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The archetypal cardinal cross.

Robert Johnson’s life is littered with clues and symbols that historians and occultists get sweaty palms over. He’s the perfect crossfade between historical persona and modern myth. He took at least two, different, factual names over the course of his life (Spencer and Johnson) not too mention the numerous aliases that he assumed when he travelled, staying one step ahead of angry husbands and maybe the devil himself.

Johnson’s second father was curiously named, “Will Willis” but went by the name of Dusty; “Do as thou will/wilt.”

“Little Robert Dusty” would disappear for periods of time from his Lucas, Arkansas home, (Lucas of course being the earthly surname of the bringer of light), and would purportedly spend time in Memphis, “The City of Kings.”

Johnson met and married Virginia (Virgin) Travis in February of 1929, the month of the cast out revolutionary. She shortly died thereafter giving birth. His contemporaries and relatives blamed the death on Johnson and his insistence on playing secular music, but perhaps there was something more going on. If Johnson were a musician in today’s Babylonian network of recording, distribution and live performance, the death of a wife giving birth would immediately be scrutinized as a ritual sacrifice by certain inquiring minds. In life, timing is everything. It’s not long after that, when Johnson travels to the famous crossroads, where he allegedly sold his soul to the devil to play guitar like no one else.

He would also have marriages and relationships with women named, “Estella” which is essentially, “Eastern Star” and a woman with the last name of “Craft.” He would record his very first record on 11/23/36, with Jupiter in Sag conjunct the Galactic Center and wounded Gemini in Chiron at 11 degrees, the astrological and numeric symbol of the Twin Towers, opening the gateway to temporal duality, magnetically captured and sealed for the likes of Page, Clapton, Richard and Hendrix. It provided them with both the musical and darkly spiritual tableau as the rock and roll heirs to Johnson’s blues drenched mythos.

While he was a very good harmonica player, his guitar skills bordered on embarrassing, that was until he returned to Hazlehurst and visited “The Crossroads.” After his alleged meeting with “Ol Nick” himself, Johnson started displaying chops that not only surpassed the rudimentary playing that people were accustomed to, but was so advanced and singular, that he stood out in ways that made people question how he got so damn good, so damn fast.

He would live a life as a wandering minstrel, criss-crossing the dusty roads and paved highways of the south, though he did travel as far as Chicago, New York and even Canada. He would eventually die at the age of 27, before he would reach his Saturn Return.

Why am I talking about Robert Johnson? Because the crossroads, just outside of Hazlehurst is the symbol of our time as the Cardinal Grand Cross approaches. We too are at a crossroads in our collective and spiritual history. Bankers are dropping like birds, planes vanish in a Neptunian fog of conspiratorial conjecture. Russian troops gather at the fringe of eastern Ukraine’s border, while Putin starts talking about Ukraine’s massive gas debt, another Neptunian cipher. Apparently, Putin is hinting at a gold for gas and oil exchange, that would essentially sink the petrodollar (Thanks Robert B).

Out on the edge of Vegas, just beyond the shimmering lights of illusion and loss, the Bundy family is in a standoff with the BLM over the fate of a land tortoise, but in reality, it’s about gas rights, oil and fracking, again Neptune’s amorphic influence. Interesting to note that Bundy is one of the illuminati family names that Fritz Springmeier outs. Is there a connection? Only Neptune knows and it doesn’t divulge it’s secrets in headlines, but sometimes tombstones can be quite telling. Robert Johnson has three tombstones, two of which are in Zion, Mississippi, one of which is a one-ton-cenotaph in the form of a stout obelisk, placed there by the Babylonian music mafia.

Maybe it’s so heavy and leaden that they didn’t want Johnson’s tortured spirit to chase them down and haunt them and their families for the next seven generations

On April 15th, we’re staring down the Blood Moon/Lunar Eclipse, which is the first of four this year, all of which are associated with the Jewish high holy days. The word is out on the street so to speak, that we should expect mayhem, sacrifice and bloodshed. Perhaps we’ve already had a taste. Just two days ago, Alex Hribal, an average kid, from an average family, attending an average high school, in an average part of Pennsylvania, whipped out a knife and went on a stabbing spree, injuring 20 students. That’s a lot of blood.

Hribal was described as a mild-mannered kid, who came from a Brady-Bunch-styled family. With all due respect and even prayers to the Hribal family, It has been noted that in many cases, the darkest and most devilish sorts are in actuality the pillars of the community, church and family.

I am not saying this is the case here, but young Alex, looks positively possessed. Remember, Kubrick’s twisted and dark picaresque in “Clockwork Orange” was also named, “Alex.”

So perhaps the blood does flow in anticipation of the Blood Moon. There was a shooting as well at Fort Hood. “Hood” of course being the operative word here, and today, there were supposedly four shooters at a Memphis high school (there’s that city again) where there was a lockdown. I don’t know about you, but if I were running some security company, I’d use all of these “events” to my advantage and do everything in my power to get more security into schools, shopping malls and stadiums. That’s where the money is. Just ask TSA and DHS, agencies who siphon off taxes and tax revenue for their livelihood. It’s a genius business model, because there are companies that have deals with both groups which provide any number of products and services, for our safety and security of course. So why not expand the model? There’s plenty of room for growth! I am slightly digressing–slightly.

We’re in Aries now, Sun at 22 degrees and Mars is in Libra and Uranus is in Aries and people are feeling it.

The Sabian Symbol for today is THE GATE OPENS TO THE GARDEN OF ALL FULFILLED DESIRES. What would happen if you could channel your angst, fear and apprehension in the other direction? What if we, at this crossroads of the grand cross, with the blood dripping Moon and the looming solar eclipse could consciously use this energy to liberate us from the chains of our shadows and activate the four essential elements of the cardinal magic?

Mars in Libra is a dedication to uphold fairness and justice in our own lives and to actively tend to the needs of relationship. Jupiter in Cancer is the expansive nature of nurturing and care that is like the clear water of the uncontaminated, country well, which gives source to all life. Pluto in Capricorn is the dedication and commitment to master and climb the steep angles of our ascent, wherein we face our greatest fears along the way. Will we fail? Will it all fall apart as the systems based, holographic theater fragments around us? Uranus in Aries is the spark of creation, the dynamo of the will and when aligned with soul, becomes a force for super-novelty and innovation. There’s an upcoming grand water trine as well, descending down, from the heavens, the sweet surrender of compassion and catharsis is also waiting to be manifest. All the elements are here.

