The Inception Of An Alternate Reality, More Gemini And Temporal Distortions Part 2

The Moment Of Inception

“An idea. Resilient, highly contagious. Once an idea has taken hold of the brain it’s almost impossible to iradicate. An idea that is fully formed, fully understood. That sticks, right in there somewhere.” That is one of the opening lines of “Inception” Christopher Nolan’s film about the nature of reality, dream states and dreams-within-dreams-within-dreams. As we look at Aurora and just about everything else on this planet and this level of consensus reality, its important to keep that one line in mind. What DiCaprio’s character is talking about, is about planting the seed of an idea in someone’s mind to get them to believe that it’s their own idea or their own thought.

When I started this blog, that was part of the thread that I was following and using astrology, both as a map and as a sort of cosmic de-coder, I/we could begin to not only view these events in terms of cosmic cycles, but also from the perspective that astrology, like almost everything else had been hijacked to reinforce a particular version of reality based on a symbolic, para-sympathetic response.

In the first part of this series, I saw Gemini occur again and again and again, not only as a dualistic theme in the first Batman film by Nolan, but also in the actors and writers associated with the film. There are as I counted them, Liam Neeson, Cillian Murphy, Morgan Freeman and Jonathan Nolan, Christopher Nolan’s brother, the writer of “Following” (more on that film later), “Memento” and “The Dark Night Rises.” There are two other signs, Aquarius and Libra which also show up prominently in Nolan’s films. Guy Pearce (Memento), Hugh Jackman (The Prestige) and Marrilon Cottilard (Inception and The Dark Knight Rises) are all Libras (the synthesis of duality through balance). Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Inception and The Dark Night Rises) and Christian Bale (All three Batman films and The Prestige) are both Aquarians.

Air is the element of magic and the temporal domain of Lucifer, being that he fell from the stars and all. Air, the sky, where Venus dwell as the morning-star, the plumed-serpent crown adorning his image on frescoes, walls and parchments. Air is the realm of ideas. It is the incubator of the inception. All of these actors bring their air to Nolan’s films and out of these films comes layer upon layer of a hyper-reality that is being super-imposed upon ours. This is the case with most films.

Our cells are holographic receptors. They hold and contain thousands of memories and are filed away into two distinct categories; love or fear. The fear based memories trigger anxiety, worry and stress. The love based memories trigger alignment, resonance and opportunity. Our cells are basically neutral. Its what we program them with, which can determine how our particular reality can unfold along a given line of emotion co-creating with intention. The thing that is the most powerful is exactly what Dom Cobb aka DiCaprio alludes to. Its when we think our thoughts are our own. Advertising has been exploiting this since Uncle Ed Bernays started to to tug on our Freudian proclivities and get us to do silly things like eat bacon and eggs for breakfast.

With an event like Aurora, we’re being shocked into thoughts like we need more gun control and more security. This is a trauma based inception. The trauma is a symptom of a psychopathological virus that has infested our collective psyche. Once the trauma occurs, then the programs are inserted. The problem with this methodology is that after repeated triggering, people are becoming more and more de-sensitized to the trauma itself. Holding up the theater of the trauma then becomes increasingly more difficult to sustain as well. Using Nolan’s own metaphor from “Inception” that once the sub-conscious feels as though it is being manipulated, it will turn on the dreamer and produce the manifestations of the dreamer’s buried psychosis. This is the case on the collective level as well. There is a tipping point with the dream matrix where the collective sub-conscious will re-coil upon the architects of the dream. How can that be ameliorated? Well, lets take the Olympics for example. I won’t get into a specific, blow-by-blow breakdown of the opening ceremonies, save the fact that I thought that using the theme for the Exorcist in conjunction with dozens and dozens illuminated beds, filled with orphans, attended to by nurse-mom, Mary Poppins look-a-likes, was a very interesting choice of symbols, images and sounds to say the least.

But in terms of what the Olympics were on the back-end of Aurora, was the sense that the world is a safe and loving place, that we can all come together as one and the Queen Mum is the May Queen, Isis herself of this world. The fanfare of the Zion Olympics is inserted into the psychic wound of Aurora and now we have this idea that they are a grand event and these are wonderful people. Thus the thought becomes our own, theoretically. We have to believe its ours from the jump

Let’s get back into the cinematrix of duality, Gemini, timelines and dreams within dreams.


Joseph Gordon-Levitt has been acting since he was a child. Both of his parents are Jewish. They were influential in forming the “Progressive Jewish Alliance” which theoretically could be characterized as the current state of the democratic party. Gordon played Tommy “Solomon” in “3rd Rock From The Sun” where a critic from the S.F. Chronicle noted that he was a Jewish kid acting as an alien, pretending to be a Jewish kid. We’re talking three levels of reality (dream-within-a-dream-within-a-dream). Levitt is also the name of the first official suburb and planned housing development in the USA (Levitttown). Levittown became the matrix model for nearly all living in the 20th century. One of Gordon-Levitt’s early roles was as the “Scarecrow” in a play of “The Wizard Of Oz” at the age of four. MK Ultra score keepers duly take note.

One of his roles from the 90’s was in a series called, get ready for this one, “The Powers That Be” which aired for a brief time. It starred the late John Forsythe in an American comedy of manners about a Senator and his dysfunctional family in Washington D.C.. Gordon-Leviit also starred in Graeg Araki’s, “Mysterious Skin” where he played a sexually abused by who turns into a gay, male, prostitute. Of course he stars in the “Dark Night Rises” where he plays “John Blake” Batman’s ally, who, actually helps save Batman and Gotham City. Blake of course is also reference to Blake’s “New Jerusalem” and “London’s Dark Satanic Mills” which was a theme within-a-theme of the opening ceremonies. Again, the celluloid bleed and burn from one reality to the next, is carried on by an almost interchangeable cast of characters, signs, inferences, segues and dissolves. This was never more apparent than the bizarre sequence of yesterdays ceremonies when Daniel Craig as James Bond (let’s start there) enters Buckingham Palace and escorts the “real queen” to a helicopter, where they fly to the Olympic stadium and theoretically jump out the helicopter ala Bond. Director Danny Boyle went from film, to real time, to back to film and then real time again, demonstrating exactly what I’m talking about. Then the “real queen” pops out and into her box. Let the games begin!

Gordon-Leviit also bears an uncanny resemblance to Heath Ledger. Here’s a few pictures of the Ledger/Gordon-Levitt reflection.

