Lance, Neil and Jack Armstrong, The Fall Of America, Mars In Scorpio And Bolt Of Revelation

Hook’em horns!

We’re well into Virgo now and I’m a few days late. Mars has crossed into Scorpio and the second full Moon of august is upon us, A blue Moon, casting its pale indigo radiance upon us. Its easy to see why Cancer aka the Moon is such a nostalgic sign. The golden face of the moon usually evokes fondness and a sense of harmony, when the night sky is luminescent and darkness held at bay for a few days. In the depth of Summer when Cancer reigns supreme, that Moon appears at the end of long, warm days and is a beacon for lovers to meet beneath its flattering glow, evoking a special array of pheromones, neurotransmitters, poly-peptides and hormones in a fusion of passion and flush. The full Moon rises eternally in the space of our DNA, alighting the promise of night. I don’t give a good goddam if its a spaceship, hollow or was parked there by Orions to entrain us with a broad spectrum of strange behaviors and polarity (see the Moon’s Nodes). When the Blue Moon rises, it evokes laying in the long grass, dandelion wine and sprites humming about in the sweet essence of creation, rising in the glow of the midsummers night.

And then there’s Virgo.

It didn’t take long, but we saw the first meta-imprint of Virgo hit the collective screen of our minds. I am referring to the fall of Lance Armstrong, America’s last hero of sorts.

Armstrong (9/18/71) birth time unknown is a triple Virgo (Sun/Moon/Mercury). He also has Pluto in Virgo at 29 degrees, conjunct his Sun at 25 degrees. That Pluto/Sun conjunction is tenacious, the sign of a true survivor and since it is in Virgo (health) and Pluto (death) Armstrong rose to prominence in the public’s eye by beating cancer of the lungs, brain and testicle, using aggressive allopathic medicine aka radiation and chemo. its the stuff of legend. He goes onto win 7 Tour-de-France medals, has his sperm frozen just in case the plumbing won’t work, impregnates his wife with it, then goes onto conquer the cycling world. Along the way, he buddies up with fellow Texan, G.H.W. Bush, then leaves his wife for Sheryl Crow, the former school teacher from Missouri who moved to LA and got the majority of her early hits from a musical salon called “The Supper Club” where she met Kevin Gilbert who became her boyfriend and was generally acknowledged as the creative force behind Crow. After releasing a brilliant, 80s styled pop record, drenched in cynicism and unabashed romantic yearning, Gilbert pulled the plug on his own life in the shadow of Crow’s spreading wings on the winds of her success, soaring up the charts. But I am getting way ahead or behind or tangential.

Lance Armstrong, with all that purity (Virgo) represented the untainted winner that America had been craving for decades. Not only was he a true American from Plano, Texas, he was also white. Unlike Tiger and his miscegenated cablination, Lance was white. And while “Figer” created a sense of corporate worship and awe through his Baphometric Capricornius, it wasn’t the same. Lance was the common man with uncommon ability, who overcame adversity. His team was repaid by the postal service, a mercurial/virgoan brand as there ever could be. This is why his fall is strange and as tainted as his urine samples likely were.

Lance was being harassed by the USADA (The US Anti-Doping Agency). While almost all of Hollywood is getting pumped with botulism viruses, HGH and just about any other thing that will sustain the illusion of youth, while men over 40 are being pitched testosterone pre-cursors every 15 minutes on sports talk radio, while deep in the heart of DARPA labs, serums for super soldiers are cooked up for the Captain Americas of tomorrow, Lance gets tarred and feathered by the most absurd watchdog agency. EVER. If the SEC had as much zealous intention and oversight, most of Wall St and nearly all of congress and the senate would be doing time.

Its pretty clear (no, not that clear) that Armstrong is a superior athlete from his chart. he has Jupiter in Sag, which is Jupiter at it’s most potent expression. Sag and Aries rules athletics and in its own sign, Jupiter is amplified times two. At 0 degrees, its a portal. In the Sabian Symbols, 0 degrees Sag, as it relates to Armstrong isn quite interesting. Even though we would read one degree for this symbol, we cannot overlook the all important 30th or 0 degree (at least according to my friend, Lynda Hill). Here is the 30th or 0 degree;


KEYNOTE: The need to pay homage to traditional values upon which the Invisible Community of the spirit is built. The concrete integration of myriads of human individuals within a great religious institution with a long tradition reflects, as well as having produced century after century, an invisible spiritual Community. The “flag bearer” has now become the “Pope,” who assumes the role of God’s representative on earth. It is a role, but culture is based on embodying great Images and deeply moving symbols in physical reality. The symbol asks of the individual: “Are you willing to live a transpersonal life as a symbol?” This is the final and supreme statement of that section of the cycle of the year represented by Sagittarius.

This concludes Scene Eighteen. A collectivity of human beings is seen having “transferred” their sense of spiritual value to a man who has become an incarnation of their common ideal. Keywords: PERSONALIZED WORSHIP. It can be a blessing or in some cases, a curse.

Clearly, we are in the curse phase of this symbol for Armstrong. Also note the transition from flag bearer, Sabian symbol 26, to the Pope, which Rudhyar sees as the transformation of the revelation into spiritual orthodoxy. Where have we seen the image of the flag bearer before?