We have given voice to our fears and we have rooted out most of those that are damned and disastrous, though we can never be quite that sure, and even if there is an evil plan afoot, this is our time as much as “theirs.” Remember that. If we’re at a crossroads, then take the right path, all the way back home. Really, the choice is and has always been yours.

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The Psychic Albatross

One of the challenges to more exposure is less time. I can remember, back in the day, with Uranus was arcing over my ascendant, just down the road from the petrol pits, I would spend hours at the typewriter, chasing the comet’s tail. It was my lifeline and the current I would plug into, to channel the chaos of the planet, the order of the stars. It’s a bit more difficult these days as I have been tending to and working with a number of clients. However, writing is and always has been the soul of what I do and when I stay away too long, my spirit atrophies in a particular fashion and I feel like an alien at times in my own life. Writing connects me back to my deeper strata and I feel human again.

So let’s crank it up.

Where do we start?

I have been purposefully avoiding Flight 370 for a number of reasons, most of which is that I still do not get a hot, psychic read on the entire affair. We have been goosed with phantom false flags for the past three years. From Aurora to Sandy Hook, to the Boston Marathon, the script reads like a B movie, replete with actors and extras, all from central casting from the Matrix Theater. And if they aren’t stand ins, then they are company hacks, like Ruslan Tsarni (formerly Tsarnaev) who lives on the CIA’s back forty in Bethesda, Maryland.

These sorts of things have always occurred, they were just, well, more hidden, covertly averted from the public’s gaze. Now it’s tattered and messy. The seams on the fabric of this so-called reality are showing more and more often.

These events not only grab our attention but are used to move the needle of public opinion by manufacturing concern, so much that in the case of Sandy Hook, over $27,000,000 has been raised. That’s a lot of concern and yet, when I check in to feel the pulse and heat of these events, I get nothing but void and empty space.

In the case of the Tsarnaev brothers, I do think that they were shot, killed and in the case of Dhozkar, incarcerated. They were the back-up plan, the fall guys for a false flag directed at angry-white-males that got blown up in real time.

So when Flight 370 ducked out of sight and into the 4th dimension, or Diego Garcia, or wherever it was supposed to go, again, I got nothing.



Then I held back, waiting for more intel, clues, symbols and signs to accrue. The first reason behind the disappearance behind the flight the “official” story had to do with two supposed hijackers from Iran that had stolen passports. When their horribly botched photoshop images came through, it literally had no legs to stand on and that one lasted about 48 hours. This was the terrorist angle.

Then there was the angry pilot, who had a hard on against the Malaysian government, prepped his escape on his home flight trainer, left his wife and kid , took a self incriminating selfie, and piloted flight 370 into the great beyond. This was the lone nut angle.

This lasted slightly longer than the Iranians with the same legs perps narrative.

On the alternative side there’s been talk of patents and Rothschild backed, corporate espionage and even though I love me some Rothschild scandal, this never seemed to fit for me. Why would someone who purportedly has roughly ¼ of the planet’s entire wealth sweat it out over a chip patent? It’s even more questionable since Rothschild sits on the board of Blackstone, which has a controlling interest in Freescale. And, in case of death, those patents pass the company anyway. This made very little sense.

Then there’s the military contractor brain drain personified by Phillip Wood, who stealthily managed to stick an Iphone up his ass and then take a blacked out selfie from his phone with the coordinates of Diego Garcia embedded in the selfie.

My issue with this scenario and the patent scenario in general, is that if a company was going to send their key employees out, why would they want to put them on the same plane? In corporate America, there are often rules in place that prohibit this kind of travel and how did the Rothschilds or the USA gov get the passenger list so quickly and then use their Skyhawk technology to airjack 370 and land it at an undisclosed location? And if that’s the case, then is this an ongoing operation where hundreds of thousands of flight lists are scanned and classified on a daily basis, just for possible scenarios such as Flight 370?

And why are people going out their way to convince all of us that Phillip Wood is very real? Maybe he is, but based on Aurora, Sandy Hook and Boston, where practically no one was real, wouldn’t it makes sense to establish the realness of Phillip Wood and others related to 370?

Okay, then there’s the scenario that the plane would be re-loaded and retrofitted to appear to look like another plane, stuff it with a nuke and fly it to Russia, China or Palo Alto, crash it and kick start WWIII and oh, by the way the Israelis have a mirror of that very same plane hidden in an airport in Tel Aviv.

None of these scenarios sounds all that plausible and quite frankly, it’s opened a sort of small pox version of conspiracy contagion. Even a seasoned decoder like myself is having a hard time believing any of it and trust me, I want to believe!

So let’s turn to astrology where perhaps we might have some clues.

One of the symbols that many people skipped over when looking at Sochi and the Olympics is a massive, statue of Neptune at the edge of The Black Sea. The Winter Olympics are for all intents and purposes a Neptunian event, since they take place on water—frozen water. Notice the fractal periphery of reality embedded in the image of a towering, frozen pyramid on the ocean

The Olympics as a whole are theaters of ritual and initiation, especially the opening and closing ceremonies. The whole Sochi debacle was one bad story after another; cold water, broken doors, stray dogs, lousy food, hacked computers, anti-gay vigilantes, kids with runny noses punching foreigners in the balls, waiters pissing in your bortsch. It was a travesty, a side-show circus more in line with a banana republic than a world power. Putin was a tyrant, but even worse, a con man who staged the Olympics just to fleece the world and make few million, Federal Reserve notes on the side. It seemed like every story was being cranked out by the SPLC, and their stringers, on an hourly basis.

Then, no sooner did the ice melt did OTPOR and Neocons jump on Ukraine. The negative PR for Putin and Russia was all a ploy to paint such an entirely negative picture that if and when they were gonna throw down in Kiev, that Putin had been painted out to be so vile and corrupt that the US and NATO would be doing the world a big favor by shutting him down.

This is the Neptunian fog of deception employed in the effort to discredit and dehumanize any selected foe or opposition, all the while trumpeting the enlightened position and humanity of the accusers. It’s an old, old story.

Neptune stands guard over the ocean in Sochi, trident in hand, stony and silent. He is the guiding spirit and symbol of what was and is going to unfold. It’s also interesting to note that the trident is part of the Ukrainian coat of arms. Hmmmmmm.

Across the ocean, in the same place where there was once two towers, a massive, 1,776 foot obelisk masquerading as a skyscraper is using twin tridents as part of it’s memorial to the buildings that once stood there. The tridents were support columns from the Twin Towers. Across the water, in New Jersey, two more tridents stand erect like antenna, a way station of memory and illusion.

