all of eternity. We are seduced into the worst parts of the now. I know this, because I have been gazing long and hard into the mirror of Dr. Parnassus. witnessing my distorted imagery in it’s twisted reflection. The contrast with the world itself has been stunning.

The death of Phillip Seymour Hoffman is a dour underscore to all of this. Musically, it’s a solemn cantata on Broadway.

I spent the better part of one night in a bar in Point Richmond with some guy insisting that I was a “dead ringer” for Hoffman as Lester Bangs in “Almost Famous.” It certainly ranked over a night in a NYC pub where a drunken, English bird kept calling me, “Meatloaf.” I’ll take Hoffman’s “Bangs” over Meat Loaf’s “Bat Out Of Hell” any day of the week.

When a star, especially one that had the emotional access that Hoffman had passes, part of us passes with him, because we have bonded with him or her on an emotional level. Hoffman was prolific and could connect with a broad spectrum of viewers. He played Art Howe, manager of the Oakland A’s in “Money Ball.” He was the flamboyantly gay writer, Truman Capote (for which he won and Oscar). He was L. Ron Hubbard to Joaquin Phoenix’s Jack Parsons in “The Master.” He also played “Plutarch Heavensbee” the hidden-inplain-sight, revolutionary master mind in “Catching Fire.”

Hoffman’s roles were like a mandala of the human spirit. He was accessible at almost any point, by anyone. As a Cancer, Hoffman was able to convey that watery receptivity and depth, underscored by his Mars in Scorpio, which, when he needed to, could give his character a bit of edge and danger. I see Mars in Scorpio manifesting in the Bangs character in Almost Famous. Through his phone calls to Cameron Crowe he’s not merely giving the Crowe character advice, he’s transmitting the edge that Crowe will need to survive on the tour and not be devoured by the road and the temptations of being sucked into becoming buddies with the band. At one point, Crowe’s character barks out to groupie nymphet (Pamela Des Barres?) Kate Hudson that he’s “dangerous.” That’s Bangs’ transference, which in the film is Hoffman’s.

Born with the Sun at the 29th degree, he faced the challenge of all anoretically afflicted personalities, which is beginnings and endings and as a Cancer, the anoretic degree can literally pry them out of their shell against their will. The draw of course is the warmth and light of the Leo Sun, just one degree beyond the cosmic carapace of that Canercian ascendant. His Jupiter in Leo, the second Sun, underscored this magnetic pull towards the light and yet, Hoffman’s destiny was to stay within the geometry of his emotions and honor the inner life. His body of work would seem to suggest that he did indeed manage to accomplish this.

But with his Mercury at 12 degrees in Cancer and his Saturn at 12 degrees Aries, it’s obvious that he was prone to depression and if we can use the energy of the Cardinal Cross as the current template, Hoffman was getting hammered. Uranus on his Saturn is disturbing. It’s like driving with the brakes on and there can be a crisis in the individuals life as it relates to new opportunities (Uranus) versus the old and tested ways of doing things (Saturn). Throw in the heat of Mars in opposition of Saturn and Pluto’s heavyweight presence also in square and Hoffman was being probed and eviscerated by the intensity of the Cardinal energies and while Jupiter could be construed as an ally in Cancer, an overseer to his natal Mercury, it could also be seen as an intense, psychic amplifier, making him even more sensitive and open than ever before. Jupiter retrograde would also take him backwards into some memory hole, a pocket of the body mind where every feeling/thought is expanded, though not necessarily exalted.

I would venture to say that Hoffman was haunted, which brings us into darker realms, deeper implications.


It didn’t take long for researchers to begin to connect the dots. The Super Bowl, between the Seahawks and the Broncos was Super Bowl 48 which breaks down to the number 12, which is the hanged man in the tarot. The hanged man traditionally represents a position of sacrifice for the tribe. He is Odin suspended downward on the Yggdrasil, the “Tree Of Life.” Twelve is also the number of Seattle’s infamous fan base; “The 12th man.” It’s also the number of Pisces, the sign most associated with sacrifice than any other. Over the past decade, the Super Bowl has taken on the form of a meta-ritual.