Ledger of course played the joker in “The Dark Knight” and soon met his untimely end shortly after the film become a box office smash. The first person that was contacted when Ledger was found dead was Mary Kate-Olson, who had “allegedly” been having a secret liaison with Ledger and was feeding him bother over and under the counter drugs. Of course, Olson is a twin and a Gemini.

In the film, “The Imaginarium Of Dr. Parnassus” Ledger is found hanging by his neck beneath “Blackfriars” bridge. This is the same bridge where the powerful Italian banker, Roberto Calvi was found hanging as well. Terry Gilliam thought it would be a good homage to Calvi. if you have been reading this blog, you’ll remember that Jessica Savitch, the first female, national news anchor died a mysterious death in a car accident, where she and her date plunged into a river returning home from dinner, just days after she had interviewed Calv.

One of the themes of Dr. Parnassus is an alternate reality that people step into via a mirror, where they confront the best and worst parts of themselves, thanks to the mental construct of Parnassus, who is dreaming their dream for them. One of the main locations in the film, where Parnassus sets up shop so that people can enter the dream world is “Green Dragon Court” a borough of London.

What I’m attempting to illustrate, is that through a conscious process of mirroring and reflecting, double identities and the super-imposition of duality, upon a film based matrix, that reality as we know is a loosely based construct, a series of inceptions and the films of Nolan, with their interchangeable cast members, not only model this, but even promote it, psychically driving it home, spreading memes and dreams like viruses.

At the end of Inception (here comes the spoiler) what’s interesting is the resolution of Murphy’s character, Robert (Bright Star) Fischer (Fischer Prince/Christ) and his father Maurice (Dark One/Fischer King/God). At the film’s end a synthetic reality and outcome has been achieved where Robert’s failure/disappointment has been changed/altered by the idea that his father wants him to live own life and experience free will. Is it real? A trick of the mind? Is it a Luciferian meme that is a construct where man finds his own brilliance apart format the judgment of God The Father? Does it matter? In the next part we’ll look more directly at Aurora, now that we’ve reached the moment of inception.

Duality, Temporal Distortions, Gemini Activation, Aurora, Dark Dawn Of A New Day, Part One


Gemini is a mirror, a reflection of the Janus self externalized. Mirrors refract truth through the lens of illusion. James Holmes, Katie Holmes and John Holmes, Falconi and Falcon. Welcome to the “Batman Code.” Over the course rest of this post (and then some), I will attempt to illustrate that what recently happened in Aurora, Colorado was more than just a tragedy, call for more and increased security or grab for guns. Yes, it is all of those things and more . . . much more.

Jupiter in Gemini comes at us in layers and dimensions of duality. First, we must recognize that Jupiter in Gemini is in its fall, thus making it a malefic. Using this as the baseline, we can already begin to see the power of reversal and inversion at work. This will be a common theme that will surface again and again.

Gemini is the sign of spycraft, espionage and subterfuge. In the tarot, it is naively practiced in the Prince of Swords. Here we see bending the truth, stretching reality and lying co-mingling with curiosity and the search for knowledge at youthful and adolescent phase. Fact and fancy are intertwined and co-mingled as the mind grapples with the enormity of reality. On the plus side, analysis and imagination are born out of it. On the minus side, the subtle and sly thoughts and behaviors that are stumbled upon and practiced become the modus operandi for the psyche and a split in consciousness ensues, thus a duality is born out of that identity. This is critical to understand as we plow through this material. Division, splits, trauma based programming are the rosetta stone to this puzzle.

In “Batman Begins” young Bruce Wayne witnesses the death of his parents at the hands of criminals. This is the shock and trauma, and the trigger that will be used to create two identities; Batman and Bruce Wayne. The bifurcation of the self/psyche/mind has occurred. In the film, young “Master Wayne” is subjected to the trauma of facing his greatest fear, again and again and again. In a deep hole he is subjected to the thousands of bats beating their wings across his flesh, terrorizing his young spirit. This trauma furthers the split in the psyche and widens the rift, allowing for the persona of Batman to become an equal partner in the identity of Bruce Wayne.

Batman lives and works by night. Bruce Wayne by day. Batman uses his finely honed instincts to fight crime. Bruce Wayne uses his rational mind to run an empire. Bruce Wayne by the way is the 1% if you had not yet noticed and Batman is not just a protector of the people, but of the 1% as we’ll see later.

In order to find himself and avenge the death of his parents, Wayne travels to what looks like Tibet in the film. Snowbound and ice locked, this version of Tibet could double as Agarhta, the Aryan sanctuary of the Vril. There, Wayne meets Henri DuCard/Ra’s al-Ghul played by Liam Neeson, a Gemini (7/7/52). Here we see the duality and double identity again. In the DC Comics version of Batman, Ducard/al-Ghul are two separate characters. Christopher Nolan has amalgamated them into one/two. Ducard/al-Ghul is the shadow of Wayne/Batman. Together they form the alchemical equivalent of “The Lovers” card in Tarot (also Gemini). The card doesn’t necessarily mean a fusion of duality, but it does illustrate and become the philosophers stone so to speak for the process to take place. The Lovers is a process and not an outcome. But here we see the mirroring of self, identity, split consciousness, etc in the two men.

Wayne’s great challenge comes as sword fight on a sheet of ice with Ducard. This is an initiation. Here he moves from the Prince of Swords, to The Knight Of Swords. The Knight of Swords is Libra, questing and fighting for justice in the name of balance. It becomes the eternalization of the Gemini process where the reconciliation of opposites is at a chrysalis phase. There’s all kinds of illusions to knights, knights templar, Law of One, Son’s of Belial throughout the film. Ducard tries to become the King Of Swords, Aquarius, by taking on the identity of Ras al-Ghul. As a member of “The League Of Shadows (LOS) He is cold and detached, dispatching justice upon mankind as a kind of psychopathic form of compassion, without conscience, without care. Here is his confession to Batman in the heat of battle; “Only a cynical man would call what these people have “lives,” Wayne. Crime. Despair. This is not how man was supposed to live. The League of Shadows has been a check against human corruption for thousands of years. We sacked Rome; loaded trade ships with plague rats; burned London to the ground. Every time a civilization reaches the pinnacle of its decadence, we return to restore the balance.” Its clear that Ducard/Ra’s al-Ghul represents the “Sons Of Bellial” and Wayne, “The Law Of One.” These two groups have supposedly been in conflict since the fall of Atlantis. “The Sons” don’t believe that humans can govern themselves and need the steady hand of discipline or a thousand plague rats to thin the herd and bring it all back into order. “Law Of One” want to let humans run the show with as little interference as possible. They believe in the human spirit.