Neptune also plays a HUGE role as it too is at 0 degrees and conjunct Sag. We can infer all kinds of Neptunian hijinx around this, like using drugs (Neptune) to expand (Jupiter) athletic enhancement (Sag). There’s also the projection of the very type of hero worship in symbol 30/0. All this went down by the way when the Sun was square Armstrong’s Jupiter and Neptune. Lance also has a very prominent conjunction between Mars at 12 degrees Aquarius conjunction his Mean Node in Aquarius at 12 degrees, Can you say science? Using any technological means at his disposal. His chart is marked by exactitude and direct/close degrees. There’s the Neptune/Jupiter exact conjunction, Mars/MN, exact and also Lilith and Uranus also exact in Libra, 12 degrees. Chiron in Aries is also at 12 degrees and is exactly opposite Uranus and BML. Restless, application of will at all costs, especially in relationships and love are a hot spot here for Armstrong. His chart is also marked by a lack of water. None. Zero. Dry as West Texas. Compassion and emotion come from the outside–not in. Replacing emotion with adulation. Love as a remote signal from the masses. Let’s face it, The man is human in extremes. He’s overcome adversity and based on the scientific and darwinian model, should be rewarded, not punished for his achievements in athletics and science, ahem. But we live in a bullshit world where Lance gets strung up on the cross of hypocrisy just days before the GOP convention, getting swept up in the undercurrent of racial baiting that both sides shamelessly promote. Lance is the dirty, white, cheating republican, branded just prior to their biggest stage. But he’s not the only Armstrong. Oh no!. There’s Neil Armstrong, arguably America’s “other” last hero, the man that “walked” on the Moon. if you haven;t listened to my interview with Jay Weidner on Kubrick and the Moon, I headily recommend that you do. You can hear it here.

In the midst of the Vietnam war, riots in Watts, Detroit and shootings at Kent State, America needed a moment where it could be proud and once again regain some its luminescence. That was Armstrong’s “One small step for man.” I’m not going to go into the elaborate minutiae about the NASA and Freemasonry, Clockwork Orangeing, and all the other strangeness around the Apollo missions, but let’s for a moment seal Neil Armstrong in the amber of our memory as America’s last hero, he’s gone now. Passed into the great beyond where the soul catcher on the Moon’s dark side hurtles his essence back into the center of the Sun, joining the dearly departed Kubrick for a cosmic belly laugh of epic proportion and some suitable incarnation on an alternate Earth. He’s gone. Dead. And Lance Armstrong is metaphorically dead (even though Livestrong donations have hit an all-time high) Neil Armstrong died after complications of heart surgery. This would not be uncommon for a Leo, but the timing is quite strange, in the overall arc of the Armstrong/Armstrong vector.

One of the most important symbols for America during the early 20th Century, was Jack Armstrong, the All American Boy, which ran on radio, from 1933 to 1951. It was a classic cereal thriller as it was sponsored by the all american, Wheaties. It debuted on 7/31/33 which would make Jack a Leo! The show was a series of adventures with the young Armstrong (high school) and his two friends, the Billy and Betty Fairfield (fair playing field) globetrotting from adventure-to-adventure, thanks mainly to the Fairfield’s industrialist uncle Jim. The show was a staple of the American diet inasmuch as Wheaties was the breakfast table. He is the third of the Armstrong trinity, representing a heroic ideal and ideation of being an American. Jack Armstrong was eventually morphed into the TV show, Johnny Quest, where Johnny and his buddy Hadji get into all kinds of adventures with his dad and his dad’s pal (ahem) Race Bannon, both of whom look like poster dudes from Tom of Finland.

It is interesting that the Fairfield sibs were altered in this iteration to reflect an emerging globalism and become Johnny’s turban wearing, snake-charming chum.

In two, short days, the Armstrong brand was terminated. This could be inferred as the death of the USA on a metaphoric and perhaps even a prophetic level. In the ashes of Lance Armstong’s legacy, the global icon of Ussain Bolt rises. Running beastly times in the 100, 200, and 100 meter relay, Bolt (Leo) is the man of the moment, bolting and signifying with the all the rest of the stars that illuminate our media’s skies. Bolt is global. He’s Jamaican, British, a planetary citizen, a DJ, spinning tracks with power rings and ancient seals, from bikes to spikes, from wheels to heels. Ussain has become a lightning bolt for alternative research. See for yourself, here.

With the descent and passing of the Armstrongs, we are seeing a ritual passing of the torch. Keep your eyes affixed on the flame of liberty, Pallas Athena’s torch of illumination.

I’ll be back with scopes this week–its been too long. Until then, let’s get into a little Mars in Scorpio. Mars and Scorpio are yoked. Mars is exalted in Scorpio. Its depth. Its power. Its endurance. Its tenacity. Its sex. This is truly an aspect where everyone gets a little needed boost. While Mars was only in Libra from July 4th to till August 23rd, but it felt like a lot longer, especially in relationships, where, let’s face it, Mars in Libra was a real grind, sorting out mine and thine. Mars in Libra is great for make-up sex, but it spends a lot of time negotiating at high volume. Its no coincidence that with Mars in Libra and Jupiter in Gemini, both signs that represent an expression of duality, one inner, the other outer, that we’d be stuck in the middle of a political psyop between two supposed candidates that has done everything is the book to divide and conquer. Watching the fallout from the bizarre re-definition of rape by one Senator Akin, to the vitriolic response from women, to the cynical manipulation of that rage coming from the other side.

With Mars out of Libra, the heat, the rancor and the outrage all get dialed back. There’s something else in the ethers now. Its a feeling that is intense, canny, wise and deep. Recently, in the final degrees of Mars in Libra, Pussy Riot, desecrated an Orthodox church and were thrown in the pokey, amidst much furor and outrage from the likes of Madonna, Lady Gaga, and Trudy Styler. Pussy Riot has all the earmarks of a false front. More atsro-turfed phony agit-prop. While the three courageous avengers of global justice who screw in museums and swear at God in orthodox churches were jailed, in the US, one Brandon Raub gets detained for posting “patriotic lyrics” on Facebook and the truthers come out in support of Raub, full guns blazing. Well, after a brief stint in a psych ward, there seems to be some unraveling of his story and people are looking at him and this event quite differently as well. Here is where the strum and drang of Mars in Libra gives way to the sagacious undertone of Mars in Scorpio. People have the ability to get beneath the surface of things in their lives with Mars in Scorpio and it has the power to transform all aspects in all lives, from malkuth to kether. Life, birth, death, in an affirmation of active participation, that is Mars in Scorpio. Its actually a very positive energy to have in the wake of Issac, people persevering through the force of violence and nature via water.

Scopes on Friday. See you then.

Ussain Bolt says ok!.

