The Libra Full Moon, Mirroring What We Want And What We Project Ourselves To Be

Projections and reflections of The Libra Full Moon.

Stepping outside the realm of the hyperreal, astro-matrix for just a post or two, we get back down to basics with the Libra Full Moon. It’s a time to show others how we want to be treated by treating them accordingly. This by the way is something that anyone involved with a Libra, Libra rising, or personal planets in Libra needs to file away, because Libra will almost always show, rather than tell how they want to be treated and related to. So pay close attention. If your Libra partner wants to give you lots of back and foot rubs, it’s a pretty clear indicator that they want the same in return. If they take you to a special restaurant or play a meaningful song, they are giving you insights into their esthetics. If they treat you with a certain aloofness (which Libra can do) they are essentially sending you signals that they want/need space. This is where Libra gets the rep of being passive/aggressive. They can be, for other reasons, but not for the ones just listed. They are simply holding up the mirror of relating, to balance the scales of their inner and outer states.

It’s fascinating to note that the Supreme Court is in deep discussion surrounding the rulings of Prop 8 in California as we are in the Libra Moon and the scales of justice weigh accordingly. No matter where you chime in on the debate, it cannot be denied that astrology is playing a major role in decision making process of a controversial and combustible position that the highest court in the land is weighing out and debating.

Look for Roberts again to be the deciding vote, if indeed it comes down to a vote. Roberts is a first deacan Aquarius, which means he is ruled by Uranus and is unpredictable. His double Uranus whammy was on hand for all the world to see as he awkwardly flubbed the first swearing in of Barack Obama, thus nullifying the oath, which later took place beneath the White House, supposedly with a Masonic and not a traditional bible beneath Obama’s right hand. Even though Roberts is married and is a Catholic, rumors have swirled around him for years as being gay. Ironically, in a strange twist of astro-sync, it was announced today, that the director of the Kennedy Center, Michael Kaiser is going to marry John Roberts, a commodities trader.

The Libra Moon, especially in it’s fullness allows to more fully understand how to do unto others as a way of setting a conscious standard for relating, not just for today but for the rest of the astrological year. Put into place now how you wish to be treated as a seal and you will then have the opportunity to practice this throughout the coming year.

One of the main challenges that pops up in the Libra Moon/Aries Sun opposition is where one self begins and the other ends. Libra can be overly accommodating at times and will often choose to not upturn the apple cart in order to maintain peace and stability; Go along to get along can be it’s mantra. Meanwhile, Aries is anything but accommodating and pliant. Aries knows what it wants and goes after it, regardless of the slings and arrows it might suffer from others that don’t think they’re playing nice. This is one of the key and fundamental dynamics that gets played out in relationships; The dominant versus the passive. The Libra Full Moon can remind us that both people inside a relationship will assume both roles over the course of the relationship, over time. So remember, if you’re on top, it’s always a good thing to treat your position with respect and conscious appreciation, because the great wheel is always turning.

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Ghostbusters As Rite Of Spring, Invocation Of Danu, Roerich As Double Agent And Of Course Gemini!

Who ya gonna call?

In our last episode, we tracked the influence of one, Nicholas Roerich on the destiny of the USA. Roerich was a mystic said to be in possession of part the “Chintamani Stone” or what some people call, “The Holy Grail.” Another piece of this fabled stone is supposedly encased at the Kabaa in Mecca. It’s powers are said to confer upon the possessor of the stone the ability to see clearly into both the past and the future while accelerating one’s spiritual development for beyond the lackluster rate of the average person. In short, it contained magical properties that could turn the average human into a supra-human.

Nicholas Roerich used to carry it around in a little coffin-like-box, with a cloth from Tibet, shrouding the coffin itself. Roerich’s tales of meeting with supermen in Tibet, the Chintamani Stone and his elite Russian network of artists, which included the likes of Stravinsky, Balanchine and Kandinsky gave him an almost unprecedented set of credentials to access the highest corridors of power under the Roosevelt administration through Roosevelt’s vice-president, Henry Wallace. As we approach the Libra Full Moon, it’s worth noting that both Roerich and Wallace were Libra Suns, separated by one degree. So their connection was not fabricated as it was as they say, “written in the stars” but I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that Roerich amplified it’s importance to the point of manipulation.

