Trump’s God Tour, The Manchester Chart, False Flag Murmurs, The Rise of The Security State


As Donald trump makes his Abrahamic tour of the three great faiths, with a little arms deal thrown in for good measure, because as we know a little future smiting and prophecy is right in the false saviors wheel house. At every step, every turn, he is shadowed by Jared Kushner, who comes on more like a man–in-black, versus his shady and awkward son-in-law. Speaking of black, Ivanka and Melania looked like they were in mourning through it all. Is this a portent of the end of an age?


I just watched some live footage of Trump being led through the bejeweled halls of the Vatican, through a column of festooned guards forming a holy gauntlet. The pope, one of the world’s great fakes greeted them all. He seemed to have little to say to Trump’s son-in-law.


While the Trump tour was in Israel on the 22nd, the number of the master builder, he became the first standing president to don the skull cap and bury his nose in the crack of the wailing wall. After his fealty to the House of Moses, it was to honor the Khazarian occupiers of the Holy Land. Trump and Netenyahu had their press conference at the King David hotel, which was the sight of a brutal bombing that was carried out by Irgun, a radicalized band of cutthroat Zionists whose sole goal was to seize power of the land that had been granted to them by the English in the Balfour Declaration, which makes about as much sense as the US granting the same group the right to occupy Peru.




It was on July 22nsd 1948 (there’s that 22 again) that bombs went off inside the hotel putting a volatile exclamation mark on the transfer of land from one country that didn’t own it, to another that was born out of a radicalized vision of Zionist supremacy and a vague passage in the Bible as the so called holy deed to the land. It’s tonic that the Zionists who occupied Palestine, could care less about the Old Testament, but were more than happy to use it as a pretext for occupation, conquest and annexation.


Occupation isn’t anything new. The world has been occupied again and again and to put some kind of horrible spin on it, would be, well, childish, because let’s be clear, the world is not fair. Divine justice and divine dispensation can be, even in an overly saturated world of symbolic Discordia, but the world is not and has never been fair.


That said, it would be a step up the evolutionary ladder if the Palestinians were treated like humans instead of rats in a cage, whose life is dominated by laborious checkpoints set up by their occupiers who view them as little more than cattle. Not once did Trump, on his journey to the heart of the fertile crescent ever address this. Leo rising, he gravitates to power and displays of pomp and circumstance. In fact it was overheard that he would like to take a few pieces from the Vatican that would fit nicely in Trump Tower. I think it might have been a golden cherub peeing on the head of Job.


Getting back to the Hotel David event. It was both ironic and symbolic that later that night, in a concert hall in Manchester, what would appear to be bombs went off in the foyer and 22 (there’s that number again) died. But did they really?


I’ve been in a state of emotional mourning and caught the terror wave with my psychic guard down. It was an educational experience. I understood how these events can impact a planet that’s mostly in a state of depression, sadness and repressed emotions. The events seep in like arsenic and fluoride in a drip line. It’s the cumulative effect of trauma and the engineers and architects of evil take full advantage of it.

Luckily, it took me less than a day to snap out of it.


There’s the convenient lone gunmen or in this case bomber. Conveniently dead and conveniently happening just hours after Trump had sounded the clarion call against this type of terror and the evil people that perpetrate it. It’s typical Trump timing which goes all the way back to Kate Steinle.


As he marched towards the nomination, Trump started the whole thing off when he openly criticized what was happening with our borders and the criminal element that snuck into the country again and again, committing heinous crime-after-crime and right on cue, pretty Kate is gunned down in San Francisco by one of these wretched vermin.


That was Trump’s signature moment, one that had him flashing oracular powers, but in reality, at a closer look, the death of Kate Steinle looks like yet another <a href=””>false flag</a> used to promote whatever agenda was up for emotional lease.


Gun control? Sure, that was the main course of the Obama admin. Immigrant control? Sure, that was fuel for the masses and their seething resentments (many of which are justified).