A few months back, Maseratti launched a dark, apocalyptic, commercial that foretells of a coming event. Notice the opening image. It’s a large and cresting wave.The commercial is for a car they are launching in the USA called, “The Ghibli” which is a hot, dust bearing desert wind, from North Africa. They are the equivalent of the Santa Ana winds in Southern California, also known as “Devil Winds.” Maserati’s logo is a trident if you didn’t catch it in the commercial video.

“Ghilbli” is also the name of the film studio of Miyazaki, which has produced a number of magical manga films for children. One of Miyazaki’s most successful films was “Ponyo” which is a story about a fish girl that wants to become a human girl. The backdrop of the story takes place amongst falling satellites and a wobbling moon. The gravitational field of the planet is off and the world is succumbing to rising tides swallowing up the land and only Ponyo’s intervention as a human girl can save the planet.

Now we have the disappearance of Flight 370 at sea. Have a peak at the logo for Malaysian Airlines.

Guess what movie opened last week?

What is the theme here? Rising tides and the antediluvian creation tale of a sinful world, cleansed and purified by them.

What breaks just two days from now? It’s the next generation of Occupy and the artificially, inseminated color revolution. This one is called, “Planet Spring” and is fronted by the Pied Piper of the New World Order, Russell (Hey I’ve kicked drugs—Neptune) Brand. Neptune is the planet of messiahs, gurus and teachers—good and bad.

Who supposedly funded Occupy? Why it was “The Tides Foundation” of course.

The invocation of Neptune exists on a number of levels. The trident is the undersea version of the pitchfork. So there is something slightly demonic when it comes to old Neptune. This demonic undercurrent was transferred to the Marvel Comics super hero, Sub Mariner, who wields a trident and with his pointy ears carries that devilish charisma befitting a prince from Atlantis.

I managed to uncover and interesting issue from the Sub Mariner back catalog, circa Silver Age; “Come The Cataclysm” Guess what? It’s issue number 33.

Nothing is as it seems. People are actors and actors are just people. Crisis is commonplace and the world is peeling away. The reality construct is dissolving into Neptunian mist and ether.

With Chiron and Neptune, both in Pisces, we are looking at profound levels of deception and illusion, but also the conscious return to what we call “God.”

It is in this zone that a particular hexagram of the I Ching takes on a powerful resonance; Dangerous Depths. Here is the definition of hexagram 29, water above and water below.

“Exposure to danger brings good fortune to those who move beyond it. Like boaters passing through white-water rapids, those faced with serious challenges must remain alert. They must take all available precautions and, above all, must keep going forward so as to remove themselves from harm’s way. Once the danger has passed, good fortune awaits.

The positive side of danger is that it offers an excellent chance to cleanse the senses and strengthen the spirit. Surviving danger brings with it tremendous reinvigoration, and sharpens the eye and mind for future challenges.

It is reckless to court danger, but critical to inner development not to shrink from it either. Those who respond to danger most effectively are those who are able to establish an inner bubble of calm in the midst of the action. A calm center keeps one rooted in the moment, alert and focused. Courage at such times springs from focused attention, from a willingness to penetrate the moment of danger to its very core, so as to shape it and transform it.”

Of course much of this can be metaphorical in that we are all on the precipice of rising tides and emotional overwhelm in these times, but there can also be a literal meaning here, especially when we factor in the Cardinal Cross, of which you will have to wait until tomorrow.

Flight 370 (where have we seen these before?), no matter what the “real” story or “real” cause is, is an immersion into deception, depth, illusion and spectacle. This is what “I believe” is the true meaning behind it—that and a portent of massive Earth changes due to the rising social and coastal tides.

When confronted with dangerous depths, it’s time to become a deep diver.

Speaking of Neptune my latest show over at Gaiam TV plunges into the great Neptunian crisis of the planet, from Fracking, to The Gulf Oil Spill, to Fukushima, to the aerosol spraying of Chemtrails, it all gets covered. You can sign up for a free, ten-day-trial at Gaiam, just by clicking THIS LINK.

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Babble on . . .

Last week at SXSW, what was once a hush-hush getaway for music journalists deep in the heart of Texas, getting turned onto indie sounds, soft tacos, warms nights and cheap beer, became a ritual vortex when rapper, Rashad Owens turned his car into a death machine, plowing past barricades on the closed off Red River St. (Blood). Three people have now died, the latest being Sandy Thuy. Le, who died this past Monday.

The mayhem occurred just outside the Mohawk Club at 912 Red River, just a block away from Stubbs, where Lady Gaga would perform the following night, March 13th, which would mark the seventeen-year-anniversary of the Phoenix Lights and the 18th anniversary of “The Dunblaine Massacre.”

On the Stubbs stage, Gaga was puked on by “vomit artist” Millie Brown. Brown drinks colored milk and regurgitates it back in rainbow-like fashion.

Vomiting is a ritual that’s performed in some very dark circles. Obviously there is some Linda Blair back channeling going on here. But at least we have gone from cold, pea soup to rainbow skittle milk–now that’s what I call spiritual evolution!

This is Gaga, doing what she does best, bringing her own, unique brand of pop perversion and stepping it down to the masses, one-day and one block removed from what could now be termed, “The Red River Massacre.”

Owens started his death ride on 9th St. and ended on 11th St…Nine Eleven.

The chart for that event and time shows Saturn in Scorpio in the 12th House, squaring Mercury in Aquarius in the 3rd House. Mercury is movement and travel, the messenger of the gods. In the third house we see an Aquarian gathering on the local level (3rd House) and it is at a hard angle to Saturn roiling in the deep anonymity of the 12th. Scorpio, death is pulling hard on Hermes’ leash. Gaga has her Sun at 7 degrees, just south of transiting Uranus, her Sun is squaring transiting Pluto, which is appropriate because “Gaga” is “Pluto” in Sumerian and it’s a trickster god. She’s another one of Babylon’s whorish manifestations, an energetic projection and incarnation of Jack Parson’s and L.Ron Hubbard’s summoning known as “The Babalon Working.”

In my second installment on ‘”The Babalon Working Part” (Part II) over at Gaiam, I cover the strange and tangled web left behind in the wake of Jack Parsons, Marjorie Cameron and L. Ron Hubbard’s occult, menage-et-trois. The Babalon Working was an invocation of the dark goddess made manifest, risen from the loins Babylon in the latter 20th Century. As a result, we are now living in a daily occult ritual, staged 24/7, where soul thieving pop divas get puked on the stage of BBQ restaurants, while meat is cooked and seared into spiced carbonic clouds and possessed rappers take hold of the wheels of steel, turning it into a life mashing-death-machine.