As we step back (and thanks to Charles Frith for his input on Wallace) what we have is a clear case of a svengali-like presence casting a spell over men that were blinded by their ideals and a vision of America as “The New Atlantis,” fueled by Roerich’s tales of Shamabala and “The Coming Of The Christ.” All of the esoteric seeds had been planted cultivated by their education and training in Freemasonry (Wallace was 32nd degree Mason) and they were ripe for the arrival of Roerich, a man that was not only fluent in Masonic ritual and language, but even went beyond it. He had plenty of tricks up his sleeve. In addition to the Chintamani Stone, Roerich also had a wife who could channel and contact these superhuman entities. It’s likely that she summoned the spirits of Bacon and other ascended masters and put on quite a show for Roerich’s new charges.

His influence went for beyond the White House. In New York city, he had a major benefactor in one, Louis Horch, who, like Wallace had fallen under Roerich’s spell. Horch erected a 27 story building, a veritable skyscraper at the time and called it, “The Master Building.” Ironically, Joseph Campbell, whose birthday it is today, once lived in the building. But the building has a bit of a different and less well known piece of it’s history. It’s where they filmed the comedy, “Ghostbusters.”

We will return to this very important piece of trivia later.

If you listen to my conversation with guerilla-tweeter extraordinaire, Charles Frith on my Monday show, we get into this concept that Wallace and Roosevelt had employed Roerich to give them the symbolic power to defeat the Germans and even Roosevelt’s rival, Churchill in not just a physical war, but a metaphysical one. Thus through Roerich we have the deeply symbolic dollar encoded with owls, skulls, pentagrams and even six-six-six. Not only was the dollar given an esoteric makeover, but the Pentagon aka Pentagram was erected with the sole purpose of summoning the energies of the five-pointed-star in the service of defense and war.

Symbolically empowered, the USA could then be on it’s way to becoming the “New Atlantis” that the followers of Bacon had dreamed of and claim it’s spiritual destiny amongst all countries of the world. There was only one problem. It’s likely that Roerich was not only a gifted con artist with some esoteric chops, but that he was also a double agent and a spy.

Roerich was around for the Bolshevik revolution and being involved with artists like Maxim Gorky, Kandinsky and others, he was tabbed to be a member of the new socialist government. This is important to note as Roerich, in his youth, resembles another, well known revolutionary of the time.

While it’s not clear that Roerich ever shed his ties to the Bolsheviks, we do know that he told Wallace not to fear Joseph Stalin and that Stalin could become not just a political ally, but a spiritual one as well. This along with some other treachery would be Wallace’s undoing.

After FDR left office, the presidency was for all intents and purposes, Wallace’s to lose. Under the leadership of FDR, the USA had come through the war as a winner (according to the history books) and was building roads, dams and bridges faster than any nation in history. Wallace was FDR’s right hand man through the enactment of the “New Deal” or the “Novo Odorum Seclorum” which is the New Order Of The Ages. FDR’s “New Deal” was the metaphysical vision made manifest. Keep in mind that he was an Aquarian and was predisposed to act through the design of his sign. I’ve tracked Aquarius through a number of previous posts, both through aspect and sign and shown how prominent it is as force majeure for social change. No doubt, FDR was aware of this and saw his destiny as not just a president but a spiritual master implementing part of the great plan.

But, as we’ve already mentioned, I believe that Roerich was a spy, sent to infiltrate Washington and under the aegis of mystical destiny, instead of supplying Wallace with the symbols that would stand up and empower them against the Nazi’s dual thunderbolts (Sowelu from the Runic script) and the Swaistika, that these symbols would actually become a curse upon the people of the USA and that the script aka “money” would become a script of fall, not ascension. In essence, there is a strong case to be made that Roerich was working with the other side. The other side in this case was the Bolsheviks and their financial backers, The Rothschilds.