And this pattern followed Trump all throughout the campaign.


If he bashed radical Islam (a term he doesn’t use any longer), there was an event ready to go. San Bernardino and Orlando come to mind, both of which have false flag and psyop written all over them.


Whether it was the BLM/gun control falsie, or the radical Islam falsie, staged events had a better run than Hollywood over the past two years. Perhaps someone should have an awards ceremony for the best crisis actors each year.


Astrologically, a lot of this bullshit took place during the mutable T-Square of Jupiter in Virgo/Saturn in Sag/Neptune in Pisces with a Chiron topper. Nothing was as it seemed. The overt clash of Saturn and Neptune did set off a new legion and generation of truth seekers and deep fact divers which continue to pound the fringes of the net, looking for obscure clues, abnormalities, anonymous whispers and cracks in the matrix. It took on such a cumulative power that it had to be corralled under the banner of fake news. Pizzagate being the honeytrap, where the truth is revealed by crumbs of association that led to a rat trap that snapped shut on the likes of Alex Jones. I’m digressing a bit, but this has everything to do with Manchester.




Manchester now feels even more like a FF than it does twenty-four hours ago, riding the rails of duality, the Gemini effect in full force and it’s timely occurrence on the Trump tour. Videos pop up like toadstools under a pile of dung. A voice calmly tells people to exit the hall, the voice is not British, it is decidedly American and sounds like it emanates from the East Coast, maybe New York, New Jersey, Maryland.


And it’s right on time for the Don, another punctuation mark for his polarized position. So what’s the fallout from the Manchester shooting?


Well, Iran is in the crosshairs and while the seat of terror has always been Saudi Arabia ,which has harbored and sponsored Wahabist sects for decades, it is Iran, Israel’s biggest competitor for dominance in the region which is being branded as the hive of extremism. ISIS, a creation of the US/Israel/Turkey/Saudi Arabia/UK will be linked to Iran in the weeks to come. I was listening to talk radio last night, some guy named Mike Berry on WOAI, a 100,000 watt flame thrower that I used to pick up in California at night. It was as if Berry was reading off of a script that mirrored the talking points with more than pinch of conservative bravado. The guy was talking about firing missiles into ISIS. Does he not understand the complex nature of this creeping threat that will be used to make the entire planet a version of Gaza?


We’re getting the usual burst of noise around freedom vs security and how to protect us against the existential threat of terror. What people like Berry don’t understand (or maybe they do) is that this is a classic extortion racket. This is pure Kosher Nostra. Create the threat, unleash the threat and then demand payment in some form to protect the innocent against the synthetic terror unleashed upon them.


The payment will take the form or more security, more biometrics, more cameras, and of course there will be plenty of companies ready to roll to provide those services. It’s the surveillance economy and it’s been booming since 9/11/01.


But there’s a far greater payment to be made and that’s the forfeiture of our souls for the illusion of safety. It’s the fear, paranoia and mistrust bred in the cracks of these events which fester in our spirits and ferment into any number of psychic maladies. The air is filled with anxiety and lumbering case of collective narcolepsy. The prospects of the future diminished in the uncertain gravity of the present.


The abduction of our privacy and freedom is the most tangible affliction and casualty of fake terror and social extortion, it’s damage done to our spirits as we either conform to the model of fear, or we are outcasts and a threat to the hive mind that latches onto the lowest fruit, even it’s rotten and infested by worms.


When Trump was stumping, we knew he would up the ante for the surveillance state—he told us as much.


And it is coming. We are one event away from the technologies that they have all wrapped up and ready to go.


With Uranus about to move into Taurus next year, our physical world (Taurus) will begin to get radically altered. From money to how we create products (or rather how robots create them for us) to how we move about the physical world, will change and the programming for this significant alteration is already in play.


For shits and giggles, let’s look at the chart for the Manchester event.





