Navigating Through The Dark Of Venus In Scorpio, A Liberal Dose Of Libra And Kaepernick’s Crisis

Twin sells

We are being held hostage, our attention is captive and are prisoners of the collective entrainment that grows darker and darker and darker. Well, at least that’s what the front-screen-projection of mediamatrix reality appears to be. Roughly, at the same time, “Prisoners” and “Hostages” were released on the big, and not-so-big screens. Their plots are decidedly different, but if you are dialed into the mainstream vector, you can’t help but notice the art and symbolic punch in the face. Is there an underlying theme that connects the two other than the obvious metaphors of bondage and incarceration? Well, glad you asked, because their is.

“Prisoners” stars Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhal. Jackman plays “Keller Dover” a father whose daughter, along with another young girl is kidnapped. One girl is white, the other is black, so we have the duality theme nicely in place.

Gyllenhal plays the ambitious, Detective Loki. Yes, Loki. While he isn’t a straight up trickster, he’s ambiguous enough at times to have the audience question his motivations. In an ironic twist, the supposed bad guy, the guy that knows where the girls are, is named, “Alex Jones.” The Alex Jones character is also portrayed as, shall we say, “slow.” In the old days, he would have earned the title of “village idiot.” I’m not going to spoil this movie for you, but let’s just say that Alex doesn’t meet a kind fate.

Jackman’s character has an interesting name. “Keller” means, “cellar keeper.” while “Dover” is essentially, “water.” Down in the cellar of his emotions, there’s some dark waters roiling around in there.

Dover/Jackman resorts to taking the law into his own hands when it appears that they are doing nothing, when the main suspect, Alex Jones is released. Dover/Jackman eventually winds up becoming a prisoner of his own, emotional design. It’s one theme of subjugation running through the film.

“Hostages” is imported from Israel. Again, the theme is, what will people do when they are forced to do something against their will. The basic premise of the show is that a doctor doing surgery on the president has their family kidnapped and is being forced, against her will, to kill the president in surgery. Jerry Nachmanoff, the brains behind “Homeland” wrote and directed the pilot episode.

These are Saturn in Scorpio themes and memes; Darkness and pressure. The subterranean chains of the psyche that enslave us to the shadow play of this post-modern kabuki are rattled and shaken. The revelation of the emotional apocalypse gets downloaded in sixty-minute segments. In essence, we’re all being held hostage, we’re all prisoners.


Libra is one of the most fascinating signs in the zodiac. It’s the only symbol that’s not either an animal, human or hybrid. It represents in some ways, the insertion of mechanical consciousness (the scales) into the astrological equation. It’s doubly ironic that of all the signs, it’s the one that represents relationship and human interaction the most. One deeper meaning of it is that it’s station that’s based on some form of transaction, the law of balanced interchange. Reciprocity. A sign that’s deeply devoted to the emotional dance of relationship, is personified by the weights and measures of ones merits. This is a bloodless meter for something that can be such a deeply, emotional, trigger for all of us. Thus, Libra offers detachment and the ability for us to assess our own actions, thoughts and feelings. Are we giving enough? Too much? To whom or what do we have emotional contracts with? Do they need to be updated? Does it all have to be so bloody bloodless? Perhaps there’s another meaning to the sign and it’s station on the wheel.

Libra represents the way station between the personal and the impersonal or transpersonal. Think of “Apocalypse Now” where Willard and the boys dock at an Army outpost along the river. They trade and barter (Libra) for whiskey and fuel, then they take part in an MK Ultra ritual where it’s clearly women (dancers) on one side and the leering and jeering soldiers on the other. The scene drastically illustrates the extreme schism between the sexes. Women are unreachable sex goddess whores, while men are enslaved in “fatigues” fighting for their masters and rulership of the golden triangle. Together, they achieve an odd and very uncomfortable balance, with almost all of societies social precepts and norms stripped away by the thinner of violence and empire.

When Willard and his charges pull out they leave the last and most decadent vestiges of American culture behind. They set off into the dark waters of Scorpio where the journey’s destination is ultimately into the dangerous and Scorpionic psyche of Kurtz. Along the way, they will stumble upon the stinking and rotting corpse of French colonialism, a harbinger perhaps as to what lies ahead for the rowdy and adolescent America, just a few clicks down the river of time.

