Prince’s Ritual Sacrifice, The Purple Revolution, Hillary, Jay-Z, Beyonce and More

What if I told you that while certain forces would have been just fine with a Hillary Clinton presidential election (especially Hillary), what if those same forces were working on a plan that wasn’t as much as plan B, but more like plan 2A. What if the goal wasn’t really to defeat Donald Trump, but that something much bigger was at stake? What if the goal was really revolution?

Let’s play this out, explore the possibilities, delve into some arcana and throw some astrology into the mix.

2016 was the year rock and roll died. It started with Bowie and up to this wetiting, Leon Russell. In between, the casualty list included the likes of Glenn Frey, Leonard Cohen and of course, Prince.

Prince died under mysterious circumstances that were worthy of a legendary rock mythos; drugs,, betrayal and even the occult snaked around his death rumors. Prince was supposedly found in an elevator, which was a physical representation of a symbolic meaning hidden within “Let’s Go Crazy.” Going down in the elevator was a trip to Hell according to him.

Prince was known as “The Purple One” or his “Royal Purpleness.” He died on 4/21/16, the same day as Queen Elizabeth’s birthday. On April 9th, twelve days before Prince’s death, Will Smith formerly of the New Orleans Saints was shot and killed in New Orleans. Smith’s name doppelganger was of course Will Smith, aka “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.”

Just before Prince died, he signed his streaming rights over to Tidal, Jay-Z’s streaming service (just days before the election, the very same Jay-Z that did a last minute concert for Hillary Clinton in Cleveland). As of this writing, Prince’s estate is now in a court battle with Jay-Z and Tidal to reclaim Prince’s streaming rights.

The Jay-Z connection also has some royal symbolism.

Beyonce is also known as “The Queen” or “Queen Bey.” While “Bey” is short for “Beyonce” it also means ruler or chieftain in Arabic. Beyonce launched her athletic wear line called, “Ivy Park” which is an illusion to Prince’s Paisley Park.

Jay-Z and Beyonce have been at the forefront of the occult music movement which openly promotes and celebrates illuminist symbolism and themes. They are also connected to the Spirit Cooking circle through Marina Abramovic and John Podesta.

During the last Super Bowl, Beyonce took part in a martial ritual at Super Bowl 50. Her contribution included an overt revolutionary theme that was inspired by the Black Panther movement and Black Lives Matter, which plays an important role in the revolutionary script that’s unfolding.

We have two images of the Queen, one black, one white. One young, one old, and Prince, the Gemini was connected to both in life and death.

Gemini, is a theme that shows up again and again in cyclical codes and timelines. Donald Trump is a Gemini

Let’s fast forward to 11/9/16. Hillary Clinton declares defeat. Both her and Bill are clad in purple. Some people believe that this is symbolic of unity, red and blue coming together as one color, one nation. But it’s also the color of royalty, the color of Prince and the color of revolution, also the name of Prince’s band. We aren’t just watching protests on TV, we’re witnessing the attempted takeover of the entire country.

It’s the latest in a series of color revolutions, and this one is purple. An interesting side note, on 11/9/61, 61 being the inverse of 16 and 11/9 being the inverse of 9/11, Brian Epstein discovered the Beatles at the Cavern Club in Berlin.

In 1776, Pluto was in Capricorn, just as it is now. It was the cosmic ground of transforming the notion of Saturnine control. As many of you know, Pluto has been in Capricorn since November of 2008. Its arrival coincided with the presidency of Barack Obama. There was a new revolution in town.

2008 was rise of the radicals, they ascended to the seat of power and held it for eight years. Obama, Jarrett, Rice, Hillary, Holder, and Ayers, the acolytes of Alinsky had reached the Capricornian pinnacle, the top of the ideological mountain and they weren’t done. They were just getting started, piggy-backing on the revolutionary energy of Pluto in Cap.

The death of Trayvon Martin initiated a wave of protest and unrest. Martin is of course Martian/Mars which is violence and war. He was born February 5th under the sign of Aquarius (the revolutionary). What ensued was social unrest, which has not abated, thanks in no small part to large sums of cash funneled to BLM from George Soros. It wasn’t Soros’ first rodeo. He got his revolutionary groove on in Serbia, when he funded the revolutionary group, Otpor to overthrow Serbia’s president, Milosevic.

