Pluto In Scorpio Arrives In The Flesh–Calling Kaepernick–Polarizing The Opposition

Pluto in Scorpio is here to play quarterback and don’t give a f*ck.

As we are now fully engaged in Sag, with Mercury gone direct, entering the portal of the second decanate, we begin to focus our attention and align our assemblage point around the concept of “truth.” A major theme in the theater of the vox populi has been the revelation of truths or half-truths, or seedy confessionals from weak generals, double agents, horny Lebanese socialites and kiddie porn, smut peddlers. Their lives, lies and accusations, seeping out of the seamy cracks of their psyches, Saturn in Scorpio fully pressing down and applying maximum psychic pressure. If I were a God, I would co-create in these type of conditions to flesh everyone out, see where they truly and how they respond to the ultimate pressure, especially if I was going to start a new world. There would be no stone un-turned, no soul un-examined, no species, human, draconian, or otherwise that would be immune to the bell chamber of gravity’s inquisition. All known, all seen, all revealed, it would be easy to see who could hang or not in the after-party-forever-lounge of non-dual bliss, where thoughts manifest like sweet fruits or poisonous toadstools, beyond the speed of light.

God/Ess is smoking out the phonies, hypocrites and most convincing psychopaths with a ruthless efficiency and the means by which it’s happening can be fairly amusing.

Two weeks ago, I wrote about Colin Kaepernick, the new quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers and how he replaced Alex Smith when Mars at 25 degrees, Sag, was conjunct his natal Uranus in Sag at 25. A few weeks earlier, I had predicted that Alex Smith would get hurt in November, Kaepernick would start and Smith would never regain his starting job. It’s exactly how it has panned out.

After two weeks, Kaepernick has shown the world his omnidimensional quarterbacking skills, but more than anything else, he’s show that he could rise to the occasion under extreme pressure, like a Monday night football game against the vaunted Bears and a road game against the red-hot Saints, in their crib, the ear-bleeding Superdome, blasting opposing teams with the severe white noise of Who Dat? nation. Kaepernick stepped up and while not as brilliant as the week before, he was more than good enough under the glare and heat of the national press and 60,000 screaming Saints fans.

Smith stood on the sidelines, helmet on, ready to go in, eager and yet visibly forlorn when Kaepermnick delivered. You see, Kaepernick thrives on these situations. He’s a Scorpio Sun, 8 degrees, with his natal Pluto at 9 degrees, conjunct his Sun. Colin Kaeperinick is like dark star, consuming pressure and fear and transforming them into life force and performance. With Jupiter in Aries, trining his natal Uranus in Sag, he’s also a take-no-prisoners-warrior. Quiet, self-effacing and deeply religious, Kaepernick has an inner assassin lurking behind his Scorpionic persona.

This all came about when I noticed how Saturn was getting closer and closer to his Sun. I knew that he was destined for greatness, and soon, I also took note of the NN in Scorpio and the SN in Taurus, also favoring his rapid ascent. On the other hand, Smith would not be the recipient of such good fortune, not like last year when his career was resurrected by new coach, Jim Harbaugh and a hearty Juoiter transit in Taurus, his own sign. Smith rose like Lazarus from the grave of broken toy soldier quarterbacks.

This year is a different story however.

Smith is going through his Saturn return in Scorpio, yes, Kaeprnick’s sign, the guy that has taken his job. It’s a clear example of seeing one’s opposition reflected back at them on multiple levels. What is Smith’s lesson? Well, first of all, he’ll have to deal with a whole bunch of hidden complexes and unexamined emotional states–that’s the nature of scorpio–then he’ll have to integrate his opposite or other into his psyche. In essence, he’ll have to address qualities like ruthlessness, ambition and drive in ways that are messy, especially for someone like Smith, who has endured 7 seasons of abuse and bad coaching from the likes of Mike Nolan, who bullied and degraded Smith’s toughness in public, to Mike Singletary, who saddled Smith with the Scatman Carothers of offensive coordinators in Jimmy Raye.

After one shoulder surgery, two head coaches and five offensive coordinators later, Smith was still left standing. He had outlasted them all and his Taurean toughness and stubbornness paid off. Capricorn Jim Harbaugh became his “John The Baptist,” singing his praises and touting Smith as the key to the 49ers success, In just over a year, Harbaugh would go from John to Judas and bench Smith for Kaepernick, not because Smith was playing poorly. In fact, just before the thunder of the Rams rained down on Smith’s head and forced him out of the game, resulting in a concussion, Smith was one week off of one of the most accurate games in NFL history as a passer. Everything about the situation flew in the face of all convention. Harbaugh, an early Capricorn, 12/23/63, had transiting Mars in Cap knocking on his Sun. The uber-ambitious goat knew in his heart of quarterbacking hearts that what he had seen in Kaepernick in just two games, was better than almost all of Smith’s entire body of work.

Being a Capricorn, Harbaugh wasn’t just planning for the Saints, he was planning for the Falcons, Giants and Packers in December. Harbaugh’s playing chess on the Enterprise with Spock while the media is playing checkers with their emotions. He’s also walking the razor’s edge of psychopathology and the ruthless pursuit of right action. He has also stumbled a bit and pushed a lot of buttons along the way, This just isn’t done in pro football. Players don’t lose their jobs to injuries! Harbaugh is re-writing those rules and pissing some people off. Apparently, this is nothing new for the man that often talks in almost Knights Templaring terms, this from his recent press conference on naming Kaepernick starter; “We worry about everything, but we fear nothing, we fear no man.” Pattonesque soundbites are common from Harbaugh.

The mutual reception between Capricorn and Scorpio is getting played out between the lives and fortunes of Harbaugh and Kaepernick. My sense is, is that these two men have fought together of fields blood and glory, from other lives, other times, When Kaepernick was coming out of college, it was Harbaugh that sought him out, made sure that the Niners traded up to get him. He was Jim’s guy and drafted about 1-2 rounds higher as a result. IIt was time to go to war again. If this paradigm, doesn’t shut down fully in less than a month, or if we’re not over the fiscal cliff by then, then this duo will go down in the annals of football infamy, like Walsh and Montana, Bellichik and Brady, Lombardi and Starr, but unlike those other duos, they won’t just win games, they’ll take no prisoners, or as Harbaugh said last year, “We give no quarter and we ask for none.”

The NFL isn’t fully prepared for what they are about to witness.

But it’s not just the NFL, even journalists are having their buttons pushed. Kaepernick of course is the Pluto in Scorpio generation and his body is covered in tattoos. However, Kaepernick’s tats are all scripture. He’s like some sort of character from the Old Testament wearing the words of the prophets on his cut and ripped parchment of flesh. Now check this our, a reporter by the name of David Whitley, a guy who writes for The Sporting News, just broke an article dissing Kaepernick for his tats, essentially saying that it’s okay for NBA guys like LeBron (ahem black) to have those nasty tats, that all those guys in prison have, but not a quarterback in he NFl, no sire Jim. Here is what Whitley has to say;

“San Francisco’s Colin Kaepernick is going to be a big-time NFL quarterback. That must make the guys in San Quentin happy.

Approximately 98.7 percent of the inmates at California’s state prison have tattoos. I don’t know that as fact, but I’ve watched enough “Lockup” to know it’s close to accurate.

I’m also pretty sure less than 1.3 percent of NFL quarterbacks have tattoos. There’s a reason for that.

NFL quarterback is the ultimate position of influence and responsibility. He is the CEO of a high-profile organization, and you don’t want your CEO to look like he just got paroled.

Now along comes Kaepernick. Since taking over for Alex Smith two games ago, he has convinced everybody in the Bay area that he’s the second coming of Steve Young.

Smith is coming back from a concussion, ushering in the attendant QB controversy. But he is looking like Wally Pipp and Kaepernick is Lou Gehrig. All I can do is look in the mirror and sigh.