In “Batman Begins” that position, one that underpins this faith in humanity is personified by Morgan Freeman’s (now there’s name) character; “Lucius Fox.” Let’s begin the deconstruction now. “Lucius” of course is none other than good ole “Lou” himself. And he’s a foxy one, giving humanity, I mean Bruce Wayne all that cool technology to use to defeat evil and make the world a better place. Sound familiar? Morgan Freeman is an interesting cat. Its been rumored that he’s hung out at the Bohemian Grove with his good pal, Clint Eastwood. Eastwood is a full-fledged member. Freeman’s sign? Gemin of course. Eastwood? Gemini again. In fact, their Suns are exactly conjunct. Freeman, 6/1 and Eastwood, 5/31. Black and White. More duality. Sometimes the universe is a sly comic.

Freeman has played God of course. But one of his more interesting symbolic roles takes place in the film, “A Dolphin’s Tale” where he plays a scientist that actually outfits a dolphin with a mechanical tale. A sweet, heartwarming, family film. But when you look a little closer, you can find out that the true story is based on the work of two men, not one and they were white. I guess Obama would call that a composite. I don’t have any problem with it. But on a symbolic level, Freeman is taking the symbol of Christ (the dolphin/fish) and augmenting it with an artificial fin, thus creating a transhumanist dolphin and morphing the dolphin from a symbol of the Piscean age to the Aquarian age, a mechanical chimera.

Keep your eyes on the doubling theme, there’s more–a lot more to come.

So with the help of Lucifer, I mean Lucius, Bruce Wayne/Batman defeats Ra’s al-Ghul/Ducard. Ducard means “Two Card” or “Two Carte” or “Two Chart.” Charts in this case are maps. There are “Two Maps” or two sets of direction at a arriving at a destination. Again duality, doubling and mirroring.

The climax of the film is when al-Ghul/Ducard gets ready to unleash a drug that will turn Gotham into an insane riot that will break into chaos and destroy civilization and as a result, end the corruption and crime. Let’s see, people going insane, tearing at each other? Where have we heard that one lately? Its the zombie apocalypse. And who gets that party started? Dr. Crane aka Scarecrow, yet more duality. And who plays him? Cillian Murphy? What sign is Murphy? Can you say, “Gemini”? May 25th, 1976. And what film did Murphy star in? “28 Days Later.” And what was that film about? The zombie apocalypse. And who directed? Danny Boyle. And what is Danny Boyle’s next big production? The opening ceremonies of XXX in London, this Friday.

Mayhem ensues as the drugged out populace sees demons everywhere. Scarecrow/Crane rides a horse, like one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse, not a motorcycle, but a horse. There is one particular angle where the horse looked quite familiar to me. It reminded me of the bizarre horse outside the Denver, International Airport. By the way, its reported that the Queen of England owns most of the land beneath and around the DIA. Inside the DIA, there are of course the bizarre murals, which some say actually mirror the murders at Aurora.

During the scene where Scarecrow terrorizes Rachel Dawes played by Katie Holmes. Here we have the doubling and Gemini again, as Holmes mirrors the alleged Aurora shooter, James Holmes. Both are Sagitarians.

In the film, Katie Holmes has a young boy who is terrified. This is a mirror of young Bruce Wayne. Unlike his dad though, Miss Dawes comports herself without fear and dispatches Scarecrow with a timely taze. Chalk one up for the ladies! Bruce’s dad couldn’t handle a bad guy, Rachel sure can.

Wayne mansion gets burned down and the train that his father built to bring the people into the city gets destroyed. So here we have creative destruction out of that destruction, Wayne Industries and Bruce Wayne will rise again. In the center of town, lies Wayne Tower. The symbol “Wayne Enterprises” is a “W” in the shape of a trident. This is symbolic of Pisces and the age of Pisces, which is passing. The destruction of Wayne Manner and the monorail is just the start.

Christian Bale. Now that’s an interesting name as well (Aquarius–see end of the age of Pisces). Bale was, like others as you’ll see in another Christopher Nolan film, “The Prestige.” Its actually a pretty great film. It stars Hugh Jackman and the aforementioned Bale. The two are dueling magicians and Bale’s character has mastered a unique trick called “The Prestige.” It is essentially a trick where Bale’s character disappears and then to the amazement of the crowd, reappears in a different part of the theater. Jackman’s character will not be denied. He searches far and wide to find the answer to the prestige. He lands in America, where he finds of all people, Nikolai Tesla in . . . Colorado. There, he’s working on some odd experiments surrounding a form of teleportation, or sort of. Well, Jackman’s character buys the secret from Tesla and returns to London to perform the prestige. While Jackman uses a black technology and even blacker ends to make his trick work, Bale’s solution to the prestige is quite simple. He has, get ready for it, a twin, yes, a double, so that it appears that he has escaped some calamity and re-appeared elsewhere. Jackman’s version of the prestige was quite different. You see the technology he bought from Tesla didn’t teleport anything. It made a double, a complete copy of the original. So now we have twins and clones. What is Nolan getting at in these films, who the heck is he and what does this have to do with Aurora?

Christopher Nolan was born in England to an English father and an American mother. As result, he has dual citizenship. One of his early films was titled, “Doodlebug.” Its a short about a man that chases a bug around his grungy apartment. Just before he’s about to squash the bug, realizes that its a miniature version of himself (again, the doubling theme). Nolan hit it big with “Memento” starring Guy Pearce. By the way, both Hugh Jackman and Guy Pearce are Libras, who are working out the duality dialectic in their own sign/way. “Memento” was adapted from a short story by Jonathan Nolan, Chris’ brother. His sign? Gemini (6/6/76). Its about a character who has suffered a head trauma and cannot remember anything. He suffers from anterograde amnesia. The film has two separate story lines, and the narrative essentially goes in reverse. Pearce’s character due to the head injury is two different characters. The backwards script is Crowley-esque. Its a magical working of sorts operated in the film. Crowley called it the “Occult Law Of Reversal” and suggested that if someone wanted to understand the realm of magic, that they needed to learn to do things backwards, including walking, talking and writing.

Jonathan Nolan was the scriptwriter for “The Dark Knight Rises.” We’ll get to that film, but we have two more to go and then Aurora, the black dawn of a new day, which took place at midnight, when the dark night rises. Stay tuned. There’s more–much more.

No More Sacred Cows, Uranus In Leo Stirs At Mid-Life, And Jay Weidner On FAR

Moove over.