You can check out the 11th House over at Gaiam and watch this and other enlightening programs for a free, ten-day-trial. Just click here.

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Getting played on the global chessboard

Things move forward, then they move back, sometimes they change places, occupying one spot while the other occupies, well the other. Mercury and Venus are part of the dance. Venus retrograde in Capricorn has been a major force in having us re-visit pour emotional pattern inside of relationships. Capricorn and Saturn often represent some form of karmic agreement/debt. Capricorn is also Baphomet, so with Venus, retrograde in Capricorn, the devil must have his due. It went retrograde back on the 22nd of December, just as the Sun was entering Capricorn and while they were not even remotely in orb, the energy of Capricorn, the heavy hooves of the beast was going to be felt.

For some people, this backward motion represented a trip through time and in my case, a heavy duty, past-life review of all of my previous relationships, good or bad, rise or fall, the indiscriminate screen of emotional projection played out as I saw and felt through the eyes of others. It was both horrific and profound. The Venus retrograde in Cap also helped us understand our values or in some cases, the lack thereof inside of relationship.

One of the areas that I think this has been played out on the global stage is in Ukraine, where we have witnessed a patented, EU/IMF coup, through the back channels of oligarchic power and control. Ukraine on 3/3/14 isn’t that much unlike Libya, Egypt or Yemen. Want to see some cool astrological shit? Let’s go back in time and clock the various revolutions that I spoke of.

• The Yemeni Revolution: 1/27/11 to 2/27/11

• The first, Egyptian Revolution: 1/25/11 to 2/11/11

• The Libyan Revolution: 2/15/11 to 10/23/11

• The Ukrainian Revolution: 2/18/13 to 2/23/15

Notice a trend? All of those “revolutions” took place under the sign of Aquarius. Now we can note that in some way, they are all part of the “Arab Spring” and occurred in domino like fashion, so there is not as much chance for coincidence, but here we are again, with Ukraine and we see the hand of Aquarius, flashing across the screen. As an astrologer, this makes a great deal of sense and makes our job much easier frankly. However, maybe there’s something else taking place and astrology is being used as a propulsive cannon on which events, large scale, global events are launched.

Довн тхе Раббит Холе

Just in case you’re not up on your Serbian, the header for this section is, “Down The Rabbit Hole.” What I am going to attempt to show you and unravel is again, how Aquarius not only comes up as a theme, again and again, when we deal with revolution(s) but also the very strange bedfellows that sleep together under gilded covers, behind the veil.

Meet Srjda Popovic, born 2/1/73. Yes, that makes him an Aquarius. Popovic is the leader of the leaderless group known as Optor. I’ve written about Optor in the past. They were instrumental in the velvet revolutions. Optor was the group responsible for the over throw of Milosevic in Serbia. Popovic has some very interesting aspects. First off, he has a stellium in Aqua; Sun/Moon/Merc. The Sun/Merc conjunction is quite tight, with a 3 degree orb. He also has both Venus in . . . . Capricorn at 25 degrees and it conjuncts Jupiter in Capricorn, exact at 25 degrees. This aspect would give someone like Popovic entre into the realm of bankers, global strategists and oligarchs. We’re talking high level contacts, with high powered Venus in Capricorn, expanded by Jupiter.

Popovic now has other offshoot groups such as “Green Fist” “Ecotopia” and “CANVAS.” CANVAS played an enormous role in the Egyptian revolution. The leaders of the Egyptian uprising had been meeting with Popovic and CANVAS for three years prior to the 1/25/11 revolt. Maidhc Ó Cathail of The Salem-News did a bang up piece on Popovic and the junk bond dollars behind Otpor, The Albert Einstein Institute and other progressive action groups for global change. Here is what he says about the run up to revolution; “On February 9, Al Jazeera aired an episode in its People and Power series entitled “Egypt: Seeds of Change.” The programme offers a revealing behind the scenes look at a core group of activists from the April 6 Youth Movement who played a crucial role in Egypt’s nonviolent revolution.

“This is not a spontaneous uprising,” reporter Elizabeth Jones stressed. “The revolution has been in the making for three years.” The key to its success, we learn, was the instruction April 6 leaders received from veterans of groups like Otpor, the student movement that brought down Serbian president Slododan Milosevic.

Srdja Popovic, a leader of that revolution, we are told, “shared his firsthand experience with April 6.” Mohamed Adel, one of the April 6 leaders, describes his training in Serbia in the tactics of nonviolent resistance, including “how to organise and get people out on the streets.” He brought back videos and teaching aids to help train the other leaders, who are shown “directing the uprising from the start.”

One thing that we can determine from this juicy piece of reportage is that the spontaneous eruption of the human spirit didn’t really occur in the way it’s marketed in the media, but intense, strategic planning and hours and hours of training have gone into these “democratic” uprisings.

However, it’s clear that February and the spirit of Aquarius plays an enormous role in the roll out of these radical displays of democratic spirit.

Life imitates art and the blazing heroes of spontaneously combustible transformation, like Popovic have dark ties to shadowy figures.

Popovic has been linked to Stratfor, the intelligence gathering platform that essentially sells intel to corporations, private individuals and alphabet agencies when needed. Stratfor’s rise is synonymous in some ways to Popovic’s and Otpors. They hit the ground running in Kosovo in 1999 and began data gathering in that region, which has grown into a global operation, however, it’s organizational roots can be traced to the Balkans, where Popovic and Otpor emerged. There have also been deep ties to Otpor and the CIA. Most recently, Popovic’s comrade, Ivan Marovic was outed as having not just ties, but organizational input behind the “Occupy” movement in the states.

The CIA has long been in the business of coups, especially when working hand-in-glove with groups like the IMF and World Bank. They used to do it with a more personal touch, but with professionals like Popovic and Marovic, it’s easier to outsource. So who funds CANVAS and related groups? Again, Maidhc Ó Cathail breaks it down. First off, George Soros is almost always mentioned in conjunction with Otpor. By the way, have you ever noticed how much David Rockefeller looks like George Soros?

But besides Soros, there is another, key player in all of this on the money side and that is former Junk Bond pirate, Peter Ackerman. Here is what Maidhc Ó Cathail has to say about Ackerman’s past and how he amassed his fortune;

“CANVAS works closely with the International Center for Nonviolent Conflict (ICNC), with which it has shared a number of staff members—including Dr. Stephen Zunes, who has collaborated with CANVAS in training Egyptian activists. Founded in 2002, the ICNC is funded entirely by Peter Ackerman, its founding chair. Ackerman, who chaired the board of Freedom House from September 2005 until January 2009, also indirectly funds CANVAS.