What strikes me immediately about the chart is the Moon/Uranus conjunction in Aries. The Moon of course is the symbol/portal of our emotional expression and in Aries, it’s passionate, visceral, vital, immediate, and when afflicted, can be violent. The conjunction with Uranus gives it an explosive quality. Uranus is the accelerant. Venus, Moon, Uranus and Mercury are all in the 4th House, which is the most emotional/sentimental/maternal/feminine house of the zodiac. It’s the house of mothers and who would pick up on this event on a psycho/emotional level?








Venus was opposing Jupiter at the time, which was on the MC and part of a T-Square with Pluto (of course). Pluto in Capricorn, the Baphometric standard, the corporacratic torch bearer, aggregator and egregore of our time. It’s there, torqueing the beam between Venus and Jupiter.


Neptune squares Mars. By definition, this is a deceptive aspect. Neptune squaring Mars has the effect of deceiving people of their motivation. Something becomes justifiable under this aspect, and the justification isn’t always in the best interests of the individual, whether it’s sneaking candy to bed, or acting out as a Neptunian martyr, the energy and motive is blurred. Out of any aspect in this chart, this is the one that illustrates that peoples visceral emotions can be manipulated.



Whether this is a “real” event, a “false flag” or a hybrid, the end result is still the same; Manufactured fear, the extortion of your spirit and the dousing of your joy.

True Node In Leo Hits Trump’s Ascendant And About To Hit His Mars In Leo

r.mahaux-trump-familyMars has just hit Donald Trump’s natal Uranus and the next 48 hours could be about as explosive and flip-floppy as it gets, well, maybe, since the same Mars will hit Trump’s Sun at 22 degrees next Weds. These conjunctions are critical. They illustrate how astrology works through cyclical awareness and the application of pressure or it’s attendant release and flow.

Mars has crossed this place many times throughout the course of Trump’s life and while it may have provided creative and explosive energy, like a controlled demolition or two, clearly it’s never been in this position in Trump’s chart while he’s been president of the USA and under an attack like no other president before him.

It’s been mentioned that Trump is getting more and more frustrated and angry. The firing of James Comey last week was a glimpse into the explosive Mars transit. Not only is this erratic and wildly mutable energy in play, the transiting True Node in Leo has just landed on Trump’s ascendant. In some ways, this is like the moment a Super Nova hits it’s peak illumination before burning out and becoming stardust in the memory of space.

For nearly the past two years, the transiting TN was in Trump’s 1st House, which amongst other factors helped him in his rise to the White House. Virgo is a sign that resonates with the common man and woman. Virgo makes your lattes, coifs your dog, does your taxes, pilots your Uber trip to the airport, cuts your hair, pours your Moscow Mule, etc., etc.. You get the drift. The TN in Virgo in the 1st House, gave Trump something he had never had before; resonance with the common man and woman. Throw a large chunk of Jupiter also transiting his 1st House, also in Virgo, and the timing for a run at the White House couldn’t have been better. But that’s all about to end as the transiting TN has hit his ascendant and is about to land on his Mars from the 8th to the 16th of June, which coincides with his solar return on the 14th.

In many ways this is Trump’s last stand, because when the True Node drops into his 12th House, the energy is one of retreat and turning away from the world. This could mean that he will be in some type of re-grouping mode or, he will hunker down in bunker mode with his family and children (Leo) because at the end of the day, that’s the only group whom Trump can trust at this point and in the case of Ivanka and secret agent 666 posing as his son-in-law, even they should be under his extreme scrutiny.

It is feeling more and more like the next month might be one of the most critical in our history as astrology and destiny clash on the world stage.

Surprising Revelations Of Prince’s Death Chart And The Sunday Night Livestream, Synastry With Kim Jong Un and Dennis Rodman

PrinceCan astrology predict or show death inside of a chart? It’s a question I’ve been asked on occasion and the answer is “yes” with an asterisk. Last year when I was looking at David Bowie’s chart on his birthday, I saw something inside the chart that alarmed me. It had to do with transiting Pluto in his 12th House hitting his natal Sun/Mars, squaring Neptune in his 8th House. When I saw this, was shaken and told my audience to appreciate Bowie while we can. Two days later, he was gone. I was flooded with emails in the tribute-filled-days that followed.