Sour Melk, Leo Cabrera Becomes The Shadow Of Leo Bonds Unresolved And Wagnerian Betrayal

Melking it for all it’s worth.

Here in the Bay Area, crocodile tears are flowing into McCovey Cove as the Giants star player, Melky Cabrera was just hit with a fifty-game suspension for being caught with elevated levels of testosterone. In lay terms, he cheated. By introducing synthetic testosterone into his system, his workouts became more productive, he recovered faster and unleashed enormous bat speed, which contributed to his National League leading average of .349. Melky even won the MVP of the all star game, recently held in Kansas City, the last team he played for before he got traded to the Giants in the offseason. Cabrera’s performance had in the talk for the MLB MVP and there is little chance that the Giants would be one game out of first place without his timely hits, holding up a club that was leaking runs, every fifth day when Tim Lincecum would start. With Pablo Sandoval off and on the DL and Buster Posey finding his feet under him, after his ankle was nearly destroyed last season, Melky put the Giants on his shoulders and carried them. Then he let them down–literally.

Last week, word came out that Cabrera had failed his drug test. He was having a career year, up for free agency and was looking at a big, fat, payday. There was talk that he could have received five years at $13-14 million per year. That’s not just eff you money–that’s generational eff you money, taking into account that there will also be an economy here to parlay that money into haciendas for his great grandchildren. His impact on the city and the team was so great that a group of grown men dressed up as “Melk-Men” for the Giants home games. The Melk-Men begat Melk-Maids. You see, San Francisco has been the launching pad for Burning Man and the Bay-To-Breakers, where everyone is in full costume identity shift, that it’s seeped into Giants games where people where Panda hats, fake beards and horse heads.

But oh how the Melk’s turned sour!

Not only did Melky get popped, but check this out. His agent had a fake website built that claimed it sold a product with a banned testo-booster and had Melky actually buy the fake product with his credit card. They did this in case he did get caught and could use this as a piece of evidence that Melky didn’t know what he was taking. After he hires all the lawyers just to keep his ass out of the frying pan, he’ll be a long ways from the fortune he was staring down a few weeks ago.

Melky is a Rat. Truly. Born in 1984, Melky is a “Wood Rat.” Rats are known to get what they want/need by any means necessary. Baseball bats are made out of wood. He’s a Leo Rat (8/11/84) and is going to go through his Saturn Return shortly. With Saturn in Scorpio, squaring his cool Aquarian Moon, and his 2nd Decan Leo Sun, Mr. Melkman could be in for a pretty rough go for the first year-and-a-half of his Saturn Return. What’s really interesting is that he had transiting Saturn in Libra, just four degrees off his natal Pluto in Libra. Recently, Lolo Jones, America’s vestal virgin at the XXX Olympics had Saturn directly on her Pluto. She fell short of medaling in the 110 meter hurdles and not only that, but her teammates dogged her out, obviously a little put off by all the pre-Olympic Lolo love. There was an undercurrent of racial tension in their remarks as Jones, of mixed race and much lighter complexion received far more attention they did. While Saturn transiting her Pluto did not result in the sacrifice of her virginity for the reptilian gods of mammon, she took a major hit. Saturn on Pluto shakes, rattles and rolls.

Cabrera has some fairly complex aspects. He’s got a funky T-Square with Venus in Virgo (purity and judgment in relationships), Uranus in Sag (radical expression through sport) and Chiron in Gemini (duplicity) Boy, did they get triggered. Transiting Chiron in Pisces is opposing Melky’s virginal (that word again) Venus in Virgo. Chiron is the wounded healer and its no coincidence that Melky’s teammates now despise him, for not only cheating, but by going so overboard with it, that he created the phony website. The Melkman also has his TN in the sign of the twins, conjuncting his Chiron. While astrology is NOT a science of fate in my mind, but rather a compass towards destiny, its pretty clear, that without a fair amount of conscious awareness, this train was bound to wreck. But on closer attention, there is something much deeper at play.

It wasn’t that long ago when Barry Bonds was crushing baseballs into the chilly brine of McCovey cove. Bonds’ home run production was both prodigious and unprecedented, especially for a man at his age. In this late thirties, his production should have been tailing off. Instead, it was launching him into the stratospheric heights of the game’s all time greats. Bonds currently holds the all time record for home runs in both a single season and in a career. He eclipsed his solar opposite, Hank Aaron to hold the home run crown. Aaron is an Aquarius and Bonds, like Cabrera is a Leo. Bonds is a first decan Leo which is ruled by Leo. Cabrera is a second deacon Leo, ruled by Sag. One wants fame, the other achievement through some numinous act. But here’s the deal. This chemical drama is more than just chance, or the proximity of the most cutting edge performance enhancement labs in the country.

The Melky affair is archetypal.

You see, after millions and millions of taxpayer dollars spent to get Barry Bonds for perjuring himself, absolutely zero closure has ever occurred around one of the most controversial and least liked athletes in modern history. He and Roger Clemens (also a Leo) have been at the center of the steroidal witch hunt for the past six years. Most clear thinking people know, beyond a shadow of a doubt that Bonds and Clemens used PEDS to achieve greatness and acquire large sums of cash in the process. Like Bonds, Clemens’s recent run through the judiciary gauntlet ended in a mistrial and he’s now free to continue to be the a-hole that he’s been throughout his career. But I am getting a bit of track here. The complexity of the Bonds affair has left an open wound, a psychic gap that even a magical world series in 2010 has not been able to close and heal. In a Jungian sense, Melky Cabrera is the unclaimed shadow of Bonds’ and the Giants fan base, thrashing in a denial deeper than McCovey Cove. Melky even resembles a troll, ever-so-slightly, but now he’s a demon raised from the depths of BALCO’s synthetic vats of human potential and super-soldier Nazi juice. He’s also become Bonds’ wicker man, burning in a public effigy the way that the all-time home run hitter never did or will. This is a classic case of transference but also a reminder of the powers of the collective unconscious to dredge up, especially on a mass level, the unclaimed and unresolved matters of the psyche.

