In The Shadow Of The Aquarian Age Part II, The Bolshevik Revolution, Uranus In Aquarius, The Americans Debuts On FX

Coming full circle

“Lest we forget at least an over the shoulder acknowledgment to the very first radical: from all our legends, mythology and history (and who is to know where mythology leaves off and history begins – or which is which), the very first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom – Lucifer.” (Saul Alinksy)

The 20th century “might” be known as the century of capitalism, where the oligarchic, titanic elites of the banking families and their minions made enormous gains early in the game. From the late 1800’s up through the great depression, the robber-baron clique drove their claws deep into the heart of the American economy, building out the early infrastructures of industry, from coal, to oil, to electricity, to the rail, shipping and automobile industries, the names of Rockefeller, Getty, Morgan, DuPont, Mellon and Carnegie realized that there was big money to be made in the vestal virgin resources of America and it’s people. Nearly all of them were born during Pluto in Aries, a deeply driven social indicator of generational energy and focus. They were going to get ahead and make their fortune at almost any cost. Pluto in Aries spawned a group of individuals given over to a forceful single-mindedness that might have been what the country needed at the time. They became synonymous with being “self-made men” and here is where that mythology is born; the scions of Pluto in Aries. But they weren’t the only ones.

After suffering a major setback at the hands of Andrew Jackson, the Rothschild family were dead set on opening their central bank in the USA and they would eventually draft the American magnets of industry through their man on the ground, Jacob Schiff (Kuhn, Loeb and Company). With Schiff and Rothschild inserting themselves into the manifest destiny script, it only took 13 years into the 20th century to establish the Federal Reserve and the national income tax. This, thanks to the devils of Jekyll Island (the American oligarchs), became a reality on 12/23/13, signed away while most Americans were home for the holidays, praying to Jesus and Mary, not knowing what hell was coming there way.

But any business enterprise worth it’s salt is always researching and developing, working on different models. While Satan welded the mind forged manacles of American industry, in the oil fields, coal mines and steel mills, half-way across the world, a new model was being inserted into the collective consciousness.

Beginning on March 8th, 1917 and culminating on November 8th in the same year, the Bolshevik Revolution occurred. It did so while Uranus was in Aquarius, ruling planet/sign. This is the first iteration of the Aquarian Age of the 20th century, with all the hallmarks and talking points that would appeal to the masses at the time. But this was no, ordinary, garden-variety-revolution. In fact, the very same Jacob Schiff was rumored to be supporting the likes of Leon Trotsky, in NYC. Was the capitalist organizer on the ground in the US for the Rothschild family was also funding and organizing the Russian revolution? This from “The Creature Of Jekyll Island” by G. Edward Griffin;


”One of the best known Russian revolutionaries at that time was Leon Trotsky. In January of 1916 Trotsky was expelled from France and came to the United States. It has been claimed that Jacob Schiff paid his expenses. There is no documentation to substantiate that claim, but the circumstantial evidence does point to a wealthy donor in New York. He remained for several months, while writing for a Russian socialist paper, the Novy Mir (New World) and giving revolutionary speeches at mass meetings in New York City. According to Trotsky himself, on many occasions a chauffeured limousine was placed at his service by a wealthy friend, identified as Dr. M.

Trotsky’s other name was Lev Davidovitch.

” On March 23, 1917 a mass meeting was held at Carnegie Hall to celebrate the abdication of Nicolas II, which meant the overthrow of Tsarist rule in Russia. Thousands of socialists, Marxists, nihilists and anarchists attended to cheer the event. The following day there was published on page two of the New York Times a telegram from Jacob Schiff, which had been read to this audience. He expressed regrets, that he could not attend and then described the successful Russian revolution as “…what we had hoped and striven for these long years”. (Mayor Calls Pacifists Traitors, The New York Times, March 24, 1917, p. 2)

In later years, Schiff’s son, John was quoted in “The New York American Journal” that his father had donated some $20,000,000.00 to the communist revolution.

Trotsky had been dispatched in April of 1917, from New York, with $10,000 on his person to return to Petrograd and take things to the next level. He was stopped in Halifax and detained by Canadian officials, recognizing that he could be a threat. There he stayed until phone calls from Washington, DC freed him up and sent him on his way to complete his mission.

The revolution would be mostly complete on 11/8/17, just one day off of Trotsky’s birthday, 11/7. Mars was in Virgo, which in some ways would exemplify the energy of the proletariat, but Venus was also in Capricorn, at 0 degrees, which would indicate that relationships would be anything but communal. Communism would have it’s own, inherently, top-down hierarchy within the politburo. Uranus, of course would typify the spirit of the collective in Aquarius, and thus have the secular, humanistic aspects of the Aquarian Age. Jupiter was in Gemini, at 9 degrees. The first elections would be held from 11/12-14 with Jupiter being at 11 degrees Gemini. Hear we have the double mirror of the twins with the number 11. The Sabian Symbol for this degree is quite interesting based on the events of the times.

KEYNOTE:The power and joy of new beginnings.

”These “newly opened lands” can refer to any as yet unexperienced field of potential activity at any level — material, emotional, mental or super mental. We are now dealing with the third level of experience, at which individuality — or at least the ego character — operates more definitely. While in the preceding phases much was said concerning the powers of the mind, this mind was essentially based on the collective patterns of a culture and a society. Now, at this third level, we find the human being essentially engaged in his personal and particular struggle for full and effective individualization. And the initial realization he has to experience is that he has reached a potentially virgin field of consciousness and activity. He is facing the unfamiliar. Anything could happen.

This is the first stage of the fifteenth five-fold sequence of symbols. Having conquered, at least to some extent, the collective and material energies of nature and society, man has become relatively “separate” from the past. He faces the future. Every step ahead should show him RISING TO THE OCCASION.”

Out of this revolution, the duality of both consciousness and economy will be set into play. Russia would become the red threat and the shadow of the USA in two wars (Korea and Vietnam) and would drive the engine of the military industrial complex, the growth of intelligence agencies and a faux threat, the great bogeyman and shadow other. Here, we see duality cast into lead, informing nearly all of our activities, from crawling under desks during the cold war, to the rise of the middle-class radical factions of SDS and the Weather Underground. It’s interesting to note that during this month, with the Sun in Aquarius, Jupiter in Gemini, a new TV series, “The Americans” will debut on FX.

