May 2013


Scorpio Ryan Gosling’s Cinematic Portrayal Of Scorpio In Drive

It’s his nature. There are some movies that reflect magickal principles and symbols in very direct fashion. “The Game” with Michael Douglas immediately comes to mind as a cinematic meditation on the “Tower” card. “Faceoff” with Nicholas Cage and John Travolta is pure Gemini, with crossed identities, switched faces, duality, good vs evil, etc.. “Back […]


(Twin) Jason Collins (JC) Gets Skrunked By Saturn, Chris(t) Broussard Genuflexes His Belief Guns And Tim Tebow Perp Walks From The Shadows Of Babylon

Jason Collins played for the Wizards. In case you missed it, the most heroic act of courage since Aquarian, Rosa Parks took all of her Highlander training and put it in the front seat of a public bus in Montgomery just happened. Jason Collins became the first, openly gay player in a major sport to […]