At the end of the day, Bonds might be symbolic of Baseball’s rampant steroid era, but Melky Cabrera will be its frankenstein monster, unleashed on the public as the horrific and betraying other and unless fandom and Bonds come to understand this and expose the shadow in the light of awareness, the beast of science and denial will forever haunt the house that Barry built.

Mars and Saturn Conjunction, Living In The World But Not Of It

Your reason is blind.

I’m on Facebook again. I can’t help it and I’m deleting friends like Idi Amin on a bad day. Mars and Saturn are taking turns whomping on my Venus in Libra and the pressure has to go somewhere, exerting itself on the hapless, whose comments, pictures and posts I can no longer look at.

There’s the rake from Southern California, who can’t seem to commit to the revolution due to his latest Bacchanalian diversion. I can’t stomach the dilettantish self mythologizing any longer. He’s gone. Then there’s the sadsack liberal friend from Sacto who might be the best writer I know, who can’t seem to extract himself from his pomo-liberal-victim-blues narrative–yeah I know you were raised in Berkeley, but you live in the central valley for fuck’s sake. Gone. Then there’s the friend from another board who chimed in on my sarcastic posts about Obamacare with a pious, “Well Ron Paul and Mitt Romney would let that person die on an ice floe.” I don’t need no tit-for-tat on that thread, since you are still entangled in your web of Hegelian dialectic. Let me cut you loose. Gone. Thats the way its been today. Mars conjunct Saturn. No more patience.

And yet, I realize that they are all me. Yep, each one of them. They’re all contrarians in their own way, trying to find some semblance of balance in a chaotic universe. They’re iconoclasts and yet I just couldn’t sit there and watch it anymore, I had to perform hari-kari to those parts of me. Sayonara.

Three weeks ago, my son fell off a horse at camp. He told me that he had a dream about falling off a horse and the horse trampling over him. Since I am an intuitive sort and I do this thing for a living, I told his mom about this and “gently” suggested that he do something different, especially if he wasn’t into it. Her response? “Well, maybe he should get back on the horse? I think it’s good for him.” Three weeks and three falls later, he broke his leg on a horse, after falling off.

Maybe this is why my patience was so short with the itinerant parts of me on FB. Finding balance in the maelstrom is the art of the Silver Surfer shooting the temporal tube in the turgid waves of the end times.

The comments on my last post were conspicuously absent, though I had friends tell me that they couldn’t read my blog anymore or that I was a big, fat battery for the dark forces. I know that I have a responsibility to people. Its hard-wired into my matrix. I shock people occasionally though. I’ll never forget when I realized this.

I was working at a restaurant in Olympia, Washington and I was having a typically shitty restaurant day. I snapped at the line cook, who looked like I had just stabbed him in the heart with a butter knife. He couldn’t wrap his head around the fact that I would say something cutting and well, not nice. He felt betrayed. It took me days to talk him off that ledge. We eventually got there.

Its funny, I stayed away from the closing ceremonies of The Olympics, not dipping into a play-by-play and symbolic breakdown, but instead, I went for something bigger, trying to understand and decode the knots of illusion in a cinematrix reality where dimensions and actors bleed through on multiple levels.

The message I got was loud and clear. The edge and the abyss were too dark. Too ominous. People need hope–that’s exactly what Axelrod and Plouffe knew as they cynically exploited it in cascading levels of NLP, culminating in a mile-high-ritual of epic proportion.

I get it, and I don’t want to lose the room. We have too much at stake.

One night, I was at Burning Man and I was in one of those brilliant, temporary discos that rise out of the playa like some mirror ball mirage, dark and strobing against all thought and endless night. There was a DJ who kept speeding up the beats until he emptied the dance floor. He didn’t care. That was his maniacal moment, fueled on meth and jamming the frequency at 150 BPM, half-a-century above and beyond the comfort zone of the human heart.

I walked up to him and told him about what he was doing. His response? He just jacked up the jackboot beats and said nothing.

I don’t want to be that guy.

Last night, I had a dream. I was in a great river that emptied into a lake. It was crystal blue and virgin water the way it was, in its most pristine state. For some reason, I had a dog and it had fled into the hills. I had to let it go. There was my computer on the river bank, encased in its satchel. Naked, I grabbed and thrust it over my head like a soldier would hoist his rifle above him and walked towards the edge of the river. I remember the weight of the computer–it was almost unbearable–I made it to the other side.

For me, the dream symbolized the abandonment of my instincts (dog) in favor of the mind (computer) as I navigated the floes of emotion (river). The meaning wasn’t lost on me.

In many ways, that’s what the current Mars/Saturn conjunction in Libra means. We need to stay close to our instincts (Mars) while honoring the logos of patience manifest in Saturn.

Talk about a balancing act!

This epic conjunction challenges us to find short AND long term solutions to achieving balance in our lives. You can’t be too rash and yet you can’t let losers squat on your dreams while you continue to justify their stultifying presence. A radical balance must be achieved. But how? To what end?

The key is equanimity and finding it in this conjunction. If you go a bit far, that’s okay, you can reel it in. Look, the world is a hard place right now, there’s no denying it, but you’ve got to live in it, not of it. This is the codex to the Mars/Saturn conjunction and the beauty of it is that you cannot detach. Nope, it doesn’t work that way. You have to wrestle with “time” and “will” and if you play nice (Libra) that’s cool, but remember, its about achieving balance and sometimes, well, you gotta go just a little overboard to get there.

New Moon on Friday. I’ll be writing about it with my new found optimism, snatched from the jaw of Molech’s sinister maw.

Eight Eleven Chart For The Olympics, Temporal Distortions Part 3 And The Gemini Effect

Batman again!