Forgive me, but I suffer from tattoo-ism. I sport no ink, and I don’t want any. I know that attitude qualifies me for an AARP card, and I’ve tried to get with it.

I realize tattoos are ways to pay homage to your religion, children and motorcycle gang. I’m cool with LeBron James looking like an Etch A Sketch.”

I normally stay away from accusations of racism in most instances, simply because prejudice is inborn and we all have to some degree and we need to cut each other a little slack, especially in a climate that constantly race baits from all angles to abduct our attention, but I have to say that Whitley is showing his true stripes here and they aren’t pretty, This goes back to the very beginning of this post.

Scorpio can polarize and Kaepernick, with his Sun/Pluto conjunction is doing just that.

Speaking of polarization, on last week’s show, I got into Israel’s chart and saw similar movements with the NN and SN, along with Saturn and made some predictions based on them that Israel would have to change, due to the fact that Saturn was transiting it’s First House in Scorpio and the SN would be going over it’s Sun in Taurus in the 7th. Unfortunately, I had a potential sponsor listen in on the show and they deemed it offensive on some level and I haven’t heard back from them. Well guess, what? The UN just recognized Palestine as a state, conforming to my trends that Israel’s identity would be challenged through these transits. Oh well, that’s the way these things go sometimes, just ask Alex Smith.

In The Shadow Of The Eclipse, Mercury Goes Direct, And Don Miguel Ruiz On FAR

Eclipsing reality

The smallest Full Moon in recent memory and for years to come made it’s appearance on the penumbral eclipse. In the Texas sky I could recognize Jupiter as a tiny twin just at 11 o’clock. Did you know that 11/11 was the day that Yassir Arafat died? Yes, that Yassir Arafat who was just exhumed in Ramallah on the eve of the eclipse. Did you know that Arafat was related to the prophet Mohammed? In essence, just before the eclipse, Arafat and the specter of Mohammed himself were resurrected. This utterly symbolic event was taking place on the same day that had two other resonant, and synchronistic events in history related to 11/27.

On 11/27/511, King Clovis, the man whose seed would fuel one of Europe’s most famous bloodlines, the Merovingians, through his grandson, Merovech, died. Keep this in mind, because it is through Clovis that in many ways, religion and culture would take root in Europe, but not for the beatific inspiration that Clovis claimed. Clovis was a pagan, and a sharp one. He had conquered nearly all of what we call France and he knew that if he wanted even greater property, influence and wealth, he would have to convert to Christianity, especially if he wanted to marry Clotilde, the Burgundian princess. So he did and in so doing he changed the course of history and destiny of Europe.

Clovis became a Roman-Catholic, which recognized the Father/Son/Holy Ghost as part of one, unified expression of God.

In contrast to the Roman-Catholics, The Goths and Visigoths practiced a different form of Christianity altogether; “Arian Christianity,” Arian Christianity separated Christ out of the trinity as a distinct being and sub-ordinate to the father, There was no Holy Ghost. This was a threat to the religious concordance e and hierarchy of the pope’s rising influence and power. While not quite in the same heretical ballpark of Manichaeism, the church did not think highly of the alternate cosmology, which could displace not only it’s military and economic power, but threaten the ecclesiastical structure of the church itself, removing the pope from the throne of spiritual king and representative of God on Earth. The Goths and Visigoths were also threats to Clovis himself, and he knew that if he had to gigot them (which he did) that he would need Rome’s blessing and gold.

Obviously, Rome would not recognize the Germanic version of faith. So they were more than ready to support Clovis with his conquests to conquer the tribal heretics. This again, would be prove to be a major tipping point in the religious formation of Western Europe.

On the very same day, in the year of 1095, Pope Urban II declared the first crusade at the Council of Clermont. Think there might have been some underlying meaning as to the specific day of Arafat’s exhumation as the Lunar Eclipse in the sign of Gemini was rising?

Gemini is one of my favorite signs, because it resonates on so many different levels. it’s a key symbol in hermetic alchemy and as such is favored by the magicians of Enochian magic, creators and sustainers of the demi-urges of this world and most of their mega-ritual spell binding. I’ve referenced this before. From JFK, to the Two Pauls, to GHW Bush, we see the thread of Gemini running through the tapestry of illusion and the constant trick of the mind, where reality becomes a sleight-of-hand experience. Massive events like the fall of “The Twin Towers” reinforce the illusion of separateness from the divine creator, while binding us to the god of this world.

When you observe the symbol of Gemini, it’s perfect for this task. It’s two as one, but not really one. The two are capped by Earth and Heaven. They are contained in a simulacra of the universe, a matrix if you will. Adam and Eve were symbolic of Gemini and every twin of every creation myth are as well. Abel and Cain, the progeny of Adam and Eve are the incarnations of light and dark and so the split of the world begins, and we become bound by the rules of a world that self-perpetuates them either by will or by proxy. We have become locked into the dualistic dream, which threatens to become a nightmare.


While we are spellbound by the symbolic illusions of this false-dualism and bound in some ways by it’s rules, a group of scientists in Switzerland are definitely playing by a different set of rules. if we can believe the press that comes out of CERN, again, on the heels of the eclipse, they discovered some novel particles that they hadn’t yet discover, something they named, “Gluon.” The name itself is kind of hilarious. It reminds me of a late night commercial for a product to mend broken fingernails. I guess that’s why they’re scientists and not poets. Anyway, slamming particles together at different angles produced a new substance, never before seen. The underlying message of course is that they have found the “glue” of creation, hence, “Gluon.”

Science is ruled by the air signs, especially Gemini and Aquarius. Madame Curie had Jupiter in Aquarius in her first house and it squared just about every planet in her chart. Think she was on a mission?

Gemini wouldn’t mind witnessing the destruction of the world, as long as it could take notes. When i think of this, I flash on Tyler Durden and Norton/Pitt in “Fight Club” in true Gemini fashion, planning for and witnessing the destruction of civilization through the obliteration of it’s financial records, through the collapse of a building storing them all. Hmmmmmm? Okay, back to CERN.

Have you ever looked at the symbols surrounding CERN? Most people know of this one. Yes, it’s the classic 666 symbol, with the Pisces Vesica. But how about this one? What do you notice about this symbol? it’s the actual layout of CERN. What do you see? It’s a “wheel within a wheel.” Now I have heard that this particular piece from Ezekiel refers to everything from a UFO (Van Dahniken) to the zodiacal wheel. Perhaps, like “Cloud-Atlas” we are operating in multiple levels of time and reality, each one influencing the other, or being influenced again and again to maintain the protocols of control in this domain.

So the question, is do they really know what the hell they are doing over at CERN? Doesn’t sound like they expected these “Gluons” to show up in the way that they did. Now if you’re an eternal optimist and invest your full faith and credit in the gods of science, you’ll believe that something good, perhaps even great can come out of all of this. But there’s that other mind-set that wonders if the next ritualized slamming of particles might not yield a different result and punch a black hole through this world and the wheel within a wheel shifts from Ezekiel to Isaiah, which is almost like Bible within the Bible and provides it’s own version of revelations, replete with 66 chapters. Thus, The Book Of Isaiah is noted as the canonical, wheel within a wheel. But I digress just a bit.

While we continued to feast upon the last fibers of roasted tryptophan, the high priests of science were busy messing around with time and space. However, what’s interesting, is that if the notion of God as omnipresent and omniscient deity is true, and that everything is an unfoldment of the divine plan and will, that even the pocket-protectors of CERN, cannot escape their destiny, even if they try to rustle the God particle and control the flow of events, history and the third dimension. That must piss them off just a bit, even if they have murdered God in some obscure and drunken ritual back in their college days.

Gemini, would find all of this highly amusing. Libra would try to understand why. Aquarius would turn it into a Google app and try to control humanity through a 5G network. Speaking of which . . . .


