The 11th House Academy, Pre-Sale Offer

Over the past few months, I’ve been diligently working on a video, instructional series, that’s a comprehensive training guide to learn and practice astrology. You can start as a beginner and end as a guru. It’s how I’ve taught my students for the past two years, capture on video, using both lectures and labs to bring you enough knowledge to know your chart and assist others.


The course includes a natal chart, natal report and two hours, each month, exclusive lab and webinar work.
I’m really excited to offer this. CLICK HERE TO GET THE DETAILS AND PURCHASE.

Massive Retrograde Update, New Moon Magic, The Friday FARcast

Taurus-new-moon-solar-eclipse_OMTimes_bigstock-Decorative-Planet-Eclipse-2915122-smWith all the retrograde going down, it’s a challenge to not get sucked into the vortex of the past, a churning whirlpool of trauma and repressed memory, mixed with an often sanguine blend of sentimentality and regret—and yet it’s to the past that we’re drawn, for this is a time of great clearing and powerful cleansing. From the perspective of power dynamics, on the collective front, it’s pretty clear that we’re over the dog and pony show of party politics. People are lining up in droves behind Trump and Sanders, the latter really should be the democrats candidate but Hilary and her gang have rigged the system, providing her with a cadre of super delegates, hatched out of vials of cash rich nutrients with souls extracted for better efficiency. Bernie’s an old guy playing the game an old way, while Hilary is tapping into heavy, fourth-dimensional-influencers, casting spells under the sleepy gaze of the doleful and devoted. Yet, Sanders is hanging around, forcing Hilary to bleed more cash. In a perfect, Virgoan world, Sanders is the presumptive candidate. But it’s not—yet.

On the flip side, Ted Cruz surrenders and delivers a vicious right cross, then an elbow thrust to Heidi’s head at the end of his defeat speech. Ever wonder how buried feelings come across? Can you imagine Heidi Cruz’s wrath that Ted flopped and failed? That her dream of becoming Queen of the NAU has died for at least another four years and quite possibly, a former stripper from Europe will be the first lady. I give the Cruz marriage two years at best.

So we’re looking back during Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto retrograde. We haven’t seen this much retrograde since Yahweh changed his mind and let Abraham slaughter a lamb instead of his son.

The time is now people. Gather ye merry memories, painful and pleasant and lovingly send them down the river in a bundle of reeds, so that you can step into the glorious new body and life that Prime Creator has in store for you. What does it look like and mean? A better, more sophisticated version of who you are, without the clamor of the ego demanding your attention 24/7. We’re coming from soul 24/7 and anything less, is a drag on the system. But here’s the trick; You’ve got to have new agreements. Stop that energy from leaking out. Deny consent when it’s not in alignment/truth and you know what that is. To do so, you have to resolve the mommy/daddy thing. Get with it. Seal those connections and come from the integrated self once we move forward with all of this retrograde.

The Taurus New Moon is great for setting intentions that stick. Taurus is a fixed sign and under this Moon, we have the ability to consciously move our energy into a place that is rooted in the comfort and security of the future, yes, comfort and security. That’s what Taurus does best. Imagine, Intend, Ignite. Those are the key words for planting your spirit in the most fertile ground. It’s also one of the best days of the year to cut your hair. ☺