Tim Booth snakes to the five rhythms in the dessert under the blinding eye of Lucifer’s light, as dried branches and sage are gathered for a bonfire of the soul. Stay with the video long enough and you’ll see some strange precursor of 911. Does time jump lines or does every damned videographer have a pass key to the secret editing suite of Azazel? The Mars/Saturn conjunction is almost here and “Born Of Frustration” by James is the anthem of the moment. Mars wants to move forward, in Libra, it wants social justice. It wants to hang Mitt Romney from the Sears Tower for profiting off of death squads in El Salvador. Mars wants action. Mars is the petal to the metal and in Libra. it wants, needs a passenger to come along for the justice joyride as a witness to history.

Saturn on the other hand urges patience, waiting and wisdom. Saturn is the Tao and Mars is the pow. Saturn applies the brakes in its recognition of gravity and third dimensional physics. Its a marathon, not a sprint–ironic that the final event of the Olympics is the marathon. Notice the root of Mars. Marathon of course was a famous battle between the Greeks and the Persians.

Marathos was located just a few miles south of Tartus, the most important port city on the planet at this time. Tartus, located in Syria is where the Syrians receive what goods they can in the midst of the embargo. In the days that followed the battle at Marathon, Tartus was one of the last strongholds of the Knight’s Templar in the Middle East. It was also favored by Constantine as it was a center for the cult of the Virgin Mary. The very first chapel to her was said to be consecrated at Tartus. Another name for “Marathos” is “Amrit” which is a baptism ceremony practiced by the Sikh religion, but I’m getting a little ahead of myself here.

Saturn is endurance, longevity, fortitude and the accrual of wisdom as a result of patience and forbearance. Mars is impetuous, rash, bold, daring and dangerous. If, and this is a big if, they can be fused together, then what we have is a force that cannot be deterred or denied. In the sign of Libra, if some true balance can be taken into consideration and accounted for, it can be a dramatic and long lasting force for collective and interpersonal transformation. It is the cry for freedom and the ability to literally carve it into stone for generations to come. This would seem to be a good thing, right? Well, let’s drop into the Olympics as they wind down and hit the very interesting date of 8/11.

Let’s look at London, 8/11 at 11:11 am.

Mars is creeping on up Saturn, both have just moved over the ascendent. Conflict, violence, and Saturn, the rule of law predominate the first house. They are in a wide and somewhat awkward trine with Venus and Neptune/Chiron, both firmly anchored in water. The fire and the violence of the air in the first house throws the trine into an elemental spin, slightly disconnected, almost hijacking it. There seems to be a veneer of something on the surface, a reflection that’s not quite right, doesn’t fit. The sign of royalty occupies the tenth house, which means the Queen meme, I mean mum will be prominent in tomorrow’s affairs, blazing in the public’s eye. But all of that obscures some difficult, and even troubling aspects. Venus, freshly arrived in Cancer opposes Pluto and squares Uranus. The intensity of the cardinal energy that marked the Aurora shooting is present, without the intensity of Mars. Venus/Pluto opposition equals power play, especially in relationship, but more thant that, it represents the polarity of the people vs the machine like monoliths of corporate consciousness. Uranus in Aries is the destabilizing force between the two. The third house, where Pluto is located at 11:11 is where the power of an idea, a Plutonian idea can manifest. In the chart of an individual, over the course of a lifetime, Pluto in this house can develop into a type of social clairvoyance. As a transiting force, especially opposing Venus and squaring Uranus, it is a powerful idea, one that is explosive in nature and can detonate the psyche. The third house is ruled by Gemini, which is the house of spycraft, duplicity, twins, early childhood education and chatter, ceaseless, monkey-mind chatter.

If we’re looking at this from an Olympic perspective, the ninth house represents all the athletes of the world and quite possibly the Olympic village, their temporary home with venus there. Uranus in the sixth is explosive as well, sudden and violent. In the sixth house, there’s almost a fascistic-like level of efficiency with Uranus in a limited hang there..

Up in the eighth house is where the real action is taking place as you’ll see shortly. The Moon and Jupiter are both in Gemini and they’re in the house of Scorpio, the underworld. Gemini is deeply enmeshed in the eternal quest to define its duality as a sort of hermetic mystery, where two is one, one is two, two and one are three and three is one and two.

The conjunction between the Moon and Jupiter will simply augment and expand the potential for all kinds of alchemical skulduggery, especially in the eighth house, hidden, obscured and secret.

In the alternative research community, 8/11 has been on the radar as the day that some kind of terror event or possibly a UFO will land in London and some staged “guys in white hat ” moment will occur and save the day, thus making sure that all that expensive missile-to-ground artillery doesn’t go to waste and gets to stay on rooftops in London, protecting the city from any real or imagined threat. The last event of the Olympics, keep it in mind, is the Marathon. The closing ceremonies are set to go off on the 12th. Es Devlin (God I love that name) is the creative director for the closing ceremonies. She’s the creatrix for Lady Gaga, Rhianna, Jay-Z and Muse. That means she does all of their live staging and has big, fat budgets to not only turn the crowd on, but implant ideas, visions and memes in the ecstatic process of connecting with amplified vibrations, buried auto-suggestions, orgasmic and subliminal commands. In essence, a sonic ritual. That’s where the ideological convergence occurs, with Devlin’s visions and their obviously illuminated sounds.

Pete Townsend (convicted sex criminal/child porn) and The Who, along with Muse and George Michael are set to close the show up and pass the torch to Brazil, site of the next Olympics. From a ritual perspective, this is critical, its the passing of the Luciferian light, the Promethean torch from the New Jerusalem, to the New Atlantis. Oh yeah, Devlin was also the creative director and set designer for, get ready for it . . .”Batman Live” a theatrical presentation of the caped crusader, last year in London.

Do I think something will happen? If there was one day that it could, it would be tomorrow, due mainly to the shifty and multi-faceted conjunction of the Moon and Jupiter in Gemini. Speaking of Gemini, I promised to give you the third installment of the Batman Code.

Most people don’t know that Elvis had a twin that was stillborn. His name was “Jesse.” There are some people who believe, esoterically, that when a twin dies, its power goes to the living twin. Presley lived almost all of his life with this supposition. It was supported by the theosophical view of the “etheric body” or “the body double,” aka the “Linga sarira,” aka the “etheric double.” Presley was a student of Theosophy. Not sure if that’s a ringing endorsement for Theosophy however. But it’s an important concept to understand, especially when we look at the first two posts in this series in relation to Gemini. We’ve reached the moment of inception.