As many of you know, I have left the intersection of Atlantis and Mu for a plains existence. Here in Austin, they are touting a new app for your phone and it’s called, “Isis.” Gotta like that name. She’s been everywhere lately, from Madonna, to breast bearing Army mamas. Isis is fertility and abundance and now you can have her right in your phone and she can pay for everything. Everything! Isis is a digital wallet and it’s a joint venture created and promoted by Verizon, ATT&T and T-Mobile. Yep. Think that’s gonna fail? When do competitors pool effort and resources? When they have to. But Isis is more than a digital wallet, it will allow you to order your drinks at Starbucks ahead of time and breeze past the line, pick up your steaming hot goodness, magically swipe your phone, pay and float past the cash fumbling masses.

You’ll be able to shop and walk right out of the store without having to deal with those slow and nasty checkers. Just breeze in and out like you own the place.

Get the picture?

As we stare down at the fiscal cliff, there’s Isis down there at the bottom, smiling warmly, sending out the telepathic message; go ahead baby, jump, come to mama, mama will catch you, take you home and make things right. Come to mama. Come.

Speaking of mamas. . .


Most dirt-digging, alternative-researchers have come across the naughty photos on the net that have been attributed to Stanley Ann Dunham and her romps with noted sex freak, Frank Marshall Davis, aka “Uncle Frank” the man who some people insist is Obama’s true father. Well they are interesting, but I will let the reader decide for themselves as I will not render judgement unto the president’s mother. You can find them on the internets. However, I will look at her birth chart as today, the 333rd day of the year is her birthday. So what can we infer from her chart?

Well, based on her chart, the true identity and life force of Dunham are not the ones revealed as her official life story and narrative. We can see this clearly in the 12th HOUSE. Her Sun, Merc and Mars are all hidden just slightly behind he veil of the ascendant, though they are quite close, especially the Sun and Mercury. In traditional astrology, we would read them as being part of the first house, since they are within five degrees of the cusp and with almost any other house, I would be in agreement with this. However the 12th HOUSE is a different beast altogether. It’s oceanic and deep, it’s more than just the collective unconscious, it’s cosmic soup, the undifferentiated source of creation. Hell, it might even be the Gluon factory. So even though her Sun is near the ASC. the image reminds me of the Sun rising out of the ocean on the eastern horizon, partially submerged in it’s alchemical birth into day. It’s an illusion of course, but as symbol, we cannot see the Sun in it’s entirety and this would include Dunham herself. She is partially hidden by the curtain of the 12th. Mercury is there as well, even further back, obscured slightly by the Sun. So her voice and her ability to communicate is hidden. This actually fits with some descriptions of her and her connection with people like Tim Geithner’s dad, the World Bank, Indonesia, Lolo Soetero and the coup in Indonesia, which takes us to her 1st HOUSE, where we can see her Venus, plain as day in Sag. This is a total fit with her dalliances with men from other countries, cultures and even political stripes. With Venus there, she would come to identity herself through her relationship with them. That is where she would seek out her identity,

I’m fascinated by her Mars in Scorpio, hence the name, Ann Randy. Mars in Scorpio is perhaps the most sexual sign/aspect in the Zodiac. I have been around people that have Mars in Scorpio and they exude sex at a primal level that results in my estimation as a hyperactive pheromonal broadcast. People can sniff Mars in Scorpio at a distance. I was hanging with a friend of mine one night. He has Mars in Scorpio. We were bar-hopping in North North beach and right out of the blue, a random woman walked up to him and planted a kiss right on his lips. That my friend’s is Mars in Scorpio.

So there it is, hidden, hanging out in her 12th House, secretly horny, getting down behind the scenes. But it also has to do with power, power behead the veil. Squaring the Leo Moon in the 9th House. Leo. Hmmmm.

Now I am not a birthed, because there have been presidents born in this country who have been as traitorous as any foreign born president could be, so I think it would be irrelevant where Obama was born, unless you wanted to use it as a means to remove him form office, not just for violating the Articles Of The Constitution, but perjury. Now that said, if I wanted to make an astrological case that Obama was born elsewhere, it would be his mother’s chart, where the Leo Moon (child, in this case, her Leo, Sun) representing birth and children, is in the house of foreign lands and distant cultures, where by the way her TN is as well. It’s good to know that Stanley Ann Dunham worked that node.

Another fascinating aspect of her chart is that old friend, Gemini.

In her 6th/7th houses, She has Uranus and Saturn conjunct. So here we go again, the forces of duality churning and burning. Saturn in the 7th in Gemini is a consecration of sorts, since it is accidentally exalted in there. It generally means long-standing relationships, but is Gemini it struggles with commitment, especially yoked to uber-kinky Uranus in Gemini. Uranus and Saturn are strange bedfellows. One wants to explode in an election storm, the other wants to compress the atmosphere and condense the gravity of self. Making this even more difficult to manage is the opposition of these two planets, with the Sun/Merc/Venus on the ASC. It’s such a drastic opposition, that it could suggest a type of schizophrenia, resulting in a dual personality or even multiple selves. It will be interesting to see what comes up around Ann Dunham when Jupiter retro hits the mid-point between Saturn and Uranus at 6 degrees in January.

Jumping up to her 8th HOUSE, there’s Pluto and Jupiter, two giants, representing power, and expansion, again, hidden, behind the scenes are hanging out. Trining her stellium on the ASC, these are he real generators of her chart, driving her purpose from deep within the waters of the 8th HOUSE.

Lastly, we have Neptune in her 10th and while motivations can be inspired, like wanting to help the world and serve and be an agent of compassion, things can get a little wonky and the motivations can get diluted and deluded, thus subverting the original intent and getting trapped at times in a hall of mirrors.

So what have we concluded? Can we determine that Ann Dunham isn’t who she appeared to be? Does Mars in Scorpio in the 12th denote hanky panicky with communist sex poets? And if it all does, what does matter and mean?


Yesterday, on Navigating The Astrological Matrix, I had the great pleasure of interviewing don Miguel Ruiz, author of “The Four Agreements” which I consider one of the best spiritual works of our time. The interview happened quite suddenly. We cleared it on Tuesday night and it went live on Wednesday, just as Mercury was going direct. For me, personally the interview was astonishing on a number of levels. First off, he shared with us, first hand, details of his heart failure, his coma and his subsequent heart transplant. A true shamanic journey of life, death, re-birth and the resurrection with a new heart. He spoke of his experience in the void and the beauty of all creation from a multi-dimensional perspective and how life and truth are mutually exclusive entities, which reinforced his perspective that we are not our stories and that none of this exists. We explored the paradox of being an the nihilistic conclusion that one can arrive at and what to do. if you are not your story and life has no real meaning, then what? In true Gemini fashion, you’ll have to listen to the interview to find out and you can do that below. You can also find out more about don Miguel Ruiz’s upcoming event, “Awakening The Giant” at Teothiuacan from the 17th to the 21st of December, 12/21/12 at the Temple of The Sun and Moon with don Miguel, HERE. Now how cool would that be?

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The Seasonal Mercury Retrograde Sports Round-Up And George Noory & Giorgio Tsoukalous On FAR, 11/16

George, the late-night-dragon slayer.

Its Mercury Retrograde and I can’t not help diving into the world of sports, where Mercury Retrograde is at its finest. First, we have the overtime game of the San Francisco Forty-Niners vs the St. Louis Rams. The Rams are a symbolic favorite of mine due to their obvious astrological symbology, but also due to the fact that Georgia Frontiere, the woman who inherited the team from her late husband, Dominic Frontiere was an astrology buff and likely moved the team out of L.A. with astrology guiding her re-location. In later years, she would become a born-again Christian and the Rams would win their first Super Bowl. They defeated the Titans, in of all places . . .”The Georgia Dome” when Jupiter was in? Aries! In 2002, the first post-911 Super Bowl, sadly, they became the sacrificial Rams, falling to the “Patriots” and thus starting the dominance of the Bob Kraft (Craft) owned Patriots era. While Mars was in Aries, possibly foreshadowing another Rams win, New England cam in with Aries coach, Bill Bellichik, who not only has an aries Sun, which was in a wide orb with Mars that day, but also Jupiter in Aries. The Patriots, through their coach, outrammed the Rams.

