September 2013


Navigating Through The Dark Of Venus In Scorpio, A Liberal Dose Of Libra And Kaepernick’s Crisis

Twin sells We are being held hostage, our attention is captive and are prisoners of the collective entrainment that grows darker and darker and darker. Well, at least that’s what the front-screen-projection of mediamatrix reality appears to be. Roughly, at the same time, “Prisoners” and “Hostages” were released on the big, and not-so-big screens. Their […]


Venus in Scorpio Goes Mondo Bondage With Saturn, Carre Otis, Beauty Disrupted, Freeman Fly and Jamie Hanshaw On FAR Friday

Venus descending Venus and Saturn are doing the “Dirty Sanchez” one minute, then the next they’re Thomas Kempis, armed with a cat ‘o’ nine tails. This is the second pass of Saturn over Venus in the last trip around the Sun. Think back to Thanksgiving weekend, 2012. What kinds of changes were you going through […]