When Prince died, Regina Meredith asked me if I could have seen that in his chart and I said “no.” There were some strange aspects, but not a flashing-red-reaper that jumped off the screen. That’s the asterisk. Sometimes it’s not there, or if something is, then perhaps it’s a hinge, a pivot moment of life. Let’s take a look at Prince’s life and death chart.

We know when Prince was born, but when he died is a bit trickier. He was discovered dead at 9:43 AM on the 21st and was pronounced dead at 10:07. It’s likely that he died prior to being found, but how much sooner? I set the chart at the ritualized time of midnight. Now most of the planets would more or less occupy the same space, sans the Moon. When looking at mortality/fatality Pluto, Saturn, Mars and at times Neptune come into play. A combination of Mars/Pluto in terms of opposition, square and conjunction evokes energies of death, intensity, violence and fixity. When Mars and Pluto clash, it doesn’t equate to death but the energies can be dark, tangled, at times bloody and intense. When Pluto connected with Bowie’s Sun/Mars in the 12th, I didn’t have a timetable about when he would pass, but I knew he was on the clock and immediately cancer entered my consciousness. This is what makes Prince’s death chart mysterious.

astro_61gw_61_70_prince_prince_death.84349.7581When we look at the position of trans Pluto in Prince’s chart, there aren’t any obvious connections. The only major aspect being a square to natal Jupiter, which was conjunct trans Moon in Libra and I wouldn’t call that a mortal aspect, but on closer look, Pluto was inconjunct Prince’s Sun in the 8th House. An inconjunct is an unusual aspect and one that requires some intentional interpretation. It also doesn’t last incredibly long, since there is about a 1-3 orb that determines the 150 degrees that separates the two planets in an inconjunct. The two signs that occupy the inconjunct have nothing to do with each other, in this case, Gemini and Capricorn. Gemini is Prince’s Sun sign and it’s in the 8th House, the House of Scorpio which is many things including other people’s money. Pluto in Capricorn, in the 2nd House was in the House of Taurus, Prince’s money. But this isn’t his Pluto. This is trans Pluto, and in Capricorn, it’s all about the government, big business, and baphomet. This is the clue. Prince wasn’t slated to expire like Bowie, secluded and hidden away, recording his obituary for the rest of us. This is the aspect of a conspiracy.

Prince had just won back his music rights from Warner Brothers and was poised to start distributing his music through Tidal, Jay Z’s new streaming service. Prince’s catalog is laden with hits, and that’s just the songs we know about. He’s supposed to have thousands of hours of recordings in the vault. We could be getting Prince releases for the next twenty years.

Was there a concerted effort behind his death to grab hold of his prodigious and lucrative recording rights? We’ve looked at the ritualized aspect of this death, the “Purple Revolution” et al, but in conjunction with the occult timing, was there another motive? Was it ultimately about the control of his vast catalog along with the supernatural punch that manifested in purple sorrow on the morning after the election?

Recently, Prince’s estate has been embroiled in a bitter legal dispute with Tidal and there are more battles ahead with his heirs and the estate. Prince didn’t leave anything in writing to his sister or any of his legal heirs and this is like a chum in the waters for the land sharks. Comerica is in charge of the estate and the heir’s claims and it’s not going well. How that relationship holds up over time remains to be seen. In the past month, George Ian Boxhill, one of Prince’s last producers had six of Prince’s songs in possession and was going to release them. His heirs stepped in and a judge forced a halt to its release except for one song, “Deliverance.” Now, Boxhill is demanding $1 Million to keep from releasing the other five tracks, which amounts to a barely legal form of extortion. Pluto inconjunct the Sun. But is there a missing link, a key to Prince’s death that we might have been missed, the hard clash of Pluto and Mars? Well, there is.

astro_621gw_61_70_prince_prince_death.84194.3850In astrology, there are basically two ways to look at a relationship. One is the synastry model, which we’ve already looked at. Synastry is a good way to see how individual energies can work together or clash as it relates to two, individual beings. The other model is the mid-point composite, which is the energy of the couple as one. The chart is cast by finding the mid-point between each planet including the ascendant and the other eleven cusps/houses as well. What emerges is a picture of confluence, the monad of the relationship. When I did a mid-point composite between the death chart of Prince and the birth chart, guess what happened? Pluto and Mars formed a square.