The Rams and The Patriots have an interesting history and sidebar by the way. The Patriots were owned by Victor Kiam, a razor baron who owned Schick. Kiam was drowning in debt and sold the team to St. Louis businessman, James Orthwein. The Patriots were terrible then and one of the least valuable teams in the league. Orthwein was going to move the Pats to St. Louis. He faced only one hurdle and that was the two-year-lease on Foxboro stadium, which was held by Robert Kraft. Kraft bought the stadium when it was literally in receivership for a mere $25,000,000. Chump change by today’s standards. But Kraft had leverage and he used it to gain full ownership of the Patriots. Orthwein offered Kraft $75,000,000 to get out of the lease and Kraft countered with $175, 000,000 to buy the Patriots outright. Orthwein jumped at the deal, since Kraft was going in way over the top of the team’s estimated value. In doing so, he opened the doors for the exodus of the Rams to St. Louis, thus setting up the sacrificial slaughter of the Rams at the hands of the Patriots.

So let’s return to last Sunday. There was a play that was reviewed during the Rams/Niners tilt and during the review, seventy-four seconds just disappeared. Gone. And they knew it had happened in so-called “real time” but didn’t add the time back into the game. This is highly unusual since officials routinely re-set game clocks for extended and undue stoppage–but not this time. Time simply disappeared. Those missing seconds would become something akin to the missing frames in the Zapruder film as the game would go into overtime and neither team would emerge victorious. A stalemate in a bizarre game that featured strange penalties and one of three concussions suffered that Sunday by three quarterbacks. This one would belong to Alex Smith (Taurus). The other two were Michael Vick (Aries) and Jay Cutler (Taurus) all first quadrant casualties.

In a symbolic node shift, Scorpio, Colin Kaepernick would replace Taurus Smith. Kaepernick has Uranus at 25 degrees Sag. Mars was at 25 degrees Sag on Sunday. The Uranian lightning bolt struck and Kaepernick was off the bench leading his team to an apparent victory, when David Akers would shank a forty-yard-FG. Sag Akers is in a pretty significant slump. Jupiter retro in his opposite sign of the twins has not been kind to last year’s special teams stud.

Another interesting MR moment occurred in hoops, when the Lakers fired coach, Mike Brown over the weekend. Pisces Brown was no fit for uber, 0 degree Virgo, Kobe Bryant. It set the stage for the return of Virgo Zen Master, Phil Jackson. Instead, at the 11th hour, it was announced that Taurus, Mike D’antoni would be the Lakers new coach. In the eyes of the fans and the press, the re-hiring of Jackson seemed like a mere formality. The reversal or retrograde decision shocked most people. In fact, it was so jarring that the normally stoic, though cagey Jackson struck out against the Lakers through his agent, Todd Mussburger, accusing the Lakers management of lying and going back on a tentative agreement at the last moment. He might be right. Jim Buss, Jerry’s son is in charge now and Jim Buss doesn’t like the Zen Master. He got over on Phil, which has prompted outright criticism from the likes of Magic Johnson, who accused Buss the younger of sabotaging the process and wrecking the franchise in the process. D’antoni promptly announced he wouldn’t be able to coach for at least a week due to recovery from knee surgery (another retrograde nugget).

Lastly, we have the Miami Marlins fiasco, where junk franchise trader, Jeffery Loria decided to trade off a 1/4 of his team, their best players in fact save one, to the Toronto Blue Jays for a homophobic Cuban shortstop and players that might make a difference in five years. If Miami had any actual fans, they’d be livid. You see the good people of Miami contributed over $450,000, 000 to build their new, downtown stadium. Loria went out and got high priced talent and signed the hard drinking, voodoo practicing and outspoken Ozzie Guillen (Capricorn), to be their new manager. Shortly after being hired, Guillen professed his admiration and respect for Castro, a big no-no amongst the Cuban exiles living in Miami. Guillen has Moon and Jupiter in what seems to be a theme here today, Aries. Loris could and should have fired Guillen just days after his remarks were published, but he didn’t and fans stayed away from the Marlins last season. Loria was counting on the one community in Miami that loves and would support baseball, in fact to the tune of $450,000,000 and he wound up alienating them. Now, in a very retrogrady sort of way, he just gutted the team and its payroll. This isn’t anything new for Scorpio, Loria. In a tale similar to that of Bob Kraft’s, here is how Jeffery Loria got to Miami in the first place. Both excerpts from Wikipedia bold emphasis, mine;

“In 1989, Loria purchased the Oklahoma City 89ers, then a Triple-A affiliate of the Texas Rangers. The team won the American Association championship in 1992. Loria sold the team in 1993 and began looking to buy a Major League team. Loria lost out to Peter Angelos in his bid to purchase the Baltimore Orioles in 1994. On December 9, 1999, he bought a 24 percent stake in the Montreal Expos for $18 million CAD (approximately $12 million USD) and became the managing general partner. When a series of cash calls went unanswered, Loria ended up with 94 percent of the team. He headed an ownership group that included the city of Montreal and Stephen Bronfman, son of founding owner Charles Bronfman.

In 2002, as part of an orchestrated move with Bud Selig and then-Marlins owner John W. Henry, Loria sold the Expos to “Expos Baseball, LP,” a partnership of the other 29 major league clubs, for $120 million. In effect, the Expos were sold to the commissioner’s office. Henry then sold the Marlins to Loria for $158.5 million, including a $38.5 million no-interest loan from MLB. The deal was approved by the other owners before Loria and Henry even signed a contract, and paved the way for Henry to buy the Boston Red Sox.[5] Loria moved the Expos’ entire front office staff, on-field staff, office equipment and computer equipment to Florida.[6] MLB’s plans to contract the Expos and Minnesota Twins failed, though, as the Twins were compelled through legal action to fulfill the terms of their lease at the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome. Loria’s partners in the Expos ownership consortium filed a Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) lawsuit against Loria and Major League Baseball, but it eventually went to arbitration, with the arbitration panel finding in favor of Loria.[7] The Expos were ultimately transferred to Washington, D.C. as the Nationals. While the move was welcomed by baseball fans in Washington, it has led to many bitter feelings among Montreal – as well as Canadian – baseball fans. Many speculate that Loria’s original purpose was never to keep the Expos in Montreal.[8]

So, essentially, Loria bought the Expos for a paltry $12,000,000 US and turned it into a $43,000,000 profit with a $38,000,000, no interest loan. He then promptly won the World Series with a bevy of young talent, then sold that talent off to the highest bidders instead of keeping them around, a common practice in sports. Loria, was born with Mercury in Scorpio, retrograde 12 degrees. The solar eclipse was in a 7 degree orb of his Sun.

So, again, what does it all mean, save that a bunch of guys that worship the same god get to play by a different set of rules? Well, if you’ve ever read Cathy O’Brien’s disturbing and surreal, TRANCEformation Of America, you’ll remember that she says that sports aren’t just fixed, but fixed for a variety of reasons. One of the examples she mentions is how the Toronto Bluejays won two, world series in-a-row. She said that this was done to help pave the way for NAFTA. What team did Loria and the Marlins trade to? The Toronto Bluejays. They traded their very best players for peanuts and put the Bluejays into a position of being very competitive. If their first title run presaged NAFTA, then could the next Bluejays ascent be linked to the implementation of the NAU (North American Union)?Toronto is about due for a re-brith of sorts. It was incorporated ion 3/6/1834 when Pluto was in Aries at 11 degrees. Uranus is set to hit Aries at 11 degrees next year. Put your money on the Jays right now!