“The Americans” stars Kerri Russell and Matthew Rhys. It’s interesting to note that Rhys’ birth date is the same date that is used for commemorating the end of the revolution, 11/8. The series will make it’s debut on 1/30, when Gemini goes direct at six degrees.

The premise of the series is that the KGB has infiltrated the lives of Americans, agents and spies trained in Moscow to understand and know American life and then leading a revolution from within. Here is what executive producer, Joel Fields has to say about series;

” “It might be a little different to believe and get used to, but we want you to root for the KGB. They’re going to try to get the Soviets to win the Cold War.”

If religion is the opiate of the masses, then the Piscean Age, as symbolized by Jesus is the bedrock of capitalism in the USA, a fiery fusion of salvation and sweat, typified by the Calvinist undercurrent, where work became a form of redemption and thus God’s work trickled down into all things. But this version of the Aquarian Age would have nothing to do with Jesus or God. This edition is all action, and rebellion. It derives its energy from destruction and chaos. It is not passive, nor is it obedient, but only in its early stages. When the fires of revolution cool, a new order emerges, one that is inherently a closed loop, because the transcendent/transformational capacity is played out in the early stages of the revolution and then reduced into more and more layered relationships of regulation and obedience as new, hierarchical structures emerge.

While the Soviet Union supposedly, ultimately failed, and as some historians would like to promote, due to the leadership of Aquarian, Ronald Reagan, who presided over the fall of the wall and the end of the Soviet Union as we know it. But did it really end?

In Part 3, we’ll look at the 21st Century, as the century of the new collectivism and the agents of the Aquarian Age.

In The Shadow Of The Aquarian Age–Part I

The dawn of a new day?

I’m often asked when is The Age of Aquarius going to happen? There are a number of answers to that question, which more or less confirms that The Age Of Aquarius is happening all the time, right now and forever, since outside of this 3rd dimensional domain of space/time matrix, everything is occurring simultaneously. This is somewhat akin to the notion of time that Kurt Vonnegut played with in Slaughterhouse Five, temporal realities all co-existing together. David Foster Wallace built out this structure even more, connecting time to various personas influencing one another from different nodes on the timescale, past, present and future. So in this sense, The Age of Aquarius is here now, as it’s always been. But are there actual demarcations of it? Is it nailed down so precisely by the procession of the equinoxes? Based on the calculation that the Earth progresses through each sign at a clip of 2, 150 years per vernal equinox sign, Rudolph Steiner saw the true Age of Aquarius taking place in 3573, since we have been officially in the Age of Pisces since 1413AD.

I’ve made the case that the Age of Aquarius actually occurred when John F. Kennedy was ritually murdered in Dallas, on 11/22/63. At that time, the Moon was in Aquarius, as was Saturn. Looking at the above chart, we can see Aquarius on the ASC at the time of JFK’s death with Saturn at 17 Aquarius conjunct the ASC with Moon at 11 Aquarius in tow, 12th House. This is the inception of the “false” Aquarian Age. Saturn squared Neptune, planet of the Age of Pisces. Kennedy was synonymous with Camelot, thus, he was the Fisher king, and here he is sacrificed for the negative version or the dark, Age of Aquarius.

This catalyzed the 60’s and all of the other attendant social movements that were part and parcel of that bastardized version of the Age of Aquarius. So, in some ways, we have been in the Age of Aquarius, since 1963, but it’s been the shadow of that age and promise, even though The Fifth Dimension sanctified it’s arrival with their hit song, “The Age Of Aquarius” from the Broadway musical production of “Hair” which featured a tribe of neo-pagans celebrating the arrival of the Aquarian Age.

There’s been touch points along the way, for better or worse. Aquarian, Jose Arguelles channeled the “Harmonic Convergence” which occurred on August, 16-17 in 1987.

On January 17, 1981, with Moon and Venus conjunct, in Aquarius, the US and a coalition of the mostly willing, launched an air offensive on Iraq, which officially marked the start of the Gulf War. Note how the coalition again makes a false union, a synthetic network of aligned nations. This is also where G.H.W. Bush would eventually derive his talking points for the inception of the “New World Order” an Aquarian ideal folded into version of global governance, eliminating the quaint idealism of statism. On March 6th of 1991, then President Bush, would mention the New World Order for the very first time. Saturn had just moved into Aquarius (2 degrees). The next time he would make mention of this would be before congress;

Out of these troubled times, our fifth objective—a new world order—can emerge: A new era—freer from the threat of terror, stronger in the pursuit of justice and more secure in the quest for peace. An era in which the nations of the world, east and west, north and south, can prosper and live in harmony.

A hundred generations have searched for this elusive path to peace, while a thousand wars raged across the span of human endeavor, and today that new world is struggling to be born. A world quite different from the one we’ve known. A world where the rule of law supplants the rule of the jungle. A world in which nations recognize the shared responsibility for freedom and justice. A world where the strong respect the rights of the weak.”

The date of his speech? 9/11/91.

Saturn was at 0 degrees Aquarius at that time. Here is the Sabian Symbol for 1 Aquarius according to Rudhyar;


KEYNOTE: The power inherent in all great human works to endure far beyond the workers’ life spans.

The works and spirit of the Spanish priests who directed the building of the California missions have had a lasting influence on the development of this land; these remain as a monument to the men who were able to make their mark upon this alien environment. While the zodiacal sign Capricorn begins with a symbol of socio-political power, Aquarius at its start presents a more spiritualized and idealistic or creative picture of the social forces at work. Moreover, it stresses the enduring character of human achievements ensouled by a great vision. At least within the frame of reference of our Western civilization, the symbol speaks of the projection of a noble ideal into concrete forms of beauty and significance, thus of the radiation of a “civilizing” power into an institution offering to primitive men the opportunity to reach a higher, more organized and productive, level of activity.

This is the first stage in the sixty-first five-fold sequence. It speaks to us of THE CONCRETIZATION OF AN IDEAL. This also implies the “immortalization” of an individual within a great collective and cultural enterprise.

It’s fascinating to see this symbol as it’s held up against Bushes invocation of the rule of law versus the law of the jungle. Here, Rudhyar clearly distinguishes the difference between the two as the mission symbolizes order and a canonical law, which supersedes and overrides the primitive order of superstition and the chaos of the wilderness as manifest by the “uncivilized” tribes of the California coast.

Tomorrow, I’ll have part two of this look into the Age of Aquarius, as well as a new piece from Darren Williams.