Ackerman’s wealth derives mainly from his time at Drexel Burnham Lambert, the Wall Street investment bank that was forced into bankruptcy in February 1990 due to its involvement in illegal activities in the junk bond market. As special projects aide to junk bond king Michael Milken, Ackerman cleaned up. In 1988 alone, he took home a salary of $165 million for his critical role in financing Kohlberg Kravis Roberts’s $26 billion leveraged buyout of RJR Nabisco. But four months before Drexel collapsed into bankruptcy, Ackerman “beat a fortuitously timed retreat” to the International Institute for Strategic Studies in London. While the “king” was sentenced to 10 years for securities fraud, “the highest-paid of all of Michael R. Milken’s minions” emerged as “the big winner” with a fortune of approximately $500 million—prompting one of his former colleagues to complain: “Peter Ackerman is a real Teflon guy.”

Having successfully escaped “the stench of Drexel,” Ackerman completed what BusinessWeek called “an improbable transformation from junk-bond promoter back to scholar.” Prior to his financial exploits, he had written his doctoral thesis under the guidance of Gene Sharp, the Harvard academic whose theories of nonviolent struggle had inspired the velvet revolutionaries. In fact, while he was still working for Milken, Ackerman had been funding Sharp’s Albert Einstein Institution. According to the Wall Street Journal, “A large part of ICNC’s and Canvas’s theoretical arsenal is drawn from Mr. Sharp’s writings.”

I have written about Gene Sharp in the past and even fired up his astrological chart. Sharp, of course is an Aquarian. He is the dean of global revolutions.

So here we have ties to intelligence traders, the CIA, Junk Bond radicals, the man who brought down The Bank of England and the sign of Aquarius in the spirit of rebellion, the launch space of radical trajectory and of course Ukraine. Why do I think Otpor and CANVAS are behind the manipulated revolution in Ukraine? Well, February for starters and the cosmic fingerprints smeared all over it, just like the other “revolutions.” Also, the new Ukrainian PM, Arseniy Yatsenyuk was installed by Victoria Nuland just before she left her position as the Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs. Nuland’s husband is Robert Kagen, the chief architect behind PNAC, “The Project For A New American Century” which many believe to be the geo-political kerosene behind 911 and the new globofascism that has arisen since then. Nuland has since been replaced by Jen Psaki, who has specialized in communications and is essentially a female version of press secretary, Jay Carney.

I think it’s important to note, that we might be on the precipice of WWIII, either by circumstance or design, it doesn’t really matter. The Russians are threatening a massive sell off of Treasury Bonds if the USA and the EU decides to put sanctions on the former Soviet Union. If that is the case, then not just the US economy, but the world economy will go into a massive convulsion and we will be in a very similar place to what occurred in 1929 when the market crashed. I put together a chart for today, when the Russians announced that they would dump Treasury Bonds and Black Tuesday, October 29th, 1929. Notice where Uranus is in both charts–in Aries–nearly conjunct. Also, look at both Mercury and Venus in the 12th houses of both charts. I chose 6AM for both days as that is basically sunrise in NYC, the nerve center for capital in North and South America, In addition to the comparison with 1929 and the potential monetary crisis, we are also staring down the 100th anniversary of WWI when Gavilo Princip (A Serbian) shot and killed Archduke Ferdinand, which escalated into the first world war. So as Mars reverses, so do we as well, looking backwards into the psychic and cyclic waves of history, repeating and resonating through time.

Will we repeat the crash and burn cycle of the great depression along with the repeat of yet another world war? Well, as we approach the crosshairs of the great, cardinal cross on 4/20. According to Siri, the Gates of Hell are going to open on 7/27, but don’t sleep on 4/20. So in essence, what comes around goes around and comes around again. The revolutions swap their colors, but the revolutionaries rarely change their spots. It’s revolt for business as usual, gas and oil, (yes Ukraine has plenty of that) and the reanimation of cold war ghosts, because we can’t get enough of our daily dose of duality. In the meantime, do something good for your soul. Apologize to someone you have hurt and then go get some real, ice cream. Enjoy the simple pleasures while you can.

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The Green Christ Has Risen

It’s baaaaaaack. Mercury does it’s backwards dance routine for the first time this year and it starts at 3 Pisces and will wend it;s way back into Aquarius. In 2014, this is a pattern as MR starts in water, then moves into air. This pattern sets up an interesting type of retrospective energy, where we look at our recent, emotional choices, then as Mercury retreats into air, objectivity, cool-headedness and clarity begins to kick in. The only downside to this cycle/phase is over thinking and cutting off the feeling capacity with too much analysis. This aspect is well suited for artists who can use the the various stations of air for trimming, editing, refining, using the critical capacities to fine tune any existing projects.

The retreat into the uber-objective and dispassionate Mercury in Retrograde has broader, social implications as well, since Aquarius is a transpersonal sign of the highest order and Mercury in Aquarius is the narrative of our time as we still find ourselves at a moral, social and technological crossroads as we stumble through the Aquarian timeline defined by the 11/22/63 event known as the “Kennedy Assassination.”

In some ways, this MR reflects the transition from the Piscean plane of awareness into the radically re-orienting Aquarian plane.

On a cultural/global level we can see this in the return of Pussy Riot in the light of how the West is framing the Sochi Olympics, which is run down, cheap, anti-gay and socially regressive. Now this is not necessarily editorializing on my end, but it’s needs to be clear that we are defining as the Aquarian Age and where it’s headed has social markers and the thrust for Gay and same sex rights are at the center of the current model of the Aquarian Age. Other aspects include the Luciferic sounds and symbols of modern music, the indoctrination of the externalization of the hierarchy. This current wave of Aquarianism is built on “Do As Thou Wilt” which on the surface can be translated into the expression of one’s free will, which is our God given right on this physical domain, but the level of permission granted by Crowley’s axiom has been extended far and wide into the most disturbing distortions that one could even begin to perceive and imagine. The feel good, do what you want, screw the consequences, adjust the compass of selective morality becomes the navigational mean through which this version of the Aquarian Age is self assembling. The potential results are gender neutral, family free, sex positive, hubots that have convinced themselves that rights are greater than freedoms and all in the service of self. We can see this in the New Age community where the “do it if it feels good” philosophy dominates the group mind.

