October 2017


Deconstructing The Weinstein Chart, Pisces As Sacrifice, And The Masculine Crisis Pt One

First, Hurricane Harvey hit Houston, then Hurricane Harvey Weinstein hit Hollywood. In typical, dualistic, Gemini fashion, the cyclonic forces of both mirrored one another, if not in actual physical destruction, the social wreckage in the wake of the Weinstein take might even rival what’s happened in Houston. Let’s quickly take a look at the two […]


Las Vegas Or Bust — Echoes of 9/11 — The Bolshevik Revolution — Off Planet Radio Breakdown

In the surreal echo chamber that passes for reality, our ability to feel, tapped beyond it’s natural reserves, we are forced to yet again, deal with another situation involving shooters, ideologies, agendas and significant injuries and deaths, and not just those things at a surface level, but the actual veracity of the event itself. Hyper-stimulated […]