Manti Te’o’s Virtual Affair, The Gemini Timeline, Civil War Vectors, Brother vs Brother, The Harbaughs


Manti Te’o has late night conversations with a ghost, a phantasm of the heart who has portrayed herself as at once virtuous and terminal. She never existed, except in the spongey recesses of Te’o’s fertile imagination. You might have heard of his story. Famous football player loses his grandmother and girlfriend on the same day, then goes out to lead his team to victory in a giddy season, nearly unblemished, certainly undefeated. That would all change in the last game of the season, when Alabama would make the Fighting Irish look like a community college team.

Te’o missed tackle after tackle. He was an imposter in his own narrative. The fierce warrior from the islands, sporting Maori tats was MIA. Meanwhile, on the other side of the ball, Alabama QB, AJ McCarron was shredding the Notre Dame defense and to add injury to insult, McCarron’s girlfriend was spotted in the stands, where Brent Mussberger’s slobber was dripping through the TV screen. Katherine Webb was very, very real.

Meanwhile Te’o’s object of devotion was anything but real. Lennay Kekua, the young woman that Te’o maintained a three-year-relationship was a fictional character, a virtual nobody that was the creation of some so-called friends. Te’o had been hoaxed. Remember this term, “hoax” as it will surface later. In more modern parlance, Te’o had been “catfished” and at one point, according to him, he knew it and went along with the false narrative, even in fact embellishing on it so much, that it became a national story. You couldn’t talk about Notre Dame without talking about Te’o’s “tragic loss.”

”Catfish” is a term that is used when people strike up an internet romance and the person purporting to be the person they are falling in love with isn’t the same person at all. In fact catfishing is gender neutral. In this case, Lennay Kekua was the creation of “Ronaiah Tuiasosopo” a gender confused Christian. Everything about this story is as murky as the lake bottom where catfish troll. Guess where Teo’s Moon and Mars are? Gemini.

It’s interesting that this would be a fish metaphor as we swim through Chiron in Pisces. The catfish eats shit and apparently dishes it out as well. Chiron in Pisces is the simulacra of oneness, a false reflection of unity and merging and the whiskered catfish has become a symbol of all too willing victims to abandon their discretion and discernment. There’s something about the virtual space where we suspend our judgment easier and with less reservation.

When I was a kid, I got pranked one time by a black girl on the phone. I must have been 14. She talked sexy to me for about 45 minutes and told me to meet her at the local high school the following night. I snuck out that night and waited for brown sugar to show up for about thirty minutes. When I realized what had happened, I felt foolish and ashamed, but there is this suspension of belief that occurs in moments like these. Anonymity is the identity of the possible. It’s why phone and email scams have been around ever since people could send fake smoke signals in the sky.

Chiron in Pisces has been interesting to note, especially once Neptune entered the fray. Just as Neptune merged with Pisces, planking became all the rage. If you don’t know what planking is, it was a type of posing where people laid out like a dead fish atop a plank of cedar, waiting to get smoked. From planking to cat fishing, we’re thrashing to break free of the programming in our souls, which we’ve swallowed, hook line and sinker.


Hoax is a derivation of the word, “hocus” as in “hocus pocus.” Here is what Wikipedia says about the word “hoax.”;

” The British philologist Robert Nares (1753–1829) says that the word hoax was coined in the late 18th century as a contraction of the verb hocus, which means “to cheat”,[3] “to impose upon”[3] or “to befuddle often with drugged liquor”.[4] Hocus is a shortening of the magic incantation hocus pocus,[4] which in turn is a contraction of the phrase Hocus pocus, tontus talontus, vade celeriter jubeo, mentioned in Thomas Ady’s 1656 book A candle in the dark, or a treatise on the nature of witches and witchcraft.[5] According to the book, the Latin-like gibberish phrase was uttered by a conjuror to distract his audience from his sleight of hand.[5]

So whenever a hoax is pulled, there is in some effect an occult act taking place. People are practicing a form of “hocus pocus.” Sleight of hand is also part of this semi-magical working. A comely virgin fighting cancer is the disembodied voice of a Hooters girl from Torrance. Supposedly grieving parents are occupied by soulless archons with clawed hands, surrounded by children flashing sigils in a dis-arming manner. We have the Manti Te’o hoax piggybacking on the Sandy Hook hoax and there’s this weird crossfade between the two, which further obfuscates any real exploration of what went down in “Newtown” on 12/14/12. Now the meme is, is that the internet is filled with hoaxes and that you can trust nothing. It’s mainstream media doing it’s best to re-assert it’s dominance and will as the final say, the last word of the vox populi. Anything else not uttered by Wolf, Anderson, Katie, John, Oprah and Bill is nothing but tenuous heresay. In fact, it’s likely a hoax. Manti Te’o bleeds through the screen blotting out the strangeness of Sandy Hook, leaving it to be dissected by misguided people with cruel intent, according to the high priests of the temporary word in the church of the eternal broadcast medium.


One of the things I had been ranting about during the last quarter of 2012 was an event that would that would seek to lock us in the timeline that had been created with the death of JFK and punctuated by 911. I believe that Sandy Hook is that event. Part of what has emerged in the aftermath of Sandy Hook is a widening of the gap between left and right, red and blue, even north and south.

The split and polarization is part and parcel of Jupiter in Gemini, retrograde. The duality of the nation symbolized by a fierce debate on gun rights and the 2nd amendment. Obama channels Lincoln via Spileberg and evokes the grim visage of the leader who “must make tough choices.” Meanwhile Tarantino unleashes Django on the populace, looking to get a little revenge catharsis, something that Tarantino specializes in, stock-in-trade, a form of Old Testament justice.

Alex Jones from Texas nearly has an aneurism on Piers Morgan’s tribunal. Charles Rangel then comes out with the following; “Southern areas have cultures that we have to overcome.” This was in reference to stricter gun controls. What Rangel was doing was driving the hammer, further and deeper into an already worrisome rift. And, as a result, he was helping to warp the timeline further and deeper into a vector that has society and the Earth in general moving towards a technological control grid under massive surveillance and harsh measures for any form of disobedience. Rangel’s sign? Gemini of course, born 6/11/30.

Just hours later, another shooting occurred, this one much further south than Sandy Hook at a college in Houston, Texas.