“Would you tell the Dalai Lama to eat meat if you thought it was in his best interests”? It was an odd question, the one that you have to repeat back to the other person in order to wrap your head around it fully and also to buy time for an answer worthy of such tangential query. So I did. And once I did, the following words came out of my mouth; “Yes, I would.” The querent seemed a little taken aback. I then followed up with, “I have no sacred cows.” It was just seconds afterwards that I thought about the double meaning of my retort. The person that asked me that question was Johanna Demetrakas, director of “Crazy Wisdom” a film about the life of Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche. She a guest on my show on Friday. I think it perfectly illustrated something I had been thinking about for the past few weeks; The legacy of people with Uranus in Leo. Uranus was in Leo only seven years since the mid-1800’s, from June 1956 to August 1962 I’d been ruminating about this aspect in my work with a client where we are exploring a past life through astrology, a royal past life. She being Uranus in Leo as well, we talked about Uranus in Leo as royalty in exile–the true royalty. Demetrakas with Pluto in Leo demonstrated this dichotomy clearly. She was surprised that I didn’t hold the Dalai Lama in the same reverent light as she did. Pluto in Leo has made more gurus and teachers wealthy than Pluto in Virgo/Libra/Scorpio combined. Go to the list of the 100 most spiritually influential people in the world and you’ll see all the usual suspects, most with Pluto in Leo and if they didn’t, like the DL (Pluto in Cancer), it was Pluto in Leo’s purse strings and their unwavering belief that the spiritual teacher was an absolute that elevated and enriched them.

While Pluto in Leo were sunning themselves in Esalen, getting ready for the moment when the human potential movement became commercially viable under Reagan, the Uranus in Leo generation was getting restless, sucking up their fumes, getting their brains pounded by their rock gods and all that Tavistockian programming. They were like our older siblings and we did our very best to emulate them, but the three-chord redemption of Steve Jones and the bratty caterwaul of John Lydon changed all that (at least for me). Punk rock (still likely yet more Tavistock) was a generational fork in the road.

I went one way and the 60’s and Pluto in Leo went the other. Its ironic that Joe Strummer (Pluto in Leo) left his old band, “The 101ers” for the Clash, fronted by three Uranus in Leo rebels. Joe knew where the bread was buttered.


Back in 2006, I was in a very elite space. I was sitting twenty-feet away from the Dalai Lama in a small chapel on the grounds of Stanford University, It was a spot on the pew reserved for big donors and friends of Google. I watched Orville Schell dialog with the DL and he asked him about US intervention in Iraq. What came out of his mouth shocked me. He essentially said that, “he believes in democracy and sees democracy taking shape now in the middle east.” This coming from a man who saw the Chinese ransack the great monasteries and temples of Tibet while putting a boot to the throat of the people. How could he not see the parallel right in front of his face? History was repeating in an ongoing cycle hegemonic assertion, under some more noble and justifiable guise. Cow, meet blade.

From that point on, the DL’s stays in the Bay Area were seen through quite a different lens. The endless motorcades, four-star-hotels, shutting down of whole city blocks became something of an obscenity in my mind. The specter of China ever returning Tibet to its rightful and sovereign status is nothing more than a few people making a couple of bucks off of t-shirts and bumper stickers. If anything, people should be engaged in a vigorous act of freeing the US from China. But Pluto in Leo are more than happy to have their spiritual kings and queens, their DL’s, Eckhart Tolle’s, Marianne Williamson’s, Deepak Chopra’s and Barbara Marx-Hubbard’s, because they remind them of their own special place in the universe as children of the sun. But what have they done?

A quick look around doesn’t give a great accounting for their tenure at the top of the social heap. Hilary Clinton cackles like a peroxide witch in the face sovereign states and their leaders such as Gaddafi or Assad. In Egypt they threw tomatoes, shoes, rocks, whatever they can get their hands on at her.

Countries are deeply in debt to fake money and the so-called progressive movement, descended from social justice, which descended from socialism via groups like SDS can’t even muster much concern over three wars under their current leader (more about him later).

Pluto in Leo officially came into power with the arrival of Clinton (and yes, Bush was Pluto in Leo as well). We’ve been on a rapid descent downward ever since. Meanwhile we (Uranus in Leo) have been untangling the knots, working out the kinks and drying out from decades of decadence thanks to Neptune in Scorpio. Uranus in Aries is beginning to spark our natal Uranus and we are awakening to our potential. Our rebellion (detriment) is transforming into a lucid type of discipline. Our collective chrysalis is cracking and we don’t deal in hierarchies. With Uranus, we are freedom loving to the core and omni-directional in our democratic virtues towards one-in-all. We’re just coming online, mostly because we’ve been dealing with Pluto in Virgo and the vagaries of service. But our karmic debt is nearly paid off.

If and when the whole thing collapses (unless the real or fake aliens or the real or fake jesus come in and save the day) we’ll be there with our Pluto in Virgo work boots and community organizing at a cosmic level.

I wish it didn’t have to be this way. One of our own is in the oval office (theoretically). Joe Arapaio has invalidated the birth certificate, so we’re not even sure if he’s got Uranus in Leo or Virgo. But that’s okay you had Clinton and Bush. At least we can see through the facade. You see, we were demoralized by Watergate. While for Pluto in Leo it vindicated their archetypal expression to kill (Pluto) the king (Leo) in Richard Nixon, for us it was confusing and dark. We were taught to love America. We said the pledge of allegiance everyday and then the father of our country scurried out of DC like a wet rat. That was your moment of victory–not ours. But it did something to us. It disabused us of the notion that politics mattered. Oh yeah, we had to work through decades of apathy, entropy and lethargy, but we’ve managed to re-kindle a spark. Our faith in the system hasn’t been restored–perhaps it never will–but our faith in a deep and abiding light of the spirit in all and through all burns brighter with Uranus in Aries radiating a positive glow in our direction.

I realize that I might be preaching to a minority here, but there’s nothing like a good manifesto. Our rebel souls have been tempered by the fires of life and now we humbly kneel before the one, true God in the 11th hour of the human spirit. And while we have our own particular niche, we are far from alone. With Regulus now in Virgo, the entire Pluto/Uranus in Virgo generation are waking up as well.

ADDENDUM. I have to admit, I wrote most of this post while “Excalibur was synchronistically playing in the background. I don’t mean to demean any Pluto in Leo folks, many of whom read this blog and are very good and kind people, I am looking at this more from a cultural arc and collective manifestation. Not hating on the players and not even really the game, just indulging in some free-ranging, sacred-cow slaying. You/they also get the benefit of Uranus/Aries as well, so in the immortal words of one of you own, “We can all shine on, like the moon and the stars and the sun.”