The reason I think that this is the case is that when Henry Wallace had a very good chance at the presidency and could threaten Truman. However letters between he and Roerich called, “The Guru Letters” somehow wound up in the hands of the Hearst newspapers and Westbrook Pegler along with H.L. Mencken. Pegler and Mencken eviscerated Wallace in public, not only printing and commenting on the letters in a cynical light, but also grilling Wallace in public, for which Wallace had no defense. It was a pure takedown job. So the question is; How did they come into possession of those letters?

Presumably, Wallace didn’t keep copies on hand. I’m going out on a very strong limb to suggest that it was Roerich himself who provided Hearst with the letters or at least access to them. I believe that the man that Wallace had not only trusted, but gave his life and the destiny of this country over to for spiritual direction had betrayed him for the sole intent of taking him down and thus paving the way for the candidate that the Rothschild consortium wanted; Harry Truman.

Truman had managed to insert himself in FDR’s final term, as the marginalization of Wallace was underway. The Truman/Roosevelt ticket was called, “The Second Missouri Compromise” and Truman was thought to be able to give FDR the conservative ballast he needed to defeat New York governor, Thomas Dewey. FDR placated Wallace by retaining him as Secretary of Commerce.

Wallace and Truman were running against one another for the democratic nomination and that’s when the guru letters appeared. Also, when Wallace was going to address the democratic national convention, the lights went mysteriously out and he never got to make his speech. Within 24 hours there had been a coup within the party and Truman had absconded with the nomination,

It’s under Truman that the Hell Bomb is developed via “The Manhattan Project” from Bernard Baruch’s penthouse in New York. It’s under Truman that Louis Brandeis is selected for the Supreme Court and it’s under Truman that the state of Israel quickly becomes recognized by the USA. This from Wikipedia;

“Truman had long taken an interest in the history of the Middle East, and had read many books on ancient history and the events related in the Bible. He was sympathetic to those who sought a Jewish homeland in Mandatory Palestine. As a senator, he had assured Jewish leaders of his support for Zionism, and at a 1943 rally in Chicago had called for a homeland for those Jews who survived the Nazi regime. A Jewish homeland in Palestine was widely popular in the United States, and Jewish support could be key in the upcoming presidential election. However, State Department officials were reluctant to offend the Arabs, who were opposed to the establishment of a Jewish state in their midst. Secretary of Defense James Forrestal warned Truman of the importance of Saudi Arabian oil in another war; Truman replied that he would decide his policy on the basis of justice, not oil.[89] Furthermore, when diplomats were called home from the Middle East to advise Truman and promoted the Arab point of view, Truman told them he had few Arabs among his constituents.[90]”

It’s clear that Truman was not only a made man, but he was also a war monger, getting the USA into the Korean conflict as quickly as possible, even circumventing congress to do so. It’s also no mistake that Harry Truman was the 33rd president of the United States.

So what became of Roerich and Wallace?

Roerich had moved his operation to Asia, where ostensibly he was doing research for the US on certain strains of rice, but more likely, he was trying to organize some sort of Pan-Asian Buddhist front as another type of political insurrection posing as spiritual mission. Once Roerich was detained by Chinese officials, Wallace and others in the US government distanced themselves from him.

Wallace would return to his first, true love agriculture and explore South America and it’s vast selection of native plants and crops. He would die from ALS and unfortunately under the shadow of a political pariah of sorts. Wallace, trying to balance out his Libran Sun would take a sharp turn to the right politically and back the likes of Eisenhower and Nixon. Kennedy, an admirer of Wallace invited him to his inauguration, even though he had supported Nixon.

But what about that building? The Master Building and Ghostbusters?

Sandra Synar, who listens to the show and reads the blog pointed out that they filmed Ghostbusters in “The Master Building” and that theme of Ghostbusters eerily mirrors the core concept of “The Rite Of Spring” which is essentially the possession of a maiden, who is driven by the spirit who possesses her to dance to her death and as a result both her life force and the spirit within her are released into the tribe and more importantly, the “wise elders” who sit at the inner circle and are the recipients of the release of both types of life force.