As our minds are clouded with the covert imagery of the next civil war, predictively programming the cracks and fissures in our rapidly eroding social order, we’re given yet another image that underscores this meme; “The Harbowl.” What I’m referring to is of course the Super Bowl between Jim Harbaugh and his brother John, next week on the 3rd of February in voodoo central, New Orleans. From an astrological standpoint, it’s pretty fascinating. Jim’s a Capricorn, 0 degrees. His brother John is a Libra, 0 degrees, an exact square and they couldn’t be more like their respective signs. John is the older, well-liked brother, whose teachers sang his praises. Jim was the younger whose teachers couldn’t wait to get to the next grade. Jim’s abrasive. John is charming. But what we have here is another image/subtext of the civil war; brother versus brother. It’s reverberating and ringing through the hidden and submerged layers of our collective psyche.

The official date given for the start of the Civil War was 4/12/1861. When we go back and look at the ephemeris, Uranus was in the sign of the twins at 8 degrees. This energy is radical duality expressed across the transpersonal plain and while Uranus is in Aries, on the day of Sandy Hook, Jupiter in Gemini was at 9 degrees, just one degree off the start of the Civil War. With it being retrograde, it is a carrier riding on the signal and the echo of division from another time. Where was Chiron? In Pisces, of course. What’s interesting is that the final shot of the Civil took place on 6/22/1856, four years after it started. The Sun was at 0 degrees Cancer, Uranus in the anoretic degree of 29 Gemini. By the month’s end, it would be in Cancer, joining the Sun as the reconstruction, a Cancerian phase would begin.

We’re like two imaginary continents now, separated by a widening gulf of water (emotion) between us, drifting further out into planetary space, different species in some regards driven by drastically different brain function and hearts divided. This summer, we have the opportunity to draw closer together though. Don’t miss the opportunity to bridge the gap. We might not get it again.


Seven Rises In The New Atlantis, 2013, The Great Culling, The Great Calling, Year Forecasts For All Signs

Calling all Mars.

So Lance Armstrong is confessing to the black popess of daytime TV. He should be talking with SiStar Myrah instead. If he wants to come clean, let him get some real sanctification. By the way, if you’ve never heard my interview with SiStar Myrah about the Super Bowl rituals, it’s a must listen and you can hear it here. Speaking of Super Bowls, we’re approaching what’s becoming the most unholiest of Sundays. Last year, we witnessed the blatant summoning of Isis in the guise of Ma-don-na. These performance rituals in February set the tone for the rest of the year, with Ma-don-na at Lucas/Lucifer field in Indianapolis. Keep in mind, that while the ma-terial girl was busy shakin’ her ass and grinding underneath the gaze of the all-seeing-eye, Egypt was in flames, half way into it’s so called revolution. As Ma-don-na transformed into Isis, half way around the world, where Isis once landed from a distant star, that country was in turmoil and upheaval.

The two teams were the Giants vs. The Patriots and we explored the theme of the Giants as Elohim or the giant race and the Patriots as the patriarchal symbol of the USA. The giants from heaven, the giants of Wall Street, the giants of a race from another time reborn were now in our midst. And who won the World Series? The San Francisco Giants. So that brings us to this Super Bowl, even if we’re not quite there yet. Let’s trip down a rabbit hole shall we?

There are four teams left; the aforementioned Patriots, the Ravens, the Falcons and the Forty-Niners. It’s important to note where these teams are from and what they stand for amidst the current milieu of our time. The two teams that stand out the most for me are the Patriots (always a handy cipher thanks to Bob Kraft/Craft) and the Falcons from Atlanta. Why these two teams? Well, if you haven’t noticed it yet, America is about 2-3 edgy events away from a full tilt boogie in the streets. Abraham Lincoln, er I mean Obama is about to throw down the gauntlet on gun control and make those “tough choices” for a country that’s almost split as far and wide as you can get without a Mason-Dixon line separating the red from the blue, the black from the white, the left from the right. We are in the cyclonic vortex of polarization, many thanks due in part to Jupiter retro in Gemini exploiting the widening rift, the deepening of the psychological breach between one people, nation under God. If you think Sandy Hook has something to do with this, you’re right, because now, as it stands, it’s punched a hole through the collective credibility membrane and is whiplashing around the psyche. You’ve got Gene Rosen crying to anyone who’ll listen (without a tear of course) that he’s being harassed by “conspiracy theorists.” Well troll the mainstream message boards and you’ll see Uncle Gene getting all kinds of support and love with outrage and venom spitting back at anyone who would dare question his ever-changing story. But go a little deeper and you’ll see waves of disbelief swelling like storm forming just beyond the event horizon. The mass NLP is wearing off. People are waking up–trust me on this.

So we have Obama as Lincoln, from the north getting ready to throw down on the Southern mentality of secession, independence and gun culture. What team most represents that meme, that’s still left? It’s the Falcons from Atlanta, where the south took one of its worst beatings; in fact the whole damn place was nearly burned to the ground. So it would make a lot of sense from a meta-level for the Yankee north (Patriots) to flatten the rebel south, down in Nawlins, with Beyoncé movin’ her booty in voodoo ground central, likely under the set and setting of one Es Devlin, art director for Jay-Z, Kanye, Gaga, Muse and the illuminati in general. One month later, Beyoncé will fly north and sing at the inauguration where Lincoln I mean Obama, will be sworn in once again with Lincoln’s bible.

Just one astrologer’s take on these things.

This doesn’t bode well for my Niners I’m afraid. You might recall that I posted extensively about Colin Kaepernick. If you managed to catch last Saturday’s game against the Packers, Kaepernick took it over in a way that I have almost never seen in a pro-football game. He was more like Michael Jordan or Magic or Bird in the way he single-handedly won the game in such a dominating fashion. This usually does not happen in football, the ultimate team sport and there he was, gashing the Packers in a game that made Aaron Rodgers, the best QB in the league, look, well, pretty average. It was jaw dropping. So much in fact that after the game, the studio crew with Terry Bradshaw, Howie Long, Mike Strahan and Jimmy Johnson looked like they had just witnessed the massacre of the game they once knew. Colin Kapernick became a quantum agent of change.

There is something really past life driven between Kaepernick and his coach, Jim Harbaugh. These two have seen the plains of battle together, before and I am guessing, Rome, soldiers, gladiators, Sparta. Kaepernick is on the record that he is fascinated with Rome and gladiators. His foster mother has given him a Roman coin he wears around his neck. He has Moon conjunct the TN in Aries (god of war) and Jupiter in Aries as well, trine Uranus in Sag. His birth mother is Italian and her last name is “Russo” which means red, color of Mars, again god of war and get this; the guy who calls his plays, the offensive coordinator, is named, Greg Roman.

