Stranger Things, Midnight Special, Pisces, The El, Freemasonry, Gnostic Compliments, Part One

Stranger-Things-soundtrack-vol-1Netflix has another, runaway hit on its hands. The MK Ultra, supernatural thriller. set in the 1980’s, “Stranger Things” has taken the alt-research community by storm with plenty of deconstruction get down. From hidden-in-plain-sight, to predictive programming, it’s a treasure trove for crypto-codebreakers. I did a brief breakdown on it on my show on Sunday night (see below) and want to go a bit deeper here. I saw “Stranger Things” as being an occult compliment to another film/media project, “Midnight Special” which just completed a run at the theaters. What I’m going to do, is connect the dots between the two and show how there is an alchemical operation that is taking place between the two with of course some astrology thrown in for good measure.

Let’s set the stage for both.

”Stranger Things” is set in the aforementioned 1980’s where a town in Indiana is experiencing some very strange disappearances. It starts with the abduction of “Will” (note the name), an unusual boy, and the son of Winona Ryder’s character, Joyce Beyers (a lot more about her later). Will’s disappearance triggers the trauma of the brooding, local sheriff, played by David Harbour. Harbour’s character seems to come alive when called upon to investigate Will’s case, awakening from the slumber of grief, he becomes a man possessed, and will do everything in his power to find Will and hopefully spare the enormity of loss another parent will go through. Harbour’s Chief Harper is unabashedly male and heroic, a quality that he shares with two male characters in “Midnight Special.” Its interesting to note that his character is a throwback, not just existing in the 1980’s but further back in the annals of Hollywood. Think Gary Cooper with a slightly psychotic edge.

While Will vanishes, another character emerges. Like a lab animal that’s managed to escape, a shaved headed girl in a medical smock winds up surfacing in a restaurant, wild and hungry for food. We’ll find out later, that her name is “11” and will be called “El” for short. “El” of course is Saturn, short for Elohim, the race of giants that was once thought to roam the Earth, becoming the legendary kings of Agartha. The sons of man mated with the Elohim and created a sub-species of giants. Is “El” the magical daughter of the Elohim, gifted with powers from other times, or is she just another experiment from the twisted mind of Dr. Brenner, her icy handler, perfectly played by Matthew Modine?

Modine’s silver-haired scientist gone bad is portrayed with maniacal perfection, a man without a conscience, driven perhaps by the loss and sacrifice of his own son. There are twisted tales in “Stranger Things,” parents united by loss, tragedy and the web of fate. “Brenner” is high German. This is in likely reference to Operation Paperclip, where the German brain trust was rushed out of Germany before the Nuremberg. And it’s these German scientists and researchers that were linked to MK Ultra, which “Stranger Things” exposes. But Brenner also has another meaning. “Brenner” is also known as “Burner” and Burner is defined as a “distiller of spirits.”


El, is a supernatural force occupying a human body. Brenner has distilled her spirit and when we get into the language of Neptune and Pisces, since Pisces rules all liquids and appellations, which occur in the distilling process, so whether it’s alcohol or the ethers of spiritual manifestation, Pisces is the channel though which it is manifested. In both “Stranger Things” and “Midnight Special” Pisces plays a key role.

So “Eleven” or “11” aka “El” represents duality, the light and the dark. Coincidentally, Millie Bobby Brown, who plays Jane “Eleven” Ives was born on 2/19/01, which makes her 0 degrees Pisces.

Here is what he bio on IMDB says about her.

” Millie Brown was born in Spain, to British parents. They moved to Orlando, Florida in 2011, where Millie went to acting workshops to pass the time on a Saturday, and it was there that a top Hollywood talent scout called and told Millie’s parents that “she has instincts you cannot teach.” She advised Millie’s parents that Millie could “mix it with the best kids in Hollywood.” They packed up and drove from Orlando to Los Angeles, and within a week, Millie was meeting with the town’s top children’s talent agencies. She was offered representation by all the agents that she met. Within three months of being in Hollywood, Millie was offered the role of young Alice in ABC’s Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. In November 2013, after just one self-taped audition, and without meeting the producers/directors, Millie was offered the role of Madison O’Donnell in BBC America’s show, “Intruders.”

Here is what IMDB says about “The Intruders”; “ A TV series centered around a secret society devoted to chasing immortality by seeking refuge in the bodies of others.” Kind of makes you go, hmmmmm.”