Milosevic was branded as a “fascist,” humiliated and reviled in public at every opportunity. Through very similar tactics that are being employed now by the left who are not accepting Trump’s presidency, they are clearly engineering yet another version of Soros’ color revolution, this one purple, which leads me to the point that I stumbled upon this morning. The election wasn’t necessarily about electing Hillary, but providing a years worth of enmity and invective hurled at not only Trump, but his followers, who are primarily, but not exclusively, white America.

In the game of Hearts, there is a ploy called running the deck, where a player attempts to get every spade in the deck. This is the gambit of the Globalists, the neo-liberal, Luciferic Left. They are trying to run the deck.

If one thinks about it, it makes a lot of sense. Hillary’s campaign was solely based upon Trump’s character or lack thereof. He was repeatedly called a racist and his followers, goose-stepping storm troopers were all part of the problem. The underlying message is that all of them, not just Trump have to go.

Hillary never really addressed issues. She never even tried to build a bridge between her and voters that were on the fence. A Sanders candidacy would not have served the same function. Bernie wouldn’t have attacked Trump with the same bile and spite. He would have addressed the issues and actually affected the election in a positive manner and could have been a handful for Trump.

Sanders would not have helped the overall goal of creating more division and bitterness, the high octane fuel for a run at a revolution, the Globalist’s gambit, running the deck.

Prince died on 4/21/16, two-hundred days before 11/8/16, but Trump was announced winner on 11/9/16. The number 200 can be reduced to 20, the Aeon in the major arcana. It’s a card that represents the death of an old age and the birth of a new one. It is a card of reckoning. Clearing the slate.

• A quarter of the world’s worth is controlled by 200 companies.

• A dandelion produces 200 seeds.

• Typhon, the Titan, father of all monsters, had 200 eyes.

• David brought his wife from King Saul with 200 Philistine foreskins.

11/9/16 is 201 days from the death of Prince and 201/21 is the 21st card of the major arcana. It’s the World card, the final card in the cycle of the major aecana. It is bound by the four fixed signs, Aquarius, Scorpio, Taurus and Leo and is ruled by Saturn. Once the election ended, on 11/9, people on the left were talking about it being the new 9/11; inversion/Gemini, but it certainly seems that just as 9/11 was a false flag, so too might be the results of an election that were supposed to trigger a nation, run by a woman who knew there was a very good chance that she wouldn’t win. Below is the recording of my show from last Friday, going into this with more info on color revolutions and their tangled network of funding.

Super Moon In Taurus, Illuminating The Dark Scorpio Sky

img_0698Super Moon 2016. It’s the second of third in the cycle, this one in Taurus, illuminating our Earth trip, up close and personal and what a strange, Earth trip it’s been.

I’ve been broadcasting but not writing much since the election. I’ve been incredibly busy on the reading front, which is good for me, and I think for the planet as well as we writhe from the slumber of history in this time of the latest, great awakening.

The Moon in Taurus is exalted and radiates a sense of Earthy sensuality, grounded feminine energy, and overall stability. It’s an interesting aspect to say the least in decidedly unstable times.

What I am about to share, I’ve spoken about on many occasions and that has to do with the two, major aspects that have dominated the past decade and that’s been the cosmic slam dance between Pluto in Cap and Uranus in Aries. All you have to know at a headline level is that Pluto was in Capricorn during the American revolution and Uranus in Aries, in the run up to WWII and the rise of the Third Reich. Wrap your head around that one.

So it’s all colliding, cascading, colluding. The revolutionary spirit is super charged and we’ve got Bolsheviks for dollars with matching signs in the streets. We’ve got the slumbering bear of the downwardly spiraling middle class, finally emerging from it’s almost foreclosed cave. In the South, old-timers claim we’re having a “colored revolution.” It’s all happening.

The rise of Trump has a lot to do with all of this and what’s mind blowing to me is that Soros and Saul’s fallen angels have not yet figured out, that the more venom, fury and outright hate they fling at Trump only makes him stronger and his case even more credible all the time.