But Kaepernick is no pagan, he’s a devout Christian and his body is illustrated with biblical verse. There’s something meta-magical happening here and I’m wondering if there is some sort of set-up taking place. Kaepernick is on the latest cover of Sports Illustrated (generally considered a curse). Check out this cover for a moment. Notice the red/Martian theme in the foreground and background too. Notice Red Sox story at the top of the issue. Then there’s the mystic 7 and the “Holy” association with Kaepernick and his rippling scripture. Then there’s this weird diminution of Harbaugh, his coach, a cutout talking head, palsied ingloriously close to Kaepernick’s hindquarters. It’s rather strange and I fear it’s a set-up for a fall this Sunday in the new Atlantis. The Sun will be at 0 degrees Aquarius game time and the Falcons are loaded with Aquarian stars in Julio Jones, Michael Turner and Jacquizz Rodgers. Matt Ryan has Jupiter in Aquarius and Mars in Gemini, which will be in the first house at game time. The Moon will be in Taurus, which will conjunct not only Ryan’s Sun abut Moon as well. It will oppose Kaepernick’s Sun and the last time this happened, the Niners got beat down in Seattle in a cold and dreary nightmare of a game. For SF to win, they’ll need their own Aquarian heroes to shine. That would be Vernon Davis and the enigmatic Randy Moss. Most pundits are salivating over Harbaugh vs Belichick, but it’s feeling like the gods of Olympus will move the chess pieces wherever they deem most important to their galactic fancies and whims as passion plays loaded with symbolism for the feeble minds of man.

We’ll see.

How about you though? What does 2103 have in store for you and your sign? How will the gods of mercy and fate smile upon your sweet brow of the next turn of the Gregorian cycle? In the year of the great culling, snake skin shedding, death and rebirth, the year of the phoenix in the flames of lives and nations burning, will you be whistling dixie or tap dancing on the grave of the self that no longer serves a paradigm of obedience and sleep. Let’s find out, shall we?


You’re one of the gang of four this year, part of the cardinal cross bearers (You, Cancer, Cap and Libra). As a result life challenges you on your most basic strategy; action. One of the things that you’re going to learn, in spite of the quantum acceleration of Uranus, is that you cannot complete your mission alone. Its like calling in the four directions; South for home, east for relations, north for elders and wisdom of the tribe. As painful as it might be to realize that you are not Sarah Conner in this turn of the great wheel, it’s also extremely empowering to know that the people you’ll meet along the way this coming year will also have gaps and chunks that they need to fill and build out. This is never more apparent than this summer, when it feels like the world around you is stopping, slowing down into its component parts of a fractal dream. Out of the deceleration, you begin to ponder things like home, in not just a physical sense, but also a more abstract existential quest for the place inside that you can return to again and again and renew your hopes, dreams and aspirations. Dare I say that there will be a softening of sorts around your rugged and efficient exterior? While you might take some time out to contemplate your true north, it by no means, means that there is s full stop headed your way, not with Uranus and it’s hyper-dimensional ripple effect. You are a point of contact for radical solutions and rapid innovation. February is a launching pad, a point of trajectory where you’ll take on big picture projects and spend the rest of the year refining the results. New ways of communicating had sharing information should be at the top of your list. April is when you put it all on the line and have to deal with being unpopular with co-workers for a dramatic decision. May, the dust settles and the rest of your body will need some time to catch up with the central nervous system. November has you dealing deeply with issues of legacy; your own and shadows from your past. The inner sky cracks open and the rain of grief finally falls upon your parched spirit. Long held grudges and grievances melt away and allow you to face the future in 2014 with an even greater sense of possibility and destiny. The overall theme of the year? Hit the gas on straightaways when you can, but bring plenty of change for the toll roads ahead.


Now that Saturn has swung into your opposite sign, life has your attention–doesn’t it? Well the fun is just starting. Your mission in 2013 is to be on your toes; Think cows in tutus doing ballet kind of on your toes. Now did that get your attention? So how does a cow do a proper cabriole? I’ll tell you how–they get in shape first before they even attempt it. That, my dear sweet bull is the first order of 2013 for you. Going to the gym is okay, but you need something more, deeper and ultimately a way to link body and psyche together in perfect somatic synchrony. Yoga is good, but make sure you can do it outdoors if you can so that you can tap into nature’s energy fields. But more importantly, this is the year you need to dance. It doesn’t matter if it’s Zumba or Rhumba, Afro-Caribbean or Pleiadian, just get it in gear and go as deep as you can with your observations of your explorations. Note how your body changes and your dreams shift when you hit walls or reach peaks. Yes, I’m challenging you to achieve and go places you’ve never been or re-visit them years later. And guess what happens when you dance? You meet people. You find a partner that synchronizes with you on the dance floor and the bedroom. Why do think I’m recommending dancing? It’s time for you to fuse with another; to link your DNA in an ecstatic entanglement of Eros inspired enlightenment. Yes, in 2013, you could experience the tantra of realization. Now in order to do this, I advise you to pick your partner carefully. If you’re already in a committed relationship, Saturn will flesh out how much life it has left in it. Saturn is not Pluto. Saturn is the lord of recycling and not just karmic bitchslaps. You can re-invest in your most primary relationships vis-a-vis Saturn in Scorpio and since you are a shrewd judge of value, you’ll know exactly how much and where needs to be applied, but it is YOU that must do it, not the other way around. Two major eclipses play a role for you in 2013. The first, in May gets your attention in a big way. Think shortages and planning for the future. If you do it right, the next one in November won’t knock you off the grid for good. Oh yeah, this Summer, if you don’t grow a garden, you’re missing out on not only some record fruits and veggies, but a back-story about nature and the interconnectedness of all things, that will frankly blow you away.