In Nolan’s film the dreamers return from their dreaming with the help of a song that “triggers” them. It’s the sonic “pre-kick” that brings them back to this waking dream. The song that’s played is, “Je Ne Regrette Rien” and its sung by Edith Piaf. Marillon Cotillard, the haunted and haunting ex-wife of Di Caprio (Dom Cobb) played Piaf in a film that brought her an Oscar. Here we see Nolan again, using reflection, layer and doubling. Cotillard will also appear in “The Dark Knight Rises” as the daughter of Ras al-guhl, and who will nearly destroy Batman.

The song that is used by Nolan in “Inception” is a classic trigger–it was adopted by the French army in their war/occupation with Algeria in the 1950’s. The song itself became the anthem of the French Foreign Legion.

Piaf (Sag) lived a consummate gypsy life. She was born and raised on the streets of Paris, lived with prostitutes from the ages of three to seven and went blind for a time. The prostitutes took her on a pilgrimage honoring Saint Therese of Liseux and she miraculously regained her sight.

She rose to acclaim by appearing in Jean Cocteau’s one-woman-play, “Les Bel indifferent.” Cocteau was a surrealist, sadist and alleged grand master of the Priory of Scion. Cocteau’s use of mirrors in “Beauty And The Beast” is essential in understanding the concept of mirrors as portals. The mirror is how Orpheus can travel from the realm of the living into into the realm of the dead, to find his beloved Eurydice.

Everything about “Batman Begins” and “Inception” including the cast of characters and Gemini as a reflective sign anchoring duality as a field is important to note. In the “The Dark Knight Rises” Bruce Wayne’s fortune is destroyed by Bane (Thomas Hardy). Bane of course is mnemonic mirror of “Bain,” Mitt Romney’s wrecking ball of a hedge fund. Bane is a terrorist who destroys bridges and blows up a a football field during a Gotham Rogues football game. This year, the NFL is requiring that all teams have DHS full-body scanners at every stadium. Nolan used Heinz Field in Pittsburgh as the field he would destroy.

Bane is chaos.

At one point, just as he is about to initiate chaos, Bane shouts, “Let the games begin.” This of course is what is said at the start of the Olympic games.


The first thing that we need to address is the disparity of the image of James Holmes. Here we see the first picture of Holmes that was released to the media. This was unofficially dubbed, “The Joker” picture. The next image we see is James Holmes with dyed orange hair and an orange jumpsuit to go along with it. He’s sitting next to a woman purported to be is mother. Speaking of which, isn’t it interesting that the first words we heard out of her were, “You’ve got your guy.” Now why would she say that? Why would any mother even have anything to say after an event like this took place? Most mothers would be so shocked that they would have nothing to say at all, or would register shock and disbelief. Not Mrs. Holmes or this version of Mrs. Holmes. Nope, she literally convicted her son in the court of public opinion. Why would she do that? Well perhaps she didn’t? Apparently, the press put those words in her mouth.

And has anyone gone to trial sooner than James Holmes? I mean he was booked and sent to trial on almost the same day. Where were the lawyers or even the right to build a case, discovery, calling of witnesses, etc? It has been over a year-and-a-half since the Giffords shooting, which took place on January 8th, 2011 (which happens to be Elvis’ birthday) and only just two days ago did Jared Lee Loughner decide to cop a guilty plea. This is quite convenient, since it does away with a messy trial.

So it takes close to 500 days before there’s any movement on the Giffords case and yet they are ready to try and convict Holmes in the span of less than a week?

Then there’s the tricky piece surrounding the actual crime itself. The shooter was fully clad in black with a mask, flack jacket, etc. Dressed all in black, in a theater dark, during a moment of extreme panic, how could anyone seriously identify James Holmes as the alleged shooter? Then there’s the troubling testimony of Corbin Dates who said he saw one person inside the theater receive a cell phone call, then get up and prop the exit door open. Dates, along with another witness verified that the gunman did not act alone.

This is consistent with other events such as the Va tech shooting with Seung-Hoi-Cho and even Columbine, where there were reports of other people (ie) second and third gunmen involved with those shootings as well (More later about both of those events as well as the Jared Lee Loughner and Anders Breivik shootings as well). So who was James Holmes?

Holmes had been an ideal student. He ran cross-country and rocketed up the scholastic charts as an honor student. He eventually landed at the University of Colorado as bright star in the field of neuroscience. Neuroscience is figuring out how the brain works. That’s the laymen’s definition of it. It’s where depth psychology, brain chemistry and function all merge together.

It has been rumored that James Holmes had been working on something called, “Temporal Illusions.” Here is a basic definition of temporal illusions; “A temporal illusion is a distortion in sensory perception caused when the time between the occurrence of two or more events is very short (typically less than a second). In such cases a person may misperceive the temporal order of the events.

The kappa effect is a form of temporal illusion verifiable by experiment whereby time intervals between visual events are perceived as relatively longer or shorter depending on the relative spatial positions of the events. In other words, the perception of temporal intervals appears to be directly affected, in these cases, by the perception of spatial intervals. The Kappa effect can be displayed when considering a journey made in two parts that take an equal amount of time.”

In 2004, “The Butterfly Effect” hit movie screens. A brief synopsis of the film; “Evan Treborn grows up in a small town with his single, working mother and his friends. He suffers from memory blackouts where he suddenly finds himself somewhere else, confused. Evan’s friends and mother hardly believe him, thinking he makes it up just to get out of trouble. As Evan grows up he has fewer of these blackouts until he seems to have recovered. Since the age of seven he has written a diary of his blackout moments so he can remember what happens. One day at college he starts to read one of his old diaries, and suddenly a flashback hits him like a brick!