In Ghostbusters, that woman is played by Sigourney Weaver. In the film Weaver’s character is named, “Dana Barrett.” Dana is another version of Danu, a Celtic fertility goddess and is connected to the Danube River, which is where the Celts were said to have originated from. Barrett means “warlike” and “deceitful” so her character’s namesake in the film is essentially a warlike and deceitful fertility goddess who becomes a demonic portal, all of which is shot in the Roerich Building, dedicated to the man who helped craft The Rite Of Spring.

So here’s where it gets fairly interesting. Henry Wallace was born on 10/7. Nicholas Roerich was born on 10/9. Sigourney Weaver was born on 10/8. So what we have is a synchronistic sequence of 7-8-9.

Ghostbusters opened on June 8th, 1984. At the dawn of the day on June, the Moon was in Libra at 10 degrees. There was a stellium in Gemini (Sun/Merc/Venus/TN/Chiron). All five were co-habitatiting in the 12th House. By the time the first matinee would take place, around Noon, the Moon had progressed to 14 Libra, while the same Gemini Stellium had ascended to the 9th and 10th Houses, with the MC splitting the TN and Chiron right down the middle. Here we see Gemini in not just a position of power but prominence, and an invocation of the energy of duality. Gemini is the alchemical symbol that was embodied in the Twin Towers. It is Hermes, messenger of the gods. As a lover of Aphrodite, the two gave birth to the physical resolution of duality in the form of “Hermaphrodite” a being which contains both sexes. This can also be viewed as a manifestation of Baphomet, which is embodied most frequently by Capricorn. Notice that Neptune is in Capricorn at the 0 degree, which, is essentially the mystic (Neptune) birth of Capricorn (zero degree or the egg). Neptune is in the womb of the 4th House at 12 Noon or the time of the first matinee.

What’s fascinating is that even though evil is vanquished and Dana/Danu’s otherworldly yoni has been closed for the time being, Ghostbusters resurfaces again, five-years later as “Ghostbusters II.” Notice the Roman numeral version of two, which resembles the symbol of Gemini. When did it open? June 16th, Gemini again. This time, instead of Dana Barrett being the one possessed, it’s her son, Oscar that is the object of otherworldly design. The force of evil in Ghostbusters II comes from pink slime, which feeds off the negative emotions of New Yorkers. At the climax of the film, the pink slime rises up from the subway and essentially becomes a river headed to the Manhattan Museum Of Modern Art, where the only person that can save baby Oscar and the city itself is Dana/Danu. You really can’t make this shit up. Oscar, is played not by one child, but two . . .Twins!!! William T. Deutschendorf and Henry J. Deutschendorf II. Here’s an interesting photo of the twins in a much more recent pose.

Sigourney Weaver stands out as a vessel of the Cinematrix. Weaver is a blue blood through and through. She attended Sarah Lawrence, Stanford and Yale. She blasted her way onto the screen as Ripley (believe it or not, it’s a woman that saves the world and not a man) in “Alien.” She would later reprise her role as Ripley in Alien 3, where she actually gives birth to a hybrid alien baby. Sensing a theme here? She would later appear in Avatar, where she portrays another character who is involved in a type of possession, as she “possesses” the body of a Na’vi. Also on Weaver’s resume are two, highly poetically charged films, including “The Year Of Living Dangerously” where she played opposite Mel Gibson as the two are star crossed lovers during the fall of the Sukarno regime in Indonesia.

She also starred in a film that is conspicuously downplayed. The movie is called, “Half Moon Street.” In it Weaver plays a political advisor by day and a hooker by night, thus emulating not just duality but also approaching the areas of mind control and spying. While Caine and Weaver mostly fizzle than sizzle as screen lovers, there’s a fair amount of info as it relates to the inner workings of circles of power inside of established governments. At the beginning of the film, while at a dinner, Weaver’s character is asked if she knows how many people are in the world. She replies with the standard census figure and the man of mystery corrects her, telling her there’s only 300 people in the world. This is a fairly obvious reference to John Coleman’s “Committee Of 300.” There’s other tidbits of juicy insider info revealed in the film but it gets mostly lost amidst a laboring love story between two people against a background of political intrigue and danger for knowing too much.