The high on nitrous, merry-go-round with day glo cotton candy isn’t about to stop just yet, but I will tell you that it’s getting ready to go in the right direction if you even care at this point–it’s all gonna wind up in your memoirs anyway. But lets slow down a bit and take a step back. Right now, if I were your astral-homeopath, I’d recommend thing like magnesium oil, silica, Epsom salts, food grade diatomaceous earth, cell salts and drops of high grade, ionic silver. Why? Because your central nervous system has taken a beating in the past few months and you need those things to soothe and cool the fiery tips of your neural receptors. All these goodies would not only ground you and reinforce the myelin sheaths, but they would help fine-tune your greatest asset–the crystal transceiver between your ears. You don’t need some kind of AI upgrade as much as Verizon would like you to think–you just need to reinforce what you already have and perfect it’s crystalline essence. While the early part of 2013 is filled with ideas and inspirations crackling like a lightning storm around your crown, the energy shifts on the solstice and you get the call to ground it all. This is a twelve-month-cycle that allows you to give birth to your wildest dreams and schemes in 2014, but you must plant the seeds this year and tend to them. For Gems that write, it’s all about writing, editing and pruning. Non-writing Gems, it’s about making sure that any ideas have the capacity feed others. Once you get past the Summer solstice, you have no more room for idle abstraction and if you continue to dwell in trivial pursuits, you’ll miss the mark. Bye the way, June is just way too much fun for a Gemini. Just giving you a heads up to rest up in say around April for the non-stop, giddy, tilt-a-whirl, synchronistic-poetry-slam fest of cocktails with lesser gods of many pantheons. Just letting you know far in advance and can I tag along for the ride? Even Gems have their serious and sober sides. That’s November for you. Throttle back and clear the lines so to speak. If you ever get bored (God forbid) take an Aries to lunch and get them to tell you about the next big thing to change our world. You won’t be disappointed.


Ahhhh, my dear, sweet, loving and feeling Cancerian friends. If I were a preacher on a Sunday morning, mega-church broadcast, beaming to you from the heart of my plush and gilded cathedral in the center of a polytetrahedonic cathedral, I would say verily unto thee, “Rise, rise o yee battered and bruised, trampled and abused children of the sea, rise from your fetal state where you are just holding by the thinnest and sharpest point of your chipped and cracked claws. Rise up and feel the holy spirit move through you like a warm glow that spreads from root to fruit, from alpha to omega, rise, rise, your time for trial and tribulation draws to an end, while the rest of God’s children begin to bear share your bittersweet burden. In essence my brothers and sisters, it is time to lay down your crosses.” How does this sound? You’ve been down for way, way too long. First it was Pluto, then it was Saturn, then it was Uranus, all conspiring to crack that crabby shell, to make you move forward when sideways or even backwards would have been just fine, or when they forced you to leave your precious home. Starting this summer, the tide comes back in and you begin to float, rising to new levels of buoyancy. And here’s the kicker. While others are gripping you’ll be amazed by how calm, cool and collected you’ll be. For crabs whose beds and hearts are empty, that will change as well. Expect love to come rushing in along with the tide. Now that doesn’t mean that you’ll get a free pass in 2013, sorry. You’ll have to deal with the two, big time squares in May and November just like the rest of us, including and especially Aries, Libra and Cap, but the difference this year, is that you can handle them in a different way. While you won’t stare them down and beat them back, you’ll be up for working with the energy instead of it working you. In May, partnerships and work demand your attention and get you thinking about upgrades for both. In November, its fish or cut bait. You’re either moving up together or moving on. After that, the great big ocean awaits and you’ll be just fine either swimming together or alone.


2013 has the potential to be an uncharacteristically uneventful year and based on what I’m seeing for 2013, that may not be such a bad thing. Let’s cut right to the chase. You need to focus on home and I mean in a true, physical, not metaphysical or metaphoric sense. It’s not sexy, but you’ve got to get down beneath the surface of things. On a mundane level, we’re talking plumbing, pipes, water, septic systems . . . you get my drift. If you don’t deal with these dirty little details, it’s going to be more challenging for you in 2014 when you really get to step out and want nothing to do with such mundane affairs. But wait! There’s more. You also need to look into your mortgage, deeds, easements, you name it. Anything that is associated with your house that has a value attached to it, and has someone else’s signature from a lending or municipal institution you must pay attention. While you’re rooting around the pipes and papers, you’ll also take large chunks of timeout and guess what? You won’t miss what you think you’d miss. Just being honest here, 2013 “should” be a year where you re-charge, get stronger and go deeper. Past and future merge. Why are you here? What is Love? Where do you want to be in ten years? How can I paint my soul with tubes of liquid neon? How can I make the perfect bowl of Pho and so on? Mars does a turn in your sign at the end of your solar return. July through mid-October are peak months and a harbinger for what lies ahead for you from the Summer Solstice on in 2014, when your roar is heard loud and clear throughout the galaxy. My advice to you? Don’t press too much. Sit back and absorb life. Learn from children, the seasons and universal mothers, but make damn sure that where you lay your head is high, dry and yours.


Scorpio and Virgo are odd bedfellows. The sweet sextile between the two for the next year and beyond is actually quite supportive for both signs, but Virgo in particular. Virgos are closet doctors, nurses, herbalists and healers–well sometimes not so closeted. Saturn in Scorpio turns up the heat, healing and otherwise. Normally conservative Virgos will seek greater depth in any work they are consciously involved in, pushing them deeper into places outside of their comfort zone. If you happen to be said Virgo, this is your year to go deep sea diving. To stimulate your sense of adventure and natural imagination, I would suggest exploring the pictorial realms of the Abyssal Zone, where strange creatures live only off the thermal deep-sea vents and the microscopic detritus of sea life much closer to the surface. You’ll totally relate to the efficiency of these creatures, where their translucent forms reveal the most fundamental internal organs for digestion and yes, even pro-creation, where down in the dark, at PSI that would crush your skull like a grapefruit, these creatures mate, hatch their broods and perform a common ritual under unusually uncommon circumstances. It may be just some sort of strange genetic code or it might even be the most outrageous form of love that exists. The deep-sea vents are pure Scorpio, awash with the molten code of bio-magnetic effluvia, nurturing colonies psychedelic tubeworms, which preform some important role in the grand chain of life itself. These are your unusual totems for the days ahead and not just because you marvel at their simplicity–no–it’s because you marvel at their ability to adapt under harsh conditions and even thrive. They are a symbol for our time and you get it. On a more mundane note, you’re being asked to up your game during the two major squares of Uranus and Pluto in 2013. Be prepared to jack into the holodeck of career change if you need to or if for some reason (yes this could happen) you become redundant. Food trucks, ice cream stands, mobile massage, psychic troubleshooter. More autonomy and taking responsibility for what you do is going to be essential. Untangling old knots and tying new ones could also be very much in your future in 2013. Ring those bells!