It reached it’s peak three years ago when Madonna channeled Isis at Lucas (Lightbringer) Field in Indianapolis. It was pure, blatant, in your face, camp ritual theater. Duality was theme for Madonna’s main event. You can see it in every aspect of it. She was flanked by Nickki Minaj and MIA (dual presence) and did a duet with Gemini, Cee-Lo Green (black/white/male female). Jupiter was in Taurus, and it can be seen in the fertility horns as crown for Isis/Hathor.

Last year Beyonce was channeling Taurus/Gemini as well as she and her handlers were targeting the Bull Gate of heaven via Sirius. Jupiter was in Gemini. So we see both Super Bowl 46 and 47 as part of the Taurus/Gemini continuum. Stevie Wonder also played a significant role in commercials during the Super Bowl. He played a vodun lord of the underworld, Baron Samedi.

Wonder is a Taurus and here he is with Zoe Saldana as Loa. Saldana just happens to be a Gemini.

Super Bowl 12 was a little different than the past two years. It was an invocation of Mars, as in Bruno Mars, who happens to be a Libra, where Mars is currently occupying, but Mars and his band were channeling James Brown, right down to the gold lame´ suits they were flashing. Brown’s sign? Taurus of course.

Here is Mars with of course the obligatory pyramid, a monument to Mars behind him.

The Martian theme was underscored ever-so-slightly by the appearance of boomer faces, the Red (Mars) Hot Chili Peppers. Just as an odd aside, lead singer Anthony Kiedis is a Scorpio whose parents had the last names of “Dammet” and “Noble.” Somehow, we can never escape the specter of duality.

During the pre-game, we were given the “Star-Spangled-Banner” sung by opera singer, Renee Fleming, draped in the colors of duality. At the end of the song, the 101st Airborne, Apache helicopters raced across the sky. it was an echo of the 1st Calvary Division, Airborne from Apocalypse Now, where Wagner and aerial assault met in a synchronized, cinematic air ballet of poetic proportion. The motto of the 101st? “Rendezvous With Destiny.” They are the “Screaming Eagles” and ironically, it was the Seahawks who won the game.

But let’s return to Phillip Seymour Hoffman who died on Imbolc. Imbolc is a gaelic fertility festival of sorts and is associated with Saint Brigid as the overlay of the Christian/Pagan transference.

It is one of the oldest rituals on the planet and goes as far back as the neolithic period and was celebrated at the “Mound Of Hostages” in Ireland, a neolithic site that is similar to New Grange where the opening of the burial mounds is surrounded by standing stones and is illuminated by the sunlight on “Imbolc” and “Samhain.” It goes all the way back to 3,000 BCE.

The name “Phillip” is derived from the name, “Philippas” (Greek) which essentially means “lover of horses.” We are in the “Year Of The Horse” and for all intents and purposes, the Broncos got slaughtered in Super Bowl 48.

One reference to Seymour, is Catholic saint, “Saint Maurus” whose life was later to be discovered as a forgery. However, the 9th Century personage of Saint Maur still has a feast day. It’s 11/22 (33) the day John F. Kennedy Died. Saint Maurus or Saint Maur is the patron saint of cripples and is symbolized by the crutch.

Seymour also means, “Tailor.”

Then we have his last name, Hoffman which essentially means “Of Man.” “The Horse Lover Of Man” and a false saint.

My good friend Ellis Taylor sent me the following email regarding the numerosymbology of Hoffman’s death;

“Philip Seymour Hoffman had two major tracks to negotiate in his life – 8 and 5. The numbers that would barrel towards him were 6, 7, and 9; and they would conjoin at certain points in the double 2, or 22. 8 is about force, systems, law, finance, reliability, efficiency, repetition, moving from one state to another, stress. (For more aspects of 8 see and other articles on my site). 5 is to do with activity, languages, freedom, sport, addictions. Both 5 and 8 have issues to do with weight. He died 722 days after Whitney – which is the numbers approximate to pi and also the date of the Feast of Mary Magdalene, 22nd July. The last day of Cancer and the 203rd day of the year – matching his birthday number. It is also the day before his birthday (23rd July – 1st day of Leo) As 19×19 it is sxs, which is an acronym for side by side. As in Whitney’s sacrifice Philip’s was associated with 911 and two very significant, and associated numbers. Her death was 153 days after 11th September 2011. (153 is the number of the sacred feminine, fish catch etc See: Great Dreams) Philip’s was 144 days after 11th September 2013.” Ellis C. Taylor.

