The China Crisis, Chart And Broadcast

On Monday night’s show, I broke down what’s happening in China and where we are astrologically with China (and Russia) based on China’s astrological chart. The connections will blow you away as Pluto in Capricorn becomes a major player in the charts of the USA, China and Russia. You don’t want to miss this explosive, 120 minutes of geo-global, astro-analysis.

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The Enigma That Is Gemini Donald Trump And The Double Duality Slippery Reality

042310_jessejames_donaldtrumpAmerica has Trump fever.

He’s the latest face in the crowded field of GOP contenders whose tongue has been untied for the public’s muted articulation. The Donald has been elevated as the mouthpiece for the Vox Populi. He’s truly a 21st Century candidate with enough predictive programming credentials to approach matrix-like credibility. Just what the hell do I mean by that? A few years back, in an episode of “The Simpsons” he’s elected president. This is the same Simpson’s that seemingly knew about 9/11 before it happened. Not only was he projected into the future as president by Matt Groening, but Trump has also been looking a helluva lot like Biff Tannen from the Back To The Future trilogy. Of course, Part II takes place in 2015. The film is rife with syncs, from inflatable sharks, to hover boards and now Trump as Tannen. The message threaded throughout all the BTTF films is timelines and alternate realities. With Trump’s emergence, it’s a clear sign that we are following a hacked narrative where scripts and future history blur into a bizarre present.

As an astrologer who looks at events and people through a multi-dimensional lens, Trump’s thrust is more than just superb populist theater, it’s a double gambit on the nature of reality. The Donald is like a double double agent.


I’ve never peeped Trump’s chart before but when I took in the angular Rohrshach, it made perfect sense. He’s a Leo rising, 29 degrees and Jupiter was conjuncting his ascendant as his popularity was going through the roof. It’s been all bluster, debate and stage banter, but it’s about to get serious as Jupiter is now in his first house of Virgo. Again, astrologically, the timing is spot on. Instead of calling people morons and lazy, he’s delivered his first position paper (which I doubt he wrote) on immigration. People wanted details and they got them, right on time with Jupiter’s ingress into the first house. Now Jupiter can work both ways and Trump will have his life scrutinized like never before with Jupiter there. People will want details, they’ll try to find the Virgoan imperfections. His point of vulnerability is his 7th House of relationships ruled by Pisces. The South Node will descend into it next year and in the second week of March it will join transiting Chiron in the 7th, both will square his natal Sun in Gemini at 22 and his Mean Node at 21. If Trump makes it past this scandalous phase, he’ll go the distance, whether he’s a Republican or Independent.

trumpThere’s a helluva lot going on this chart, especially as it relates to where he’s at in his life and his audacious run at the White House. The anaoretic degree of 29 on the ASC is critical, because it’s in the sign of Leo. Leo is of course associated with royalty, titles and entitlement. Trump must adhere to this final degree of Leo, meaning he has to be the king aka Leo and not the kingmaker, which in this case would be Virgo. While no one would ever brand Trump timid or wall-flowersish, Virgo is much more comfortable with being the power behind the throne, and while this is the majority of his First House, he needs to claim that 29 Leo hot spot aka the spotlight on his identity, which he is doing, thanks to Jupiter pumping Trump up behind the scenes and hitting his ASC with bluster and fanfare. In 2004, Trump debuted in “The Apprentice” He cut the deal in 2003 when Jupiter was in Virgo and Virgo rules apprenticeships, mentoring and trades of the 6th House. Jupiter expands the concept. So we can see where just by clocking Jupiter in Trump’s chart that it’s active and making an impact in his life and chart. Continue reading “The Enigma That Is Gemini Donald Trump And The Double Duality Slippery Reality”

The Hayne Plane AKA Aquarian Jarryd Hayne Runs To The Beat Of His Own Rhythm

hayne2Cleared for take off

Being an avid and at times suffering 49er fan, I’ve posted a number of articles over the past few years on Colin Kaepernick (Scorpio Sun conjunct Pluto in Scorpio) and Jim Harbaugh (0 degrees Capricorn) but there’s a new player that’s not only caught my eye and triggered my imagination but others as well. His name is Jarryd Hayne and his journey to American football and his stay with the Niners is about as unique as it gets and it fits his Aquarian Sun.

