Astro Confessional — Neptune Swells — Swallows The South Node — The God Sized Void

neptune_wallpaper_by_bwzd-d6ydgjiSometimes, what’s going on, on the inside is more potent than the daily spin, though not always as easy to deal with than the decoding of phenomenon. I’ve decided to open my astro-veins and talk about some of the aspects that are coursing through my life. Sometimes at a glacial rate.

Back in 2003 I was at a small dinner party in San Diego and there was an astrologer there. We talked about various aspects, transits, etc., and I saw this transit well into my future, the Neptune conjunction of the South Node in my 4th House. I brought it up with a pre-mature sense of dread and we talked it out of my anxious field. Well, as of last month, it hit me like tsunami.

As an astrologer, I do my best to find the redemptive energies in just about every aspect, but to be frank, some are just harder to love than others and this transit is one of them.


One of my favorite transits from my past was when the ruler of Pisces was in Aqua, in my 3rd House. Aside from the occasional memory loss, I loved Neptune’s stream of consciousness slowly coursing though that mental sphere. When it trined my Mercury/Moon, my intuition was off the charts–I was pretty kind as well. Those were the days.

A month ago, I lost a seventeen-year-friendship as Neptune started to blot out my South Node and spin like a celestial whirlpool, creating a sucking vortex opposite my North Node, my worldly purpose. It wasn’t just the loss of the friendship but the words and feelings behind. Frankly, I was shocked by the level of cruelty, which morphed two days later, into self-pity and nearly suicidal contrition. Of course, Neptune’s elixirs were involved, spirits, summoning the demons of the past on demand, soon-to-be ghosts of the present. And just days after that, my relationship that I’d been in for the past year hit a deep trough, and I was searching for my own form of Neptunian liberation, via margaritas and avoidance. It didn’t work. Did I fail to mention that this transit is going to last 2.5 years? By the end of December, 2019, I’ll have been put through the Neptunian rinse cycle.

When working with clients, I do my best to elevate both understanding and the actual interpretation of a transit/aspect. Neptune is always one of the more difficult ones, because it doesn’t happen like the Uranian thunderclap, or the Plutonian forge that burns the dross of the soul. It’s not like the steady hammer and chisel of Saturn. Neptune is subtle, then forceful like wave at Mavericks, taking you under, then calm, tranquil, then another mighty swell of the soul. Neptune brings suffering unlike any of the outer planets and with suffering comes self-medication, which is where most of the planet is at these days with massive opiod addiction. I get it. This is a rough time on Terra and we’ve been in in deep trauma mode for the last fifty years. People are desperate for a way out of their suffering.


When I was in my twenties, I spent a day at Tassajara, tucked away in the hills of the Carmel Valley, an old German spa transformed into a Zen oasis by the SF Zen Center. I was in a hot pool with two other men. One guy was in recovery, the other looked like he was in recovery from retiring early ie, he had some cash reserves. The recovery guy talked about how he was trying to fill a void in his life through drugs and the sage retiree said, “Like trying to fill a God-sized void.”

This is Neptunian language.

We can’t have a discussion about Neptune unless we dive into acts of surrender, letting go, blessing, forgiving, humbling ourselves in the deep pool of our imperfections. The ultimate reward of challenging Neptune is measured by our ability to reflect and embody deeply important spiritual principles and inner realities.

So that’s where I am as I sort through not just the dissolution of life circumstances, but also a reality that exists in opposition to who and what I do in the world, what I’m not just known for, but is linked to my dharma/purpose. I have no idea how this is going to unfold, but the early weather report seems stormy and it looks like I’ll be in for heavy weather for a while.

The Uranian Madness of Nick Drake and The Sunday Night Live Stream

drakeToday, Nick Drake would have been 69 years old. Drake is one of the 27’s, dead before his Saturn Return, committing suicide at the age of 24. Drake was a Gemini, born at 27 degrees Gemini. The 27th and 28th degrees of a sign, any sign is the radical dispersal of the energy. The sign is fitful and dying. At the end of Gemini, this florescence translates into the shotgun broadcast of self. Cancer, waiting in the wings, wants emotional order. At 27 Gemini, schizophrenia is disguised as a short attention span. Now every 27 Gemini isn’t going to suffer his dark fate, because he also has Sun conjunct Uranus, separated by a scant 1 degree. Under strain, it’s madness. Left alone to it’s own curious devices, it’s the lightning stroke of genius. Nick Drake’s musical output begins in sparking creation, songs filled with the lyrical breezes of Northern Skies, a Celtic folk-jazz-fusion, the six-stringed bard. But the Uranus conjunction added an unpredictability with such a tight orb. The opposition of Jupiter in Sag with the Sun/Uranus conjunction must have been hell for him.  It expanded and tugged on his madness while likely making him feel like a fake, a phony. The excruciating polarity was just one factor in the demise of Drake. Neptune’s square to Mercury would also add a lack of confidence in his voice and song writing ability. God Bless you Nick Drake.