So we cannot dismiss the possibility that something much bigger is afoot here with both the Super Bowl and the death of Hoffman or the death “Of Man.”

There is something that is both touching and universal about Hoffman’s death. He was a character actor in the best sense of the word, meaning he could be anyone, play any man and yet, his chops were so good, he was amongst the best as his craft. His death was tragic in these sense that through the multitude of his characters, a slice us and our experience passed with him.

Even if this was yet another passing of the ritual variety, May your soul rest in peace Phillip Seymour Hoffman.

So what’s next on the horizon? Why The Sochi Olympics of course! Boy howdy do we have a lot more symbolism happening there. In fact, I cover it over on Gaiam TV when I tackle chart of Russia and Putin over at the 11th House. You can watch this and other shows over at Gaiam free for ten days. Just go to the 11th House and sign up for a free, ten-day-trial.

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“Hey man, one of you is going to screw me over.”

Sometimes realities merge with blinding clarity. Other times, there are fuzzy overlaps that induce eternal chuckles of delight. Occasionally they intersect with forehead smacking irony. I think I’ve just stumbled upon one of the latter.

Over the years, I’ve hung out with channels, consorted with friends and lovers directed by guides and master teachers. I’m pretty convinced that the closest I ever got to realizing such an etheric fraternity was being initiated into astral travel, rather violently, by the spirit of Ernest Hemingway. But I have little doubt that I am in touch with agencies far beyond my mortal ken, or I could not do what I do when I read for people. I am always amazed by the process and the soul dialog that ensues between myself and a client. But this is no high falutin’ discourse on the esoteric exchange of thought into matter, and yet some sublime hidden hand pointed me towards a metaphysical revelation that had me in hysterics. It involves none other than Jeff Bridges, birthday boy, Sagittarian; The Dude.

For some reason, I stopped everything I was doing the other night and re-watched “The Big Lebowski.” I wanted to see if the Coen Brothers were really just indulging in a So-Cal, BOHO, picaresque. In essence, was there anything deeper going on beneath the frothy head of a White Russian?

First off, from a strict astrological perspective The Dude is Sag. He’s avuncular, free-spirited, sloppy, non-judgmental, stony, whimsically ironic, philosophical and even political, sort of. In the true spirit of Sag, he fucks up, falls, and somehow lands on his wobbly feet again. Just when it looks like he’s toast, providence rescues the Dude, even if its just a temporary respite. Sag Bridges is spot on in his Sag-like practice of the “Tao of Dude.” But then weird layers begin to emerge. I kept asking myself, why would “Maude Lebowski” played by Juilanne Moore, who is also a Sag, born on 12/3, just one day before Bridges, 12/4, want to have The Dude’s child? In a strange bit of synchronistic oddity, their natal sun signs are almost exact. In the film they also share the same last name. Aside from the coincidence of both sun signs, what’s going on with the Lebowski/Lebowski, supposedly non-related birth connection? Are the Coen brothers hinting at the selection process of bloodlines in the Big Lebowski? Is this why Maude/Julianne Moore chooses him? Who is “The Dude” anyway? Read the rest of this entry »

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Venus descending

Venus and Saturn are doing the “Dirty Sanchez” one minute, then the next they’re Thomas Kempis, armed with a cat ‘o’ nine tails. This is the second pass of Saturn over Venus in the last trip around the Sun. Think back to Thanksgiving weekend, 2012. What kinds of changes were you going through or being forced to go through around relationships. If you didn’t do the work, face the fear and loathing, here it is, coming back again for the second pass, this time with tanks of nitrous and The Old Testament. It’s that kind of psycho-sexual overload, obsessively compulsed, desperately redemptive, feeling like it has to happen right now energy. Part of that has to do with the stakes being high right now. The volume on the planet has turned up. No man or woman can escape what is in their hearts. If the book isn’t open, it pretty damned well will be fairly soon.

If you had done your work last year, pared away, paired up, stepped up or stepped off, then this spin around Sol, Venus and Saturn doing the slam dance waltz will give you ample opportunity to go in, go deeper, be more committed than ever before.

Venus in Scorpio is in detriment. In lay terms, that evil Scorpio brings out all the nasty in Venus. It becomes obsessive and seeks some kind of redemption, only after running aground on the jagged rocks of betrayal, abandonment and even abuse. Saturn pushes against it, forces Venus in Scorpio up against a wall and then presses down upon it, squeezing out the gasps and the cries, bringing it to the point of surrender. Finally, a limit is hit. A bottom is reached. Let the moment of clarity begin.