Speaking of money, is there anyone else that has ruled the late night airwaves with the midas touch in recent history more than George Noory? Since taking over for Gemini, Art bell, Coast-To-Coast has expanded into syndication gold. Its more than just an outpost of the unusual for insomniacs, truckers and aging x-filers, its become a portal into other worlds and strange dimensions of hypothesis, hyperbole and hyperdimensional chatter. George has forged a unique bon homme between him and his listeners which has resulted in a solid and trusted bond between them. Unlike Bell, who often appeared as the dark mage at the end of time, George is more the kindly wizard holding the space of civility and humility in the nexus of chaos. In short, he’s become a port in the storm for the anxious and stressed in the literal and figurative, darkest hours before the dawn.

Tomorrow, at 12 PM, Central, I’m thrilled to have George with me for an hour on The Friday Farcast. We’ll find out a lot more about the mind behind the mic, how he became America’s sage of late night talk radio and where he thinks all of this is headed.

In the second hour, I’ll have another George, this time it’s Giorgio A. Tsoukalous, aka “The Hair” and star of “Ancient Aliens” the immensely popular series on the History Channel. We’ll talk about the series, its success, his background, ancient aliens and his upcoming cosmic convergence event in New Orleans on 12/21/12. You don’t want to miss this episode, either live or on the podcast.

Neptune Goes Direct, Saturn In Scorpio Sex Stings, Spy Twins, Fleeing Execs And An Eclipse

Stung by the scorpion

Here is what we know, just days after Barack Obama got re-elected, three, key cabinet members stepped down; Hilary Clinton (Scorpio), Tim Geithner (Leo) and now David Petraeus (Scorpio, more on him later) have announced they are stepping down or have already resigned, as in Petraeus’s case. The stock market took an enormous nose dive the day after the elections. Obama has come out and said that the rich will have to pay more. Who or what in Obama’s new world order qualifies as rich? If you make $200, 000 a year, are you rich? Lemme tell you, making $200,000 in most places in California does not make you rich, trust me. But taxation, on the already hammered middle is not the path out of debt. Its soft austerity. The only way that people can get out of debt is by producing capital and therein lies the problem. The US doesn’t make anything anymore. In fact, the US is competing with China on domestic projects like the extension of the Bay Bridge (and losing) and is allowing China economic zones inside the US to manufacture products in the same tax zone that US companies enjoy while bringing cheap goods over from China. Its being touted as a model for revitalization in areas like Idaho and Montana where there is little manufacturing happening, the only problem is that the Chinese will employ their own people and create their own distribution chain eventually. That’s the problem. Its not “rich” Americans or even the 1%. Those people will always prosper.

Its the fact that globalism has circled the globe and has now come home to roost. America is being transformed into something very different than anything we’ve known. What’s about to hit the USA will make the Great Society look like a neighborhood bake sale and here comes the predictive moment; its going to have everything to do with the economy. I took some heat from a reader and former subscriber that, “I shouldn’t be making predictions, because I’ve been mostly wrong and that I should watch what I say.” As an astrologer, its incumbent on me to read the stars and forecast trends. Its what we do, for better or worse. Those that are good are usually recognized and followed and those that don’t are left behind to yammer in the dark. And frankly, there are topics I don’t want to be right about. People give Clif High a lot of flack because he’s predicted doom more often than not and in some instances has been spectacularly wrong, especially as it relates to Israel smoking Iran (which could still happen BTW), but even those failures to accurately predict what’s coming serve a purpose.

We’re at a stage in our collective development, where we are rapidly gaining some insight into the nature of reality. There’s an emerging school of science that believes this world is a hologram. Phillip K. Dick not only believed it, but experienced it as well. McKenna’s hyperdimensional meetings with “machine elves” hints at a collective intelligence and workforce behind the hologram, keeping the illusion of the world intact. And if that’s the case, then perhaps when a prophecy or a prediction that seemed not only imminent but even obvious in some cases goes awry, something has fundamentally shifted in that potential outcome.

When Heisenberg stumbled upon the “Uncertainty Principle” where particles became waves and vice versa, simply by observing the event, he didn’t uncoil the secret to creating ones own reality, which many New Agers have glommed onto as their core belief, but he did reveal that what we call “reality” can be altered through observable means. So when someone like Clif or even myself goes out on a limb and is wrong, there might be something more at work. If enough people can observe a potential outcome, then based on Hesineberg’s model, that outcome can and will be altered.

When 911 hit, it caught most people by surprise because of its sudden and violent impact upon our psyches. In the wake of 911, the most egregious and devastating things to hit the US have been weather or environmental based; Joplin, Katrina, The Gulf, Floods, Sandy and even Fukushima, all of which have or will become cases of disaster capitalism of the highest order. You see, once we started looking for the next 911 it was not going to occur in a similar fashion. Planned disaster has taken on a natural look and feel, which of course, conveniently masquerades as biblical prophecy, which gets those end times juices flowing.

Not to take undo credit, but I predicted the wave of sex scandals months before they hit. I was right about that one. I was wrong about the presidential election. I underestimated a few key factors, like voter fraud, in favor of Obama. You see, I thought that Romney and the Neocons were going to hijack the vote, much like they did in 2000 and 2004. I think they did again, but this time, they’ve changed stripes.

I was sent a video about a number of executives and I mean an unusual number of executives all buying plane tickets for Denver, all at the same time, which is right around Thanksgiving. Freeman and I discussed that Denver (and Atlanta) will be the seat of the government of the USA. There’s the Denver airport. And guess what’s coming to a theater near you? The new version of “Red Dawn.” The first one, a true classic took place where? The Rockies and Denver. So if that’s the case and these guys have the “A Ticket” to their swank, subterranean condo, then what does that mean for the rest of us? Based on astrology, what can we predict?

Well, let’s go through the scenarios.

The first that comes to mind with Saturn in Scorpio is financial collapse. Scorpio is other peoples money. Taurus is your money. By that definition, Scorpio represents interest based lending. Its interesting to note that the Federal Reserve Act took place on 12/23/13, a Tuesday, when the Sun was at 0 degrees Capricorn, which of course is the most vital degree for banking in general and the Moon was in mutual reception in Scorpio.

In 2008, when the world faced the entire collapse of that system, Pluto had just moved into Capricorn at 0 degrees. Bankrupt, the fiat money-exchange had to recreate itself and it did, through continuing to leverage toxic debt (anti-capital) and hone become a collection agency (austerity). This resulted in TARP ACT, which was signed into affect by Bush on 10/3/2008. The Moon was in Scorpio.

So my first take is, is that the disaster that’s looming in the distance is financial. If you’re a banker with lots of assets, do you want to be hanging out at your posh pad while the huns storm your gates? I don’t think so. With Saturn in Scorpio, its time for a financial reckoning when it comes to the whole notion of money lending and the accrual of other peoples resources, lines of credit, etc. Its going to happen. There I said it. I hope I’m wrong. I hope it all blows over, Obama is seized by the Holy Spirit, has a vision of Padre Pio on his favorite Persian rug and immediately seeks tax cuts and incentives for the small business owners of the USA. I hope Padre Pio hands him a healthy, green branch of hemp and tells number 44 that this is the key to prosperity for all mankind. And I hope he tells him to go straight to The View and deliver the message. That’s how unattached I am.

But what else might occur?

Well, there’s massive solar flaring and corneal hole eruptions, resulting in outrageous Northern Lights. Is the Earth’s electromagnetic field about to change, as the Mayans and others prophesied? Is the holographic program about to make a major shift? If the Denver chatter is right, are the Archons planning yet another descent into safety, while escaping their own extinction? That’s another plausible scenario and if that’s the case, you’d better get well acquainted with the caves in your area. My sense is, is that we’ll get some clues leading up to the Full Moon. Keep your eye on 11/22/12 (9) when the Sun goes into Sag 0 degrees, leading up to the hot, Sun/Uranus trine and Full Moon on the 30th. The number 9 represents the end of a cycle. It also has a tail hook and we’re witnessing a full on scandalous meltdown with the aforementioned Petraeus, but things are getting deeper and murkier, oh yes they are.