Libra is the gateway to Scorpio. Your spirit and soul are balanced and weighed like bushels of corn for gold in the time of harvest. This is a metaphysical transaction as we head into the dark in the Northern Hemisphere. Where are you? How is your “relationship” to your soul. As ye sew, so shall ye reap as you head into the dark funnel of the fall and winter months ahead.

Libra can be challenging in this regard. It’s a cardinal point that is dedicated to peace and mediation. Ironically, Vladimir Putin (Libra) was the dove that flew into the heat of WW3 and offered a “balanced” solution. Putin by the way is a black belt in judo, so he has plenty of warrior cred, which makes Libra even more potent.

We are, in the same way engaged in something similar, mediating, blending and synthesizing a complex tapestry of commitments, agreements, failure, loss, aspiration and goals. This is the time where it gets actively and dynamically worked out, because when we descend into Scorpio, those thoughts, those feelings, those actions which have not been resolved have the potential to take on a life of their own. And, it gets worked out, almost always with others, since the other is the mirror of our emotional landscape. Compassion is the key and here is where the detachment of Libra comes in. Stay open. Take nothing personal. The great paradox of being in this world and not of it is hard wired into Libra. Now I am not talking about the state of that itself, but the operation of it. Libra is the celestial software that we plug into, doing our best to strike a balance with one foot here, the other there. Mindfully mediate, course correct, adjust and head deeper into the mystery of Scorpio later this month. The journey begins.


I get requests every now and then to comment on sports and astrology and there’s a lot happening there. There’s all kinds of revelations coming out around the corruption of college football, coming mostly from ex-college players. Arian Foster of the Texans blurted out that he received perks aka money while playing at the University of Tennessee. D.J. Fluker, formerly of Alabama did the same thing. Former college basketball star ,Ed O’Bannon is leading the charge against the NCAA to pay it’s athletes. The Pluto in Scorpio generation via the confessions of Foster and Fluker with their, “we don’t give a fuck attitude” are rocking the hypocrisy of a system that makes hundreds of millions of dollars off of amateur athletes, some of whom will suffer debilitating injuries that will last for life. I’d say that the NCAA is on deathwatch.

I also received a message about what’s happening with Colin Kaepernick and the Niners. As some of you might know, I featured Kaepernick a lot last year. With Saturn hitting both his Sun and Pluto, conjunct in Scorpio, he quickly shot to fame and has appeared on commercials, magazine covers, etc.. Well, h’s struggling now, because Saturn is making it’s second pass over his Sun and Pluto again. It’s a very different orbit this go round. It’s clear that the pressure is tilting in the red on Kapernick. He’s never failed at any level before and now he’s taking it on the chin. Scorpio often needs deep crisis for catharsis. We’ll see how he fares this Thursday night when Saturn gets even closer to his Sun/Pluto conjunction on a short week and the predictably crappy, Thursday night football. Meanwhile Jim Harbaugh is dealing with issues of character and addiction via Aldon Smith. Harbaugh has Chiron in Pisces at 11 degrees, so he’s going through his Chiron return. The Sabian Symbol for his Chiron is quite interesting; “In The Sanctuary Of An Occult Brotherhood, Newly Initiated Members Are Being Examined And Their Character Tested.” So it seems as though Harbaugh is being tested. His TN is in Cancer opposing his stellium in Capricorn. Harbaugh needs to shift from the playground bully asshole persona, to a softer, more compassionate field general. Ahhhhh, Libra.

Venus in Scorpio Goes Mondo Bondage With Saturn, Carre Otis, Beauty Disrupted, Freeman Fly and Jamie Hanshaw On FAR Friday

Venus descending

Venus and Saturn are doing the “Dirty Sanchez” one minute, then the next they’re Thomas Kempis, armed with a cat ‘o’ nine tails. This is the second pass of Saturn over Venus in the last trip around the Sun. Think back to Thanksgiving weekend, 2012. What kinds of changes were you going through or being forced to go through around relationships. If you didn’t do the work, face the fear and loathing, here it is, coming back again for the second pass, this time with tanks of nitrous and The Old Testament. It’s that kind of psycho-sexual overload, obsessively compulsed, desperately redemptive, feeling like it has to happen right now energy. Part of that has to do with the stakes being high right now. The volume on the planet has turned up. No man or woman can escape what is in their hearts. If the book isn’t open, it pretty damned well will be fairly soon.

If you had done your work last year, pared away, paired up, stepped up or stepped off, then this spin around Sol, Venus and Saturn doing the slam dance waltz will give you ample opportunity to go in, go deeper, be more committed than ever before.