Venus in Scorpio returns to the scene of the crime, again and again again, almost in a ritualistic fashion, trying to find the right partner to chase the demons. Sensuality is the sweet spell that’s cast over Venus in Scorpio. Those that have it in their chart’s are seductive and passionate lovers, channeling Aphrodite, Persephone and Dionysus. That’s enchantment, entrainment, enchainment. To be consumed by the fires of longing, passion and burnt to the char is Venus in Scorpio’s ultimate goal and destination, through which some kind of emotional purity and truth can be accessed and revealed, along with a deep and abiding void. Peace.

I interviewed Carre Otis today. Carre was one of the teen, super-model sirens of the 80′s. Her stunning looks graced the covers of Elle, Vogue and Marie Claire. She went from runaway, to runway model at warp speed. By the time she was twenty, she was doing her best to pass as an actress in Zalman King’s soft-porn, cult classic, Wild Orchid. It’s where she would meet Mickey Rourke. Mickey would become the Hades to her Persephone, but with Venus in Scorpio, edgy and dangerous relationships had already long been a part of her life. Her first boyfriend at the age of fourteen was a thirty-two-year-old with a hot temper. When she was in high school, her “normal” all american BF whose appetite for cocaine ran in parallel with a crushing burden of achievement committed suicide. She was summarily kicked out of her private school by a ore of her “peers.”

Carre has Venus in Scorpio.

It took her to flats in Paris where she was violated by a leering and leathery lizard, still, to this day, one of France’s leading agents of modeling. Guns. hari-kari knives, heroin, coke, Xanax, hot rods and Harleys, Carre’s Venus in Scorpio brought her to the edge, time and time again. Opposing Saturn in her 7th (Finger of God), she would stay on that orbit, again and again and again until she would close the gap, complete the circuit and find her power and stability inside a relationship. But on her terms.

Venus in Scorpio can be extreme. Carre went from the chains of emotional bondage, to taking vows of celibacy under the guidance of a Tibetan Buddhist monk. That’s another phase of Venus in Scorpio. But obviously, Carre is much more. With Uranus on the ASC, she is a rebel, and her Sun in Libra, in the first house, well, it’s beauty in all of it’s obvious and cliched, Libran esthetics, glamor and charm. But there in the 12th, lurching towards the ASC is Pluto, planet of death and rebirth. It’s an energy and a force she would contact again and a again.

But the best way to understand Carre Otis and her chart is to read her brilliant biopic, “Beauty Disrupted” and to listen in on our conversation, this Friday, at 12 NOON, CST on BlogTalk. I’ll also be joined by Freeman Fly and Jamie Hanshaw in the first hour. While Carre blows the roof off of glamour, Freeman and Jamie break down the symbols and triggers of heavy duty, MK programming, spending lost of time in the Magic Kingdom, deconstructing Miley’s white trash virus. You don’t want to miss this show.

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Each summer, Hollywood delivers it Blockbusters usually in the action/sci-fi genre.Typical, format of these films are a diverse random group coming together as a team to defeat a controlling force with evil sinister intentions.

Many look towards the 1977 classic ‘Star Wars’ as being the initial if accidental Summer Blockbuster that all others attempt to follow in terms of cutting-edge expensive graphics leading to a even greater profit in Tickets purchased at the Cinema connected with Merchandise.

Like many things in Pop Culture, things are based in collective opinion rather than fact.
The actual first genuine Hollywood Film to attain Summer Blockbuster status was ‘Jaws’ in 1975 directed by Steven Spielberg. What made ‘Jaws’ so unique was people went repeatedly, taking those to the Cinema to be converted. This behaviour had never been witnessed to that extent before in western developed world cultural history. Eventually leading to George Lucas, Spielberg’s friend in 1985 becoming a billionaire.

The 38th summer since ‘Jaws’ has produced the evolution of the Hollywood Summer Blockbuster… Read the rest of this entry »

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And so it begins, the symbol for the eclipse casts it’s shadow over the darkening landscape of the planet as we creep closer to some event horizon that is blind to us. Tornados as fast as formula one cars and as wide the Great Mall of America, looking like a mushroom cloud on a bender tore a whole in the heart of America.