Hayne was one of Australia’s best and most accomplished rugby players. He was the equivalent of DeMarco Murray down under and at the peak of his game, lined up for a big payday, the one every athlete trains countless hours for and yet, he passed. He decided that he wanted to play a different brand of football and made it known that the NFL was part of his vision of the future.

Other Rugby and Rules Football players have trued to make the switch, but none were of Hayne’s caliber and world class athleticism.

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Reflections On Destiny, Self Discovery And The Power Of The Nodes

UP-Purpose-DefinedWNode Thyself

Between the years of 2007 and 2009, my life dramatically changed. It started with Saturn’s transit of my 9th House and included stops at natal Uranus and Pluto along the way. It played out in textbook astrology according to my life. I was working for a company whose business was “digital aggregation,” which was a fancy way of saying “middle-man-distribution.” We licensed music catalogs for long term distribution through ITunes. The model looked good on paper; give the artist/label upfront money and they surrender their digital rights for the term of the agreement. Halfway through, theoretically, the advance given to them would have been recouped and the company would have 2-4 years of unimpeded, net profit. It was based on Chris Anderson’s “Long Tail” theory on monetizing content for profit 2-4 years, downstream. That theory worked so well, Anderson is now deep into drones and is trying to be the Google of dronedom. So much for the long tail. But it worked well enough back then to spawn an IPO and get a spot on Wall Street.

I was experiencing some really challenging physical symptoms in my life at the time, meanwhile my spouse was going through her own healing crisis. It was a choppy time, but as a new father, I did what I could for my family. I worked from home four-days-a-week and on Friday would travel 105 miles, one way, to hit the office. My salary was six figures.

The owner was also a Virgo and we had a lot in common; music, sports, the 70s, etc.. But he was dealing with his own issues and demons. One late night, while hanging out with a famous and now disgraced wrestler in Miami, someone smashed a bottle across his face as he walked out of a nightclub. While he luckily retained his eyesight, it’s not the greatest look when your CEO shows up like he was getting his ass kicked at Fight Club the night before.

I was tapping my old contacts, one of which included your basic definition of “scum” as defined by the music industry. Now the music business has always been seen as the lowest form of bacteria in the parasitic world of media. Film and TV people always looked down their nose at the hustlers and jivers of the record industry and during my days in the business I met plenty, but this dread-headed-joker was the epitome of a sewer rat with a cell phone in search of a hit. Continue reading “Reflections On Destiny, Self Discovery And The Power Of The Nodes”

Leo, Mike Trout Hits A Home Run For The Third Straight Year On His Solar Return

troutThe power of the Sun sign and the solar return. Mike Trout (Leo) loves the center stage and on his birthday, 8/7, for the last three years, he has hit a home run. Luck? Coincidence? Or the power of the solar return? For Leo, the solar return is the power of the Sun doubled, since the Sun rules the sign of Leo. If you happen to be born under the sign of the big cat, kings and queens, these are your days to shine.

The Neptune/Virgo Opposition, 1849, The California Gold Rush And Shemitah

zsacred-hearts-jesus-and-mary-401x330Neptune (Pisces) and Jupiter (Virgo) in sacred alignment.

As we wind through what is surely going to be a challenging time for many of us in the weeks, months and years ahead, it is essential that we find inner strength through a deepening of our faith, our love for one another and a kindness that is almost a luxury in the world that we know. Slowly, but decidedly surely, we are being indoctrinated into a world where everyone is supposedly equal. This is the message of the Aquarian Age, but it’s being done by lowering the standards of equality. That which is equal is only equal as it is prescribed by the shrill voice of a collective nanny state. Your morals and standards are being shown to you through PSA’s and television shows which reinforce a broad, generalized view of what’s akin to secular humanism and if you don’t agree with the talking points, you can be persecuted financially and ostracized socially. These are some of the exact same trials and tribulations that Jesus/Sananda/Yeshua was put through during his walk on the planet. One not need believe in religion or God or the bible to see this dichotomy at work. The rejection of materialism was illustrated when the merchants tables were upturned in the temple. The pressure to conform, either professionally or even in the sphere of love has distorted our direct connection to the divine. Once we make choices outside of our knowing we are compromised at every turn, thus life becomes a series of trade-offs and justifications. At some point the path loses it’s demarcations and we become lost. Continue reading “The Neptune/Virgo Opposition, 1849, The California Gold Rush And Shemitah”