Joseph Campbell got the ball rolling when he advocated following one’s bliss, but Campbell was referring to doing that which a person loves as a vocation, not as a lifestyle. It’s interesting to note that Campbell contributed to a manifesto called “Changing Images Of Man” which was edited by Willis Harman and produced through SRI (Stanford Research Institute). “CIOM” is essentially a guideline as to how to shape man’s consciousness in the 20th and 21st centuries. For all intents and purposes, I’t's a Fabian Society operating manual for the common man, with a little bit of California breeze with a dash of acid thrown into the mx.

The premise of the book is that we are living in a world where resources are going down and the population is going up. As a result, people need to be managed (ie herded) into appropriate social forms and structures to fit into and compensate for the overall, downward trend of the planet. The main goal in this treatise is to disabuse men of their quaint notions of freedom and more importantly, individuality. They argue that the notion of sacrifice must be introduced as an altruistic principle, so that given up and living with less, would instill a divine feeling upon the individual, through re-defining their conscience first, then replacing spiritual goals, then rewarding them on some level for their newly found abnegation. It’s a heady manual for steering humanity into a pre-eschatonic species that will willingly accede it’s will as some form of social sacrifice. The environment is a natural point of leverage that is discussed at length as it has the ability to modify one’s conscious will and perception as a symbol for the greater good and the sacrifice that must be undertaken to support it.

CIOM is a work that was produced and distributed to high level organizations that are engaged at collective behavioral modification at a mass level. If you peek inside of it’s framework, you can actually see how this has played out in the re-shaping and re-formation of our consciousness. In essence, it is one part of the manual for steering humanity into the Aquarian Age.

Over the course of the next three weeks, we’ll saw more pleas and more admonitions that encourage people to live with less, while bowing to even greater social pressures that the environment must not just be respected, but the vehicle for a type of sacrifice, where the common good of man resounds in the abnegation of material pursuit and while this sounds like a fine thing not he surface, especially if true and sacred spiritual values replace the void of abandoned materiality, but it is generally not the case as the architects of consensual reality always reserve a spot for themselves at the top of the pyramid. This is how it’s been for the past 5,000 years and this latest edition has all the bells and whistles of a Spielbergian blockbuster.

Conversely, there is another tide rising in opposition to the herding (and then the culling). We will also see this over the course of the next 3.5 weeks, especially as it relates to a false flag operation, which “could” occur in Sochi, but that would be a bit too obvious now, wouldn’t it? No, it would something much, much closer to home, someplace like Dallas/Ft. Worth, Omaha (Peyton Manning), or even a return to the scene of the crime, Manhattan, all of which are Aquarian cities, localities.

Rahm Eammanuel, once said, “never let the opportunity of a crisis go to waste” or something along those lines. When we see Aquarius prominently in the grand theater of the collective, as we are now with the Sun in Aqua and soon to be Mercury, and as we have witnessed Aquarius as a delta point on the timeline for alteration and change, it doesn’t take much to align the time with the situation and realize that molten change, either manufactured or organically present, is erupting and getting ready to get shot into the mold of the matrix.

On an individual level, this has all kinds of consequences, doesn’t it? Are you willing to overthrow the tyranny of existing regimes within you and if you do, what will you replace them with? Will Harman and Campbell’s guilty green paradigm seep in like absinthe for your soul? Will you throw off the shackles of societal restraint and say “yes” to everything that is contrary and against the Piscean Age of soul and conviction? Or will you employ the warrior like energy of Mars in Libra to try to find a true balance between the old and the new, will and faith, freedom and responsibility? As always, the choice is yours . . . or is it?

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Hell And Heavensbee.

I have been thinking more and more about the after life as of late. We tend to pooh pooh the whole notion of soul and where it goes when those 28 grams depart into the etheric planes.

I’ve been thinking about this as it surrounds my own death process, both metaphoric and as real as real can be here. Pluto has been on my Saturn at 11 degrees in my 2nd House. This it’s second, shadowy pass over the lord of the rings. Meanwhile, Saturn itself has been mining the depths of my 12th House in Scorpio, so you can see why I am spending more time not just thinking about the afterlife, but even the quality of our relationship with our souls. I can tell you this from my notes; The post-modern world encourages a complete disregard for the subtle marriage of body and soul. Sometimes it’s so painfully surface clear, like when Jay-Z or any other members of the game flash their cash and get their Baphomet on. It’s better to run this town than think about the consequences of one’s actions for all of eternity. We are seduced into the worst parts of the now. I know this, because I have been gazing long and hard into the mirror of Dr. Parnassus. witnessing my distorted imagery in it’s twisted reflection. The contrast with the world itself has been stunning.

The death of Phillip Seymour Hoffman is a dour underscore to all of this. Musically, it’s a solemn cantata on Broadway.

I spent the better part of one night in a bar in Point Richmond with some guy insisting that I was a “dead ringer” for Hoffman as Lester Bangs in “Almost Famous.” It certainly ranked over a night in a NYC pub where a drunken, English bird kept calling me, “Meatloaf.” I’ll take Hoffman’s “Bangs” over Meat Loaf’s “Bat Out Of Hell” any day of the week.

When a star, especially one that had the emotional access that Hoffman had passes, part of us passes with him, because we have bonded with him or her on an emotional level. Hoffman was prolific and could connect with a broad spectrum of viewers. He played Art Howe, manager of the Oakland A’s in “Money Ball.” He was the flamboyantly gay writer, Truman Capote (for which he won and Oscar). He was L. Ron Hubbard to Joaquin Phoenix’s Jack Parsons in “The Master.” He also played “Plutarch Heavensbee” the hidden-inplain-sight, revolutionary master mind in “Catching Fire.”

Hoffman’s roles were like a mandala of the human spirit. He was accessible at almost any point, by anyone. As a Cancer, Hoffman was able to convey that watery receptivity and depth, underscored by his Mars in Scorpio, which, when he needed to, could give his character a bit of edge and danger. I see Mars in Scorpio manifesting in the Bangs character in Almost Famous. Through his phone calls to Cameron Crowe he’s not merely giving the Crowe character advice, he’s transmitting the edge that Crowe will need to survive on the tour and not be devoured by the road and the temptations of being sucked into becoming buddies with the band. At one point, Crowe’s character barks out to groupie nymphet (Pamela Des Barres?) Kate Hudson that he’s “dangerous.” That’s Bangs’ transference, which in the film is Hoffman’s.

Born with the Sun at the 29th degree, he faced the challenge of all anoretically afflicted personalities, which is beginnings and endings and as a Cancer, the anoretic degree can literally pry them out of their shell against their will. The draw of course is the warmth and light of the Leo Sun, just one degree beyond the cosmic carapace of that Canercian ascendant. His Jupiter in Leo, the second Sun, underscored this magnetic pull towards the light and yet, Hoffman’s destiny was to stay within the geometry of his emotions and honor the inner life. His body of work would seem to suggest that he did indeed manage to accomplish this.