Not that I’m suggesting anything, ahem, conspiratorial here, but she’s born in Marbella, Spain to English parents, and then moves to Orlando, Disney central casting for the likes of Brittney, Christina and Miley and within months, the family is off to LA, where she is catapulted into TV and film production without much effort at all, leading to her first feature where she plays Alice, who ventures forth into an alternate reality. Then she plays a young girl in a series about secret societies and spiritual possession. After that, she shows up as a programmed weapon in “Stranger Things.” I’m just speculating a bit here, but these roles seem like type casting in a way that might reveal even more about the life of Millie Bobby Brown and the deeper meaning of “Stranger Things.”

BTW, Marbella, was transferred into the hands of the Spanish on “June 11th 1498.” Yeah, that’s right, “11,” “Gemini,” duality.

She’s befriended by Will’s friends, three boys who are the poster children for the Geek Squad, full on nerds dedicated to Dungeons and Dragons, and ham radios. One of the boys who befriends her and brings into his home is named, “Mark.” Another one of the boys is black and named “Lucas Sinclair.” Lucas is of course “The Light Bringer” and “Sinclair” is the last name of the family that founded Rosslyn chapel in Scotland, usually referenced as the Freemasonic church of the Midlothians, where Freemasonry fled to after the massacre of the Knights Templar. Sinclair (formerly Saint Claire) became a patron of the lodge. Sinclair can also be translated into “The sin that is clear” or “The clarified sin,” or “The pure sin.” Sin is Egyptian for the “Moon.” So Sinclair could also be “clear moon,” or “bright moon” or “full moon.” Look at the poster/graphic for the show and what do we see in the upper, right hand corner?

So now, we have a character whose name is essentially “Light Bringer” and “Clear Sin.” He gets into a skirmish with Mark when “El” uses her powers of levitation on Lucas to help him. Lucas becomes the rebellious one of the group. Ironically, in “Midnight Special” another key character is also named “Lucas” and he too plays a rebel, a cop who helps his friend, “Roy” kidnap Roy’s son from a doomsday cult in “San Angelo,” Texas. More on both Lucas’s or Luki or Loki and these two, amazingly linked show/film, tomorrow.

Donald Trump And Hillary Clinton’s Telling Astrocartography And The Importance Of The Relocated Chart

trumpandhillJust for kicks, I decided to look at the astrocartography for both Hillary and Donald. The results are both fascinating and validating.

Before we get into the results, let’s talk a little about astrocartography. Astrocartography was developed by the late, Jim Lewis. I actually got a reading from Jim back in 1989/90 in Seattle. Bless his soul. Jim was great at breaking down my lines, but I was going through my Saturn Return and no matter how kind or enlightened he was, I was pretty attached to the gravity of my situation.

Jim’s program essentially casts the entire natal chart across the planet and notes where planets align on the AC/IC/DC/MC. There are also planetary lines running horizontally. There are crossing lines as well. When you put them all together, there’s a geocentric pattern that emerges, where aspects get played out, good or bad, light or dark, occasionally a combination of both.

My first, real aha moment with astrocartography came before I was even aware of the program.

I was 24 and on my way to Findhorn in Scotland. I was traveling with a group of people to stay a month at the famed, spiritual community. Our group had already been together for two months and were getting our minds blown on a daily basis.

We pulled into London on Sunday at 10AM.

london-streets-at-night-black-and-white-black-and-white-and-colourOur train would leave that night at midnight.

I spent over twelve hours having one of the most intense days of my life. Jetlagged and hungry for experience, we set out to spend our day in London, twelve bedraggled Canadians and Americans. As the day wore on and our patience wore thin, I spotted an event at a church that was happening that night. The event was titled, “Death and Transformation.” Being that we were in the month of Scorpio, I thought it was par for the course.<br.
We piled into the old, medieval church on this cold, November night and were greeted with sweet nods and knowing glances. It was a full house. Then things got a bit weird. A young woman came out and began to talk about another woman, a woman who had given her life to others in the cause of service. She read a poem by John Donne, and then brought on another woman to play some Bach on a cello. We were at a memorial service for someone we didn’t even know. I felt ashamed, like I was a spiritual tourist and wanted to leave as quickly as possible.

Six years later, with Jim Lewis, I would find out that Pluto was on my Mid Heaven in London and ran right through Findhorn. Death and transformation.

There have been other, clear confirmations that astrocartography not only works, but it, along with the relocated chart must be taken into account when undertaking long and short term moves.

Let’s look at Trump and Hillary’s astrocartography charts. Hill2Let’s start with Hillary.