Venus in Scorpio is in detriment. In lay terms, that evil Scorpio brings out all the nasty in Venus. It becomes obsessive and seeks some kind of redemption, only after running aground on the jagged rocks of betrayal, abandonment and even abuse. Saturn pushes against it, forces Venus in Scorpio up against a wall and then presses down upon it, squeezing out the gasps and the cries, bringing it to the point of surrender. Finally, a limit is hit. A bottom is reached. Let the moment of clarity begin.

Venus in Scorpio returns to the scene of the crime, again and again again, almost in a ritualistic fashion, trying to find the right partner to chase the demons. Sensuality is the sweet spell that’s cast over Venus in Scorpio. Those that have it in their chart’s are seductive and passionate lovers, channeling Aphrodite, Persephone and Dionysus. That’s enchantment, entrainment, enchainment. To be consumed by the fires of longing, passion and burnt to the char is Venus in Scorpio’s ultimate goal and destination, through which some kind of emotional purity and truth can be accessed and revealed, along with a deep and abiding void. Peace.

I interviewed Carre Otis today. Carre was one of the teen, super-model sirens of the 80’s. Her stunning looks graced the covers of Elle, Vogue and Marie Claire. She went from runaway, to runway model at warp speed. By the time she was twenty, she was doing her best to pass as an actress in Zalman King’s soft-porn, cult classic, Wild Orchid. It’s where she would meet Mickey Rourke. Mickey would become the Hades to her Persephone, but with Venus in Scorpio, edgy and dangerous relationships had already long been a part of her life. Her first boyfriend at the age of fourteen was a thirty-two-year-old with a hot temper. When she was in high school, her “normal” all american BF whose appetite for cocaine ran in parallel with a crushing burden of achievement committed suicide. She was summarily kicked out of her private school by a ore of her “peers.”

Carre has Venus in Scorpio.

It took her to flats in Paris where she was violated by a leering and leathery lizard, still, to this day, one of France’s leading agents of modeling. Guns. hari-kari knives, heroin, coke, Xanax, hot rods and Harleys, Carre’s Venus in Scorpio brought her to the edge, time and time again. Opposing Saturn in her 7th (Finger of God), she would stay on that orbit, again and again and again until she would close the gap, complete the circuit and find her power and stability inside a relationship. But on her terms.

Venus in Scorpio can be extreme. Carre went from the chains of emotional bondage, to taking vows of celibacy under the guidance of a Tibetan Buddhist monk. That’s another phase of Venus in Scorpio. But obviously, Carre is much more. With Uranus on the ASC, she is a rebel, and her Sun in Libra, in the first house, well, it’s beauty in all of it’s obvious and cliched, Libran esthetics, glamor and charm. But there in the 12th, lurching towards the ASC is Pluto, planet of death and rebirth. It’s an energy and a force she would contact again and a again.

But the best way to understand Carre Otis and her chart is to read her brilliant biopic, “Beauty Disrupted” and to listen in on our conversation, this Friday, at 12 NOON, CST on BlogTalk. I’ll also be joined by Freeman Fly and Jamie Hanshaw in the first hour. While Carre blows the roof off of glamour, Freeman and Jamie break down the symbols and triggers of heavy duty, MK programming, spending lost of time in the Magic Kingdom, deconstructing Miley’s white trash virus. You don’t want to miss this show.

911, Jesus Birthday, Summer Of Love, Jupiter In Cancer, Reclaiming The Timeline

Happy birthday?

It’s been a while–I know. I have been extremely busy on the reading front–good busy. Tapping the void, getting clear, helping others get clear, feeling the semblance of healing atoms cohere across time and space gives this Virgo a sense of purpose. I’ve also been managing my son’s baseball team. It seems strange in some ways to be deeply invested in who brings the snack and when and when not to steal home, while the powers that be play “Battle Ship” off the coast of Syria. But it’s also extremely grounding and healing in it’s own right. Jupiter in Cancer prompts us to find connection to our past, to what made us feel connected, nurtured and loved. For me, it was sports and mainly baseball. The happiest moments of my life were practicing grounders until the Sun dropped into the Pacific, getting ready to play pick up games when the same summer Sun rose and of course being on the field itself. There was a sweet spot between 9-12 where my most fond memories reside. I continued to play up through high school, but everything changed. I couldn’t stand the meatheads I was playing with. I was tripping the light fantastic under the chemical transmissions of Hoffman while my teammates appeared to me as nothing more than cavemen. Alas, my heart was no longer in it.