One of Kuthcher’s first films was, “Just Married” which co-starred, the late “Brittany Murphy” who was targeted as a ritual death. In a very bizarre twist, Murphy was in a film called, “The Dead Girl” where she played a prostitute. The missing persons report for her in the film has her as “Krista Kutcher.” Ashton Kutcher (Aquarius) has, get this; a twin named “Michael.” I don’t want to stray too far off the path, but I believe there is a connection between the general synopsis of “The Butterfly Effect” and “Temporal Distortions.” Now, we’re in hidden-in-plain site territory.

What’s interesting is that James Holmes, or whoever showed up as Holmes cannot remember anything for the past three months. In his own way, he’s experienced a major temporal illusion.


Freelance journalist, Jim Stone has run social security numbers on all of the “victims” of Aurora and in a bizarre twist has found that all of them are previously dead or never existed. There was one woman however, that did show up in Stone’s research as “real,” “Jessica Ghwai, who was a sportscaster, however she also has another name, “Jessica Redfield” and as Redfield, she was at another shooing on July 4, at a mall in Toronto, so in reality, well, reality fails again here. The Stone report links to another piece that talks about Holmes’ father, Robert was a major, software developer and was a contractor for DARPA as well as a main cog in the FICO matrix. FICO of course keeps your credit score for credit bureaus, but also does a lot more. It tracks all transactions happening in real time and provides data on who is making them and where money is being moved. Its been proposed that Robert Holmes was being called upon to testify in court on the massive LIBOR scandal. What’s interesting about this theory is that in the “Dark Knight Rises,” Batman’s nemesis, Bane, creates a super sophisticated software program that exposes the corruption of Wall St., while also eventually bringing down the “good” one-percenter, Bruce Wayne. There are riots in the streets after people learn of the corruption and Bane wants to capitalize on them with an insurgency of chaos. So here again, we have a mirror, a reflection of art imitating life, via the software program and Bane/Bain. The researcher goes into very elaborate detail about how James Holmes had been hijacked for three months and under the heavy influence Scopolamine, an intense drug from Colombia that can create a state of conscious amnesia in people. In Colombia, thieves will use it on people and their victims will do anything they say and not remember a thing. The dark thread being connected here by many people is that Robert Holmes is being blackmailed to not testify in court for the LIBOR trial and that they are using his son’s life as a form of extortion.

While this makes sense on some level, why not just take Robert Holmes out? Wouldn’t that be simply easier? Why go through all the trouble? Well there was that pesky UN gun control bill that hit the general assembly floor last week, had it passed, it would have superseded the fourth amendment. An event like Aurora would have theoretically put it over the top. It didn’t. Now it’s being reported that one of the victims is in serious straits and may not be able to fully recover due to faulty and costly healthcare. I kid you not. So, we have the potential politicization of Aurora. There’s other random info, like a security drill taking place in that area the night of the shooting.

So like “Inception” we’ve been taken down at least 2-3 levels, but there are some serious questions based on the scenarios that I just laid out, one of them being the fact that the public face of James Holmes we are seeing now, isn’t really James Holmes at all. Did James Holmes at one time even exist? And if so, what might have happened to that guy?

Before we step back from the conspiracy angle for a moment, let’s review it.
• Violent gun death spurs UN vote to ban weapons world wide, including USA while overriding the constitution.
• Robert Holmes is deterred from appearing before a court to testify in the LIBOR scandal.
• Calls for greater and increased security in theaters and other public places.
• Creation of more fear.

Those are the nuts and bolts of that particular scenario. But what if there’s more? What if what James Holmes was working on with Temporal Illusions had something to do with “Inception” and that what’s taking place in all of the this, through a number of different layers and levels is that reality and quite possibly this timeline, through the weaving of so called reality with the cinematrix is being re-scripted before our very eyes. What if the point of the inception is to think that we can understand this and arrive at our own conclusions on our own, thinking they’re our own, re-affirming a reality, which we mostly agree on?

Let’s go back to the JFK assassination (which Elvis was obsessed with BTW) and based on what I laid out in this piece, was a significant alteration of the timeline. Keep in mind that JFK was a GEMINI. The second event that accelerated a trajectory into another divergent timeline or perhaps the anchoring of the JFK timeline was 911 and the destruction of “The Twin Towers.” The Twin Towers of course represent the twins, aka GEMINI. The connecting link between the two events was Bush, the father and Bush the son. Bush the father is a GEMINI. And there are TWO Bushes. Now add them to the list of Gemini actors and the litany of duality that we’ve noted in the previous two posts and we begin to see a pattern emerge. Gemini as an energy/sign plays a critical role in re-ordering events and quite possibly even time travel itself, or at the very least, the perceptual re-ordering of events so that we are stuck in a loop, unable to ever reach any sort of critical mass or true collective breakthrough. Is time itself manipulated in a way that keeps us enchained and are these meta-events inception moments that are devised to keep dropping us deeper and deeper into the dream?

On 12/21/12, theoretically, the there will be a galactic alignment along the elliptic where the Sun will stand between the Earth and the galactic center. The GC as it is know is in the final degrees of Sag, the opposite sign of Gemini. During that phase, Jupiter will be in Gemini opposing the Sun, obscuring the Earth from the GC, which for all intents and purposes elevates not only the constellation of Gemini, which will be the anti-galactic center, but Jupiter being in Gemini almost becomes the equal of the Sun, especially with the force of Gemini, theoretically behind it. Again, Gemini is duality and duality IS time. Non-duality is timeless. Non-duality is isness. Is the end of one cycle of the Mayan calendar going to be used as some sort of galactic ritual to implant a false sense of oneness based on an event that is designed to synthetically resolve duality? Will be initiated into the anti-new age, the shadow of Aquarius?

Between the year 1985 and 1992, Stephen Jackson developed a set of cards called, “The Illuminati Cards.” It was based on a game that used nearly every illuminati meme in the book, from the “Protocols of Zion” to “Plagues” to “911” styled events. A number of these cards seem to have manifested in events in the world. The BP oil spill, flesh eating viruses and more. There’s one card called, Fraternal Orders that has a caricature that looks amazingly like Tracy Martin, Trayvon Martin’s father in his Freemasonic gear. There’s even a card that resembles the outside of the Aurora theater.