Last Thursday, on the 19th, I spoke with Jay Weidner and we touched on a number of topics including “The Dark Knight Rises,” false flags and psychopathology as a virus. I replayed our Q and A the next day, the day that we now know as “Aurora.” In some ways, our dialog was dancing at the edge of the event that would take place just mere hours after we would hang up. You can hear my interview with Jay and director, Johanna Demetrakas below.

The London Olympics, The New Jerusalem, Solar Flares As DNA Triggers And A Little Mercury Retrograde

Attention shoppers, the blue light special is now taking place on aisle 11.

Uranus stops, moves backwards, retreating from the intensity of contact with Pluto, backing off of the low spark of high-heeled boys, but the friction is about to turn into fiction. UFOs emerge as holographic thought forms throughout the British countryside in a Piscean summerscape of unrelenting rain, casting a grey scrim across the sky, ripe for the theater of heaven to open right on time, the opening ceremonies of the Olympics are just around the corner. As Jim Morrison once said, “Let the ceremony begin.”

Mars is like a bullet train powered by a fuel cell of zealous redemption. We’ve gotten our shit straight with Mars in Virgo for nine months of preparation and gestation. Next week, it opposes Uranus and quares Pluto. Oh yeah, how about a little Mercury Retrograde? Did I mention today is Friday the 13th. Take a moment and say a prayer for Jacques DeMolay and that the ancient revenge on our consciousness be abated by the invocation of eternity and the peace that comes at great price–sacrificing your illusions at the altar of surrender.

Let’s talk Olympics. I was taken to task by a longtime reader and actually sacked by her due to the fact that I was not dealing with the XXX games with enough fervor. She believes that the games won’t get past the opening ceremonies. She might be right. Shimon Peres just canceled his stay for them. Sometimes its not who comes to the party, but doesn’t that’s even more telling. What do we know about these games? The brilliant young researcher Rik Clay met a tragic and early demise shortly after he began peeling back the myriad of esoteric layers associated with the various venues as geomantic tributes to fallen gods of other times. He had stumbled upon a grid of unholy geometry. We all owe him a great debt of thanks.

My friend Ellis Taylor has been tracking world events leading up to the Olympics as part of a greater pattern of occult momentum, using 2012 and the illusion of linear time as a techno-grid of perpetual enslavement in time. If you have not been following Ellis around this, you need to. He has a brilliant newsletter that he puts out to support his work. And, he’s a great and loving guy.

Since Rik and Ellis have broken ground on XXX, the web is abuzz with the utter bizarreness of the games. Missile turrets rest on rooftops throughout London. There are expected to b over 14,000 troops on the streets. They’ve had some “terrorists” already nabbed as a sort of pre-crime activity, a sub-conscious sublingual slipped in between football scores and page two knockers. So people are already thinking and primed along these lines. Programming. Meanwhile amidst the spectacle of these games, Jubilee and the royal wedding, LIBOR cracks open and portends to make Madoff’s caper look like chump change. Nothing distends the belly of the beast like more toxic debt.

Meanwhile the vice of austerity tightens in Spain and tens of thousands take to the streets in epic protests. But you’d never know, unless you hang out with me and my FB friends that pass this stuff around like candy-coated communion wafers. Big things are happening but you have to pay attention.

In my newsletter, I noted that at the start of the opening ceremonies, Perseus will be low on the horizon in the sky. Perseus is of course the first of the hero gods and the founding member of the twelve Olympians. Hmmmm. Twelve Olympians . . . . Can you say astrology? Perseus would then become Aries, so theoretically, Aries/Perseus, god of war/hero opens the games in his descent from Olympus. Let the games begin!

The opening ceremonies are, ahem, unique to say the least. The great Danny Boyle (Trainspotting, Slumdog Millionaire) is orchestrating them. It starts with a return to druidic England, transporting an English countryside, straight out of the mists of Avalon, with a scaled-down-version of the Tor right into Olympic stadium. Since England seems to be high on Blake at the moment, this would be the equivalent of “innocence” in the Blakean cosmology. This version of England is edenic, pastoral and dreaming in a primal unity, unblemished the ravages modernity and the poverty of the human spirit. Well that changes in act two.

Channelling yet more Blake, Boyle re-animates England’s “Dark Satanic Mills” in place of the slumbering druidic paradise. This is where the athletes, the elite physical blood of the planet will take part in the procession, coursing through the center of what looks like a bombed out planet, strewn with the flotsam and jetsam of the industrial age. Girders and beams are painted everywhere to symbolize the base metals of creation, the scattered remains of a covert alchemy, turning the lead of labor into the gold of dynasties. Zoom out a bit and they appear to be a network of scars across a darkened world.

Then we have the obligatory obelisk masquerading as a giant chimney. Then there’s what appears to be a black madonna at an angle resembling a trine across from it. Cutting through is the serpentine path of procession. There’s other stuff in there as well; gears and machinery that put England on the map, as well as a giant Capt. Hook head on a coil, springing up from an oversized bed as a tribute to Peter Pan. Okayyyyyy.

This would all fall into Blake’s mode of “experience.” From innocence, to experience, to imagination. The games themselves would theoretically be the act of imagination, the crowning achievement of an esoteric algorithm, a secret code for a very uncertain future. And who will sing us into that future? Why none other than Ian Iachamoe aka Percy Thrillington, aka The Fireman, aka Sir Faul himself. Yes, how could we not have a Gemini appear when Jove in the heavens above has donned the Janus mask of comedy and tragedy?

McCartney will sing, “Hey Jude.” One interpretation of Jude is St. Jude, one of the apostles, the one you pray to during the hardest and most difficult of times. He is often depicted as having his head enflamed in holy fire, a symbol of illumination. Of course, there’s Judas, the so-called betrayer. Jude also references “Judea” and the English have been on a Blake kick lately, especially as it relates to Blake’s “New Jerusalem” which was reverently sung at the royal wedding.

Is the XXX Olympics the consecration of the New Jerusalem? If so, what happens to merry olde London town? Does the old have to be destroyed to make way for the new?

On a darker, metaphysical plane, where ancient occult practices get a technological makeover, there are those that believe these Olympics are designed to capture soul energy. From the bizarre structure that looks like human DNA encased in some sort of ectoplasmic web (which supposedly imbued with some form of technology to convert emotion into energy) to the psychic drama of the games themselves, the possibility to tap into soul energy, via emotional channels is there. Is that what these Olympics are all about?