But that’s where we are now, cycling, re-cycling to the sweet memories of our past in an increasingly chaotic and troubled time. One of the great quotes I ever ran into was; “Nostalgia is a memory from an age yet to come.” Jupiter in Cancer is our temporal locater in the time/space continuum.

One of the things that we were sold heavily on in the 60’s, 70’s and even 80’s was that the future was the place to be. I remember wandering around the 1964 World’s Fair as a child, being consumed by corporate super structures, getting my consciousness digested in their enzymatic exhibitions. Bell Telephone downloaded people talking on videophones into my brain. Kraft extolled the virtues of electronic food. GE revived the ghost of Lincoln and transferred it into animatronic form. We sat spell bound and listened to the wise words of our once great leader, now a robot. We splashed around in cars that could float on a temporary lake. And in the irony of all ironies, I watched a Brontosaurus hatch from a plastic mold, right before my very eyes, thanks to Sinclair Oil. It didn’t end there.

It was recently discovered that the CIA was one of the social drivers behind modernism. You know that art that everyone hated when it first came out? Rothko’s lumbering and ponderous blocks of dark gravity, Pollock’s kiddie splash art, Calder’s mobiles, you name it, seems like the alphabet agency had a deep and abiding interest in promoting futurism. Couple that with their intense interest in psychotropic drugs, and there seems to be some kind of hidden hand brushing us along the collective people mover into the next century. If and when there was any type of hue and cry that modern art was pointless, useless and lacked all talent, critics were quick to come to the aid of the artist, going on the offensive, practically insulting other critics or the “common man” that they didn’t have enough brain wattage to comprehend the meaning, behind the meaning of meaninglessness.

My pal Ken Warren and I have kicked this around a bit as it relates to the tyranny of the new school of criticism that came out of the University of Chicago, where the didactic model for interpretation became the work itself and not any kind of historical or cultural markers that contributed to the meaning of that work. In essence, they were instructing readers to dismiss any kind of touch points to the author’s experience. It was kind of like lock the author away in an archipelago of the mind, and simply decode the words on their own merit. This for me, was a type of literary schizophrenia and turned me away from the halls of academia. How could one not have any working knowledge of the life of Ezra Pound and expect to get anything meaningful out of “The Cantos”? That’s just one example.
You see, somewhere along the way, we got thoroughly convinced that anything better than here was better than this. Tomorrow would be brighter. Your meals would stay warmer longer. Your every, single, solitary need would be attended to much easier. Remember the Jetsons? Freedom from the slavish world of labor was the goal. Technology could liberate the common man and level the playing field for him, because if time is money then the rich have a lot more time on their hands. Technology could, in some ways, make us all rich, if not materially, at least chronographically. Not too mention relieving the burden of the modern housewife, which would make her happier, more playful and ready for sex, versus tired from doing all those nasty chores by her lonesome.

Technology, modernism, the future were the blue pills.

Now i am not a luddite or some paleo-regressive. No, I’m not Anthony Zerbe in Omega Man, but the world is about to twerk into darkness at light speed and I may get my wish in November when the lights go out. But even culturally, the level of symbolic displacement is getting to the point where most people just cannot handle more strangeness, more chaos, more oblivion of the world they once knew, so it becomes a war between the future and the past. We even see this played out in the realm of partisan politics. The “progressives” want to progressively move everyone into the future, whatever that future is. The conservatives want to cling to the present by not letting go of the past. It has nothing to do with communism versus conservatism. It’s the past vs the future. It’s Yahweh wedding the people to sacred law that stretches back into the galactic corridors of time, because hey, if it worked on Sirius, it should fly here. It’s Lucifer, all hot and bothered to get the real party started, destroying convention and the old rules. It’s about Libra 3, today’s Sabian Symbol (Thank you Lynda Hill) “A Dawn Of New Day.” That’s the conflict boys and girls.

Where it gets convoluted is a place like Syria, where Assad is accused of being a dictator, a tyrant and all that. Well wouldn’t you be with what poses for democracy these days? So Assad is holding onto the past. He’s a time criminal wedded to another era, meanwhile, the completely barbaric rebels, most of whom are criminals released from Saudi jails, Al-Qaeda and who knows what else are posing as Wahaabbists, whose ideology is straight out of the 15th century, replete with heads on stakes, devouring live organs, and all the greatest hits of Ibn Al-Hashim. So, ironically, they have been drafted from a past further back than Syria’s in order to march them at bayonet point into the future.We live in strange times.