I just spoke with a Libra friend who is on a crash course for turning herself into a high-priestess of some sort of eclectic and electric faith. She toned in the King’s Chamber on 12/21/12 and just a few weeks later cruised around Australia listening to and learning from Bruce Lipton, Greg Braden and Doreen Virtue. She hops around the globe like some people drive down to the 7-11 and the most amazing part? Well, I won’t give her alchemical secret away, well not too much, but she does some of it through selling thousands of miles of adhesive tape. She’s quietly one of the most influential people on the planet. Why? Because what she does helps hold the world together–literally. And therein lies the deeper subtext for you in 2012. As part of the cardinal cross club, you are being stretched like no other time. Uranus is giving you a sense of urgency, pushing you to find the now within the now, occasionally jamming your Venusian cool, especially in relationships. Capricorn demands that you examine your habit as a grace junkie, while Jupiter this summer urges you to find that sweet, vocational spot where you absolutely love what you do. Not terribly demanding–is it? And through it all, you are aware of your resources in a way that you have never been aware before. It’s in the air you know. Americans are saving at record levels and your normally whimsical self gets some wake up calls in 2013, especially in May when the 11/11 square hits. If I were you, I’d double my assets in hard metals just prior to this time. Up through June, Libras have tremendous popularity–use it wisely and well–forward programs and projects that are near and dear to your heart. You’re one of the great networkers of the zodiac. Don’t stop now. If you somehow manage to miss a few steps along the way, don’t stress out, because next year, the TN shifts into your sign and you become the most important person in the room without really trying.


Whenever I get to Scorpio on the scopes, I feel like I’m headed for the home stretch, rounding the corner and yet, in some ways, I’m convincing myself that I am almost there when I still have to deconstruct four more signs in a unique, compelling and hopefully helpful fashion. In essence, let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves. Dig? That is the message for you right now and I think for us collectively, since agents of Scorpio hold the key. Cloak and dagger, revelation, ripping back the curtain to reveal the tiny man with the microphone (no, not Bob Costas). So this is who you are and what’s happening, your stinger is like a hook, perhaps a Sandy Hook? This is the year where the Pluto in Scorpio kids have Saturn crossing their Pluto. It’s an intense maturation process that’s happening at a freakish speed, almost like species mutation. We’re in the collective Saturn cycle now and the next 15 years will be marked by greater societal change than what’s taken place in the last 15 if you can believe it and you dear Scorp will begin to feel these social tremors long before anyone else. When Saturn begins the cycle of crossing your Sun, it’s a new beginning, a re-set and for you, shedding your skin in the year of the snake is a natural fit, or unfit. But no matter how this year unfolds for you, you are the point person for truth. Just look at what’s happened since Saturn has moved into your sign; Gerry Sandusky sentenced, Jimmy Saville exhumed, Petraeus and Broadwell (both Scorpios) busted. You are going through your own deep revelations, exposing conspiracies of self, scandals rocking your own identity and that’s the way it should be. No stone gets unturned as they roll away. In doing so, you assume a moral authority that is uncommon and your presence is a field of naked discovery. For those that are open and clear, it creates a rare space of deep intimacy and recognition, for those that aren’t, well they might not stick around for very long, but that’s you. Those that love you are drawn to you and those that fear you are repelled. 2013? Sounds like business as usual.


Don’t worry archers, your temporary state of ADD is winding down (thank God) and while it’s given you many brainstorms, those precious thought seeds haven’t quite sprouted yet. As Jupiter moves forward, so do your plans and projects (thank God), but while your brains get scrambled back together like some reconstructed desert out of the mind of Ferran Adria, there’s a deeper, parallel energy that’s taking place at the same time, so consider 2013 an exercise in patience, a journey to the dark side of the Sun on occasion, well more than on occasion actually, but that’s a minor detail. What’s a major detail is Uranus and how it’s lighting up a sense of possibility, especially as it relates to your sense of what’s possible from a creative place. April is off the charts for you, so even if you’re doing time on Saturn, in April, you get sprung, trust me on this. But the overall quality for you in 2012 is about the acquisition of wisdom. We’re not talking run of the mill, good old Sag pontificating, nope, we’re talking deep diving, shamanic death and rebirth kind of wisdom, the stuff that’s so unshakable that you simply transmit it with a look, a glance, a gesture, but the only way to get there, the only way that you can attain this precious gift that initiates of secret orders sell their should for, is to die to your conception of how the world “should” be. This isn’t always easy for a sign that can exhibit strong powers of optimism and faith, but it’s the only through to the other side. You’re greatest obstacle, aside from your own fear, is your choice to pre-maturely abort your mission due to a sudden case of terminal cynicism. It’s not the easiest of passages, but what’s life without a little adventure? An Ivory/Merchant film on Zoloft. So bear up, pull up your big boy and big girl pants and set forth. Oh yeah, did I mention that one of the most terrifying things you’ll be staring down this year is your own aloneness? Well, there’s a cure for that. It’s called marriage. LOL I told you that you had to face your the annihilation of your concept of the world. I never said you would end up alone with all that magnificent gnosis, now did I?


I just finished watching, “Get The Gringo” with one, Capricorn, Mel Colm-Cille Gerard Gibson, yes, the Road Warrior himself. It’s a classic picaresque of Capricornian proportions. Mel’s character is on the bad end of $2,000,000.00 theft, getting busted by the Mexican border patrol with the majority of the cash. He winds up in a quasi-barrio prison, where he quickly rises to prominence inside the prison culture due to his street smarts and ex-military training. By the end of the film, he’s doling out vengeance, saving a mamacita and her chain-smoking nine, while pocketing close to $1.5 mill. from his original theft. The reason I’m sharing this with you is because in some ways, Mel’s film will mirror your life. Not the getting your balls kicked out you scene, nor the reaching for the gun in the crap filled toilet scene, but the overall arc of the character and the story. It’s about overcoming odds through a series of challenges, trials and adversity, often in strange places, with people you barely understand. Yes, I’m talking about the work place. You see, Mel’s character develops a plan and modifies it accordingly based on his available resources and and ever shifting topography of allies. We’re in year four of when Pluto first went into Capricorn, so you’ve had some time to adjust to the intensity and gravitas, the sudden change and the deeply thorough blasts of transformation rippling through your sign. If you’re a Capricorn boss, chances are that you’ve had to lay people, good people off at some point over the past three years. If you deal with money, chances are that you had to reject loans, call them in or flat out remove someone from their premises. If you’re in education, chances are that you had to shut down programs due to lack of funding and yet you survived, even thrived while you watched others fall by the wayside. Some of you might have twinges of survivor guilt, while other Caps just know that this is par for the course and the reason why, is that you understand cycles and time almost better than any other sign and you know that the wheel will turn for some and if you have the opportunity to help (this might be that year) then you will act as an agent of redemption, a silent savior of sorts, balancing out the karmic checkbook of the universe in your own inimitable way. Don’t stop, don’t give up now. Another famous Capricorn, David Bowie is about to release his first album in ten years. It’s going to be an affirmation of his life and in 2013, after the intensity you have been through, you’ll have some affirmation for your own.


