June 2014


The Great Divide Just Got A Litttle Closer, Elliot Gets Sucked Down The Memory Hole, The Sag Full Moon, And Gemini Splits The Social Atom

Going, going, gone. The synthetic blood has barely dried and we’re of to another shooting, then another, then another. Elliot Rodger, we were just getting to know you and whaddya know, your fifteen minutes of infamy were stolen by the infinitely scarier Jerad Miller in Las Vegas via Lafayette, Indiana, where he had a Wiccan […]


Gemini, The Attention Thief Of The Zodiac, Celestial Spy, Galactic Upsetter, Elliot Rodger & The Isla Vista Chart

Surreality reflected Gemini is here, a dazzling hall of mirrors and like clockwork, we’re dealing with the reflection and amplification of duality right on schedule. On the twentieth of May, the 9/11 Memorial Museum opened and the Sun was at 0 degrees Gemini. Fitting since the Twin Towers were a symbolic representation of the sign […]