Is it about America’s vestal virgin, hurdler Lolo Jones, who has her solar return (8/5) on the day she’s supposed to qualify for the 100 meter hurdles, her race? Jones has a Sun/Moon opposition (Leo/Aquarius). The fixed polarity might have something to do with being 29 and still being a virgin. She’ll have Saturn crossing over her Pluto in Libra on race day. Maybe in a fit of passion she’ll succumb to the temptations of the flesh in the Olympic village and scuttle the dark plans to use her as a symbolic sacrifice (if you can believe the internets).

If you need to know anything about the Olympic village, its that they stock them with more condoms than power bars. Perhaps it would be one instance where a merciful act of God would manifest in the flesh as one of Lolo’s weaker moments and save the world.

Maybe its about Oscar Pistorious, aka “Blade Runner” the first trans-humanist Olympian, using his springy ortho-prosthetics in lieu of feet to race in the 400 meter really for Brazil.

Then there’s “The Project Blue Beam” angle and the fake alien invasion, or maybe, just maybe, its channeling other Grecian deities like Prometheus, stealing fire from the gods in the guise of the Olympic torch itself, defiantly re-enacting the epic run to marathon and the announcement of some superior species that also happens to be our creators. I mean who brought the Olympics to you anyway? Mere mortals?

What do I think will happen? Well, aside from a lot of weirdness and human drama, I don’t think anything apocalyptic will take place, though if it does, I would look to the 2nd with the Full Moon in Aquarius. This, ironically would match-up with Jones’ own Sun/Moon opposition.

In spite of 200,000 casket liners supposedly on hand, I think its essential for them to have their closing ceremonies, which will be orchestrated by Es Devlin, who conjures up stagecraft for the likes of Gaga, Jay-Z, Kanye, and Muse. I don’t think they’ll let this opportunity pass them by and London in flames would crimp that party.

Lastly, Brazil is the next stop on the Olympic circuit and Brazil is the new Atlantis. The World Cup along with the Olympics will be Brazil’s coming out party.

So, I have done my job here or at least I’d like to think so. I’ll tell you this though. I’d be careful about watching the Olympics with all of the channeling and programming going on, you might just have your soul sucked right out of your eyeballs (just kidding).

But the real star of the show is the Sun, which just launched an X-Class flare in our direction, flinging complex arrays of neutrinos and solar plasma across the solar system, switching on our DNA, activating the real God particle. Things are happening, trust me. I’m seeing old scars dissolve in the spiritual heat of the inner light. Deep, painful patterns and complexes are melting like waxen trolls, holographic totems that have dwelt under the bridges of our pain for eons. Its happening and while the noise and chaos of dollar collapse and the rumble of war stir at the near boundaries of conscious awareness, that is not the real story.

Its really more akin to the “good news” as Christians say when referring to end times and the arrival of the savior. Its coming, hell, it might already be here, but it may not show up the way you think. I’m witnessing miracles on almost a daily basis and we’re reaching the point where dissipative structures are dancing in diffusion, passing electric joy from the solar godhead, from porous membrane to pourous membrane. We’re becoming natural agents of bio-luminescence. That’s why it all seems so dark at present. Hang in there, be brave and don’t sign any major contracts during MR, especially in the very fixed sign of Leo. I’d like to personally thank everyone that has been contributing. Its inspired me to write even more. Check out the latest radio show as well, with the amazing Sonja Grace.

Jupiter In Gemini Hatches O’Romney, Happy Birthday Ocotomom And Her Aquarian Brood!

In Jupiter in Gemini duality is resolved. . . . sort of.

I have been tempted to really get into the Jupiter in Gemini connection between Obama and Romney or O’Romney as many have dubbed it. Their positions on the big issues are completely identical (likely the small ones too). To think we have the opportunity to change the situation by voting for one candidate over another is simply ludicrous. People need to disabuse themselves of this quaint notion, like eight years ago. Its all bread and circus, reality show sweepstakes for the guy with the best hair, cut of the jaw or tightest suit. And that’s merely on the superficial level, where people are judging and apprising each candidates appeal. That’s just the surface of it all. Below the phony and staged back-and-forth of partisan bating and grinning finger pointing lies something much darker. The society of the spectacle is the front for a rigged reality and the illusion of choice. There are no two candidates that best exemplify this than O’Romney.

Flash back. It’s 2008 and out of a heated race between Hilary Clonetin, the consummate insider and Saul Alinsky disciple and Barack Obama, the great unknown and Saul Alinsky disciple, the latter emerged from the ocean of our consciousness, with hope breaking like a fresh wave of cool, clear, healing waters across the charred and singed hearts and minds of a nation, beset by Bush fires that are still burning, Set against the octogenarian poster child, for the silent generation, the choice for Americans was easy, even though Jupiter was in Capricorn and would have seemed to favor the old dude.

But that’s where Obama’s Jupiter was and having a Jupiter return all through an election year and you’re the guy, well it doesn’t get much better than that. The Carpricornian forces lined up behind him, while McCain would ably play his role as the dotty yet gritty foil. But this time with Jupiter in Gem, its a different beast.

Gemini is essentially two halves of one whole before they split and when they do, they’re twinned, doubles. So what do we have here with these two candidates?

On the surface they seem to conform to classic Gem duality. Black versus white. Humble means versus privileged. Left versus right. Woman and rights lover versus woman and rights denier. One guy sings Al Green while the other hums Pat Boone. The contrast is all too apparent. And yet, go just a few levels deeper and you’ll see the similarities emerge in stark terms as both co-sign in agreement with almost every big ticket item staring down the American electorate. In fact, even NPR has noticed the similarities. Again, Gemini in all its alchemical glory reveals itself to be different and yet the same, two but really one. It offers the maya of choice and the stark revelation that no matter what you do or where you punch your chad, there is no change. And that my friends, is the desired effect.

When people are confronted with this option, they hold their noses, close their eyes, look the other way and vote based on their conscience, however much remains of that precious failsafe of the soul. They’ll co-sign on the lesser of two evils and in this case . . . .well you do the math. Some people are still misguided albeit well meaning. They see candidate A as the peoples champion. He stands for all the right things even if his voting record, now conspicuous, clearly suggests something entirely different. But there’s photos of him puffin’ some choom with a wide brimmed Panama, looking for all intents and purposes like a Hawaiian cast member of “Dazed And Confused.” Yes, he’s quite human isn’t he? Well talk about cognitive dissonance. Ask any member of the cannabis community and they’ll tell you how the Feds have made life a living hell in California for distributors and users of medicinal marijuana, shutting them down right and left. This is how people go nuts by the way. Not immediately or directly but quickly enough, especially now. Because the image and the action are so far from matching up, that its maddening.