Hillary’s Jupiter in Sag runs about 150 miles west of D.C. That’s enough to make an impact on the chart and life. My interpretation of Jupiter there in Sag, is that number one, Hillary would be more inclined to connect with foreign countries and their governments than the people in this one. Clearly, that’s the case, because she has been into expansion (Jupiter) in foreign countries (Sag) when she’s been in the White House at an administrative level (Libya, Egypt, Syria, Ukraine and even Russia). She also has numerous, foreign investors in the Clinton Foundation. Jupiter in Sag does have a bit of a globalist feel to it at times. It is considered one of the best places on the planet to live and incredibly fortuitous. Perhaps this is one of the “astrological” reasons as to why Hillary appears to be so “lucky” when it comes to skating on thin ice consistently, without ever crashing through the jagged surface and falling into freezing waters. It’s the type of aspect that could even expand and inflate facts and figures when they’re needed. In D.C., she is just plain, lucky.

Don2Trump on the other hand has his Mars running right through DC. His Mars in Leo is aggressive and prevocational. If he’s elected, he will wage war not on the American people or even the people of the world at large, but on Capitol Hill, specifically. He’ll arouse enemies and it will take everything in his power to hold onto the reins of leadership and even his life.

To this extent, Trump is real–it is not some act, some game, some esoteric theater. His aggression and antipathy towards the Beltway and the system that surrounds it is not a sham. If Trump should get elected, it will be a daily fireworks display, should he even stay (live) through his term. If I were a RINO or even a member of Obama’s admin, I’d be very concerned. Trump will take no quarter should he get elected.

If you are interested in a relocated chart reading, please contact me at:

August 14th, The Astrology Of Tisha B’av, The Everything Reading

everything2On yesterday’s show, I got into the decline of Hillary and why I think that while Donald Trump is a deeply flawed candidate who is getting closer and closer to be looking like a Zionist frontman, I also re-iterated that the Sun/Uranus/TN conjunction in his chart is the ultimate wild card. Trust is the issue here and trust me, even his controllers/influencers don’t trust him. It’s the energy of improvisation and unpredictability that is what’s the most important, natal aspect in the chart as it has the potential for change. Whether the change is positive or negative, we don’t know and can only make estimated projections at this point. But it’s potential for a radical break of some sort in the Trump chart that is noteworthy and sets him apart from the other candidates. We know what we’ll get with Hillary; she’ll be Obama 2.0 with a Necocon topper. Imagine the Bush regime infecting the last eight years and you’ll get a sense of this beastly chimera that’s waiting in the wings.

I also touched on Tisha B’av, a day of Jewish sacrifice and slaughter, which falls on the 14th of August (Sunday). Tish B’av is connected to the destruction of both temples and the slaughter of 500,000 Jews by the Romans. And while the author of the piece does some remarkable work on Tisha B’av as it relates to the Georgia Guidestones and the missing cube, I’m not completely in agreement with how he relates key, Jewish historical days into the context of his analysis. That said, the numbers are compelling and it’s lined up in a way that the illuminists love, a trigger point in the calendar of this current timeline, where we are in a cultural deconstruction that’s been underway since 9/11/01.

At 11:11 on the 14th, in Eleberton, Georgia, home of the Guidestones, we’re still dealing with the mutable T-square (Mars/Saturn-Neptune-Venus) and the Uranus/Pluto square. The elements of change, which have been in the air for the past year, along with the friction of catalytic forces, the people (Uranus) squaring off against the system (Pluto) are still driving the collective surge towards some breakdown/breakthrough based on frustration and even force.

As the day progresses, the Moon draws closer to a conjunction with Pluto in Capricorn. Dark, lurid and ancient energies come into the mix. Sacrificial comes to mind and yet. This day portends a birth, but a dark one. It has the feeling of a spec of anti-matter that begins to grow. Look for signs and clues around powerful, Plutonian types; Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Hillary (again), Obama, and Putin.

Will the world come to an end on Tisha B’av? Will the prophecies of the Georgia Guidestones be consecrated? My sense is “no” but something emerges, something darkk and the next point of celestial prophecy and attention moves forward to the 21st of August, with the conjunction of Mars/Antares/Saturn all at 9 degrees (999) or (666).

In a related note, since we are hurtling towards a nexus point on the event horizon, I’ve decided to offer what I am calling, “The Everything Reading.” It’s a two-hour summation of the birth chart, the draconic chart, your numbers, tarot symbols and more. You’ll get it all in one reading. To learn more about it, CLICK HERE

Here’s yesterday’s show, full treaming on youtube.