While Petraeus’s career and legacy goes down in flames (supposedly) there’s a lot more going on–a lot.. Let’s start with Petraeus and Paula Broadwell. From an astrological perspective, there can be no denying that there is an attraction between these two people, Their births are separated by just days (Scorpios) and her Sun is conjunct his, which is conjunct his mid-heaven. So its fairly obvious that she would play a significant role in his life, but I’m not sure that either saw it get played out quite like this. Broadwell also has her natal Jupiter in Capricorn in his 12th House, conjunct his Chiron in Capricorn in the 12th. He would feel expansive at a soul level around Broadwell, in ways that would manifest in her “getting him.” But as Pluto crosses both her Jupiter and his Chiron, the real motivations and clandestine nature rise to the surface. Pluto don’t lie.

Broadwell got her degree in “International Security” at the University of Denver. Denver. Denver. Denver. Denver was originally known as “Auraria” a gold mining town on the Platte, River. While it essentially means, “golden place” it also represents dawn, or “the dawn of a new day.” Denver was incorporated on 11/22/1858. As some of you might know, 11/22 was the day JFK was killed. But we’re getting a little ahead of ourselves here.

Broadwell studied in Danver but moved to Charlotte aka “The Research Triangle.” She first met Petraeus while she was at Harvard and he was a guest speaker. He gave her his card and that was it.

Now that would be your typical scandal; older man meets younger woman who is enthralled with him and his power. There is an Iching hexagram for this, its called; “Liaison” and it’s number is 22. But Broadwell is anything but a mere biographer. She has a high level security clearance and has worked with the FBI in counter terrorism. Its all starting to sound like an episode of “Homeland” isn’t it? And thus, the FBI descended upon her Charlotte home today and marched out with photos, documents and computer files.

Did you know that Scorpio rules clandestine affairs? But when looking at intelligence, we also have to have a discussion about Gemini as well, since Gemini is also connected to spycraft through the assignation of double identities, double agents and double crosses. What we need for our story is two, twins to enter the fray. Ladies and gentleman, I give you the Khawam sisters!

Though they should not be confused with the Kardashians, they share their semitic roots, hailing from Lebanon. You might know one of them a little better as Jill Kelley, the unpaid social liaison (that word again) down in Florida at the base Petraeus was stationed at. Paula Broadwell sent Jill Kelley a number of emails harassing her. Seems like the Kelleys and the Petraeuss were pretty tight. But David Petraeus wasn’t the only guy that Jill Kelley was close to. The FBI agent investigating her was pulled off the case because he was sending her pictures of his bare chest. Uh huh. But here’s where it gets really weird. The top guy in Afghanistan, General John Allen has just stepped down as well. Seems as though he has between 20-30,000 emails between him and Kelley, who has no just hired a very powerful, D.C. lawyer. Allen is a Sag; 12/15/53 and is going through his second Saturn Return with his Saturn at 6 Scorpio currently getting hit. Remember, Jill Kelley is a twin. Yes, indeed. Jupiter in Gemini retro strikes again. 20,000-30,000 emails. Wow. But, wait there’s more!

At least three other top commanders are catching massive heat and are being replaced or under some type of inquiry. General Jeffery Sinclair, one of the army’s top ranking generals is facing a court martial for alleged sex crimes against women. General Carter Ham, head of US Africa Commnad, at the center of Benghazi-gate is retiring. Commander Joseph E. Darlak, head of the USS Vandergrift was removed Friday, That’s five, major players, most of whom have some connection to Benghazi, all going down. Its rumored that Petraeus could spend up to one year in an army prison for having an affair (against army rules). What are we really witnessing here?

Neptune, the planet of illusion and delusion, mysticism and drugs, magicians and martyrs has just gone direct. Are we seeing the floodgates open and if we are, what are we to determine from this? If we add in the fact that CEOs are stepping down or resigning from major positions around the globe, there seems to be some sort of tidal shift taking place before our very eyes. Is this an attempt at a cover-up? A coup? A way for the elite create the illusion of their own exit?

Halfway around the world. quietly, the inner circle of the elite, like Leon Panetta, Hilary Clinton and others are in Canberra, one of the proposed capitals of the New World Order, with Julia Gillard, Henry Makow and Fosdyke’s infamous witch PM to witness the solar eclipse, which is in essence a Black Sun ritual. There, in the heart of the most ancient people on Earth, beneath the darkness of the aboriginal Sun, the rituals of other worlds take place, drawing down energy from a dark god, summoning the final phases for humanities demise, while the rest of us are left to untangle the naughty knots of horny generals getting frisked by Saturn, comely spy twins and an ambitious warrior, mother of two, who works hard and played even harder. Look for the next Full Moon to illuminate these strange happenings.

On Navigating The Astrological Matrix on Wednesday, I’ll be joined by New York astrologer, William Stickevers and we’ll be discussing the news surrounding the eclipse and much more.

And now ladies and gents, let’s take that quantum bullet train back to the eighties for a little Bonnie Tyler and “Total Eclipse Of The Heart.”

November Scopes — The Scorpion Rises

Back by pulpular demand.

Its been a while since I did some scopes, but since I am in this re-birth mode, it might be time to polish up the crystal ball and gaze into the days ahead. Let’s start with the big ticket item of course. That would be the election coming to you and me live from the third circle of hell, just as Mercury is about reverse its tracks in the sky. The Obama presidency was marked of course by a VOC Moon and MR on the day of his inauguration. The entire four years has been an exercise in sleight-of-hand, subterfuge and back tracking. Its interesting to note by the way, the number of Scorpios in Obama’s cabinet; Biden, Hilary, Valerie Jarrett and Susan Rice are all Scorpios. They are all inherently engaged in behind-the-scenes chicanery and as a group, they are tough and resilient. When Rahm Emmanuel left DC, he was replaced by William Daley, scion of the Daley political machine, Daley went head-to-head with Jarrett on a consistent basis and lost. Everything that’s been associated with the administration has had a rather Scorpionic feel to it; “Fast and Furious” took place in Mexico which is ruled by Scorpio and involved the deaths of DEA agents at the hands of guns given to Mexican drug cartels. The supposed death of OBL took place and his remains were immediately disposed of at sea and while the sea is Neptunian, death and water meet in the sign of Scorpio. Then there’s Benghazi, where there are at least three different narratives at work and none of them good. The first of course was the ridiculous film made by the zio-coptic filmmaker cum federal stool pigeon in Southern California, linked to para-military end times Christians. You just can’t make this shit up.

Then there’s the much more decidedly Scorpionic narrative of Ambassador Stevens being Gay and not just generically Gay, but Gay with Chicago roots and connections. And that Stevens was a known homosexual and of course that doesn’t play out well in Allahland, where gays are vilified in the same way that pedophiles are in prison, not out of some moral indignation, but far more personal reasons based on a culture that does not allow for pre-marital sex. Follow me?

It was rumored that Stevens was not only sodomized living, but even after the breath of life had mercifully exited his earth suit. How Scorpionic can we get here? The bottom line is this; The aforementioned Scorpios are going to have to have some form of energetic comeuppance beset upon them. That’s the nature of Saturn on the Sun. Pressure is exerted on the core matrix. In Scorpio, secrets energy. The hidden aspects of the persona manifest and if the individual has been living in accord with the law of balanced interchange, everything should be just fine and they would build and grow upon their Saturnian contact, deepening their purpose, accruing wisdom and ultimately becoming a magnetic force for healing and transformation. if not then the devils of Scorpio shall be released and we will witness them begin to fall, one-by-one. it wont’ be pretty or easy though. Scorpio does not go down without a fight. You might remember this little Scorpionic tale.