Meanwhile, in Washington D.C., two-million chopper riders descend on the capital to commemorate the dead of 911 and the heroic first responders, while two-million Muslims are going to march there as well, sans rumbling steel between their legs. The Muslims got the permit. The bikers didn’t. Should be fun. All they need is two-million rabbis and we could really work this thing out with the Huns, versus the Khazars, versus the Moors. It’s the Beltway throw down. Love and Peace or else babies.

Speaking of time + 911

I recently shot my first video for Gaiam.Tv, here in Austin. It’s a thirty-minute romp through time, that looks at the astrological symbols of 911 and the potential birth of one of the most famous personages to ever touch the planet’s soil.

There has been some buzz that Jesus wasn’t born on 12/25 for quite a while. Most people understand that this was a ploy to get the pagans to buy into the return of the light from a more metaphorical perspective, just like how the cathedrals of europe were built on pagan ritual mounds. One belief system overlays itself upon another. In two-hundred-years, those churches will be massive data farms.

So if Jesus did exist (And I “believe” that he did) and he wasn’t born on 12/25, the greatest day of mammon worship, then what day? When? One theory is, is that he was born on . . .9/11. In the hyper-matrix, it makes reasonable sense. So, I cars a chart for 9/11/-3 or -2 Gregorian. Well, you might be surprised at what I found. I was.

I chose 6:44 PM, Jerusalem for the place and time. I did it because I rectified the chart for a specific reason. I set it to have the ASC at 0 degrees Aries. Why? Because Sananda/Emmanuel was here to master the concept of will. So it makes sense. It also is the direst degree for the Western Zodiac, so that’s a plus as well. But then I looked at every cardinal point on the cross and they were all at 0, which gave the chart the exoskeleton of the cross, a symbol that plays a much larger role in the life of the man, later on.


At the time of birth, Saturn was in Taurus, in the second house. This indicates very humble beginnings and could either turn the person into a blatant materialist or a material renunciate, Values and a deep sense of roundedness are present here. Someone that can also be willful and more than a bit stubborn. But look at the inherent power as Saturn trines Mars in Capricorn and the Sun/Pluto in Virgo. This trine has the ability to move mountains. And with Mars in Capricorn in the 10th, near the MC, conjunct Altair (more about that later), Mars become a force in the world, but it, Altair and the MC are in conflict with the Aries ASC. I see this manifest in the battle between the will and that of the spiritual and economic hierarchy of the day; the pharisaic merchant class. Mars in the 10th suggests to me that JC would go to war against them. Indeed, people at that time wanted to turn him into a warrior, a rebel who would overthrow the ruling elite and the political system of his time, especially after he cast the merchants out of the temple. When he turned his back to their requests, they lost faith in their projection of him as their messiah. But this conflict, this square would result in his death. Mars at the mid-heaven would also suggest the hand of Rome in his life as well. as Rome was ruled by Mars.

Altair is the fixed star that represents warriors, aggression and violence. It shares a quality similar to Antares, but Antares has more to do with other people’s aggression, where as Altair is more connected to the energy and violence of the individual. Here, right on the MC, it indicates the mark of a spiritual warrior. At 6:44Pm, it would likely be visible in the early, night sky. As the night would progress, it would still be quite bright, dropping into the 9th and then 8th houses. Could the three Magi have navigated by the light of Altair? It is the 12th brightest star in the night sky. It is also known as the “Eagle Star” in the constellation Delphinus.

The the Māori people called Altair Poutu-te-rangi or the “pillar of heaven”. It has also been associated as an ill omen of reptiles. In the TV series, Stargate Atlantis, Altair itself, is a star gate One of my favorite astrologers and fixed star expert, Rob Tillet texted this to me about Altair; ” It brings sudden but ephemeral fortune, associated with impulsiveness and courage, but can be associated with accidents. It rules astrology and writing. It gives great imagination, strong passions, an indomitable will, a dominating character, with clairvoyance and a penetrating mind”.


As we shift focus from the MC to the 5th, we see Leo in it’s own house, and there is Jupiter in Leo, conjunct Regulus, exactly. This is alignment represents king and king or king of kings, in the house of Leo, the house of kings. Jupiter in Leo as well as Pluto in Virgo and Neptune in Scorpio play very prominent roles, close to 2,000 years later. Jupiter and Regulus together denote a being with a huge heart. Someone blessed with both great humanity and also great responsibility. Hint, hint. It also portends blessing through the birth of a child.

