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3036026-poster-p-1-5-ways-to-improve-your-listening-skillsLooking for a support system using astrology as a foundation? Then look no further than AstroCoach. It’s an opportunity to work with me over a period of five sessions. You can use them back-to-back if you’re going through a hot phase, or you can stretch them out. I not only use astrology, but other tools and elements of awareness and consciousness that I have worked with and developed over the years. AstroCoach clients also get first priority when it comes to sessions and are guaranteed a slot in twenty-four-hours. This service is especially helpful when it comes to major life transitions such as the following:

• Divorce/Separation

• Grief/Passing

• Past Trauma

• Career Transition

• Relocation/Moving

• Deepening of Purpose

These are six, sixty-minute-sessions and they are are all recorded. It breaks down to just $100 per session ($600).

Readers Comments (1)

  1. Thank you Robert for providing this option.
    I have garnered your amazing services in some very transitional and difficult times (child custody).
    The readings you provided me as well as your insight helped me navigate this difficult and emotional time with much more clarity, peace and love.
    I’m happy to report that things are swiftly moving in a positive direction and I’m looking forward to focusing on my next phase in this human/ heart centered direction that I will need your insight and participation on.
    Again I know your time is valuable and I appreciate all that you give.

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