One day a frog and a scorpion were sitting by a river. The scorpion had to get to the other side and asked the frog for a lift. The frog said that he could get stung by the scorpio. The scorpio countered with the fact that if he stung the frog, they would both die as the scorpio would drown. This seemed logical enough for the frog so he agreed to take the scorpio across the river. Midway through the river, the frog felt something sharp pierce his rubbery skin. Then he felt something hot shoot into his bloodstream. He realized he had been stung. He asked the scorpion, “Why did you sting me? Now we’ll both die.” The scorpion replied, “I know. I couldn’t help myself. It’s my nature.” And with that, they both drowned.

The moral of the story? Well, with a boatload of Scorpios in the oval office, you do the math.

The worst case scenario for election night would of course be a vote malfunction, especially in the tabulation, much of which will take place with MR. This will be a disaster, especially if Romney wins. Can you say race riots? Can you say martial law? Can you say suspended constitution? Can you say indefinite stay at the White House? Now I am not saying that this is going to occur, but its a scenario that’s crossed more than just my mind. With Jupiter retrograde in Gemini at 14 degrees, its almost hitting the midpoint of the US Uranus and Venus in Gemini, based on the Sibley chart. It hits the US natal Uranus at 9 degrees, which occurs on 12/12/12. We might have it sorted out by then. The best case scenario would for the truth around voter fraud and manipulation to finally come out. Its a lot to ask, but with the Sun in Sag at the time, conjunct the new Moon in Sag, well, there might just be that chance.

Its too bad, because we could have really solved this back in 2004, but like all the other big ticket items, the left was woefully un-responsive when Skull and Boner, John Kerry scratched a few fleas, shrugged his shoulders and shuffled back into line. But while the wholly impotent and ineffective left did little untangle the voting deceit in Ohio, illinois, etc., the whole notion of rigging another election was still just too risky in 2008, so we had the Obama cakewalk to the presidency.

On the 13th, we’ll be staring down another Solar Eclipse, this one visible in northern Australia and most of the Pacific. Areas touched by eclipses often experience Earth changes in its wake. Don’t be surprised if Australia experiences a few tremors in the aftermath of the eclipse, including volcanic activity in the region. This is the twin soul of the big eclipse that occurred in May on the 20th. On a personal level, go back and look at some of the changes you experienced during that time and the weeks after. This eclipse, in Scorpio should provide some closure for many people and what they’ve experienced over the last six months. Both Taurus and Scorpio are fixed signs, so these are changes that are deep and long lasting. This is a total eclipse and clear endings and beginnings are associated with it.

Mars moves into Cap mid-month and the overall activity cycle shifts from expansion to consolidation. If you’re in a phase with an idea or project, really stretch out the possibilities, especially with Mercury joining forces with Mars. If you live in the Northeast and have been hammered by Sandy, there’s some buoyant optimism and a “can do” spirit with both planets. The shift into Cap will no doubt get many people in the region thinking about insurance, claims, re-building and fortification. Outside the disaster zones, Mars in Cap exalted and augurs a brief phase where people can actually entertain the thought that they are and can be self-governing. In fact, conditions might even demand it, especially in the wake of Sandy and the already edgy atmosphere brewing between locals and the authorities.

Okay, that’s it for now. Let’s look at the vibe for each sign over the next thirty days.


New horizons beckon. Old dreams fade into the sunset. Opportunity calls. The Ram is surfing the Uranian wave now rippling through our inner skies. Unlike other Uranian cycles, the Aries wave is fast, electric and unrelenting. People are sleeping less and coffee sales are up. While there’s still an opportunity to check into the placidity of Neptunian states of bliss through traditional forms of meditation, Uranus in Aries is a very different circuit to plug into the grid of God. We’re talking unconventional expression of Will and you Aries are the post child for that. Staying grounded is essential, but you’ll have to find new ways of doing it. Think mineral supplements from Salt Lake or the Dead Sea. Think French Green Clay smoothies. Think leather jackets and boots wafting with the smell of suede. Root veggies and salt baths. That’s the Rx. Saturn has moved on finally and let up, but it hasn’t been all that bad has it? A sign that is often incapable of self-reflection must be at times forced to deal with the consequences of the “other” even if it is a distorted and cracked reflection. The past three years have been about feeling how other people feel sans that Martian indignation. Hopefully you gained some patience for yourself and others along the way. Congratulations.


That great run in 2011 is not only done and over since June, but things might actually appear to be going in the other direction as well. Well, that’s not really the case, but the universe does love balance, so you get to work on some very specific issues over the next few years and the lessons will all be about consolidating gains without becoming a a greedy grinch. Emotion and abundance are tied into your sign more than any other right now. How can you offset potential financial loss? Give of yourself and I mean on an emotional level; make yourself available. One of the other things that you can do is to share with people some of your money making secrets. It might seem like common sense to you, but for others, its Austrian economics. Partnering is also a key theme from here on out and its all about equal value there as well. You have the opportunity to have some of the most outrageous and soul bonding sex of this lifetime, but you’ll need to be selective in the process, which is difficult, because your urge to merge will be at a peak. The other thing you’ll be dealing with throughout the rest of the year and into 2013 is your supposed “weaknesses.” Part of what makes you so great and compelling is your ability to shrug off criticism and go on your merry way. This time it won’t be so easy, because there’s some truth coming at you that you won’t want to turn away from, because it will actually be good for you to take it in, gently. Cultivate some humility and good humor, especially this month when the eclipse effect you and Scorp more than any other sign. By the spring of 2013 your life becomes a romance novella, but until then buy some candles and light them in the occasional dark night of soul. When you do, you’ll realize that you are not alone.


With Jupiter in your sign, but going backwards, you’re like a pig in poo. I can’t think of another sign that would enjoy the Jovian giant’s backward romp in its own sign so much. Gemini is endlessly fascinated by novelty and reverse engineering reality is what you do best. Jupiter retrograde is all about that now. How can you apply this to your own life? Well, first of all, things that aren’t working may not be all that bad and things that are, may not be all that good. One thing you’re excellent at is not judging the immediate outcome and I would urge you to put this into practice. While you don’t want to stop caring, you can take the edge off of imperfection by being more playful with the chaos and less attached to it. Take notes in the form of an alter-ego. Concoct recipes for natural disaster diets. Build a bike that floats. That sort of thing. Keep messing with the combinations until you get it right. On the relationship front, its honesty, 24/7 up through the holidays. No one has room to run or hide and even though you can feign it at times through the application of various personae, you’re going to be required to drop the mask this month. Are you ready to be revealed? Fidelo.


The move of Saturn into Scorpio is actually an epic moment for your sign. We can literally say that the tide is turning for you. Now this may not be the case with New York and the Northeast, which is the beachhead of the USA, with Sun in Cancer, but you are well equipped to weather this or just about any other storm. The past 2 1/2 years have been some of the most intense in recent memory. You’ve been at the mercy of all this cardinality. With Uranus, Pluto and Saturn, coming at you hard from every angle, you’ve been bested and tested to your limits and now you are coming through it wiser and more loving to your own sensitive nature. It’s nothing but up from here for you. This gradual ascent leads towards next Spring/Summer where the rainbow ends in a pot of gold (metaphorically speaking). So between now and then, especially over the next thirty days, I would recommend that you get back in touch with your physical body and work out some of the kinks. Since you’ve been doing a ton of emotional work, get physical. Lymphatic drainage, colonics, sweat, you name it. Get it out. Expel the toxins of the past three years and reclaim your form. It’s a fine form. You’ll need it for what lies ahead and we’ll need you. So get cracking and work that booty out!