Moving up to the 6th House, we see a massive stellium in Virgo, the sign of service, dharma, health and healing. Let’s just say that there’s a great deal of emphasis of the life in this part of the chart. The greatest kings are those that are the greatest servants this house is bursting with at the edges with service. Mercury,Venus, Sun and Pluto. The Sun/Pluto conjunction are really interesting here. The themes of these two, conjoined in the 6th point towards great, healing and recuperative powers. Mars comes in like a super charged, power booster from the 10th, adding energy, cardinal energy. Saturn coming from the 2nd brings in an aspect of time and eternity. Transformation, life and death play a large role here as well as the 8th House.


Uranus in Pisces in the 12th opposes both the Sun and Pluto. Uranus in the 12th is catalytic and symbolic of the age of Pisces itself, in an electro-static medium, crackling in it’s briny embryosis. Here, the individual might be one that hears voices or is prompted to take actions based on some kind of act of extreme faith. Uranus in Pisces in the 12th, the house of the soul is the wild card. The challenge and the goal is to make it work. Aligning it opposed the Sun and Pluto, it becomes like a fiber optic link, stretching across the space of the chart, transmitting the light of the soul into profoundly transformational service into the 6th, injection the Solar principle with a unique mission or calling. This opposition will likely play a role, much later on in the x of the mystic triangle. Death is strange and sudden.


The 8th House is home to Neptune in Scorpio at 11 degrees, Antares in Scorpio at 11 degrees, and the GS at 29 Scorpio. Together, they all add up to 33. Neptune’s relationship to Saturn, in opposition is similar in some ways to the Uranus/Sun-Pluto opposition. This could be pure magic when it comes to manifestation and faith or pure hell when it comes to doubt. With faith activated, Neptune in Scorpio magnetizes, attracts and binds intention to the will through the application of the willingness to suspend disbelief. Some might call it magical thinking. It also indicates someone that might have had experience with hallucinogenic drugs. Through the activation of internal coherence, something profound and alchemical occurs, grounding the miraculous into the here and now with the earthiest manifestation of Saturn there can be. Magic and faith become grounded in deep, in fact, into the very Earth itself. But there is also danger lurking here. Antares as mentioned is violence and bloodlust. Conjunct Neptune in Scorpio, it can be seen as a type of betrayal, one that results in a potentially violent end. Remember Neptune in Scorpio, just like I asked you to remember Pluto in Virgo, and Jupiter in Taurus. Uranus/Pluto-Sun/Neptune/Saturn all form the angles of opposition in the mystic rectangle. Saturn (Satan/Karma/Time/Discipline/Wisdom), Neptune (Godhead/Madness/Delusion), Uranus (Genius/Revolutionary/Electric), Sun (Core/Purpose/Essence/The Father) and Pluto (Death/Magnetism/Transformation/Underworld) all dance in formation in this chart.


Perhaps the seed, the beacon of this chart can be seen in the 11th House, where the North Node resides in Aquarius. This was the life purpose of the individual. To create a community, bond and share his essence with others, like say, maybe disciples? All twelve of them, like the 12 signs of the zodiac. The goal was to have the experience of fellowship with with other outsiders and perhaps have that goal realized as a model for the future, to live in a world where knowledge, wisdom and love were exchanged freely amongst a community of equals, yet unique in their own individual right. While the impetus and action are derived from the maverick spark of Uranus in the 12th, it’s the 11th where it is all shared. The seed of the true age of Aquarius. Lastly we see the fixed star, Sirius in the 4th House. While it could have a very earthly representation, perhaps it is more of a reminder of where the individual came from, the place that he called home.


Let’s fast forward into what we call time. It’s 9/11/67. The Summer of Love is just winding down, but the scent of something special is in the air. Spirit is alive and magic is afoot. There’s an explosion of creativity, sex, imagination and possibility. The old rules are being re-written before our very eyes and yet there’s also a sense of madness in the ethers too. A violent war rages in Vietnam while a growing, civil unrest swells and begins to divide the country and the world. The Doors release their first album and defy Ed Sullivan on national TV. Detroit, Newark and D.C. have race riots. Pink Floyd release “Piper At The Gates Of Dawn” on August 6th and on August 7th, Jocelyn Bell and Anthony Hewish discover the first Pulsar, an entirely new and novel type of light. Elvis marries Priscilla and The Beatles release, perhaps their most occult and densely coded album, “The Magical Mystery Tour.” The term, “Black Hole” is used for the first time. Charles Manson is released from prison in march, of 1967, where he lands in The Haight. Jim Jones moves to Ukiah, in 1967, in order to escape nuclear annihilation.

