The Trump Chart And The Assassination Aspects

Rumors of my demise are not only premature, but decidedly in error. I haven’t posted a whole lot because I have been extremely busy on the reading/teaching/coaching tip. The deep connections I have with my clients are so rewarding and profoundly transformational. On the content tip, I’ve also been tweaking and adjusting a bit and focusing more on video over the past few weeks. Here’s something we just cooked up on the Trump chart and the assassination aspects. There’s more coming.

The Solar Eclipse, Piscean Drama & Duality, The Drowning Age

They’ve been painting the skies for the past week. The patterns range from the traditional, hard, X marks the spot, to the squiggly, obscene looking jizz-shots.

Do it enough days consecutively, with intensity and frequency and the atmosphere changes, morphs, bends to the will of man or the twisted stand–ins. Three days later, the skies are as gray as a Bergman film and the air is filled with a similar, existential dread. I have reports coming in from various places that people are feeling something intense, but they just can’t quite see it, or maybe won’t allow themselves. In just a few, short hours, the Sun goes full Solar Eclipse and it’s going to shadow the Pacific Rim, the Ring of Fire. From California, to New Zealand the sky will be cast in an obsidian tint.

This is classic earthquake weather. Eclipses are frequently (but not always) connected to tectonic shifts. The most famous was a devastating earthquake, centered in Turkey, on August 17th, 1999; just six days after a Full Solar Eclipse hit the Levant. Over 17,000 people perished and damages rose into the billions. It was one of the deadliest quakes of the 20th Century.

On March 9th, 1997, there was a Total Solar Eclipse that centered over Alaska and The Aleutian Islands—seventeen days later a 6.7 quake hit the very same area. The Solar degree is roughly the same as tomorrow’s Solar Eclipse.

Two weeks out from the 8th, we’ll witness a Penumbral Lunar eclipse across most of the USA. This is the first lunar eclipse since the Blood Moon cycle brought us a bunch of sweaty, apocalyptic, expectations.

On Tuesday, we’ll also get a dose of a New Super Moon, as well. We’re used to seeing the swollen satellite hanging low in the horizon, full, but not on Tuesday. The invisible space of the dark Moon is heightened in Pisces, where all of our emotions are running higher than high.

Along with Gemini, Pisces is usually considered a sign that represents duality; From the sacred to the profane and everything in between, that’s the nature of Pisces. It’s the last sign and has all other eleven signs in it. The possibility of anything happening is all there in the sign of the fish–angels and devils abound and the surging polarity is engulfing us like a whirlpool, threatening to take us down into the hungry mouth of Poseidon. Let’s take a gaze into what I’m getting on about.


There isn’t a more polarizing figure on the planet right now, than Donald Trump. Canadian Prime Minister kissing Obama should be counting his blessings, since “The Donald” has nudged him out of the most hated top spot. But Obama and Trump are playing a game of sorts, politicizing the masses along color and ideological lines.

While the world is frothing at the mouth, spitting out that Trump is a racist, Tom Brady is a racist by association with Trump and any other person with a melanin deficiency who supports Trump is by association, racist. I wonder what the accusers think of Arsenio Hall and Dennis Rodman and to a lesser extant, even Louis Farrakhan all chiming in, with support of Trump, in one form or another? Are they self-hating? closet racists like Dave Chapelle’s portrayal of “Clayton Bigsby, The Black, White Supremacist”? Strange bedfellows for unusual times.

On the other side of the spectrum, “Black Lives Matter” lashes out at critics who are quick to point out that all lives matter. Not so says BLM. White society must make a sacrifice. The only thing that matters is said sacrifice, because the way we’ve evolved, or de-evolved is that one group cannot prosper without the ritual genocide of another. This is an unfortunate axiom of duality.

Racism is the new anti-semitism.

One of the astrological arbiters of our current time is Saturn in Sagittarius. Sag has gotten the rap in the past of being less than savory when it comes to things like fascism and bigotry, because, ironically, Sag is supposed to be one of the most open ended and philosophically expansive signs, but also Sag wants to get to the truth and occasionally, the truth can come out in rather unrefined and unfiltered ways. Saturn is Sauron, lord of this world, the all seeing eye where there are repercussions for living outside the lines, even though that’s exactly what Sauron’s minions do.

If we are clear and our intentions are examined, and our discernment is operating at a high level, we don’t fall prey to deep, emotional charge. We can operate in a field of truth without fear of condemnation or reprisal. But when feelings, thoughts and urges are suppressed over long periods of time, articulating what those feelings are can be extremely difficult. Have you ever seen someone who hasn’t dealt with their anger begin to dip into it? It’s stunning to witness how they can quickly escalate into a murderous rage. This is what certain segments of society are currently feeling, but perhaps none more than the Anglo-Saxons.