The freeze and polarize method of dividing and conquering has worked far better than I think they ever thought it would. It’s one thing to focus on an event at a local level that screams bloody injustice like Amy Schumer on her period, and then use said event to shake down local police and pols for money and leverage, but it’s another to unleash it on a national level, with a new face/victim every six to seven weeks. 2015/16 was all about Brown and Gray and ultimately, white, black and blue. This was some daring, in your face shit. This was community organizing going pro. But Alinsky warned about staying with an action too long, because it will wear people out and lose it’s efficacy and energy.

Hired rage is about to jump the shark.

And now we have the “great man,” the one who outlasted, outblustered, outflanked and get this, outsmarted them all, while vanquishing (for now) the pruned face of evil.

Assange gave us a show like we’ve never seen before. It wasn’t just emails about the Clinton Foundation, Humaweiner, and Benghazi. No, we got the spirit cooking bonus menu, Podesta’s passion for pasta and pizza, child trafficking and ritual sacrifice. In short, if you’ve been following along at home, the entire cesspool, from funding and founding ISIS, to progressive dinners for Baal, it’s all there (well almost all of it). If America and the world was really paying attention, the phony outrage towards Arabs and 9/11 would whither in the blinding light of true revelation.

Mars is in Aquarius and it kicked in, right on time, the day after the election, 11/9 and of course the radicalized hot spots, such as Oakland, and now apparently Portland have been held hostage by Soros’ malcontents. They are not anarchists or radicals, they are communists, and communists are simply part of a larger, global operation run by the Rothschilds the Kabbalistic Sabbateans and the Jesuits. They’ve got their fingers in everything, including Trump, so asking Trump to go after Hillary, and Huma and Podesta and Obama and Jarrett et al., would ultimately lead us into the checkerboard floors of their mansions and the obsidian lairs of their inner sanctums and yet, if we do not go for the jugular now, exposed, it may not happen again in this way, if ever.

That doesn’t mean that we cannot continue the awakening process—we must. Just because someone not named Bush or Clinton isn’t sitting in the oval office, it doesn’t mean that all is well, just because the White House is “white again.” No, we cannot sit still, we cannot doze off, just half awake. The alarm has sounded, the Trumpence are blowing, and the externalization of the hierarchy is being exposed.

At the risk of sounding extreme and even fascistic, Hillary, Bill, Huma and even the fading regime, the radicals who had eight years of super power and elite status must be held accountable. George Bush and his cabal committed crimes against humanity again and again and again. They used Guantanamo for rendition and torture. They lied about WMD and yellow cake, and rods, all coming from Niger. They stood down on 9/11, because they had to witness their grand ritual unfold before their very eyes and Obama did nothing. Off to the ranches, the exotic bird hunts and lobbying they all went. Laughing at us all the way. What happened since 2008? On the surface, the evil escalated, with some new plot twists and exotic players.

Trump is unlikely to hire an independent prosecutor and go after Hillary and even if he does, whose to say it will even be the real Hillary? If she used doubles or clones during the run up to the election, then why shouldn’t or couldn’t they use one for even more theatrical purpose?. It’s not going to happen, but it should.

In a perfect world, he starts with Hillary, Bill, Podesta and the rest, then sets his sights on Soros, who is about as close to an evil, James Bond-like figure you can get without burning down the House of Rothschild. It needs to happen and even more, Trump’s pivot needs to take another turn, a pivot to grand juries and live prosecution. While I would much prefer “going high” we need a very public reckoning. Fake contrition and a new gig on K Street won’t do.

This election wasn’t about conservatives versus liberal, or male chauvinist pig, versus queen bitch feminazi. It was about good versus evil and each side defined their version of it and supported their respective champion of it. Ironically, the fight hasn’t even begun yet. That’s up to me and you because the very same battle was taking place in all of us–but we are on the other side of something now. We’ve crossed a Rubicon of sorts and while Trump might make concessions and deals (what he does), we don’t have to.

Just as the Taurus Moon illuminates the dark Scorpionic night; the light of this world is now exposed for all to see. Once you see it, there’s no going back.