Check out my LiveStream from Sunday night, where I get into the astrology of the week ahead, plus the charts of Rodrigo Duterte and Eroll Flynn.

Strange Connections In The Duality Matrix With the Shooting of Steve Scalise on Trump’s Birthday

sobchakOn Donald Trump’s birthday, the mutant Gemini from the future, we witness two shootings, one on the east coast (DC) the other on the west coast (SF). By physical location itself, we see Gemini (east/west) in action. But of the two, clearly the DC shooting at a baseball field where congressmen were practicing for their annual Dems vs Repubs game has garnered the most attention and added to yet more polarization in the general public view.


This time we have the crazed, lone gunman version coming from the left vs the right.

James Hodgkinson, a dead ringer for the trigger happy Walter Sobchak (played by John Goodman) in the Big Lebowski opened fire on the GOP squad, hitting Rep Steve Scalise, two of his assistants and two DC police. Hodgkinson was terminated on the scene. Resembling Sobchak isn’t the only high strange associated with the shooter. He was sixty-six years and six months old. It’s also pretty amazing that there was such a clearly defined profile of who he was in the aftermath of the shooting, thanks to his ardent use of social media to clearly display his anger and frustration over the Trump election. We knew within hours that he was a Sanders supporter, having even volunteered for Sanders in Iowa. We know all about his business (mold testing) his love for the Southern Poverty Law Center, his abuse of his “foster children,” and his almost Travis Bickle like exodus from Illinois, to DC, where lived in his service van for month, while spending extensive time at the YMCA, doing nothing, except talking to key people who could later add to his post-Illinois profile.


Hodgkinson was born on 12/12/50 which of course would make him a Sag, where transiting Saturn was a vice grip on his Sun. In search of immutable truth is the hard path of the archer and in some ways, he represents the manifestation of frustration during this Saturn phase where ideology in collusion with personal morality are crushed like atoms in a particle accelerator (hello CERN) and you get a personality spin that is triggered for thermonuclear detonation.

The pressure cooker of truth without closure is the psychic wound of this Saturn retrograde phase. Let’s take a look at what’s been opened without any sort of resolution over the past year.

• Wikileaks dispatches from the DNC which unveiled the deep corruption of the Clinton Foundation which in part derailed an already flagging campaign by Hillary Clinton.

• The stark revelations of the DNC, from John Podesta’s email account, which pointed to collusion at executive levels to torpedo the rising, Bernie Sanders campaign.

• The Pizaagate bonus material which boomeranged on Alex Jones and “Alt-Press” in general.

• The ongoing and endless saga of From Russia with Love, the Putin/Trump affair.

• Numerous terror events in Europe that seem staged, fake and hollow.

• The Anthony Weiner laptop with supposedly all of the incriminating, Pedogate evidence on it.

• The supposed and unsolved death of Seth Rich.

And that’s just the tip of the ice berg.

Has any of the above resulted in arrests, court dates or jail time? The only casualty in all of this has been Michael Flynn. Hillary is still on the loose, hacking her way through commencement speeches across the country, blaming everyone other than herself for losing in the election.

Trump is still roaming the halls of the White House in his bathrobe at the wee hours of the morning, re-heating Burger King from earlier in the day. Putin still rules Russia and we still love Vodka. James Alefantis still serves creepy pizza. There’s been more upheaval and truth dredge over the past ten months than in almost any other time in recorded history and what has it resulted in? Almost nothing.

When we deal with Saturnine consciousness, we are dealing with the hyper-cube, the ebonite cage of compression, in what some might term, “Hell.” Hell is a domain where intolerable conditions don’t change. In 2016, we passed from purgatory into a (Hell realm, where the cage of Saturn, the dark cube has captured and cordoned off the truth. Saturn goes direct on August, the 26th, just five days after the great American eclipse. This has deep ramifications for the aftermath of the eclipse and revelations that could threaten not just the Trump administration but the current model of democracy as we know it. Things could blow sky high.

astro_2gw_114_shooting.61737.9341The shooting took place at 7:09AM and the chart for shooting leaves us with some interesting astrological forensics. Look at the 12th House, there’s Mars there, in a place that is historically associated with hidden enemies. The Sun and Mercury are in the 12th as well, both in Gemini, again, the occluded presence of duality, with Mercury squaring Neptune. The Mercury/Neptune square also shows up in Trump’s chart. When we see the square to Neptune, there can be lack of clarity, focus, and even confusion. The most egregious aspect is lies and outright deception. In the 6th House we see Saturn in Sag, which is where James Hodgkinson’s Sun in Sag would be as well. Typically, the 6th House is open enemies, versus the 12th (hidden). At the top of the chart, Pisces defines the MC, straddled by Chiron in the 10th and Neptune in 9th. Chiron in the 10th represents the public wound or sacrifice. I would be very surprised if Steve Scalise survives.