But with his Mercury at 12 degrees in Cancer and his Saturn at 12 degrees Aries, it’s obvious that he was prone to depression and if we can use the energy of the Cardinal Cross as the current template, Hoffman was getting hammered. Uranus on his Saturn is disturbing. It’s like driving with the brakes on and there can be a crisis in the individuals life as it relates to new opportunities (Uranus) versus the old and tested ways of doing things (Saturn). Throw in the heat of Mars in opposition of Saturn and Pluto’s heavyweight presence also in square and Hoffman was being probed and eviscerated by the intensity of the Cardinal energies and while Jupiter could be construed as an ally in Cancer, an overseer to his natal Mercury, it could also be seen as an intense, psychic amplifier, making him even more sensitive and open than ever before. Jupiter retrograde would also take him backwards into some memory hole, a pocket of the body mind where every feeling/thought is expanded, though not necessarily exalted.

I would venture to say that Hoffman was haunted, which brings us into darker realms, deeper implications.


It didn’t take long for researchers to begin to connect the dots. The Super Bowl, between the Seahawks and the Broncos was Super Bowl 48 which breaks down to the number 12, which is the hanged man in the tarot. The hanged man traditionally represents a position of sacrifice for the tribe. He is Odin suspended downward on the Yggdrasil, the “Tree Of Life.” Twelve is also the number of Seattle’s infamous fan base; “The 12th man.” It’s also the number of Pisces, the sign most associated with sacrifice than any other. Over the past decade, the Super Bowl has taken on the form of a meta-ritual.

It reached it’s peak three years ago when Madonna channeled Isis at Lucas (Lightbringer) Field in Indianapolis. It was pure, blatant, in your face, camp ritual theater. Duality was theme for Madonna’s main event. You can see it in every aspect of it. She was flanked by Nickki Minaj and MIA (dual presence) and did a duet with Gemini, Cee-Lo Green (black/white/male female). Jupiter was in Taurus, and it can be seen in the fertility horns as crown for Isis/Hathor.

Last year Beyonce was channeling Taurus/Gemini as well as she and her handlers were targeting the Bull Gate of heaven via Sirius. Jupiter was in Gemini. So we see both Super Bowl 46 and 47 as part of the Taurus/Gemini continuum. Stevie Wonder also played a significant role in commercials during the Super Bowl. He played a vodun lord of the underworld, Baron Samedi.

Wonder is a Taurus and here he is with Zoe Saldana as Loa. Saldana just happens to be a Gemini.

Super Bowl 12 was a little different than the past two years. It was an invocation of Mars, as in Bruno Mars, who happens to be a Libra, where Mars is currently occupying, but Mars and his band were channeling James Brown, right down to the gold lame´ suits they were flashing. Brown’s sign? Taurus of course.

Here is Mars with of course the obligatory pyramid, a monument to Mars behind him.

The Martian theme was underscored ever-so-slightly by the appearance of boomer faces, the Red (Mars) Hot Chili Peppers. Just as an odd aside, lead singer Anthony Kiedis is a Scorpio whose parents had the last names of “Dammet” and “Noble.” Somehow, we can never escape the specter of duality.

During the pre-game, we were given the “Star-Spangled-Banner” sung by opera singer, Renee Fleming, draped in the colors of duality. At the end of the song, the 101st Airborne, Apache helicopters raced across the sky. it was an echo of the 1st Calvary Division, Airborne from Apocalypse Now, where Wagner and aerial assault met in a synchronized, cinematic air ballet of poetic proportion. The motto of the 101st? “Rendezvous With Destiny.” They are the “Screaming Eagles” and ironically, it was the Seahawks who won the game.

But let’s return to Phillip Seymour Hoffman who died on Imbolc. Imbolc is a gaelic fertility festival of sorts and is associated with Saint Brigid as the overlay of the Christian/Pagan transference.

It is one of the oldest rituals on the planet and goes as far back as the neolithic period and was celebrated at the “Mound Of Hostages” in Ireland, a neolithic site that is similar to New Grange where the opening of the burial mounds is surrounded by standing stones and is illuminated by the sunlight on “Imbolc” and “Samhain.” It goes all the way back to 3,000 BCE.

The name “Phillip” is derived from the name, “Philippas” (Greek) which essentially means “lover of horses.” We are in the “Year Of The Horse” and for all intents and purposes, the Broncos got slaughtered in Super Bowl 48.

One reference to Seymour, is Catholic saint, “Saint Maurus” whose life was later to be discovered as a forgery. However, the 9th Century personage of Saint Maur still has a feast day. It’s 11/22 (33) the day John F. Kennedy Died. Saint Maurus or Saint Maur is the patron saint of cripples and is symbolized by the crutch.

Seymour also means, “Tailor.”

Then we have his last name, Hoffman which essentially means “Of Man.” “The Horse Lover Of Man” and a false saint.

My good friend Ellis Taylor sent me the following email regarding the numerosymbology of Hoffman’s death;

“Philip Seymour Hoffman had two major tracks to negotiate in his life – 8 and 5. The numbers that would barrel towards him were 6, 7, and 9; and they would conjoin at certain points in the double 2, or 22. 8 is about force, systems, law, finance, reliability, efficiency, repetition, moving from one state to another, stress. (For more aspects of 8 see and other articles on my site). 5 is to do with activity, languages, freedom, sport, addictions. Both 5 and 8 have issues to do with weight. He died 722 days after Whitney – which is the numbers approximate to pi and also the date of the Feast of Mary Magdalene, 22nd July. The last day of Cancer and the 203rd day of the year – matching his birthday number. It is also the day before his birthday (23rd July – 1st day of Leo) As 19×19 it is sxs, which is an acronym for side by side. As in Whitney’s sacrifice Philip’s was associated with 911 and two very significant, and associated numbers. Her death was 153 days after 11th September 2011. (153 is the number of the sacred feminine, fish catch etc See: Great Dreams) Philip’s was 144 days after 11th September 2013.” Ellis C. Taylor.

So we cannot dismiss the possibility that something much bigger is afoot here with both the Super Bowl and the death of Hoffman or the death “Of Man.”

There is something that is both touching and universal about Hoffman’s death. He was a character actor in the best sense of the word, meaning he could be anyone, play any man and yet, his chops were so good, he was amongst the best as his craft. His death was tragic in these sense that through the multitude of his characters, a slice us and our experience passed with him.

