September 2014


Adrian Peterson’s Aries Stellium Explodes With The Uranus/Mercury Opposition And The Eye Of Horus Casts It’s Gaze Across The Plains Of Babylon, First Time Reading Special

Peterson’s Pater Sins The giant, Red Eye, swiveled and locked in on Adrian Peterson this past week. Peterson, was born on 3/21/85. That’s just one degree off the astrological new -year, aka Aries 1. It’s one of the most powerful degrees of the zodiac. Its pure, undifferentiated will. If you have ever seen Peterson run […]


The Pisces Super Moon Hits Roger Goodell’s Venus In Pisces, Aquarian Ray Rice, Uranus In Aries And The All Seeing Eye Of The Vox Populi

Eye-For-An-Eye The social conscience has devolved into the electronic eye of reckoning. There is no longer any privacy and one’s words and deeds, whether good, bad, indifferent or misguided are used as ample evidence to judge them, with the holy arbiter being the collective morality of the Vox Populi, which delivers it’s crushing sentences devoid […]