In my broadcast from today, I made a link between Steve Scalise and child trafficking, as Scalise, a catholic was on the warpath against pedophiles. If he was a wild card, a wild card that would blow the cover off of DC’s dirty relationship with kids, this might have been a lot more than just a lone nut working out his political angst in a fit of blind of progressive rage.

The Trans-Personal Warriors Epitomize The Spirit of Aquarius, Cavs Split Into Opposition

warriorsfeat-1It’s been a while since I penned an astrological/sports thing, but since we are in the NBA finals, and it’s all GSW vs LeBronisthan, I decided to re-investigate their respective rosters to see if there’s some astrological clues in there and guess what? There are.

This is a very different team than the first one the Warriors brought to the finals three years ago. The players that left; Bogut, Barnes, Barbosa and Speights, were replaced by David West, Javale McGee, Matt Barnes, Zaza Pachulia and Kevin Durant. And it’s had an effect, an astrological effect on how the team plays.

A quick glance at the roster shows the following signs represented in numbers; Four Pisces, three Aquarians, two Capricorns, one Scorpio, one Libra and two Virgos. Essentially the roster is comprised of signs in the upper (lower) part of the chart. As we move away from Virgo to Pisces, we move deeper into collectivity, the realm of the transpersonal, away from the gravity of the self.

This is reflected in the play of the team which is absurdly unselfish as they go out of their way to make the extra pass and get the ball in the basket. Their coach, the physically plagued Steve Kerr, is a Libra and is the fulcrum, the point of balance, as Libra is the mediator between the two hemispheres of the chart. But this is a team that is really dominated by three signs; Cap, Aqua and Pisces (nine combined players). And when they are in the flow, led by their Neptunian Magi, Stephen Curry, they are something to behold and epitomize the essence of Aquarius in the truest sense of team. The offense literally flows like water.

Center is an odd position as it is usually manned by giants, who have an unusual relationship with reality and in the case of the Warriors, their two main men in the middle are Aqua, Zaza Pachulia and Cap/Aqua cusper, Javale McGee. Both have been known for their eccentricities, both on and off the court.

Head coach, Steve Kerr (9/27) is in orb with star, Kevin Durant (9/29). This closeness gives the two a unique ability to communicate and bond with one another. As long as Kerr is coach, the Warriors will have a good chance of retaining Durant, who is at the top of his game.

The Cavs have a very different roster.

The Cavs have the following signs represented; Three Aries, two Cap, two Pisces, two Gemini, two Cancer, two Virgo, one Libra, one Taurus. When we look at the roster, it’s almost the opposite of the Warriors, dominated by eight players from Aries to Cancer. These are not trans-personal. The majority of their roster is learning about self—not other. The most visible example of this is the fascinating, Flat-Earther, Aries, Kyrie Irving. Irving is noted for being one of the best, one-on-one players in the world and at times has put the team on his back in a very-Aries like fashion. But in this series, he’s met his match in the unselfish Aquarian, Klay Thompson, a world class scorer, who has let Durant and Curry get the shine, while he’s kept Irving in the shade.

Capricorn LeBron has become the CEO of the team as he essentially put that team together, along with GM, David Griffin, but even in his play, he’ll disappear at times as he delegates the offense, versus dominating it. Nothing wrong there, but he doesn’t have the same astrological flow at his disposal that the Warriors do. Also, two key players, Iman Shumpert and Derron Williams are opposite sign; Cancer and that’s not always great. In fact, there’s a fair amount of opposition going on. Kevin Love and JR Smith are Virgos, while Kyle Korver and Tristan Thompson are Pisces. These four should NEVER be on the court at the same time. So we see a roster that has combinations of opposition, which isn’t great for team play and even the oppositions aren’t great as Pisces and Virgo can be self-sacrificial to a fault.

While the series isn’t over, and the Cavs could grab a win tonight, it’s not going to be easy to do what they did last year, unless the league asserts itself and let’s Cleveland mug and thug the Warriors into foul trouble. Keep in mind that LeBron also has what are pretty clear illuminati ties and they are always looking for leverage with their possessed charges. Although, to be clear, the rumor is that LeBron doesn’t partake in a lot of the lurid rituals. It might be his connection with Warren Buffet, which spares him the wrath of desecration or his anointment as “The King.” This series should be over in five, maybe six games at the most and if it doesn’t go down like that, you’ll know that the gods of chance and duality have inserted themselves like Olympian puppet masters, controlling the diversionary faction of the matrix.