Even if this was yet another passing of the ritual variety, May your soul rest in peace Phillip Seymour Hoffman.

So what’s next on the horizon? Why The Sochi Olympics of course! Boy howdy do we have a lot more symbolism happening there. In fact, I cover it over on Gaiam TV when I tackle chart of Russia and Putin over at the 11th House. You can watch this and other shows over at Gaiam free for ten days. Just go to the 11th House and sign up for a free, ten-day-trial.

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Cracking the avoid void

The Grand Cross has been more like a bomb sight of the human soul across the planet in the early going of 2014. If you haven’t felt it yet, don’t worry, you’ll get plenty of more action where that came from in April, from the 20th through the 23rd. It’s done it’s deconstructive magic on me. Transiting Pluto landed at ground zero in my chart, my Saturn at 11 degrees in the 2nd House. The Pluto/Saturn effect is stunning in it’s thorough annihilation of the unreal. Add transiting Mars onto my Moon, squaring the pope of nope down in the navel of the chart and the tectonic shift wasn’t so much a rumble, but an explosion, a volcanic convulsion. Then the dying began. That’s Saturn in the 12th rooting out the maya with a vengeance. Observing all of this through the eyes of an astrologer is very much akin to when the brain researcher, Jill Boalte-Taylor observed herself having a stroke.

Ten days later my molten soul is cooling. The funny thing is, is that I know I’m not alone. You see the intensity of this past Cardinal Cross was a massive karmic sweeper of the highest order. We are getting churned, turned and burned and the crazy thing is, is that it’s being done out of love. We are being tempered (thanks Ellis) and refined for our next stage of evolutionary development. Can you feel it? Can you sense the gnawing anxiety of the Earth as the planet keepers cook up plastic, burning snow on the streets of Atlanta because they have to now fake and approximate winter? Something really, really big is up and it’s literally shaking the hell out of us, electrifying us with the divine joules of awakening.

Uranus in Aries is the quickening–It’s the sheet-lightning catalyst of the spirit.

Pluto in Capricorn is a multi-phase current. It’s baphometric and reveals the devil inside of us all, while ordinating the nature of time itself. Five-days in the matrixed hell of one’s past is a burning eternity from moment-to-moment. That’s the power of Pluto in Capricorn. But it also has the power to re-build and re-form on the fiery bedrock of one’s life.

Mars in Libra is the scales of justice and they are fiery and swift. Anubis is in control of the scales and your soul better be feather light, because if it’s not, the underworld will be this world without the divine grace to literally vibrate you above the fray and density of the horror. All of our actions, thoughts and past deeds, good or bad are in the balance of the scales. If you haven’t gotten clean or right with your deity, I highly suggest you self-initiate on this one and get going, because the train is getting ready to leave the station.

Jupiter in Cancer, retrograde is like a tidal force, a deeply magnetic wave that takes us back to our roots, where we are lovingly shown the scars of our upbringing, where we were wounded so deeply, that the scar tissue of the spirit has become the emotional armor from which we live life behind. Jupiter in Cancer, retrograde also forces us to remember, somewhere inside ourselves about the sanctity of life and the sacred bloom of the child and it’s mother. The clinical removal of life on this planet will not be allowed to continue much longer. I can truly say that the source of all life and creation itself has had enough. Jupiter in Cancer retro will rain tears for those separated from their source, whether it’s in the womb or in the dislocation of the person from their soul.

You see, the Cardinal Square is catalyzing redemption, but before that can take place, our own Towers of Babel must fall.

2014, “The Year Of The Horse” is going to be one, helluva ride. Get ready for the cosmic shake out and the spiritual stampede of your very soul.

Meanwhile, our pharaoh in the District of Columbia, is resorting to triggering “Executive Orders” in the light of day to get what he wants now, especially as it relates to the headline grabbing, minimum wage. It’s a pure grandstand play, but the pharaoh is just sending out trial balloons of the most benevolent sort. Just wait until the EO’s get more gripping and more real than they were when he was passing them in secret, behind closed doors.

The whole idea is ridiculous. The economy and the country needs more jobs and job creation, not higher wages for lesser jobs. It’s a desperate act, by a desperate man who believes he is a demigod and his administration is just trying to buy enough time for Janet Yellen to take over at the FED and start running their latest ponzi scheme. Rates are going to go up and once they do, look out boys and girls, here comes the not-so-soft austerity measures. Americans are not going to like this. Last week, the DOW convulsed over having Bernanke’s zero-interest drip line cut off. It’s not going to be pretty and these are pretty desperate times. The pharaoh has come up with a great new government backed savings program called, “MyRA.” Yes, that’s right, “RA.” Is it just a cruel joke or is there something that they are telling us? That perhaps the pharaoh might be around longer than his eight years of service? Is he telling us to get used to our RA?

The pharaoh gave his “state of the union” address at 9:00PM, EST. The geometry of the chart itself is rather interesting. Keep in mind that the big news wasn’t just the rise of the minimum wage (for government contract employees only) it was “MyRA.” If you look casually at the chart, you’ll see a wide-orbed, grand water trine, with two, opposition t-squares. But if you look a little morel closely, you’ll see the rough schemata for a pyramid, trying to emerge. Also, look at the Sun in Aquarius, alone nearly unaspected in the sign of the rebel. The pharaoh’s own Sun is in Leo (Ra/Sun God) and here the Sun is in the house of Leo, accidentally exalted, standing alone in the heat of the lesser light. The sextile to Uranus gives the rebellious Sun an ally, exact at nine degrees. This is a fated degree for the pharaoh as it relates to the sabian symbols, you see 9/10 Aquarius has this tasty revelation associated with it;

A Man Who Had For A Time Become The Embodiment Of A Popular Ideal Is Made To Realize That As A Person He Is Not This Ideal

You see the divine and planetary manifestation of the Cardinal Cross is indiscriminate. It doesn’t care what your secret rank is or how nice your condo beneath the DIA is, or how many millions of seeds you’ve got stashed away. It’s a galactic mine sweeper of the soul and even pharaohs have to die before they die. It’s the most just and benevolent thing that love can do.

Over on BlogTalk Radio on Friday, the 31st, 12 NOON, CST, I’ll be looking at the money crisis, with two of my favorite money minds, Robert Bonomo and patrick the finance dude. Who needs Max Keiser and Gerald Celente? We’ll be taking a look at the big, big, picture from the astrology of the current trends, to what’s happening in foreign markets, especially Russia and how we can potentially reclaim our sovereign worth. You don’t want to miss it. Just CLICK HERE.

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