Pluto In The 12th House, A Dark Tale, And Trump’s Sacrifice.

It’s not uncommon for me to have clients with Pluto in the 12th House. As an astrologer, these sorts of things surface, get noticed and filed away. I can almost, to a tee, predict that something dark, painful and often tragic has occurred in the lives of these folks. It’s often a secret pain that they carry throughout the course of their lives. Pluto plants a dark seed there and it blooms into strange flowers; unearthly orchids of unspeakable beauty, x-ray nightshades, translucent lilies. These are Rimabud’s “Flowers of Hell.”

In many instances, the placement of natal, 12th House Pluto leads to careers in hospitals, mortuaries, and hospices. There’s a life long process of temperance that produces some of the most profound states of compassion in the individual who can submit and surrender to the mournful gifts of Pluto, mined over tears and time.

There’s other aspects of Pluto there that aren’t as gothic, or darkly serene. Pluto can also represent something much more ominous, on a supernatural plane. Pluto is power. Pluto in the 12th, without surrender to the shadow which becomes illuminated, is a form of obsession, compulsion and even possession.

When I was in my thirties, I had the great fortune of having Pluto transit through my 12th House in Scorpio. I experienced the gamut of Pluto’s powers and seductions. I managed an apartment building at the edge of the ghetto in Oakland. Ninety-percent of my tenants were black. Most of them were women. There was crack, death, loud, boisterous sex, heart, soul, tragedy. That was on the outer.

On the inner, I was pulsing with Pluto, doubling down in Scorpio. I wore black leather jackets, and black pants or torn jeans. I had a business called “Dangerous Dharma.”

I went down a decidedly Scorpionic path: sex, drugs and magick. I spent a few nights in jail (12th House) and had mind-blowing psychic experiences. I teetered precariously on the edge and at times was dangling there, saved by the grace of God and the one angel that wouldn’t give up on me.

My behavior and attitude were changing considerably. I bought a Pontiac, Bonneville, a classic hooptie. It was like I was merging with some other consciousness, something that was living out it’s hungers and desires through me.

I started doing phone psychic work. One of my clients was a young, Persian hooker from LA. She was the mistress of mobster. She wanted me to fly to LA, because “there were things she couldn’t tell me on the phone.” I actually considered going, until that dutiful angel dissuaded me.

For all of the dark gifts, and the seductive powers, there were nights of existential howl, grappling with the burning of the personalities dross.

What I eventually became aware of, was that at some point, I had made a deal, a deal I wasn’t even fully conscious of and something began living itself out through me.

It would take me three years, and a heavy dose of Ibogaine before I could shake this disincarnate part of myself loose.

It was my first hand experience of Pluto in the 12th.

Deals, sacrifice, and power can be part of the Plutonian Matrix in the 12th.

Yesterday, Donald J. Trump, came out endorsed Paul Ryan, John McCain and Kelly Ayotte in their respective races for their Republican seats in the senate.

Trump has Pluto in Leo in the 12th House and the transiting Sun has been passing over it. The Sun in Leo is life force, and it also ego. Trump’s been getting hammered from the left and the right. There’s been no cover, no relief. No one in the Republican party would stand up for him. Even his Zionist, hand picked, vice-president candidate came out and supported Ryan before he did.

He also read from a script (see above). It was the first time he’s done that since the campaign started. This was an official position and anyone with a fraction of intuition could tell he was just selling it. With his Pluto in the 12th, the Sun transiting close to the zero point of sacrifice, he made a deal.

Trump has capitulated (for now) to powers that dwarf his. For those that see him as being crude, belligerent and bellicose, it was a gleeful moment as the high are made low.

For those that picture him as the unyielding, unbowed and unapologetic voice of the Vox Populi, it was disheartening. The people’s champion was endorsing the jackals that were nipping at his flesh. It was not his strongest moment, but after a week of getting bashed and battered, he needed to make a move. It was soooo 12th House.

It was a deal and a sacrifice behind-the-scenes.

Will it work out? Will Trump and his Gemini Sun, conjunct Uranus and the True Node, also in Gemini turn the tables on them at some point? It’s hard to tell. He’d better pray to his Jesuit God, that Hilary’s defective clone starts blowing bubbles and rolling her eyes like ferris wheels at her next, public event.

Here’s Friday’s show, listed below.