The Summer of Love was one of he most pivotal times in our recent history. And if we look at the planets, three really stand out; Jupiter, Pluto and Neptune. Why? They are all in the same signs they on the 9/11/-3 chart. Jupiter was in Leo, Pluto was in Virgo, Neptune was in Scorpio. These three planets in the chart of Yeshua/Sananda/Emmanuel emerge during the Summer of Love. Not only that, but Uranus, which was in Pisces is no longer opposite opposite Pluto, but on it’s side . . .conjunct. The mission which started in the 12th House, waiting on the radical will of God, was no complete, connected, unified and at one with Pluto. Many people born during the Uranus/Pluto conjunction have an unusual interest in the healing arts and even display profound talents when it comes to moving energy and understanding the mechanics of spirality.

So it’s my contention that the Summer of Love was aligned to be the second coming, on a deeply energetic/spiritual level. This was the time that was supposed to turn the planet on instantaneously, regardless of belief system. However, something went awry, some went amiss. If you go back to my timeline theories, things get hijacked and reality switches tracks on 11/22/63 via the death of Kennedy and the insert of the false Aquarian Age in 1963. We can even see the beginnings of dark anti-messiahs in Manson and Jones make significant moves in 1967, establishing a deadly beachhead on the shores of the weak and needy. In the case of Manson, he even had his own set of disciples, the nine members of the Manson Family. Was there a concerted push to re-route the planet’s spiritual circuitry in 1967 by covert means? Has there been a conscious effort to use the energy of the 9/11/-3 chart for the rise of anti-consciousness or even in more lay terms, “The Antichrist’?


September 11th, 2001. I’ve written a great deal about this and I want to touch into it a bit now. On that fateful day, the same day that supposedly belongs to the birth of Jesus, the dark, magical ritual that was a planetary game changer slammed into our psyches like an violent avalanche, not only inducing collective trauma, but also anchoring a deep spike in the timeline variant that began on 11/22/63. Jupiter in Cancer is all about the things listed at the top of this article and what happened on the heels of 9/11 was also a hijacking of our intention. Americans rallied around the flag and condemned “French Fries” because the French wouldn’t throw down with two, planned wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. We’ve been singing “God Bless America” at every baseball game ever since. The synthetic insert of a faux patriotism was complete. I’m not going to go into great detail regarding this, but note that the “Freedom Tower” now “The One World Trade Tower” opens next year, 2014. Sixteen (2014 2+14 = 16) is the number of “The Tower” in the major arcana. It will be the erection of the celebration of Babylon, reanimating Babel itself. This, all on the back of the cosmic template of 9/11/-3


So here we are today, Muslims and bikers converge upon D.C. Obama desperately peddles intervention in Syria to a public weary of war. Americans are drained. They’ve reached over saturation. The energy that declared that “you’re either with us or against us” has waned to the point where the more that Obama makes his case for war, the more people oppose him. It’s the opposite effect and yes, Jupiter is in Cancer once again, but this time, people are pushing back. They are actually tapping into the essence of the aspect. Eyes are turned towards home and the problems that exist here. People name drop Detroit as a city that needs our attention, not Damascus. The masses are in a very different mood, sourcing the authenticity of Jupiter in Cancer, in essence, bringing it home.

Today is also the birthday of one, Bashar al-Assad. Yes, Syria’s main man has his birthday today. Damascus is at the 33rd degree, today’s date 9+11= 20 + 13 = 33. Damascus is linked to the Damask Rose, the rose is the symbol of both Venus and Isis, but also Christ, as the red rose is the blood of the martyred Jesus. The Spear of Longinus was a thorn in his side. But while Hollywood’s elite remain silent in the face of WWIII and the world commemorates the loss of life and innocence, 12 years ago, people seem to be migrating back to what matters simply due to the fact that they’ve had too much. This is the turning.

Through the clatter and the din, the white noise of collapsing empire, people can still manage to hear the still, small voice of peace whispered from the mouth of a babe, over 2,000 years ago in the eternal dream.