November is a special month for you. It’s the gateway to power. Now before you puff your chest up and send out another royal decrees for a diet soda and the remote, you need to understand this in all of it’s glorious manifestations. Before you can understand power, you have to understand powerlessness. And your lessons begin this month. Now, I don’t think you’ll wind up in a fetal pose on your bedroom floor at 1AM, but you will see the limits of your power up till now, thanks in part to your new friend, Saturn. And it won’t be obvious either. You might make a an executive decision that seems great in the moment and hours, days, weeks later, you’ll see the ramifications of it, for better or worse. Likely worse if you’re operating from an unconscious or ego-driven place. What’s happening is that you are being trained and groomed for something higher and the next 2 1/2 years is all about grokking the responsibility of power. So, in the early stages, the old tricks and commands won’t work or if they do, they’ll only work on the surface. You’re going to be forced to really embody the essence of power in every phase and manifestation. Part of this will include a crash course in empathy and seeing/feeling from the others perspective. Another aspect of power will have to do with forgiveness, not from you, but from another to you. You can only get this by fucking up and abusing power, but the act of being forgiven will humble you and allow you to see yet another of its many facets. In the meantime, don’t stress out too much. Go find a kid or a grandkid and play. Have fun. Kick up your heels and rejoice for simple pleasures. Children are some of the most powerful being amongst us. Start your learning with them.


The other day, I was on one of the crazy websites I like to go to and they were talking about how Sean Connery was really “The Ayatollah Khomeni.” When you look at them, its amazing how much alike they appear to be. But then you have to go into a conspiracy so wicked and crooked that it begins to tear at the margins of reality. The reason I’m bringing this up is because Connery is a Virgo. I watched “Highlander” last night, where Connery appears as a 5,000 year-old warrior that shape shifts through time. Then in another film, he’s a barbarian on the fringes of the outer lands managed by a man/god named “Zardoz” leaving us yet another clue perhaps into the malleability of Bond’s true identity and origins. Why do I bring this up? Because with the Saturn shift, your detective skills are going to be put into high gear. Saturn fires up your ability to solve puzzles, unlock mysteries and grasp the meaning behind the meaning. The only caveat here is to not convince yourself that you have found the ultimate truth, because once you think you have, another trap door opens and down you go. Just keep peeling it all back, mount evidence, compare/contrast and you’ll be amazed at what you’ll find. What to do at that point? Dan Brown made a fortune off this stuff. Why not you? On the home front, especially this month, you need to expand in your own way, maybe even move perhaps to a place that is more suited to your expansive and explorational spirit. If you can’t move, knock down a wall, install a new, bigger window or at the very least, study some Feng Shui to invoke greater space in your living space.


Saturn has left town. Hallelujah! Amen! Huzzah! This is great news, though I doubt that you would want to trade all those life lesson in now. The hardest thing for most Libras to do is to be alone and Saturn helped no doubt with that aspect of your life. Even if you managed to stay married or committed over the past three years, the whole concept of being with ones self was a major test. The other test you went through was living up to your commitments, which is not always the easiest thing either. But you’ve done both and are a more complete in not happier person as a result. The Saturn shift for you forces you to re-evaluate your values. What is purposeful and meaningful for you? How do you covertly give yourself away to be popular or liked? These are the things that are going to get your attention in a very big way. Sex enters into it as well. How do you use sex to bolster your vanity? Are you going deep enough with the sexual energy in your life in general? Can reality be a tantric practice, 24/7? While we’re at it, let’s talk money too. If you haven’t snatched up some gold and silver, you, more than any other sign needs to get on this ASAP. Libra tends to trust a bit too much in the auguries of fate and this is not a time for that. You might want to do an op-ed piece in the local paper to get a few things off your chest. You might be surprised by who responds and what comes out of it.


Ah, the poster child for change. How does it feel? Saturn is your best friend and your worst nightmare. Now don’t freak out. You’ve never run from a challenge before and you’re not about to now. But let’s just say that it’s your turn, your time to face yourself and the immensity that you are, warts and all. Three years from now, you’ll look back on this time as one of the most important periods of your life. The whole notion here is freedom and liberation. You can’t experience them without limitations imposed from without and within. For a number of Scorpios this will manifest in some form of crisis, either through health or through the loss of an attachment that has no longer served its purpose. These are not easy lessons but if anyone can handle them, its you. The good news is, is that the North Node is in your sign, so you’ll get an extra, astro-booster pack to shoot across those deep chasms of doubt. We’re talking accelerated learning here. The quicker you let go, the farther and the faster you go. In a few months time, people will be amazed by your strength and wisdom if that’s any solace to you. Neptune blends with your energies to offer you easy access to God’s healing balm of kindness and forgiveness. Don’t turn away from it. For the rest of the month, make moves to consolidate finances and solidify your position. Look at what happened in the East Coast and take notice. Be prepared.


With Mercury and Mars in your sign, you’re on fire, but don’t get too inflated. Saturn is going to keep you humble for the next three years. Your connection to Saturn in Scorp will be interesting to say the least–think shamanic. Your 12th House is where the fear of death emanates from and you get to face it on some level. You went through this when Pluto was in Scorpio, so its not like you haven’t experienced it yet, but this go round is a bit different. Think of it as a journey towards source which will allow your sagacious Sag self even more vistas of unlimited wisdom to tap into. If you’re too young to have experienced Pluto in Scorp, as a Sag, then let me fill you in on this transit. Its all about banishing your most intimate fears, because when Saturn moves into your sign three years from now, you’re going to be writing books, teaching classes and generally being a wayshower for most of the world. But for now, bring your lantern and journey forth into the labyrinth of your soul. Oh yeah, raise a little hell come election day. You have the cosmic license to lead the truth parade.


Saturn is in mutual reception to your sign and frankly, you had a enough of that Libra crap anyway, right? Hopefully you learned something about manners and the little guy that you can appreciate and apply. Now its time to find out what you can really do with some resources and astral cards in your favor. You get the chance to wield some executive power, but here is the key; You can’t do it alone. Nope. You’ve got to involve others. You see that’s what Saturn was forcing you to do over the past three years. The more that you can invite people to play a role in your expanding empire, the better off you are and ironically, the more you’ll get. You cannot be a hoarder at any level right now. When Mars shifts into your sign later this month, you’ll get a real taste of what I’m talking about. Instant manifestation. But don’t be surpriesed that if out of the blue, you are struck by some kind of spiritual jolt that will renew your faith in the ineffable grace of the almighty. Not if, but when it does happen, just give thanks and then get down to business with your new partner connected in the most high places.


For you, Saturn offers a key insight into your own mystery. You are linked to Scorpio in a way that’s positively alchemical. You are on part of the instinct and wisdom equation. You are the eagle and Scorpio is the serpent. So guess what? You get to come down from your ivory tower of speculation and get into the messy folds of desire. It is in that place where emotion dwells, so you get to traffic in that too. This won’t be more apparent than where you work or ultimately what you want to work at. If you don’t follow your passion, you won’t fly and therein lies the great paradox. You have to get down with the sloppy elements of failure, envy, betrayal and lust, but once you do and refine your vision based on the intensity of feeling fueling it, you’ll get it–big time. Jupiter is still your ally, even if its ducked into a back alley for the time being. Sag is pretty friendly too. Get out into nature and renew your relationship with wonder. Wax philosophical amongst the great trees and seas of the Earth and allow them to co-create with you on levels you can’t perceive from within the enclave of four closed walls. All-in-all, this promises to be a great ride as long as you are willing to face your fear and embrace your desire.


Always the best for last. :-). This Saturn shift is the best thing that’s happened to you since Neptune moved into your sign. In fact, the two couldn’t be more copacetic. Neptune inspires you at your deepest stratum, opening you to compassion, forgiveness and hope in ways that are very real for you. Saturn brings the gravitas to ground it all in a psychic awareness that’s both profound and lasting. We’re talking practical mysticism here with a dash of glamour and dazzle. You dear Pisces can pull this off with real style and panache. The world may be going to hell in a hand basket, but you’ll be passing out life preservers and flutes of champagne on the deck of life’s Titanic. You’ll utter a few kind words no doubt too, then shoot off on your jet ski to shangri-la, set up a tiki party and wait for the rest of us. Jeff Kent, the former major leaguer, now reality TV star on Survivor is a Pisces. See what I’m saying? You’re on a rock star roll. Just give thanks and let us admire your grace in the fury of the storm.