The old owl is the Sabian symbol for four degrees Sag. Dane Rudhyar who always seemed to have one foot in the realm of the invisible brotherhood lives hints and clues at times in his interpretations of Elsie Wheeler’s 360 degrees of revelation. This symbol is one of those that Rudhyar dangles in front of us, teasing us with his subtle connection to forces greater than our own; “The owl functions lucidly in the night aspect of existence. His eyes see what men normally fail to perceive. He represents that consciousness which is active where the processes of life normally escape the attention of the personal ego and its intellect.” Notice how Rudhyar says, “men” and not “humans.” Now this might be in line with “all men are created equal” but it could also indicate that there is a distinct difference between and supermen, or god-men.

The reason I bring this up is because the owl is a loaded symbol.

Sandy Hook Owl

D.C. Owl

Bohemian Grove Owl

Now we’re into some interesting territory because the owl is a really loaded symbol.

It’s a totem of Minerva, Isis, Athena and even Lilith. It sits solemnly over a growth of ancient trees while figures in robes sweat in deep anticipation of the mystery about to unfold, cremating care, the slaughter of innocence.

The robotic owl, replete with it’s eye of Horus is perched upon a row of pyramidal tiles at the apex of the Tyrell Corporation. We get the word “tire” from “tyre.” Apart from being an ancient seaport in Phoenicia, Tyre represents the wheel or a hoop. Ell or El is Saturn. With the hoop and El(l), the Tyrell Corporation is a temple to Saturn and the owl, it’s symbol.

If you don’t know the plot line, they create replicants there–big, bold, sexy, smart and increasingly conscious replicants, which brings us into the domain of doubles and nice segue to the dance of planets in the sky, the triple alignment of Mercury, Jupiter and Venus all in the sign of doubles, Gemini. This dazzling alignment has two meanings (but of course!). Let’s start with the left handed definition; Think of a mirror maze, but not one that’s a labyrinth of reflection, but one where your front and back are reflecting back to you. It’s a hall of gazing between what’s behind and in front of you. The possibilities are infinite really as the both directions give the impression that you go on forever and ever. But is it real? Is it just a projection of your imagination that allows you to perceive yourself as infinite or is it the real deal? Does it even matter? When the human brain watches a movie or a TV show, it doesn’t make the distinction between it being more real than the movie going on inside of you behind your retinas. It’s stream of consciousness flows into the ocean of being. It’s beauty is unsurpassed. It’s potential is expansive and limitless. Yet when you shatter the mirrors, all that’s left is you and the darkness of the void. Then what? Where do you find that thing which reflects back to you that you are not just alive, but have some intrinsic meaning and purpose to your existence here. Without the reflections and their infinite potential, do you really exist?

The right handed version doesn’t hesitate. It knows the mirrors are just glass, burnished surfaces that replay our best and worst attributes, highlighting our vanity, revealing that which we cannot bear to witness. They are simply mirrors and provide a function, nothing more, nothing less and yet, there is the distinct possibility that given the right context, when the inner “I” is not so judicious and grim, that they can reveal a profound secret that the oracles of the ages have divined time and again from their reflective properties and that three planets aligning in the sky like a string of pearls are a line of light, leading us home, away from the desecration and degradation being heaped upon this world.

Those three planets lead us directly into the Sun, where we launch ourselves into a variant timeline where the pyramids are still whie and smooth as the desert sands, the capstone shinning and glistening with gold and bronze people of staggering beauty didn’t fall to lesser gods and wicked spells. You see, too much logic and the magic evaporates as quickly as a tear in the desert.

So what it comes down to is your ability to take back the beauty, reclaim the symbols, an owl is a creature of God. It has amazing abilities to dwell in the night and seek prey. It can turn its head around nearly 360 degrees, which gives it the appearance of looking into two worlds; past and future and yet it’s an owl. It could be a god or a symbol of a god, but that was determined over a long period of time, again and again and again under often bloody circumstances. It’s visage is stained in our sub-conscious mind.

This eclipse barely graced us. It skimmed across the tundra, kissing the permafrost with it’s dark shadow and yet, in the sign of Sagittarius, it brings the entire planet home to the concept of truth. Waves of people, hopefully millions will march and have their voices heard, as they demand an end to GMOs and Monsanto. If you don’t know it already, Monsanto was a slave trading family in New Orleans. Its on the public record. I’ve quoted it and posted links before and their interest in slave trade continues, because they want to own every single, living organism on the planet; from fruit, to seed, to nut, to wing, to web, to scale, to tendon. Everything.