Then you’ve got candidate B, passing himself off as the peoples champion, even if he can’t seem to get any more than 500 people at a time to watch him stiffly exhort his action plan to bring America back. He’s a died-in-the-wool globalist who will do the bidding of the highest bidder. Unlike candidate A who bobs and weaves around the medical marijuana issue, candidate B will only sign off on synthetic marijuana, which is where big pharma is poised to make the big bucks on cannabis research. But everyone knows that synth herb is crap and robs the healing properties right out of God’s own green. I said i wouldn’t talk about them and here I am, pecking away.

Okay, so lets end the debate and just have a peek at how similar they are on where they stand on the most important issues of this very pivotal era in our history.


Let’s lighten the mood a bit and indulge in a little astro-whimsy. Today was the birthday of one, Nadya Suleman. Who is she? “Ocotmom.” I keep wondering if she’s some dark illuminist project, like Isis on aderall and andro. Well she is a Cancer so the mother thing is, well, in her chart, but she’s like some transhumanist pet project gone rogue, spitting out 14 kids by the time she was 37. They came in batches thanks to a hopped-up-hormonal system, flush with fertility drugs, splitting zygotes like pairs-of-eights in Vegas.

Octomom just kept doubling down.

Now to be fair, she was having a hard time conceiving because of fibroid tumors and scarring, so she had to resort to the miracles of modern medicine and go IVF (In Vitro Fertilization). To make ends meet and pay for her IVF, she worked in a psych hospital. Her first child was the product of donated friend sperm. The child was named “Elijah.” Now one might think that this would satiate her need to conceive. Nope. She was just getting started. Amerah, Joshua, and Aidan followed. That’s four kids. Enough? Nope. Double down! Twins!

Calyssa and Caleb. Now we’re talking six. Enough? No frickin’ way. By this time she’s like the Spielberg of birth, working up to that blockbuster production, the Indiana Jones of all pregnancies and on 1/26/09, in the early degrees of Aquarius (Sun conjunct Moon), out popped Noah, Maliyah, Isaiah, Nariyah, Jonah, Jeremiah and Josiah. The True Node and Jupiter were also in on the act, conjuncting Sun/Moon. I’m sensing that these kids are either going to save the planet in spite of their birth obsessed mom, or she’s just hatched the children of the damned as part of the great plan to bring the whole thing down and Arthur C. Clarke is somehow involved in all of this. Chiron is also in the mix in Aquarius (really?) but far enough out so that those sweet conjunctions are mostly spared the indignity of being too self-conscious about their future as a sideshow act.

They have Uranus conjunct Venus in Pisces, 20/21 degrees. They also have Mercury conjunct Mars in Cap, 21/26. Here’s the real treat, Pluto exact Black Moon Lilith in Capricorn. Birth (Pluto) and the new Eve, conceiving through some whacky, Atlantean-Aquarian science magic.

But what about mom? Black Moon Lilith casting her revenge on Eve incarnate?

Well, for starters, she’s got Sun/Saturn conjunct 19/22 in Cancer in the 5th House. Anyone with even a cursory knowledge of astrology can do the math here. In the house of children (Leo), she has the sign of the mother (Cancer) tied to the mule of labor in Saturn also in of course, Cancer. One might say, it was her destiny to be a mother–but this much? Zoom out and there’s a T-Square with Uranus in Libra in the 8th House and Jupiter in Aries in the 2nd. Uranus in the 8th is, well unusual circumstances around partnering (Libra) and sex and birth. Squaring Jupiter, is well, maybe just a bit too much of it. Both planets squaring her Sun, well, that’s willful excess (Jupiter in Aries) and submerged strangeness (Uranus in Libra). It all adds up to infamy masquerading as 21st century reality based fame.

As Saturn finally lurched forward in her 8th House, Ocotomom released a home-brew-porn vid of her pleasuring herself. You see, she believes that porn can be the ticket to help pay for her hungry brood. This might not go so well when Saturn hits her Uranus on 9/20, when by the way transiting Uranus and Pluto do their next square dance at 6 degrees. Maybe it might have to do with her strip club lawsuit. However, Octomom might just be the ultimate feminist, which could save her a visit from CPS, she’s a veritable birth engine, more of a Wankel rotary, than a traditional piston drive, and, she can do porn as well! Octomom might be the most fully realized woman in the feminist mold of all time. Is she done? Hardly. Just wait until Jupiter moves into Cancer next year and conjuncts her Sun/Saturn. Hit me babies one more time!!!

I haven’t even gotten into her obsession with Angelina Jolie. I’ll leave that one alone for now. Okay, we’ll get back to saving the universe from ourselves on the next post. Promise.

Green Porn, Agenda 21, The Outer Planet Parade, Jupiter In Gem’s Seduction And Joplin, A Tornado Story On FAR

We’re movin’on up!

Lately, my FB feed has been resembling a futuristic version of “Better Homes and Gardens.” People have been posting illustrations of massive, vertical-living structures, defiantly penetrating the urban skyline. These heavenly abodes have exploded the rules of architecture as narrow pools circulate around the circumference buildings giving them the look of an upgraded water park. But that’s not all. They also have hanging gardens, like suspended balustrades, teeming with green life. The buildings themselves appear to have a life of their own, blooming on the outside with a hive-like life on the inside, buzzing with human endeavor, living in symbiotic harmony. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Well, before you pant too much and abandon your 3/2 in the burbs that’s sinking under the weight of a bloated mortgage, you’d better think it through. These structures are so outrageous and tantalizing, triggering the genetic memory of Babylon’s hanging gardens and talking towers, that we leap towards them in a holistic frenzy. Green is good. Right? I call these semi-organic living structures, “Green Porn.” Let me tell you why.

In the porn industry, one of the most unflattering gigs is “The Fluffer.” The fluffier is endowed with shall we say, the powers of oral persuasion. Their sole job is to get the men ready to perform on camera, for the more glamorous (if you can call it that) porn starlet. In lay terms, the fluffer is there to get them hard. Well, these juicy images are designed and floating out there to do the same for you. These organic, orgasmic super-structures of future-family-living are the crowning achievement of Agenda 21 and the stack’em and pack’em world that awaits you. Yes, they are the fluffer of your eco-erotic imagination.