When I cast the chart I used the midnight time, which creates a Sag rising, and Pluto is ingressing into the 12th House. Mars is in Aquarius, in the 2nd House and while it has that square with Pluto, there is also a grand trine with the Sun and Jupiter. What do I make of this? I think we’re going to see some great art/music released for quite a while, but I also see issues on the horizon for Prince’s family. Now that transiting Saturn in Sag has hit the composite Moon, Prince’s family (Moon) is in a legal broil with Boxhill, dealing with yet another inconjunct, this time to Mercury. Composite Uranus is in Gemini, conjuncting Prince’s Sun in Gemini, a wild card, disruptive and creative from unseen places and interdimensional spaces.

I started this post because I wanted to give some back story to another death chart, one that I looked at on the live stream on Sunday night, that’s the death chart of singer/songwriter, Rick Nelson. You can find out more about Nelson and his chart in the livestream. I also get into the bizarre relationship between Dennis Rodman and Kim Jung Un

Mars in Gemini, The Astro McMaster Connection With Trump And MayDay Broadcast

170220150306-donald-trump-picks-h-r-mcmaster-new-national-security-adviser-sot-00000000-exlarge-169With Mercury Retrograde mercifully, nearly over (goes direct on Thursday), I wonder if the Trumpulum, aka the Trump pendulum, will swing back again in the other direction? Will the Neocons get the next maddening swing? I seriously doubt it as President Kushner and first lady Yael now seem to be thoroughly in control in the White House, with Kushner’s TN in Leo feasting off of Trump’s Pluto in Leo, behind the scenes in the 12th House.

What we do know is that Mars is now in Gemini at 7 degrees and it is going to conjunct Trump’s Uranus at 17 degrees in sixteen days and while it may not induce another series of tremor-like reversals, it could produce enough instability inside of Trump’s chart to make people feel even more edgy. Another aspect of Mars in Gemini is the Mars return of one H.R. McMaster, the National Security Advisor. This will happen by Saturday when Mars is at 10 degrees.

The Mars return is potent and instills a sense of confidence, surety and the expression of personal power. In Gemini, Mars is restless and at times unconsciously contrarian. Ironically, McMaster’s TN is at 8 degrees Leo, which also places it on Trump’s Pluto in Leo at 10 degrees in the 12th House. McMaster and the aforementioned Kushner are both jacked into the hidden power. One has to wonder if the two will compete or join forces in an occulted alliance. In addition to the Mars/Uranus conjunction, McMaster’s Uranus in Leo at 28 degrees rests right on Trump’s ASC and is conjunct his Mars. The two share a powerful, albeit erratic connection with power, will, chaos and the energy of disruptive change.

When Mercury moves forward in Aries, the god of war, will the grand magicians use this power to move forward aggressively? Will the green light be replaced by Martian red? In the days to come we’ll see if it’s going be more talk (Gemini) or action (Mars).


May Day has been historically linked with union, usually of the masculine/feminine variety, as the communal phallus is erected and danced around during the fires of Beltane, in pagan rites of fertility and seed. It was also used to display the latest is Soviet armature, their own version of the potent phallic parade. On today’s “Fifteen Minutes of Flame” I break down the historical events of May Day, from the birth of the Illuminati in Ingolstadt, Bavaria, to the sinking of the Lusitania, to the first Polio vaccination. It’s all here on 5/1 and today’s show.