And they’ll do it by modifying every existing species with some genetically provable marker that says that they are the ones that did it, that created it all and guess what? Since we consume the planet, we too will have their genetically traceable markers inside us, twisting, shaping, mutating our own DNA chain and us as a result. Monsanto’s plan is the end of humanity as we know it and the beginning of “Homo Mutantis.” Why do you think we’ve been inundated with zombie imagery ad nauseam? It’s that tricky in-between-state where things don’t go quite right.

But this eclipse in Sag powers the truth. It shines it’s black light on the fluorescent sub-lifeforms and their desperate attempt to implant us with their parasitic virus, which travels from world-to-world, spreading fear, assimilating that which it reviles and detests. This galactic self-loathing will come to an end. It stops here. That’s why we’re here right now. Many of us have gathered for this last stand, a cosmic firewall, against all odds and a force so cunning and seductive that it can entrap many of us in it’s dazzling and subtle possession.

Reclaim the owl! Make it a bird of the forest who dwells in the night, a timeless sentinel of your own soul. Let it be your beacon in a time of darkness and know that their are others at your wing, soaring to a line of light in the black of night and each beat of your wing brings your closer and closer to home.

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It’s his nature.

There are some movies that reflect magickal principles and symbols in very direct fashion. “The Game” with Michael Douglas immediately comes to mind as a cinematic meditation on the “Tower” card. “Faceoff” with Nicholas Cage and John Travolta is pure Gemini, with crossed identities, switched faces, duality, good vs evil, etc.. “Back To The Future” is pure, Mercury Retrograde involving time travel and going back in time to set things right for McFly’s parents. But I have never seen a film with such a deeply embedded astrological theme, from start-to-finish, even channeling the sign of the lead actor. The film is “Drive” starring Ryan Gosling and the sign that drives the narrative, from start-to-finish is Scorpio.

First off, Gosling is a Scorpio (11/12/80). Gosling’s Scorpio Sun is conjunct Uranus in Scorpio, giving him access to the fully explosive character he plays in “Drive.” In fact, he has no name and is simply known as “Driver.”

Gosling doesn’t speak much. Instead, he lets his driving do all the talking, which is fast, violent and crafty. By day, he’s a film stunt driver and part time mechanic. By night, he’s a get-a-away driver for petty thieves. In essence, he has one foot in this world, the other in the underworld. In fact, he works for a part-time hood known as “Shannon” played by Bryan Cranston who has connections with two, Jewish gangsters played by Albert Brooks and Ron Perlman. Funnyman Brooks is totally chilling as the avuncular Hollywood producer who slits throats like he’s gutting a trout.

Gosling sports a windbreaker with a scorpion on the back, just in case you’re not getting it. And like a true Scorpio, he’s not halfway. Gosling’s character is all in and whether he’s smashing a hoodlums fingers with hammer, or be-friending the mother and kid down the hall, he’s fully present, intense and loyal. Scorpio gets a bad rap sometimes, but their loyalty is unquestioned.

One of the great scenes in the film is when Gosling takes a joyride with the mother and the son he’s be-friended through LA’s aqueducts. Again, it’s a Scorpionic detail that some people might miss as the water represents his contact with his emotions and its in a car; motion/emotion.

Oh yeah, did I mention that Gosling’s character is violent? In fact he’s so violent that in a scene where he’s protecting the mother, beautifully portrayed by Carey Mulligan, that he goes way beyond merely warding off the bad guys. Driver spends an uncomfortably long time getting crushing sounds out of the bad dude’s head.

This film has a bit of Scorcese’s Taxi Driver in it. Gosling’s Driver is corrupt in that he helps bad guys getaway, but he also has a fixed morality that borders on overcompensation.

Near the end of the film, he utters a line about the scorpion and the frog and how the scorpion cannot help himself, that’s it’s his nature to destroy.

Gosling himself has a bit of an interesting background. He came through the Disney factory which has produced a stable of manipulated child stars. Is scorpion prince of them? If “Drive” is any indicator of what lurks in his soul, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere near him if his programming breaks down.

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