Bringing it all back home to where we started, with Nicholas Roerich, The Rite Of Spring, Henry Wallace, Truman and Ghostbusters as the Libra Moon approaches, Ghostbusters 3 is apparently in production with the idea that a new Ghostbusters team will be introduced. But I’ll give you one more little nugget to chew on. As I looked at a young version of Nicholas Roerich I was struck by how much he looked like another historical figure form not only his time, but his place.

Ghostbusters opening day. Notice Black Moon Lilith is in the sign of Pisces in the 7th House. This corresponds to dark Dana/Danu, goddess of rivers and lakes.

The Rite Of Spring, NIcholas Roerich, The Manipulation Of Money And Welcome Aries!

Fate will find her.

Just drying out the synapses in all this Aries heat. Mercury moves forward, Sun in Aries, the Vernal Equinox is upon us. It’s all good–unless of course you’re a Syrian, Palestinian, Malian, Afghani, Paki or any number of people that reject genetically modified anythings. In which case, your day is filled with some faint glimmer of hope against an eternal struggle of having someone or something trying to impose not just their will upon you, but completely alter and obliterate any historical reference, both inside and out of your DNA’s original supposedly safe, code. The ancient war on this planet isn’t about land rights or resources, its about the conquest of your soul.

On May 29th, 1913 (that’s 11-22 or 33 if you’re keeping score at home, and in the 5 and you get back to 11), “Le Sacre du Primtemps” also known as “The Rite Of Spring” premiered in Paris. The score and the overall theme of the ballet was conjured up by Igor Stravinsky. But Stravinsky had some serious help. The philosophical and esoteric mind behind “Le Sacre” was Nicholas Roerich. Roerich might be one of the most pivotal, esoteric and occult agents of the 20th century.

One of Roerich’s claims to fame was that he was the possessor of the “Chintamani Stone” which pre-dates that Grail Cup as one of the most prized power objects or totems on the planet. It’s claimed that the Chintamani Stone had broken off from a planet that orbits Sirius. Many believe that the Kabaa in Mecca has part of the stone sealed in it’s core.

With a piece of the Chintamani in his possession, Roerich made a pilgrimage to Tibet, to re-unite the stone with Shamabala. This conferred upon Roerich enormous street cred as the stone apparently gave one the ability to see into the past and future, while accelerating and upgrading all human functions to a supra-human level. Roerich became so influential, that he penetrated some of the most powerful circles in the world, especially the USA. He had developed a master/teacher relationship with Henry Wallace, who at the time was Secretary of State.

Wallace interestingly enough was the 33rd vice-president of the USA and born on October 7th had his Sun conjunct Roerich’s, born October 9th. Wallace was also born in 1888, in the ironic and curiously named, “Orient,” Iowa. He would later become VP for FDR and it’s through Wallace that the dollar gets a serious makeover, laced with symbols from the “All-Seeing-Eye” to the Owl, to the 13 Stars in the form of a pentagram. The man that contributed the magickal designs for the dollar? His spiritual teacher, Nicholas Roerich.

Roerich was held in such high esteem by his followers and brethren, that he had not only had his own minor planet/asteroid, 4426 Roerich named after him, but also had a major New York building with a penthouse called, “The Master Building” built for him as well.

So now that you have some background on Roerich and can understand his symbolic impact on our money, you might better appreciate his influence on “The Rite Of Spring.

What was The Rite Of Spring? Why did the crowd in Paris, witnessing it that night go berserk? Why did Stravinsky do it in the first place?

During that time in history, there had been a bit of a push towards the romantic ideal of indigenous cultures. Gaugin’s visions of Polynesian natives, especially the women, sent the world a twitter. Here’s a poster form the 1910 world’s fair in Brussels.

