Cancer Lunar Phase, Jade Helm Launch, The Sisters And Eleventh House Radio

ImageJ=1.43uNew Moon Lunar Phase Begins

I haven’t scribed for a while since I’ve been deeply enmeshed in readings and teaching. It’s been a really fruitful time on that end and I have truly realized how much I enjoy passing on the knowledge of this ancient and essential art. I wouldn’t call myself the world’s greatest astrologer, nor would I even consider myself an astrologer in the classic sense. I really didn’t study with a well-known teacher, nor do I identify with any particular school, though my tradition is clearly, Western Mundane Placidus. Everything I have learned has been through personal study and osmosis. I have always had a knack for systems and astrology in its most pure sense, is a system. However, that said, having done thousands of charts, secrets of the art have revealed itself to me and it’s been such a joy connecting with people who want to get on the inside of it all. I have seen my students grow at an amazing rate decoding charts with credible and clear insight. It let’s me know I’m doing something right. That’s the best feedback a teacher can get when he sees his students “get it.”

One of the challenges I have faced is that I am a non-traditional astrologer in many ways, not from a technique perspective, but from a cultural one. I have and continue to use it as a tool for awakening, on both a personal and a cultural level. My views are often at odds with the trends of popular culture. I believe that the individual is the cornerstone of the castle and that healthy, informed, and sovereign beings have the potential to create an organic grid of community and awakened spirits. Out of that process, we form healthy families, healthy communities and a healthy planet, interdependent, bonded, yet free.

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