Coming down the back stretch here boys and girls, I’m feeling giddy, my first post of 2013 and I went for the epic, 5,000 word production. And you wondered why it took me so long? Enough about me, let’s talk about you. I’m concerned about you Aquarius, in fact I even fear for you in some ways. In 2013, each sign will have it’s own unique temptation and test; it is the year of the devil and death. My concern for you is that somewhere along the way, oh shall we say May, that your spirit will take on a heavy aspect. Now this aspect won’t have as much to do with your life as it does your relationship with life. I’m concerned that you will view the events of the world at large in a way that shifts your forward thinking and progressive attitude to something more practical and reasonable. While this sounds good on paper, don’t fool yourself; it could the first step towards a complete rationalization of abandoning your dreams. In fact, you might even be tempted by something like a new job or a grant or something that looks good on the surface but if you’re truly honest with yourself, you’ll realize that you’re lying to yourself and the most subtle reason is, is that you’re scared, You’re scared of the way that the world is turning and you want to be on the right side of that change. Oh, I’m sure some shiny new project or assignment might sound convincing at the time, but sit with it and you’ll see where you’re holding out. So the question is, what do you do? How do you maintain your sense of purpose and hope? How do you retain your power? How can you avoid the subtlest self-sabotaging coup of your consciousness? Here’s my advice. Don’t buy into the bullshit. Don’t get down. Hold fast to the inner flame that guides you, because once the Solstice rolls around, nurturing your purpose is of outmost importance, The great thing about this arrangement is that you’ll show us how it’s done. Once you lock in on your purpose, and use some of that brilliant, yet fixed tunnel vision, the world begins to recede. The reason why I’m sharing this with you, is that I don’t want your sweet genius to fall into wrong hands, because if I’ve forgotten to mention it. it’s going to be off the freaking charts. Lastly, practice charity in a responsible fashion. Help out the world and the world in turn will assist you.


Last but not least, the sweet fish swims into action this year, dauntless, yet aware of the big, very big picture. In a world that is fraught with seemingly more and more illusion on a daily basis, Pisces is just finding its sweet spot in the current of high strangeness. “Welcome to my world” the mermaid whispers. While others see you as anything from a flake to St. Bernadette, its because of all signs, you are the one most prone to the projection of others extreme hopes and fears. That changes this year. People around you, from your immediate family to your FB friends, they finally start to get you, finally realize that you’re not crazy and that all those crazy conspiracy theories and tripped out visions you’ve been having, night be that strange after all. Yes, the world is finally catching up to you. We’re not sure if this is a good or bad thing quite honestly for the rest of us, but for you, unfazed and blithely swimming into the dark waters of an uncertain future. Every sign needs a strategy, even yours, so what should you do? How can you maximize your experience, as a tsunami of change is about to crash down upon all of us? Go deeper. While everyone is rising to the surface, seeking superficial answers and quick fixes, you need to go into the opposite direction, because 2013 lines up for you like no other year has for at least a decade. Plunge. Explore your art. Dive into your creativity. While the world screams lack, you serve up baked kale chips and ginger, lemon and beet shots. While the world has had it’s collective head separated from it’s body, get out your sketchbook and capture the unseen agents of fortitude and grace resting at their elbows, kneeling at their knees. While the lies get bigger than Kim Kardashian’s ass after six months of pregnancy, you’ll be a fountain of truth, no longer just a babbling brook, telling it like it is without any kind of fear, remorse or sense of repercussion. Yes, you are out collective hero in 2013. March is pure Nirvana. Soak it up. July brings a practicality to your dreams. Act on them. And November is a kind of reckoning and zero sum moment that has you out front, telling the rest of us that it’s going to be all right for a change. God bless you Pisces.

The Dude As Jovial Sagittarian Illuminated Christ

“Hey man, one of you is going to screw me over.”

Sometimes realities merge with blinding clarity. Other times, there are fuzzy overlaps that induce eternal chuckles of delight. Occasionally they intersect with forehead smacking irony. I think I’ve just stumbled upon one of the latter.

Over the years, I’ve hung out with channels, consorted with friends and lovers directed by guides and master teachers. I’m pretty convinced that the closest I ever got to realizing such an etheric fraternity was being initiated into astral travel, rather violently, by the spirit of Ernest Hemingway. But I have little doubt that I am in touch with agencies far beyond my mortal ken, or I could not do what I do when I read for people. I am always amazed by the process and the soul dialog that ensues between myself and a client. But this is no high falutin’ discourse on the esoteric exchange of thought into matter, and yet some sublime hidden hand pointed me towards a metaphysical revelation that had me in hysterics. It involves none other than Jeff Bridges, birthday boy, Sagittarian; The Dude.

For some reason, I stopped everything I was doing the other night and re-watched “The Big Lebowski.” I wanted to see if the Coen Brothers were really just indulging in a So-Cal, BOHO, picaresque. In essence, was there anything deeper going on beneath the frothy head of a White Russian?

First off, from a strict astrological perspective The Dude is Sag. He’s avuncular, free-spirited, sloppy, non-judgmental, stony, whimsically ironic, philosophical and even political, sort of. In the true spirit of Sag, he fucks up, falls, and somehow lands on his wobbly feet again. Just when it looks like he’s toast, providence rescues the Dude, even if its just a temporary respite. Sag Bridges is spot on in his Sag-like practice of the “Tao of Dude.” But then weird layers begin to emerge. I kept asking myself, why would “Maude Lebowski” played by Juilanne Moore, who is also a Sag, born on 12/3, just one day before Bridges, 12/4, want to have The Dude’s child? In a strange bit of synchronistic oddity, their natal sun signs are almost exact. In the film they also share the same last name. Aside from the coincidence of both sun signs, what’s going on with the Lebowski/Lebowski, supposedly non-related birth connection? Are the Coen brothers hinting at the selection process of bloodlines in the Big Lebowski? Is this why Maude/Julianne Moore chooses him? Who is “The Dude” anyway? Continue reading “The Dude As Jovial Sagittarian Illuminated Christ”