But if we see the Rite of Spring in a larger context, it’s a singular event that trumpets changes in the course of history that still reverberate to this very time.

In 1913, we see the formation of the Federal Reserve, the adoption of the Federal Income tax and the beginnings of WWI, which the US would eventually become entrenched in.

However, there’s even more to The Rite than just a dark clarion for the days of chaos ahead. Again, keep in mind that Roerich is one of the minds behind it as well as other esoteric masters like Kandinsky and Balanchine. The Rite was a ritual for the 20th Century itself, invoking a ritual sacrifice of innocence for the modern century to come.

There are thirteen movements in the Rite. In movements 10 through 13 the sequence is about (10) The harvesting of virgins, (11) The invocations of ancestors (spirits), (12) The entrusting of them into the care of “wise men,” and finally (13) The chosen one dances herself to death in the presence of the “old men” as a sacrifice in a sacrificial dance.

I might be reading a bit into it, but there’s a type of entrainment and mind control at play here and as well the slaughter of innocence. This was the ritualistic impact of “Le Sacre du Printemps.”

It is my estimation, that the virgin is Christianity as the naive ideal and innocence and her death paves the way for the “Novo Ordo Seclorum” or “New Order Of The Ages” which Roerich, would eventually imprint on every Federal Reserve Note. But she is also a symbol of Sophia or wisdom and that her ritual death would confer, in the presence of the “wise men” who would witness it with the essence of her life force and power.

It’s interesting that they chose the 29th of May for the performance. The Sun and Mercury were conjunct, with Saturn in Gemini (Sun/Saturn exact at the mystical 7 degree), which of course is in keeping with the mystery of duality and Gemini. The True Node was at 0 degrees Aries. Chiron was at 14 degrees Pisces and Black Moon Lilith at 9 degrees Pisces. The Black Moon Lilith, especially in Pisces, is important as we see it transposed against the sacrificial virgin of the final movement, death in “The Rite.” We could go on and on about the significance of 9. It’s a major number. From nine planets to Jesus appearing to his disciples nine times after his resurrection, nine is one of the most prominent numbers in spiritual, religious and mythical symbolism.

Even though we would round up to 10 if we started with 9 degrees for Pisces in the Sabian Symbols, if we start with 8, it then rounds up to 9. The Sabian Symbol for 8 Pisces/BML, jumps off the page as we look at in conjunction with The Rite;

PHASE 338 (PISCES 8°): A GIRL BLOWING A BUGLE. KEYNOTE: A call to participation in the service of the race, as an evolutionary crisis approaches

This symbolic picture presents another aspect of the emotional relationship between the individual and the collectivity of human beings. It can also be related to the old feminist movement or the present women’s liberation. In traditional symbolism the woman refers more specifically to the biological and psychic aspect of human life; she is seen primarily as the mother, and/or the intuitive or “psychic” type of person. A new race of human beings may well be slowly unfolding some of its potential of consciousness and fulfillment. The individual who envisions this evolutionary development “sounds the call.” He or she is both seer-herald and mutant. In that sense such a human being is both an individual true to his original nature and a dedicated person — dedicated to the future he or she holds in latency as does a seed in mutation.

At this third stage of the sixty-eighth five-fold sequence the two preceding phases blend in a new form of consecration of the individual to the Whole. Tomorrow acts through today; it SUMMONS men to rebirth.

Pretty interesting eh?

I asked Sabian Symbol expert, Lynda Hill about the significance of the previous symbol and she likens it to the South Node, so it is the energy approaching the exact degree symbol itself. So 8 degrees is an essential reference point as we round it up to 9.

As the first day of the new year unfolds, keep in mind that the “Le Sacre Du Temps” aka “The Rite Of Spring” was in essence, a summoning ritual for the whole of the 20th Century itself. Followed by Roerich’s second act as the symbolic engraver of our national script.

With all the Aries energy in the air, I’ll be back up and writing in the next day with scopes soon to follow.