For the past eight years, we’ve all witnessed massive social change. We went from being told that we needed to accept same sex marriage, to being informed that it wasn’t enough and we needed to accept trans-gendered consciousness and awareness, while tossing out quaint ideas like male/female designations. We were delivered an Olympic hero, who decided to ditch his former sexual assignment and anything less than supporting the confusing transformation would not be tolerated. If a person didn’t dig Bruce’s new direction, they could be brandished as hateful, ignorant and intolerant. They’d be on the whip end of social conditioning.

Add the loss of jobs through outsourcing, the influx of H-1B visas and even illegal, that’s right, illegal immigrants who get more benefits and social services than so-called Americans and the internalized rage has grown deeper and deeper.

On the other side of the ideological fence, there’s a tacit denial that anger and frustration are not only not allowed, but must be swapped out for the only appropriate emotion; GUILT.

Here comes Donald Trump, the pied-piper, with Gemini Sun, conjunct Uranus in Gemini, along with the True Node. He’s their version of Barnes in Platoon. He’s part of the establishment and yet, he’s also one of them because he has the gall and the platform to utter their thoughts without any fear of reprisal. It doesn’t get better than this. The last time they had someone champion their interests, it was Ron Paul, and no matter how sane Paul sounded, you couldn’t help but think he was either a horse jockey or an extra from “The Hobbit.” For all of Trump’s follicle confusion, he still manages to cast a more powerful image than Paul’s. Could you have imagined a Paul/Dennis Kucinich ticket? They could have called it , “Team Leprechaun.”

This is the reality that Trump’s people are inarticulately attempting to express, but it’s Trump’s bluster and bravado that emboldens them. With Mars in Leo conjunct the ASC, he’s got no issues with projecting his will into the immediate space around him.

But Trump does have some issues with his chart. Pluto in the 12th indicates a powerful, hidden darkness. He has Mercury square Neptune and it is an aspect given to the distortion of truth aka bending reality, which his opponents have latched onto as lying. But let’s be clear–they all lie.

We’re dealing with a powder keg. The USA has been mired in the Weimar Republic for the last five years. What often passes for self-expression is really just a form of perversion that’s been commodified. Whether it’s five-year-old girls preening as beauty queens or sex swapping superstars, we’re in the same timeline as the most decadent phase of German history, which of course lead to the rise of Adolph Hitler on a populist current.

While Trump is appealing to his own, swelling constituency, Barak Obama did exactly the same thing in 2008.

Trump and Hitler have become interwoven in the public debate recently. Louis CK, a Virgo whom I really like said that Trump is the next Hitler or Mussolini. In many ways, this makes sense. If you go back to the last, Uranus in Aries Cycle, which happened between 1926 and 1933, the world witnessed the rise of Hitler and The Third Reich.

And here we are, approaching the third Decan of Uranus in Aries, the Sag Decan and we’re inhabiting the same timeline as Uranus in Taurus moves closer to us in the distance. Trump however, by dint of his Gemini Sun, is also connected to the Kennedy-G.H.W. Bush (both Geminis) timeline and those two are connected to Dallas and 911.

With the insertion of Trump in the intersection of time, something strange is happening; We’re witnessing a wobble of epic proportions.

This eclipse is seismic and ground shaking and while it might not manifest exactly on Tuesday, this, coupled with the upcoming, Lunar Eclipse promises to bring us an upheaval of emotion and even more focus on the planet’s waters. We need to go deep. We need to understand the nature of who and what is behind the energy that would promote blood lust, dark anarchy and vengeance. Until we do, we’ll always be mere puppets on strings–Punch and Judy for the Aquarian Age.

And now for a lighter side of dark humor on the subject, here’s Dave Chapelle.

Gemini Scott Adams, Breaks Down Gemini Trump

I’m planning a much larger post on the Trump phenomenon as it relates to the Uranus cycle we are currently in, but I wanted to drop this clip from Scott Adams, the creator of Dilbert. I never followed Dilbert much, but from what I know about him, he seems to be a bit of an outlier, a free radical on the fringe. Like Trump, he’s also a Gemini and I can sense that he’s got a lot more going on than just drawing a comic strip about a disaffected underachiever from the pocket protecting class. Adams seems to be keenly interested in mind, spatial thought and mental freedom. Watch as he astutely breaks down Trump’s linguistic magic and reveals Trump’s Sun, conjunct Uranus, conjunct TN in Gemini. Adams by the way, does not endorse Trump. Check it out.