The theater itself is an interesting cipher. If you take Century (100) and add it to 16, you’d get 116. Turn it upside down and backwards and what do you get? 911. Then there’s those interesting X’s in the marquee. By my estimation, I count three, which is XXX, the same number as these Olympics, now taking place. LIBOR, Bane/Bain, XXX, the montage of reality slides between the celluloid frames of belief captured in a spectrum of light forming images that become future memories. The programming is deceptively predictable and its all held up as a mirror, a reflection of the truth, but in all truth, it is its opposite.

So what’a going on here? Actors as victims, victims as martyrs towards a new religion of conform and control, artificially dying for the sins of freedom, only to be redeemed as the watchful pride of Yaweh. Before i get into what I think is happening, let me roll out a rogues gallery of interesting pairs.

Staying with the Batman mythos (BTW bats hang upside down–they see the world in reverse), let’s look at some of the most heinous criminals in recent memory. Let’s go back to Seung Hoi-Cho, who kicked it all off with the Va Tech massacre. Cho left a manifesto in his wake. Shall we look at some of things he said, or rather asked? You see, his tirade is filled with rhetorical questions that are well, like riddles.

“For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Can you feel the pain that you fucked us in, you Descendants of Satan? Well, can you feel it?”

“Congratulations. You have succeeded in extinguishing my life. Vandalizing my heart wasn’t enough for you. Raping my soul wasn’t enough for you. Committing emotional sodomy on me wasn’t enough for you. Every single second wasted on your wanton hedonism and menacing sadism could have been used to prevent today. Ask yourselves, What was I doing all this time? All these months, hours, seconds. Only if you could have been the victim of your crimes. Only if you could have been the victim.”

“Do they wanna fuck us and pretend to be devout Christians? Do they wanna smear dog shit on our face then give us a dirty towel to wipe away? Do they wanna rape us then give us stained toilet paper to clean up? Do they wanna cut our throat then give us a used band aid to patch up? Do they wanna perpetrate endless sessions of crucifixions and holocausts on our innocent life then go to church and praise the Lord and Jesus?”

While Jared Lee Loughner didn’t have his own manifesto riddled with rhetoric, he did resemble another nemesis of batman. Look at this photo of Loughner and Danny Devito as “The Penguin.” Then there’s Anders Breivik. Breivik is nordic and as a result taps into the cold/cold blooded Germanic type/meme. Who would fit into that role in batman’s pantheon of baddies? Why Mr. Freeze of course who has been played by Arnold Schwarzenegger and others including George Sanders and Otto Preminger. Here’s a pic of Breivik and Sanders from the batman TV series side-by-side.

Now we have James “Joker” Holmes, flaming red hair, stupid grin, cold blooded and all. Can you see the parallels? Here we have this bizarre reflection of film/life/film back onto itself. Three out of four of the attacks happened under cardinal signs that initiate energy; Cho (Aries), Loughner (Capricorn), Holmes and Breivik (Cancer). What sort of surprise will October hold for us in the cardinal sign of Libra?

So what do I think is going on here? From Stephen Jackson’s uncannily prescient playing cards, to potential actors as victims, to comics come to life as an imitation of art? Why Gemini? Why air magic, yet another card in the Illuminati playing deck? There must be some kind of way out of here.

Here is where it gets strange/interesting. According to CNN, Cho often referred to himself as, Question Mark; “At Virginia Tech, Cho sometimes referred to himself as Question Mark and spoke in a whisper, if at all; one of his suite mates told CNN last night that “he was just like a shadow.” “Question Mark” is one of Batman’s foes. He’s also known as “The Riddler.”

On 12/21/12 (again, mirrors) the Sun will sit between the Earth and the galactic center as the solar system lines up on the ecliptic. On that day, the Earth will be cut off from the GC, which is in the sign of Sagittarius. Sag is the sign of justice and truth, but more importantly it symbolizes a form of integration between man’s lower self (the horse) and man’s high self (human). It is the yoking of instinct and power with reason and intellect. Opposite Gemini, it forms the merging of duality that Gemini is seeking. When the GC is obscure, the cosmic integration of the archer will not be available until we move into Capricorn on the 23rd, 24th, 25th, etc. While Sag is obscured, Gemini reins supreme. The backend of the cosmos is now the dominant force and Jupiter in Gemini almost rivals the Sun in its significance and becomes the dominant force, a celestial driver of duality, with all the psychic and ritual potential to usher in another 5,000 years of false separation. We’re talking about time, timelines, time travel, temporal distortions and butterfly effects.

As I have tried to illustrate that this timeline has been hacked, it takes more and more enfoldment, more illusion, more disorientation, more cinematic bleed. And I haven’t even gotten in Montauk, CERN, Basagio, Philadelphia Experiment, etc.

This also correlates with Terrence McKenna’s event horizon at the end of time, the strange attractor that is sucking all of history into a funnel point, which, theoretically would balance out all the divergent timelines that have been fractured and split off due to direct manipulation of current events, which we are seeing, to ones that have taken place in the so-called past.

It’s going to get very interesting as we hurtle towards 12/21/12 and I’ll give you one more nugget to chew on. What if the Mayans were given such advanced mathematics by a race from the future? What if the Mayan timeline and calendar were put into place for exactly this reason?

Whether it pertains to this narrative or not, the Mayan cosmology has twins associated with it, who play a central role in the creation tale of the Mayan universe. They are “Hunaphu” and “Xbalanque.” These brothers descend into the underworld, avenge their father’s death and eventually become the Sun and the Moon, respectively. The twin theme is quite prevalent in the creation story of a number of Meso and North American tribes, including the Hopi version of the hero twins, Pöqánghoya and Palöngawhoya, grandsons of Grandmother Spider, who is Ariadne. Ariadne is the architect of Nolan’s dreamworld of Inception. And here we have reality looping back and in on itself once again.