Agenda 21 calls for migration of the human living experience into green centers, urban zones where everything okay and ICLEI. Conforming to the new commandments of the green bible, driven by defeating the new adversary; carbon emissions, this movement will explode the concept of the city itself. Let’s take St. Louis for example. It’s population is 319,000 + change. Imagine it with 1 million people. Thinks its insane? Think again. By moving the population into massive, vertical structures, cities will be able to double and even triple their population. Inside the walls of the green metropolis, every need will be accounted for. Every person will have some purpose, even if it is not of their own volition. A governmental technocratic rule of law will dominate the organizing principle. Life will be a smart metered exercise in efficiency. Nature will exist only in the terraced gardens of the concrete bio shafts of urban life.

Beyond the city walls will lie the true nature, accessible only by those that can afford the steep charges to camp, fish and hunt in the dense wilderness, repopulated and stocked with species like the grey wolf, the bison and who knows what else they’ll come up with. Wooly mastodon anyone? It all starts here with an artists rendering to capture your eye and get you salivating over the edenic possibilities. A return to a synthetic nature where Starbucks and an espresso await you just forty floors down from your rooftop garden of genetically modified fruits and veggies. But in order to create this surreal estate, the other, more antiquated idea that people could actually own land and grow things, like real food and a family must be eradicated. In the lush and verdant gardens of Agenda 21’s future, those thoughts are pernicious weeds that need to be uprooted.

Have you been noticing what’s been happening since Katrina blasted onto the consciousness of the American landscape? Over the past three years, it would not be too far of stretch to view an ongoing series of disasters as a form tribulation, perhaps even a planned tribulation.

Let’s do a quick re-cap. Last year, there was enormous flooding in the south and midwest, yes, displacing homeowners in that region. In addition to the floods, we also witnessed the advent of the super-tornado which destroyed Joplin, Missouri (more on Joplin later). This year, its been the heatwave from Hell and fires, from New Mexico, to Colorado.

In Colorado Springs, expensive homes were leveled, with absolutely nothing remaining, not even the chimneys, which usually survive the heat of the average fire. In fact, while these homes were completely incinerated, while the surrounding area remained mostly intact. This has sent the alternative research community scrambling, wondering if the Colorado Springs disaster was a planned demolition of sorts, hoping to capture some much needed insurance cash for executive homes that might be underwater and never recover their full value. But the bottom line is, is that if one looks at these so-called disasters as a whole, versus the unfortunate manifestations of chaos and random bad luck, then something else begins to emerge, something far more sinister that the average mind would recoil from even considering; The passive evacuation of private land through the implementation of disaster. Not only that, but the idea that nature is dangerous, that living on the land is courting chaos and that the only safe place is where technology and public services will be there to support and save your sorry, natural ass.

Astrologically, this manifests in the outer planets of course, with a hint of Chiron thrown in for good measure. The Uranus/Pluto square continues to be a dynamic slam dance of alternating current, sparking, colliding and igniting the wild variants in both aspects. Uranus in Aries is fire, spontaneous fire, like million dollar homes reduced to cinder in the flash of a moment. Its heat lightning descending from an arid sky upon a thirsty plain. Its an air tanker, tasked with dousing the flames, spiraling down from heaven, crashing and killing its crew members.

Pluto in Cap is the mountainous regions of the rockies, pyramids of earth rising miles into the sky, burning with the electric heat of Uranus in Aries. In New York, its a ConEd strike where management (Pluto in Cap) has locked out union members (Uranus in Aries) in a bitter labor dispute during the hottest heat wave in recent memory, setting off a precarious balance where demand for power might override the ability to serve it up.

In places like West Virginia, power has been out for days and people have been unable to live with not just air conditioning, but essential services that power things like dialysis machines. You know, if you lived in one of these new cities, with the green sheathed towers erected towards the sun, you wouldn’t have to sweat it out like an animal. In fact as part of the Agenda 21 arrangement through local governments, via bodies such as ICLEI (International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives) there are bills in congress that will limit federal funding for services like water and power and emergency services in new developments outside the authorized urban zones. In essence, if you want to build a sub-division, fifty miles outside of town, you’re SOL.

But if you want to do the same inside of town, well, step right up and get into the mixed-use business. Now you might say that we’ve had enough suburban sprawl and this would eliminate that kind of blight, but what if you simply wanted to build your own house on your own land? Based on the new allocation of funds, you’d better be prepared to fight your own fires and stitch your own wounds. The SMART money is in SMART communities, wired by SMART meters as part of a SMART grid, brought to you by the likes of Siemens.

Gemini is all about the local scene. Jupiter in Gemini gives rise to the expansion of the urban ideal. Gemini is opposed Sagittarius which has a powerful connection with the natural world, so what we are seeing with Jupiter in Gem is the expansion of the urban life through the proliferation of ideas and imagination, especially what I would call, “Green Porn.” Its tantalizing and seductive. There is a sense with these images that we could indeed create a paradise on Earth. In fact, they mirror the designs and intent of Jacques Fresco’s “Venus Project” which is for al intents and purposes the externalization of Fritz Lang’s Metropolis, fueled by technology and workers in a cashless society, based on the exchange of resources. Sounds great on the surface, but what if you don’t like what you do or God forbid, want to leave the system? Well, without money or the means to strike out on your own, you might be deemed a recyclable resource yourself, classified to lighten the earth’s load. Get my drift?

But as we have seen time and again, even the best laid plans don’t come to fruition. Even though people are likely a lot more cyborgian than they’d like to admit at this point, deep beneath the wired and networked exterior of man beats an ancient heart, a living library that connects to all epochs, all eras, space and matter. It sends signals to our brain when we are moved the power of nature. This manifests even in the most slumbering of minds.

Mars recently shifted into Libra and after its nine-month-stay in Virgo (hello gestation), we’re on a fast and furious tilt to bring balance as quickly as we can back into our lives. On the 17th, while it is in an exact trine with Jupiter, facilitating a dynamic quickening of though and perception, it will oppose Uranus and square Pluto. The dynamic T-Square is volatile in the cardinal energy. There’s so many ways this could manifest on the global stage. Syria could escalate into a full on war. The LIBOR scandal could stir people to take to the streets of London and demand justice in a city wired for WW3 for the Olympics. Fukushima looms like an otherworldly phantasm, pulsing, glowing and growing at the edge of our consciousness.

Tomorrow on The Mashup, I will have Chip Gubera and George Noory (yes that George Noory) on the show. I’ll be discussing Chip’s heartfelt documentary, “Joplin, Missouri–A Tornado Story” about the devastation of Joplin by a super tornado that hit it on May 22nd of las year. George, who has strong ties to Missouri narrated the film, which Chip captured in the moments and days just after Joplin was hit. You’ll get some insight as to how hard this has been for people in that region. For more info on Chip’s film, you can visit the Facebook page dedicated to it.